08.03.3013: Picnic in the Woods
Summary: Lost in the Arborenin Forest, Brianny finds both Ellion and Natalia.
Date: 04 August 2013
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Arborenin Woods — The Spine, Imperius
Tall, monstrous trees dominant the forests that take up most of the southern half of the Spine. Their trunks are like the legs of giants, and their dark bark is home to brightly colored moss and the broad steps of mushrooms. Natural light must filter down through broad leaves, casting much of the forest in a cool green glow. The forest floor is covered mostly in soft peat and rotting debris, creating a fertile bed for lush flora, which in turn become the habitats of diverse fauna. Nurse logs, hollowed snags, sink holes, and small forest caves adds layers of detail to the broad stretch of Arborenin woods. Toward the outer edges of the forest, the giant trees transition to smaller evergreens and firs, transitioning into mountain forests to the west and rocky beaches to the east.
03 August 3013

A lilting hum can be heard drifting on the wind through the shadowy darkness of the Arborenin woods and a few notes of song soon follows. Lady Brianny Saimhann is lost. And despite this fact, she keeps her spirits high even as she's running into twists and turns and nearly toppling over a large root on the forest floor. "Oh goodness!" Her singing finally stops as she mentions to a bird that settles on a nearby branch, "You would think that I would have found my way out by now. How long has it been? Half an hour. A hour? It's as if I am lost in time and lost in this forest all the same." She is dressed in a Reversion-styled gown, complete with corset. A floral band encircles her head, attached to a pair of earbuns encased in a golden net.

A tall man, dressed in a immaculate naval uniform, lies on a towel on the wood's floor. Next to him stands a picnic basket, unopened at least it looks unopened. Lord Ellion Khournas is enjoying his precious shore leave here, in the woods. He seems to be dozing, and his arms are rested peacefully on his chest.

Walking along the forest floor at a smooth yet leisurely pace, Natalia smirks a bit to herself as she adjusts her satchel on her shoulder, hand resting over top of it a moment before dropping back to swing at her side as she walks. She would keep walking, gazing upward at the sky as she had a tendency to do…especially when back home in her woods. Okay so they weren't her woods. Still, she loved them and the feeling they brought. Her smirk, though it was a tired one, grew a bit as she saw the night sky. For now she seemed unaware of the 'lost' Brianny or the resting Ellion though her steps brought her closer to both.

"You mustn't laugh at other people's plights." Brianny continues her conversation with the sparrow nearby who begins to trill at her. "If you know the way out of the forest, I would wholly appreciate if you led me out." Her attention is caught by a little rabbit who peers up at her and she responds to it just the same, "And the same goes for you. It's nearly nightfall and the dark shadows grow ever darker with each passing moment." Almost as if it understood her, but more than likely due to coincidence, the rabbit mosies over in Ellion's direction with Brianny and the sparrow quickly following. Elegant fingers grasp at parts of her long skirt so that she would not get them snagged on a low twig or even have them accidentally stepped on here with all the twisted branches about. So it is Ellion whom the petite young noble spots first and her initial reaction is to draw back in surprise, "I wonder if he is hurt out here in the woods." Even as she asks herself, or perhaps her animal companions, this, she is filled with sudden courage to move forward and inspect the napping Lord, "Excuse me…?"

The man on the floor stirs, " Yes Captain Cedric." He mutters, but then his eyes open, and he jumps up. " Oh sorry." He seems to search for the ladies name, " How can I not know the name of such a beautiful lady, it is a utter shame." He smiles, as he curtsies slightly, very unkhourni like. " I am Lord Ellion."

Natalia lofts a brow as she walks, thinking she hears somebody…looking back in front of her as she walks and seeing Brianna through the trees. She stops a moment, watching and seeing who she's talking to before seeing it's…a bunny? Oh and a sparrow. Okay so there is a lady in the woods talking to the animals. Guess there have been odder things. Still, she watches as the woman moves about and sees her walk over to the young Lord lying on the grass. How had Natalia let herself be this oblivious to two people so close by? Either way, she didn't want to stand about looking suspicious by eyeing them through the trees. Plus, that was just creepy. She continued forward, clearing her throat to make them both aware somebody else was there…but also not speaking, simply giving a nod to the two nobility. She takes a few steps by them, but she definitely looked the part of a native citizen in these parts.

