Out of Dry Dock
Summary: Cyrielle writes to her father, regarding resumption of her training.
Date: 13/12/2013
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Cyrielle Roger 

Thursday, March 27 3014 — Cyrielle's Room, The Hand, Beacon

Lord Commodore,

I am writing this as both your daughter and, at one time, a member of your navy. My healing is going at speed and they say soon I should be able to resume normal duties. I would like these duties to include a resumption of my training towards a place as Captain.

It was my injury and my Awakening that took me away and I have felt keenly the loss of that time ever since. My sister, when the day comes, will need strong allies within the House and fleet. I feel I can be precisely that.

Please choose my assignment well and as soon as I am released by those in charge of my recovery, I will report for duty.

Your daughter,
Cyrielle Grey Hollolas

Sunday, March 31 3014 — Roger's Study, The Hand, Beacon

Dearest Daughter,

The time's certainly coming when you will be needed to serve in our great Navy. Of course, since you've been out of commission for as long as you have, it would do to ease you back into service.

I'll conduct a review over the next few days and find a ship skippered by an effective and experienced Captain for you to serve as a mate. A trip out of the house will do you good. Some time with a good mentor will do you better.

Your father,
Roger Hiram Hollolas

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