06.19.3013: Orelle Garden Soiree
Summary: Talayla hosts a gathering at the gardens with several Orelle vassals.
Date: 19 June 2013
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Grand Courtyard—Orelle Residence, The Ring
The topmost pole of the central sphere of the Ring is occupied solely by the seat of House Orelle. It looks like a small domed city, sprawling with a diameter of several kilometers. Sleek and graceful buildings have been erected within this spacious area, allowing for actual thoroughfares instead of the typical walkways and corridors of the rest of the station. These structures include the Guest Residences and the House Library. At the center of the dome is the Spire of Leonara — named for the first High Lord of House Orelle, Leonardo Orelle. It is almost luminous with a pristine white exterior interrupted by panoramic windows and the occasional terrace.

Surrounding the Spire is the Grand Courtyard. Each quadrant of the Courtyard supports its own unique garden and seating. Fascinating, if not a bit strange, pieces have been gifted to the Orelles for their courtyard, including the hovering Fountain of Erra, whose geometric shapes float above a round pool, spilling water over their unique facets with mathematical precision.

19 June 3013

It's a lovely day in the Grand Courtyard. Few people are milling about though, most of them clumped near the Library and arguing over which theosophic approach best solved - and arguably, all of it could be touted as sleep aids. Talayla is concerned about her older brother, but spends her time moving her potted plants near the fountain. She has offered to let her vassals visit, if and when they would like, for an afternoon to foster friendship and communication. Sadly, Talayla's life as a hermit does seem to leave her wanting in some social skills. But there is free drinks and snacks. And also a visit to the magnificent gardens. Overall, it seems a relaxed, social sort of thing.

Percival arrives walking side by side with his younger daughter, and together the family resemblance between the two is surely all the more evident. One would imagine they arrive for the free punch and pie, or whatever refreshments are on offer, as well as the socialization that comes along with them. Even strolling, the man keeps somewhat busy, and it's evident that he's speaking through a small earpiece as he walks. "Yes, that's fine. Make sure they run another full diagnostic as well. Very good."

Drifting gracefully besides her father, Ariana looks delighted enough to have this opportunity to view the loveliness of the Orelle gardens once again. For a woman who loves to surround herself with beauty, these gardens are quite exquisite. She is dressed in a gown the color light mint green, the skirt of the dress is split to reveal another few layers of fabric beneath in a gentle and pure white. Unlike her father, not today, she is using this moment to enjoy the calm before the storm. There are no calls coming in. No messages that need to be replied on her datapad, or perhaps she has these things shut off. When she notices Talayla in the distance, she lightly breaks away from her father's side to greet the young woman and friend, "Lady Talayla, I was hoping to meet with you. Did you receive my message from earlier?" Yes, she apparently sent out a message, but has her datapad now shut off! Typical.

The notice of punch and pie could not have come at a better time. Abused vocal cords are in need of some refreshment and a bit of air. Warm eyes could use something other than ivory walls to focus on. A garden soiree is just the remedy. Eirene arrives shortly after a few other guests have made their entrance and presence known. Kadmus' younger sister dazzles in her pale blue dress and dainty jewelry fit for a lady. As always, her face is stamped with a pleasant countenance which only grows into a full fledged smile at the sight of the blooms and confectioneries. Her stomach rumbles much to her dismay. "Oh, pardon me!" She exclaims in a swift apology.

Kadmus is still about somewhere, probably on his way into the courtyard as well, and the sight of his younger sister coming in brings a smile to his face and he approaches the woman, "Eirene." He says, "I hadn't heard you were up on the ring!"

While Percival leaves his daughter to speak with Talayla, offering her just a nod in brief greeting, he turns his attention first to Kadmus, striding a few steps to join the younger naval man. "Lieutenant," he greets him, preferring military styles as well, at least among those he serves with. But when Kadmus greets the young woman joining them, he pauses as if recalling the name, and then cracks a smile. "Is this your younger sister then? I don't think I've seen her in several years. My, Lady Eirene, but you have grown into quite a lovely young woman."

