05.31.3013: Opiate For The Masses
Summary: Nitrim invites Ariana and friends to a club. There are drugs. There is discomfort. There is gossip.
Date: 31 May 2012
Related: Follows A Matter Of Hospitality by one hour.
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A private suite at a nightclub - Inculta
May 31, 3013

A few messages sent, a few hours delay, and some travel through the Ways and Lord Nitrim Khournas makes his way to Inculta. He takes a private transport with his bodyguard through the sandy streets at dark to one of the nightclubs that are deep within the city. Having already arranged, he taps out a few quick messages, sending and invite to Lady Ariana Larent to meet him with whoever she pleases at a private suite that overlooks the dance floor of a club.

Quickly passing the line of people waiting to get in, Nitrim wades through the sea of people with his dark sunglasses on to the lifts in the back, shows his identification, and steps inside. When the doors open he is led to a door down the hall that opens with a dull, faded boom of techno-industrial music and flashing lights made dim by the slightly opaque wall screen. His bodyguard takes stance at a chair on the other side of the door to let his guests in as Nitrim finds a low-seating chair, lights a cigarette, and pours himself a stiff drink. Eyes over the audience below, he scans their writhing, dancing bodies…and waits.

In the first hour or so after their invitation to stay at Detritus, Ariana Larent and her friends and companions are treated to a lovely little tour. Or it was a lovely enough tour for the Larentian Lady, though some of the others in her party may not have taken a liking to the landmarks of places of interest of this particular moon, but truthfully, there would be something of interest for everyone. Having received word of Nitrim's arrival to the moon, Ariana, herself, is a little wary of the address given, but lures her friends out anyway towards this club.

Still in her deep cyan hued gown, Ariana now leads the group up the stairs to the appointed private room to note that the Khournas Lord is already here. With a polite curtsey, despite the environment, she speaks out towards the young Lord, "Lord Nitrim, I'm glad that you were able to make it and I'm certain that Lord Keanen is glad as well. Tell me, why do you know about nightclubs in Inculta, but have never stepped foot on Nubilus before?"

Soleil didn't want a tour of the damn house. She hasn't quite stifled herself enough to find that kind of thing fun, and while Ariana can pretend interest, she's been living in grand houses and palaces her entire life and would be more apt to fill th tour with outrageously false, overwrought praise just for her own amusement, and that would hardly fix relations. She's annoyed. She's annoyed at being compelled to do anything she doesn't want to do by someone who isn't even a flipping relative. So…she goes to her room instead, smokes a while, leaves a colorful limerick burned into the old world wood of the bed just beneath the mattress, and then sets out.

Receiving Ariana's message about where to meet and groaning over the fact it's a nightclub, she nevertheless manages to arrive about five minutes after the rest of the group. She is still in her black desert robe, but has her cowl wrapped around her neck and trailing excess fabric behind her. Her platinum hair is wind-whipped and whisps of the violet ends cling to her cheeks, as, evidently, she at some point got entirely doused by water.

Keanen didn't bring a change of clothes, but that's okay. He's dressed casual enough. His tunic has been loosened up a bit, showing more of his chest, and he has the center of his long hair pulled into a high pony tail. He wanders in after Soleil, looking around with a big grin. "This place is fantastic!" He makes his way to the windows overlooking all the dancers. He's surveying the crowd like an animal looking for his prey.

"I didn't. I made a few inquiries before leaving Landing, My Lady." Nitrim replies as he rises from his chair and turns to face the others. One side of his mouth tugs into a smile and he bows his head to them with a stem of etiquette and social affection. Making sure to adjust the dark glasses over his eyes after stubbing out his cigarette, he steps closer and motions to the rack of drinks along the wall. "There aren't many places of refuge that aren't loaded down with house spies and prying. In a pinch, these private suites are a godsend. Please, make yourselves comfortable, though I'm afraid you'll have to suffer the music. Still yet, it's good to see you again, truly."

