06.07.3013: Only Imagination and Undergarments
Summary: Sophie all but bumps into Densoric, Sammel, and Johana. Fruit is eaten, and imagination runs wild.
Date: 07 June 2013
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The Bazaar - Blue District, The Ring
Stepping off the lift and into the Blue District is almost like stepping into another world. The senses are assaulted with a complexity of scents, sights, and sounds. Light that abscribes to the same hours as the rest of the Ring glows from insets in the dark metal ceilings. The Bazaar is one of the central hubs of the Blue District — also known as the Entertainment District. There are dozens of shops and emporiums that clutter around the outer edge of the bazaar with stands and kiosks making organized chaos of its center. There are some shops that have been there for generations, including the famous — if not a little infamous — Gregor's Strange Meats. This is the place to find the weird and the bizarre. It is known that the Blue District hosts the impoverish and underworldly inhabitants of the Ring, making it not only the most mystifying but also the most dangerous district on the space station. There are several corridor-like thoroughfares that branch off from the Bazaar, leading deeper into the District.
07 June 3013

The time is early afternoon, and the place is the bustling rowdy Bazaar on The Ring. Sophie shuffles lightly through the mass of people, the bright lights and deafening sounds, wearing clothing that could easily confuse her for a common Citizen. A distinguishing feature or two might hint at otherwise however, as she holds a sheathed dagger at her belt. Even more revealing, a large man with scars on his face and gray eyes walks beside her, his left hand resting on the pommel of a heavy sword. They make their way through the district, the petite woman's amber eyes flickering to and fro with obvious interest at the multitude of shoppers and vendors on display.

It's not the place in the Haven system one usually finds the second son of the Knight Commander, but even so, it's where Sammel is at the moment. Carrying a short sword with him at the moment, the Cindravale knight is looking at the sights rather carefully. Humming a little bit to himself, his steps takes him in Sophie's general direction, although he may or may not know that yet.

Standing at one of the kiosks is a tall young man looking over the goods available. The mildly formal garb leaves little doubt this individual is a nobleman, or at least an aristocrat that thinks very highly of themself. The abundance of cyan and dark turquoise however will reveal the truth to anyone with knowledge of the colors of the various Houses. Dropping a few points to the merchant and taking a peach in hand the dark-haired nobleman turns and strolls along as though window shopping, casually taking bites of the peach. Densoric's ice blue eyes scans the area with curiosity more then real interest as he eats. Anyone who follows the Larent family or knows any of its members well would at least know the name of Lord Densoric larent, nephew of Lord knight Percival and the cousin to Veryna and Ariana. The faint scar on his head may also help in identification as anyone who has bothered to ask what Densoric looks like knows about the scar, whether they know the story of how he got it or not.

Whether it's the place a Young Lady from Ibrahm would be isn't questioned by the Lady herself, since she frequents the area considerably often. Previous was last night, in the company of several Khournas, who definitely would be expected to spend time in such places. Walking at a brisk pace, dressed in black leggings tucked into black boots, a red tunic and a sword at her side, (the red and black of House Ibrahm) she takes in her surroundings, catching sight of only one familiar face at the moment, and it seems like her path is about to cross his, but first she notices something at a kiosk for sale and approaches it, nodding to the man in the mildly formal garb momentarily. Reaching for an orange, Johana pays for it after squeezing it and approving the freshness of the fruit.

Sophie is absolutely in awe of the place, despite the horridly booming sounds and the blinding lights that threaten to blur her vision with every blink. Indeed, she is so filled with wonder that she hardly even considers to look around -herself-. Amber eyes simply gaze at the myriad of signs and the numerous people, without a singular care in the world. Her wandering gaze eventually settles upon a curious figure in rich finery, the cyan and dark turquoise indicating House Larent. She begins veering thataway, golden brown tresses gently bumping across her slender shoulders during the short journey over towards where she last saw him in the crowd.

Pausing as he spokts the people present, Sammel remains standing where he is for a few moments. When he spots the Ibrahm heir, he heads over in the direction of that kiosk she's at for the moment. As for clothing, he's wearing dark blue and yellow clothing, with white trim. Three of the four colors of House Cindravale at the moment. "Anything good there, Sir Johana?" he asks, a bit quietly.