"Oh! So you are not hurt?" Brianny says with a tone of surprise once again upon seeing Ellion stirring from his slumber. "You lay there so restful. So peaceful, I had almost thought you dead, My Lord. So you frightened me so." The sparrow quickly flitters away and the bunny is now nowhere to be seen. In all politeness, she dips her head lowly herself, "And I'm Lady Briannya Le…" A pause, "Saimhann. It's a pleasure to meet you, despite such odd circumstances. Do you… sleep in these woods often? Lord Ellion?" The sound of another is then heard and Brianny quickly turns to regard the women with wide-eyed curiosity. "Good Evening." Looking between the two, she announces, "I am glad to know that I will be able to leave this forest some time this night or else I wouldn't know what to do with all of these forest animals lurking about."

" Hurt, oh no no." Ellinon responds, " I'm here often on shore leave, its so peaceful here, unlike the Shadow of Intent, my boat." HE says, as he brushes the dirt off his uniform. " Want to sit, Lady Saimhann?" He then turns towards the other lady. " Hello, there, care to join us?"

The young woman looks between the two of them, trying to seem to figure out which of them to reply to first. Brianny had technically spoken first, but Ellion had spoken more directly and asked a question. Looking to Ellion she nods, thinking about word choice and the thought process seeming to be apparent on her features, "I…wouldn't want to interrupt anything, sir…ma'am" she nods to both. Two people of nobility. Neither of them she recognized. Eh maybe Tristan knew who they were…or did he need to know about them being here? Focus, Natalia! She looks to them again, seeming to come back from some train of thought "Can I help you with anything this evening?"

She must be near the Heartwood with so many people about or so Brianny would believe. A clear look of relief is seen on her face and she smiles warmly in Natalia's direction when she does offer assistance. "I would love that. You see, I was wandering the Arborenin forests late this afternoon, perhaps far too late. Or else time has quickly creeped up on me. I was picking flowers until I realized that I was lost. And sadly, I have lost all of my flowers in my frantic search back to the Heartwood. You both are here now and I feel so much safer!" Her hands clasp together and the petite young lady looks over to Ellion with a thoughtful gaze, "I suppose it would not hurt to rest for a moment. It was a trying trek through the woods, I must say." And carefully, she moves to settle herself down upon the blanket beside Ellion, smiling politely to him. "Thank you so much."

" Help us by joining us." The khourni says, smooth as butter. He smiles as the beautiful lady sits next to him, " Why are all the good ones married?" He thinks to himself, as he watches the lady. " You shouldn't wander in these times, Hostiles could land right here in the woods…."

Natalia realizes at this point it was probably better to just oblige the two. Not that she minded helping…she just didn't know them and didn't get along too comfortably with strangers. Unless she had to. Perhaps some of that came across in her mannerisms as she watches them a moment before nodding to Ellion "Yes, sir." Walking over she would stop in front of the blanket, not stepping on it or getting on it with them…that could be their special sanctum blanket. Or whatever. Looking to Brianny, she had to smirk a bit at the woman's tale. "Are you hungry or thirsty? If you've been wandering for so long…"

Idly brushing away a stray lock which had fallen into her eyes, Brianny does sense the woman's guarded mannerism so she introduces herself to the woman directly now, "I am Lady Brianny Saimhann. It's nice to meet you and this is Lord Ellion…" Did she get his last name? It must be on him somewhe… ah his sigil, "Khournas. Oh!" Her voice comes out high with surprise, "That would make you a member of my Paramount House now too. Perhaps, you will find the time to visit Drakholt in the Drake Mountains, My Lord." She smiles once again at Natalia, "And perhaps you as well…" She totally expects the stranger to introduce herself now and eventually continues on, "If you don't mind… my throat is parched from the trek and from singing. If you had some tea to spare…?"

Ellion looks at her, " Oh, well I'm quite busy at the moment, with the whole war thing.. but after it sure." He smiles at her, than eyes the commoner, " Nice to meet you." He pulls his picnic basket towards him, " All I have is water and wine." He says as he glances in his basket, " I have some food though, if your interested."

A nod is given to Brianny as she introduces herself, the young woman opening her mouth but closing it again as Ellion's lineage is introduced. When Ellion addresses her she just nods, as if in thanks for his comment. When Brianny speaks of wanting tea her hand goes to her bag a moment, reaching into one of the pockets. However, as Ellion offers food she hesitates. Waiting just a moment she'd clear her throat again "I have some leaves. If you're interested? You'd just need a way to heat up some of his water…" Natalia looks to Brianny.

