01.04.3013: Paying Up
Summary: Linocln and Klaudea pay up for losing their bets with each other at the pool hall
Date: Over the course of a few days, hence the extreme length
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Klaudea Lincoln 

Lincoln's Flat
Found in various poses in the log
4 January, 3013

Lincoln invited Klaudea over for dinner. He actually just got the newest action movie Ice Knights 3, and wanted to watch it before Beden tore it apart. He told her dinner would be ready at 7, to show up earlier if she wanted to help. He's not really expecting help, so there were instructions to bring dessert and a decent wine. He's got back up beers in the fridge and a bottle of tequila in the pantry. He's dressed in his comfy casual clothes that somehow look trendy, instead of just slobbish.

While she does bring dessert, on a plate with a dome shaped cover on it, and wine, Klaudea does end up knocking on his door early. She has to tuck the bottle of wine tightly under the arm that holds the dessert while she knocks, but then she waits, her hair pulled back in a loose ponytail, and a long tunic/dress combination that shows a little of her legs.

Lincoln looks up from his spice rack, frowning slightly and glancing at the clock. He was not expecting her this early. he'll jog to the door and open it, "Hey…You're early!" He'll move to help her, taking the domed desert, "Who'd you bribe?" He remembers the cookies! He's grinning though, his good mood evident.

Klaudea grins as she lets him take the dessert. "No one," she says cheerfully. "Cookies and I don't get along. They like to burn. But chocolate souffle and I get along just fine." She takes a sniff at the air. "I've spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen with cook, I used to wander in after lessons and help her with preparation. When I kept getting underfoot, she decided to actually show me how to cook. Baking isn't my strong suit, except for souffle… which is backwards, I know." She holds the wine as she follows him towards the kitchen. "I hope you wanted a red. That's what I brought."

Lincoln chuckles and seems pleased with the dessert, "Crackerjack!" He'll lead her to the kitchen. It's nice, small, but nice. Seems like he has some chicken breasts pulled out, and a few small bottles of different specs and oils and cooking crap that the player of Lincoln doesn't really get. It's all fancy and stuff. "Red will be fine." He'll nod for her to set the wine down, "Want something to drink before dinner? I've got some beer in the fridge, or juice, if you'd prefer." The dessert is set down, and he'll move back to prepping the chicken.

Klaudea shakes her head, "do you have a wine key hiding somewhere? We can have some of the wine while we finish cooking," she offers, looking over his shoulder at his layout. "Hmm. Chicken Marsala? You do know how to spoil a girl," she grins.

Lincoln nods his head to a drawer, where there's a few different kitchen tools. "Sure, glasses are above the sink." He doesn't have a lot, not even a full set, but there nice. A chuckle escapes him, "Hey, I like good food. I didn't get a lot of it growing up. And don't get to cook as much as I like to now. I've been doing dinner at Rook's place once a week. I think it's the only real food she eats all week." He'll shake his head, the smile droping some. "I make way more than we could possible eat, so she has left overs."

At the mention of Rook, Klaudea's hand pauses in the search for a wine key, but then she finds it. With the ease of one with a lot of practice she spins the blade around the top to cut the foil, then pops the cork. She leaves it to breathe for a little on the counter as she folds up the key and gets the glasses. "Well, that's good, then. That she has some good food. Where did you learn to cook, then?"

Lincoln's back is turned, so he doesn't catch Klaudea's hesitation. He nods, doing stuffs to the chicken, "Yeah. I'm slowly building up her cabinets with none perishable stuff first. I don't want to over load her with too much real food at once. I think she was surviving on frozen pizzas and that's it." He pauses now himself and takes a deep breath, "My mom's friend Taralin. She was an amazing cook. She would let me come over some times, when mom was busy. She taught me all the basics, always said that cooking was important. One of the foundations for the trade."

"Cooking?" Klaudea asks at the last sentence. Holding the glasses up to the light out of habit, she makes sure they're clean before she pours the wine, bringing a glass over to Lincoln. "I just liked being helpful, and the cook was the only person my parents would let me help. They would throw a fit if I picked up anything other than my room.""

Lincoln nods, "Yeah… You'd be surprised how many clients want a cooked meal."He'll shrug, "I guess that's just a basic human need, and it's nice to have it prepared for you specifically." The glasses may be a touch dusty, but not dirty. He'll reach for the glass, Giving her a smile, "Thanks." He'll make an approving noise as he takes a sip, "Sounds like your parents and mine sound have melded. Mom would have fathered I just done everything. She wasn't…. I learn everything elsewhere." He'll shrug, taking another sip. "But she had awesome coworkers. They taught me so much. I wouldn't have survived without them. It was kinda like having 10 aunts." At leafs he guesses…he's never had a real aunt.

Klaudea looks at Lincoln over the rim of her glass as she sips. "That sounds like an interesting way to grow up," she comments. "I kind of had the same thing… not 10, but with a couple of housekeepers, a cook and her assistant, I always had someone to pester, even when my parents were busy with their things." Since Lincoln seems to have things well in hand, she turns around the lean backwards against the counter. She gives a rotation with her neck, and then sips her wine again.

Lincoln shrugs, "I guess? it's the only way I grew up, so I've got nothin' to compare it to." He'll grin, taking another sip of his wine, before turing back to the chicken. "I think that everyone should ahem a cook to bug." He'll not look back, but asks, "Your neck bugging ya?"