There is juice, tea and a few other things set out. Pie, various finger foods. Talayla stops fussing over some hops long enough to poke her head out over her plants. "Oh!" Geez, this hosting thing is all kinds of complex. She smiles, being greeted by Ariana. She is quiet a moment, probably shifting thoughts. "Huh? Oh yup. Young Lord Kadmus brought up a similar concern," She bites her lower lip. "I let my older brothers know they should stop by more if they can, and I'll see what I can do," She is quiet a moment. And the Courtyard is indeed, gardenalicious! More people are arriving. Her eyes widen a bit. "Salutations!" She bows and calls. "Wait. I don't shout that, do I?" Hmm. "well, um, please help yourselves."

"Lord Captain." Kadmus greets with a bow of his head to Percival as the older man arrives, and he gestures, "This is indeed my younger sister. Lady Eirene, Lord Captain Percival Larent." he introduces.

Taking a brief pause, so that she make take up a glass of juice to sooth her throat, Ariana then follows where Talayla fusses, to view the hops which the Orelle has planted. "You certainly have a green thumb for this sort of thing. That is an impressive humulus lupulus plant. It does show how much care to put into growing it." Her gaze then drifts to where her father now stands, to note Kadmus there, when Talayla brings him up, and his sister. "Oh! Lady Eirene. It has been far too long since we last met. I do look forward to hearing you sing some time in the near future."

Just about caught with her hand in the proverbial cookie jar, a startled Eirene turns to find her brother and Percival perching near by. "Brother, had I known I would be meeting you here I would have suggested we traveled to the Ring together." Her eyes widen with a hint of mirth and mischief before turning her attention to the older gentleman. She curtsies and greets with a lovely mellifluous tone to her voice. "Lord Captain. A pleasure to see you again. It has been far too long. I fear my studies have kept me away from the social scene for some time." Upon hearing Ariana, a girlhood friend, the tall songstress excuses herself from the men to greet the striking woman. "Lady Ariana! Is that you?" The Volen lady giggles and reaches for Ariana's hands. "It's so good to see you! I was wondering when we might run into each other again."

Talayla did welcome vassal peeps in. Mind, she was more formal about it than 'vassal peeps'. She does seem to care, even if she is the Orelle family hermit who spent years in near seclusion. She seems quietly pleased as more visitors arrive. She smiles to Ariana. "Thanks. That one took ages to coax into growing," She admits. "And oh!" More guests. She emerges a little further from behind her plants. Talayla is also content to let people mingle, over taking charge. "Salutations to all of our guests," She bows to anyone who wishes a greeting. But for her part, she is content to let it be relaxed. She smiles, carefully working herself in, but it's like watching a cat dab at water. Waitforit… waitforit…

"Oh, I am not sure you would have found much of me even if you had been busy in the social circuit," Percival informs Eirene with something of a faint smile. "I have always been the sort to keep quite busy, and the Navy especially has occupied much of my time. Now doubly so, of course, as we have actually been put to our active purpose as opposed to merely engaging in simulations, drills and training. Your brother has spoke of you on occasion, though," he remarks, glancing between both Kadmus and Eirene. "Lieutenant," and now he turns his attention more fully on the older of the siblings, "I was just speaking with the duty officer on the Wake, and it seems as though the refit is coming along. They are replacing one last engine coil, and putting all the other systems through final diagnostics. So it is likely we will be returning to service shortly, as soon as the Admirality supplies new orders."

"I was already up here, Eirene." Kadmus says, flashing a little smile, though his attention is back to Percival and he nods his head, "I am going to be conducting a tour of the Paramounts on Imperius for House business while the repairs and refits are finalized, but I will be near a waygate regardless." He informs the Larent, then turns to look to Eirene, "You're welcome to accompany me if you're so inclined, sister."

"I've kept myself busy in the medbay most recently due to the current Hostile attacks." Ariana informs the Volen songstress, a pleasant smile quickly forming on her lips. "That aside, we are also doing research on the Hostile tech, as well as autopsies on the Hostile," corpses? husks? "casualties from our last few clashes. One day, we'll know all about our enemies and use this information against them." Or she can hope. Yet, all of this talk is just so depressing and so she asks, her attention turning to Talayla now when the Orelle greets the Volen, yet she continues to speak with Eirene, "Will you be putting on any performances in the near future? It's always a pleasure to hear you sing, My Lady." Then, to Talayla, "You are turning out to be quite a wonderful hostess, Lady Talayla. Everything looks lovely."

