06.12.3013: People passing through, bakeries, and libraries.
Summary: A gathering of nobles, knights, and citizens take some down time after the first battle of the war to discuss things.
Date: 12, 06 2013
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The Bazaar - Blue District, The Ring
Stepping off the lift and into the Blue District is almost like stepping into another world. The senses are assaulted with a complexity of scents, sights, and sounds. Light that abscribes to the same hours as the rest of the Ring glows from insets in the dark metal ceilings. The Bazaar is one of the central hubs of the Blue District — also known as the Entertainment District. There are dozens of shops and emporiums that clutter around the outer edge of the bazaar with stands and kiosks making organized chaos of its center. There are some shops that have been there for generations, including the famous — if not a little infamous — Gregor's Strange Meats. This is the place to find the weird and the bizarre. It is known that the Blue District hosts the impoverish and underworldly inhabitants of the Ring, making it not only the most mystifying but also the most dangerous district on the space station. There are several corridor-like thoroughfares that branch off from the Bazaar, leading deeper into the District.
June 12 3013

The bazaar. A busy place perhaps most of the time. Perhaps even more so with the return of the Shadow of Intent the day before. With the people wandering back and forth around the area it seems that Barton is somewhere in the area as well. Seeing as he steps out of Gregor's Strange Meats after having taken a look in the area. Scanning the crowds as he starts to wander. His head a bit higher than most which at least gives him a rather good view on things.

For once not loitering in the Bazaar but moving with purpose, Lord Densoric Larent is headed for one of the better quality armor shops, but then with the war now in full swing, he's likely not the only one… Might be interesting if he's important enough to cut ahead if there are lines, but likely not given the mix on the Ring currently.

Well. It's a relief. At least her brother and his boat aren't in a million, billion pieces. Talayla has a note in hand, likely somewhere she's supposed to go. Regardless, she's drifting, here and there. There's too much to explore and her ever curious mind is like a raccoon in a jewelry shop. She spots - wait. Is that Sir Barton? And there's a few peeps from her brother's boat. Tal stansd on her tippy toes. There's a polite smile, waving to Densoric in passing. She's headed towards those two now, forgetting the tantalizing flowers in pots nearby. "Salutations!"

Having gotten out and about a bit, Sammel is now making his way into the bazaar, steps a bit slow for the moment. He's wearing a flowing deep blue shirt, to conceal the bandages underneath, and his hand is almost free from bandages now. Keeping quiet as he looks around, he steps further into the area and finds his steps taking him closer to where Talayla, Barton and Densoric are.

Barton continues walking for a bit, in the directing of Densoric nonetheless. Though his eyes do catch sight of that waving from the lady. A smile growing on his face as he offers a wave in return. "Lady Talayla. It is a pleasure to meet you again." He assures her and nods. Glancing towards the lord as well. Studying him for a moment. Bowing his head. Seeing as he is heading to check on armors, he assumes that he might be a knight. Not fully sure who it is perhaps. "Pleasure to meet you." He offers to the man, even if he does not fully know him. Looking between both since Talayla seemed to know him. "Name's Barton Ibrahm." He introduces himself. Glancing to spot Sammel as well and waving his hand to him.

Catching a motion out of the corner of his eyes above the crowd, followed by a greeting Densoric looks over to Talayla, then alters course from the shop to her position. Drawing closer he offers a polite nod, "Greetings My Lady Orelle." with respect in his tone, is this guy ever informal? Giving a polite nod to Barton, and then to Sammel as he joins the gathering as well he is otherwise silent for the time being. As Barton addresses him with an introduction however Densoric nods politely and says, "Lord Densoric Larent."

Talayla smiles to those she sees, Sammel included if he's near enough. She nods respectfully in greeting. "Sir Barton. The pleasure is all mine," She replies. "How are you? I was worried, I heard my brother's ship got into it," She wrinkles her nose. She smiles to Densoric in turn, lowering her head politely. "Salutations, hopefully you are well?" Sammel gets a wave, though, Talayla is quiet a moment. "What brings you guys here? Besides my brother's boat, anyway." A slight grin. She seems to be coming out of her shell a little.

"Oh, people…" Sammel begins, before he offers a smile, and a polite nod. "My lady, my lord, sir." Greeting Talayla, then Densoric and Barton. "Your brother's boat, my lady?" A brief pause, as he looks between the others. "A pleasure to meet you all, I'm Lord Sir Sammel Cindravale."

Barton nods as the four nobles seem to gather. "It is a pleasure to meet you all." Looking towards Sammel then, "How are the injuries healing, lord sir?" He asks before looking to Densoric. "Ah, it is good to have met you, lord Densoric." Then it goes to Talayla with a grin. "Your brother. Would that be lord sir Cedric Orelle?" He asks to try to be certain. Smiling at the lady as well as she continues to speak. "Well, just trying to wander and take a moment to look around." He explains before grinning, "My lady, it is indeed fortunate to run into you. I do think I remember you mentioning tasting a brew?" He asks, grinning.

Densoric nods politely once again saying, "I am well My Lady, at least more so then the recent arrivals. ANd I came mostly to have a look at the available armors, not sure if I'll get any made, but it never hurts to have a look just in case." He then turns his ice blue eyes, which for anyone who knows Ariana Larent would find a clear resemblance in the eyes at least, then nods politely to Sammel and says, "Lord Densoric Larent." by way of returning the introduction. As Barton mentions the brew Densoric nods and looks to Talayla adding, "I believe I made the request as well, at least if the offer was presented to me as well. If not then my apologies for my misunderstanding My Lady."