Continuing his casual walk, in no rush to get anywhere or avoid anyone, the peach is consumed at a leisurely and careful rate. Seems the young noble knows how juicy and messy peaches can be and is taking his time to eat it in such a way it doesn't drip. Ice-blue eyes spot a young woman approaching with a guard and the peach is lowered from his face as he gives a polite nod and says, "Greetings MiLady, please pardon the mess but one can only do so much against the nature of a peach." with a soft smile, the mess is obviously the juices decorating his lips and chin, not quite dripping but there is certainly moisture to be found on his clean-shaven face. He appears to be weaponless or at least any weapon he may have is hidden under his cloak in some way.

The lights and sounds are indeed something to behold, but Johana sometimes forgets to give herself time to notice them. Once she has her orange in hand, she begins peeling it, tossing the peeling in one of the trash receptacles nearby. "Sir Sammel Cindervale. What a pleasure seeing you again." The amusement touches her eyes as she lifts her orange. "An orange, and the gentleman before me had a peach." Motioning towards the other nobleman. Once the orange is peeled, she pulls off a few sections and offers them to the Vale Lord. "Experience it for yourself." Offfering a warm smile to the man, that same amusement still dancing there just beyond the surface. "Are you prepared to leave with the others? I have all my armor and necessary belongings packed and ready for the next time we meet the Hostiles." Finally, she takes a bite of her own part of the orange, enjoying the juicy fruit.

Sophie flinches when she suddenly hears someone speaking to her, turning towards the source and very nearly bumping into the Dalton noble, "w-what?" She blinks, before craning her neck skywards and replying, "o-oh." She smirks, noticing the glistening stain of the peach on the man's face, "it would seem I have been found out, my Lord. Next time, I shall have to remember to leave my dagger and bodyguard at home." She slips a hand beneath the skirt of her tunic, in search of something within her pants pocket. At last, she procures what she intended, offering a silken white handkerchief to the man, "here, to wipe away the mess."

"Imagine running into you in a place like this, Sir Johana," Sammel replies with a bit of a grin, before he nods. "It's a pleasure to meet you again." A brief pause, before he takes those offered orange pieces. "Thank you kindly," he replies, before he nods a bit. "I have had my equipment here already. It seems my brother will join us as well, if he has recovered enough by the time we depart." A brief pause and a smile, as he eats one of the pieces of orange.

Densoric smiles softly once more and says, "My apologies for spoiling you fun, but yes the presence of the bodyguard does at least offer cause to question. Besides I think I may have seen you in passing from time to time at feasts or the like. That or you may spend time with one of my cousins." He then accepts the cloth and says, "If it bothers you so much I will indeed tidy up MiLady." as he delicately dabs away the juices adding, "Unfortunately I have stained what rightfully belongs to you now. Should I find a place to dispose of it or myself for such a grave offense?" offering another light smile as his ice-like gaze remains fixed on Sophie's own eyes. At least he's respectable enough to keep his eyes focused on acceptable targets in public. He seems to give no regard to the other two as yet, either he isn't aware of them, or simply being polite enough not to intrude on their conversation.

The mention of the Cindravale sibling brings a couple of raised brows as Johana regards him with a half grin. "I heard. I visited him a few times while he was laid up from the injury inflicted by the Hostile." Enjoying her orange, she takes another bite, looking around, noticing the noble has met up with someone he knew also, so she shifts her gaze back to the Vale Knight. "I never imagined you to stroll around this place, really. It's popular with those from the Crescent though."

Sophie chuckles softly, "yes, Sir Barrow makes quite the imposing figure, especially beside myself." She shrugs her shoulders lightly, "perhaps you have seen me, my Lord. But I regret I do not believe we have officially met. My name is Sophie Sauveur." She flushes lightly at the man's words, waving a hand in the air and shaking her head, "neither, my Lord. You may keep it, so that you may remain tidy throughout the day. I have plenty more. I believe I have at least two in my pocket this very moment." While Densoric might be polite, Sophie thinks nothing of glancing towards the side and noticing a vaguely familiar face. She makes an idle motion towards Larent noble before shuffling towards the kiosk, canting her head to the side and asking curiously, "are you the heir of House Ibrahm, by chance? I could swear I have seen your face somewhere, my Lady." Her guard, Caedmon, soon arrives beside her, frowning almost certainly at his ward's rude interruption.

"I heard," Sammel replies with a bit of a smile. "Seems you left some nice objects for him as well?" A brief pause, before he adds, "Thank you for helping us take care of him." That part spoken a bit quietly, before he looks around very briefly. "And I figured I'd just stay around here until we depart. Nice to get to know places I'm not that used to, after all." A brief pause as Sophie joins the discussion, and he offers her a polite nod, going silent now.

