08.06.3013: On the Virtue of Nuts
Summary: Lorelei discusses dancing with Ephraim, archery practice with Darious, the subtle difference of each approach is touched upon
Date: 6th August 2013
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The Heartwood
This is perhaps one of the largest promenades of the tree city. It spans between the large trunks of three elderwoods, branches used to support the heavy circular plaza. Residing in this promenade are dozens of stores and shops, as well as access to the lower levels of the city. Peddlers of goods move easily through the plaza, trapping visitors and natives with a hopeful sale of their unique and usually handmade goods. At the center of the promenade is a large, sprawling basin where rain water has been collected for generations creating a natural and yet manmade pool. This is a popular place to cross paths with other residents of Arborenin and maneuver through the tiered city.

It's a beautiful morning in the heartwood. Loree's had a strangely good week, she even slept last night, no Dreams! She's dressed in a simple Arboren dress, greens and browns, her hair loose. She's just finishing up at the juice cart, being handed a rather large drink of some kind of mixed juice. Grinning brightly, "Thank you Maxwell! you didn't have to make it a large!" Max doesn't seem to mind though and winks at her as she turns away. Loree takes a sip as she slowly starts to make her way, looking from one cart to another.

Morning finds Ephraim oddly in the Heartwood. As if he'd forgotten the sea in favor of trees. There is a light move to his step as if a measured dance but to no particular rhthym. Just about his business and then his eyes catch. A family form, or face, or simply the voice on the wind and it carries him towards a juice vendor. One may suspect he isn't in a regular habit of juice, but in fact he finds it quite tasteful. Then he moves up and says to no one in particular, "Fancy meeting you here, of all places." While his voice is not directed, his eyes look directly at Lorelei, so there isn't really any mistaking who he really means. Its evident he didn't come to check the offerings of juices this morning.

Lorelei turns, an eyebrow raised. She's smiling softly though, "Lord Ephraim? Two days in a row? HAs your sea dried up?" She doesn't seem upset at this though as she gives a small laugh, "Where else would you find me? It's a bit early to be drinking anything stronger than juice." She'll watch him a moment, "Is everything alright, my lord?" The tease is gone from her voice, but it's still warm.

"If the sea dried up, I would feel it in my veins," chuckles Ephraim at that thought, and the world would probably know as Lord Commodore Roger gave a yell that shook the ground when that happened. "I do recall the picking of berries, and horses. But I am man who is mostly decent and won't recall how I fancied those ideas that we may all save grace." He looks around as if finding a bird in some of the branches, but really, he wouldn't notice it if there was one up there, not really looking for anything at all. "You know, I'm not a fan of the Lord business, its more like common practice in Beacon that everyone is on a first name basis, but I like it on your lips. Its like you're flirting with me. I am flattered." He is teasing, hopefully it comes out that way.

Lorelei shakes her head, but gives into a grin, "If that's all you need, is berries and talk of horses, you must be a very flustered man indeed." She'll glance to the tree as well, not finding any bird or anything she looks back. Rolling her eyes slightly, but her cheeks do turn pink, "I am not flirting with you. It's proper etiquette. Berries, talk of horses and proper etiquette." She's teasing him back, it seems. She's in a much better mood today!

Laughing now at the return, Ephraim shakes his head as he brings his eyes back to Lorelei, "If you keep not flirting with me, then I fear I shall indeed become a very flustered man. But maybe that's why I can't seem to stay away from your company, you frustrate me too much." He looks at her juice, as if pondering one for the moment, turning to the vendor, but deciding to avoid it for now. "I could hear a yes from a hundred tavern's I might choose at random, mostly because of that Lord business and yet I am frustrated on that no, and I like it. I have found my morales, my father will be proud."

Lorelei snorts softly, smiling as she shakes her head, "A hundred yes's? You must be a very busy Lord, then." She'll raise the juice up, take a quick drink from the straw. "Well, if i have help you find your morals, then I have fulfilled any sort of obligation to better the world around me. I can go die happy at home." she'll chuckle, losing some of the teasing edge, "I don't think they were nearly as far as you like to pretend they are."

Half a smile, Ephraim shrugs and then nods, "Ah, not as far, and a hundred yes's is perhaps the dreams of a poet, of which I am not." He looks around as if looking for something to occupy himself with, but it seems his eyes always come back to Lorelei. "And I'd feel sorely to know that having helped me you retired home simply to die. I could not bear that burden, I'd rather hear you laugh some, watch you dance, and think instead of dying happy it was more like a bright flame that burned bright into the night, extinguished. I think we had talked about dancing the other day, had we not." A brow lifts, proposition?