Indeed, people! Talayla nods politely to Sammel. "Salutations. I am Lady Talayla Orelle," Just in case. She looks to Densoric. "That's a good idea. I keep debating armor, but I can't really wear the heavy stuff." Why is left unsaid. Odd, that. She nods again. She looks between the two. "Huh?" A blink. "Oh aye! It's good to have lots of testers. You're both welcome to and I'd be glad. Tastes vary," Talayla nods. She smiles to Barton. "It would, he's my older brother. And there's lots to see," She agrees. "I do remember! I can fetch some now or- there's places here, too. I didn't think I would bump into you guys," Talayla is smiling, happy to see the three. At the talk of injury, Talayla peers at Sammel, concerned. "I owe you a treat for coming back as promised anyway."

Sammel smiles a little as he listens, shrugging little bit as he hears Barton's words, "Not too bad. Healing slower than I would want, but still at a reasonable speed. And how about yours?" Lookng to Talayla now, he offers her a quiet smile. "A pleasure to meet you, Lady Talayla. Your brother did well out there. I only wish I could have gotten one of those Hostiles away from him a bit earlier, though."

Barton nods and smiles to Sammel's words on the wounds, "OH, they are coming along quite fine." He assures him. Nodding about the lady's brother, "Indeed. He did quite well. We fought quite close. I feel the same as sir Sammel, I should have been a bit faster to knock the hostile out, that was attaking him." He offers and shakes his head. "Armors can be quite nice to look at. I know several that have been quite fortunate due to their armor." He says and nods sagely. Then it is to the lady. "Well, I am fine with trying it anywhere." He says and grins, about the brew. "As for armor, my lady, any armor is better than none I would think."

Densoric nods and says, "It is always a pleasure to be thought of by an attractive Lady." with a soft smile then adds, "Though I only volunteered to try one of your brews. I am not much for beer, ale, or the like. But there is little harm in tasting for an Orelle." Just how much would this guy do for his Paramount? To Sammel Densoric asks, "Is it not true that all of us would wish to heal faster then we do? I may not have been in combat but I know what its like to be effectively bed-ridden waiting to heal from serious injuries." The question is posed more as a statement of human life not as a joke or a critique. Then to Barton Densoric asks, "And what armors do you recommend? I'm unsure if I'll join the fight myself as I have rather poor fighting skills, but there is always the threat."

Talayla pauses at mention of her brother. She nods slowly. "Yeah. I keep watching for him to visit, but I think we'd need like, 30 Hostiles with crowbars to get him off his boat or season long Comets tickets," She admits with a shrug. "And they'd have to be like, the nice box seats," She explains. "I wouldn't feel bad. I am sure you two did your best… that's all anyone can ask," She furrows her brows. "They're not Soft, Squishy, Slowmoving-stiles, after all. And if they were, well, easiest invasion to deal with ever," She offers. She pauses at Densoric, looking confused. "My sister? She's really pretty." Talayla seems baffled a moment. "And that's alright." She smiles a little. She looks to Barton, and nods. "If I had known I'd bump into you, I'd've brought my barrels," Sadface. "Um, there's a bakery this way and a cafe that way," She offers. "It's a welcome back." She nods. "Are you around? I can fethc some after," She offers again. "And I - am limited in armor. I have to move and stuff," She explains.

"So he can see the Comets getting beaten by the Mustangs? That's always a good thing, right?" Sammel offers to Talayla, before he smiles a little bit now. Otherwise just shrugging a little bit as he looks between the others again for a few moments now. "Barrels, my lady?"

Barton chuckles at Talayla's words of her brother. "I am sure I could carry him out." He says and grins then. Turning towards Densoric at his words. Nodding about the injuries. "The faster we heal the better, since we can do more then." He agrees, basically. "Well, it would depend I think. I prefer the defender one so I can shield." He explains and shrugs. "But lighter armor works or even aggressor if you want really thick armor. Although it all depends on what you prefer." As for Densoric not drinking ale or so, he shakes his head. "Bah! You should enjoy all kinds of things that nature has to offer. It is one of the treats of life after all." He says and grins wide. Though it does turn to a smirk about the Mustangs beating the Comets. Shaking his head but not saying much. As for the barrels, he grins. "It is quite fine. I can always go along with you to the barrels at some point. I am fine with anywhere we go for now."

Densoric smiles softly to Talayla and says, "I'll take your word for it, I've met few of House Orelle personally, I could have met her and it simply slipped my mind, forgive me my still developing knowledge of my Paramount's members." Sounds like he was calling Talayla attractive, whether she believes it or not. To Sammel Densoric says, "It would appear they make a befitting throne for our Lady Orelle." offering a good-natured wink to Talayla. To Baron Densoric nods and says, "I'd favor defense but also something that would allow freedom of movement. As to drink, I favor the fruity wines for taste and harder spirits for relaxation. I simply never cared much for the flavor of ales or beer."