His head dips just a little to glance over Ariana's form, then turns to look to Soleil and stops. A moment of recognition crosses his features, which results in another bow of his head. He smiles again to Soleil and Keanen in recognition and turns to give them the run of the room. "I'm glad you like it, Lord Keanen. It's expensive, but the drinks are paid for…and Lady Soleil, we're what now, two-for-two for meeting in dark places. I'm starting to think neither of us ever see daylight."

Why is she here. Oh gods. The colors. The noises. The people dancing like they're covered in fire ants and being electrocuted. Talayla looks like she's overwhelmed and wanting to crawl under a rock and hide. As it sits, she seems to shrink down, uneasy and bewildered. They hunt by sight right!? If she stays small, unrecognizable (She would keep her hood up if she could) and doesn't move more than she needs to as she follows, she should be a-okay.

"Ehn." Soleil is getting her e-cig out but can't seem to get it to work as she crosses the room. Looking across at Nitrim she offers a little shrug of her shoulder, her pale skin speaking for itself. "I spent a good 8 years on the Ring," she says before tossing her ruined device away from her, randomly. "It's always night there somewhere." She settled in a large chair, a mixture of casual damn-it-all and exquisite elegance, much like a panther is a mixture of deadly predator and adorable kitty.

"So, keen to see you again, Kean," she says to her old friend. "Most of you anyway, where did you leave your arm?"

When Soleil enters the room with Keanen following behind her, Ariana decides to comment, "You missed quite an enjoyable tour, My Lady. That is, unless you have already seen what Detritus has to offer. I did expect Inculta to be a little hot for my taste, but the evenings are certainly nice and cool." In response to Keanen's remark of approval toward this place, the Larentian lady is quick to state, "Thank Lord Nitrim Khournas for this then. I informed him that you may be looking for a nightclub to spend the time at, as we will be here til morning, and he came through with… this." It is obvious that Ariana, herself, isn't too enthused by the loud music and everything that is going on around her.

Returning to Nitrim, she graces him with just a hint of a smile, "I apologize for calling you all the way out here, especially in these crucial moments before the big invasion. I didn't truly expect that you would come, but it is nice to see you again as well." When her eyes flicker over at the timid little Talayla's overwhelmed form, she takes steps towards the Orelle, sensing that she may be one of the more responsible nobles here and with Talayla being a part of her Paramount House, she knows full well that she should ensure that the young noble is protected. "Have you been to a club like this, My Lady? It does remind me of a few places back on the Ring."

Keanen laughs, and he turns to look at Nitrim, "Thank you, Lord. This'll do just fine!" He pulls from his pocket a small leather pouch. As he talks, he opens it. "A cliffside on Nubilus." He glances at Soleil, shrugging a little as he removes the hypospray from the pouch and loads it. "Took a dive in a glider. Didn't end well." He looks at Talayla, "Hey Talayla, relax a bit. Enjoy the music. Dance." He chuckles, "Find a fella." Looking back at Soleil, he offers the hyper spray. "I have enough, babe."

Wait. What. Tayala kind of just watches it all, uncertain of what to make of all of this. She shakes her head at Soleil. "No. I do not like them. They are noisy, full of weird substances, some more biological than not, they make my head hurt and people are frantically putting on mating displays like sex crazed weasels." Pause. "But they are happy and that is plenty. I am glad to hear you talk and socialize," She smiles a little. She looks sympathetic to Keanan, though, wait, what. Spray? What are they? And Tal is going to pretend she's not seeing anything. She looks faintly puzzled, but smiles weakly at the group. "Sorry. It is - not my thing." There's an apologetic look. "… but then, I suspect you would be bored to tears quietly trimming plants."

Nitrim's lips part to match Ariana's smile, letting show a brief moment of attraction to match the shrug of his shoulder. "Don't think that if you weren't in trouble I wouldn't come, Lady Ariana. A few hours of my time and thousands of miles traveled through the Ways, or the money it took to reserve this room are a small, small pittance." He brings his glass of bourbon to his lips for a drink and then sets it on a table. "Besides. I'm getting plenty out of this visit in terms of satisfaction. I'm hearing some strange rumors and I just might be rescuing you lot from an awkward evening."

