08.22.3013: Pie Bumble
Summary: Talynne and Demos discuss Balius, chance upon Lincoln
Date: 22nd August 2013
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The Bazaar
Stepping off the lift and into the Blue District is almost like stepping into another world. The senses are assaulted with a complexity of scents, sights, and sounds. Light that abscribes to the same hours as the rest of the Ring glows from insets in the dark metal ceilings. The Bazaar is one of the central hubs of the Blue District — also known as the Entertainment District. There are dozens of shops and emporiums that clutter around the outer edge of the bazaar with stands and kiosks making organized chaos of its center. There are some shops that have been there for generations, including the famous — if not a little infamous — Gregor's Strange Meats. This is the place to find the weird and the bizarre. It is known that the Blue District hosts the impoverish and underworldly inhabitants of the Ring, making it not only the most mystifying but also the most dangerous district on the space station. There are several corridor-like thoroughfares that branch off from the Bazaar, leading deeper into the District.

Another day in the Bazaar, active as ever, any time or day, where all the worlds, or Moons of Occulus, collide. Presently, Demos Osteros is in the bazaar, not far from a few local food carts vending their goods. He is, however, speaking to a jeweler. Holding up a yellow or amber colored gemstone, he is looking at it in the light. "Are you sure this one game from the Winged Valley," referring to some locale from who knows where, "That might change some of my projections, but if it came from there, that's a good 200 leagues west of where I would of suspected." The jeweler nods his head, "I might question most of my sources, but this guy has been legit with me." The geologist nods, "That changes the field then, I think I know where they might have been deposited from the glaciers …"

Walking through the Bazaar, Talynne seemed more detached than usual, her eyes looking along the wares offered with a sort of hollow acknowledgement, no real wide smiles, which would have been her typical trademark. The kid leather breaches she wore along with the soft, silken blouse made no real noise, as if she were just blending into the background today, content to move along without being noticed. Then, however, she spotted a familiar face in the crowd and couldn't help the urge to start over in his direction. By the time she reached Demos, Talynne had managed to wear a smile, at the very least polite, though more friendly, and offered it to him as she commented loudly enough to be heard "It's a lovely stone.. I can't imagine it's anything but remarkable for one property or another?" Then she was standing there, nearby, looking up at the rock with a raised brow. "Though, being a layman, I'd just say it was rather fantastically colored.."

Grinning, he turns to look at the woman. "It is, its silicate - this one is topaz. Its a brown - or yellow to reddish orange, they don't call it brown. Its more valuable cut, but then, if its impure - or clear, it can be valuable even in its natural form." Tossing the gem back to the jeweler then, Demos turns to regard Talynne more, "Part of the business being a geologist. Its only real value when cut is in the eye of the beholder. The more color, the less valuable, unless it is under chatoyance. That is sort of like a valued flaw to some viewers. Makes it sort of reflectice like a hologram." Soap box dismount, he returns, "And how are you today, not shopping for stones I would assume?"

"No, admittedly not shopping for stones, I leave that to the better enlightened." Talynne grinned to him and shook her head. "So then did you find something that you find you cannot live without, this morning?" She motioned towards the different gems on display, her eyes, of course, absorbing the lovely qualities and appreciating the different placements without having real understanding of the gem that exists within them. Still, it didn't look as though she found them any less lovely for the fact, indeed, her gaze was transfixed.

Shaking his head, Demos responds, "The gem I can live with out, he'll find a worthy buyer I am sure." A nod given to the man, more as if the jeweler is some contact for geological mysteries that are afoot. Stepping away from the shop a little to talk more directly with the Lady, he continues, "Its finding the mines I'm more interested in. My research centers more around the change of the rocks historically, the boon of that is knowing where they are now. A number of houses search after geologists to help them find new mines when the idea suits them to find more wealth in the ground. Its better to stay ahead of the game and know where to start looking, its a quicker turn around for that sort of sponsored field work, plus I can double it with research if its the right moon, the right location."

"Ah, wonderful." Talynne nodded to the concept and flashed him a smile, her attention tearing away from the bright rocks. "It also sounds like you have at the very least a solid handle on the situation, so.. that inspires confidence." She chuckled and blinked. "I'm terribly sorry if I interrupted, however. Would you like for me to step away for a little bit? I imagine you and he might have more to discuss if it's regarding more sensitive information that would best not be public knowledge? I hear there's a delicious little bread maker that I can go and trouble for a warm, early morning roll while you finish up, if that would be welcomed?"