Lorelei's smile quickly drops. Crud. "Oh…uh…yeah. I was talking about the betrothed both liked to acne, so i was thinking about using that as a base for the poem." Her eyes fly from his, cheeks turning more pink. Quick change of subject, "I was going to get some candied nuts, would you like any?" She takes a step towards said cart, but turns to see if Ephraim is willing to go.

"I certainly would, that sounds delightful come to think of it. Sweet and hard, but not hardly sweet?" He steps towards that cart, following her indication as well as the wonderful smell coming from that cart. Erphaim pauses though, ready to practically place an order for a scone of the nuts, "Ah, yes, dancing, the base of your poem, but didn't I recall you have not danced much lately? I mean, it might be beneficial to find some music and a dance floor, so that you could. I would humbly volunteer myself as a partner, for the purpose of your art, and not selfishly to put my body close to yours." Another chuckle, "Honestly."

Lorelei eyes narrow, unsure if he's going for a double meaning or not. Turning to the vendor she'll stop scowling and give hims bright smile, "Hello Mister Ernie! How's everything? How did your daughter's recital go?" Ernie seems to already know what Loree wants and is handing her a cone of nuts, "It went well, Miss Lorelei!Thank you for asking!" Loree etas digging in her pocket for her creed stick. As she does that, she'll answer Ephriam, "Not dancing lately…no."she's lying, she's never danced. "I think I'd be just as fine watching a dance, as participating. I'll probably learn more." Ernie listens in and a small frown appears as Ephriam flirts.

Reaching himself, Ephraim will offer to pay the same, if no one stops him. Mostly without a thought, he just needs to beat her to that punch once the roasted nuts are turned over. "Then you should participate, and write what you feel. I suppose watching is enough to pick up on some of the language you see, but I imagine its quite different from being in the dance itself." Then he stops, maybe catching the look from Ernie. "We don't have to dance, I don't mean to frustrate you. Perhaps that is unfair of me, knowing our circumstance and the reality of it all." As was touched upon when last they met. "Let us find some place to watch a dance. I shall play fairly."

Lorelei nods back to Ernie, "I'm happy it went well." After a moment of hesitation, Ernie takes the money from Ephriam, with a small nod and a 'I'm watching you.' look. "Oh…you didn't need to-"Loree stops herself, blushing a bit brighter, "Thank you, Lord Ephraim." first giving Ernie and then the Noble a smile as the nuts are handed over. She'll sigh, after weaving goodbye to the vender, "It's not…I'm just not any good. I think I'd just upset myself, then ruin any chance of learning anything for the poem." Her eyes are downcast, it's silly she knows. She'll furrow her brows, looking up at him finally, "You'd do that? Go but not dance?"

"We'll, I'd risk saying we could remedy that, not being good, but I imagine that falls in line with not special, simply the way you see it and I'd offer outside perspective," grins Ephraim, "But yes, I would go and not dance if you asked it Lorelei. If that would make you comfortable and allow you to find inspiration for your poem. I told you, the power of command, use it wisely … for good and not evil." He does reach over towards the cone of roasted chestnuts to grab himself a few as she holds them. "Despite my intentions, I am capable of restraint. Besides, it might be interesting, I could think to make a game of it even, for our own amusement while watching others dance."

Lorelei tilts her head, still studying him, "No..I've nerve really gone dancing, so I don't know how…It's not in need of an outside perspective. I just can't." she'll shrug and the laugh softly, "For good and not evil, huh? That's a lot of pressure." when she sees he's reaching for the nuts, she'll offer them over, grinning, "Ernie has the best." She'll take a few for herself once he's gotten his, "A game? Like how?"

Grinning with an 'ah ha' sort of expression, Ephraim was probably waiting for her to ask about the game. "We will watch those dancing and tell a stories about the couple. You know the thing, they're really in love, going through the motions, mistress, co-workers, blind date. Something interesting just because of the way they are dancing." He seems to like the idea of the game. "And, then, if you decide you'd like to try dancing, to learn, I would offer to show you. I am not an expert by any means. Game, possibly dancing, and we share some nuts, how could it possibly go wrong?"

