06.27.3013: Painkillers and Heartache
Summary: Ronan is brought to the triage to have his injuries tended to. Elodie learns about some tragic news.
Date: 28 June 2013
Related: Follows Battle Niveus and Feelings of Helplessness.
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Triage — Shelter, Nubilus
This is your basic triage with several rows of cots for the injured.
27 June 3013

Even though she hasn't been going close to the combat, Elodie has kept on her protector armor while she's been helping stabilize and carry the wounded into triage. Even though she's now fully qualified as a combat surgeon, she's fallen into the same routine of following the orders of the more experienced rescue personnel that she knew before she left. She has her hands around a knight being carried in with a shard of metal protruding from his armor at his side. She's applying pressure as he's carried to the cot, but this time, instead of being sent back out, the medic instructs her to keep working on the man. "You've got the training, now. Time to use it, can't spare another surgeon right now." The older medic gives Elodie a wink and moves on, directing the next patient to a cot.
The wounded have pouring in steadily, and over half the cots are filled, and only a few have been patched to a point where they can be helped out to the recovery tent. There is plenty for everyone to be doing, if not directly tending to an injury, they may be assisting with surgery or holding down a patient… or, in some cases, cleaning out the basins of the bodily fluids or bits of metal being taken out of people.

Along with the mass of injured, young Sir Ronan steps in. His arm is under another man's as he is supporting the wounded soldier, until one of the medics can help the man to one of the cots. Ronan's mirrored armor covered in snowflake etchings has hardly any blood on it. What little is, is speckled and most likely from others injured during the combat. In the massive defender armor, the already small and baby faced Iah looks barely fifteen or sixteen. He reassures the man that everything will be alright. Though its hard to say that Ronan is paler than normal, since the sun is not in great abundance or if it is you're sufficiently covered that it rarely touches the skin anyway, but the young man is noticably pale. One of the medics tries to insist that he needs to be checked out, but Ronan shakes his head, "No.. I'm alright… I was barely touched… There are many who are worse off than me…" He turns to head out of the triage. He takes one step. He takes two steps. The third step falters. He grabs his stomach slightly, then straightens up. He takes a fourth step. The fifth step never comes as he collapses to the floor.

"Ronan, don't be so stubborn," Elodie says without looking up, her attention on her patient, but she recognizes the voice. Not that she actually expects her little brother to heed her words, if he can hear them. "Okay, I have the shard, lift the breastplate carefully," she instructs those helping her. "Try not to jar it, and don't worry, the anaestetic will keep him from feeling anything." Her face is set with concentration, and she ducks down so that she can watch the space growing between her hands holding onto the shard, and the armor being raised. So, her eyes are focused downward when a familiar figure ends up on the floor, practically in front of her face. "Ronan!" she gives a partially exhasperated, but mostly alarmed cry. She can't move from her current patient, so she looks up, finding Evard's gaze. "Get him up on a cot… be careful! We don't know what's wrong…"

Kadmus arrives at the treatment area, armed though not accompanied by guardsman. He stops within the entryway, out of the way of an who would be coming and going to look across the various injured present, and those treating them.

Ronan tries to stand up on his own, but in the end, he is forced to accept the unwanted aid. Un until now, adrenaline has been keeping him going, but now that the battle is over and the shock of seeing his mother has lessened, it is fading and his body is remembering the injury it took from that blow to the stomach and one of the sets of floating ribs. His older sister's guard helps up the boy that he has pulled out of trouble numerous times over the years, before helping to ease him on one of the cots.

There is definitely a strong incoming flow of patients that now threaten to flood the triage. Ariana, herself, has already seen to several since the injured began being brought to the triage entrance. Even now, she just takes this moment to step away from the cot of a resting Cindravale patient and quickly she notes the gravity of the condition of the newly arrived. She is speaking through her comm as she carefully makes her way forward to intercept some of the newly arrived and assist them to one of the many patient beds that are spread out within the vicinity. "Lady Elodie!" She calls out when she catches sight of the woman, "Here, let me help you, I.." A pause, when the woman calls out for assistance for her brother, a face that she recognizes well enough, as he is part of an Orelle vassal house main line. Quickly, she moves forward to assist the Iah guard with the comfort of young knight; quickly walking before them so that she can draw back the sheets of the cot which will be used. "Lady Elodie, I will start by documenting your Lord Brother's vitals." She knows full well that the Iah medic has her hand's full at the moment, so she may as well start preparations to ease Ronan's discomfort for when Elodie is able to join them. Kadmus' appearance catches her eye for a moment and she lowers her head in deference to the Heir of Volen, "Young Lord Kadmus, are you in need of medical aid as well?" In these situations, she is used to doing several things at once, so as she does a scan to gauge Ronan's injuries, a studious gaze is cast in the direction of the Volen.