"Cooking is a good thing to learn, for sure," Klaudea agrees, taking another sip of her wine. When he asks about her neck, she snorts a little chuckle. "Always," she tells him with a grin. "Some day, after I become a knight, I'll have to find an elite guard to join so that I can have a massage every day after working out."

Lincoln snorts, "That's all it takes? Maybe I'm in the wrong profession…" The very idea of him in armor makes him chuckle. "So…That was a when, not if. Things a little better?" He starts doing the rest of the prep work, mushrooms and stuff. He'll pop one into his mouth and off one over to her.

Klaudea rubs the back of her neck as she takes another sip of wine. When Lincoln offers the mushroom, she leans forward, opening her mouth to take it. Slumping backwards against the counter again as she chews, her shoulders lift slightly. "I haven't been dismissed, which I would think, if he was going to do that, he would have by now. I've received some encouragement from the few nobles I know, a couple of which have offered to talk to Sir Thalo if I want." She gives a little grimace. "I think Lady Reena will whether or not I ask her, if just to have a reason to talk to Sir Thalo."

Lincoln nods, not letting the surprise on his face show at her not using her fingers."Well, that's good then. Maybe you just need to keep doing what your doing then? Trainign on your own and he'll come around? No more run in's with no name?" He'll finish copping up the mushrooms and will start arranging them in the pan ontop the chicken and pours the sauce. "If you need a spotter again, let me know. I should start going back to the gym more, before I lose my membership." He'll chuckle and shake his head. He'll wipe his hands on a dish towel, "Wanna sit for a bit while this cooks?" He'll nod towards the couch area. It's not a huge apartment, just a touch bigger than a studio.

"No, no more Mr. No Name," Klaudea gives a relieved sigh at that one, nodding and following his nod to the couch. She refills her wine glass before she goes, holding up the bottle towards him to offer a refill, then she walks over to sink into the couch. "The think that puzzles me was that he told me I could find out easy enough if I did a search, or asked the right questions. It was as if he figured I should want to know who he is for some reason?" She shakes her head, and leans it back on the couch, closing her eyes. "Why would I try and look up information on someone I was hoping I would never run into again?"

Lincoln nods to the refill, cause, refill. He'll sit on the couch, It's comfy, older than it first appears, not in perfect condition, but that's what makes it comfy. Linc doesn't so much sit, as lounge, letting out a soft, content sigh, "Well, maybe you should find out, just in case he's the King in disguise or something?" Linc doesn't think it's that extreme, but one can never be sorry. He'll tilt his head, watching her a moment, "I bet Rook could find out, if you really wanted to know. She's crackerjack at that stuff."

"Even without a name or a photograph?" Klaudea asks curiously. "I honestly don't know where to start. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have any rank, although he acts like he has rank. He talks like he expects to be obeyed. I'm not sure why." She shakes her head, rolling it back and forth on the couch. "I'm curious, but not enough to go to the effort myself. How much does she charge?"

Lincoln nods, not actually knowing, but having faith in his sister "I bet she could. She'd need to know where and when you saw him. She's sick smart with computers." He'll blink, his smile dropping as he looks at the half a glass of wine, "I don't know what she charges. She's started search for our Dad…She's good. If you want to know who the guy is, I bet she'd be able to find him." He'll take another long sip, hating the fact he even brought up Martin.

Klaudea's finger tap on her glass as she considers. "I hate to give him the satisfaction of looking him up, and spending any time or resources on him," she muses. "But he does seem determined to keep intruding on my life, and as such, I should know as much as I can about him." There's another bit of silence, and then Klaudea opens her eyes and sits up to take a sip of wine. "I can't pay Rook a lot, but I have some money leftover from last month's allowance. If she can find out, it would give me an advantage next time I see him."

Lincoln nods, "I'll ask her tomorrow." he doesn't want to make any promises. "She may even be ok with some kind of trade. or payments." Maybe he can talk her into getting actual furniture, not that spring death trap of a couch she has. It takes more advantage of him than any client ever has! He'll smile at Klaudea, the idea of helping his sister softens him some. "Or you can just have me come along. I fight dirty." He doesn't look it, lounging on the comfy couch with a glass of wine.

Klaudea chuckles. "I /know/ you fight dirty," she quips with a broad, dimpled smile, taking another sip of her wine. "But that's okay. I get the idea this isn't a physical battle. He's not willing to risk that as long as I am Sir Thalo's squire. There's something about Sir Thalo that has him especially interested in me." She shakes her head. "I don't know what it is. He keeps talking about if he was my knight, like he knows what being a knight is about, but he hasn't given me a name or verbally told me he /is/ a knight."

Lincoln Laughs back, "Only takes getting hit with a lamp once." He fought dirty way before that, but still. "Well….do you know all the knights in Ibrahm? Maybe he's in the same legion, or whatever the fuck they have. Maybe he's a brother at arms and is just being protective of Thalo?" Linc will shrug, that's about all he can offer on that and will snuggle into the couch more and watch the squire.

Klaudea shakes her head. "He's not Ibrahm. He'd be in our barracks if he was, and I would have seen him there. I'm not sure what he is." Her wine seems to be disappearing rather rapidly as she takes another sip. Then she expels a breath. "And I really don't want to think too much on such an aggravating person when I'm hanging out with friend and trying to relax and enjoy myself," she adds with a grin to Lincoln.