"Right! The war. How silly of me. And yes, I sometimes forget the dangers of these Hostile and I really shouldn't have wandered off so far on my own." Brianny nearly rambles but then tea leaves are offered and at first, she looks to Ellion almost expectantly, as if the young Lord would have a way to heat up some water. That is… until she realizes something and blinks quickly. "Oh. Of course. I should be able to heat up some water for tea." Lifting a long slender finger, a single flame, like that of a candle lights up at her fingertip exposing her as an Awakened. "Sometimes I forget all that I can do."

Being a paramount lord has some benefits, most of it monetary, and Ellion has a weird expensive looking contraption that he pulls out of his basket, but as he sees the Lady is awakened he puts it away. " I guess we won't need this." He smiles, " Well this war is horrible for everyone, I guess its a good thing you don't think of it."

Natalia blinks as the flame appears, "I guess that would take care of it…" she gives a half grin a moment, chuckling and reaching in her bag once more. Her hand clutches around a small cloth wrapped item, her pulling it out and offering it to the woman. "It's nothing fancy. Mainly things from around the area…things I've picked. Other things I've gathered from town. There's a few different selections of leaves, you can combine them if you want for different flavors of sorts." It probably wasn't as grand as anything the lady was used to, but still Natalia's hand extends the offered leaves. She looks to Ellion "You are welcome to some as well of course, sir." Her eyes go down to whatever contraption it is he pulls out of the basket. She eyes it a moment. Wow it was fancy.

Brianny's dark eyes are now cloudy white and there is definitely a brilliance which surrounds her, a shimmer that makes her fair skin look as if she were truly aglow, but soon enough all of that fades away when she, too, notices the fancy contraption. "So you /do/ have one of those on you. It would be wonderful if you would allow us to brew this tea within it? While I have my own abilities, tea is serious business and should be done correct, I would say." Leaning forward slightly, she looks over the various packets of teas before lifting her gaze to peer at Natalia, "I shall let you choose. You are the tea expert here and probably know these herbs far better than I."

" No thanks. I don't drink tea." Ellion says, towards Natalia, " What do you do, Natalia?" He asks, as he eyes her leaves. He takes his contraption out once more, and pushes some knobs on it, he hands it to the lady. " Here." He smiles at the lordess, " So, your now living in my lands, how do you like them?"

She would just start sifting through her leaves at the lady's request, Natalia letting the two of them talk. After picking out which ones she thought would be good she offers them over to Brianny. "Here. There are a few berries in there too. Sometimes they help it taste sweeter or riper. I would hardly call myself an expert though. But thank you for the compliment…"

"Oooh, I do love berries and sweet things and…" Brianny pauses in her words as she now looks directly at Ellion just as she had comprehended what he'd said a mere moments ago. "You… do not drink tea, My Lord?" Even as she asks this, she goes through the motions of placing the mixture of herbs in the right compartment and adding the water from Ellion's flask into it's own compartment as well. She then turns it on and waits for the water to boil. "Not that there is anything wrong with that of course. I was merely curious!" She then looks back to Natalia, "And yes, I am also curious as to what you do. If you are no tea expert." She does well enough balancing out the conversation and soon enough she reponds to something the Khourni had asked, "The Crescent is nothing like the Vale, that's for certain…" Her brow furrows just so, "It's so dark and crusty. A little frightening, especially the Drake Mountains."

" Dark and crusty, fits some of us Khourni men as well." Ellion laughs, he is unlike most other Khournas, a lot more cheery. " Well Tea isn;t my thing, Coffee or Ale." He grins, " The vale is nice, but I will tell you, you will grow to love the Crescent. In all its beauty, it's fire, it's people."

As Brianny makes an attempt to again include her in the conversation she smiles politely, but sees them continuing their conversation. She didn't want to interrupt, especially if they had matters it discuss. Though nobles discussing things always looked important from the onlooker's perspective, Natalia supposed. Still, she lets them chit chat and brew tea. Her hand nervously grips the strap of her satchel some as her gaze wanders across the woods for a moment. What a nice looking tree!