Densoric offers another perfect polite nod befitting their respective stations and says, "Lord Densoric of House Larent My Lady." As she seems to excuse herself followed by a disapproving guard he turns and approaches as well whispering in a soft tone, likely intended to keep the words between the two of them, without even pausing his pace. "Patience, not all so young give as much mind to formality as I." are the words whispered to the guard, though there is no chance to offer a response as he approaches the other two and says, "Please forgive the interruption." in an apologetic voice. Densoric certainly seems to have paid attention in etiquette class.

Johana outright laughs at the mention of the nice objects she had left for him. "The puckered lips balloon?" Shaking her head, she holds up a finger while she gains control of her amusement. "I suppose all of the chocolate I brought was already eaten. That man eats more than I could imagine." The words are definitely not said with any malice, perhaps more with an affectionate tone. Waving off the thanks, she does smile again. "I felt somewhat responsible for what happened to him, you see, I located the Hostile first and pointed out but told them not to look yet, so that before anyone could react, the bolt was already firmly embedded in your brothers chest."
Hearing the question, Johana looks at the noble who just approached and offers a bow of her head and a warm and friendly smile. "Good day to you, my lady. Indeed I am, might I be of assistance to you?" The curiosity in her eyes is probably apparent as she regards the lady. Lifting her eyes to regard the nobleman who offers the apology, she tips her head to the side. "There is no interruption here, it's an open market of course." Also bowing her head respectively to the man. "Young Lady Sir Johana Ibrahm, and the gentleman here is Lord Sir Sammel Cindravale."

Caedmon glances towards Densoric and replies softly, though perhaps -just- loud enough for his ward to hear, "perhaps, but she has had plenty of lessons to know what is proper and what is not." Sophie acts as though she has not heard the exchange behind her, which very well might be true, simply replying with a smile upon her pale features, "it is good to make your acquaintance, Young Lady Ibrahm, Lord Sir Sammel. I am Sophie Sauveur." She indicates first Densoric and then Caedmon, "this is Lord Densoric Larent, whom I only just met moments ago. And this is my guard, Sir Caedmon Barrow." She arches a brow, "you could not be speaking of poor Lord Sir Erik Cindravale, who was assaulted by the rampaging Hostile less than a week past?"

"A pleasure to meet you, Lady Sophie, Lord Densoric, Sir Caedmon," Sammel replies, with a very polite nod to the three of them. "And we were speaking about my little brother, Lord Sir Erik, that is correct." Smiling a bit to Johana, he offers her a nod. "Well, we've got a healthy appetite in our family," he remarks, before he adds, "And I'm sure the blame is all on the Hostile."

Densoric offers a polite nod to each in turn as they are introduced with a simple "MiLady." and "MiLord." in turn. He then offers another silent polite nod to each as he is introduced. He offers no reply to the guard however, but then is there really much point to? He then turns his blue gaze which very much resembles his cousin Ariana's to Sammel and says, "Your brother and your family has my sympathies and I'm sure that of my House as well. I only learned of the attack a few days ago on a return trip from my travels. In truth I came here to check on my younger cousin Lady Ariana but she fairs well and seems to be helping with the attack as well from what I gather."

"A pleasure to finally meet you, Lady Sophie, Lord Densoric. Sir Caedmon." Perhaps a little more informal than most, Johana doesn't mention their last names after being introduced and her tone is genuinely warm, she was indeed pleased to meet them. "Yes, Sir Erik, he was hurt by the Hostile as was Lady Veryna and Young Lord Benedict. I believe everyone fared rather well since the incidence however." Transferring her gaze to that of Sammel, her smile widens. "I have to say I admire a man who has a healthy appetite… though I cannot say I agree with the fault being solely with the Hostile. At least I did manage to pull the bolt from his chest without harming him further." When Densoric speaks about his family, the Ibrahm nods solemnly. "I am pleased there are so many going. Most of the Khourni, the Ibrahms and a few of the Vale are going that I know of, though I've not asked many. I met Lady Ariana after the Hostile attack when she came to check on her sister."

Caedmon politely bows his head to all three, though the motion dips a good deal lower for the young heir to House Ibrahm. Sophie simply nods her head, smiling lightly, "how is Lord Sir Erik? I failed to learn much more than that he had been attacked. Oh, I do hope he is well?" She sighs with obvious relief upon hearing how those injured have fared, "such news gladdens a worried heart." She blinks, tilting her head to the side, "you have recently spoken with Lady Ariana? I truly should meet her once again, it feels as though it has been so long since I have last seen her." She lowers her head sullenly, letting out a soft sigh, "it would seem I will not join the front lines of the assault myself, though…I suppose I give my best wishes to those that do."