With the edge of his hand casually resting on the hilt of his sword, Nitrim doesn't seem the slightest bothered by Keanen's open use of narcotics. "Lady Talayla, you're free to be who you want here, so goes for the rest of you. Drink, relax, do whatever the fuck you please. We're noble blooded and not a single soul here is going to check our bloodstream before we return home or at the Ways." He moves to one of the chairs, sets his sword at the edge of it, and sits back, head turned to the ceiling. One of his long legs stretches out before him in a display of tension-breaking relaxation. "Is there anything in particular that any of you need?"

Soleil is rarely rattled, and rarer still does she show it, but the offer of the hypo has her shifting uncomfortably in her chair, and there's a pause before she declines it. Then she's patting herself down, sure she has another one of those e-things on her. "Keen to see you again, Kean. Lose anything else important?" The question is spoken with an air of distraction, as if the autopilot has taken over.

Ariana allows one of her brows to arch gracefully, though hinting at some of her curiosity when she listens to Nitrim speak. "You are very kind as always, My Lord. Unfortunately, I do not intend to stay long." And though Nitrim may not mind or be disturbed by the open drug use going on at the moment, the Larent maiden doesn't seem all that pleased by it, though she simply must roll her eyes at such indescrection. Then again, they are in their own private room.

"Pay no attention to them, Lady Talayla." She clearly states, partially stepping forward as if to block the young noble's view from such filthy things. Her own eyes are cast out into the distance to view the dancers below with a look of disapproval. "I am merely here to ensure that Lord Keanen and whomever wishes to remain, will have a wonderful time in Inculta. I mean, he did come due to my invitation and things didn't end the way I had expected." Those lips purse into a sullen pout when she casts her gaze at Nitrim, "Oh? It was no big deal actually, but we are here as part of our Guestright for our… or my, formal visit with House Dalton."

From the scene on the dancefloor, Ariana allows her gaze to shift about the room once again and this time her focus remains on Nitrim for a long moment, watching him with a piercing intensity, especially after he lets a curse 'slip'. It's not that she's unused to hearing such things thrown about so carelessly, but it is almost as if the word was totally unexpected. Still, she does not say anything and this time, her gazes goes back to poor Talayla.

On one hand, Talayla is and does seem genuinely happy for people. That much is obvious. She quietly pretends not to see the use of the hypo. "I am glad people enjoy themselves here," She offers quietly. There's a polite smile as she listens. "And aye, you are kind to invite us along and share. You guys must have certainly negotiated well," She considers. She blinks at Ariana, then smiles faintly. "It's alright. I hope you all do have fun," She offers quietly. "And I was sad they didn't notice I accepted," She frowns. "Maybe I should sign on as a scout… I'm very sneaky, I suppose." She's being wry. She says nothing for now. She just looks a little - a lot - out of her element. Much like trying to get a platypus to do improv dance.

Keanen furrows his brow a little bit at Soleil's refusal, "Sure?" He casually presses it to his neck, and with a hiss, he injects himself. As he does so, his whole body tenses, he lifts a bit onto his toes and his chin raises, eyes rolling back and closing in a moment that clearly brings him some form of incredibly pleasurable release. He sighs, slowly recovering, and then he returns the hypospray to the pouch. "And no," he laughs, "I didn't lose anything else important." He walks over to her, standing just inside her personal space. "Well, I don't think I did." He smiles, his lazy eyes looking directly into hers with a flirty little smirk. His cybernetic hand reaches up and, if she allows, innocently caresses her cheek. "Maybe you could check?"

The muscles in Nitrim's neck tighten as he lifts his head from the cushions of the chair. He centers his gaze once again on Ariana, though his eyes are obscured, and watches her quietly. He brushes a gloved hand through his short, blonde hair and rises. He turns his attention to the opaque wall and the dance floor below, Keanen, the hypospray, Soleil's discomfort, and then finally Talayla. A sudden moment of social awareness creeps over his throat at the sound of Keanen's injection, which prompts him to offer Talayla his arm to lead her back over to Ariana. His jaw tightens as he centers an almost guilty frown to her. "I apologize. Perhaps next time the balcony on a hotel would be better." He looks back to Keanen and Soleil, then back to Talayla and Ariana.

