05.09.3014: Piano Man
Summary: Sean throws a party at his loft with just a few people he and his sister now jointly, but it's more of a surprise than Racquel ever saw coming.
Date: 3 Jan 2014
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Racquel Sean 

Sean's Loft
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May 9th, 3014

Sean once more wasn't quite avaiable for a couple days. However, he then called and asked you over saying it was definitely a formal event at his loft. His sister would be there, a few friends from school, and a few of Peny's friends from work. He told you that you'll look stunning in anything but the dress he bought and is having delivered right now, and is something he picked out for this event.

The box arrives not fifteen minutes later. On top of that is a pair of bags and another small box, the small box being about the size of a jewelry box. Inside the large dress box is a stunning work of fabrics. This simple black dress just isn't. Micro boning forms to your body and provides a type of support not found even in most underthings. The black shimmers as the fabric moves, a flickering of flames that are indeed fake but look so very real. The halter style neckline exposes your shoulders, your full back, and a little tease of clevage. It hugs your body tightly and curves nicely yet modestly enough to not be riske. Floor length, the coal black dress has a slit along the side that rides up to just below mid thigh.

In the first bag a little something Sean definitely picked out for you to wear, and in the second bag is pair of five inch high stiletto brushed black leather boots that have an invisible zipper up the side, hidden by faux buckles and straps. The boots hug your ankles and calves nicely and come only to mid calf in height.

In the box is a jewelry set of sterling silver with black and fire opals. The black are tapered cut while the latter are concave cut to give them depth. The layout is radial with the silver being braided and worked to look like it's flowing over the gems and around your neck. A matching silver bracelet and earrings give a dazzling finish to this whole outfit.

All of it arrived as it should and as each thing is taken out she gasps, and falls in awe of it all. Such delicate things that held such beauty as to startle her into acceptance of the gifts when by no means she'd normally allow such doting on her; no this felt different for some reason or another. Starting with the lingerie she pulled each part of it on so slow that she could feel how the fabric fit against her or how it could make her shiver in just the right way to start this evening off with a little more flare then what a person would see.

Next was all that jewelery and for it she took the most gentle of care. Treating each earring as if they where children, the necklace as the most delicate of silks and the bracelet as the fondest teddy bear a child could ever own growing up. Admiring the image she takes to the dress and with much more skill she puts it on, zips herself in and wiggles to make sure it fits in all the right places to make her frame display proudly what she has.

Dressed to kill she dusts herself with some sparkles, puts very basic make-up on then gets her hair curled in those big 'girl next door' type spring to them and walks out of her loft. Catching a public crawler to the Ways to the Ring, the whole trip to Sean's place she fought with the hammering her heart did, no surer a way to make her blush like no other. Arriving on cue she's helped by the Tram Attendant, whom she tips a bit heavily, and she starts making her way up; battling past it all until a soft *knock* is heard.

When she knocks, Trix's face appears and smiles at her gently. "Welcome Racquel, please come in." And when the door opens she's met with the sight of several people gathered around in Sean's loft. It's been redone, the walls are shining softly in the pale blue light of Oculus, soft blues and lilacs glow against the walls from added on diffused lights that look like half circles. The normal track lighting on the ceiling has been covered over, the couch was moved and instead there are a few tall tables for people to lean on.

The overall feeling is a piano lounge/bar with a very modern theme to it, people are all dressed up in tunic suits or long cocktail dresses. There's a few more men than women here, but they are all talking aimably when she arrives. Peny is quick to find her and offers a champagne flute and a smile, "Hey there sexy, look at you! Aow, you're on fire tonight, almost literally." she winks at Racquel.

At the window, sitting before it, is Sean. He's at a piano, a baby grand that's solid sleek black like his own dark coal black outfit. He's playing a gentle melodie and humming into a microphone softly, moving his upperbody while he plays; swaying to the music produced by his fingers. "Let's go meet everyone, darling. You can make googly eyes are Sean in a little bit." it's right when he starts to sing again, voice crackling with a soft rasp. That he looks up and sees her, a smile breaking his lips when he sings the next part of the song.

Blue eyes… my baby's got, blue eyes
And I'm on my way…and I say

"Peny!" it was a shrill greeting as Racquel took the flute, sipped and linked arms with her bestie as they started to wander. "Oh and who are we meeting tonight?" and more conspiratorialy she leaned into her her friend and pssts. "Too late, he's already being oggled." It wasn't enough that the atmosphere had her feeling as if she was in a fairy tale already but now, seeing Sean dressed so finely playing the piano it was enough to implode her. Of course when the crackle of raspy voice chimes in just as she is starting a conversation with Peny with a photographer of sorts she actually has to stop mid sentence to look back at him. Staring at him at the piano she bit on her delicately coloured bottom lip and after a jab, blushing she turned back to the conversation at hand and continued it.