Lorelei can't shake the feeling like he's tricking her, somehow. "I …guess that could be fun. I don't really know when any dances are though…" Well, none she's be allowed to go to. She'll bite her lower lip, thinking. "I have the thing on Oculus tonight, but I"m free most evenings…"

"I'd invite you to Beacon, but that is probably completley inappropriate, especially for someone not familiar with our ways," says Ephraim, "In that case, I would say the Ring, for variety or Nubilus. Still, we could find something in Landing that would be just as good. We could probably find something now, if you think it would help with your poem?" He reaches over to have a couple more of the nuts.

Lorelei furrows her brows, "Is there an etiquette for dancing at Beacon?" or is he referring to guest rights? Or something else? She'll wrinkle her nose, "I have to go back there tonight…I don't want to go more than I have to…bad memories…" she'll unconsciously clutch her left hand a moment. "I guess the Ring would be fine? Or Landing?" It's not like she'll run into either Ben or Taryn, and they've both made it clear they're not interested, so…"Now? she'll laugh , "It's mid morning! dances don't happen this early!" At least, she's pretty sure they don't! She'll tilt the bag towards him, for easier access.

"If we look hard enough, some places never sleep," says Ephraim, glad to simply walk and share the fare. "In Beacon if the dancing isn't rowdy and there is no fighting, then its not exciting and folks will surely leave the establishment. Let's try the Landing, if there is dancing at this hour, it will be no where near as bad as the Ring. And if there is no dancing, it simply means we can walk and enjoy the company. Though I would fear to be accused of selfishly stealing your time, I think I'm trying this gentleman business about you, I'll save the unsavory for when I'm alone."

Lorelei rolls her eyes, "I can't just up and leave, I have to get ready for tonight." Raising an eyebrow, "Fighting, really? How is that fun?" Loree's clearly never been in a drunken brawl. She'll shake her head, "Perhaps another time? I have to mend my dress before tonight." she'll scoff lightly, "You can't go a full conversation, can you?" She'll pull the bag of nuts away, as she and Ephriam walk about the heartwood. "No nuts if you can't behave!" Her tone is teasing, but she really does keep the bag away from him.

"I really can't?" Ponders Ephraim, as if not aware of what he said, "I mean, if I don't say it, then no one else will." Then, the nuts are held away from him, he'll grin, "You know, I have ways to obtain the nuts. Only you're friend back there might not think twice about reminding me I should behave properly." He'll reach for them, as if testing said nut guarding waters. Simply to see if she will continue to keep them away. "I'll promise to mostly behave." If he must reach across and come close, that is the way his arm will go and naturally his body will follow.

Darious exits the weapons shop as he carry what appears to be a practice bow and several box's of target arrows. a few hard backed targets and some medical supplies. He converts the straps for most of the smaller stuff in the large bag so that he can drap it across his back, while holding onto the practice bow in one hand and his ever faithful Guitar in the other. He seems to be whistling a favorite Arboren tune of his as he walks down the promenade.

Lorelei continues to hold the nuts away, "Not all things need to be said, my lord." She'll narrow her eyes, "Ernie has a club in his cart. He'd not be above using it, if he thought there was a need to." She'll tilt her head , trying to give him a dirty look. Which is mostly just making her look like she's pouting. She'll not offer the nuts back till he promises to behave…mostly. She's too preoccupied with the lack of manners of the noble in front of her to notice the approaching better mannered noble.

"Ah, a clue then," grins Ephraim when she relents a little with the nuts after the mostly promise. "Do not say what's on my mind." A chuckle then, he looks around at the trees again. "You know, out of our mutual agreement good witch, I may just be keeping what's on my mind at bay out of a slight decency. I'm only saying that which I think will afford another blush. Maybe it is, that you mean you don't like blushing too much. Then I should turn my thoughts onto something truly pleasant, like honestly saying you have made my morning all the more charming with your presents and I am thankful, even if we didn't get to dance yet."

Darious continues his way as he whistles his tune and glances up to see a familiar and not so familiar face headed his way. He cock s his head as he can barely hear whats going on but in time as they are to mee that'll change. Once Darious is close enough he'll break off his Whistling as he smiles. "Ahhh Mistress Lorelei, how are you this Midmorning.?" he glances to the gentlemen folowing her and turns his attention back to her. "I do hope you've not forgotten the training you aggreed too?" his tones warm and polite as he address her.