"My brother seems to be recovering well," Sammel replies with a quiet smile, before he adds, "And he's already preparing to get back at the Hostiles when we go out there." A brief pause and a smile in Densoric's direction. "Thank you, Lord Densoric. It is what we've been trained for in the Vale, so we're rather tough people to get rid of." Spoken a bit lightly, as he offers a grin in Sophie's direction. "Well, not everyone should be going to the front lines, after all. My older brother, Lord Sir Nikomachos, for example. He's more of a person for fighting on horseback, so he's holding back until some of the Hostiles break through."

Densoric nods to Johana and says, "I believe Lady Ariana mentioned her sister being injured, but I believe she said that my cousin was recovering well if not fully recovered now. I admit I've not had the chance to check on her as of yet. Appointments and all." amending the last bit as though to excuse the possible perception of lack of concern for one's own family. He then nods to Sophie saying, "It was actually in an establishment…" looking about a bit before offering a polite gesture to one of the businesses, "There I believe it was maybe a day or so ago. I was fortunately to find her so quickly after arriving here from Nubilus. Unfortunately I am unable to join the fight either, poor skill in combat sadly. Though I suppose that is my own fault for favoring more mental pursuits to physical."

Johana offers a smile to Caedmon at the polite bow, though her gaze lingers not on him, instead, switching to Sophie. "He is doing quite well, as a matter of fact he and I met with a few Khourni last evening and Lady Ariana was there as well. She seemed well and in good spirits, though I had little time to speak with her." Nodding to Sammel, as they give the same update on the status of Erik. At the good wishes she inclines her head once more. "Thank you for that. I will be leaving with the others as well, very soon." Lifting her eyes to Densoric, and she nods somewhat solemnly. "She was, indeed. Myself and Sir Asher Khournas were the only ones unharmed during the altercation." Her lips curve up as her smile widens. "There are all sorts required, My Lord, and certainly without the more studious people, we would be the worse off for it."

Sophie forces a smile upon her lips, nodding her head towards Sammel, "indeed, I spoke with Niko only just last night. He intends to assist me in my training, and place me on patrols…though, I am sure he will merely give me the safest patrols." She waves a hand miserably in the air, "and while he is off fighting Hostiles in the most dangerous territory the patrols could possibly lead him, he suggested I comfort the populace and build their morale somehow." She sighs softly, "I wish I was a better warrior more than anything in the world right now…" She glances up, frowning lightly, "so many of you have met with Lady Ariana and I have not? I think it is time I send her a mail then. Perhaps she simply thinks I am still in the Arborenin Woods…" She licks her lips, offering words of comfort despite the jealousy that glazes over her eyes, "I am glad Lord Erik is well. I am certain he will be a great boon to us all in the coming war…"

Sammel smiles a little as he hears Sophie's words, "Well, probably at least for the first part. We all have to start learning somewhere, Lady Sophie. But with my brother training you, you are in good hands, at least." Nodding a bit again now, before he offers a grin to the Sauveur lady. "And Niko has already instructed Erik and me to keep each other safe so we can join the fighting in the Vale, when the time comes. So we'll just have to keep each other alive, then."

Nodding to Johana Densoric says, "Thank you for the thought, but my skills more with the political and a few sciences. Sadly those would be of little value in a war really. At best I may be able to help keep the political situation stable here, but I doubt that as there are others of higher standing then myself, not to mention better skilled as well." He then looks to Sophie and says, "Never underestimate the value of positive morale MiLady. It can mean the difference between victory and a route. To motivate people to industriousness and combat are as valuable as the best made sword, the best bred warhorse, or the best designed ship. If you can't keep morale up none will have the motivation to do what must be done and we might as well let the Enemy take over in that event. And one of the royal line could well serve in boosting morale with the proper words and enthusiasm."

"I am sure if she knew you were back, she would want to see you, my lady." Johana offers with an easy smile, though catching the jealousy that glazes over her eyes, she gives her a curious look. "I assume you very acquainted with Sir Erik Cindravale? Should I pass on a greeting to him when I visit him later this evening?" Being directly addressed by Densoric effectively captures her attention again. "Political stability is certainly important, otherwise what are we fighting the Hostiles for?" Offering him a nod. "Morale or lack thereof can win or lose a war."