It's not often, these days, that Cynan is seen off Inculta, but today is evidently one of those few days. It's not often that he travels alone, either, but today is evidently such a day as well. Accordingly the Knight makes his way up to the Orelle residence, dressed in a simple, tan doublet and somewhat darker pants, against which the sun symbol of House Dalton stands out quite prominently. His walk is purposeful, one foot in front of the other, not quite a run, but the practiced march of someone who has spent entirely too much time marching in double time of late, and his eyes, for the moment, fall entirely on the evening's hostess. "Lady Talaya," he says, voice crisp and cool. "You have my thanks for your hospitality." Pale eyes sweep across the other assembled nobles, and he offers each one a polite nod in turn.

Wowsers. Vassals! Talayla is a little boggled, but she smiles politely to her guests, listening to Percival's boat stuff and general introductions and chatting. She's a good listener, despite her blank, wide-eyed stare. Talk about a social flamingo. She smiles to Ariana. "Thanks. I'm glad you like it. I figured it was um, wise? to let people gather here a little without an agenda. And also, the fountain is still one of my favorites," She's a bit blunt, but she's trying. There is a wave to Cynan. "Salutations," She greets the man. She bows to the Daltony fellow and smiles. "Think nothing of it. It is an honor to have you here. Please, help yuorself to the refreshments."

At some point Soleil slipped in, doing so mostly unnoticed considering how many dignitaries are around. On a leash she has a tall, slender creature somewhere between a cat and a—- something else. Its long-legged cheetah's gait keeps Soleil taking two steps for ever one of its. When she comes t a stop, it sits, curling it's twice-long tail about the lady's leg.
"'Lo," the lady greets Talayla, and, as she glances around, adds, "Surprise, not a Benedict in sight?"

Eirene returns Percival's faint smile with a bolder grin. "All work and no play, Lord Captain? I don't believe we allow that here." The Volen lady glances to Ariana for a daughter's approval. "You must both attend one of my operas. I hope you are fans of a more classical style of music." To her brother, Eirene steps closer and captures Kadmus' hand. "I would be delighted. Count me in, brother. I very much look forward to spending more quality time with family. I am long over due." A beat. "Lady Ariana, your work sounds exceptionally exciting. How do stomach all the wounded? I am in awe of your determination." Lady Talayla is not someone she is familiar with, or if she was in the past, they've not seen each other in some time. "My lady, this is all your doing? The garden looks spectacular and I've yet to partake in any sweets." Her eyes slide to Kadmus as if blaming him for impeding her path to the dessert table.

"We likely have a little while still," Percival remarks to Kadmus, "But yes, it would be wise to be near a gate in case we are called up quickly. Good." That seems to content him, and he sets the matter aside. As Cynan joins them, the man is greeted with a brief nod as well, although the Larent seems content to remain standing where he is, offset slightly with Kadmus and Eirene, as the gathering grows and grows. As his daughter speaks with the younger of the Volens, he observes with something of a fond smile. Then he smirks somewhat at Eirene's words "It simply means I party three times as hard when I do have a bit of shore leave." As certain rumors of the Captain may attest! "It would be wonderful if you were to offer a performance soon. If you do, and I am not off in the deep of space, I shall make every effort to attend. Of course you are welcome to come and visit with Ari any time you like. I am sure she would be thrilled to have you visit. Your siblings as well, of course."

Whispers of ash-colored gossamer ever-so-quietly announce the arrival of Lady Devon Grantham to the grand courtyard. She is alone without a guard to be found, but she seems comfortable in her solitude. Her hair — the palest of her siblings' — has been colored the same bright cyan as her liege's heraldry. Her poise is tall, proud, and graceful, even if her steps are as soft as a ghost's. Had she paid closer attention to her dreams the night before, she might have suspected that her dreams of hippocampi would have warned her that she would be about to cross paths with a pair she has not seen in a long, long time.

