07.30.3013: Hosts, Casts, Prides, and Parliaments
Summary: The Quelltons discuss the antics of nobles, Tristan shows up and they all channel their spirit animals
Date: 07.30.2013
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The Heartwood
This is perhaps one of the largest promenades of the tree city. It spans between the large trunks of three elderwoods, branches used to support the heavy circular plaza. Residing in this promenade are dozens of stores and shops, as well as access to the lower levels of the city. Peddlers of goods move easily through the plaza, trapping visitors and natives with a hopeful sale of their unique and usually handmade goods. At the center of the promenade is a large, sprawling basin where rain water has been collected for generations creating a natural and yet manmade pool. This is a popular place to cross paths with other residents of Arborenin and maneuver through the tiered city.

Chiron At around midday in the Spine it is Chiron who can be found sitting under Lorelei's favorite apple tree, reading a book and nursing his head slightly. He's wearing just a simple black tunic with his hooded cloak. He also has some water beside him.

Lorelei 's making her way over, she's caught between a really good mood and feeling let down. It's an odd mix, so she was planning on spending her lunch under her apple tree, but then there's her older brother…not looking so well. "Chiron? Are you ok? She has her lunch in a canvas bag in one hand, a bottle of juice in the other. She'll hurry over and knee next to him, setting her stuff down to be able to place a hand on his forehead.

Strolling in his typical green tunic and barefeet, Bey will smile when he sees his siblings. As he jogs up, he'll give a smile. "Hey guys!” His satchel seems full.

Chiron looks up from this book and gives his sister a wary smile. He sets the book down and allows her better access to his forehead, but winces when Balius shows up and loudly announces his presence. His forehead feels a little hot, but not so bad to cause worry. He looks up at Lorelei, "I had a bad night, went to Motts after, didn't get enough water to drink before I went to bed." His eyes dart to his brother and he gives a soft wave. "Balius." Is all he says.

Lorelei frowns, her hand is cold against Chiron's forehead, and she'll look up and nod to Bey. Looking back to Chiron, "I thought you were out with Sir Agnes last night?" she'll settle some, tucking her feet underneath her to give her a few inches to better be able to each Chiron's forehead, "Well then, drink some more water." While she's chiding, she doesn't raise her voice. Instead, she'll look over and Balius a soft smile, "What's got you in such a good mood?"

Balius will notice his brother's apparent hangover and sit across from him. "Gotta watch out for those noble parties, huh?" He'll look concerned and sincerely want a response. At his sister's comment, he'll just smile and say "It's been a good few days at on the Ring. This internship is gonna be awesome!"

Chiron leans back on the apple tree, sighing as he does so. "I was, everything was going fine until there was a storm and all the lights went out. It took the entire party of nobles to fix it." He closes his eyes and grabs his bottle of water. "Sir Agnes ripped her dress almost in half to fix the damn thing, and a bunch of the nobles were making comments, including the host who at one point was lifting her up by her butt. I thought nobles were supposed to be… I don't know, more refined? Less crude? It was just a weird night."

Lorelei frowns, sitting next to Chiron as he leans against Loree's favorite apple tree. Her hand is on his forehead, but she'll remove to to lean over and hand him his water bottle, "Her dress was ripped? What in the world happened?" looking up to Bey, "Come and sit, have you had lunch yet?" she'll nod to her lunch bag, which the boys would know prolly has veggies and cheese in it..

Balius will simply roll his eyes. "I swear, you'd think they had no sense at all." He'll seem agitated at the scene as described, but the feelings seem fleeting. "No thanks, I had late breakfast…brunch, I guess, with Demos, but more importantly, why in the world were they going berserk over a simple power outage?"

Chiron nods, "She ripped it herself to climb up to the roof or something… Jarek's house is weird. Apparently to get the power back on you needed to solve a riddle? I sat in a corner and stayed out of the way." He rolls his eyes, taking the water from Lorelei and taking a rather large drink. He looks at his brother, "Who knows… It was just a weird night. You've been spending a lot of time with Demos and the ring, hasn't Father yelled at you for not being home enough yet?" He smiles slightly, he's not so hung over that he's lost his bad sense of humor.

Lorelei frowns softly, "I expect that out of the other Nobles, not the Arboren ones though…" she'll sigh and reach for her own lunch, and , surprise! It's veggies and cheese. she'll offer Chrion food, but won't shove it at him, if his tummy's agitated. looking up at Bey, "so…have you actually started the internship yet?" she'll bounce slightly in her seat, "Da's not going to yell. I talked to him, I'm helping a bit more with the training. We'll be ok. If we get more horses, we should be able to afford to hire a stable hand to help. It'll work out."