"HAha," Soleil says, looking up at Keanen with an arch, slightly wicked curve to her lips, just like old times. "I wouldn't know if anything were different, would I, love?" She gives up on her personal search for a cig and launches from her chair, evading Keanen and all his sinful offers. Walking to the window that overlooks the dancefloor, she exhales on it so she can write 'fuck you all' backwards for the people below.

"Been there. Been everywhere," she says as her almost razor sharp fingernail makes elegant widow calligraphy.

"I am - not one to deprive others of joy," Talayla admits. "I didn't want to ditch everyone," She's - sort of poking her head out of a shell. Though, she is a snail and the night club is a salt maze. Her eyes widen a bit at Keanen's flirting with Sol. Oooh my. Though, there's a sympathetic look briefly. Still, she seems equally curious about what Nitrim and Ariana are thinking, perhaps. "Huh? Thank you. If you're sure. Worst case scenario, I just hop around like I'm on fire to the exit," See? Tal has night clubs on /lock down/. She does carefully accept the arm and notes wryly, "Perhaps. I've already mucked up on meeting this day. Is there something else you enjoy doing, perhaps? I don't know…" She would be alright with something Nitrim and Ariana like. Maybe. Ish.

With her back towards Keanen and Soleil, Ariana has no idea what those two are up to, but once Soleil rises from her seat, making her way towards the window which the tall Larentian's gaze soon enough focuses on, Ariana cannot help but looks just a touch dismayed by the Sauveur's actions. "Was that truly necessary, My Lady?" Her chin does lift, however, to view whether any of the dancers below had taken note of the message on the glass. Her gaze then finds Talayla once more as Nitrim leads the girl over, "Did you wish for anything to drink, My Lady? I almost feel that I could use one after today." When the Orelle asks her question to Nitrim, Ariana simply quiets down to hear the man's response, though she is standing near the bar.

Keanen laughs as Soleil slips away, "You ain't been EVERYwhere," he tells her, with a smirk. He shrugs, and then moves over to the others. "So tell me. Talayla, right?" He smiles friendly to her, "Do you dance?"

No longer smirking, it isn't that the joy has left Nitrim, but that something far more quiet and contemplative has taken his expressions over. "No, no, Lady Talayla, you haven't damaged anything, not at all." He says into the distance, watching Soleil write her message to the masses and the flirtation from Keanen. He takes in a slow breath, coughs to the side, and turns to Talayla. "You're not ditching, nor are you doing anything wrong. Neither of you are. We are a diverse population…that is all. Diverse and conflicted." He breathes in and scratches his temple with his free hand, drilling his mind through the discomfort the two of them seem to be feeling.

"Perhaps Lady Ariana is right, a drink. I've traveled tonight and am distracted." He tries to slip his arm free from Talayla's, turning as if intending to pour drinks at request. "But since this was my idea, perhaps I should be asking you what you would like to do?"

"Places like this make Tally's head vibrate," Soleil notes, which might seem a touch unfair as she's hardly seen her cousin in a decade. "She's out of step with everyone but I am sure someone, somewhere, is playing her song." It's a weird mixture of criticism and kindness— if anyone can catch the hinted sympathy at the very end of it.

To Ariana, Soleil says, "Yes, it's absolutely imperative everyone down there knows." She doesn't clarify what they need to know that 'fuck you all' told them. Ah, she's just as confusing when she's stone cold sober, it turns out.

It's not that Ariana looks out of place here. She is comfortable and confident in herself, even if the look of displeasure that she may cast from time to time is far too evident when those vibrant eyes of hers begin to narrow and her lips form a disapproving pout. "With how loud that they feel the music /must/ be, I would expect that places like this would make everyone's head vibrate." She tosses out with a lilting sigh that can be heard in her voice. She does not disagree, however, that the young Orelle is out of step with everyone else. "I would like a glass of white wine, please, My Lord. It may soothe my nerves somewhat." Oh so curiously now, Ariana's eyes first move to Keanen, when the young Arboren Lord decides to ask poor Talayla for a dance, though with the returned question from Nitram, this does pique her own curiosity of the eccentric young lady in their company.