Talayla chuckles at Sammel's remark. "Well, he's convinced that since they hit .500…" She shrugs and smiles. A nod to Sammel. "I do brewing sometimes," She explains. She smiles. "They agreed to try it out. I might run to my room and fetch a smaller cask." She thinks. "I'm moderately fast," She nods. She grins at Barton's comment. "I suspect so." He does look pretty mighty. "Um, well. There's a really compelling reason for lighter armor." Does he know? She peers over. She looks to Densoric. "Thank you," She nods the laughs. "Fair enough. I would think wine is fun, but I don't have a vineyard and I'd have to stomp the grapes." She might be wiggling her toes as they speak. "Umm. I guess cupcakes for now. You probably don't get those in rations. I can pick up the tab on this one… I sold some sushi fish the other day." And she motions ofer. "I think the lager and beers are growing on me as I experiment."

Nodding a little as he listens now, Sammel smiles a bit. "Ah, I see. Brewing seems like an interesting, yet useful hobby…" Nodding a bit more as he listens, before he adds, "Well, both ales and wines are quite good, but the ones I've been missing the most lately would be the whiskeys. I got a supply of good ones back in Phylon…" Trailing off again as he grins to the others now.

Barton nods and smiles at Talayla as she goes on about the brewing as well as the armor. Remembering the converastion from last time they met. "Well, for skillful awakened the psychometric armor is quite useful I'd say. Otherwise for a lot of armor and still move well it would be the defender armor or perhaps combat armor or light combat armor." Shrugging a bit. As for food and drinks, he grins. "Anything edible, I'd enjoy it." He assures them. Nodding to Sammel as well. "It's been awhile since I drank a bit of those stronger spirits as well."

Densoric looks to Talayla as though insulted and says, "No Lady should have to run anywhere unless in combat My Lady." he then makes an overly formal gesture saying, "If running is to be done on behalf of House orelle, you may count on me." offering another soft smile. Fruitcake isn't as thick is this one's commitment to his paramount it would appear.

Talayla hms. She smiles to Sammel. "Yeah, I can't really compare to their whiskeys if I went that way," She admits. She will lead them along to the bakery, which mercifully, has a sit down section. There's a pause and she smiles back to Barton. She nods. "Well. We'll see," She offers quietly. "I should at least get a new bow. I loaned it to someone and they snapped it! Clean in half, even," She pouts a little. "And um, please, order what you'd like." She nods. "I can fetch a cask after, I guess, since-" She pauses at Densoric. She blinks, startled and surprised. "Um, sorry… I am - I guess I'm used to getting it myself is all. I'm honored for your help," She nods. "Er, you can stick with us for a pastry if you want."

Sammel smiles a bit as he listens to the others, while glancing around again now. Following them over to the bakery, he looks a bit thoughtful for a few moments now.

Barton looks between the Orelle and the Larent and nods, "Or we could all just make our way there." He suggests and grins. Though as Talayla continues, he nods. "Indeed. Pastery first and brew after works just as well." He says, letting the lady decide how to go about things. As for the bow, he smiles softly. "That is unfortunate to hear. Perhaps I could offer to get you a new one?" He suggests calmly with a roll of his shoulders. Glances offered to the quiet Sammel every once in awhile.

Densoric nods to Talayla saying, "As I do not yet know where the casks are, the will serve well." winking playfully at the obviously unintentional oversight. He does however follow the gathering to the bakery and says, "A dry wine might prove of use, the right one can cleanse the palette well."

Talayla looks to Sammel, too. "That sounds good," She nods to Barton, always looking up when he talks. She sighs. "Yeah, I couldn't believe it. It was really flexible wood…" She boggles. "And oh, um, you know someone who makes them?" It's a HUGE thing to ask, after all! She seems impressed, anyway. A look to Densoric and grins. "Well, I hadn't made enough for a full barrel, so. The casks are easier to carry, too." She doesn't seem to mind. "I'm still learning a lot. But I hate monopolizing with my hobbies. How about you guys? Like, smithing, cooking?"

Barton grins and shakes his way, "Not fully. But I am quite certain that there is someone that I do know that can see to that one is made. Perhaps I could offer you one for a birthday or something." He says and chuckles. "If you do not mind, my lady. But when would that be?" He asks and grins. While being a bit of a geek he can still be a bit sneaky with his approach. Nodding to Densoric as he speaks. "I think you could be right about the wine." He agrees and smiles. As they are all asked of their hobbies, he shrugs, "Mostly I am interested in stories and food. Any stories really. Myths and legends, fictional, history. As well as comics, games, movies, books, et cetera. But I do know a bit about dancing as well." The latter perhaps the biggest of surprise, if one would only judge from his size. Turning to see about the others' hobbies.

Densoric looks to Talayla and says, "Nothing of great concern My Lady, besides I doubt we could drain an entire barrel with just the four of us anyway. As to hobbies, mostly history, geology, and a few other minor things for my part. Though I show the most skill with geology as I managed a Bachelor's Degree in it when I graduated from Academ. In general though I favor more mental pursuits then physical."

For now, it's pastry time! Talayla's secured them a nice outdoor seat. Talayla is talking with Barton and Densoric, while Sammel has just departed- likely to fetch whatever cask Talayla was referring to. She seems surprised, but hey. She quirks a smile to Barton. "I see. And it's July 6th," She explains. She listens, nodding as Barton speaks. "I see. Those sound fun," Her eyes widen a bit. "More bookworms!" This is awesome. He might have a fan! She looks to Densoric, "I mean more that I hadn't made an entire barrel's worth," She explains. "And oh? Neat," She nods. She seems pretty happy she's not the only nerd around. "And dancing, huh," She ponders this. "I couldn't ever get the hang of it."