Sophie shrugs her shoulders, if a bit harshly towards Sammel, "perhaps you are right. But how long will it take me? The Hostiles are already on our lawn, and I am unprepared to fight them. I have nightmares about sleeping in my room when the Hostiles barge in, the war won by the enemy because I did not help." She glances towards Densoric, sighing softly and glancing down, "I am not and never was an orator, my Lord. On the contrary, I could barely speak comprehensibly with more than a small handful of people when I was little. I…do not think I know where to begin…" She shifts uncertainly from one foot to the other, as though hesitant to admit, "though…I may have some ideas. Like holding audience for the people, so that I might hear their woes." She glances to Johana and lightly shakes her head, "not as much as I know Niko, through my sister anyway. But you are more than welcome to send him my greetings. You can tell him that I am staying at the Orelle residence, and that I wish to meet those…esteemed nobles I have not, now that I have returned from the Arborenin Woods."

"You will be ready when you are ready, Lady Sophie. It's not something that can be there on a fixed schedule." Sammel offers a bit quietly, before he looks between the ladies now, shrugging a bit as he listens, before he offers a grin over at Densoric. "There you see the curse of being the middle brother, Lord Densoric. Everyone knows my two brothers, and nobody knows me." It's offered rather lightly, and with a wide grin, so it seems he's amused at the moment.

Densoric looks to Sophie and says, "There is the old cliche about imagining people in their undergarments, though personally it helped me when I was younger to focus on a single individual around the middle of the room to give the appearance I was addressing the room in general, though later it helps to shift your gaze from time to time." Takign a breath he adds, "Though there is another option. Record the announcement, focus on the recorder and nothing else, then you can take as many tries as it takes to get it right and it can then be broadcast to all. If i may, I am no expert on dreams but I would imagine the nightmares come from fear and fear is strong but it merely warns us of danger. This is why true bravery is a rarity, its not about having no fear, as the old saying goes, its about facing fear in spite of being afraid." He then looks to Sammel and says, "I am an only child and only a cousin to the main line. Not being well known or talked about often has benefits and limitations." winking.

"Perhaps you should speak to Sir Niko, he seems a reasonable man and would not push someone into something they are not prepared to do.. I think." Her words are tentative, uncertain though for the first time in the conversation. "I will certainly relay the message to Sir Erik for you." When Sammel tries to hide behind being the middle child Johana calls him on it with a laugh. "Not a chance, Vale. I know you and also your other brothers. I think you can't hide behind that for too long." Whoa.. when Densoric speaks about imagining people in their undergarments, she regards him with slow precision, her eyes moving deliberately down his frame then back to his eyes, meeting them with a smile, if he happens to look at hers. "I would say it.. works. Suddenly I'm not feeling so uneasy." Biting her lip to keep from laughing again, she crosses her arms over her chest in case the favor was returned, she'd make it a challenge at least!

Sophie offers sullenly to Sammel's words about fixed schedules, "if only it could be, I would know when I might be taken from the sidelines and finally placed at the front." She looks to Densoric and sighs softly, "I shall have to try that the next time I make a speech, my Lord. Though I wonder if there will ever be a time when I do so…the thought alone still makes me nervous." She blinks at the alternative suggestion, "I…had not thought of that, my Lord. Perhaps I will do so." She smiles, nodding her head, "a very good plan indeed. I could make my speech absolutely perfect, and I would only be speaking to a camera, and nothing else. Yes…" She frowns at the comment about fear however, "but I -want- to face my fears. I want to fight the Hostiles and help with the war. I hate feeling like I am merely sitting on my hands while soldiers fight and die for me." When Johana makes mention of trying the undergarment tactic herself, amber eyes flicker between the other woman and the Larent noble, cheeks flushing lightly at her words.

"Yes, that might be a good idea from time to time," Sammel offers rather lightly to the part about the undergarments, offering a grin to the others. "Just make sure you're not facing any mirrors, right?" He offers a grin as he hears Johana's words, but studies her a bit carefully for a few moments, before he nods, "Just don't ruin it for everyone, please?" A brief pause before he shrugs a little at Densoric. "Well, only being a cousin to the main line helps, but less so when your father happen to be on the Crown Council…" He shrugs a little, before he adds, "But I guess, when we finally face the Hostiles, we'll all be known for our actions, not our relatives."

