12.25.3013: On the Topic of Caring
Summary: Roxy catches up to the camp with Demos and Balius, learns something about herself.
Date: 28th Oct 2013
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Roxy Demos 

Southern Wilds
Still Wild

The camp, tents in soft hills, more savannah like, sparse of trees. There are those tents for those on the science part of the trip, Demos, his intern, Roxy. Those for the Mercenaries meant as guards/protectors for the science expedition. That for the guide and the Hunter, this last being probably the best accomodations. The affairs of earlier played out, the camp all gathered in their own parts, the last persons arriving just now with the guides' assistant/guide in training.
The few tents Demos has set up are enough to separate the scientist and the lab tech. They have a couple of chairs set up near their own camp fire, Demos with his leg in what appears to be a cast. Balius most likely having worked to do whatever he wanted with his 'lion' while the sun moves towards the horizion, the sky turning yellow overhead. No purple yet, not quite evening, but its approaching. Demos is sitting with a holo-device and is pouring over samples from todays field work, now that the 'action' is finally settled down and they can do the field work.

Roxy had been too late to go on the actual expedition, the rock hunting mission that the other two were so interested in doing.. She'd stayed behind to do a little shopping. When she had arrived, with another of the guides, she had found the correct tent and promptly went inside, made her a bed and crash out completely. Now that it's a little later in the day, she wakes up, yawning and stretching and just laying in her makeshift bed.. (okay it's a sleeping bag) Hunger and thirst pushes her out and she reaches for her shiny new canteen and a protein bar, taking them up then walking out of the tent. Only then does she realize the others were back and she gives a sleepy smile. "Good afternoon?" She sounds dubious as she peers up at the sky, unaware of how long she had been asleep. She does miss the cast for the moment.

Moving to put he data down on something close at hand, Demos moves to stand. "Yes, yes it is," he says, rising to meet her. Whether he missed her arrival while at the stone itself, or caught her sleeping, it doesn't matter to Demos, only that he sees her now. Standing as best he can on the field cast Balius put on him, he'll even try to hobble over to Roxy. As if he doesn't have the cast at all, a minor inconvenience. Though, she might notice before anyone else, he does have a hint of a grimace as he moves, fighting past whatever pain he might feel to keep in good spirits and get closer to her.

He was always smiling when he saw her that's why the grimace was so easy to spot. First there is that, then the hobble and then the cast and the protein bar and canteen fall to the ground with a thud as she marches forward. "Stop right there!" The order coming automatically. "Sit down." Still her boots tromp, leaving little puffs of dust as she approaches. "What happened?" This time there's dismay in there, and worry and concern and.. pain.. he was hurt!

As if her voice were a wall, Demos stops as she talks, then he sits down, even though he just wants to hug her. "It was when I jumped out of the tree," explains the scholar, "Because of the fire." That definitely explains it all. "Because of the lions …" As if that should set everything clearly. Even he realizes how it sounds as he's saying it. "They're gone, the guide and the hunter said it was just an accident, they normally don't get this close, they felt trapped between their hunting party and the camp …"

Roxy closes the distance between them and stands before him as he 'explains' what happened. Right. Trying it all in reverse, she counters. "Lions, fires and then jumping from a tree? Why were you in a tree and how was there a fire?" Lions? Not so much a stretch but the other seems to confuse her. First things first though… she leans forward and presses her lips to his, uncaring of who was watching. "I'm glad you're safe," she whispers, but still looks pained. "I'm sorry you're hurt."

At first guilty for injuring himself, Demos is taken by her kiss, as if relieved that there is that care coming from her. "We ran into a tree to get away from the Lions. They tried to climb, Balius shot one with an arrow, so I tried to use my blaster. That caught the tree on fire." Because he missed, poorly, "So I lept for saftey when the lions retreated from the flames, but I miscalculated my jump." A serious of unfortunate events, he'll confide in her, "And I'm just glad you're here now Sebryna." Holding her more firmly, despite the pain, he wants to give all of himself he can to Roxy.

Roxy cradles his head against her chest while he holds her and explains, just thankful he was alive.. Then she lets him go and turns to look out at the tundra, trying to school her expression. "It's kind of like the time you got shot right?" Just trying to get it all in perspective, back on an even keel. "Just accidents that happen in the field." That makes sense right. Her hands shove into her pockets and she takes a few deep breaths.