Barton does move along towards getting pastry. Nodding to what Densoric offers about his hobbies, "Ah, I see. Well those things do come in use. Ggot any other hobbies? I mean, some of those sound a bit like fun things but a bit more of studying rather than for relaxing and having fun. I think?" He says and grins a bit uncertain, "I mean, I enjoy dealing with engineering and electronics. Welding and whatnot." He explains and shrugs. "And of course explosives to that." Moving to offer to help the lady into a seat, if she wishes. "Ah, I see. It is soon then. Perfect timing." He says and smiles about the date she offers. Nodding about Densoric's hobbies again, indeed agreeing, despite his earlier words. Mostly curious if there might be more. As for Talayla's words on dancing, he grins. "Well. I could always try to teach you. Or just carry you around and dance." Winking at that. Then he will indeed claim a seat for himself, after everyone else has.

Densoric looks to Barton and says, "I was asked for my hobbies, those are the things I do for enjoyment. Though I also hold a Master's Degree in electronics and economics, I'm skilled in administration and the Inforsphere, by far though i am best in etiquette." as he claims a couple pastries himself and sits down with the others, taking out utensils to begin eating in a way expected of someone skilled in etiquette. After a bite he then looks to Talayla and says, "A 'bookworm' perhaps, perhaps not. But certainly I could be considered a scholar to some degree."

Pastries are a fine thing, but it's not what Jor Aeldan is here for. If he ever decided on a change of wardrobe at the store to which he was led so recently, it has still taken backseat to those ten-years-out-of-date adornments he's still carrying around on his person (not the same as the last time he was here window shopping). He's meandering along the bazaar, again taking in the sights and what there is to offer. Most of the previous trip's sightseeing has long since faded from his old man brain, after all. Soon enough, though, he'll be heading that way, absently scratching at his slightly unshaven chin.

Talayla smiles. She seems happy. "Oh, wow, engineering? That's pretty impressive," She nods. She seems duly impressed by the two. "Thank you for joining me." There's a drink and whatever they order soon brought out. "Thank you," She murmurs as Barton pulls out a seat. A grin at the timing comment. "You're welcome to drop by for cake and stuff," She offers to the two. She looks to Barton, eyes widening a little. "Ooh. Well, either works, I think…" She seems shyly surprised, but happy enough. "I don't get asked much about dancing. A lot of places are really overwhelming." What could that mean? She looks to Densoric, "A Master's degree? Neat," She smiles. "I mostly studied at home," She admits. A nod at his comment. "Yeah, the libraries are popular," She considers. And there's a Jor. A polite wave to the fellow.

Barton ahs and nods, smiling at Densoric. "I see. I was just curious since you mentioned having a bachlor's. But the master's is indeed quite nice." He says and smiles. Grinning about bookworm. "Bookworms are always fun. More so than people know." He says and grins. Jor not currently being paid too much attention, other than a smile and nod if he looks their way. Smiling to Talayla, "Yeah, decently at least." He says and smiles. "Of course, my lady. You are quite good company after all." Nodding about the dancing. "I am sure we can solve that somehow." He assures her with a bright smile.

Densoric nods to Talaya and says, "To be fair I did study for four years to earn my degrees and I started when I was eighteen." in a casual tone as he takes another bite, clearly his skills in etiquette makes it hard for him to insult anyone in terms of how to eat properly in mixed company at least. Ice blue eyes turn to Jor as Talayla waves to the Citizen, but doesn't greet the man himself as of yet.

Jor may have caught sight of Talayla's face, but it didn't exactly register fully that she was there - he was a bit distracted - until she gave the wave. There's a return gesture of similar nature, the man's eyes still largely focused on what's in front of his face for the moment, which is to say something to put into his stomach. Soon enough, though, he's deciding against whatever edibles are in front of him, and then here he comes. "Lady," he offers to Talayla, inclining his head. There's a regard for those with her, dark eyes focusing on Barton and Densoric a moment, calculating with a twitch of the brows for Barton, before finally saying, "Sirs."

Talayla seems surprised, but happy. She smiles back to Barton. "Yeah. We'll definitely have to swap books or something sometime." She remarks. She can't help but smile back. "I see. I would be honored, and thank you. You're good company, too, Sir," She replies. She is definitely surprised, but it's not a bad thing. There's a bit of shyness lingering, though. Years of hermitude are hard to shake off. She glances to Densoric and nods. "I see. That's when people start?" She considers. There's a polite greeting for Jor, "Hello, Mister Jor. How are you? Have you met my friends?" She's a Dire Awkward Level 5, but she's trying.

Barton nods as he listens to Densoric. Not yet actually having eaten any pastry. Just smiling at the others. Enjoying the conversation. "Indeed, my lady! That does sound quite good." He offers about swapping books. Not seeming to mind the shyness. Just smiling brightly and reassuring to her. As Jor does approach he smiles and nods to the man. "Mister Jor, it is a pleasure." He offers with a smile. Even rising to his feet and offering a hand to shake the man's. Perhaps not the right way for a noble to greet a normal citizen but he does so anyhow. "Lord Sir Barton Ibrahm." For once remembering his title at least.

Densoric looks to Jor and says in a neutral toen lacking judgement, anger, or the like saying, "I am no knight. Lord Densoric Larent." though whether its a correction or an introduction is anyone's guess given his dull, casual tone. He then looks to Talayla and smiles softly saying, "That is more the typical age, but some start early and others later depending on their desire and intelligence level. And judging by what I've seen of you, I doubt you would suffer on intelligence, though perhaps desire. You seem to care more for self-education then a standardized one." He watches Barton greet the man, then looks back to Talayla saying, "I'd rather have access to all the libraries then trade books personally, but we make due with what we have." casually.