With a "Ha!" at Chiron's statement, Bey will simply shake his head and say "Da knows he couldn't keep the books balanced without me, and it's still getting done." And on a more serious note, he'll add "Plus, I'll only be working on the Ring about half the week. Da's got me full time for the rest. Plus, I can use the money from the internship to help out too." At his sister, he'll add, "Yeah, he was showing me all the tech at his lab. Just some rock we've been studying that is from the Fourth World. It might carry some sort of disease in the rock." He'll say all this plainly and matter-of-factly. "So, Sir Squire, Young Master Chiron, what should I wear to this ceremony thing?"

Stepping over from the west, Tristan's steps are a bit hurried as he makes his way in the direction of the gardens. Shaking his hed a little to himself, he glances around for a few moments. Looking a bit nervous, perhaps.

Chiron rolls his eyes. "it's a wonder how he didn't loose the ranch before you showed up… Or maybe you just took all of his intelligence when you were born." He shakes his head, drinking more water and will take soem cheese from Lorelei. "It was just an odd party, I'm sure she had a good reason to do what she did." Looking up, he sees Tristan. Chiron waves to him and motions for him to come by.

Lorelei smiles softly, looking down at the food from her lunch. She's got a soft spot for their father, so generally won't say anything too harsh. Her eyes go up, concerned at Bey, "A disease? Is that safe?" Loree's cheeks turn pink at the mention of the party, she should tell Chrion…but then is saved by Tristan! Smiling up at the Lord, "Hello Lord Tristan."

Balius will be laughing at his brother,s tease, though he loves his Da. Hearing the mention of 'Lord Tristan,' he'll nearly leap to his feet and turn to bow deep at the waist.

Oh, he's been spotted. Tristan comes to a stop as he hears his name mentioned, looking a bit unsure for a few moments, before he moves his way over towards the three. "Hey…" he offers, a bit quietly, as he glances around for a few moments now.

Chiron gives Tristan a warm smile, he looks to be feeling a little better now. "Good afternoon, Lord Tristan. How are you doing today?" He says, doing the best he can to bow while sitting down against the apple tree. He raises an eyebrow at Balius, "I believe the event is semi-formal? Nice clothes, but not so nice you're going to be meeting the king, sort of deal. I think?" He turns to look to his sister and gives her smile and tilts his head. "What's got you blushing now?"

Lorelei dips her head, but when she looks at Tristan, she'll tilt it, concerned, "Is everything alright, my lord?" Loree looks to Bey, Yes, semi formal, your best tunic will do fine. You don't need to go get anything else, unless you want to." Loree's apparently going to make sure they all look nice. Her secret goal is to get a nice photo of the 3 of them, but she'll spring that on them later. Huffing slightly, "I'm not blushing." Yes she is.

After completing his bow, he'll say "Lord Tristan, I'm Balius Quellton." And then he'll sit right back down and look to his siblings. His empathy for blushing awkwardness has recently increased, so he'll eye Chiron and go "Always looking for what's not there, huh Chiron?"

"Dead tired," Tristan replies, letting out a bit of a breath. "Couldn't sleep last night, after that mistake…" Shaking his head a little, he looks to Lorelei again, offering her a grin, "Yes, you are," he remarks, with a smile, before he offers a smile to Balius. "A pleasure to meet you, Balius."

Chiron rolls his eyes at his brother. "First thing to know about Lorelei: She is /always/ blushing about something." He turns to his sister and gives her a wink. "So what /are/ you blushing about." He says, pushing the subject a little. He looks back up to Tristan, "You left me. Are all parties like that?" He laughs

Lorelei is now definitely blushing. Only think that makes a blush worse is pointing it out. She'll actually shift slightly towards Bey, throwing some invisible support or thanks his way. "I am not." Yes…she still is. outright ignoring Chiron, she'll look to Tristan, "Would you like to join us, Lord Tristan? I have some cheeses to snack on. And the shade is nice." she'll lay the cheeses on the ground, underneath a piece of cloth. It's not a ton, but enough for everyone to snack on.