Maybe. Or she's a cosmic anomaly. She blinks, noticing the message on the glass. "Well, honesty is often one of Lady Soleil's finer points," She hides a smile. She follows along, lead over by Nitrim. "Just something light, please." If anyone pays attention, Talayla has a distinct dislike of not being entirely in control of her senses. "I didn't mean to appear so fragile," She pauses. She's tough! Like a BADGER! … just … maybe not in social situations … "Thank you." There's a pause at Keanen's question. Does … she dance… "Not really. There are many styles of dance." Pause. Wait. Is this one of those mating display things? Think Talayla THINK. She squints at Keanen a moment, not maliciously, more as if he were a specimen in a jar. Hmmhmmhmmhm… "I like to watch dancers. But I feel like a large sea mammal trying to do choreography when I try." She's earnest. "And it feels wrong to say yes to someone who has been more interested in Lady Soleil." Talayla DOES march to a distant drum with some strange, abstract beat. She looks to Nitrim and nods. Then an amused look at Soleil. "That's one way to put it," She just agrees. "How are you all holding up?"

Keanen smiles widely at Talayla, "MORE interested? My dear, I'm equally fascinated by all three of you beautiful ladies." He bounces a little, "Sol and I just used to be friends, is all." He shrugs, and then extends his hand to Ariana. "You," he says to her, with a bit of bravado. "Come with me downstairs and dance." He gives her a bit of a puppy dog face.

"Maybe it's like Lady Soleil says My Lady Talayla, somebody somewhere is likely playing your tune, and there'll be a dance involved in that." Nitrim comments over his back while he sets aside two wine glasses. In each, he pours an expensive, white whine. After returning the bottle to its upright position, he delivers the glasses to Ariana and Talayla. One-by-one he tugs at the tips of his gloves until his hands are bared, and the gloves are stuffed into the inner-pocket of his jacket. His grins broadly to Keanen, nodding his head upwards towards the window. "Lord Keanen, I do believe I saw a girl with brown hair and a tattoo that ran down her neck, the side of her body, all the way down to a scandalously short skirt somewhere near the bar." It's probably true. "And she's been dancing all night."

"Pardon me, ladies…." Nitrim slides back a step and reaches for his glass, heading towards the washroom. As he walks, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out what appears to be a bottle of cleansing eye-drops. The door is left open just a crack as he pulls his sunglasses off, his back to the door.

"You always did cast your net too wide," Soleil says to Keanen, turning her back to the window and leaning against it, no concern that she might fall out into space. Glass doesn't break beneath the weight of girls in this day and age. "I consider myself a dish for the discerning and the determined connoisseur."

At this point she just happens to have her attention caught by Nitrim and his discrete bottle, which causes her to emit a barely audible sigh and let her head fall back against the glass, her eyes closing. She's familiar with it all.

When Talayla speaks, Ariana merely watches the young Orelle with something akin to quiet fascination. Especially, when she responds to Keanen's offer to dance. "I suppose this is your first time being in Lord Keanen's company, Lady Talalya? Lord Keanen is sure to find interest in many different women throughout the night." Though when this same offer is now extended towards her, Ariana merely releases an airy 'hah', before clearly stating, "When have I ever answered to 'You', My Lord." She then pauses to take a glance over her shoulder and view all of the bodies of writhing, sweaty dancers on the dance floor. "I'm afraid that this is not my particular style of dance. If you asked me at a formal engagement, in a ballroom, I may very well accept your offer, Lord Keanen." Those words said and puppy dog look ignored, Ariana returns to Nitrim when he passes along the two glasses of wine. Taking hers delicately in hand, she offers her thanks, before taking a much needed sip. The Khourni's excusing of himself doesn't raise any concerns for the Larentian, seemingly delighted to be somewhat lost in her drink.