At Eirene's little comment to her father, Ariana does wholeheartedly agree, "It would seem that way, My Lady. But we, including my Lord Father, did take the time to play host to House Arboren when they came to Nubilus for a little visit. Then again, he is waiting for the Wake to be refit and ready to go." The first person she notes is Cynan when he arrives and she immediately graces him with a nod of her head in greeting, "Lord Cynan, it has been a while. I would like to commend you on our lovely stay at Detritus." And then there is Soleil, whom she catches when Eirene now leads the way to the sweets. "Lady Soleil, what a surprise." A wary look is given her Sauveur friend, before her own gaze looks about the area, "Yes, it seems that the Young Lord is a little busy at the moment. And I think that we're all a little restless." And nervous.

It's a quiet gathering of vassals, meant to encourage bothering the Orelle and talking amongst one another. There's also free juice, some tea and a few fizzy drinks of some flavor or another. Various finger foods await, too, on a table next to it. It's simple, but it's free. For better or worse, their host is the non-robotic, but still eccentric Orelle, Talayla. She, for her part, is listening. She nods to Eirene. "Yes, my Lady," She nods. She seems a little off, somehow. "The gathering is. The garden is well, lots of people," She smiles. "Though I steal good sunny spots for my hops," She quirks a grin. Talayla is seriously getting into her brewing. "It is a pleasure to have you here. I don't meet many singers," She admits. She notices Soleil and waves to the woman and her kitteh. "Greetings, my Lady. And y-yeah… I'm sorry," She looks genuinely apologetic at the lack of her brother. "He didn't respond to my contacts." She rubs the back of her head. At Devon's arrival, there is a polite wave.

"And as always, Lady Talayla, your kind words are as appreciated as your choice of refreshments." Cynan doesn't quite reach the refreshments, though, because his attention turns almost instantly to Ariana as she speaks, and he responds to her words with a little nod and a rather genuine smile. "I am so very glad that you enjoyed your visit, Lady Ariana," he replies. "And in addition, allow me to commend you for your exceptionally… level-headed response to the circumstances surrounding the stay." That smile doesn't quite widen, but his lips press together and the expression takes on just a bit of added intensity. "I trust your travels about the Lashes have been as pleasant as ever?

Soleil inclines her head to Ariana, just barely arching a brow above one piercing eye. "What's surprising about it?" she asks her old friend. "I belong here as much r more than anywhere else."
She turns to Talayla and offers her a small smile, more prominent on the right than left. "Well if he doesn't watch out you'll be taking over," she says. "I came to see mother's menagerie and see if my old room was being used. I forgot how much I like the ring. Too much time on Nubilus makes one long for a star-laden view." Her hand drops and her fingers idly tease the top of her strange cat's head. "Remember Toka? isn't he grown big? They said I could take him for a walk. Maybe even hunting on Nubilus if I prove I can still handle him But he always did love me. Didn't you Toka-toka." She fondly scritches the cat-thing.

"And it is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the Nobility from the Second World, as well." Kadmus says with a smile to Eirene. His attention shifts towards Ariana however and he nods, "Hopefully we can address some of these concerns soon, My lady, I've called a meeting to discuss the hostiles here on the ring, Lady Talayla has extended the hospitality of her house and help organize and facilitate our gathering." He doesn't yet notice the arriving Devon.

The two recent arrivals are nobility Eirene is not familiar with. Cynan and Soleil are both greeting with a warm smile and a demure curtsey. "My Lord, My Lady. A pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am Lady Eirene Volan, Lord Kadmus' younger sister." Unlike her brother, when Devon arrives, Eirene catches the sight of her cyan haired sister. Hesitation washes over the tall noblewoman but her features remain open and warm. Her voice drops into sweet softness much like a lullaby. "Sister, it warms my heart to see you." And truly, it does. "You are a sight for sore eyes. How have you been?" There is a bit of tension in the air despite attempts to assuage it.