Balius will seem slightly frustrated at the whole interchange and attempt to ignore the teasing of his sister. He tries to focus attention elsewhere. "I've heard quite the tale about last night's festivities, Lord Tristan." He'll force a smile, though the words sound as awkward as they feared. He seems overall uncomfortable.

Tristan sighs, "I have no idea. I tend to stay away from those things. It was a huge mistake to attend last night…" Looking between the three for a few moments, before he smiles at Lorelei's words, "Sure." Seating himself, as he looks between the three of them. "You know, if I leave the Spine in the future, it'd better only be to fight the Hostiles, or something…"

"Yes you are." He says to his sister, grinning. "Redder by the minute, in fact. I can almost /feel/ the heat coming off of your cheeks you are /so/ red." He gives her a roguish smile and a wink. Obviously he's exaggerating, but it's just too much fun to pick on her sometimes. After all, teasing is part of being a big brother. He nods to Tristan. "It was an interesting night to be sure… I don't know if I would be so bold as to say it was a mistake, but I won't argue with you about it."

"Oh!Shut up!" Loree's voice is a bit louder than it needs to be, maybe on purpose. Chiron does have a head ache. Being a middle child(and more importantly, the smallest…always. Bey was born bigger than her!), She's used to some picking, but she can give as well. She'll reach over and flick Chiron right in the forehead. Turning away from the eldest, like she's dismissing him, Loree looks to Tristan, "Well, I'm sure not all noble parties are like that. I've never heard of one getting so…out of control." Well, she has, bit still. "You'll need to go to some, but hopefully not too many. You and Chiron should make some kind of pack, to watch each other’s backs at such events."

Balius remains rigid and silent until Loree's retaliation to Chiron, when he starts laughing heartily. "Don't make me go get Ma you two!" He teases at them, thoughts of maintaining decorum forgotten. Bey will acknowledge Loree's suggestion and say "Just be careful, Lord Tristan, Chiron here might go galloping off as fast as any horse I've seen if you give him the chance!" He'll jest with a teasing smirk at his brother.

"If I'll have to go to one of them again, it'll be too soon," Tristan replies, a bit darkly. Letting out a bit of a sigh, before he adds, "Those are hard on my nerves even when things go as planned, but when it goes like last night…" Grimacing a bit now, as he looks around. "There were times I felt I could barely breathe."

Chiron winces as she talks rather loudly, rubs his forehead, nursing it a little after she flicks him. Looking up at his sister he gives her a playful glare. "That's not fair." he says moving his hands to his temples and rubbing. "I'll find out what's making you blush eventually…" He shoots Balius a glare. "You always were the tattletale." Is all he says to him, also giving him a playful glare. Turning to Tristan he says, "It did feel a little claustrophobic, yeah. don't blame you for not wanting to go to another for a while." He smiles at Lorelei's suggestion. "We could call ourselves the wolf pack, Sir Tristan! We could give each other nicknames based off of Lady Aelewen's wolfhounds! It'll be splendid!" He gives him a wink, trying to lighten the mood some and get a laugh out of Tristan.

Lorelei sticks her tongue out at Chiron. Not the most mature response, but then again, none of them are being truly mature at the moment.And it feels nice. She'll turn to lean a shoulder into Bey some, reaching for a cube of cheese(it is her lunch time) Her look softens though as Tristan speaks, Bey can feel her shiver slightly, "I'm sorry, Lord Tristan. That's the worst feeling ever. Maybe you can make one of your siblings go to the next one?" Both brothers know of her claustrophobia. She'll then shake her head, smiling at Chiron's suggestion, "OR, you could just watch each others' backs. What will you do if you find a third person to join? Lady Aelewen only has two hounds."

Chuckling at Chiron's accusation, Bey will simply say "A lot of good tattling ever did, Ma always did like you best." He smiles, obviously in a jest. As his sister shivers, he'll lean into Loree briefly, attempting to provide some support. While Balius seems confused as to how any party could actually be that bad he'll continue to engage in the conversation. "Wolfhounds, huh? I suppose they could always just add other animals!" He smiles as if he has discovered something profound, embracing the silliness of the moment.

"I don't know…" he begins, before he adds, "But yes, one of the others will have to go the next time. Because I'm not going to do that." Shaking his head a little bit as he listens, unable to hold back the hint of a smile at Balius' words. "Animals, hmm…?"