Jor's grip on Barton's offered hand is firm, calloused, and most definitely not the sign of a man unafraid of getting them dirty. "S—" Whatever he was about to say in response to Barton is abruptly halted, coming out more like a hissing sound, and a tick later, "Jor Aeldan," finally escapes his lips via that bass voice of his. He's certainly not afraid to look nobility in the eyes, deference for station either a difficulty or habit. "Ah," he responds, to Densoric's introduction, also dipping his head to the man. "My apologies, Lord Larent." He keeps quiet after that, but it does appear the conversation between Talayla and Densoric has caught part of his interest. There's a quirk of an eyebrow, Jor's dark eyes focusing on the current speaker, after introductions are done.

Talayla seems quietly content. She nods. "I would be honored. Any particular genre I should bring by?" She seems touched by the friendliness and reassurance. She stands, too, as Jor is near, now. She pauses at Densoric, "I apologize. That might be more my fault," She murmurs. Then a pause. "I don't know. College sounds interesting," She remarks. At the mention of self-education, her face clouds. "Yeah. I was home schooled," She admits quietly. "And if you need access, I can loan you mine now and then." She shrugs, then a smile. "I should look after those who are vassal to my house or something or other, right? Maybe we can get you a card." She looks to Jor, and pauses at the hesitant start of his introduction. She seems curious a second. "Would you like to join us for pastries?"

Barton does have a firm grip of his own and just smiles at Jor. Raising a brow at the started word. "Pleasure, mister Aeldan." He says and smiles. Not minding the handshake and when/if Jor let go then he will let his hand fall down next to his body. Not minding the way Jor acts. Shaking his head to the question from Talayla then. "Anything works I suppose. As long as the book isn't too slow. I do like my action and so forth. Or at least some kind of things happening." He says and smiles to her. As for the studying discussion, he shrugs, "I think I sort of got a good enough education. I had most focus on being a knight. So my studying had to come later and mostly direct from those working with such things." He explains and shrugs. Nodding about Jor joining them. Not seeming to mind, if that is how it turns out.

Densoric nods to Jor and says, "Your apology is of course accepted." in a casual tone. He then looks to Talayla and says, "No need to apologize My Lady, we all have our own interests and those topics that fall outside of them don't receive as much attention, why my own combat skills are lax." At the talk of school and libraries he nods and says, "I was educated by Instructors prior to the crash, but I sought Academ for some time before that. The environment may serve you, it may not there is no knowing till you try. As to access to House Orelle libraries that would be a great honor, one I doubt I could repay My Lady, but thank you for the consideration." He then looks to Barton and says, "One's educated should reflect their goals, and for a knight combat training would be of greater importance. But at least you know the value of a keen mind as well as a strong arm."

"I do not want to impose," Jor replies in a quieter tone to Talayla, his words taking a more subdued, softer cadence as he responds to her invitation to him. "If I may, however," he continues, to the three of you, the Lord Larent has it right." After that, Jor's attention returns to Barton, an almost considering look in them as he regards the man, his own arms falling to his side as well. "And you, Lord Sir, might I ask what your training specializes upon?"

"Not an imposition if you're invited," Talayla smiles a little. She inclines her head. She looks to Barton and smiles. "I understand. I think I have an idea now. I'm going to check on Sir Sammel. He might've gotten lost on the way to the brewery room," She offers. "And yeah, being a knight sounds tough," She admits. She looks to Densoric. "I'll be right back!" She beams and starts.

Barton nods as he listens to Densoric. Seemingly agreeing with him. Turning to Jor with a shake of his hand. "No, no. You're not imposing." He assures him. Raising a brow at the question of his training. "Well, all kinds of things I suppose. I do focus on combat training but with some engineering parts. As well as of course physical training such as running and lifting things." He says and shrugs a bit. Being quite a large man and mosly muscles usually suggests a lot of training. Waiting for Jor to take a seat before he does so as well. If she wishes he will help Talayla back into her seat. That is until she moves to leave. "AH, I see. If you need help do send someone for me. I'd be happy to offer any help." He assures her before taking a seat, after Jor of course. IF he does decide to sit.

Looking to Jor Densoric says, "There appears to be no objections to you joining us." in his casual tone. He nods politely as Talayla stands to depart but doesn't extend the same offer as Barton, after all he offered before anyone left the group at all.

Jor will take that seat. Talayla, at least, seems slightly intent on him not wandering off, at any rate. And in truth, it's good to actually /sit/. Jor nods in reply to Barton's words as he does all this, but words fail to make their way out from his lips for a time. So he sits, contemplating that answer he was just given, but otherwise looking between Lord and Lord Sir with a faint air of curiosity, if silent curiosity for now.

Fortunately, retrieving a cask only takes a moment. And mercifully, Talayla refrains from using TK to bring it back. She smiles, seeing them all together and still talking. "Thank you," She noticed Barton moving a chair for her, after all. She seems pleased enough. "I think Sir Sammel got a bit of an ache. I need to clean that place out, it's an obstacle course." Granted, it's probably not to her, who has TK and familiarity with the turf. She beams. "I had some help, so it won't be horribly toxic at least." She has low expectations. Alas, "And um, I'll pay for any drinks after. Just in case…" Hey, she nver assumes. She even smiles faintly, to Jor. "Thank you all for waiting, I'm sorry."