Elodie nods once. "Thank you, Lady Ariana. This has missed most of the vitals, so it should disturb anything as long as we pull it out straight…" she keeps her focus on her patient, pushing her worries about her brother to the back of her mind for the moment. As such, she's not really in a position to give a formal acknowledgement of the heir of Volen. "All right, don't pull to fast," she isntructs the man next to her. "And keep it straight!"

"Oh, no Lady Ariana." Kadmus says to her, shaking his head, "I've just come to visit the injured. I hope I won't be in the way? If I am, just tell me to leave and I shall." He assures her.

Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth ribs are cracked. The right kidney is showing signs of reduced efficiency due to bruising. Minor internal bleeding from ruptured blood vessels. Of course, all of this is under the armor still. Ronan protests, "I'm alright, really… I'm sure it's not that bad. There are others worse."

Ariana flashes some sort of reassuring smile in Elodie's direction; her gaze lingering on the other medic's patient for a moment longer, noting his grievous injuries. Turning to Ronan and noting the reading she gets, the tall Larent maiden can only purse her lips into a quiet frown at this news. "Lord Iah, please relax. Your injuries, could be worse." She says with a touch of lightness in her tone as a way to ease the tension that she can all too feel weighing down heavily in the air. "But you are still in need of immediate medical attention. We'll start you off with a painkiller, that should, at the very least, bring you comfort while you rest." Vitals noted, she transfers that data to both her datapad and the electonic patient tablet which is attached to the cot. Snapping on a new pair of gloves, she reaches for a hypospray from the tray closest to Ronan's bed and gauges the dose. "You are posing no trouble at all, My Lord." Her words not speak out to Kadmus, meeting his gaze for a short moment when she addresses him, "We also may be in need of your assistance, with so many injured coming in and only a set amount of medics working currently. Some of our patients will need help being escorted to their cots for rest." That said, she smiles oh so pleasantly at the young Iah Lord now as she prepares to inject him with a dose of painkillers with the hypo, "Just relax, Lord Ronan. You'll be feeling better shortly."

"And how long have you been studying at Academ to be a medic?" Elodie asks, trying to tease her brother to calm her nerves as she quickly staunches the blood that follows the removal of the metal piece from her patient. "You let Lady Ariana tell you whether or not you're alright, young man." Holding out her hand, she takes the hypo from an assistant, and begins the process of knitting the layers of muscle underneath before applying the skin adhesive to hold it all together. "Keep him down for about ten minutes to give the sutures time to seal, then help him into recovery," she instructs.
"You might want to double that dose, Lady Ariana, if you want to keep him down," Evald says quietly with a knowing look, not having left the young man's cot after helping him to it. Seems he knows the new knight's tendencey to not take his wounds serious enough… and his tolerance for pain and medicine.
Taking off her gloves and disposing of them, she makes her way to Ariana and Ronan's cot. "What has he done, Lady Ariana," she asks politely as she pulls on a new pair of gloves, holding out her hand for the tablet and datapad. She looks it over and nods. "Well, you're right. He could be worse. Evald, can you help him out of his armor? Carefully… we don't want to actually break those cracked ribs, or he /will/ be worse. Then Mother would kill us."

Kadmus nods to Ariana, "Of coures.. infact I can go round up a couple more orderlies for you, Lady Ariana." He says with a little nod of his head, "I'll step in and visit with the wounded once you're not so busy actually tending them." before he excuses himself and slips back out!

Ronan is about to argue with the two doctors, when Elodie mentions their mother. Ronan looks like he is about to pass out, either that or throw up. It could indicate something is going on inside him, but it is the pained, heart broken look in his eyes that says otherwise. "Mother…." he whispers, as a pallor settles across his features. He closes his green eyes and says even softly, "Elodie…" But he just cannot make those words come out of his mouth. No, it has to be a mistake. This has to be some horrible dream. Maybe he shouldn't have taken the blue pill with the two red ones. This is all one bad dream and their Mother is still alive ready to offer him that disapproving look to let him know that she always and will always expect more from him.