Lincoln rolls his eyes, "Fine, fine. What are you up for then? Want that back rub? Or music or…we could start the holovid, if you wanted?" He'll hop up to kneel on the couch and reaches over their heads for a control panel. He doesn't look at the panel, though his fingers are on buttons, instead he looks down at her, his dark eyes shining slightly,"What's your poison?"

Klaudea gives her own roll of her eyes back at him, though she shifts a little when he gets up on his knees, turning one knee up on the couch towards him. "Music works, maybe some more wine. Should probably wait until after we eat for the back rub, though. Don't want dinner to burn… and probably won't want to take a break to eat once I get all comfortable.

Lincoln nods, punching the play button. It's an older Hell If I Know album. Not too loud, talk over able. "if you'd rather something different, let me know." He'll slide back down, letting his one leg stay up. It's a bendy position, but he seems comfortable. He'll chuckle, "You better not fall asleep on me before we even start the holovid, missy." With a twist, he'll bend foreward and grabs the bottle of wine. His pelvis and legs stay put, but his torso bends over. He could be a contortionist. "You wanted more?"

"Well, then, you'll just have to keep me up," Klaudea replies, giving him a grin as she holds her wine glass out. "How soon is dinner? I am starving, and you don't want my growling stomach drowning out the vid."

Lincoln raises an eyebrow and smirks,challenge accepted, "I don't think that will be a problem." He'll pour her another glass, and then blink at the amount they've already drank, "Huh…we have have to resort to beer for dinner." He'll think, not even looking at the cloak, "We've got a little bit more. if you're that hungry, we could do dessert first?" He'll laugh settling back down and laying a leg over her lap, "Your tummy better not disturb my movie watching. That's a serious offense." He leans back, carful to not spill the wine, so he's back to lounging again.

Klaudea pinkens just a little at the challenge being accepted, and takes a rather hasty sip of wine to compose herself. She had made the bet, and she knows that reply is probably tame compared to what she's in for, and she's not' going to welsh. So she focuses on his next question and even though she gets the possible innuendo there, she shrugs. "Chocolate souffle does go better with wine than beer," she replies, but raises her eyebrow when he threatens the movie watching. "Then you better feed me."

Lincoln shakes his head, laughing, "What's the point of being an adult, if we can't eat dessert first?" He really wasn't trying to be dirty. In fact, he's been awful good, in his mind. He'll roll his eyes, and will swing his leg off of her lap, "Fine. dessert? Or you want your salad early?" Look at that, he's being all fancy with a salad too!

"You're giving me a choice? Chocolate," Klaudea says emphatically, shifting a little as his leg leaves hers. "Salad you eat because you have to and it's necessary. Chocolate is the food of choice." The last is delivered as if Lincoln should already know, watching him get the food.

Lincoln stands, his tunic pulled up slightly in the back from the lounging. He'll shake his head, "I try to balance. Health for the body vs. healthy fro the soul." He'll grab the dessert and two spoons and walk back to the couch. He'll offer her a spoon before sitting down again.

Klaudea reaches out a hand to quick snag his tunic back into place when Lincoln passes by, but then settles more comfortable on the couch so she can take the spoon when he gets back. "I have to eat healthy, and lots of healthy. So I take advantage of treats when I can," she replies. "Although, I can't eat as much sweets as I could when I was a kid. I start to feel a little sick." She waits with barely concealed impatience for him to get situated so that she can dig into the chocolate, taking a sip of wine a she does.

Lincoln turns to give her an eye when she straightens his tunic, but will then grin. "Dear Six, Here. Take it!" He'll shove the dessert at her in mock terror. "Remind me to never get between you and chocolate!" He'll do the same, but a bit more refined. "I like it all, dessert, good food. All of it." Spoken like someone who didn't grow up with that type of stuff.

Klaudea gives him a look of mock annoyance as he tries to shove the dessert at her, but she doesn't take it. She lifts her spoon so that she can take a bite while making him still hold it. "Oh, I like it all, too," she adds, but then she takes a break from talking altogether as she spoons a bite of chocolate deliciousness in her mouth and closes her eyes. "Mmm." A moment of silence while she savors it, and then she nods. "Not bad, if I do say so myself."

An eyebrow raise at begin used as a table, Linc will hold the dessert, but then uses his won spoon to eat some from her dessert. if he's got to hold it…."I'm a sucker for any of this type stuff….I'm better at cooking than baking." He'll try to block her spoon and steal her next bite.

Klaudea chuckles, and she gives a flick of her wrist to spin her spoon around his spoon and curl under to take the bite back. "Nice try, buddy," she tells him. But then she relents and holds her spoon out, letting him have the bite anyways. "Well, if I knew you were such a sucker for chocolate souffle, I'd've baked you one sooner to bribe you for another massge."

Lincoln grins, taking the dessert off her spoon , letting his lips linger a moment on the metal. He'll watch her, tying to decide what she's up to, if anything. Another sip of wine, "I'm a cheap bribe. Feed me, dessert me, give me back rubs, I'm yours." Not really, he's actually on the expensive side, but on his personal time? Souffle will do it.

From the forthright she looks at him, Klaudea doesn't seem to be up to anything, other than being affectionate. She doesn't seem to realize that her actions might be more intimate than just friendly, as there's something that's just genuinely affectionate about her bearing. And also a little looser than usual, but she has had a bit of wine. She chuckles at his words. "Ah, but that's not so cheap when you add it all up," she grins, looking down to take a bite for herself. "Dinner, dessert, wine… I could go broke paying for my massages that way."