"This is one of my long time photographers, Nigel Parker. He's just simply one of the best." Peny brushes his arm with her hand, the man smiles. His head bald but he's tan and rather good looking despite the no hair. "Peny's exaggerating, but I thank her for it all the same. It's a pleasure to meet one of the up and coming stars of the modeling world." hand offered for a shake as is polite. Then Peny motions to the next person, "This is Julius Davron, one of Sean's friends from school. Careful, he's a real womanizer." tongue stuck out playfully at the clean cut blonde with sharp blue eyes, he fixes one of those 'wolf on hunt' looks at Racquel and gives her a little bit of a twitch of his lips. "Nice to meet you. I'd offer you a drink, but Peny has seen to beating me to the punch with every woman who's walked in."
Racquel is led around to meet several other people as she progresses through Sean's friends and then hers, a good twenty people she's introducted to. In the background, Sean continues to play the piano:

Blues eyes laughing in the sun…
Laughing in the rain…
Baby's got blue eyes, and I am home…again.

Totted around here and there she chatted up each person in turn for as long as she had with the ever diligent Peny at her side and by the end of it she had finished her flute, was a little overwhelmed and needed a minute. Hauling Peny to a stop she smiled, "Okay are we done yet? Seriously you two know way too many people! Besides," as the music filters her way she sways delicately with the tune. "This is what I came for. The music." Handing off her empty flute she offers up her hand to Peny, "Shall we dance? Teach these boys a thing or two?

"You've got to hear this next one though… Sean specifically chose these songs for tonight. He didn't write them, but he picked them from his collection." Peny takes the empty flute and sets it down, taking Racquel's arm and tugging her to follow near to the piano as Sean starts into a new song as the first heard ends.

It's a little bit funny, this feelin' inside
I'm not one of those who can, easily hide
I don't have much money, but boy if I did
I'd buy a big house where we, both could live

If I was a scultor, but then again no…
Or maybe a man who makes potions in a travelin' show
I know it's not much, but it's the best I can do
My gift if my song and… this one's for you

And you can tell everybody, this is your song

It may be quite simple but, now that it's done
I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind
That I put down in words…
How wonderful life is, now you're in the world

Moving with the graceful help of Peny, Racquel stood their with her lover's sister and crooned all sweetly like as she listened to the song. Leaning there with her bestie she held a hand over her heart while she kept swaying back and forth gently, taking to the beat naturally over time.

I sat on the roof, and kicked off the moss
Well, a few of the verses, well they've, got me quite cross
But the sun's been quite bright, while I wrote this song
It's for people like you that keep it turned on

So excuse me for forgetting, but these things I do
You see I've forgotten if they're green or they're blue
Anyway the thing is, what I really mean

Sean stands up then, the piano music continues after a soft moment as it switches from live to recorded. He moves in her direction and slowly sinks down as he sings out,

Yours are the sweetest eyes, I've ever seen!

Startled she takes a step back but she stops almost mid stride, stunned that he was even positioned like that. Other hand wrapped around her tummy she looked sideways at Peny before her focus was down on Sean there singing to her for the crowd.

Sean then lifts up again for a moment and steps a little closer, putting out his arms to take her into them if she'll accept. His smile warm as he continues to sing to her and her alone.

And you can tell everybody, this is your song
It may be quite simple but, now that it's done
I hope you don't mind, I hope you don't mind…
That I put down in words…

His voice softens to a natural speaking level as he looks into her eyes,

How wonderful life is, now you're in my world

Embraced by him, Racquel waited until the song is over before she pressed a kiss to his lips just once and gave him such a look. Nothing said just a look and it took several minutes for her to recall the rest of the room, before she turns to look at them. "Come on, lets give him a round of applause shall we! For a fantastic host and a even better party!" Starting the appluad train she looks to each person to make them start with her.

The twenty gathered begin to applaud and a few cheer. Peny coos a little and meanders off to get a few of the others drink and of course Peny made hors d'ourves. Sean puffs a little, and then leans in and gives Racquel a kiss on the cheek. "I'm glad you're here babe…" his voice then kicks up over the speaker system, "I want to thank you all, my friends, for coming tonight. I didn't tell anyone why I was throwing this party, but I feel now is as good a time as any."

Looking back to Racquel, Sean gives a wonderfully bright smile. "Some of you know that my life hasn't been the greatest, but I think all of you know that in the last month and a half I've been the happiest of my life I've ever been. The reason?" he puts his arms out in motion to Racquel, "This amazing, beautiful, light of this world woman. She's somehow been able to just fall into my world and make it all that much better. This party is to celebrate her, and us." he moves close again, "The woman I'm falling in love with everyday more and more, give Racquel a round of applause."

