Lord Captain Percival Larent
Daniel Craig
Daniel Craig as Percival Larent //NPC//
Full Name: Percival Larent NPC
Byname: -
Age: 46
Planet: Oculus, Moon of Nubilus
Paramount: Orelle
House: Larent
Title/Profession: Lord Captain
Position: Head of House, former Captain of Titan's Wake
Spouse: Lady Ancelina Larent (née Cindravale) Height: 6'2"
Father: Lord Kornel Iah Weight: Fit
Mother: Lady Illia Larent Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Lady Arith Larent, Lady Nefanwy Leonnida Eye Color: Blue
Children: Young Lady Sir Veryna Larent
Lord Lieutenant Antaeus Larent
Lady Matildie Larent
Lady Ariana Larent


Lord Captain Percival Larent was raised to live up to his birth, and the Reversionist ideals of his house were imprinted upon him in the earliest of his days. By his adolescence, the young lord and heir was already quite sure of his place in the world - a place as high as the seat and motto of his house. His early education was in both his future obligations to his house, and in the military and physical sciences, a curriculum precisely-tailored for his eventual enrollment in the royal naval academy. Although he was an excellent student, his life of privilege allowed him to indulge in more than the 'average' sort of teenage troublemaking. Already a bit of a leader among his gang of classmates and peers, he often treated them to wild excursions to Summit and the rest of Nubilus, enjoying everything from club life with the 'beautiful people' of the city's entertainment industry to wild, high-speed antics with the moon's famous gliders. Ultimately, while he scored high marks in various simulations (including a yet-to-be broken record in one of the academy's most difficult tactical scenarios), his attendance record and a few disciplinary marks held him from the top class listings or the most ideal of initial assignments.

Percival's first assignment was as a weapons officer aboard the Crimson Hammer, under Lord Captain Argus Ibrahm. Although a competent gunner, at first he considered the post a poor reflection on his abilities, as well as a career-derailing disaster, as it placed him under a well-connected Saveur executive officer. But Lord Argus's selection was not accidental. He recognized Percival's talent from the academy files and knew that his royal second-in-command was next in line for his own ship. When the Saveur was promoted off the Crimson Hammer, he immediately promoted Percival to replace him. Argus became Percival's mentor, and the Crimson Hammer's crew won a string of victories in the fleet's simulated wargames and maneuvers, making names for both the captain and his second officer. Argus would eventually be promoted to the Admirality, and Percival had seemingly erased most memory of his academy days, receiving his first command around the same time as the actual top-graded members of his former class. He has since commanded several ships in his nearly two-decade career, and most recently on an impressive new ramship of the largest class, sponsored heavily by his own house and it's mineral wealth.

In his personal life, Percival married not long after graduation, and his first daughter was born not long after. However, in the earliest days of his naval service his time spent at home was infrequent - with rumors arising over his absence that his relationship with his Cindravale wife was on poor footing. It was well known that when he was fresh out of the academy, Percival still enjoyed much of the bad behavior that gave him trouble during his attendance, accompanying his men on shore leave and spending time with the actresses, models, singers, and other beauties of Summit as he had in his youth. Although the relationship at home might have been somewhat rocky, he did not fail to produce further children with his wife, and was known to utterly dote on and spoil his daughters whenever he -was- home, while strongly encouraging his eldest son to follow in his own career.

Now one of the most senior officers in the fleet below the rank of Admiral, with a highly successful record behind him, Percival has become an important and vocal proponent of various tactical innovations. Although he lacks thee patience for a teaching position, he's worked with the Royal Navy Academy's curriculum board in developing new simulator missions. At home, age has mellowed him somewhat and his relationship with his wife seems improved. This has not totally erased some of the rumors that hound him, but the man has at least established a sort of pragmatic discretion in his later years, especially after assuming the mantle of house leadership from his aging mother.



Lord Percival Larent is an impressive sort of figure, not purely physically, but in stature and presence, carrying himself with the weight of his decades of experience and with an aura of authority ingrained by his birth and bolstered by his rank and status. The man stands a few inches over six feet in height, with a build that would have been called athletic in his youth but which has settled into something a little more 'solid'. On the whole, he's aged well, with just a few creases in his brow and a slight weathering visible across his otherwise hard-chiseled features. His eyes are the distinctive and piercing Larent blue, while his golden hair is cropped short for military utility.

The man is dressed in the standard and utilitarian matte-black uniform of the Royal Navy. The high-collared, double-breasted jacket is worn sharply, adorned with a single gold pip on each side of the collar and the crest of House Larent over his left breast. His slacks are kept neat and wrinkle free, and the leather uniform belt and boots are shined to a proper polish. From the former hangs the sheathe of a longsword on one side, its protruding hilt gleaming of polished titanium and fixed with a blue stone at the pommel, and on the other side the holster for a top-of-the-line blaster pistol.


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Known Associates

Ancelina Lady Ancelina Larent : Wife
Veryna Young Lady Sir Veryna Larent : Eldest Child and Heir to Larent
Antaeus Lord Lieutenant Antaeus Larent : Only son.
Ariana Lady Ariana Larent : Youngest Child
Densoric Lord Densoric Larent : Nephew

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