"Sort of," ponders Demos, letting his head rest against her chest, bringing his arms around her. "I should of waited to jump from that tree. But I didn't want to leave Balius on the ground in case the lions returned." Okay, maybe it was a lot like the shooting, more than he realized. Maybe realizing he took more risks then he needed, he lifts his head to look at her. "I'm sorry," he knew when someone cared, no matter how much they admitted it or note, that someone taking such risks, or injurying themselves, didn't feel good.

Roxy remains looking out at the tundra even after he explains a little further. She's still trying to compose her features but it's just not working! She takes a few steps away to the nearest tree and rests a hand on a low lying branch, the wood is crumbly and dry from the arid conditions. She lifts a hand to her face in an obscure fashion, the stoicism she is trying for keeps crashing and failing. Finally, she speaks again but doesn't move nearer. "Li.. lions Demos?" Her voice hitches in a telling way and she slams her hand on the branch, more angry at herself than anyone for showing any weakness.

She moves to stand near a tree, Demos grimaces and rises, walking in her direction as best as he can. "Yes," he responds, being direct and honest, as only he could ever by with her. "I think," he says, as if explaining his theory on the lions being here, mixed with the hunters pushing them from where ever they were hiding and the herds being alerted to the presence of man and more jumpy. He could tell her he's all right, he would of been all right regardless, but he can't, he believes she doesn't want to hear those words. Instead he moves closer, and gives her his arms again. If she doesn't try to move away. His voice low, only she can hear, he offers, "I love you Sebryna, a thousand times over, I'm sorry for putting myself at risk."

How could she want to wrap someone in a cocoon and punch them at the same time? When his arms go around her, Roxy stiffens, not even having heard him approach. She doesn't step away though, she feels too weak. Too afraid. Her head bows and her chin touches her chest, her body gently shaking. "I… no.. it's not your fault, it's mine." She forces air into her lungs. "I've never cared about if someone else got hurt, it's never bothered me. I shouldn't let it bother me.. how do I stop it, Demos? I can't even pretend to be fine like before."

He doesn't care who's watching either, and really, no one is, but they are not far away either, Demos kisses her head from where he stands behind her. Holding her as she shakes. "I don't think you can stop it," he replies honestly, "I'm sorry for my part in making you care. Not my fault, but I can be more sensitive to what I'm doing in the field. Its how I feel every time we're apart, I'm scared I won't see you again. For myself, and I can't ask anyone to do this, or help them be like me … but its why I care so much for you when we're together. Because I accept the moments we have as if it is the last."

Tears fall and land on his arm as he holds her from behind, Roxy still doesn't face him yet. She doesn't understand it and she doesn't like not being in control of herself. When he speaks the last, her head snaps up as if only just then understanding it, and only a little. Or maybe, more likely, not at all. "You think each moment will be our… last together? How is that a way to live? No. No, no, no.." she separates herself from him again, swiping at the tears, a sign of weakness, with the backs of her hands. "I'm not just going to sit around and.. and wait for the next time when you just don't come back at all. I can't! Oh Gods.." Her breath hitches and she can't seem to breathe for only a moment before she catches it again, She stumbles a few more steps away from him. "The last?"

"Not my hope," responds Demos, "I hope I can spend every moment with you until I'm old, the Hostile have gone back from where they came, and, whatever the future may bring." Closing the gap again, reaching for her, suggesting she turn to face him so he could embrace her more, if she would allow it. "I think each moment we have is another moment I got to enjoy you and, hopefully, strengthening the feelings we have for each other. But I don't ever want to take this, us, for granted. I want to give you more love each time, to get to know you each time, to cherish all that is you Sebryna. The Light Above, I hope no moment is ever our last, but a new beginning."

Until he turns her to face him, Roxy had kept her back to him. When he does turn her to face him, and she lifts her chin to see his eyes, her lashes are spiky and her blue eyes are lagoons, swimming with tears. She tries to blink them away, to wipe them away, to be strong. She's always strong.. always in control. Why couldn't she find her footing in this unknown? "Lions, Demos…" And therein lies her dismay. He was almost killed. "Don't act like nothing happened. You almost died and.." Then he would have never known.. "Demos.." she begins, but chokes out a sob as she buries her face against him.