Keanen pauses, and there's just a moment where Keanen is actually a little caught off guard by Ariana. His brow lifts a little, "I… I'll remember that." And he smiles a little, as if he just scored her vidscreen frequency. He turns around and moves to the window, hopping up onto the sill, standing over Soleil and he looks out at the dance floor as he speaks to her. "I'm discerning. And you KNOW I'm persistent." He glances her way, "I just know you'd rather wait for something better." He shrugs, "It's okay." And he tosses her a wink, "But I do miss when you weren't grown up so much." He offers a wicked smile, and then he finishes unbuttoning his doublet, revealing his toned chest and abs. He leaps, backflipping off the windowsill with a shouted, "Whoop!" Then he claps his hands together and heads for the door to the stairs.

Poor Keanen. Talayla looks sympathetic. "I see. Too many askings and the essence is gone. Well…" She can grasp that. She smiles back at Keanen. "That is kind of you to say." She seems fond enough of the chap. She's just a very, very odd girl. "Could be. Then I wonder why no one has put an arrow in their instrument?" She's got a wry sense of humor. "Thank you, my Lord," She nods to Nitrim. She seems respectful and there's bound to be something resembling a normal teenager somewhere in there. She nods at Nitrim, surely. She doesn't seem to say much one way or another on the eye drops. She tilts her head towards Ariana. "Sort of. I saw him at a tournament event or two," She offers quietly. "I did not want to hurt his feelings," She admits. A look over between her and Keanen. Oh my. She just smiles. "Have fun!" She waves to Keanan. Pause. "… it's like mating displays for people! Except with frilly shirts instead of big tails. Well, no, maybe if they have skirts…" Oh boy. She's a nerd, too.

Turning on the faucet, Nitrim slips his sunglasses into his pocket and turns his eyes to the mirror. The faint signs of red-rims are around his eyes, having turned the whites a light shade of pink. For the moment, he stares at himself until he finally tilts his head back and drops two drops from the bottle in each eye. He blinks away the tears and lowers his eyes back to the mirror to find that the red is receding to leave a pair of eyes that look slightly glassed, as if drunk. The drops can't mask the dark circles under his eyes, but he would have to survive them.

When Nitrim leaves the washroom, he collides shoulder-to-shoulder with Keanen, letting out a grunt as he turns to deflect the worst of it. "Have fun, Lord Keanen. We'll be here. Remember…she's by the bar." He watches the man leave and is very careful to avoid direct eye contact with the others while he reaches for his bourbon. The few precious seconds would be enough to let the drops do their work. The glass is brought to his lips and he looks to the window to the crowd below. For once Nitrim doesn't know what to say. "I promise you all…I'll be have appropriately."

"Well you'll have to mate with someone sometime," Sol tells Talayla after she gives Keanen a penetrating look. "We all do. You may as well start practicing or you'll end up like Lyrienne." Her penetrating look now lands on Nitrim, who may or may not feel uncomfortable under it though many others often do. "Why clubs? Why do we always come to places like this? Does infinite space really offer us nothing better?" Uhhhhoh. Ariana might have seen these moods before. Soleil is getting dark.

Relishing in the flavor of her wine, Ariana turns to watch the Arboren Lord's antics before he makes his way out the door to join the dancers down below. In a matter-of-fact tone, she outwardly muses, "I can't understand why anyone would want their personal space invaded so violently in that manner. It looks horrific down there." And yet, she continues to watch, waiting until Keanen is in view from her vantage point. "Is there really a girl with a tattoo near the bar? I mean anyone specifically or were you being vague, Lord Nitrim?" Slowly, she turns back to the Khourni Lord noting his return. Though it is Soleil's bit of outburst that captures her full attention. At first, she finds humor admist the vulgarity of the mention of mating being thrown around, but at some of the Sauveur's cattiness, she does slowly smile. Still, she does note Soleil's change in mood, but rather than do anything to help lighten it, she merely awaits for some sort of response.