The movement catches her attention, and eyes as pale as bottle glass look up to alight on the youngest of the Orelles. Her smile becomes serene as she turns her footfalls toward the small gathering. It is only when Kadmus and Eirene both turn toward her does the Ash-Witch pause for a heartbeat in her approach. There is no going back now, so she straightens her shoulders and continues a forward path. "Lady Talayla," she greets, bowing her head respectfully to the daughter of High Lord Orelle before her gaze passes over the others. Another deep nod is offered to the Lord Larent, and she hesitates just a moment before it is similarly offered to Soleil. Then she turns slightly toward Kadmus. "Addy," she says, using a petname that feels almost foreign on her lips, and she licks away the taste carefully. "Brother, Sister," she settles on with a bit of a smile. She turns toward Eirene a touch. "I have been… well. You are both… an unexpected surprise." And an awkward one, it seems.

Devon's entrance seems to gain quite a bit of attention, then again, the young Lady's hair color does tend to be striking. She reognizes the Grantham lady, but doesn't particularly know her, personally, so all she can offer is a polite smile and a nod of her head… until, it is made known that the cyan-haired Lady is the sister of the Volen siblings. Watching the interaction between the trio now, she soon returns her attention back to Cynan, "With the Hostile attacks and that one pesky Hostile escaping from our lab here, on the Ring, my attention has been placed elsewhere, I'm afraid. Though, we did host House Arboren a few days ago. With this attack on Niveus, I am glad to see that the Houses of the Lashes are all on high alert." Taking up a piece of chocolate from the dessert table, Ariana's attention once more focuses on Soleil now. "I would assume that everything is alright on your end, My Lady?" She even gives the Sauveur this look in the hopes that the other woman knows what she is talking about.

When he's addressed directly, Cynan turns his gaze over toward Eirene, and his eyes narrow somewhat. Perhaps she looks vaguely familiar - it's entirely possible that they've been in the same room before - but certainly they haven't been properly introduced. "Sir Cynan Dalton, nephew to the Lady Dalton," he says, by way of rectifying this unfortunate oversight, and dips his head in a little nod of greeting. "So very good to meet you properly." Then it's Ariana who calls his attention again, and he replies, just a hint of a snap sneaking its way through his cool tone, "Indeed we are. If the forces of Inculta were not properly prepared, I daresay you would not see me here today." Without further ado, he takes a step toward the dessert table, though he's content to just look at the treasures laid out there for now.

Lots of nodding and inclining and such going on. Soleil does the former to acknowledgements from Eirene and Devon, then goes to the table, looking for something she could sneak to the cat. Ah, that will do. While Toka shakes his mane and licks her fingers, she glances around, rubbing her own neck with the hand that is free but for grasping the beast's leash.
"Hm?" she says to Ariana, maddeningly obtuse. "It is what it is. You know I've been wanting to speak to you about devil-may-care, but you're busy these days aren't you? he really made me angry a few weeks ago. Pry pry pry, as if a girl hasn't the right to her privacy." Yep, obtuse.

Oh boy. Talayla looks a little overwhelmed. Even dazed. She smiles politely. "I don't know if I'd want to take over," She admits. "And I think it's open," She offers. "Hello, Toka." She waves to the kitty. Talayla smiles to Cynan. "I'm glad for that," She nods. She seems content to play a quieter role. She nods to Kadmus. She's a little slow to respond, but she is making her rounds. She smiles up to Lady Devon. "Welcome, Lady Devon," She bows her head in turn. "It is a pleasure to have you." She watches the gathering a moment. She just might double as a lawn flamingo on a good day.

Kadmus glances briefly to Eirene as he hears her words, then follows her gaze towards the approaching Devon, his gaze drifting to the chain about her neck and he frowns, just a little bit, "Devon." he says with a nod, "It is good to see you as well."

Devon bears the weight of this awkward meeting as gracefully as she can, and she eventually decides to help dissolve some of the emotional torture by stepping forward and offering her younger sister a gentle hug. If accepted, she will even softly touch the back of her golden head. "You are quite lovely, Eirene… last I saw you, you were all means of teenage awkwardness. You have blossomed." Then she regards Kadmus, reaching out to gently squeeze his hand. "Kadmus." Then she steps back to give her siblings some space. As if she knows where her brother's eyes have wandered, she gingerly squeezes her hand over the ouroboros around her neck. She glances toward Ariana at her words on the Hostiles. "When I left the Crescent, I heard a brief report that the Hostiles are targetting the Ways." Topic change, go.