"Obviously we just ask Lady Aelewen what her other wolfhounds name's were. Those can't be the /only/ two she's had." Chiron says, smiling. He gives her another glare before finally dropping the subject. He'll ask her about it later. He grabs another piece of cheese and puts it in his mouth. He seems a little disheartened that nobody thought his joke was funny, but will shrug it off and smile. "Ma' just knew who was in the right was all…" He says, winking at his brother.

Lorelei rolls her eyes at the two brothers, and will look to the Noble with a grin, "They're always like this. Ma dotes on both of them, don't let them fool you. It's pitiful. All Chiron has to do is walk in the house, and dinner magically is on the table… and all Bey has to do is mention he was a sweet tooth, and there's more cookies than any of us know what to do with." Loree keeps against Bey, shifting so she's actually leaning on him as she unscrews the lid on her juice, "I would think, for code names, animal types would be better." she'll laugh, "I already have mine!"

Balius will just laugh contentedly at the whole situation. He's got a relaxed smile on his face. "Poor Sparrow might get eaten by the wolves…better watch out!" He ponders on an animal name for himself but just sits, enjoying the sunny afternoon and his thoughts.

Smiling as he listens now, Tristan looks between the others for a few moments, but keeps quiet now. Just looking from one to the other as he listens.

Chiron tosses Balius a slight glare. Nobody really calls Lorelei sparrow except for him. "She won't get eaten." he says, smiling at his sister. After a few seconds he sits up and looks at his sister. "So what's my animal code name then?"

Lorelei laughs against Bey, "Nope! I'd be too smart and fast. No wolves would eat me. I'd tell them who to eat!" she'll look between the three men, "Well, Chiron… you'd need a noble animal…a stallion?Or maybe the wolf hound? Oh! A lion!" She's grinning, not trying to tease, more finding this whole conversation relaxing and fun. Looking over to Balius, "You'd be an owl!" She's not sure if Tristan's wanting to playing so she'll just give him a smile, as she settles back into Bey, taking a sip of her juice.

Ignoring his brother's glare, he'll nod. "A lion would work." Giving his best owl 'hoot' in response, Bey will simply smile and look at Lord Tristan, expecting him to give an animal as well.

"Animals, hmmm…" Tristan remarks, shrugging a little bit. "I don't know what kind of animal that would fit me…" Smiling to the others now, as he shakes his head.

Chiron smiles as they assign him to powerful, majestic animals. He looks at Tristan and says, "Well, you seem to be the type of person who likes to sit on the side and watch, but when you need to you swoop in and get what you want, then get away before anybody knew what happened. Perhaps an Eagle might be fitting?" He smiles, awaiting the judgment from his siblings.

Lorelei giggles at Bey's hoot, and will turn to look at Tristan, "Maybe? Although I think it needs to be something more…forest-y. Like a Falcon, if you want to stay with birds….or maybe a mink?" She'll tilt her head, now studying Tristan as she takes another sip of juice.

Balius will nod thoughtfully at Chiron's suggestion, then even more eagerly agree with his sister. "Falcon for sure. Better eye sight, definitely seems more forest-like." He'll reach lazily for some cheese from Loree's stash.

Tristan blinks a bit at the suggestions. "Hmmm…" he offers, before he eies Lorelei carefully for a few moments, "Mink?" he asks, shaking his head a bit now.
Chiron shakes his head, "I don't know, Sir Tristan…" He says, laughing. "Falcon sounds fine to me. What do you think?" He says as he leans back onto the tree, this time positioning himself so that he's a bit on Lorelei.

Chiron's sudden lean, causes Loree to lean into Bey harder. She'll roll her eyes, not saying anything about being now sandwiched between her siblings, "Yes! Minks are fine creatures. Don't get all hoity toity! They are intelligent and loving and territorial and fierce!" She'll look to Tristan, narrowing her eyes into an exaggerated glare, "And they like water." nodding to herself, she'll try to reach for another piece of cheese, but is unable to as she's now in a Quellton trap.

Chewing on a piece of cheese happily, he'll try to stifle a laugh at the mention of the Minks, yielding to his sister's unique way of always defending what he called "poet's logic." He'll ease off Loree a bit at the added pressure. "What say you, Lord Tristan?"

"Ah," Tristan replies as he hears Lorelei's explanation, before he grins a bit now. "I see. Sounds like you then?" Pausing a little as he listens to the others, he hmms a little bit, "Falcon doesn't sound too bad, I guess." Seeing Lorelei having trouble reaching the cheese, there's a momentary mischevious expression on his face. "Don't let her move," he offers to the two brothers, before he moves to get hold of some of that cheese, grinning a bit. "Looking for this?" he remarks to the girl, before he leans forward to hold the piece of cheese right in front of her face now.

