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Summary: Advent has grown weary and requests something of his parents, post haste.
Date: 25/12/2013
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Advent Sauveur 

Sunday April 20th 3014 — Advent's Home

Dearest parents,

It is with a heavy heart your son writes you. Many years I have been in battle and it is with most recent battles the Hostile's have gotten stronger. I have been having dreams of ice and snow. A constant chill seeping into my bones while even the suns rays have not been able to warm me. My parents, I am a warrior and this chill frightens me more than any hostile advance I have faced. I can fight back the hostiles and I can fight our enemies however, this chill remains. I could light fire to my body and yet it would remain.

With this in my gut, I ask if you have found me a suitable wife? I do not wish to leave either of you without grandchildren. Our lucky Lyrielle will soon be having more, Ellinor too will welcome a child. As eldest I have patiently waited for the match you will choose for me. I wish to make you proud, not only in battle, but within the eyes of the people. I have been questioned as to why a man such as myself is single and with honor I have replied that I wait patiently for the wisdom of my parents.

Please, if it pleases you, haste such wisdom so I might give honor with grandchildren as well as with my spear.

From your loving son,

Advent Sauveur

Tuesday April 22th 3014 — The Great Hall

Dearest parents,

I write you again so quickly after the last message to offer a match which I so requested. The relations between Arboren and the Sauveur's seems to be tense and this is my fault. We can repair the rift between our strong households by a match between myself and Lady Brienne. I realize your concern with this name being brought forth as the current scandals surrounding her name abound. The first is with the Lord Kieran of Valta. She does not love him and while there was something betwixt them it is over. The other concern is Lord Canis Ligonier and his love for her. I have spoken with the Lord in detail and assurances have been made to the chasteness of their relationship.

With these concerns met, this union between our houses would benefit both. Please do, consider this match between your humble son and Lady Brienne Arboren.

From your loving son,

Advent Sauveur


Your mother has approached the High Lady concerning these events, and there will be no match between Lady Brienne Arboren or anyone for a while to come. Eryn will not yield despite your mother's pressure to find out why this has come to be, but we must respect the High Lady's wishes if she intends to keep her daughter unwed. In truth, it makes a spot of sense — so much scandal has surrounded the Arborenin that space is required to see that those political wounds are healed.

However, that said, I must ask — no demand — to know what has happened between our Houses. Your mother and I are beyond ourselves after hearing that you sustained an injury while being visited by Young Lord Declan Arboren and his sister. Tell us what has happened. If able, I will ensure that this does not get out of control.

Your Father,

Marus Sauveur

Dear Father,

I do see the logic in Lady Eryn's wishes. Let the scandal settle down and gain dust before choosing. It pains me to be denied this match but I am sure you have another Lady you'd like me matched with.

To the last… I did not sustain an injury while being visited. I already had the injury. In fact, I just got home from scouting the Vale and a hostile scout jumped me. I killed it in one shot but not before it got it's own hit in. I walked home in a daze and on my way up to my room, called the doctor. I no sooner laid down on my couch than Lady Brienne and my friend Young Lord Declan arrived. I'd not even gotten out of my armor. I guess the way my armor was, it was doing a good job holding in the blood because when my helmet got taken off, blood went everywhere. I was so upset about the blood on the couch and then Bri and Delcan were yelling. It's a lot of a blur actually. I do remember getting stitches and then telling the doctor I was fine. The Arboren siblings invited me to Arboren so I went when I woke up because I was really tired at that point. It's really been all a blur, dad.

I came to Arboren because I was asked and Lord Ryan threatened to remove me from active service unless he treated me so I let him. I still wish to fight. That being said, I realized the gravity of my injury when Bri asked me to join them scouting and I felt ill, so I said no. I still feel nauseous and dizzy. Short story, they didn't hurt me and were trying to help.

Your Son,

Advent Sauveur

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