"Never," says Demos softly, an agreement, he would not act like nothing happened. A lot happened and he too needed to realize it wasn't just him anymore. He can't say nothing happened, he can't down play it. Instead his arms encase her, pillars of support despite his leg being bound by Balius' field casting. "I'm sorry," he says, offering up to her his lips almost a kiss to her head as she choked out a sob, her face buried into him, "I'm sorry Sebryna." One of his hands comes to support her head against him, letting her bury herself as much as she wishes. "Sebryna," he whispers to her, then quietly repeating her name to her. He had used her name as a mantra during passionate moments, but this time there was a tenderness there as if he was saying the only truly thing that was important to him.

Why did she feel so broken when he was the one who was so injured? Never had Roxy cared about anyone before and she had not been prepared for the pain that came with almost losing them. With her face buried into his chest and her body trembling with each wracking sob she makes, she finds herself comforted by the feel of his arms closed about her, offering a quiet strength and a solid anchor. Forcing herself to calm down, to breathe, she lifts a tear stained face to him accompanied by a quivering smile. "Demos," she says softly, "I'm sorry. You're the one hurting and I am a complete mess. I don't know what's wrong with me. Just knowing you were in such danger.. how c..close you came," her voice hitches again.. "Please, just.. Be careful."

Bringing a palm to her chin as she continues to look up at him, Demos uses a thumb to wipe gently a some of the tears/tear-stains. A deep smile, soft at the corners, but full of emotion, sits on his lips as he regards her. With a shake of his head, "No, you're not a mess. My leg, its just physical pain, it heals, it heals more quickly than other pain. I'll be careful, but right now, I just want to be with you Sebryna." With a slight bend, his lips float over her quivering smile. "I feel my heart exploding, in a good way, that you would be worried, but that doesn't make it right that I worried you so. But thank you, thank you for coming, thank you for worrying."

Unable to tear her gaze away from his green eyes, those beautiful hues that had almost been denied to her forever, Roxy tries to keep her smile, but it's too difficult. Lifting a hand, she cradles her palm against his cheek, traces his lower lip with her thumb, trails her fingers along his jaw to the strong column of his neck to the base where she can feel his vitality, that pulsing that matches each beat of his heart, a sign he was truly going to be fine. Finally, she closes her eyes and inhales deeply, trying to calm down further. Her eyes open again and she just stares at him. "Of.. of course I care.."

Want to leave his eyes on hers as she focuses right back into his, Demos stares for those moments just the same as she does. "Yes, yes you do," he slowly agrees to her words. This heart picks up its beat a little, having slowed with his worry about upsetting her, but spurred by her hand at his neck, feeling that pulse rising from his heart. Quickening. "Sebryna .. I don't know where I'd be without you," not so much at this moment, but agreeing somewhere that he doesn't know what he would do come tomorrow if he knew she would no longer be around, knowig what they have now. "I want to be here for you." Lost in her eyes, the savannah and rolling hills around them distant, time is forgetten just the same.

Feeling the quickening of his pulse, Roxy lowers her eyes and looks there at his neck where her fingers were. "I don't want to find out where either of us would be without the other.." Stark, brutal honesty. "I can't." Rising to the balls of her feet, she leans forward and replaces her lips where her fingers were, gently kissing that place on his neck, closing her eyes and just cherishing the thought that he was alive..

Again his pride swells, Demos feeling stronger by the her very nature. He could comment, but then her lips replace her fingers and he turns, slightly, his neck given more freely to her. That vital area, delicate, but freely exposed for her alone, trust and more running, coursing through his veins at her touch. Thumb moves away from tears, his fingers go through her hair, to the back of her head, weaving their way as if to hold her closer to that neck. His own eyes falter, lingering towards closing, this moment shared with her. "Neither can I," he finally agrees, mixed with something of a growl in his throat at her lips as they stand together.

The pulse there matches her own, rapidly accelerating and as his hand dips into her hair, Roxy makes a soft, feminine sound and gently nips at his neck before suckling gently. Only then does she realize he was hurt… his leg, and she reluctantly steps back, chest rising and falling with each breath, eyes wide. "Oh Demos.. you should be sitting down.." She reaches for his arm, intent on leading him back to the chair.

… transition … subsequent scene to come …

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