Ariana can practically sense something odd or amiss between the Volen siblings now, so even as she does chat away with the others around her, she keeps a close watch on the interactions between Kadmus, Eirene and Devon. Allowing her attention to drift, she regards Talayla in a warm enough tone, "You are certainly doing your part as an Orelle, Lady Talayla. I do hope that I will be in attendance to any meeting regarding the Hostiles on Niveus and what will be done about it. But as it is, I am terribly busy." Then finally, in response to Eirene, she states, "In the medical profession, handling the injured and sometimes even the dead, is just a part of life. After a while, you become desensitized to the carnage, though without forgetting the patient you are treating." Taking a small nibble of her chocolately treat, she offers another polite smile up at Cynan as he decides to do the same, "These desserts are divine, My Lord." Now then! Soleil's words do seem to take hold of her full attention and here, Ariana nods slowly. "Ah that. We can speak about that later, if you wish." Her eyes now look toward the others gathered, not really wishing to pique their interest in this matter. Or does she. "I had already spoken to him." And then Devon speaks and the young Larent's lips purse, "Yes. If they ever do take the Ways, it will be disastrous."

Soleil offers a single-shouldered shrug at Ariana, apparently somewhat indifferent. Indifference is in her eyes and in her manner, as she walks off to a bench by the fountain which thereafter serves as a pedestal for her statue self. The cat thing is given a little lead, and he prowls around the area.

Eirene feels a little heat on her cheeks when Cynan corrects his title. The young noblewoman bows her head apologetically. "Well me, Sir Cynan Dalton." Fortunately, the moment is quick and her attention upon Devon takes center stage. Her older sister's embrace is welcomed and desired as the hug is returned more eagerly than the one received. Excitement courses through the songstress' body and she even giggles when Devon reminds her of the awkward and lanky teenage years. "Do not remind me, dear sister. I thought I would never grow into my arms and legs." Eirene admires the brilliant cyan hue and compliments Devon, "I am partial to this color. It reminds me of water. You know how fond I am of swimming and the sea." Those big warm eyes widen and soak Kadmus in. "Isn't this wonderful, brother? The three of us together like this?" Some say, she's a dreamer..

Percival returns after excusing himself for another conversation on that ear-piece, again very likely an update of some sort regarding the Titan's Wake and its repairs. He takes the opportunity, free of any immediate hangers on to hit one of the refreshment tables, pouring himself a drink and making a small plate, before wandering back to rejoin the gathering. His approach brings him back toward his daughter's side, seeing that Lady Eirene has drifted off to greet her siblings, occupying his subordinate as well. And by consequence, he finds Soleil there as well… or rather, he finds her wondering off. "What was that about?" he wonders.

Well, Ariana's recommendation is all it takes to motivate Cynan to take something, a bit of pastry, and lift it to his lips. There's no spoken comment as he takes a bit, but the momentary closing of his eyes and little approving nod makes his reaction to the dessert clear. It's short-lived, though, as Devon's words have a bit of a sobering impact. "Ah, indeed. To lose access to the Ways would be quite a blow, especially to those who dwell in the outlying settlements. We have vehicles available to evacuate them, of course, but such a process would be quite slow." To Ariana, he replies, "I question, however, whether it would be as disastrous as you say. Have our adversaries ever shown the slightest inclination to make /use/ of the Ways?" An eyebrow quirks upward as he takes another little bite of the dessert.

Oooh, this is awkward. She looks apologetic. "I'm very sorry," Talyala offers. Either she wasn't aware, or she didn't catch on for a bit. She was in seclusion for a long time, after all. She looks to Ariana and nods. "And I understand. I'm sure I can fetch a recording if you miss it," She smiles a little. She's trying to keep up, though it's a bit difficult. Her eyes widen as Soleil wanders off. "Um, I'm sorry! Please come by again soon…" She looks worried. "Shoot, I'm bad at this," She frowns. There's a glance back over. "I haven't heard of them using the Ways, for what that's worth." But otherwise, she is quiet, making sure the awkward doesn't get more than her own is and boggling briefly.