Lorelei's indeed blushing,and will mutter, "I highly doubt you speak to your friends in such a manner." She'll begin to correct Ephriam, she never said she'd dance! but then Darious is walking up, "Lord Darious? I…" She look rather confused for a moment,looking to the items in his arms "I must have?" She sounds rather confused. She remembers no such training. "I'm sorry. It must have slipped my mind, with preparing for the poetry readings tonight…." she'll smile apologetically to Darious. "Can we postpone it for a few days? I'd say tomorrow, but I have a feeling Lady Iah will call guest rights on me again." She actually pales slightly at the though, having to stay longer on the ice block is a scary thought.

There is a smile in Ephraim's eyes, pondering if he does talk to his friends this way, heck he talks to his … well, that's another story. "Good day Lord Darious," affords Ephraim at the other's approach, not familiar at all with him except Lorelei greeting him the same. The Hollolas will nod his head slightly, it bends at least, if not lowering his eyes. He doesn't know what the training is about or the other, but he'll interject, "My apologies, I was a nuisance to the lady, perhaps I should be more mindful of my manners." Then again, he doesn't know what accord is between them, other than offering some share of the blaim in missing whatever it was she missed. Though he is turning an eye to Lorelei, if he catches a look he might playfully mouth 'mistress' and raise a bow, curious of the circumstance in teasing sort of way, feigned shock even but the mirth is ever present.

Darious grins softly as is his nature, "Aww of course, I do recall you mentioning the poetry reading, I believe it was for a wedding of some sort, Though I dont recall you saying when, during our talk on the trainging, you claimed to be a poor archer hence my willingness to teach you properly. Though I do digress at the timing, as … well its of no concequence as You have a prior engagement and I't be ill mannors to place mine over those. " he looks to Ephraim and bows "Lord Sir Darious Arboren at your service sir. Who might you be.." as he places the training bow into the hand that holds his precious Guitar and then offers his now free hand to the man.

Lorelei looks to Ephriam as he gives excuses to the training she doesn't remember accepting. She'll mouth the words 'shut up' back at him. Like he as any room to talk!He talks her a good witch! Turning back to Darious, "Actually, tonight is a storytelling festival of sorts. the wedding isn't for awhile, thankfully." She'll look to the bow in his hand, almost nervously, "I am…my brothers ended up never letting me play at it. They were afraid I'd hurt myself..or more likely them." she'll quiet down as the nobles start making their introductions.

Grinning, Ephraim will make the effort to be quiet, for the most part. "Or, they were worried you would be better, someday you shall have to meet my sister. I won't let her hurt you," he says, chuckling, that may have been a joke. Then to the other, "Lord Ephraim Hollolas, at yours as well. I never had time either, for the bow, too much time at sea as a child I suppose. Or, you know, learning the boring stuff, like /dancing/, it still hasn't taken but, someday, I may give it a chance." A shrug, then he grins, "The pleasure is mine Sir."

Darious laughs. "Dancing yes I know of it, though as I proved yet again at Squire Chiron's party just how rusty my skills are. " he looks to Lorelei and laughs, softly and says. "dont worry traiing arrows and target and bow. You'll do fine as I've yet to lose a student and Im not about to start now. " he nods to Lord Ephraim and then to Lorelei " besides once you've go the hang of hit, think how proud your brother will be and you two can have something in common, now that he' got his gift from me I just hope he doesn't wear it out or it him out " he grins impishly.

Lorelei laughs softly, shaking her head at Ephraim, "no..there is no fear of me being better. I used to have to sit in the tree while they all played kill the hostile, because I wasn't fast enough." She shrugs, not really that upset. "It's ok, I'm better at a lot of other things they're not." She'll smile at Darious, "That may have been a combination of you //and Lady Charlie." she'll give the training equipment a doubtful glad, "I'm not worried about hurting me…" she'll furrow her brow, "Chiron and I have plenty in common…"

"Then it is agreed," says Ephraim, on the only half of the conversation which he might belong to, "That by virtue of our lack in ability to dance, we thus make the perfect company." Turning a curious brow to Lorelei though, he grins himself, "So this business of trees and you, it wasn't just banter. I stand no chance against such wiles and charms." Then he says more quietly, almost mouthing, "Use it only for good, not for evil." Then he turns back to Darious, "You're gift to her brother was training in the skill of a bow?" Pondering the commonality of training Lorelei into relation to what special gift may have been giving.

