On the Wrong Foot
Summary: Eirene is feeling badly for offending Reena earlier in the evening.
Date: 29/August/2013
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August 29, 3013 — Eirene's Chambers, House Volen on New Atlantis

Sitting at her desk with soft music playing in the background, Eirene busies herself writing in a leather bound journal. Her private thoughts are not for her data pad. The room is encased by dim lighting. The wall of glass set before her allows aquatic life to continue gliding and floating in the heavenly sea.

I cannot help but feel as though I made a major faux pas this evening. I've upset Lady Reena with my impositions on how a lady should comport herself according to my culture, customs, and own beliefs. I do not wish to put her ill at ease and I certainly do not judge her. I get the impression she wishes for Kadmus to be someone that he is not. Her frustrations will push him away, frustrating her further. They've not yet married and already are having issues. The crux of the problem boggles my mind, but I am neither betrothed nor do I have the attention of a nobleman at the moment.

Devon wishes to bridge the gap between Reena and Kadmus. I do too, but I cannot offer pity or sympathy to someone I barely know, especially when the complaint is against my brother. I need to speak with Kadmus. He should not be so cold with his betrothed, if he is acting indifferent to her. While I do not agree with it, perhaps solution to all of this is for Kadmus to bed his future wife before their wedding. That would certainly ease Lady Reena's frustrations and perhaps she will feel more confident about their relationship.

I pray they find solace in each other's company.

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