With there seemingly being a moment of silence between the three men Barton looks back and forth between the other two before leaning back. "So, what else have you both been up to?" He asks. Though it seems that Talayla is a speedy one as she already returns. Indeed helping her back into her seat, if she wishes. "Ah, I see. I'm glad to see that you managed it fine enough." He tells her and smiles. "Oh, there is no need, my lady. You did went through the trouble of finding your brew. I'll be fine with paying for whatever else we have. And it is quite fine. IT was only a brief wait after all."

Densoric nods politely as Talayla returns and says, "Why thank for waiting when the company is worth waiting for My Lady?" offering another soft smile. He does however stand to accept the cask so it can be better set out, at least if Talayla will hand it over. As he's proven before he won't assume and reach out and grab something the Lady is holding. It is then he looks to Barton and says, "Mostly been trying to figure out how to help out with the war, I even petitioned to help with some research." Though he doesn't say if the petition has been accepted or not.

In answer to Barton, Jor can only provide a slightly rueful smile. "It's not something I wish to discuss at this time, my apologies." That's all he'll say on the matter in that quiet bass of his, Jor tilting his head downwards in near apology to the Lord Sir of Ibrahm. He'll turn his attention to Densoric then, when discussing the matter of having petitioned on research, but Jor does not press for more details either. He's content to just sit and listen, here and there.

Talayla looks a bit surprised for a moment and sets it down. "Thank you," She smiles at Barton as he helps her back into her seat. "Very kind of you," She nods. She nods. "It's okay. It's a bit of a maze, but it is /my/ maze, so I remember," She remarks. "Are you sure? Well, okay… I will concede because I am pretty sure you'd win the arm wrestling." She flexes her right arm. Yeah. That'd be like a parakeet going after a bald eagle. She smiles to Densoric. "Thank you. And it's kind of you." She nods and will let Densoric set it out then. Also, given her powers, startling her could end in ice conjured in pants or worse. Ahem. "And oh? Well. Like I said, I don't mind bringing you with or loaning you my card. I'm pretty sure I'm allowed into most of the libraries," If not all. She looks to Jor. "How are you? Did you go shopping yet?"

Barton ahs and nods to them both. Not seeming to mind Jor's unwillingness to explain. Nodding and grinning at the lord. "So? Did you get that petition cleared?" He asks and his smile soften as he looks over to Talayla. "Of course, my lady." He offers both to her thanking him as well as her question. Grinning and as she flexes he winks and then flexes his own arm. Mostly amused. "WEll, I think you might be able to put up a good fight at least."

Densoric takes the cask once far away from Talayla, though it would appear its more how close it is to her then the risk of her abilities that causes his restraint. After maneuvering the cask into position so that it might be tapped and also not roll all over the place, Densoric finally retakes his seat and says, "No need for thanks My Lady, I am your vassal after all." with a soft smile once more. He then shrugs and says, "Perhaps having such a lovely escort guide me through the library of Orelle would prove an enjoyable evening. I thank you for the offer." He then looks to barton and says simply, "That would be telling." winking good-naturedly. Though he still hasn't confirmed or denied really.

"I couldn't decide, in the end," Jor replies quietly, upon Talayla's inquiry regarding his shopping. "So I left it for today to see if perhaps I could now. Simply put, I'm too used to wearing this. I haven't forgotten your recommendation; I was there earlier just today." Sitting there, one might well call him uncomfortable. His posture is almost rigid, his feet firmly fixed on the floor, no slouching, completely opposite to the concept of relaxation.

Talayla smiles to Barton. "Thank you, Lord Sir. Wait. Is that right?" Poor Tal. Her manners are decent but years of seclusion left her a bit short. She listens at the question on the petition. A grin at Barton's grin and wink. Her eyes widen as he flexes his arm. "Okay, yeah, there's a match I'd lose pretty fast," She too, seems amused and impressed! People are rarely as muscular as Barton or as tall! She looks to Densoric. "Well, thank you anyway because I said so," She smiles. "After all, as you look after me, I look after you. I would feel really bad if one of my Vassals needed help and I ignored it," She admits. "And no problem, though it would be quiet because- well, library." So not a huge amount of conversation from Tal, but hey, he'd have library access! She looks okay with that. She glances to Jor and nods. "I see. It can be tough," She considers. "I'm terrible with fashion, so I don't know that I'd be much help." She looks concerned at the tension. "Would you like anything to eat or drink at least?"

Barton chuckles and nods to Densoric. Letting the two discuss the library, with a smile on his face. Tilting his head as he studies Jor. "You seem quite. Trained. Have any kind of goverment position or similar? Or perhaps knightly?" He asks curiously. As for Talayla's thanks, he grins. "Just call me Bart." He tells her and smiles. Chuckling to her words. "Perhaps. But as we said, it could help if I am to help you learn how to dance." Grinning still and turning to see what Jor answers to Tal's last.

Jor Aeldan isn't exactly a slouch when it comes to physical stature either, but he's not as large as Barton either. He's got a few pounds of muscle packed on there himself, a fact easily seen on account that his clothes fit him a bit too well now. "I'll be fine for now, thank you, Lady," he replies to Talayla when she mentions sustenance. "I shouldn't stay for much longer as it is." Then, to Barton, "Some. I'm very out of practice, though, on nearly everything. I haven't touched a sword in fifteen years. Personal matter."