Darious grins and shakes his head, "No Lord Ephraim, Chirons gift was the finest quality Quiver and a master worked and inlayed bow for him. Of the finest Ash and oak. " he loosk a bit sheepish as lorelei and nods. "I ment no disrespect on what you and your brother had in common Lorelei, figgured learning the bow would give you and him one more to enjoy and have some fun with. " he sighs. "Though if you've changed your mind I will understand as tis not my place to fore you into doing something you've no wish to do. Archery is also my passion and just love to share it with people."

Lorelei frowns, "Of course I can climb trees. I'm Arboren." She'll roll her eyes, "Don't tell me you can't climb a tree?" HEr eye fly open at his whisper, and she'll blush slightly, looking down at the bag of nuts in her hand. She'll nod to Darious, giving him a small smile, "I know, my lord. And I'd like to, I just wonder what use it would be to teach me. I won't hunt, and I doubt I'll even be in a position to shoot at a hostile. I'm fairly certain if I even came face to face with one, my best offense would be to just fall down, and hope it tripped over me."

A slight grin from Ephraim. There was more at her blush, but it enjoys the slight jest of the tripping hostile just the same. "Teaching you the bow was like offering to dance with you," says the man from Hollolas, "Except more graceful in the details perhaps." That is about all he can say about it, given all company and the club in the cart not far away just the same. Then a stolen look towards Lorelei, "And no, I have not climbed a tree, is that like a mast? Tall and straight?"

Darious also grins at Lorelei's reply and says. "Though once you've gotten the hang of I bet you'll think twice as to pick off a hostile at a distance would save you from having to lay down and hope they trip over you." he looks to Lord Ephraim and grins. "In some respects save more branches on a tree than on a mast. " he then says to Lorelei, " Once you got the hang of it, the reaction and percision becoemes second nature, all I can ask of thee is to give it a try and after a day you decide you dont wish to continue then I'll be satisfied."

Lorelei's blush remains, and she'll just outright ignore Ephraim until he asks about climbing a tree. She'll nod with what Darious says, "I imagine it would be easier, Trees have a natural grip, in the bark." And also more pitfalls, but she'll not add that. She'll laugh softly at Darious, "Ok, ok. I'm try it, my lord. If you end the day with an arrow through your foot, I'm not to be blamed though!"

"Oh, it is okay to shoot him in the foot, but not step on mine," chuckles Ephraim, enjoying the topic. "I will try this tree climbing business, but only when I find someone who is also good at berry picking that has the time to teach me these skills when they are not running off trying to shoot some knight in the foot with an arrow." Still between them, he adds, "And I shall make a note, do not say too much, try to be graceful in the asking and leave the unsavory approach at the door. I think I've actually learned quite a bit today." He is teasing and enjoying it all the same.

Darious listens to Lorelei talk and grins as she continues to blush, but when she returns the subject to the learning of archery he grins and nods. "Done and done. Should you somehow manage to shoot me in the foot, I'll make sure to not blame you, one bit. " he pauses. "The bow, the arrow the target for moving maybe but not you. " as he grins once more.

Lorelei's blush not only remains, but deepens. One day she'll make it through a conversation without looking like an apple. Her eyes go down, suddenly feeling a bit in the middle of something. she'll answer both, hopefully nipping whatever this is in the bud. "I am going to end up with a horrible reputation. I'll be known for shooting nobles, or causing them to fall out of trees. Perhaps I should not interact with the nobility at all, if I am this dangerous. I could cause the collapse of the whole of Haven." she's smiling at both of them, but there's an undertone of warning in her voice.

"Ah," nods Ephraim to the thought of the collapse of the system, "And then, so would end those unfavorable customs we had discussed." He is still in good spirits. He offers to the other man, "Sir Darious, it was a pleasure to meet you, I look forward to hearing if your exploits with the bow." Then he gives a bow to Lorelei, "And you Ms. Lorelei, a charm as ever. Wrong in the right ways. I shall leave you that you may find time for your poetry with the festival approaching this evening." A look to Ernie, so the man can stop tightening his club hand perhaps. Back between the two. "Fare well." He takes a few steps back to catch any parting words from either, then will turn about to give them some peace.