When Eirene accepts, and even returns the hug, the once-Volen feels a bit of relief pass through her. Kadmus may still be a monumental task toward approval, but her little sister has proven to be the forgivable type. She offers Eirene a warm smile that gently touches the windows of her eyes. "I have been staying at the Crescent as of late, in Volkan. There have been no Hostiles spotted on Ignis, so the Granthams have offered their assistance where they can. They—We," she hesitates. "Niveus has not required the Legion's assistance." Then she looks toward Talayla and offers the Orelle a gentle smile. "No, Haven has proven we will not surrender the Ways. An all-access pass to every city on Haven is just too dangerous to risk." She does glance toward where Lady Soleil has gone, though she does not offer anything in response to the Lord Larent's inquiry. Instead, she looks toward Cynan. "In that regard, it would be quite disastrous. Admiral Lee annihilated an entire world when the Hostiles capture a Fourth World Ways."

"Those are the reports I've been hearing as well." Kadmus nods to his sister Devon, "And speaking of… I should be preparing for my trip…" He says, turning to Eirene, "I'll be in Arboren for my first leg, please, feel free to come join me soon." He says with a smile, "I'll let them know to have quarters prepared for you as well." he turns to the others, "Lords, Ladies, if you'll forgive me, I have a schedule to keep." He gives a bright smile to the gathered.

Percival, being somewhat familiar with the military history of the Haven system, has a ready answer for Sir Cynan as he finds him there with his daughter, talking about the Hostiles and their tactics. "They used a waygate to reach the Primus during the first war," he notes. "So it is quite probable that a successful seizure of one of our waygates, anywhere, might result in an immediate invasion and create a potent beach-head for the Hostiles to base further assaults from. So long as we hold them to space for their assaults, the Navy provides a rather potent obstacle, capable of severely damaging and reducing any force they send before it can make landfall: as we did in the very fist attack." He nods toward Devon, who seems to have a similar thought. "A dual strategy of creating impenetrable strongpoints around the ways, and then diverting the rest of our resources toward our Naval strength, should serve to keep the enemy at bay."

When her father comes up to join her, Ariana graces him with a bright smile, informing him as she speaks, "Oh, just a little disagreement among friends. Nothing overly concerning." And with that, she shares this smile over to Soleil, the Larent's icy gaze following wherever it is the woman wanders to. While she is not militarily trained, Ariana still holds some interest in her father's work, so while she does not have much to add, she will at least listen to what is said. And what is now said, does seem like a troubling reality if one of their waygates is taken. In a side-conversation now, speaking more quietly, as she does not want to interrupt the important discussion at hand, she does note to Talayla, "That would be wonderful. Though, it's always a pleasure to listen to Lady Eirene live and in person."

Eirene turns to gently touch Kadmus' arm before he leaves. "I will plan to meet you there. I am looking forward to these travels. Thank you for thinking of me, brother." Devon is offered a smile once more, "How have you been finding your stay? You can always stay with us." She offers before getting permission, if one is needed. "It would be wonderful to spend some time together. I've been drowning myself in music and plays." As she would when feeling stressed or anxious. "Have you met Lady Ariana and Lady Talayla, Devon?"

"It is, after all, rather easy to forget things that took place a milennium ago." That is Cynan's more diplomatic response, and he lets the last word hang in the air for a moment as he finishes the last of his pastry. "You are quite correct, of course, Lord Larent. Though the Hostiles lack our… affinity for Waygate technology, there is quite substantial risk that a seizure of any given gate could grant them acess to strike with impunity throughout the system. Keeping them at bay is our highest priority." Dipping his head in a short nod, he adds, "Securing the gates has been our highest priority on Inculta, of course, along with protecting the essential infrastructure provided by the Temples of the Light. Were the Ring to lose its power…" His voice trails off. "Furthermore, we have taken care to extend our scouting network over as much of the world as we are able. If they strike, we will see them miles away."

"I am so getting a new source of information," Talayla looks awkward a moment. She listens though, to her dad's vassal peeps chat. She smiles, and waves to Kadmus. "Be well," She calls quietly. "It was a pleasure to see you." She looks to Eirene and Devon, before making sure no one's really left out or feeling unwelcome. She frowns at the idea of the Ring losing power. Home… without power. Not a mental image she wants.