Densoric nods to Talayla and says, "Lord Sir is correct if you wish to be that formal. As to quiet, I need not speak to appreciate beauty." offering a soft smile. He then looks to Barton as he suggests such an informal address but says nothing and retains a relatively neutral expression.

Jor Aeldan isn't exactly a slouch when it comes to physical stature either, but he's not as large as Barton either. He's got a few pounds of muscle packed on there himself, a fact easily seen on account that his clothes fit him a bit too well now. "I'll be fine for now, thank you, Lady," he replies to Talayla when she mentions sustenance. "I shouldn't stay for much longer as it is." Then, to Barton, "Some. I'm very out of practice, though, on nearly everything. I haven't touched a sword in fifteen years. Personal matter." He'll keep his eyes on Barton for as long as that response takes to come out, but in the end, leaves it at that. And just as suddenly, Jor is ascending to his feet. "Which reminds me, I have some of those to be about. If you all will excuse me. My compliments, and gratitude for the talk."

Talayla listens to talk of being knightly between Barton and Jor. She smiles at Barton's grin though. "Okay. Then you can shorten my name if you like. Some prefer Tal or Tally. Others, Layla. It doesn't matter much to me. And I always answer to "Hey, you!"" She nods sagely. Then a deep blush. "That would be awesome." Yes. She nods at Densoric. "Th-thanks. Though, we have lots of cool books," She smiles politely. She inclines her head at Jor and nods. "If you're sure. I apologize if I'm being creepy. I didn't talk to people much before." Her expression clouds a little and she says nothing for a moment. She glances up. "Sure thing. Be well." She waves.

Barton ahs and nods to Jor, "I see. I am sure that you got some skills. I mean, some things you never fully forget." Nodding to Densoric as well. Not being the most refined noble, and knowingly so, Barton doesn't really seem to mind or care if anyony finds his behaviour a bit to familiar and not that formal. NOdding to Talayla as well, "Sounds good." He says and smiles. Seemingly pondering what to call her. Turning to Jor as he makes to leave, "Be well."

Densoric looks to Jor and says, "A loss for the military I'm sure." there is no trace of being condescending nor insult in his tone, perhaps genuine in the statement. He then looks to Talayla saying, "I have no doubt of the quality of the texts House Orelle has. Though forgive me, but a name like Talayla is too good to be shortened if you ask me." He then nods as Jor excuses himself.

Talayla looks concerned, waving after Jor. She looks to Barton. She doesn't seem ruffled by the familiarity, though she was a hermit or close to it for years. She smiles to Densoric. "You're welcome to them. And your words are kind, but it's an easy name to trip on. My brother calls me Tally, for example. It's when I hear my full name that I know I'm in trouble," She remarks wryly. "I am glad you two came by. How do you like the Ring so far?"

Barton grins to Densoric. "Perhaps so." He agrees, about the name, although he shrugs. Following Talayla's gaze as it follows Jor. Then going back to Talayla herself. "Oh, it's been quite fine. Though I've only had today to look around after arriving with the Shadow of Intent." He says and shrugs. "Although we do still owe you one." Nodding towards the cask. Gesturing for Densoric to pour or pass it along so he can pour some for them all.

Densoric smiles softly to Talay and says, "At least with me you know you have no need to be concerned, if anything i would be in trouble from you then the other way around." winking playfully. Densoric then taps the cask and says, "Excuse me while i gather some cups for each of us." As he stands and starts to make his way over to get the items. True others may have cups, but they are filled with something else, a freshly tapped cask needs a clean container so the flavor is full.

Talayla seems uncertain about the name thing. It seems a mouthful on a good day. Her gaze returns to Barton, too, and she smiles. "I'm glad. But let me know if you ever want a tour around. Though, honestly, Lady Ariana gives WAY better tours," She offers. She blinks, then smiles. "Oh, you don't owe me anything. If anything, you're doing ME a favor by letting me know what I need to tune up," She shrugs. "And oh, thank you. I ended up trying a noble hop so it'd be less bitter. Do people like more or less bitter beers you think?" She taps her chin.

Barton nods to Densoric, "Ah, thank you, my lord." He says as he offers to find cups. Turning gaze back to Talayla and nods, "Ah, that does sound quite interesting. I would be quite fine with a tour around the area. And perhaps she does, but you are the one that offered. It would be rude not to go with you." He says and smiles. "Unless you prefer not going?" He asks in a teasing tone. "Well, I like the stronger flavours of the different kinds. But not the bitter so much. Not sure about others."

Densoric shrugs to Ralay and says, "Unfortunately I'm not knowledgeable enough to judge on that." as he returns to the table with three cups. Placing them down and handing one to Barton, and filling the second personally. He then passes the filled cup to Talayla and then starts to fill the third one for himself. He then says, "Thank you for the offer, but I prefer finding my own way, may not be good enough for a tour but it helps for how I navigate. Even my Lady Cousin wasn't needed and I know my way fair enough now."

Talayla is quiet a moment. She smiles at Barton. "I would be glad to, but I would not force the issue. That seems cruel," She admits. She looks thoughtful. At his teasing, her eyes widen a little. "Oh! No, it would be fun." She seems to like the company. She hmms and nods. "I see. So the strength of the flavor- well, I guess why watery beer is compared to - unpleasant fluids," Talayla looks thoughtful. "And it has to be good enough warm or cold." Yes. "I think it's a fun challenge." She looks to Densoric. "I see. And that's alright. I understand. At least you know the Ring goes in a circle…" Grin. "Thank you."