Another shake of his head, Demos confirms the shake, "No, no interruption at all, I have the location in mind, just need to coordinate some recent DIS data to see if it confirms the flow of the glacier." Simple as that, "I'm glad for the interruption, I was wondering what I was going to do next, my drone operater is probably on duty with real work - you know, hunting Hostiles, recon, that sort of thing. I'm more curious about this bread and what you've been up to lately come to think of it." He looks around, wondering how close this bread maker might actually be.

"If you'd like to come along and possibly destroy your health along with mine this morning in tasting some truly delicious bread that likely tastes so good because it's just that bad for you? I'd welcome the company." Talynne smiled to him and motioned towards the food area of the Bazaar, then started walking when he joined her in movement. "Besides, ruining one's health in one fell swoop should never be done alone." Her bright hazel eyes were glinting softly, and Talynne seemed amused at some thought or another. "As for what I've been up to lately.. it's been a little of this and that. The week started off busy with a rescue operation for Sargeant Mordain, which was.. eventful. I've only just regained the use of my hand." She flexed her hand and smiled slightly. "Of course, that was mostly due to the excellent medical care of your soon to be prodigy.."

"Ah, good," grins Demos, listening to the story of Sergeant Mordain. "I'm glad Balius was available to assist with that operation. He had mentioned something but wasn't clear on the details. I imagine he didn't want to be pressed on the topic as we were discussing his future with the Academ at that time." It is what it is, still, he moves towards the food area, continuing to walk with her. "He's having some difficulty deciding how he wants to achieve that goal. I've been on him to start applying for scholarships and send inquires to the Houses for sponsorships. He's having a hard time distinguishing a sponsorship from a loan I'm afraid - realizing nothing is truly free I imagine. I keep trying to instill in him that the Crown Scholarship is a rare hope and to not put all the, well, eggs in that basket."

"Aparently his sister took on the role of Poet for House Iah in order to pay for his education, but it bothered him greatly that she did so." Talynne nodded and took a deep breath. "He also refused my help entirely and bid me to not go behind his back like his sister did. And so, I won't. Even though I could easily pay for him to go, he doesn't want to earn it on merit other than his own." Looking over at Demos, she shrugged subtly and offered a slight smile. "It's frustrating, knowing he could be provided for, but having him fight it at every turn. But, I won't demonstrate a lack of consideration for him and go around him, it seems like too many people do that to him already." Licking her lips, Talynne's smile became slightly strained and she studiously adjusted the angle of her head so she was looking away from him, searching for the bread shop, of course. "There!" She called when she found it, leading him towards a pastry shop that would have rivalled a once Parisian cafe.

There is a lot of nodding from Demos, as he walks with Talynne, towards a bread maker of some repute in the Bazaar. It would seem he quite agrees with her. "Was your offer simply money, or have you considered a sponsorship, taking him on for a length of time as a house field medic. I see that he has the desire to earn his education. The only fallacy I see in his logic is that he's fighting against the means to achieve what he wants. Perhaps he fails to realize that even as bright as he is, the Academ will be a challenge of his own. As if he's trying to earn the right to enter the Academ, that right is reserved for those who can afford it, or those who subsum the loans to pay for it - its not a priveledge at all to be achieved. His goal should be his degree, hopefully an advanced doctorate in medicine or biology, perhaps even microbiology and the realm of infectious diseases, but he has much to prove and earn in that realm - he's fighting against the assistance to allow him to attempt that achievement."

Talynne is walking with Demos, the two talking as they make their way through the Bazaar. To anyone that might be watching the two for any long moment, they would likely have seen the smile that curved Talynne's lips as she excitedly pointed out the pastry shop and led the two that way.

Lincoln's actually at the bakery, eyes going over the morning muffins and coffee cakes. He looks a touch tired, but is smiling. Not only was yesterday good, but he got huge tip last night. There's a grace in his movements as he straightens, running fingers through his hair and surprising a yawn. He's dressed comfortable, loose pants and a t-shirt looking type of tunic. He has several necklaces on coords hanging around his neck and a few silver rings on his fingers.