"The Temples are perhaps one of the greatest targets on all the Lashes," Devon agrees with Cynan. "You may always count on Ignis for assistance should the Hostiles threaten your infrastructures, Sir Cynan. Please let your Aunt know this." Then she smiles kindly toward her sister, and she releases a slow exhale. "I would love to see Atlantis again, Eirene… but, I would have to ask… Father." Lord Volen's title is said somewhat dryly before she musters another smile. She does gently take her sister's hand in hers, offering her palm a squeeze. "Perhaps you will come visit with me in the Crescent. I have volunteered my services to the Khournas."

"Nubilus' environment poses certain advantages but also curious difficulties," Percival replies toward Cynan, as he speaks of his moon. "We heard early on of landings, but due to the danger of the environment below the clouds, it is unclear what has become of them. With their cybernetic enhancements, it is possible some have survived the toxic low atmosphere, but the mountains are also difficult to navigate without appropriate transports and our own gliders patrol with great agility at Cloud level. The cities themselves are well defended, and obviously the gates within. I would like to account for every one of them that has ever touched down on my moon, but it might be impossible. Some might be loss forever in the deepest valleys, or remain hidden until they finally emerge. Otherwise, my attention is in space, to help prevent future landings."

Ariana offers Kadmus a parting nod of acknowledgment and deference followed by a small smile as he departs, before her attention once more focuses on the talks of these Hostiles and the defense of the Lashes. Overhearing the words said between sisters, the Larent maiden moves to join Eirene and Devon, greeting them both with that same polite smile and nod of the head, "Why yes, Lady Devon and I have worked side by side on several occasions. Usually in some medbay or triage. I just know that we shall be working together far more frequently from now on." Finishing off her bit of chocolate, she daintily dabs her fingertips upon a handkerchief.

Eirene is happy to be in her sister's company without overshadowing the conversations. She listens to Cynan, Percival, and Ariana a bit before she replies. "I would love to come and spend some time with you, Devon. Perhaps we can schedule something for when I return from Arborenin."

"I am sure that the Lady Dalton will be most pleased to hear your offer of assistance, Lady Devon. Speaking for myself alone, it is appreciated tremendously." Lips pressing together as his eyes rest on Devon's squarely for a long moment, he adds, "And I will add that the offer is entirely reciprocated. Should you be threatened on Ignis, our blades will be at your service." Dipping his head in acknowledgment to Percival, he replies, "Much as I would like to scour them entirely from Inculta, to ensure that every last scout is destroyed before they can pose the slightest of threats to our settlements. But it is a question of priorities, no? So long as our people are safe, I am content for the moment, and it seems that they are protected for the moment."

Talayla is quiet, but she seems happy the meeting is going well enough. She will sip something cool and fizzy, listening. She seems quietly pleased that things are going well. "Haven't they been rumored to have landed in multiple places? I need a new gossipmonger," She sighs softly. "But I am glad everyone can look after one another."

The young Grantham widow softens with a gentle, tranquil smile for Cynan. "Thank you for that, Sir Cynan. The Granthams have always found the Servants of Light to be friends, and I'm sure that we will accept whatever aid you offer should it be required." Ah, diplomacy and political maneuvering. Devon appears to be quite savvy in that regard. Then she smiles toward Talayla, offering her a gentle tip of her chin. "You are quite right, Lady Talayla. The Valen have already crossed paths with an attack unit, and Young Lady Khournas has been scouting frequently around the Crescent, though there have only been minor skirmishes so far."
Devon smiles to Eirene, giving her hand a squeeze. "It is a date, Sister."

Percival does seem to agree with Cynan, nodding once. "And as I said, the two firstmost must be the defense of the ways and space supremacy, at whatever is required for both those goals. However, lingering hostile forces do concern me, since their presence might pose yet unknown risks, particularly with any technologies they have developed since the last war. So that would seem a good second-tier focus, after our primary two defensive lines."

Having spent much of the engagement listening to water trickle from the fountain, for all anyone can tell, Soleil eventually rises. She goes to bid Talayla farewell, following social decorum despite it being an old friend and cousin, and excuses herself by saying she has to take Toka back to the biosphere project where he plays top of the food chain. She and the cat slip away.

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