Densoric does happen to glance over just as Johana's eyes are returning his own eyes. At her words he smiles softly and adds, "I believe the intent is to not be caught leering too long at the subjects as well. Though i trust I will be safe from any late-night attempts for a better look." offering a teasing wink to her. He then looks to Sophie and adds, "We all have our own strengths and weaknesses, and we all learn in our own way. Perhaps you merely need to find the right teacher to draw your interest to the subject." Noting the blush he simply smile but doesn't speak up, likely to not further embarrass the younger noble. He does however add, "As to combat, if your skills improve enough you will get your chance. But patience helps in such matters. I know it isn''t easy, but it helps you stay clear of mind and focused on your goal. And the more driven and focused you are the quicker you will see results." When Sammel mentions father there is a subtle change in Densoric, but it only lasts a moment before he says, "Relative or not, there is always one who's shadow we dwell in. I suppose it is life's way of separating those willing to rise to greatness and those willing to vanish into obscurity. Basically rise to the challenge of the shadow till your own outgrows their's or hide in the shadow and face nothing."

With a nod, Johana acknowledges her need to face her fear. "Sometimes it is the best way to do things, just face them," her voice is soft spoken when addressing the Lady. Though the flush heating her cheeks brings the threat of laughter again. "It is only imagination, My Lady, and only.. undergarments." Offering a wink, though towards Sammel she shakes her head. "I would not dream of it, Sir Sammel." Nodding rather solemnly despite the mischief in her eyes as she studies Densoric once more. "Oh I never leer, My Lord. So unbecoming a lady." Noticing the teasing wink and reciprocating. "Late night attempts… it's an idea at least." The Ibrahm definitely does not embarrass as easily, though with the company she keeps with the Khourni, is it any wonder?

Sophie giggles at Sammel's suggestion about mirrors, blushing even deeper, "oh, that would be terrible, my Lord." She shakes her head lightly, before hearing yet another intriguing suggestion from Densoric, "someone to train me in the ways of oration? Perhaps I might consider such a thought. Though I feel if I could only just speak publicly, I would not be such a bad speaker after all…if I may say so myself." She shrugs, "you have given me many ideas, Lord Densoric. I will be excited to try them." She turns towards Johana and slowly nods her head, "you may be right." She sighs, "I just have to build up enough confidence to orate so frighteningly publicly, if I can." Of course, reminder of the undergarment tactic brings heat to her cheeks yet again, just when the pink was becoming alabaster once more, "y-yes…only undergarments.."

Densoric smiles softly, though the lack of any blushing shows he doesn't seem to embarrass as easily. "Perhaps I should hire a guard for my quarters, no telling what might try to come in through the window. There are still secrets a man must keep from the world." Pausing a bit then either giving time for thoughts to form, or to simply correct any thoughts that might form from taking things the wrong way he quickly adds, "Tattoos and the like of course." offering another playful wink offered to Johana. He then looks to Sophie and says, "I was speaking in general, in all subjects desired or required really. Some of my own tutors and Instructors at the Academ had varying degrees of success with me. Sadly I faired poorly in chemistry though I learned well in electronics. As examples." After the words from Sophie to Johana, Densoric adds, "Yes only the undergarments, anything more and you may end up complicating your problem in other ways." winking playfully to Sophie this time.

Sammel just chuckles a little as he listens to the others now, glancing between the others, he smiles a bit, but doesn't add anything at the moment.

Having mercy, Johana doesn't mention the undergarments any further, if she can help it. Instead, she nods. "I think it sounds as if he has some very good ideas for you." The lack of blushing is noticed, and she grins at the nobleman. "I understand, my Lord, though I assure you my imagination is quite good enough on its own.." Okay, she had tried not to mention it, but she can blame Densoric! "Oh of course. Tattoos. I have to admit I have none." When Sammel falls silent, the Ibrahm regards him and just cannot resist teasing. "Are you busy… imagining?"

Sophie furrows her brow in a mild lack of comprehension at Densoric's 'secrets,' amber eyes flitting between him and Johana in silent wonder. Nevertheless, she is soon distracted from idle contemplation when the Larent noble mentions tutors from the Academ, "you have an interest in electronics, my Lord? You should meet my friend, Elspeth Adeyemi. She is a researcher of the Academ." Of course, it would seem she is not allowed to return to her normal state, her cheeks retaining their heat at Densoric's playful wink and further talk of undergarment complications. Chewing her lower lip, she offers lightly, "I-I don't have tattoos either…"

Densoric nods with a soft smile to Johana and says, "I'll take your word for that. Though I have three myself." in regards to the talk of tattoos, though he doesn't actually say where his are as they aren't obviously visible. Course his current outfit also doesn't leave much skin showing either. He then looks to Sophie and chuckles softly saying, "I have a Masters Degree in electronics, and Elspeth Adeyemi was my Instructor at Academ." As Sophie continues to blush Densoric isn't cruel enough to continue pressing her on as he says, "tattoos aren't all that impressive really anyway, I only got mine in my final year at the Academ, I wanted to commemorate the event and some of my favored things. Ms. Adeyemi even inspired one. I have a tattoo of a generic circuit board schematic."

