08.17.3013: One Request, Two Request
Summary: Brianny seeks Jarek out at the Chantry with a request. The Saimhann heir, in turn, has a request of his own.
Date: 17 August 2013
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Brianny Jarek 

The Chantry of Volkan — Lichen Plains, Primus
The sweltering heat and reddish glow of Volkan dissipates the moment one steps through the Ways. There is a faint coolness here accompanied by a stark dryness. The reddish hue of the industrialized city dissipates, replaced by warm orange and yellow of the lichen plains. The exterior of the chantry is a gleaming edifice of blackened metal with tall windows with an iridescent sheen. It is overlooks the grand expanse of the plains.

Inside the chanty, it is primarily a long, rectangular nave with soaring ceilings that curve into a smooth arch. There are narrow windows at the base of the arch that filters in light, illuminating the etchings in the dark metal which depict artistic whorls and geometric lines. There are rows and rows of pews with an aisle running down either side and through the middle. The floors are paved in high polished black marble that is accented by six radiating lines that emerge from the six statues that stand just behind the wide altar. Each statue represents one of the gods, with the three female faces to the left and the three male faces to the right with the Sage and Crone at the center. They are carved from polished white stone with metal accents.

17 August 3013

The chantry for the Saimhann is currently undergoing repairs. The Volkan chantry has graciously accepted all from that house to worship within their hall. At the moment, there is but one lone figure kneeling in the center of the room before the altar. A soft chanting lament for those now passed can be heard intoned softly. "Oooooooh, the Maidan's smile. Uupoooon your lips, whIich sooooothes a troubl'd Heart, and Eases your pass." a breath, and a quiet sob for the sadness of the chant. "The Knight's stoic gaze, Gets MistY Aas yoooou walk with him… to the Arms of the Mother, He guides your sOoulll. And MAy she take you to her bossOM! For in her comfort, you'll find… that those who miss you, you've not left behind." a smile even through the gentle tears, "The Father, he leads you with advice on the way. To the sage's dominion, for the next journey ahead. And ye walk with the Crone now, our truly honored dead." the lament is finished quickly as Jarek rises and places his hand to his heart and one to the altar. "Maiden, Knight, Mother, Father, Crone, Sage. You've guided on the soul of my love's beloved niece, I pray for you to watch over her and nudge her in the right directions as she takes this new journey in her life. We'll miss her, but celebrate her memory. Guide us always." with that, Jarek turns and walks to a pew to sit in silence for a time.

It is no surprise to Brianny that she would be able to find the young Heir of Saimhann here and in prayer. Looking very much like a little doll, she is dressed in a Reversion-style gown, complete with a set of full skirts, the top layer blossoms out and splits open in the front to reveal a moss green underskirt beneath. The rest of her gown is dyed in a yellow-green hue. Tiny beads of pearls follow the trim of her square-shaped bodice. Upon her head, she wears a 'French' hood style headdress, dyed in the same yellow-green as the rest of her gown and adorned with an array of pearls along its length. A veil of crushed velvet in a dark mossy shade extends from her headdress to cover and drape over the lengths of her hair behind her as a show of modesty. Having just come upon Jarek in prayer, the young maiden stands just a row behind the heir's pew, her own hands clasped together before her as she waits with quiet patience.

It is a long silent moment before Jarek acknowledges the sense of a presence behind him. He slowly turns, and on seeing Brianny his offers her a weak smile before patting the pew next to him. "Come, join me if you'd like to. How are you feeling?" he asks here softly, "I was paying my respects to Lady Yolannda Peake… Agnes got the message as we sat in the Drakholt talking." he looks to have cried somewhat, his eyes slightly puffed and pinkish.

Brianny does not seem to mind the wait and while her bright eyes do wander to admire the architecture of the chantry from time to time, they always return to resettle upon Jarek before too long. Her eyes spark when she notes a light stirring and then she returns his weak smile with a quiet one of her own and a nod of acknowledgement that soon follows. Drifting forward, she makes certain to grace the young Heir with a gentle curtsey before she settles herself down into a space beside him and once more her hands go to her lap. When she speaks, there is a definite hint of concern and worry that can be found in her usually melodic tone, "My condolences, My Lord. I had only learned about her death just this morning. How is… Sir Agnes taking things?"

"Thank you." Jarek replies softly, before shaking his head gently, "I have not spoken to her about it just yet. Understandably she felt the need to pack and leave for Khar-Mordune immediately. I plan to give her a little space before I go to her to provide what comfort I can for her." His tone soft but reassuring, as though he already decided on how he'll be, when the time comes that Agnes decides she needs him again. He looks up, gaze wondering the room for a moment before settling down on Brianny. "How are you? If I remember correctly, you've back home several times recently… or at least, one of the attendants was saying something about trips out."