Mercifully, Talayla doesn't think to try to look at Nitrim's eyes. She's horribly, horribly distracted. A pause at Nitrim's words. "Well. I suspect dancing and or drinking would be appropriate here, depending on if one wants to enjoy them." There's an owlish blink at Soleil. "…" A wince at the Lyrienne comment. "There are plenty of fish in the sea," That's cryptic. "I was going to have tea and find some plants. I guess my fun is a bit slower paced, but…" Surely she likes SOME excitement? She cuts herself off though. She peers down as Ariana does. "Maybe it's the intimacy they want. I guess it makes some people tingly. But then, so does electricity." Oh goodness. She's analytical. Perhaps disturbingly so. Hmm. Pause. She peers at Soleil. "Infinite space is what you make of it. We could see the stars, though, like I said, my fun is kind of slow." Shrug. "Or see what Lord Nitrim knows about this place or umm…"

"No." Nitrim replies with a sharp grin to Ariana. "But with the AMP in his system I'm sure he's got the energy to spend a very long time looking for her. Still, that probably describes half of a dozen women down there." His head tips back the last of the bourbon as he comes to a stop beside Ariana, empty glass in hand. His slightly wrecked eyes meet Soleil's stare unwaveringly. Though many often feel unfomfortable under her stare, he's got plenty of experience with his own demons.

"If you're not entirely sure what you're looking for, infinite space is nothing less than suffocating. But…" Nitrim quirks a brow before dragging his attention from Soleil to Talayla and Ariana. "…all practicing aside there's something fascinating about watching them." He nods upwards, motioning to the window. "Like the lights outside of my window back home. They're lives of the people we theoretically control. Sure, these aren't our people, or our lives to affect, but pending marriage arrangements they could be." He pauses, letting that settle in. "Did the Daltons invite all of you ladies personally?"

"There used to be this place on the old Earth called Eden, and allegedly it had the perfect ecosystem. An ecosystem so perfect that no one ever died, or got bored. And here I am, 19, and bored. Because we're so far from Eden in every way." Soleil leaves the window at last and walks over to Nitrim, pausing a moment to peer into his eyes, her head tilted back a little. She only resumes talking when she's done, pouring herself a drink of the wine. "I wouldn't call that an invitation. I thought we were about to be held hostage and ransomed off. I have never seen guestright used as an excuse to be rude. Stuffy old fucks. You should tell Uncle Ilo, Tally, to remind them of their place."

Talayla smiles faintly. "True," She nods to Nitrim, thoughtful. Actually, she doesn't seem to figure much of any arrangement for herself. She is to be the odd spinster aunt, perhaps. She listens to Soleil, and offers softly, "But then one day, a king wanted his wife to be happy, so he built an unimaginably beautiful hanging garden for her and his people. They made their own Eden. I think I'd be okay with that," She offers. She frowns. "We went to visit. I didn't think it would have ended that way," She admits quietly. "I suspect they are more traditional and sticklers because if people get offended," A handwave. "Though, it would be wise to run damage control on the rumors, I suppose…"

"Right, My Lady. And I don't see anyone willingly spending time near a live electric current." Ariana cannot help but add with a touch of humor in her tone. A very, very light touch. When Nitrim comes and joins her place near the bar, she greets him with a quaint smile before she takes another small sip of her wine glass. Her gaze is once more cast down into the dancing crowd to note the Arboren mingling within. "He seems to be enjoying himself, but this place. He is currently in his element. Which I do find odd, as he grew up in the Arborenin Woods and this atmosphere is so much different than I would expect to find there. She then half-turns to regard some of which the Khournas Lord now says and once more her attention is drawn back to the dancing mass as if trying to find something interesting or intruiging about it all, but failing to do so. "Perhaps if one of them accidentally bumped into another and they broke out into a fight. That /might/ be a little entertaining." Quietly, she hears Soleil out, when she mentions this place called Eden and then her attention turns to Talayla when she speaks of a new Eden. A different Eden. Much of this, she had heard about before. "I, for one, am not a fan of places such as this and I would prefer an Eden. A place of natural beauty and serenity. Then again, I think of my home in the very same way…"

At the talk of the Dalton's, however, Ariana shakes her head quickly to Nitrim, "I had actually asked to arrange a meeting with them so that we may cooperate and share our plans, as a way to be on the same page as what the other Houses are doing in preparation for this Hostile Invasion. Not everyone was their formally, however. Like Lord Keanen, who joined us because of his acquaintance with Lady Soleil and myself. So it truly was not fair for everyone, that I do admit."