Darious watches as Ephraim makes for a graceful exit and looks to lorelei. "I doubt you'll recieve any reputation Lorelei except the ones well earned such as being a charming lady, and fun to talk with. Quite possibly an apt pupil as well. " he grins softly. "as for not enteracting with nobility well that woudl deprive us all of your charm and grace. Not to mention beauty. " he then adds. "I sadly will not be able to attend the poetry tonight as I'll be at the training field setting up for when your lessons will begin. I must inform the range master a-head of time to prevent any scheduling conflicts. I honestly hope that you find some enjoyment in the lessons. as well as the company."

Yeah…that backfired on Loree. She'll bow back to the departing noble, "Thank you, Lord Ephriam. Have a good day…. I'll see if I can find a tree you won't kill yourself on." she can't help the jab at the end,he's always teasing her! Looking up to Darious, "Oh..I know how you nobles gossip. there would be rumors and reputations. there always are. you forget I was a handmaid, I hear things." She's smiling, but it's hard to tell if she's serious. "If they don't keep me there,"She sounds hopeful, "I can meet you tomorrow, after morning chores?" She'll laugh softly, "I'm sure you will be a fine teacher."

Darious seesms abit hurt but tries to hide the fact. "I am sure that many nobles do gossip , though I've had very little reason to do so in the past and see no reason why to start now. As I told you a few days ago in that storm Im not one for hidden secrets or lies, they just get in the way. " he smiles as you laugh " I will be looking forward to your lessson(s) and the pleasant company you provide." (meaning yourslef)

Lorelei tilts her head and sighs softly at Darious, "I wasn't referring to you, personally, my lord. " She'll smile softly, hoping to convey she's not upset at him. "I will do my best, but can't guarantee that I won't be atrocious." she'll laugh again, realizing her brothers are both going to be worried if she learns the bow.

Darious shakes his head "My dear woman I have yet to have any student of any age I've shown manage to shoot me on purpose or by accident and I’m not about to start though I'll give you this wager if you wish. " he says stepping a bit closer. "If I can get you to do well and not hit me, then yo agree to dinner, just you and I where we'll dispense with bows, and many other things so that I might get to know this charming and lovely lady I see before me. On the other hand if you do mange to inflict injury on me, for each such offense I am granted one kiss. " as he grins impishly at you.

Lorelei's cheek start to turn pink again, "that's…I wouldn't try to hurt you!" she'll stiffen as he steps closer, "I think your wager is stacked…. I… to be fair, I've considered what you've asked me…I don't see how this can work, beyond friendship. You can't change either of our statuses." Her frown is furrowed, clearly she's upset by this. Her eyes drop, "I'm sorry if that isn't acceptable….I'd understand if you'd not want to be my friend." She'll bite at her lower lip, shifting her stance, almost like she's expecting him to yell at her.

Darious sighs and sets the bow and guitar and pack down as he then instead of yelling as you might expect, he reaches out taking both hand and dropping to a knee, so that he can look at you. "Yes I did and I can honestly say as I felt it was the only way to get to know this charming woman better. Station be damned I told you back at your home If I take someone I’m not taking anyone else I have no prospects and the one I do wish stands before me. " He smiles at you as warm and charmingly as he can "Friends is good, and I'd love more than anything to be your friend the gods willing more. " he stands up and cups your face with one hand not caring if others watch for as long as he can get this thru to you. "This can and will work if you allow it too, the only thing stopping this from working is fear.. I have no doubt about what is in my heart and whom I wish to share it with. It is you.. that must decide if you can conquer your fear and see you as I do and know what I say is true."

Lorelei inhales sharply, but will let Darious finish. "You say that now, but I've been down this road. you can't control what your family has planned for you. I can't…" She'll swallow, trying a different approach, "You barely even know me. We've met maybe a half dozen times…you can't know anything about me to be able to make that kind of decision!" When he touches her face, he can feel slight tremble, "Fear is healthy. It means I'm aware. "

Darious grins softly and gently. "Yes but some fear is unnecessary and that is why I set up the wager as I do wish to know you, learn about you. I am not about to abandon this I do hope you realize that. Come what may I will be yours even if its from a distance should you need me for anything you let me know and I'll be at your side. " He then takes your hand (should you really resist) and places it over his heart.