Lifting her elegant brow, feeling some form of amusement, Ariana's gaze now lifts to Evald, "I do not doubt your words, but I will be starting a drip for Lord Ronan that will offer him a light dose of morphine until the contents of the hypospray leaves his system, then the dose will be increased. There is much work to be done before the young Lord will feel completely healed." Ariana is setting up the IV as Elodie comes to join them. She is awaiting for the painkiller to take hold of the young knight's system, before she even dares to remove his armor, which should be in no time at all now. "My readings show tha the has 3 fractured or cracked ribs and there may be some internal bleeding as well as a contusion to his kidney." Her words come off in the same professional medical tone which the Iah medic tends to use as well. Once Ronan starts up about their mother, the young Larent quiets down and continues with her work. The IV now set, she moves to help Evald remove the youth's armor, though her eyes carefully wander to Ronan as she observe his distraught condition.

Elodie glances to Ronan as he mentions their mother, then back to the pad, nodding to Ariana's report. It's her name that draws her attention fully, and she freezes. It takes a moment for her to realize that the clatter she hears on the floor is the data pad she just dropped, but even so, she doesn't make a move to pick it up. It's Evald who picks it up and sets it down on a try before he continues to help Ariana divest the young lord of his armor. "Ronan… no…" Elodie shakes her head. "You don't mean.. I haven't even had a chance to see her, yet… I just got back…" Her expression stricken, the bright eyes are begging her brother to tell her that their mother is going to be all right.

Well it's a good sign that there is no blood on any of the underarmor. Ronan's jaw clenches. "I'm sorry, 'Die. I ran as soon as we got the report… I just couldn't get there fast enough… Maybe if I had insisted on going on patrol with her… instead of practing for the bonfire like she wanted… " As one of the cuirass pieces are removed he flinches. Painkiller or not a forth of his torso is in extreme pain. Though his eyes are starting to glass over slightly. "Maybe you should talk to Una… " He pauses, suddenly aware that he is no longer in armor, well the upper part of him at least. "What? My armor… I need to go down the hole…"

All that Ariana can do now is listen to the exchange between siblings. Despite all of the footsteps walking through the triage, the moans of the injured and dying and even the normal sounds that can be found in a bustling medical triage during an emergency, the sound of the dropped and clattering datapad eclipses everything around them. If Ronan's cot were not set between herself and Elodie, she very well, would have tried to retrieve the tablet from the floor, but instead, she merely stands there frozen, being an observer to this whole ordeal. Breaking off from her distraction, she continues to work with Evald until all of the bits of armor is removed from the youngest Iah child. Quietly, her words do come out, "I'm sorry, My Lord. My Lady." There are no words of reassurance that she can offer, nor does she want to give the siblings any false sense of hope. So instead, once the armor is set aside, she visually moves to observe the youth's wounds, pressing very gently against his chest to confirm the readings of her scan.

Gwain, at some point after reorienting from all the skirmishing out in the snow, has remembered he should probably go visit the people who are in charge of him. A bit late, but maybe he was out on patrols. Either way, here he is. The tall knight has made a careful trip through the medical facility, hands tucked into pockets, leaning away from all the chopped up people. Until he finds the ones he wants. The man raps on the wall once before peeking his head in. It's quite a peek, he has a lot of himself to lean.

Elodie has no words, she can't speak, and she can't move. She sniffles, but it isn't until Ronan notices his lack of armor and voices a need for it to go somewhere that she finally returns to active thought and behavior. "No, Ro," she says quietly, reaching forward to still her brother. "You don't need to go anywhere. We need to set your ribs, and I have to find out why your kidney isn't working. The internal bleeding needs to be stopped, too." Even though she's managing to speak in an almost clinical manner, the tears are streaming down her face unchecked. "Please, Ro. I can't lose you, too," her voice finally does break at that thought, but she steadies herself. She can fix her brother as long as he cooperates and doesn't make himself worse. "Please lay down on the cot so we can tend to you."

Ronan shakes his head and goes to get up. Well that is until the painkillers and morphine expresses that they are bigger men than Ronan is. Almost up and then completely down. "I have got to find the one that … the leader… he went down the hole… they…" blink-blink. "Under ice… " His eyes aren't focusing well now. "Una… Lady Iah.. now.. " His eyes flicker past, "Giraffe!" He never calls Gwain that. "No.. that's not right… Gir-ain… Gervaise.. Gwain.. Gwain, that's it.. " He beams, "Sir Gwain… tell them… that I'm good to go and ready to fight.. fight.. fight.." He then starts snickering at something.