Lincoln snorts, "You think a good massage is cheap?" He'll finish off his wine. It's not quite affecting him as much as her, but sometimes drinking is part of his job. He'll set his glass down, moving back to hold the bowl for Klaudea to keep eaten the chocolate. "I give discounts, not worries."

"Nope!" Klaudea replies cheerfully, grinning broadly. "I'm just saying that either way it's expensive to get a massage. Unless you're a really good friend and cut me a really good deal." She takes another couple bites of souffle, then sets down her spoon. "However, if I eat all the souffle, then you're not getting any, so that means… something about how I'm not paying for my massage, but I'm not sure what." She gives a gesture for him to eat as she picks up her wine glass. Tipping her head as she listens to the music, she shifts up on to her knees to lean over the back of the couch as Lincoln did earlier, turning the volume up a little for a song that she likes.

"I'm totally worth it. Every bottle of wine gets you another 10 minutes." Linc smirks, taking the bowl and leaning back, so it's resting on his chest while he eats and watches her turn up the music.

"I'm going to need more wine," Klaudea says with a silly grin. Whether that's more for her, or more for the massage is up to debate. She raises her eyebrows as he leans back with the bowl. "Protecting your chocolate? And you were talking about me with my chocolate."

"I just wanted to make sure I got some…" He'll use the spoon to point to the bowl then his chest, "The neutral zone. None shall pass, remember?" Linc'll grin again and take another spoon full into his mouth. "'Sides, Dinner's up in a few."

Klaudea raises her eyebrow at his protection of having some. "Oh, I'll make sure you get some…" she threatens playfully. Then she pushes to her feet. "Fine, then. I'll leave you to your 'neutral zone' and go check on dinner." With that, she gets up, sticking her tongue out at him with a grin, then she heads into the kitchen.

Lincoln shrugs, not gonna argue if she wants to do the checking. "The over door sticks some, be aware. No buring yourself. I'm not taking you to the hospital again. Not for like, years." He'll take another bite, but doesn't finish off the whole dessert. Maybe he'll save it for after dinner. Instead he'll set it on the coffee table next to his empty glass. "Need me to get the plates?"

"Yeah… considering my current lock down, no worries on that front, bud," Klaudea says over her shoulder as she can be heard yanking at the oven door… and take a couple steps back because she put a little too much into it. There's the sound of a couple of drawers being opened and closed, then some silence. "Looks good, where are your plates?"

Lincoln rolls his eyes and laughs, "Well, yeah. I don't want Thalo mad at me cause you're hurt…" He'll stand and stretch before making his way to the kitchen area, "Over the sink." He'll move to grab the bagged salad outta the fridge. After a thought, he'll grab two beers as well. "You wanna be civilized and eat at the table, or couch it?" He seems ok with either.

"We can't see the Vid as well from the table as we can from the couch, right?" Klaudea asks. "I promise not to spill on your couch, as long as you don't try tickling me or startling me."

Lincoln shakes his head, "Nope…not really. I don't usually have company, so I eat on the couch. No worries." He'll move to set the salads and beers on the coffee table then move back to the stove to help with the plates. "No guarantees on the tickling, but I'll try. I really like my couch."

"Well, then. You'll just have to control yourself, then, won't you?" Klaudea asks him as she plates the chicken and turns to hand him one for himself. She looks up at him and gives a grin, "we wouldn't want the couch that you really like to pay for your lack of self control, now, would we?"

Lincoln cocks his head, giving Klaudea a slightly disbelieving look, "Do I need to point out my profession, again? I'm pretty sure I have the best self control of anyone you've ever met." He'll smirk and lean closer as he takes the plate from her, "It's not my self control I'm worried about." And with that he'll turn and walk over to the couch. setting down the plate so he can turn off the music.

Klaudea stops and watches him walk to the couch. "Wait a minute," she follows after him. "Are you saying that I don't have self control?" she asks disbelieving. "That's… the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard," she sets her plate down and falls into her seat with a mock huff.

Lincoln glances over at her and laughs, "That's not exactly what I said, but I definitely have more than you do." He'll turn and sit down, reaching for the controller for the movie. He doesn't hit play just yet, looking over at the squire, "Eat up. I'll give you your massage after food. Although if you fall asleep, I promise to get you a horrible tattoo. on your forehead." That overly bright smile is there, and his eyes are bright with some humor.


As the last of her chicken Marsala disappears, Klaudea picks up her beer to wash it down. She takes a deep breath, and lets it out, but is quiet as she watches the credits of the movie. Then she reaches down to pull together her plate, untensils, and, "have I really drunk two beers with dinner?" she asks, glancing at the four bottles on the table. She takes the necks of two of the bottles in one hand, and her dishes in the other, walking it back to the kitchen area. "Are you trying to get me drunk to prove you have more self control than I do?" she asks with a grin and a raised eyebrow.

Lincoln pulls a face, "Seriosuly? You asked for the second beer, remember?" He'll laugh and get up as well. He's tipsy, bit nothing beyond that. Alcholhol consumption is part of the business. "Dinner was ok then?" The dishes are put in the sink, to be washed later. "You want more music, or another movie for the back rub?" He goes to the fridge, grabbing a third beer and looking up to see if she wants another.

"I was thirsty!" Klaudea protests, pausing at the dishes left in the sink. When he looks up, she gives a nod. "What about music with the backrub?" she suggests, lifting up to her toes and stretching her arms over her head with a little groan. "I think I ate too much. It was too good."

Lincoln laughs, "Good. I'm glad you liked it. I like cooking. Soemtimes Ren lets me cook big dinners for everyone. Near holidays." Grabbign two beers he'll walk back to the couch, setting both down on the table. He'll kneel, turning to hit a few buttons on the wall again. He's not looking, but is clearly hitting some kind of random button. It's a mix of a different stuff, popular stuff to musicals. he'll glance over his shoulder to her, "This ok?" It's not his intent, but he's posing slightly. Just the nature of the turn, and a bit of the drink. Can make anyone a bit flirty.

Taking a sip, Klaudea tilts her head to consider, and looks at Lincoln for a couple minutes. "Do you have anything instrumental?" she asks. "I don't know, you'll probably hate me, being an actor and all, but I like show tunes when I see them in context. On their own," she gives a shrug. "They're kind of boring.."

Lincoln raises an eyebrow, but laughs as he pulls up an orchestra piece. "You're killing me, woman." He'll grin through and slide down to sit on the couch. "Do you just want your shoulders rubbed? or do you want to lay down so i can get your whole back?" It's an innocent question. He'll rub his hands together, maybe warming them, stretching them slightly.

Klaudea's eyes take on a hopeful gaze as they watch his fingers. "My whole back? I would /love/ that." She sets her beer on the coffee table. "Can I take my tunic off? I don't get a full back run that often… have to take full advantage."

Lincoln blinks, Slightly surprised at the tunic, "Sure." He'll scoot to the edge of the couch, giving her room to lay down. He'll reach over and open his beer as he waits for her to remove the tunic and lay down. He'll try to not smirk at the taking advantage comment. His lips go around the bottle but he does mutter, "I have a feeling I'm going to eb taken advantage of a lot tonight."

Klaudea gets a little red at the suggestion, but she doesn't object. Instead she takes another sip of her beer. While she may blush at innuendos inherent in flirting at times, she has the nonchalance about half nudity or even full nudity (which she isn't, yet) that comes from changing clothes in communal quarters an bathing in public baths. She flops down, face first, finding a throw pillow to half hug. "Depends on how good you are," she finally responds, turning her face into the pillow to hide her little smirk.

Lincoln chuckles, cause, he's good. he'll pause a moment to admire her back, and then let his fingers start doing their magic. He's putting a lot more pressure this time, not afraid to hurt her this time. His hands go everywhere at first, evaluating where she's most tense. He'll kneel on the floor, to better be able to reach her, "YOu know, I should have brought some oils from work…."

There's a 'mmmph' into the pillow where Klaudea's hidden her face, then she turns and looks at him. "Yes, you should have," she agrees. "Although, I'm surprised you don't have a personal collection at home.

There's a 'mmmph' into the pillow where Klaudea's hidden her face, then she turns and looks at him. "Yes, you should have," she agrees. "Although, I'm surprised you don't have a personal collection at home." She grins, and looks to her beer, debating another sip, but she's too settled in her comfortable 'get a backrub' posture to reach for it.

"What? Do you think I bring people here, ever? This is my area, ya know? No work…"His hands kep moving, starting to work on her lower back. "next time I lose a bet with you, I'll bring some home. You have a preferred scent?"

Klaudea gives a shrug. "Nothing flowery or too girly, please." She pauses as she tries to think of what she does like when she's made to wear some perfume by her mother or Georgiana. "I like citrusy spicy kind of things. Things that smell good." She shifts her head a little to look at him so she can raise an eyebrow. "Are you planning on losing more bets?"

Lincoln nods, his eyes staying on his fingers on her back. "Yeah. I like the vanillas, myself." he notes what she likes though, just in case. "He'll laugh, "uh…no.But I figure if I win , maybe I should have some." He'll start pushing harder, working out some knots. "Do they not have anything to help squires relax? Six! You're tight…"

Klaudea gives a little snort. "Other than the beer and arm wrestling down at the Public House? Not really. Oh, and the heated baths. I took a pretty long soak before I came over, I was hoping to get some of the - " she hisses in a breath when he hits a knot, but it needs to be worked out, so she just lays her head into the pillow and breathes deeply. "I'm surprised you like vanilla."

Lincoln snorts back, "Heated baths are nice…Did you want me to not have to work too hard?" H'll smile, but works on the knot, "Why wouldn't I like vanilla? Reminds me of cookies… Like, warm kitchens and holidays should smell like…" He'll shift up some, to lean over her some to get a better angle. Both hands encase her waist a moment.

Klaudea grins lazily. "They are nice," she murmurs. "If you think this is bad…" she gives a little groan as he gets the knot loose. "You're good." She's quiet for a minute. "Cook makes the most awesome sugar cookies at Christmas. I love when she cooks them, the whole house smells wonderful."

Lincoln nods, "Yeah. I always imagine that when I watched holiday movies…. I had a vanilla candle I'd burn in school. It's dumb, but.." He'll trail off, eyes staying on the skin of her back as he rubs. He'll chuckle, "Well, yeah…Do I brag about stuff I'm not good at?" After working out the first not, he splays his fingers, letign them cover most of her back, warming it.

A long sigh escapes Klaudea's lips. "It's not dumb," she tells him. "I could take you home with me… get a back rub every night, and I'd be in heaven." Her voice is getting slower, almost slurry like as she lets his hands relax her muscles, and she relaxes in turn.

Lincoln chuckles, "Now that I'd charge for…" His hands move up some, rolling from her spine outwards to her sides, "Don't fall asleep on me…" He'll scoot some, turning so his leg is pressed against her arm as he leans over her slightly.

"I might," she admits. "You have to keep me awake. It feels so good." She takes in a deep breath and lets a long moan as he works on her spine. "Don't stop." A moment later, a smile curves her lips. "I bet you hear that a lot."

Lincoln says, "No sleeping, or terrible forehead tattoo, remember?" Linc's smileing, ' I do..but there's usually less clothes…' His hands keep moving, although there's slowing, going a touch more sensual."

If Klaudea is noticing any shift in the massage, she doesn't make any mention of it. "You wouldn't do that to me," she tells him with mellow confidence. "You're not that mean." She chuckles at the mention of less clothing. "Well, yes. I imagine that's kind of necessary."

Lincoln says, "I wouldn't?" Linc's hands start pushing harder again, working on some upper knots, "Maybe it'll say 'Linc's Crackerjack!'"Linc lets out a soft sigh. "I am mean. Very mean. And no, I could make you beg me with this many clothes on. Nakedness isn't required.""

There's a little crack in her back as he works at the upper knots and Klaudea's breath comes out in a grunt. "That's okay. You don't have to make me beg," she assures him. "And no Lincoln's anything. I'll stay awake for as long as I can."

Lincoln lest out his own grunt, happy to get that out of Klaudea. "I don't, do I? Isn't begging part of the fun?" There'sa touch of something in his voice, something deeper she's not really heard before. "Oh, I can think of a lot of Lincoln's somethings you could be…"

There's a shiver on her spine as he lowers his voice, and her eyes open again. "Um, is it?" she asks, trying to turn her head a little to look at him out of the side of her eyes. She doesn't push up to look squarely at him, yet.

"it is." He's voice stays the same, bit he'll not do anteing els besides rub her back. His hands splay again, coving most of her back before going higher to her shoulders, "Stay down." Almost like he can feel her tensing to raise. His breathing is even, but she can definitely hear him over her.

Klaudea relaxes again, but her breath isn't as slow and measured as it was before. She closes her eyes again, and one hand comes out from the pillow to hang over the edge of the couch. One hand reaches up, lazily pulling her hair over and moving it further up on the pillow. "Feels so good," she murmurs. "I could stay here all night."

Lincoln smiles, "Good..I'm glad." Hell work on her shoulders, then her upper arms, "Just relax…" Linc lets out a soft sigh , his hands going around her whole arm. "All night huh? We may have to trade places then….Or at least move to the bedroom…"

Klaudea gives a little grin as he moves to her arm, the heightened state that she'd almost gone towards when he lowered his voice receding a little as he moves away from her center. "Well… I could," she replies quietly. "But I'm not as good as you."

Lincoln laughs, "One never gets better without practice. You could be the most popular squire in the barracks….or did you mean moving to the bedroom?" He's teasing her, but that town of voice is back.

Klaudea shivers again, but she manages to grin. "That's okay. I rather like being the least known squire in the barracks," she tells him. The mention of moving to the bedroom in that voice has her swallow, and there's a little pink to her cheeks, but she doesn't reply to that.

Lincoln grins. This was part of his bet. "We don't have to go to the bedroom." his hands start making their way back to her spine. "You want me higher or lower?" Linc leans over her some, His hair brushes against her skin a moment as he readjust his stance.

Her breath holds for a moment when his hair brushes her shoulder, but she turns and buries her face in the pillow. Her neck and upper spine arch like a cat as she takes a few shallow breaths. "Lower," she finally tells him, having calmed by reminding herself that he teased her self control earlier.

Lincoln knows how to read people. It's his job. He'll grin, mostly to himself and nods, "ok..I can do that." His voice is still lower, almost gravely. His hands linger a moment on her spine before slowly tracing down her back. His fingers trace down and start rubbing lower.

The hand under the pillow squeezes in a fist as he trails his fingers down her spine, but there's still a tiny bit of a whine behind her teeth. Still, she made a bet, and so she can hang on. Literally. She turns cheek to pillow again, looking towards the couch, it's safer to look there.

"Want me to stop?" There's humor to his voice, but it's still low. His thumbs dig in, loosening any more knots he finds. He's letting hr decide.

The low voice is teasing her, and her buzz isn't helping her equilibrium. But she shakes her head. "No, you don't have to stop. I can't take it," she replies breathlessly. Spoken like a true naive who's never even been kissed and has no idea how bad he can flirt with her without actually doing anything.

Lincoln grins, "ok…if you can take it…" he'll start going up and down her back. But then there is a small warning belling going off in the back of his head. He'll tilt his head again, fingers tracing up again, "It's not… Only if this feels nice…OK?" Maybe he was reading her wrong.

Klaudea nods slowly against the pillow. "It does feel nice," she replies quietly, although she doesn't realize the way she's melting under his hands. The knots are mostly worked out by now, and if she was just strictly there for him to fix her sore muscles, she could leave now and feel quite well. But his hands feel good on her back, and she's had a bit to drink and is mellowed out.