Somehow, Darious's words aren't very comforting. Loree's lip trembles, "Please…can we just be friends? For now? There's just so much happening…" when he places her hand over his heart, she makes a muffle noise. It's not quite a cry, but she's not happy with this situation. It doesn't feel like she's upset with you, more just the situation. Her hand is trembling, "I can't promise you anything…"

Darious figures he's screwing up and misunderstands why your upset for a different reason and lets out a low sigh as he give your face a gentle brush as he releases your hands and with draws his hand from your face. " Of course, friends, well I shouldn't detain you much longer as you have place to go. " he takes a step back and collects his Guitar and the supplies. "Should you wish it I'll be waiting for you. If not I will know. "

Lorelei frowns, confused, now believing he's mad at her. "I'm sorry." Her voice is quiet and young sounding. She'll pull her hand up to her chest, unconsciously mirroring where her hand just was on his.

Darious is now the one who is confused. "You have nothing to be sorry about I have hurt you and It is I who am sorry this was never my intention, you've been hurt before and swore I'd not that and yet somehow I have, and in doing so, failed in my oath of honor. "

Lorelei blinks, now she's completely confused. "What? Failed your oath?" She'll take a deep breath and step next to him. Her hand is still over her heart, and she now looks hurt, "My life right now is being turned upside-down. It has nothing to do with you. Everything is changing, and I'm trying to cope. I'm sorry that this isn't falling into what you wanted! The Six don't always hand us what we want!" Her voice starts soft, but ends on a shrill note. She's not quite crying, but is upset. Her hands bother tighten some, the one not on her chest into a fist . suddenly realizing she's yelling at a Noble in public, her face pales and she'll spin on her heels, attempting to just walk away.

Darious isn't the most skilled when it comes to this and has there for seemingly compounded on insult with another but as he's being yelled at the scout blinks as you turn from him and only one thought runs thru his mind as he takes a few steps forward and (get ready for it. ) takes you by the arm and pulls you to him. Then cup your face, and without thinking just feeling he lifts your face as he plants for him a most gentle and honest kiss he can bestow upon your lips. He isn't thinking cause if he had been he'd probably expect the slap that’s soon to come his way. " I never wanted to hurt you. " his voice not the usual soft tones but cracked with emotion and sadness.
"I seem to have compounded one bad judgment with another and just now perhaps yet again but I have always done what my heart tells me is right and where words fail I follow my heart. I hope you'll in time forgive me should I have deeply offended you in anyway as I do not wish to lose you, even if were to only remain friends I would do my best to make you such a friend that you'll be proud."

Lorelei lets out small yelp as she's grabbed. Thoughts of a different situation that this is suddenly mirroring flash before her eyes before he's kissing her. She'll break away, angrily. "How dare you!" the slap he receives is solid for a Loree hit. In fact, she her arm will hurt later. Now who knows if he actually felt it.. She'll try to pull away from him, "You speak of you oath, but you would do that to me without consent?" she suddenly has a very nervous, sacred vibe and will take a steps way from him, if he lets her.

Darious reaches up rubbing his cheek and his head lowers. "you are .. correct I have yet failed in my honor again and I have no means to compensate for slighting you in this manner. Ask of me what you will, and I shall do my best to repay you for my slight. " He for one may have felt the slap but your words may have hit harder as he as you can see feels the shame of his actions.

Lorelei lets out a soft noise, almost whine. She's holding her hand, where she hit him, "I told you! Everything is so confusing right now. I can't give you what you want. I can give you friendship, but that wasn't enough. It's never enough!" There are tears now. They're not falling, but they are starting to fill her eyes. She'll take a shaking breath, trying to calm down and not cause more of a scene than they already are. In a much quieter voice, "Please, just…give me time."

Darious reaches into his pocket and pulls out a silken cloth, saying "as you wish, though I do wish one thing if you'll allow. " as he gently reaches up with that cloth and can see the tears forming in your eyes as you can see if you look the sorrow and tenderness in his own. Should you allow he daps your tears, before stepping away and bowing.

Lorelei 's shaking, although it's hard to tell if it's from anger or if she's scared. She'll allow the tear wipe, her head already pounding with an ache that's being matched in her chest. She hates this.

Darious sighs a bit and says. "I am truly sorry for my actions and in time I hope you can forgive me. I will give you as much time as you desire, and should you show tomorrow for lessons I'll make sure to be a proper teacher and make it so that your not as fearful or despise me as you might now." he bows again and slowly walks away, his head hung a bit lower as he walks there is no cheerful tune from him as he departs.

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