"I believe more that he's fighting against his pride, than anything. Everything seems to be about pride with his family, and Balius is no less effected." Talynne's lips drew down, the smile fading from them, but she shook her head and cleared her throat. "I offered to discuss the matter with House Cindravale, even, if he didn't want to accept the sponsorship from Rovehn, but he didn't even accept that and considers it going behind his back. I know even well to do people that have needed to be sponsored to the Academ to finish their more lengthy degrees. And the fact that an education should be gained through any means necessary, in my mind.. well." She shrugged a bit and took a breath, happy they were finally at the bakery. The scents in the air were delicious and had her smiling widely almost immediately. "Mmmm.. you see? How could I deny that something that smells this wonderful be allowed to damage as much of my health as it might deign to do?" A light chuckle, and she moved to wait behind Lincoln, giving him room to make his perusal of the display, as if fully understanding his desire to look over the wares thoroughly.

"Ah, yes, pride, misguided pride. I tried to explain to hint to him that even still, I am taking sponsorships. It is the basis of my funding to continue research." A shrug from Demos, he nods, "They can do no damage at all, this smells of guilt free bread I believe. A rarity, only available on the Ring. I could swim in this smell, but my stomach would rebel." About to say more, he squishes his lips a little realizing what he just said. Shaking it out for the moment, "Last we talked about it, I told him to think what it is he is really after, we'll see where his pride takes him. Though, what of you two, more rides of late? I must confess, I was sort of hoping you might offer him a sponorship and he would be bright enough to accept it, for all that could be gained from that agreement."

Lincoln's trying to not ease drop, whatever they're speaking of sounds heavy. School's way to complicated, glad he's done. A grin to the baker, he'll turn and order a dozen muffins, assorted. The baker shakes his head, clearly Linc orders that a lot, as he had the box in his head, ready. Lincoln turns to look at the two that have entered, giving them both a friendly nod, "On mornings like today, there is no such thing as a unhealthy baked goods. the sunshine melts any woefulness away." He'll lean against the counter, almost cat like.

Blushing slightly, Talynne nodded. "More rides, yes, but a fateful dinner at the Ranch was in order, of course. I'm afraid that no matter what I say to his brother and sister they have decided it's against them, or about them, or meant to harm them." Talynne grumbled softly, the woman glancing away to avoid giving a dirty look where none was deserved. "You would think I was some sort of wicked creature the way they speak of me, intent on harming the family name." The slightly sour tone there was immediately elevated, as Lincoln mentioned the sunshine melting away woefullness. Her attention turned to him and even Demos was given a reprieve from any possible ribbing about scent swimming as she replied to the man with his box of goodies. "Ah, and yet, I feel the need to only order more in order to create more woe to be melted away. A good point though, a day like today should never be wasted on the lament of what one might have enjoyed during it." Talynne nodded to Lincoln with a warm smile, then moved up to the counter when it appeared he was done with his order. She asked for three of the shell shaped, cream filled pastries that were coated with a light dusting of powdered sugar. One of them was nearly the size of her hand, so hopefully she'd be saving one.. or two.. for later, but for now, all there was on her face was a wide, anticipatory grin as she paid for her breakfast.

"Ah yes, much better, melting away," grins Demos, as if that made up for his unattempting at rhyming a moment before. "That is a good place to start. I'll have to refrain from asking about this fateful dinner at the ranch now, Balius has said nothing yet of it - but he only shares what he thinks I would need to know." A shrug, he orders some fingered construct with sliced nuts atop (bearclaw?). "So, now we have a day, no woes, bread to consume. I'd venture to offer a trip to a holosuite for a game, but then, I don't know what sort you might play." Waiting for his a moment, he offers to the gentleman with the rings and coords, "Thank you sir, for the perspective."

Lincoln nods to the Baker, "Charge it to the Blue Nirvana." Yeah, the brothel. Turning back to Taly, "Well, that's just silly. Order more to smile. Smiles added to sunshine are better for the heart than melted away woes." Taking the box in a hand, he grisn at Demos, "Just part of my job. Giving better perspectives."