Turning his attention to Sophie for a few moments, he offers her a grin and expression that seems to say something like 'I'm sorry', before his gaze goes to Johana, and he raises an eyebrow a bit playfully now. "Maybe…" he remarks, before he adds, "I must warn that I have a good imagination, though." Nodding a little at what's being said. "Never thought there was a good time for any tattoos," he remarks.

Finally it is not Johana who is attempting to embarrass the Lady any further, instead she offers an understanding smile. "I meant not to embarrass you, my lady, I was just having a bit of laughter before leaving on the ship." With the mischief settling into amusement now, she does look at any obvious places for a tattoo. When she sees none, she can only smile. She doesn't ask. To Sammel though, she shakes her head. "Perhaps you do, Sir Sammel, perhaps you do."

Sophie glances uncertainly at Densoric, amber eyes examining him from top to bottom in an attempt to find those three tattoos. She tries her best not to make the act obvious however, her head partially to the side. Failing to find one, she simply turns more fully to the Larent noble and replies in bewilderment, "what a small world, my Lord. Elspeth is a very intelligent woman, is she not? I volunteered for some of her research only recently, and what I learned was most impressive. I have high hopes for her assisting with the future of Haven." She smirks, "a circuit board schematic? What an intriguing concept. You must truly love electronics." She tries her best to ignore Sammel's comment, staring poignantly at Densoric throughout so as to save herself from overheating. Naturally when her physical response is called into the conversation however, she lightly flushes some more and nods her head towards Johana, "o-of course….I do so wish I could join you, my Lady. But I…suppose I have many alternate routes open to me now."

Densoric looks to Sammel and says, "I am more of an admirer of beauty and art myself. I'm no expert on either and no skill in art, but I appreciate what I like." but doesn't seem to say anything further in regards to what Sam said. He then nods to Sophie and says, "She is indeed, some of my peers didn't care much for her methods but I found her style challenging and I like a mental challenge." He then smiles softly, seems he did see the looks he was getting or at least guessed as she reaches back to tap his right shoulder-blade saying, "The schematic is here." then to his right pectoral adding, "I have a tattoo of the House Larent seal here." then tapping his outer right shoulder he says, "And to give further honor to my family, also to show I made the attempt at chemistry, I have the electron configuration of Titanium here, I also had a glow in the dark affect added to that last one only." Now if one could only see him topless or at least a tank top at least part of all the tattoos could be seen. Though even a sleeveless shirt would reveal the last tattoo mentioned. He then adds, "And for anyone with the drive to pursue an interest, there are always options. One simply has to be resourceful enough, creative enough, or determined enough to find them."

"Forgive me, Lady Sophie," Sammel offers now, with a quiet smile to the Sauveur, before he adds, "But like Sir Johana says, a little laughter is good before the serious things start." Nodding a bit at what's being said now. "And yes, there are always options."

Johana does watch as the tattoos are identified, the locations anyway, unable to see a visual, she does imagine them. "I wonder if I ever got a tattoo if it would be something that would glow in the dark. I think I would not get one, but I may.. undecided yet." For a moment her attention drifts away and she looks at the time. "I should be going soon, I have another promise to keep."

Sophie seems to brighten quite swiftly at the mention of Densoric being an admirer of art, "indeed? Why, I do not know if you know this yourself, but I am something of a…hobbyist artist, actually." Hobbyist being a serious understatement, for those that have heard of her appropriately rare but expensive artistic pieces, often done in rich pastels, "if you would like, I could show you some of my drawings. I wouldn't say I am an expert either, but I do admit to pride in my work." She listens to the explanation for the Larent noble's various tattoos, smirking lightly, "seems you greatly favor your right side, my Lord." She sighs softly at Sammel, not nearly as nervous now that the topic of artistry has been broached, "it is fine, my Lord. I just…I am unaccustomed to such topics, I g-guess…" When Johana mentions having a promise to keep, she smiles and nods her head, "of course. It was nice to meet you, Young Lady Ibrahm. Remember to send my greetings to Lord Erik, I would be glad to hear from him soon."

