09.01.3013: On the Homefront
Summary: Loree and Bey cope with the news(or lack thereof) concerning Chiron; Darious joins them.
Date: 09.01.3013
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Mott's Taphouse
The taphouse is burrowed out from the heart of one of the various elder trees that surround the Heartwood. It is dark, warm, and inviting no matter the time of day. There are not a lot of hard corners, and it feels as though the walls blend in with the ceilings that curve high above. The interior wood has been stained a honey gold, which is offset by the rosewood bar and tables. There are a couple of circular windows that have been carved from the tree trunk, though the glass is stained a soft green to continue to maintain a particular atmosphere no matter the time of day. Scattered throughout the room are tables of various size and chair arrangement, and the aforementioned bar runs along the left-hand wall.

A Saturday evening at Mott's, a number of people have packed into the relatively humbly sized tavern. It's usually festive nature seems more somber this evening. People are drinking, but the overall feeling seems subdued with recent events being what they are. The citizens of the Arbor had yet to hear news of something that had happened so close. Waygates were the foundation for being connected and now all the fears that previously had no tangible links in their minds have started to connect, what another generation of war might actually cost and mean.

Balius Quellton is seated alone at a booth, though there are two empty bowls of soup being cleared away at the moment. He's got his barefeet propped up on the opposing seat as he's humming to himself, staring into the ale as if it contained the deep answers of the universe.

Lorelei walks in, looking rather…tired. She's kept busy, to not think, but now that it's dark, no more chores,a dn her mind has started to worry again. dasko implied that drink helped, so…maybe an ale or two….She's dressed in her riding outfit, hair up in a simple braid. looking around the tap house, she spots her younger brother. An internal struggle, and she'll put her frustration and anger at her younger brother away, the worry for her older brother outweighing it. walking up, "Hey Bey." She'll wait to be invited before sitting.

He'll nod for her to come join him, looking up with a smile that shows his own worry. Sipping from his ale, he'll shift in the silence, not having words for the moment. His vulnerable green eyes look across the table to her, still searching for some answer to some question.

Lorelei slips in across from Bey, not looking at him at first, focusing on the empty bowls, "Am I interrupting? Did you have company?" She'll fidget some in her seat, before looking up. Her own hazel eyes are clouded with storms as she meets his.

"Just some local scout I joined for dinner, Jocelyn, I think her name was." He shrugs as he avoids her eyes quickly, sipping from his ale, though his satchel is actually next to Loree on her side of the booth. He had spent extra time at the stables today, re-doing chores.

Lorelei nods, letting her own eyes drop when he looks away. Realizing she can't do this with out at least something in her hands, "I'm going to get an ale, you need a refill?" she'll begin slipping out, to go to the bar to get an ale.

"Yeah…sure." He doesn't make eye contact, or really look any direction other than down. Is it embarassment? Just the metaphorical weight on his shoulders? Whichever it is, he just sighs and finishes whatever was in his glass.

Lorelei rolls her eyes, but Bey won't see that. walking back from the bar with 2 paid ales, she'll slide one over to Bey, "Here." With a sigh, she'll lift her's up, a silent prayer to the Six for Chiron and she'll take a sip, eyes closed. "You ok?" A loaded question, sure. But it's good starting place.

"I think the more important question is whether Chiron's okay…" Bey says with a shrug, still not going to pray to the Six, even in a crisis. "Damn him…" The curse is whispered, but the contortion of his face is quite obvious behind the bitter tone.

Lorelei tilts her chin up, "Well…I can't do anything for him, but I have a brother sitting in front of me that looks like he needs to talk. I can fix that." Loree's terrified for Chiron, but she's trying to not focus on that. "Are we still fighting?" That's a sister for ya, just asking.

"What? Were we…?" Bey is confused, stupid boy being stupid. Drunken comments being somehow given a free pass in his mind. The ones her remembered that is. "I just need to do something. That's all. Waiting and waiting. It's for the birds." Bey's last comment is said purposefully childish as he crosses his arms with a smirk.

Lorelei frowns, cheeks coloring slightly. Drunken comments still hurt. but she'll swallow it down, it'll do no good now, with Chiron missing. "It's ok. Then…Let's do something.We can walk the perimeter, redo the fence, go…buy something or…we can visit somewhere." She'll scrunch her brow, not sure if he's taking a dig at her with the bird comment or not.

Sipping from his ale, Bey looks thoughtfully at his sister. "And that will accomplish what exactly?" He cocks his head to the side skeptically. Sure, he should probably be more grateful that she's going out of her way to be selfless and helpful. There might be some guilt brewing, but he holds the question there, masking that corner of himself as he has become an expert at doing.

Lorelei's jaw tightens, this was a mistake. He clearly doesn't want her here. "I just thought we could do something, instead of waiting." her hands tighten on her drink, and she'll take a long sip, wondering if she should just down it, to leave it half drank.

Balius' eyes soften as he considers his sister, now he wants to cheer her up. "If you want to Loree…we could go travel? That might be nice." He forces a smile, though really his features seem more apologetic. Trying to decide where his sister might like to go takes his thoughts for a moment. No ice, no moons, no caves…no Plains of Ares.

Lorelei 's not looking at her remaining sibling.Sometimes she wishes she was a boy, so she could just punch people when they were being asses. Another long sip. And another wink, "We don't have to travel, I just thought something would be good. Take the horses out, or something. Go get ma some black berries from the forest, before they're out of season." Chiron loves blackberry pie….

"Sounds good, Victarion seemed rather angsty today, but I didn't want to risk…" The youngest Quellton definitely was known for bottling his emotions. One of the unhealthy releases had been through some reckless maneuvers on horseback, for which he'd probably been scolded for a number of times. Not to mention, he was certainly not the best rider in the family. A shake of his head with a smile. "Blackberries might be nice."

Lorelei nods, "It might help Ma. we can go tomorrow, after chores, if you want." She seems to relax some, taking a smaller, more normal drink of her ale. "Hubert's about back to 100. I wouldn't mind taking him for a good run."
From afar, Talynne just had that thought earlier, it seemed funny :) I can write up a general about her for you guys

"I'm glad Hubert's doing so much better. