08.16.3013: Pardon the Intrusion
Summary: Eirene seems to have intruded on more than just the garden.
Date: 16 August 2013
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The Gardens of Nora
While these gardens act as the courtyard between the Heartwood and the Elder Seat, they have managed to obtain a peaceful ambiance despite all the foot traffic. There is a gently angled esplanade that leads up from the Heartwood, interrupted here and there by short segments of stairs. When it reaches the main promenade of the gardens, it flattens out and continues to provide a pathway directly toward the grand doors of the Elder Seat.

Flanking either side of the esplanade are parcels of well-kept garden that are divided by smaller pathways that lead off from the main esplanade. These parcels vary between thick carpets of moss and forest flowers to clusters of wild roses to a very small orchard of fruit trees that bear red apples and pale peaches in the summer. Natives and visitors alike are encouraged to wander throughout the Gardens of Nora — named for the first High Lady of Arborenin, the daughter to Hugh Arboren — but there are also Arborenin guards who equally frequent the area.

August 16, 3013

In the Gardens of Nora today is Ephraim, wandering as if lost, or simply without a care. Sure, hostiles are all over the place, the walls of Detritus are falling. Yet, here he is, grin on his face and nothing to worry about. Presently he is watching for early leaves to fall, those still green but ready to drop. As if he's studying them for some nefarious purpose. The smile belies that he has no such purpose, but he seems fascinated enough with the few leaves falling at this time of year.

Eirene is in fact lost. She was on her way to check on things back home when she thought about going back to Volkan to spend more time with her sister. Deep in thought, she took the wrong way and ended up on the Spine. It's been quite a while since she's visited Arborenin. Rather than jump back onto the Ways, she decides to stay and visit for a while. It's beauty and splendor has not changed from the time she was a young girl. The Volen lady wanders through the Garden of Nora for something of a peaceful retreat. Eirene hardly notices any of the destruction from the recent fighting and is instead in awe of the foliage. "Lady Ariana is going to love it here." She murmurs quietly to herself. Again, she doesn't notice anyone else and accidentally bumps right into Ephraim. "Oh goodness! How clumsy of me, please, forgive me." She goes about dusting the man off first before worrying about her own pale blue and grey ensemble.

"Lords below the sea," startles Ephraim from the bump, turning as if to make further comment, and then caught a moment that they would dust him off. Caught another moment at the woman herself. "No no, it was all me. Wool gathering, leaf races, that sort of business really. I shouldn't have been standing in the way." He grins some, a touch of delight in his eyes as he bows his head, "I was completely at fault and I'll not take no for an answer." There is certianly a playful demeanor to his words, he's not taking them as serious as they might sound.

Eirene gently clutches on to her Volen etched amulet as she offers up a musical laugh. "I was wandering aimlessly and just taken in by all the beauty. I know things have been rough here lately, but, it seems nothing can really destroy the vast inner glory of this place." Before she continues to chatter, the exuberant blonde extends her dainty hand to the man. "I am Lady Eirene Volen of Mare Maris."

Grinning himself, Ephraim stands next to Eirene, the two seeming to have bumped into one another. Literally perhaps. "As aimlessly as my thoughts. It is a beautiful place, a lure of its own. I should spend more time home in Beacon, but a mystery draws me here time and again of late." A chuckle from him, "The pleasure is mine Lady Eirene, Lord Ephraim Hollolas at your serivce. That said, please, Ephraim, its preferred." Looking at some nearby trees, he asks, "So, you've come here to wander Aimlessly, its a far stretch to wander from Mare Maris?"

Eirene's smile is warm and a polite curtsey is given to the nobleman. "A pleasure, Lor..Ephraim. Please call me Eirene." She gives him a little nod and feels embarrassed to even share this - "I was on my way home, then turned back to visit my sister Lady Devon on Volkan, made a wrong turn or just didn't see where I was heading and ended up here. My thoughts often take the best of me. When I realized where I was, I decided to just visit for a little bit. I cannot be away from New Atlantis for too long. With all the floating beaches and underground caverns, snorkeling, and deep water diving, well, I am a little biased to my own home, but this is a very close second."

Lorelei's needing to work on her letter to House Iah. She feels a bit odd writing it, but she needs to do it. So on to her favorite apple tree to get it done. Dressed in a plain riding clothes, the only thing flashy about Loree's outfit is a metal cuff like bracket on her right wrist, with a bird design. she's humming to her self, but slows when she sees the two nobles. Her eyes flit back and forth moment, considering something, then she'll try to duck her head and pass unnoticed.

"As you should be," responds Ephraim, grinning all the same, "Biased that is, towards your home. I would gladly take a Beacon beach and a nice swell, and a hydroboard over another any day. Though floating beaches sound just as nice. I shall have to visit your home I think." He says simply enough, but then his eyes catch movement. "In fa …" he was begining, but is distracted, "If it isn't Ms. Lorelei, the leaf my eyes were hoping to catch actually. And I nearly missed that fall." He waves a hand, hoping he caught her attention, but continues towards Lady Eirene, "Snorking sounds good, is it powered snorkling, auto-fins?"

"There are all sorts of water sports to engage in on Mare Maris!" Eirene tells Ephraim with enthusiasm. The whole moon is pretty much under water and it would behoove its people to know how to get around in the aquatic wonderland. When the man points out a newcomer, Eirene turns slightly and smiles to the young woman. "Hello Miss." The sweet tone of the soprano's voice is welcoming and soothing like a lullaby. "Powered..Oh, yes there are some who really enjoy powered snorkeling. We have all sorts of wetsuits, boats, submarines. If you are a fan of water, you will love Mare Maris. My brother, Young Lord Kadmus is in the Navy."

Caught! Loree smiles and will make her way over. she'll bow to both nobles, "Good afternoon, Lord Ephraim." She'll raise an eyebrow and smile a bit brighter at Eph,"As I've said before, there are many leaves. You would have been fine, I'm sure, my lord." Loree turns her attention to Eirene, "My lady, I'm Lorelei Quellton." She'll look between the two nobles, blinking slightly at the topic of conversation.

Chuckling a little, Ephraim grins to Lorelei, "You wound me to the quick. Please, only Ephraim." He'll smile warmly, even offering a hand to the woman to hold for the moment if she will take it. To Lady Eirene, he returns, "Navy isn't so much for me, yes, a ship, open sailing, on the surface, some freedom. But the military. That's reserved for my siblings, and they do well at it indeed. Perhaps once the current wave of Hostiles slows down, you would be welcome to a visit. Your brother and you, I think I would like to learn more of the versatile water sports Mars Maris has to offer?"

"A pleasure to meet you, Miss Lorelei. I believe I caught wind of one of your poems at Lady Elodie, Lady Una and Lady Tiriel's soiree. You are a very skilled writer." It is hard not to notice the kind of care Ephraim takes on Lorelei. A hint of a smirk brushes across her soft pink lips. "I understand completely!" The songbird boasts to the gentleman. "My siblings are older than me and thus have more responsibilities than I. I submerged myself into my passion, which is singing and so long as I do not upset my lord father and lady mother too much, they usually leave me to my devices. Thus is the benefit of being the baby in the family." She pauses for a beat and glances back to Lorelei. "Do you have any siblings, Miss?"

Lorelei laughs softly at Eph, and will after a moment of hesitation, take his hand. Her cheek turning a touch pink, but she seems happy with it. Her blush only increases , and the smile turns into bit of a nervous one, "Oh…you did? I…thank you. I didn't think anyone would remember after Lord Keanen's presentation."She'll smile,and unintentionally hold onto Eph's hand a bit tighter.