Chiron gives Tristan a roguish smile as he has a good idea of what Tristan intends. slowly he leans back harder on his sister, doing all he can to keep her pinned between him him and his brother.

Lorelei frowns, "Like me? I'm not territorial! and fierce!" Loree's eyes fly wide as suddenly she's being pinned by Chiron, "Hey! No!" She'll try to wiggle,and luckily, Bey's got her back. He pulls back quickly enough to allow Loree to move forward. While Loree knows etiquette and all that noble crude, Tristan's crossed the line, and all bets are off. She'll laugh softly and lunge for the cheese, grabbing at Tristan's hand. Over her shoulder, she'll call out as she starts play fighting with Tristan, "Chiron, you traitor! I'm telling Sir Agnes!"

Balius will try to use the moment of surprise to grab Chiron in a headlock, but he misses, laughing far too hard to even bother aiming. "Told ya to watch out for that pack of wolves; the owl speaks true!" He's laying on the ground, laughing nigh uncontrollably.

Unable to hold back a bit of a laughter as he sees the happenings now, Tristan tries moving back his hand a bit, but it's grabbed. "Hey, I was about to let you have it, you know." Offered a bit lightly, as he starts moving his arm, trying to get it free now. Looking in a far better mood than earlier today, now.

Chiron also laughs as the pleasant conversation has turned over on its head. "My dear sister," He starts. "I was merely assisting my Lord and superior officer in a direct order he's given me. I had no choice in the matter, really." He gives her a wink and another smile. "You should probably let the Lord go now, though…" He says, only being sorta serious.

Lorelei narrows her eyes, not believing Tristan. She has brothers, she knows. she holds on a moment more to his hand before letting go and holding out her hand for the cheese. She's smirking though, half expecting the cheese to be tossed over her head to chiron. Giving a quick glance to said brother, "Oh..you just wait. Alliances have been broken. This will rival the great chocolate war of 09', mark my words." Shaking her head at Bey, as he's now being no help with his laughing fit.

Balius seems to be catching his breath as his laughter slows down. He slowly sits back up, and then he seems momentarily concerned at the mention of the Chocolate War. "Not again…I didn't eat hot fudge for six months after that!"

Tristan smiles as his hand is let go, before he holds the cheese out. "See, I was going to let you eat it without needing to hold it, but if it's what you want…" Grinning at Lorelei, before the cheese is deposited into her hand now. "Here you go." Sitting back a bit, he shakes his head, "Great Chocolate War?"

Chiron shoots Lorelei a challenging glare, smiling slightly as he does so. "All right then, Miss Quellton. You're on." He continues to glare as he replies to Tristan. "Basically it started like this: Sparrow here got a chocolate bar from some friend of hers and she left it on the table. I was out working all day and came in to see a chocolate bar sitting on said table. I was hungry, so I ate it. Lorelei comes in when I'm half way through and screams for Ma', all the while trying to rescue what's left of her chocolate bar. I calmly explain that I had no idea it was Lorelei's, and that if she didn't want it eaten she shouldn't have left it on the table. Ma' sided with me." He gives Lorelei a glare and then shivers slightly. "The next few months Lorelei spent getting back at me. It was terrible. I've seen… things. No man should ever see." He says in mock horror.

Lorelei has a very cat that ate the cannery grin when the cheese actually ends up in her hand. She likes winning. Nodding her thanks to Tristan, although a small blush does creep into her cheeks at him mentioning he was going to feed her. Turning to Bey, "You were collateral damage!" Looking to the eldest Quellton, "You! You knew, don't act like you didn't! Who else would have a chocolate bar?" She'll huff, "You left out the part where you held it over my head so I couldn't reach it, while telling me it was my fault.Ma always sided with you!….You deserved everything you got."

Seeming to have a mock look of fear on his face, Balius will simply nod along to both versions of the events that took place. "All I know is…I like my hot fudge." He'll look up at the sky, noticing how much time has passed. Standing quickly, he'll nod to Lord Tristan. "A pleasure meeting you, Lord Falcon. I've got to run home now, though. Horses gotta get fed." He turns to his siblings. "You two should really call a truce until we can settle this like proper adults at the Taphouse." He grins widely before jogging off, his barefeet comfortably padding along.

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