"Then I assure you, that each and every one of you wouldn't prefer Volkan. It's not a garden. It has it's beauty, but it's not this Eden that you speak of. When it rains over Obsidia, in some parts, the water hisses when it hits the ground." Nitrim replies to the three of them, once again meeting Soleil's gaze. As if anticipating what she's looking at, he widens his eyes just a little. See? All better now…

Now it is Nitrim's turn to refill his drink, as he turns and heads to the wetbar and drops two cubes into his tumbler and reaches for the bottle of bourbon. "If it would please Lady Ariana, I could pay to incite a fight." He muses as he pours, and then continues. "I'm sorry things turned difficult for the three of you, intended or not. I've got a feeling that as the days tick by life is going to get far more interesting and, as Lady Soleil put it, mating will be of question. Resources will grow finite, as will our numbers. Our houses will manuever and try to build alliances." He turns his back to the wall and leans against it so that he can scan their faces. "Truly, if there was anything I could do to hedge your bets, I would."

"What a gentleman," Soleil opines with a small, mildly dark smile at Nitrim. She doesn't so much as take a sip of her wine, instead cradling the glass for something to do with her hands. "My mother was into that stuff. Edens. Perfect systems. She thought it was better to leave Haven and start again somewhere else. She always had this idea that there was something better somewhere if we'd just look for it."

Talayla just smiles at that. She greets Lord Nitrim with a nod. She, for her part, listens. She seems more at ease when she's a bit quiet. There's a pause at the mention of fighting. Then a frown. "How would we know…?" She sips her own drink and shakes her head. "I think we'd feel bad if your reputation got damaged, too." She sighs. "I… figured it could not hurt to be social…" And yet, there it is. She smiles to Nitrim. "I think I'd like to see it. I promised Mister Noire if I learn to fight, I'd talk to one of their blacksmiths." She actually seems just fine with most of those folks, really. She ttakes another sip. "It happens. They didn't really notice I accepted. It would not be the first time, nor the last. Perhaps I should have said something. I am still unsure if I wish to devote myself to rearing fish and brewing or to fighting," She admits. "I will simply continue to treat people with kindness and work hard." She tilts her head, listening for now

"I am certain that Volkan has it's own beauty. Something which we spoke about briefly during your stay on Nubilus, My Lord." Ariana speaks out, her bright eyes lifting to meet with Nitrim's now. "Just as Inculta has its own beauty, even if it simply covered in sand. The night sky is beautiful. Many of the architecture. And then there is this place." She quickly adds in, "Do not get me wrong, Lord Nitrim, I do greatly appreciate you finding this club for Lord Keanen. I know that he was quite put off after our meeting with the representatives of House Dalton. It's just that, this place isn't for me." She then blinks at Soleil, "Leave Haven? Would there truly be somewhere more beautiful? Why, Nubilus is beautiful all its own and many places on Imperius as well." Now, when Talayla starts up to speak, it is Ariana who quiets down to listen to the young woman with a piqued curiosity once more. She finally adds, "This issue with House Dalton will be soon enough forgotten, it is time that the Houses united. Which is why we paid Inculta a visit in the first place."

At being called a gentleman, Nitrim brushes his hand from his chest to the air before him, much in the same way that one would extend their hand when asking for the next dance. "Don't think I don't know that I'm the same sort of commodity, my lady." He sidelongs to her quietly and matter-of-factly.

"I rather enjoyed Nubilus, Lady Ariana. There's plenty of sky everywhere and your Sky Castle sits directly on top of every last bit of it. If it wouldn't distress your Lady Sister, I'd ask to visit more frequently, but I do hope to see you in Volkan, all of you. After tonight I'll be heading back home for a few days before traveling again, pending demands that I stay." Nitrim adds, pausing for a sip from his drink.

The discussion continued for an hour or so— talk of terraforming, distant worlds where no thousand year wars were waged, the virtues of night clubs and gardens. Below, Keanen danced feverishly and eventually found something young and pliant to lead off, while above, in the noble suite, the three youths gradually fell silent, their thoughts on the past, present, and the unknown future.

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