It was only a matter of time until the medication completely set in and while this does bring relief, Ariana knows that it does not bring Elodie all of the answers that she may want. Gathering some gauze and a saline solution, the Larent makes preparations to have Ronan's wound cleansed, though her eyes lift to regard Elodie now as she asks, "If you need time to think, My Lady, I will do my best to tend to your Lord Brother." Her words come out as gentle enough, though her eyes do not linger on the Iah lady for long, not wishing her to feel like a spectacle here right now. So Ariana's gaze returns to Ronan as his words become jumbled and out of curiosity, she murmurs, "They are still here…?"

Gwain isn't a doctor, but he does figure that words like 'internal bleeding' are probably bad. The man's brows arch in vague concern at such chatter, at least until he's spotted. He ducks his head briefly in acknowledge to the first thing Ronan calls him, probably because he's used to it. Also the other knight might be dying, so he should be nice. "Hello Sir Ronan. Maybe you should rest instead? So all your blood doesn't fall out?" Gwain offers this in a hopeful tone.

Elodie shakes her head once. "Thank you, Lady Ariana. I don't think I want to think right now. At least, not about anything but what Ronan needs to get better." She looks up as her brother addresses another man, and she gives him a hopeful look. "Sir Gwain, perhaps you can help us keep him here. The internal bleeding isn't too severe, but if he manages to damage these ribs anymore, they might cause some real problems. Lady Ariana, can you please fetch a bone setting hypo for me? Once those are set, we can roll him on his side so I can get a better scan of the bruising around his kidney." She lifts an arm to rub her sleeve along her chin, realizing that she's still wearing her armor just in time. She gives a mighty sniffle, but the salt water will have to just run down along her jaw for now.

Ronan's attention turns to Ariana for a second, "You have really beautiful hair, you know that? Has anyone ever told you that it is like sunlight sun into silk? If not, then sommeone should.. " He turns to Gwain, then flops his head back towards Ariana, "This is Sir Gwain… He's really smart…. " He looks at Gwain, "And don't deny it… you should be very proud of your duty to House Iah… " He offers a big dopey and doped grin, "Gwain… This is…" He pauses, "This is the angel with spun sunlight for hair…she's very pretty.. She should be up in the clouds… dancing on air…" Oh yeah, the painkillers are will taking affect.

Though she has been accumulating all of this medical experience due to her time spent at the various triages, Ariana easily defers to the orders given her by who she considers to be her betters, at least in the medical field, and does not hesitate to set off and retrieve the hypo which Elodie has requested. Basically, she knows where everything is, as she's helped to set the triage up to look order and organized, so it doesn't take long for her to return and this she hands over to Elodie like a well practiced nurse. "Here you go, My Lady. The morphine seems to be taking over, so we will not need to fret much longer on whether your Lord Brother wishes to remain here, resting, or not." While she did notice Gwain's arrival when Ronan first greeted the man, it is when the young Iah attempts to make introductions that she finally truly takes notice of the citizen knight. "It's nice to meet with you, Sir Gwain." She speaks out, though as far as she can tell, he looks fine and dandy and in no need for medical attention. To the lavishing compliments now given to her, while Ariana isn't the sort to blush and this is definitely not the time nor place for any woman to act coy or fluster under the weight of some lovely words, the Larent's cheeks are already flushed with color due to the cold air that continues to surround them, perhaps making it seem as if she were blushing. "Lady Ariana Larent from the moon of Nubilus." She decides to finish Ronan's words, before stating to the knight himself, "That's right. Think of the serenity of the heavens and drift off into a blissful sense of peace." In her mind, Nubilus and especially the Sky Palace may already be considered heavenly.

"Okay. I'll…sit on him if he gets up. Or something." Gwain looks vaguely apprehensive. Still, he does scoot closer, bobbing his head between the two women. "Well, thank you. It's my job, so-" Awkward. The tall knight clears his throat, asking, "Are you alright, Lady Elodie?" When Ariana introduces herself he offers a polite smile and a bow of his head toward the woman. "Hello. It's lovely to meet you. Thank you for treating Sir Roman. I'm sure he appreciates it, and the drugs." A pause, and he murmurs, "Probably more the drugs right now."

With the wounded on their way in to safety, and Tiriel out scouting the caves with a small group (despite Una's desire for her to have her head checked) of men, Una finally leaves the battlefield. She comes in, accompanied by a small group of men at arms and a covered hovercot. The group stops briefly just outside the entrance to Shelter, Una says a few short words to the men, and then they bow and take their leave, taking the hovercot with them. Una stands for a moment, watching it, then slowly turns to the triage tent. For a moment she watches the group with her brother and sister, then slowly, with a face of stone, she walks over to join them.