Barton grins and nods to the lady. "Sounds quite well. And perhaps I'll find a way to offer something equal to a tour in return." He suggests and smiles. Reaching for the cup as it is offered, "Thank you, lord Densoric." He offers and smiles. Blinking to the last words, "IT is a circle!?" He calls out, in a playful and sarcastic tone. Then a dumb grin show on his face.

Densoric nods and says, "It also goes up and down in the middle." in a good-natured voice adding, "Though obviously I've not been within House Orelle's holdings specifically as I've not had the honor of having a reason to be allowed within. Why you will always have my thanks for even offering access to the library, the wealth of knowledge to be found there is no doubt glorious." as he sits and takes a sip of the beer from the cup, tasting it a bit to determine the flavor for himself as he's left a filled cup sitting in front of Talayla. After a bit he says, "To be honest, its not bad for just starting out, I've had better but then I've had worse as well." as he places his own cup back down once more looking between the two as they speak. Though won't take long to realize that he didn't fill Barton's cup, whether intentionally or not, whether it was assumed the Lord would fill his own cup or not.

Talayla grins back to Barton. "Maybe I will have to visit your world sometime," She nods. She smiles and stifles a giggle at the dumb grin and playful joke. "It /totally/ is," She nods in a mockingly sage manner. "Except maybe for the rodlike middle, but just flipping around in space would be awkward," She states. Of course it would be! "Everyone would be sick and dizzy all the time. And the headaches." Oh, the headaches from flipping around. "Thank you, Lord Densoric," She agrees. Then a pause. "Well, there are guests allowed. I don't think most of us bite. And surely, it is no problem. You're a scholar," She lifts a cup in turn. Hmmm. "Oh! I can pour - if you'd like - How much would you like?" She offers to Barton. Then a smile. "Thanks. And I see. What did you like about it?"

Barton seems enthralled by the conversation as he hadn't noticed the emtpy cup, until the lady points it out. Smirking, "Apologies, seem my mind was elsewhere. Thank you, my lady." He says and smiles. "I can pour, it is quite fine." He will allow her to send him the cask though. Reaching out to take it. Chuckling a bit about the dizzy people. "Well, it would be like a big and rotating practical joke!" He suggests and seems amused. Nodding to Densoric as well. "IT does sound like you will be able to find a lot of interesting things in the library. I do hope that you do find what you are looking for." Once he has the cask and so forth he will pour the brew into his own cup.

Densoric nods to Talayla and says, "Some might argue whether I'ma true scholar or not, but thank you all the same." At the mention of biting he grins almost devilishly and says, "I don't know, though a nibble from the right person might be pleasant enough." winking.

Talayla smiles to Barton. "No worries. Happens to all of us," She shrugs. "I used to hit the corners of doorways when my mind latches onto a problem," She remarks. "You're quite welcome," She will move the cask over towards him. An amused look. "And that it would be," She grins. She too seems amused. "Aye, I hope that we can at least find something. If nothing else, and you wish to search alone, my card is yours to use or I can write you a note," She taps her chin. She smiles as Barton pours and her eyes widen a bit at Densoric. "Ohh… that's probably true," She considers. "And you have a Master's degree and still study for fun. Definitely scholar." Yes.

Barton raises a brow before grinning at the lord. Nodding a bit before looking towards Talayla. Bowing his head and shifting as Talayla gets the cask to him. Pouring into his cup and taking a taste. "Indeed. Tasting quite good, if not the best. Could use a bit more flavour. The the strength of it is fine. But it would be nice with a bit of a added flavour." He says and smiles. "I'd come back for more at least." He assures her and grins brightly. Turning back towards Densoric. "Indeed. Scholar." He agrees with a sage nod.

Densoric nods to Talayla as she moves the rundlet for Barton and says, "I believe I'll accept you as a guide first, if I have further need of the library after that we can discuss other arrangements."

Hmm. Talayla looks thoughtful, as he comments. "Added flavour… I'll have to do some research, and see what would go well." She smiles to Barton, blushing a little. "Thank you. I'm honored. It makes me happy when people enjoy stuff I grow or make," She admits. She smiles again at his grin. She genuinely looks pleased. She beams even, for a second. There's a pause at Densoric's words. "Sure. It uses the standard categorizing system, though. But no one ever makes just ONE trip to the library. And um, Barton would be welcome, too." Why not? They all seem to like books.

Barton listens to the talk between lord and lady, grinning a bit. "Well, depending on what you are researching don't be afraid to come ask me." He offers to Densoric before turning his gaze to Talayla. Smiling at her, which turns into a little bit of a mischievous grin at the blush. "Well, as I said before. I am always happy to try new things." As for the offer to join to the library, he bows his head. "Thank you my lady. IT wouldn't be nice if I declined such a kind offer. I just wonder if I will be able to. Otherwise I will catch you for it some other time." He assures them both. He does seem quite glad about the library though, indeed liking books.

Densoric nods and says, "Unfortunately it will have to wait, I have things to see to, looking to Barton and says, "My petition is mostly dealing with electronics research. Though I'm not sure if another would be allowed as I petitioned myself alone." As he gets up, offers a polite nod to each, then departs.

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