"An improved perspective indeed." Talynne chuckled darkly and shook her head, smiling to the man who told her to order more in order to smile. "That's just it, though, isn't it? You melt away woes for further smiles." She looked over at Demos and shrugged a little. "I can tell you about it later, but if you'd rather not hear about it unless it comes from Balius, I'd completely understand." Talynne happily slipped more money onto the counter and grinned to the baker "I'll get his, too, it's only fair as I stole him away from his research this morning." This spoken as if she were explaning it to Demos as well. Then she motioned to a table. "Would you care to sit down and have something to eat with us?" She asked the man with the box full of food. "Or are you in a hurry to get those back to the hungry mob that is likely waiting?" She smiled, motioning Lincoln towards the table as well.

Lincoln shrugs, "Sure…but if you can stock pile the smiles, why wouldn't you?" Linc looks to the table, "the girls can wait, this wasn't an expected treat. If I wouldn't be intruding, I'd love to join." He'll move towards the table, sitting with that same cat like gracefulness.

"I honestly don't mind more company in the slightest. It makes lovely days even lovelier, I find." Talynne smiled at Lincoln and took her seat, relaxing back into her chair and immediately opening her own little box of goodies. "I'm Lady Sir Talynne Rovehn, though please, call me Talynne." She offered her name to LIncoln now that he was sitting with them. "And this is Scholar Demos Osteros, a man that knows more about everything than I care to admit, or care to test, as I would be found woefully lacking in knowledge to stump him with." Talynne's introductions were warm, but her smile grew further as she tore a piece off of her pastry and happily popped it into her mouth, humming happily at the sweet flavor it held.

Picking up his treats, deciding on a drink last minute, Demos comes back to catch up. Nodding his head, "A pleasure indeed." And then a pause to shake, "But not everything, there is a universe of things I don't know a thing about. She forgets, I had never stood next to a horse until I visited her family on the Plains - and am still learning to ride. A simple question about horses would stump me. Like, I don't know what all those metal torture devices are hanging around the horses. Someone called it a comb or something, it looked like it was used to skin the animals. I was afraid to ask how it was used."

Lincoln laughs at the two, "I'm Lincoln Dunne. It's nice to meet you both." looking to Demos, his voice is warm with humor, "A smart pants, huh?" He'll nod, he sounds younger than he appears, "No one knows everything, but there are definitely some who know more than others." He'll open up the box, looking at the different assorted muffins. His fingers twitch above a few different ones, like he's weighing which one to take, "The wrath of Tikola or the wrath of Penger?"

Raising her brows, Talynne chuckled and shook her head. "See, now if I give him all of the answers he'll be able to answer all of the horse questions as well, and where will I be? Knowledgeless." Taly grinned and gave Demos a kind hearted wink, before she looked back to Lincoln. "A pleasure to meet you mister Dunne, though I might suggest you just buy a second one of the type you're going to be eating to avoid incurring the wrath of whomever you might anger. It seems the healthier of the choices.."

Talynne, getting a notice quickly that she's needed back at the Vale, gives both gentlemen appologetic smiles and stands from her seat. "I'm sorry to have to run, gentlemen, but it was a pleasure to see both of you this morning!" and with that, she's off!

Inversely, Demos says, "Take both, let the furies be damned." He moves to take a seat himself as Talynne heads out. "Smart pants, but only in the realm of geology. I think its more that I relate geology to everything, merely disguising my lack of knowledge. She is being too kind I think." Then chin jutting towards the box, he ponders, "How many are you buying for there, a small house?"

Lincoln laughs, grabbing what appears to be a raspberry nut muffin with a drizzle. "Later Talynne." He'll wave with his free hand to the departing noble and look up to Demos, "that's a special type of smarty pants hone. A chameleon one." He'll grin, "Just for work. Who ever's in for today."

Pondering the type he is, Demos lets it settle and gives a chuckle at the idea. "I suppose so, I'll take what I can get." Then, much like the chin jut, his hand does the same thing. Holding the claw pastry and pointing more with his wrist, "Not a bad idea, I should pick some up for the lab. Could make up for interrupting the multipupose lab flow" Ready to take a bite, he pauses, "You're co-workers take their bread seriously, do they?" Regarding whose wrath he might have if he took their selection before made it back with the box.

"I find feeding your co-workers makes the day go so much smoother." Lincoln nods, smiling, "Well, I can't say for certain about your lab mates, but the girls like their sweets, for sure. Anything that spoils them, really." He's got a twinkle in his eye as he takes bite of the muffin meant for Penger.