The young Leonnida born Lady knows far too well about the tragedies of the death of family members and despite the true tragedy surrounding the Leonnida motto 'Only the Strongest', Brianny's gentle nature helps her to make a connection and empathize with the pain of others. "Oh! Goodness. I'm sorry that I was unable to see her before she departed. I shall pray for her and her family during this dark and trying period." A pause, before she says in a near whisper, "The coming of the Hostile will be a great trial put before us all…" Gently, she lowers her head in the act of a brief, silent prayer, before her chin lifts when she responds to the young Heir's inquiry, "I do not mean to worry you, My Lord. An associate of mine back at Castle Leonnida, Senator Hartcliffe, called upon me to help him with a charity event he has put together." She knows full well that this is not the best of times for such a request, but she puts it out there anyway after biting lightly at her bottom lip, "I was hoping that you would be able to be in attendance. It will be a banquet of sorts, to both assist our downtrodden citizens and to offer some sort of awareness of this problem to the rest of the populace."

Jarek remains silent out of respect, as she offers her own prayer. He nods as she explains, and indeed it isn't the greatest of times but such things sometimes cannot wait and as Heir he is expected to make public shows of support for even a house he's fought against. "When is the banquet?" he asks gently, "If it is alright, and she feels up to it, I would like to try and brighten her spirits be asking my intended to accompany me. Should time permit of course."

Brianny's features brighten considerably when Jarek shows interest in this charitable event. "I would love to see Sir Agnes in attendance as well, if she is able to go. The event itself will be held on the 30th and I am hoping to have a good sized gathering for this, because it really is such an important cause." Though rather than ramble on about the charity, the young Lady quiets down from her earlier excited chatter, adding in, "If there is anything that I can do to help both you and Sir Agnes, please let me know."

"I will speak with Agnes when the time is right and the thirtieth is far enough out that it shouldn't be an issue for me to attend." Jarek pats her arm gently before withdrawing his hand and clasping it with the other in his lap. "As for assisting either of us… for now, it is too soon to tell what we'll need." he looks over to her, "What I could use from you, and Kazimir, is presence. We need to show that the house stands strongly together. I need Kazimir on the field as a soldier, not a huntsman, and I need someone at the Drakholt to watch over the day to day while I'm assisting with the war." he eyes her for a moment, "Are you skilled at handling a household? Can you administrate an entire people's day to day?"

"Oh, of course, My Lord!" Brianny chirps up, "And despite the past conflicts of our Houses, I just know that House Leonnida will be grateful for your support of our citizens. Senator Hartcliffe and I do hope that our message will spread throughout Haven and that our underprivileged shall all be cared for." The gentle patting at her arm does capture her attention and she smiles all the while in appreciation for the man's gentle and reassuring actions. Then Jarek speaks on other important topics regarding House Saimhann and here Brianny nods her head quickly in understanding of his words. "I wholly understand, My Lord. I will speak to my husband about this, but I have a feeling that he knows his duties to his House all too well. As for myself, like many young noblewomen, I've trained in managing a household to some degree and I would love to be able to do so with House Saimhann now."

"I will send a letter to my father then, I am needed in battle leading troops along with Agnes. My father hesitates on accepting the notion of mine and Agnes' betrothal because he would like to see that we can provide for the house's well being and security. Agnes and I have a lot to work on as a couple, but we both belong on the field." Jarek's gaze serious as he speaks, his tone firm, "I will ask that you be assigned Castellan to assist me in running the house hold… if you'd accept of course."

Brianny's brown eyes widen in surprise by this news and all that the young maiden can do is nod her head quickly once more. "Castellan. Such a prestigious title and position to hold within a House." Those innocent eyes of hers then stare out to meet with Jarek's far more serious gaze and she must ask, "Do you believe that I am ready to undertake such a position, My Lord? Not that I would ever turn down such an offer, and I would like to take this opportunity to further expand my knowledge and experience in the running of a household. I still have some ways to grow in that matter, but I will do my best to assist you in your administrative duties, nevertheless."

Jarek nods once, "Good to hear, there will be some time in training for you I am sure. Our family is big on watching you prove your worth in one way or another before you're given a title or position." he smiles softly, but solemnity remains within it, "I will seek to have you as my understudy in running the day to day affairs prior to you taking over on your own, if you think you'll be fine working for me. That you've been working to set up something that drove you to find me here in the chantry and that you had the boldness of the knight to ask about something in the face of such great sorrow, is a sign to me that you could have what it'll take to help me. We'll speak more when I hear from my father, as for now… I think I should return and see to some sleep."

Her small hands continue to rest within her lap, but Brianny's sudden anxiousness and touch of excitement do have them wringing at the silken material of her skirts. "You have always been so kind to me ever since I joined your prestigious House, Young Lord Jarek. At first, I had a difficult time thinking on what I could do to help. I felt lost within the walls of Drakholt, wandering aimlessly about. With this renewed purpose, I have something to work towards and I greatly appreciate being given this opportunity." She lowers her head in deference to the man, her gaze staring at her pale hands. Then when hearing of Jarek's retreat home, she quickly rises to stand, one of her hands idly smoothing out her skirts to ensure that they all fall in proper order as she does so. "Oh, of course, My Lord. I will remain a moment longer to finish up my prayers for the evening."

A bow of his head is offered to Brianny before Jarek moves past her into the main isle. "While the reasons for your match may be grim for my house, you yourself have done nothing to warrant ill treatment. Aside from that, we Saimhann do not waste anything, even talent. You are able to work, and as such you shall. We'll see where your strengths lie, and what your weaknesses are. Until we meet again, mind your step and may they guide us always." with that Jarek is out the door in a flutter of cloak and whisper of cotton and creak of leather.

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