Densoric nods to Sammel and says, "Levity helps to settle nerves and distract the mind." He then looks to Sophie and adds, "Perhaps using a method of humor prior to a recording or public announcements may aid in relaxing you before you have to speak as well." He then looks to Johana and says, "They are not for everyone, and those that change color or glow are merely cases of the type of coloring used and such." As she excuses herself he nods politely and says, "Of course, no need to keep you." Looking to Sophie Densoric says, "I favor landscapes and portraits, occasionally a few others I won't mention currently, but I would not be adverse to viewing them if you wish. Thank you for the offer."

"Take care, Lady Johana," Sammel offers, before he grins, "And tell my brother I said hello as well, of course." Looking between the others again for a few moment now, he offers them a smile.

Sophie slowly nods her head, "good idea, Lord Densoric. I could draw. That always calms any nerves I might have." She arches a brow, "if I were to ever acquire a tattoo, it would have to be a color-shifting one. I cannot imagine retaining a singular picture forever. I simply have to many imaginings." She bobs her head cheerfully, "oh, I do love drawing wilderness and wildlife. The savage unknown is so magnificent and exciting." She glances between all present, "I would be glad to host each of you. Perhaps I could even draw you. I only recently crafted a portrait of Lady Agnes Peake, if she is known to any of you. I think she was quite pleased."

"Actually, I was just going to the hospital, I promised him a visit. I will relay the message for you, my lady and it was indeed a pleasure meeting you as well." Offering a bow of her head to the lady, then the lord. "I will certainly consider it, though I honestly am not sure if it is for me." Nodding now to Sammel, she smiles. "I will give your brother your regards as well."

Sammel smiles as he listens to the others. "I don't think I would get a tattoo at all, never really figured out what to get one of." Letting the talk of art happen for the moment, without adding anything now.

Densoric gives a final nod to the departing Johana then looks back to Sophie saying, "A portrait may not go amiss if that is the case. Long as it doesn't involve my undergarments." at least it was a mild form of embarrassment for Sophie and he let her calm down a bit first before adding, "And the one on the shoulder does change when it glows. The image seems to vanish and in its place are the letters T and I. But then that is the symbol of the element of Titanium, so its not a radical change, more of a logical joke really." Going back once more he adds, "Though yes if drawing relaxes you it would indeed be a good starting point for experimentation. Personally I find beauty to be a greater interest in general, mostly natural beauty whether wild or cultivated, but landscapes and portraits as I've mentioned are welcome as well as long as the subject is suitably beautiful. I would not say I fit that mold but a portrait to be placed in my family's home or even in my private quarters, that could be something. Let me know when you are able to show me your talents and then we can discuss whetehr or not I will sit for you." He then looks to Sammel and says, "I gave no thought of it before either, though towards the end of Academ, I wanted to do something to permanently commemorate the occasion. The tattoos were just the result."

Sophie waves farewell to the Ibrahm heir, while Caedmon respectfully bows at her exit. Sophie then turns towards Sammel to say, "indeed. I do not see having a tattoo upon my body to be a likely future." And then Densoric just has to mention undergarments once more, eliciting a very unladylike featherlight shove to press playfully against the man's shoulder, "p-please…I w-wouldn't even know -how- to draw a man's undergarments…" She flushes lightly, "oh please, my Lord, you are not ugly by far. I have seen far worse…" Caedmon shifts uneasily at his ward's words, though decides not to do more than idly clear his throat. For Sophie's part, she blushes even deeper, "that is, of course, I will respectfully have to disagree with you, Lord Densoric. I would be happy to draw you in a portrait. And you as well, Lord Sammel. Perhaps I shall send a missive when I am prepared to do so." She licks her lips, nodding her head, "well then. For now, I think I must bid my goodbye's as well. If I am to boost morale, I should get started as soon as I think up an appropriate route."

"I'll try to return from the battles out here, to give you that chance then," Sammel offers to the part about the portrait. "Good luck with boosting the morale."

Densoric smiles softly to Sophie as she nudges him and says, "I'm aware, but I wouldn't call myself one of the lasting beauties to endure the ages either." He then nods politely to Sophie and says, "Good luck as well, hopefully my tips lend you aid, or at least provides you with a starting point for more successful options. Anything to aid the royal family after all, even if in such a modest fashion."

Sophie smiles and nods towards Sammel, "I would be glad to do so. And I…I wish you luck in the battles, even if I will not be there as well." She glances towards Densoric, blushing faintly still, "who can say what beauty will last the ages, my Lord, until the ages have passed?" She bows her head lightly, "thank you for your suggestions, you have given me aid already." She waves to the both of them, before turning around and walking through the bustling masses of people, her guard never too far behind.

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