"Oh look, the water is boiling!" Brianny speaks in a delighted voice almost as if this is the first time she's ever seen such a thing. She's probably just a touch excited with the knowledge that soon there shall be tea! Still, she looks at both Natalia and Ellion to see whether they are noticing this phenomena. It /is/ a fancy contraption after all. Nodding quickly to Ellion, she gently shifts positions slightly, though continues to remain on her knees with her back elegant and straight, hands now in her lap. "Love is a strong word, My Lord, but I do see the beauty in the Crescent. Then again, anywhere you look, there is always some kind of beauty to be found." She then notices Natalia again, flashing a smile to the girl once more, "You are a quiet one."

" Well of course she's quiet, not everyday one sees such a beautiful lord." He chuckles at his own jest, and looks towards the contraption. " Aye it works well, it better, cost a small fortune." He takes some bread and a few cold cuts out of his basket, " Anyone interested?"

Natalia would get slightly wide eyed at the comment, her expression not quite readable as she looks over to Ellion with her mouth open a moment. It seems she doesn't know what to say or, decides not to say it, looking back to Brianny and clearing her throat "Apologies. I'm just wanting to make sure you two are able to discuss what you need to without interruption. I wasn't trying to be rude…"

Blinking lightly at Ellion's joke, Brianny releases a quiet laugh, "Beautiful and modest, My Lord. Such a wonderful mix of personality traits!" The boiled water then drips into cup where the herbs were placed and the fragrance of the herbs and berries begin to waft in the air, "My, that does smell lovely." Brianny lifts her chin as she sniffs at the sweet fragrant air. "And some bread and cold cuts does sound wonderful, especially after the day I've had." She then quickly turns to Natalia, "No apologies are necessary. Please, relax and enjoy yourself."

" Rude? Fuck that take a seat." Khourni colors coming through? He takes out his food and places it on a stool that conveniently was also in his bag. He takes a bite of some bread. " Hmm tasty. Of course I am the fairest and most modest of them all." He chuckles again.

It wouldn't be obvious if it was out of fright or sheer shock, but with Ellion's words Natalia quickly sits, crossing her legs as she sits on the soft forest floor. She looks to Brianny, staying quiet once more…interested to see what the lady's reaction would be to the sudden 'color' display.

The young Saimhann lady practically mirrors Natalia's reaction to the curse; the way her gaze demurely lowers and her back straightening up all the more as she shifts awkwardly in her seat once again. There is even a touch of color at her cheeks. She was raised as a Leonnida Lady with all of the etiquette and propriety lessons that are usually forced upon young nobles. She was meant to grow to be a True Lady in the sense of the word. With that in mind, despite the curse, a smile soon returns to her lips as she turns the contraption off once her cup is filled and offers this to Natalia, "There is enough water here for several cups, so please, enjoy." That smile is then flashed to Ellion, "My, that does look delicious."

Ellion builds a mini sandwich for the two ladies, " Please eat." He waves with his hand, and then brushes his hand through his hair. " It sure is beautiful here, but night is slowly falling, perhaps we should get going on the way back?"

Natalia nods holds up a hand at the offer of the tea "Please enjoy. I'm fine honest. Thank you though." She glances back to Ellion as he mentions heading back.

"Oh, very well." Brianny says to Natalia's refusal of tea, but it is evident that the woman doesn't hate tea, so Brianny does not look to mind. She waits for her hot beverage to cool just a little, enjoying the aroma of the herbs that continue to fill their little picnic area. Smiling kindly to Ellion, she takes up one of the sandwiches and nibbles neatly at it, "Thank you, My Lord. I was feeling quite a bit pekish, so this truly is a gods send. And yes, I do agree. After this, it may be wise to head back. I am expected at Drakholt soon for dinner… and it would look poorly on me if I show up late." Once her tea is cooled down enough, the sandwich is returned to its plate so she can sooth her throat with the tea, "Mmm. This is truly quite good… Miss?" She is still fishing for a name it would seem.

" I can escort you back to the crescent, if it please." Ellion offers, " Her name is Natalia. Very nice name." He takes a nibble of his little sandwich. " It tastes good. Chef did a good job for once. Usually the food on our vessel tastes like horseshit mixed with horsepiss."

Again with the language. Brianny quickly responds between nibbles of sandwich, "Then I am glad that these sandwiches taste like neither of those things, My Lord. And that would is very kind of you to offer to escort me home." When the mystery woman's name is finally revealed, she beams brightly, "It is nice to meet with you then, Natalia. And thank you for such delightful tea." They would continue on with their picnic for a few moments longer before the Khournas Lord and Saimhann Lady depart for the Ways.

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