08.16.3013: Overlooking Cousins
Summary: Reena and Victor sit, talk, smoke, and drink.
Date: 16 August 2013
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Indoor Garden, Blackspyre, Volkan
This lovely indoor garden is part greenhouse, part showpiece. Winding trails wend their way, snakelike, through beautiful displays of trees, shrubs, and flowers. Fruit trees and vines add a citrus scent to the air. Orchids abound, with countless varieties in hundreds of shapes and hues around every turn. The Phalaenopsis gigantea var aurea is prevalent, being yellow and red, in line with the colors of House Khournas.

A small man-made stream runs through the center of the garden, with footbridges crossing it at different parts of the trail, and ending in a pool with a gentle waterfall, surrounded by bench seating and filled with golden fish. In the back there is a separate area behind french doors for herbs and vegetables, as well as tables and equipment storage for potting plants and the other dirty work of maintenance.

16 August 3013

Victor is back from the front. He's even in a proper jerkin, although at least it's unbuttoned and the shirt beneath unlaced an inch or three down his chest. He's slumped on the bench beneath those carbon-monoxide-eating trees, working his way down through a cigar and a highball of whiskey. The bottle is on the ground with another glass, and the cigar is halfway burned down. Blowing a stream of smoke upwards, he lets his head roll back, murmuring to himself, "What the fuck am I doing…?"

"Figured I'd find you here," Reena quips as she sweeps in wearing a light dressing gown, her hair braided much as it was when she was little, in two tails. "I heard one of my chambermaids exclaiming that Devon has moved into your quarters, in the same breath she said you had a screaming match." She settles down on the bench beside her cousin and draws one knee up to her chin. "Everything all right, Vic?"

Victor raises his head at the voice, shrugging helplessly and taking a swig of his whiskey, "Water under the bridge, or whiskey down the hatch." That brings his cigar back to his mouth, drawing in some of the fragrant smoke and then blowing it upward again, "Let's just say, neither of us is the type to back the fuck down." He lifts up his glass, then gestures it toward the glass and bottle under the bench, "Have a splash if you want it. Got cigars too."

Reena pours herself a glass and takes a cigar to snip the end and light. "I kind of always figured that was the sort of woman you'd wind up with. I didn't ever picture you with someone meek and mild." She sips her whiskey and settles back on the bench. "Still pissed at Nitrim?" she asks. Whether she means him or Devon is up to him to decide.

Victor draws in another long, slow pull of his cigar, "So you knew about that too? Was I the only one in the 'Spyre who didn't?" Shaking the question off, he gathers his cigar in his right hand, studying it in silence for a long moment, "I got no reason to be pissed at 'Trim, 'cept that he didn't tell me. He was just being him." Looking over to Reena, he snorts, "I think he's a fucking idiot for screwing around with noblewomen instead of Cits, but… I'm worried about him, not pissed."

"I suspected it. Then watching Devon and Nitrim turn awkward confirmed it for me," Reena notes with a shrug. "Not surprised. My brother seems to try and get into the bed of every woman over the age of 16 he meets, noble and citizen alike. I'm just glad it's out there now, instead of coming up five years down the road, you know?" She looks over at him. "I'm more worried about what that Sauveur witch is turning him into. He's not Nitrim anymore."

Victor grunts at the confirmation, "Some day, he's gonna piss some girl off bad enough that she cuts off his balls." Pausing, he shrugs, "If they can find 'em shoved in that skinny Sauveur bitch's purse." Another slug of the whiskey goes down the gullet, "That's what I'm worried about too. I'm workin' up to sendin' him a note, asking to sit down and talk with him." Looking over to his cousin, he smirks, "Seems I got a way with words, so long as I ain't sayin' 'em."

"I take it the letter worked with Devon?" Reena asks with a small grin and an arched brow. She takes a long pull of her cigar and blows the smoke up above her. "Told you it would. Always trust cousin Reena, she knows all about how people relate to each other. With the exception of the one person she needs to relate to herself." She snorts.

Victor shrugs his shoulders, "Worked-ish. We do better talking to each other when we're writing." A low chuckle rises up from his chest, "It's harder to yell at each other in writing." He pauses a long moment, taking another drag from his cigar, "Lady Eirene seems nice. You sure you don't want her instead of the one with the sword stuck up his ass?" Waving that aside, he shakes his head, "Might be somethin' to what she said though. Khourni can come on real strong sometimes…"

"But I didn't, Victor, that's just it. I had my charm dialed back so far I was practically Ariana Larent. Then when even that failed, I got angry. Nothing seemed to get a rise out of him." Reena shrugs and she slugs back her whiskey. "But I suppose I can try the ignoring him thing for a while. I don't really see how it's any different than what's already happening. I haven't heard from him since the Storytellers circle on Niveus. At least Eirene is nice, so I'll have someone to talk to in New Atlantis."

Victor shrugs slightly, "He's distracted by the war." He pauses, "Fuck, I'm distracted by the war." Setting down his glass and resting his cigar ember-up in the glass, "I'm plannin' on taking Dee up to Mare Maris. There'll be people to talk to. And we're just a fuckin' Waygate away." Scooting over, he reaches an arm out to throw it around her shoulders, "You're gonna be fine, Reena. You know people like I know hittin' things with an axe."

Reena burrows into the curve of Victor's arm and for a moment it looks like she might actually cry. But she refuses to, holding it back with a formidable strength of will. "I guess I'd better learn to swim better, if I'm going to be living on a planet entirely covered by ocean, hm?"

Victor snorts softly, "Come on, Reena… don't tell me you never went skinny-dipping on the Mirror Lake up Obsidia way. I mean, besides when we were like kids." His arm tightens around her shoulders a moment, then relaxes again, "You've been shopping, right? You've got like thirty swimsuits? I mean, not like there's a ton of room on the surface for sunbathing, but I'm sure they manage."

"Honestly? No. I was always careful about that sort of thing," Reena admits. "Had to keep my reputation clear for a good marriage and what the hell ever. And I haven't done much shopping lately. Working on my charity project has taken up most of my time. Being a grown up blows, you know that right?"

"I'm lucky. I just have to deal with Hosties and a wife-to-be trying to kill me." Victor shakes his head, letting his head roll back so he can stare up at the greenhouse roof, "So you've got work, you've got a flatfish for a betrothed, and you've got a bit on the side. Sounds like it's my job to take you shopping." He narrows his eyes over at his cousin, "And you know that I hate doin' that shit."

"Have I told you lately that you're my absolute favorite relative, Vic?" Reena croons with a grin. "Shopping cures all ills, I promise. Maybe we can find something nice for you to get for Devon too. You do realize that girls like presents, right? And you're too old to pull her pigtails."

She shouldn't have said that. Victor lifts his hand from her far shoulder, trying to tug lightly on her far pigtail, "Bullshit." Collecting his glass, he squeezes her shoulders again, and then stands, offering out a hand, "Come on. Retail therapy."

Reena grunts at the hair pulling but she takes the offered hand and hauls herself back to her feet. "You do realize that stores are closed this late right?" she quips. "We can try tomorrow though. Just not bright and early, I need my beauty rest if I'm going to be a trophy wife."

Victor snorts loudly, "Fuck that. He's gonna be a trophy husband." His shoulders shrug, "And I was hopin' you wouldn't notice until we got down there and we could cut out." Shaking off the joke, he collects his bottle as well as his glass, "Just lemme know when you're ready. Tomorrow or whatever."

Reena leans up to kiss her cousin's cheek. "Thanks Vic. You always make everything better. Well, for me at least." She chuckles and heads out to find her rest.

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