Flushing, Racquel fanned her face and tried to stop the blush burning in her cheeks as the room started applauding her now. Moving over to Sean she settles against his side and cups the side of his face, "Brat. Don't ya know you shouldn't make your girl blush like that?" Tickling his stomach she watches the rest of the apartment and sort of really realizes how many people where there now.

Sean smiles and chuckles a little at the tickling and he leans in to kiss her burning cheeks. "Love, this next song is just for you." and his voice picks up, slightly raspy but heartfelt.

Saw you standing out the ocean…
Running fast, along the sand
A spirit born of Earth and Water, the fire flying from your hands
Oooooh. In the instant that you love someone
In the second that the hammer hits
Reality runs up your spine, and the pieces finally fit

And all I ever needed, was the one
Like freedom fields where wild horses run
When stars collide, like you and I
No shadows block the suuuuuuuun

You're all I've ever needed, ooo baby you're the one

There's a huge smile that twists slightly to the right as he tilts his head side to side.

Slowly she starts to dance you around with her, to that slow raspy beat of the song while the rest of the party attendee's start to dance with us. The more you sing the more she swoons and nestles her face against your chest while she held you, arms tight and not so controlling but gently guiding.

There are caravans we follow…
Drunken nights in dark hotels
When chances breathe between the silence
Where sex and love no longer gell

For each man in his time is cain
Until he walks along the beach
And sees his future in the water
A lost heart within his reach

Sean finishes his song and wraps his arms around her tightly, leaning in to whisper to her softly. "Love you babe, this party is all for you. So lets go enjoy it." Turning to look at some of the others, while Trix takes over the music for the night. Peny continues to serve as partial host, making sure others have drinks or finger foods and keeping conversation going for those just lounging around the place.

Trotted off with him she nods, "Alright.." clearly shyer now because of what this night was about she talked and mingled after getting free from him. Taking to meeting more people from the party and taking some treats that pass by! Still it seemed as if he got to her, in such a way that she can't figure out what to do with herself.

The party keeps on going, people giving her such compliments on her dress, her hair, everything. They celebrate, as much as Sean is, just Racquel. Peny slips over and takes her by the arm, trying to guide her away to the bedroom and thus the only private place in the home. When she gets there she turns on Racquel and gives her one of those knowing looks. "Alright, Sean has never ever ever done this for a girl… what's going on?"

Plunking onto his bed which she partially called her own bed from time to time Racquel looked up at Peny with a little grin. "What do you mean what is going on? We are just two dating people who care for each other!" Reaching out she pokes her friend on the stomach and flops back on the bed with a little grin. "If I knew why he was throwing the party do you think I'd be blushing so bad?

"That isn't enough… he's never done this!" Peny looks incredulous, "So what's going on? Come on, did he say something? Did he give you some sort of hint? It's like he's building up to something huge with this party…" Then the door opens and Sean leans in. "Sis, you're hogging the girlfriend come back out here. Can't have a party for Racquel without Racquel after all." To which Peny rushes over and drags Sean in, slamming the door and leaving the party to their devices.

"Sean, what's gotten into you?" she demands, "What's going on between the two of you that you're not telling me? Dating is one thing, Sean, but throwing a party in celebration of someone like this?"

Sitting up on the bed, Racquel smiled at Sean, before grey eyes fall back to Peny and sort of shook her head. "I tried, she didn't seem to buy it from me. We love each other Peny but that doesn't mean if he's plotting he will tell me." Resting still for now, she waited to see if she was dragged out.

"Alright, Peny nothing's going on. You're doing it again… just shut it and lets go have some more fun at the party. Seriously!" Sean walks over and takes a bit of a defensive position, "Let's not get into a badgering war right now Peny. I'll tell you things later, can we please go back out there?" Finally Peny gives in and she stalks to the door and leaves the room.

Sean turns around to Racquel and sighs, "She's going to be in a pissy mood for the rest of the night and next few days… I'm sorry. Don't let it dampen the mood. Come on, let's get back out there and celebrate. I want your night to be special." He smiles at her and takes her hand.

Standing up she approached him and pushed into his front, kissing his lips softly before she nods. "Alright, lets go back out." Tapping her fingers against his cheek she leaned in to whisper, "Though if you are going to make me blush again tonight I swear your going down."

Pulling her out into the living room area of the loft, Sean keeps tugging along until he's standing in front of the window. The lights dim a little and people hush down as the music hushes down. He turns on her and takes her hands in his, "Racquel Jeaneux…" he looks down to the left for a moment and takes a breath, suddenly shaking a bit as he looks back up and into her eyes. "It hasn't been long that we've been together, we've delt with some issues and we've worked past them. I don't plan for it to be immediate, I don't even plan for it to be this year."