"As long as its something to keep them going at their projects," says Demos, "They'll eat them up. As for spoiling them, I don't want to them to think I'm too soft. They probably already think it as is. I'll have to ask the intern." A pause, he wipes some crumbs from his lingers, then his face, "If he thinks I am, I'll have to change some policies and mix it up on them."

Lincoln huffs, "Please, call me Lincoln. Mr.Dunne makes it sound like you're trying to get money from me.Which would be a lost cause." Shaking his head, "Whatever floats your boat, Demos. As long as everyone's happy in the end, right?" Tilting his head back, taking another big bite, "Maybe for the science of muffins?" More like the love of muffins, but still…

"Lincoln it is then," responds Demos with a nod. "The only things I'd come for would be of geological interest, you aren't stashing away a few rare specimen's are you?" A grin, then a ponderance, "The science of muffins, it sounds more serious then I ought to imagine that. Simply because, there probably is someone taking that serious. As long as I get my piece of the pie though, another float the boat situation."

Chuckling, Lincoln's dark eye sparkle, "No…no of rock specimens that I know of." Finishing off someone else's muffin(which just makes it taste better), Linc sucks on his numb to get the last bit of sugar glaze off, "Mighty serious. If there was a degree in that, I may have tried to stay in school." He'll ponder that for a moment, "A doctorate in muffins….that would look wonderful on my wall…" Not really, but the idea is amusing. He'll chuckle, "Pie would b a whole other class.."

"If it was in my power to bestow on you such a doctorate," grins Demos, "You would be the first to receive a degree from me. Alas, my credentials are not in order, but I'm sure I could print something official enough looking off. With the right frame and lightning, no one would know. You could become the world eminate doctor on all things muffin related. Then, when you get bored with your muffin career, you could focus on that other class, the alusive pie."

Laughing, clearly enjoying this conversation, Lincoln says, "Well, a fake one is better than none, I guess. I'm sure you'd make it look official enough. I'd have to get a coat and pipe and look all official then, wouldn't I?" He'll glance down at his rather casual outfit. "I would think a pie expect would be ale to dress a little bit more carefree." He doesn't seem too worried either way.

A nod is given, chuckling himself, Demos concedes, "Yes, in the world of pies dress casual is welcome. Sort of the avant garde of showmanship though, casual on purpose. A challenge in itself, if you go to far, its too contrite, just right and it carries the swag." Then an accusatory pause, "You already have it down, perhaps you are already a pie expert, simply leading me through the motions."

Lincoln raises an eyebrow, "I look just right then, huh? That's good to hear." Linc leans forward and whisper rather loudly, "It's true. don't tell anyone, or I'll have to silence you. We , that hold the pie degrees, are a secretive lot. Hand shakes and secret meetings. all that rot." He's grinning, almost flirtatiously.

Oh, reads Demos' mouth for the moment, giving a slight conspiratoraial nod. "I may have upset the wrong person, I think I've gotten a few sour pies before. Never know who you know, I'll have to work on having a better attitude then, so that the pie experts assure I receive the best specimens. I think this is rather enlightening, come to think of it."

Lincoln nods, "We can be rather protective of pies. Better attitudes are good, alls round." He'll laugh, "I'll send out the word you're to be trusted. You'll need to let me know if you get any more sour pies." Again, he'll study Demos, an amused smile on his lips.

"Fair enough Lincoln," concedes Demos to the conspiracy afoot. "You shall be my in then, name your price and I wil do what I can to keep your good graces." Pondering more pastry that he had left on his plate, his eyes decide perhaps best not for now. Same with pastries for his work companions. His own smile pleasnt, touching warm, he'll offer, "If I think too much on it, I fear I'll flatten the bread though. I'll leave the topic there, in your trusted hands. And dear to tread in the realm of, returning to work before my absence is noted."

Smirking, Lincoln laughs, "I think I shall just hold it over you, for a time I need something rock like." Linc will stand up, "I should get going too. The girls will want this before the afternoon rush."

A last stretch before he really gets up, Demos agrees, "I shall live with that price, it was a pleasure to meet you. A shame Lady Talynne had to run so soon, the company was splendid." Standing up from the table, he offers a wave of his hand to the other. About shoulder height and a quick turn of his hand, simply outwards and its cut short. "Sounds like a business afternnon if you expect a rush, I'll be content in the quiet of a lab." A moments pause is given should the other have something to say then he turns about to move off towards the nearest lift to make for the lab facilities.

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