Where We Are Going: Our Story
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The Hostiles Are Coming

The people of the Haven System have a single driving goal — to survive the next wave of assaults from Fifth World. And the Hostiles are due to arrive within range of the Inner System by autumn of 3013 at the latest. The latest generation to reach adulthood is already being called the Generation of Vengeance, based on the hope that they will avenge the Hostiles' assaults on the Inner System. The threat of the Hostiles is enough to ensure that the Citizens are fully behind the Sauveur dynasty, but that doesn't mean that there is no strife within the first three planets of Haven.

As of May 14, 3013…

The Hostiles have arrived, but not how the Havenites had expected. Utilizing a recent meteor shower as a cover, pods fell down across the face of Imperius, unleashing scouts upon the remote regions of the continents. So far, only two Hostile scouts in the Arborenin Woods have been found, but already some are assuming that more will be found…

As of June 10, 3013…

The Hostiles are here in force. The Royal Navy has engaged the first wave of the Hostile attack, and scattered them, taking heavy casualties in the process. Despite this battle, a few Hostile transport ships are likely to slip through to the planets and moons of the Inner System, so defense forces are on full alert.

Politics As Usual

Despite the arrival of the Hostiles, there are still politics being played. Cindravale plots against Orelle, Khournas plots against Arboren, and Sauveur plots against Sauveur. The King is old and ill, and his eldest son, Prince Emund, has been devastated by the recent death of his wife. Minor Senators have begun to call for the King to abdicate his throne, with Fifth World now in range of the inner system. Support is growing for that course of action amongst the nobility as well. The question becomes whether King Symion will take the opportunity of his abdication to name his next eldest child, Princess Janelle, as Queen of Haven.

The Paramounts At Play

While Princess Janelle maneuvers for the throne, and Prince Emund does his best to shake off his grief and prepare himself and the system for invasion, the lords and ladies of Haven align themselves with one would-be Regnant or another. Although the Paramounts present a unified front in public, they and their vassals maneuver for position behind the scenes.

At the Royal Court in Landing too, the Paramounts oppose one another from behind smiles, playing the sometimes-deadly game of politics to put one Sauveur or another on the throne.

Unrest in House Orelle

Over the last few months, there has been a building unrest in House Orelle. With the death of his wife and the sequential grief, Lord Admiral Ilo Orelle was forced to abdicate his seat to his son, but has refused to give up his position as the Master of Ships on the Crown Council. Arguments have arisen between father and son.

Whispers have come out of the Crown Council that the Master of Ships has been demanding that the King consider commissioning a new sleeper ship, claiming that is the only hope for Haven's survival. With the Hostiles' arrival now upon us, the King Regnant has refused to approve the project. Rumors say that the Master of Ships stormed out of the meeting, ranting something about he may not need a King's blessing to save his people.

Disaster in the Crescent

Several months ago, there was an unexpected volcanic eruption that has destroyed a sizable manufacturing hub in the Northern Mountains of the Crescent. It has left House Khournas scrambling to make up for the loss of armor and weapons that are needed for the burgeoning System War. Fault is being lain at everyone's feet — there are precautions that keep such an event from happening, how did they fail? Was this perhaps a vassal house's attempt to make House Khournas look bad?

While the House turns to inner squabbles, they are trying their best to maintain an exterior calm.

House Cindravale Plays Politics

With High Lady Sir Kallista Cindravale's recent clashes with Crown Prince Emund over matters of military tactics, House Cindravale has thrown itself behind Princess Janelle's attempts to become Queen. The High Lady has made several statements to fellow nobles questioning Prince Emund's drive to survive and win the coming war, and several more praising those very same characteristics in Princess Janelle. They were not made in the same location or to the same people, of course, but they have certainly been connected.

Although most in House Cindravale have likewise publicly backed Princess Janelle, there are a few who privately question whether it is wise to directly antagonize the person currently named Heir.

Slaughter in the Arborenin Woods

Foresters and hunters in the Arborenin Woods have reported finding savaged animal carcasses in several areas far from the city of Arborenin. Most poachers at least clean and haul out their kills to avoid being tracked, so there is some concern as to what could be killing these animals. Thus far there have been a score of kills, coming one a week or so.

There have been some who postulate that a drake or family of drakes has somehow managed to migrate from the Drake Mountains to the Arborenin Woods, while others suggest that it might be a previously unknown native creature that is responsible.

UPDATE: It is believed now that these slaughters might be connected to the Hostile scouts that are rumored to still be in the woods.

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