Even though her brother seems a little cheerier, now, Elodie's obviously, on some level, losing her battle with her emotions as the tears have yet to slow down her face. They aren't impairing her vision yet, and so she takes the instrument from Ariana with a nod. "I need you to hold the reader for me please, Lady Ariana, so I can guide the bone setting properly." She takes a deep breath, unaware of her sister's presence at the moment. The two men standing beside them are given a brief, grateful glance before she begins the delicate work.

As Ronan's shirt has been removed so that Elodie and Ariana can tend to the injuries, those looking can see that practically his entire stomach is one giant near black bruise. The young man's eyes are growing heavier and heavier by the moment. "You not only belong among the clouds… you live amongst them too… " He breaks into a soft song, "In a garden… so green.. in a May mor-ning.. heard I may lady pleen of paramours… live in hope lady fair… and repell all dispair… trust not that your true love… shall you betrays… I'll be your paramour… and shall you please…elore, elore… I love my lusty love… elore-lo…" He giggles softly… "'Die… don't cry… I hate it when you cry." Zonk, and he's out.

Unlike Elodie, Ariana's attention isn't as distracted by both the news of a possible lost parent nor that of an injured close relative. So when Una makes an appearance at the triage, the Larent immediately takes notice. Her wary gaze peers out at the… heir of Iah, though she tries her best not to stare, though she tries to determine the woman's mood and emotions from her very distance. Quickly, her head lowers in deference to Una, though she makes no vocal acknowledgement of the woman just yet, that gaze glancing over at Elodie for the time being. "Of course, My Lady Elodie." She speaks in a lilting tone, making her way to stand beside the medic just as the woman's brother begins to break off into medicated song. All the while, she checks his vital signs to make certain that the morphine given is the correct dose, being prepared to raise or lower it depending on her findings. This next part is crucial work, so she speaks nothing to Elodie, or her sister, or the very tall knight who remains in their company and she merely holds the reader as directed.

Gwain can't help but crack a little smile at Ronan's song, despite the severity of the situation. When Una wanders in looking so serious he stops that, though, his face returning to a nuetral mask. "Well. He's not moving very much. I'll just get out of the way." He scoots back, adding quickly, "But I'll be right here. In case…of things." Any things! The knight delivers a bob of head toward Uma, but doesn't interupt whatever she's here to do. Instead, he slinks to wait in obedient silence.

Una nods in greeting to Ariana, and remains quiet while her sister completes her work. Ronan's words are taken in without a reaction, and anyone with the ability to read people can easily tell that all of her mental strength is currently being used to hold her own emotions back. She nods to Gwain as well, letting him take his leave. And once Elodie finishes her work she reaches out, taking the girl's shoulder. "How is he?"

Elodie almost starts as she feels the hand on her shoulder, and then hears her sisters voice. Her tears start afresh and she shakes her head. "He's all right. I have to figure out what's wrong with his kidney, although looking at the bruises, I'm guessing that it's just been, well… squished, for lack of a better term. If we ease the pressure, that should help." She puts down the bone setter to lift another scanner and run it down over Ronan's abdomen. "The internal bleeding is already slowing, he's not in as much danger there." She sniffles, managing to keep her voice steady and clinical. She swallows, nodding to Evald to help turn her brother on her side to continue her work. "Is it true?" she asks, her voice barely about a whisper. "About Mother?"

Ariana obediently and silently lingers beside Elodie, helping keep the reader steady, while with her free hand, she retreives whatever tools that the ranking Iah medic is in need of. Drifting in and out of her own thoughts, it's difficult to not sense the grief that lingers over the Iah family and just as her gaze lifts to view Ronan's vitals once more, she can't help but peer out towards the entrance in the hopes of catching sight of her father, her own family.

Una gives Elodie's shoulder a squeeze, takes a breath, and nods. She looks away from both brother and sister, meeting instead Ariana's eyes as she replies, "It is."

Elodie gives a little sob at the confirmation, but she has her little brother to attend to at the moment. "I didn't even get to see her. I just got back…" she bites her lip and closes her eyes for a moment, head bowed as the tears get to be too much for her to see through. She takes off one of her rubber gloves so she can wipe her eyes, since she still hasn't bothered with her own armor. After a couple moments, she takes a deep breath, and gets another glove to put on. She bends her thoughts to a somewhat familiar task, that of taking care of her baby brother, to push off the pain for now. She will deal with later, with her sister and brother, away from the eyes of others.

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