Right as he says that, Sean lets go and slowly drops to one knee before her, "But I've never been so absolutely sure of what I want in my life before. Racquel, will you make me the absolute luckiest, happiest man in the world? Will you marry me?" hand reaching into his inside pocket and pulling out the box with the ring.

A simple ring, made of braided gold and platinum with a diamond set inside what looks like the weaving of branches. Tiny lights glitter along the band and little white lights shine off and on in sequence to make the diamond sparkle at all times.

She knew it, Racquel knew as soon as he started singing to her that something was up yet she wasn't too keen to figure it out before her time. Timing was so apparently the key that a near heart attack drops her yet all she feels, a little shake of her knees, and she reaches out to press her hand against the wall. Very single tears roll down her cheeks from the corner of her eyes and the required hand lifts up after many tear stained bleery looks are taken, and she chokes out. "S-sean. Put that ring on me right this second before I fall.." the smile was weak but so full of life it was unreal. Waiting for it, breath caught in her throat she whispered, "Yes, a million times yes!" When the chill of the ring slides up her ring finger she waits for him to stand up and she pretty much tackles him! Slamming him without meaning into the wall as she kisses him hard on the lips!

Sean slips the ring onto her finger and then stands up. The tackle into his wall of a window get a laugh from people in the room and then applause before a few wolf whistles and 'Ooow!'s echo through his loft. Sean returns the kiss before pressing forward and just standing there smiling a huge goofy grin, a light blush to his own cheeks now.

In the back there's a silent, jaw gaping Peny just staring at her brother. For the first time in her life, she's completely speechless and caught off guard by what she just saw. She turns and goes into the kitchenette to work on getting… something. Friends walk over and try to talk to her, but she doesn't seem all that in the mood now.

Once more the attention is all on Racquel, and both girls and some of the guys almost rush Racquel to get a look at her ring.

Surrounded and suddenly nattered at she lets all the folks see the ring, squeals when squeals happen and she goes around the circle before she makes a break for it! Darting for the kitchnette she puts some space between her and the gleeful party goers and now is able to give Peny a look, "You okay?" not even daring to use family terms for her, she waited to see what her friend was thinking.

Peny looks at Racquel, there's a moment of glowering before she tries to calm herself. "I'm fine… I'm perfectly fine. It's fine that my brother didn't tell me he was going to do this, it's fine that I had no idea, that I wasn't able to help, that I wasn't part of one of the most special and of course largest decisions of his life." She shakes a little as she says this, clearly pissed at Sean.

For his part, Sean is entertaining now with playing upbeat piano songs and singing with the best of them. Drinks are being shared, smiles are so wide cheeks are red and crinkling from them, and laughter happens as jokes are being made. It went from smooth, sensual piano lounge to roaring old house party almost instantly.

Grabbing Peny into a hug Racquel laughed a bit! "Peny, dear come on! Of course he didn't tell ya! He was apparently deploying a secret ninja plot to make my heart stop! Besides," she lifts her hand and wiggles the beautiful ring at Peny, "Look at it! Doesn't he have fantastic taste!"

"That's just it!" Peny doesn't shout but her voice is a harsh whisper, "Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy for you both dear, but he didn't tell me. I wouldn't have ruined the surprise, I'd have helped make it all that more special. I mean, first off… a party in your honor in his own home?" Now she's grasping for something to critique, it's how she's always been. She huffs and fumes for a while longer, listing off everything that would have been so much 'better' if she'd helped Sean with this.

The party starts to wind down though, the hour getting late and the attendees getting drunk and needing to find their own beds in the not too distant future. After they've mostly all gone, Sean is left playing the piano. A slowly, softer song that's sung for no one in particular in the room.

And it's no, Sacrifice… just a simple word
It's two hearts livin'… in two separate worlds

From kitchenette out to living room, Racquel takes a few loud steps to be sure he hears it, and once he looks she unzips her dress, wearing it just unzipped at the side she settled soon beside Sean on the piano bench. Resting her head on his shoulder she listened to his playing while her hand laid to rest on his leg. Smiling any time he looks at her she swayed just so slightly with him as the music continues.

The movement of newly engaged to her love and the distinct and universal signal of 'Give us some privacy.' takes it's hold in the last few stragglers who say their last goodbyes and head out. Peny turns around and glowers at Sean for a long moment before she takes the cue and heads out when the lift returns to the doors for her.

Sean looks but keeps playing, swaying softly and singing a little softer now. When he finishes after it all he ropes an arm around the woman sitting next to him. He leans on her slightly and kisses at her neck before kissing at her jaw and then her cheek… his destination clear from his movements. Lips in hover over their destination he says in whipser, "It's the strangest feeling, Racquel. For once in my life, I feel slow and peaceful. Like time slowed down and there's nothing I have to consider, think about, or worry over."

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