"Well, I shall admit to being envious," says Ephraim then, "I've yet to hear one of her poems spoken. You have one up on my Eirene." His fingers tighten as well on Lorelei's. "But I understand the luxury of having older siblings. My pursuit wasn't so much song, I have not the talent for music. I've instead invested time into ancient stories, learning to dance, and otherwise being idle. I'm trying a turn towards the serious, but I didn't play that so well, but I shall make those amends." Half a grin, "Perhaps, if Lorelei has yet to hear your song, we both might have a chance to hear your voice, if that doesn't place undo pressure on you?:"

It appears Lorelei is too stunned by hand holding to answer a question about siblings. Eirene grins softly between the two seemingly love birds and will take that as no siblings on the girl's part. Her hand hands gently clasp together. "It was a wonderful party, cold, but I got to use my fur cloak, and we sat by the fire. It was definitely nice to visit one of the Lashes aside from Orelle and the fabulous casino they have there." When put on the spot for singing, she refrains and gets a touch nervous. "I will have to let you know when I will be doing another little concert, I, I just get very unnerved when put on the spot, I don't have my things."

Lorelei rolls her eyes slightly Eph, "They're not that impressive. I can let you read some, if you want." Looking at Eirene, "I have an older and younger brother, Six help me." She's grinning though, clearly on good terms with her siblings. "I honestly don't remember much of the night, I was so nervous, I think I drank enough ice wine for 3." She'll frown slightly at Eph and tug on his hand slightly, "Not every artist likes to be put on the spot."

Grinning, perhaps ready to put more onto the spot, Ephraim pauses at the tug at his hand. "Lorelei is right, my apologies Eirene. But if you do have a concert, I think I would enjoy attending. Especially if it came with the chance to visit your home." Grinning a little once more, mirth returning, he sort of stage whispers to Lorelei, "Is that better, I'll be a gentleman yet I swear." Then more between them, "Anything I can't do is impressive to me, writing poetry, singing … I am envious of you both. All I can do is count cards and place poor bets." A chuckle, more for Lorelei perhaps, but all the same a poke at his bad gamling habit just the same.

Eirene smiles to both of them and offers a little bow of her head. "Most kind, but I think and I feel I am intruding upon something here and it's making me a little uncomfortable. I should go find my sister on Volkan before heading home. It was a pleasure meeting both of you and I will indeed invite you both to Mare Maris." With a little wave of her fingers, she bids them both adieu. "Thank you again for your hospitality. Have a wonderful evening."

Lorelei nods to Eph, "Better, my lord." She'll try to surpress a smile at his gambling poke but it drops she eirene starts to excuse herself, "Oh…I didn't men to intrude. Iw as just on my way to my apple tree…" She'll look between the two nobles, unsure if she should leave or not. Her hand starts to loosen on Eph's.

His hand tightens, Ephraim grinning just the same, "No intrusion, she was on her way to visit her sister. It was a polite excuse for her to return to the Ways and her home." Then he pulls Lorelei a little closer, "And an giving me the opportunity to pull you into my arms." Which he will do, "Not to keep you from the apple tree of your intent, but to steal a quick moment. I was coming to hopefully chance upon you and insist that we settle on a date for this leaf race. I fear its becoming something of an event and a time is required so I can make formal arrangements for my squire to look over all the choice champion leaves to secure my victory."

Lorelei looks after the Lady a moment, worried , but turns back to Eph. "Oh…ok." A small chuckle escapes her as he pulls her into his arms, "Battle plans are begin made, huh? Do I need to choose a second? I'm sure either of my brothers would gladly take my place…" She'll smile brightly up at him, tilting her head. "How much time do you need? Would next week be enough, or are you training sea falcons to help you?"

"Next week yes," he chuckles, then Ephraim mocks surprise, "Oh wait, sea falcons, a novel idea. That wouldn't be cheating would it. I shall summon these sea falcons to my aid, with a mystical horn." More of a hug is given to Lorelei. "I am glad for this chance visit, not to keep you from your apples, but simply seeing you brightens my day. I shall not keep you long, I do have real things to do sometimes, but thank you."

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