Lincoln frowns down at the squire. As much as he's enjoying this… "Yeah…a good back rub makes everything better." He's still rubbing, but not as hard, it's more a soothing touch. He'll sink down, resting his butt on the ground. He's keeping a hand on her back, letting his elbow rest on her rump some.

Klaudea gives a little smile. "It seems that way," she agrees. After a couple minutes, realizing he's settled on the floor and not leaning over her anymore, she shifts, lifting her head so that she can turn it and lay it on the pillow the other way, looking at Lincoln.

Lincoln 's not completely immune to the drink. He'll lay his head on his shoulder some, looking over to her. His eye have a lot behind them, but nothing immediately readable. Lettign out a sigh, his hand will reach up and twirl a lock of her hair a moment before flicking it back wight eh rest of her hair. "Should I get you a blanket for the couch here, or do you need me to walk you home." It's not said rushed, he's not kicking her out or anything, just planning in his head.

After he moves the lock of her hair to join the rest of her hair, Klaudea lifts the arm that was hanging over the edge of the couch, and lifts again, shifting. Her hand becomes a fist to rest her chin on as she looks at Lincoln. "I'm okay. I should go home soon, I suppose. I'm just so comfortable and mellow. I feel like I don't want to move at all."

Lincoln chuckles, "yeah…That'll happen." he'll watch her face, reading her eyes before letting out a soft sigh. Seems like he's come to some kind of design in his head and is now shifting gears, "Want some coffee?"

There's something naive about Klaudea's eyes. She's comfortable and relaxed, and not even thinking that she might be in any way alluring being there half naked on his couch When he sighs, she slips the hand out from under her chin, not paying attention to how it can make a little more of her curves apparent, reaching over to Lincoln's shoulder. "Thank you," she says quietly, before considering the offer of coffee. She gives a slight pull together of her lips as she shakes her head. "No thanks. If I have coffee now, I'll never get to sleep tonight."

Of course not.Linc's able to keep his eyes on her, but his not blind. He'll blink, this would be way easier if he just knew what she wanted. but Klaudea's the queen of mixed signals. "hey…I'm not a welcher…You won the bet." his hand is still on her back, tracing a small pattern that he doesn't even realize he's doing. "I'll walk you to the way gate when you're ready." He doesn't seem to be moving from his seat on the floor though.

Klaudea nods and gives him a grin as she lets her hand return to her side, laying flat on the couch under her shoulder this time. "Me, neither. Although, I swear you let me off easy on my part. I figured you were going to be unmerciful." Her grin slowly grows to a smile, but she sighs, settling deeper onto the pillow instead of getting up. "Should get up," she remembers slowly.

Lincoln's dark eyes have a shine to them as he watches her. Soemthign's changed, but he's not giving any indication to what. "Yeah, well…it's no fun if you don't get all upset. i'd rather deal with the backlash." Partially true, there. His hand again fans out, cover more of her back, but it's a soft rub.

Now Klaudea's eyes are definitely confused. "I thought it bothered you when I got upset about your flirting," she tells him, propping her head on her fist again so she can get a better look at him. "You are a confusing man, Lincoln Dunne," she tells him with a grin.

Lincoln lets out a huff, "Maybe upset isn't the right work. You're cute when you're flustered. When you fight back, is all I meant… I know. It's just play, you don't want anything else." He'll tilt his head and gives her a soft smile, which causes his bangs to fall into his eyes some, "I've been called much worse."

Klaudea blushes, and he gets his wish of seeing her flustered at his comments of her being cute when she's flustered, and she looks down again. "Well," she gives a shrug, and looks back up when he says she doesn't want anything else. "I just… " she reaches out a hand to brush at the bangs so she can see him. "Man, I wished you could have been there New Year's at the party my parents made me go to. You're the only person I know that understands how shallow and stupid it all is, and could have laughed with me at all the people wandering around taking themselves too seriously. I can be… me, when I'm around you. I don't have to a be good little rich girl who goes shopping and dresses right, or the good little soldier who toes the line and isn't supposed to think about anything but how to round up and kill the enemy. I can… talk about the stuff that's important to me. Or not talk about stuff." What seemed like a change of subject at first turned into an honest reason for why she hangs around him so much.

There's a quirk of his lips at her blush, at least he got that. "It sounds like it would have been fun." He doesn't pull away at the hair touch, but his dark eyes follow her fingers a moment before going back to her eyes, "I was on a date, " He doesn't explain if it was a job related date or not, "But next time. I'll go. We can throw food at unsuspecting rich snobs. and then laugh when they try to figure out what's going on." His fingers start tracing that pattern again, but he'll nod with what she's saying, "that's what friends do for each other. talk or not." He'll give her a soft smile, that's hard to read beyond it being a smile.

Klaudea's fingers push Lincolns bangs aside again, resting at his temple for a minute, before they slide lightly down his cheek and she pulls her hand back to herself. She either doesn't seem aware that he's still playing with her back, or else it just seems natural and comfortable to her at the moment. Something flickers in her eyes at the mention of a date, but it seems to be gone when she smiles at him. "A date? that's good?" The mention of throwing food brings a chuckle. "My aim's not that good. I'll let you do the throwing, but I get to pick the targets."

