01.20.3013: One of Two Reasons
Summary: Morrigan and Klaudea chat for a little after the Training Exercise
Date: last Wednesday
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Klaudea Morrigan 

From Stadium to Medical Facility
20 January, 3013

Chuckling, then regretting that particular move instantly, Morrigan shakes his head. "Truth be told. I'm his Wife's bodyguard. I just transferred to Cindravale when she married Sir Sammel. I believe I was brought along because he’s never seen me fight. And in the company of lords I try to bo unobtrusive. he may have had doubts that I can fight."

"I'm sure he didn't have any doubts about your fighting ability. You never would have become the Lady's bodyguard if you weren't a competent fighter." Klaudea gives him a smile. "I saw Sir Beden fight in the tourney. I think it took three Cindravales to take him down. You did well against him." She turns and leads him into a lift. "I think Sir Sammel just wanted to help you work out the kinks after rehab for your wounds."

nodding slightly, Morrigan shrugs. "It's possible. He's a good man. and I was my Lady's bodyuard before she came. she requested I continue to be such. Though to date, she seems to get in most of her trouble when she tells me to stay home. I feel a bit like a Collie in that respect."

Klaudea gives a bit of a laugh at the mention of being a Collie. "Well, at least she can't blame you for not being there." She's quiet for a minute. "Although, I almost wish she had taken you with her on the night at the warehouse. You wouldn't have gotten hurt so badly. I really couldn't leave… Sir Thalo is my knight. I had to try and back him up."

shrugging, Morrigan offers a wan smile. "I grew up in a mercenary camp Klaudea. I've been serving in one military or another in one fashion or another since I was 12. Serving in a combat Role since I was 16. It really isn't a question of IF I will die in combat. It's more a question of when and Why. I want you to know that, because I do like you. And I find you very compelling. and if I am going to die in combat, then I can only hope it's for 1 of 2 reasons. Protecting My lady, because I feel like a protective older brother over her, and I swore that I would. or protecting you, because It would be my choice." Leaning on the elevator wall, he adds. "Though I know you can protect yourself, and I'm not trying to belittle your skill in any way."

Only when the door to the lift closes does Klaudea let a little of her weariness from combat show. She leans against the wall herself, setting her helmet down on the ground and then fiddling with the controls to start the cooling lines. She stops her fiddling, though, when Morrigan speaks, and her eyes look up to him. Her mouth falls open a little, and then she pulls it closed with her teeth to her lower lip, pulling it in and then her tongue barely touches to moisten their suddenly dry surface. "I… know. I didn't think you were saying I couldn't…" she swallows, still looking up at him. "Thank you… although, let's hope the dying part doesn't come for a long time, please?"

Face lighting up as a genuine grin crosses his features, Morrigan shakes his head. "I had a Hostile Push his spear through me. I've had a group of 10 hostiles chase me through the ice and snow for over 5 miles trying to squash me like a bug. I intend to continue being very hard to kill Miss Klaudea…in fact I intend to live forever…and so far, so good."

Klaudea chuckles. "Good, I like you being very hard to kill. I'll try to follow your example… well, except for the spear going through me. I'd like to skip that part." She's still grinning as the lift slows and the door opens onto the typical sterile vista one expects in a medical facility.

nodding, Morrigan smiles. picking up his armor under his left arm, he lets Klaudea lead the way. "Good. I don;t want you getting dead either. though I should warn you. at this moment. I am but a lowly footman. which is a bit of a shove…in the Iah military, I had made Sergeant."

Klaudea gives a shrug. "I didn't know you were a Sergeant when I met you, and I still wanted to get to know you better," she tells Morrigan, looking up to him as she finds someone to sign him in. "They're not going to let me go in with you, but when you're all done, maybe we can get something to eat before Sir Sammel or his Lady needs you back?"

Nodding with a bright smile, Morrigan leans in and brushes his lips across her cheek. not really a kiss, just a light touch of the lips to her skin. "I would be honored. and it was more of a joke about being a lowly Footman.

Klaudea gives a little blush and smiles back. "You'll find I'm slow to pick up on jokes like that. My friends like to tease me becuase they know I interpret things more seriously." She nods. "I'm going to go get cleaned up. I'll be back."

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