Lincoln was definitely studying her, so the flicker doesn't go un noticed, "it was. He took me climbing on a volcano. So…hot date." He'll smirk, trying to make a joke that she'll laugh at. "It was nice. He likes me, ya know? Not what I can do to him…" There's a layer of sadness to his voice, but it's covered up with a smile, "My aims not all the good either. We may have to get a better scheme."

Klaudea gives a little chuckle at the quip of the hot date. "I still don't understand why people /like/ to climb on the volcanoes," she says. "Do it a few times in full armor having to carry a pack of gear, and then it's not so much fun." She tips her head. "Yeah… I know. But I sense a 'but' in there." She tips her head a little forward, studying him for a minute, then grinning. "Well, we have a whole year to come up with a backup plan."

Lincoln shrugs, which is more just him moving his shoulder against her ,a s he's leaning on her as her traces her back. "It was fun. I'm glad I did it." He'll half smirk, "But…he's a noble. Just makes things more difficult. You think your family wouldn't approve of me?" He'll let out a soft chuckle, knowing he can't win in eiterh situation. He'll nod, letting out a sigh, "Sure. One year. We can come up with something. Maybe itchign powered in the confetti."

Klaudea's mouth rounds along with her eyes at the mention of the nobleman. "Well, if you two really like each other that much…" there's that flicker again as she glances away, but she continues to talk it over, "he has enough money to set you up as his companion, and you could just concentrate on your acting." Her eyes come back and she smiles. "I'm glad you had fun, though. As long as none of the confetti lands on us."

Lincoln chuckles, "Not that easy. There's…complications." He doesn't want to say too much but she said they're friends…friends tell each other things, right? "Rook's indebted. Which means, as her only living relative, I am, too. If anything happened to her…Her debt becomes mine. can't really go off and become a companion with that over my head. besides, I work for people who work for people who like me where i am." Again, he's probably saying too much, but he's drank just enough, and she's warm pressed up next to him and they're friends. Anotehr sigh, but he smiles, "That's the brilliance of it. it //has to land on us. No one would suspect us then."

"Well, if it lands on us, then you're going to have to scratch my back for me," Klaudea informs him. "So…" her mind is clearly trying to think over what he said. "If you find one way to clear up Rook's debt, they'll find another way to keep you indebted? So, you can't leave your job no matter how much you might want to?" There's a troubled frown pulling her brows together as she tries rephrasing what he said to understand it.

Lincoln 's fingers are still moving, but he's not really directly them, they're just softly stroking now, "Not indebted per say. It's just ….it's complicated." he's not trying to not tell her, he's just having to be careful, "I can't just leave Ren. he's terrified I'm gonna leave to go do plays, and isn't sure who to deal with that concept, much less if I left to eb a companion. He'd not used to losing. he'd see it that way." he'll sigh, closing his eyes a moment, "I'm not saying they would for sure, but it's a possibility. I paid of my mom's debt, so it can be done…it's just gonna take a lot of time. Rook's in pretty deep."

Klaudea's gaze doesn't waver as she listens to Lincoln, but it's not exactly pushy, either. She chews at her lower lip as he speaks, and sighs. Before he opens his eyes again, she shifts underneath his hand, and her lips press gently to his forehead, a comforting gesture, and then she settles back down onto the pillow again. She doesn't say 'sorry' for his troubles, because she senses that on some level that's not what he wants to hear, he doesn't want her to feel sorry for him. So, she's just his friend, next to him.

Lincoln keeps his eyes closed as he feels her shift an then the pressed lips to his forehead. Not exactly what he was hoping for when he felt her first moving, but maybe for the best. He'll smile opening his eyes to look at her. Instead he says it, "Sorry. i'm kinda being a downer, huh?" His smile turns more smirky and he'll start to sit up straighter, moving his hand off her back, "Let's get you home, before i do something stupid, ok?"

Klaudea shakes her head with a grin, and reaches out to brush his hair back from his face. "No, you're not being a downer. Actually, kind of the opposite. But," she shrugs. "I suppose it's a good idea. I am getting way too comfortable, here." She lifts her head enough to look around for her tunic and such. "You? Do something stupid? Heaven forbid," she turns her gaze back to him with a chuckle. "Silly Lincoln."

Yeah, silly Lincoln. He'll push off the floor, "Yeah…that couch is a soul sucker. I've lost many a night to it." He'll reach over and grab her tunic from the floor and toss it at her. He'll move rather quickly to the kitchen, "You may not want it, but I need a cup. I usually sleep during the day anyway, so me staying up is ok." And steppign out of view a moment to readjust his pants is an ok idea too. With a silent puffing of his cheeks, he'll try to force himself to calm down and make the coffee in a to go mug while Klaudea gets ready.

Klaudea chuckles again. "A soul sucker? And you didn't warn me before I laid down?" she asks, reaching up a hand to grab at the tunic that he throws at her, it's probably a good thing that it swings down quickly because he'd see more that might make that adjustment a little more necessary. Something she doesn't notice as she pulls it over her head. "Yeah, I'm gonna have a hard enough time as it is getting up for my run at this rate," her words are muffled momentarily by the material. When she gets dressed, she walks into the kitchen behind him to watch him fix coffee, and to get herself off the couch. Unaware of his adjustment, she makes sure he's not handling something hot before she closes the distance between them to give him a hug. "Thanks," she says again quietly.

Lincoln Smiles down at her, wrapping his free arm around her, the other holding his drink, "No prob…Let's get you home."

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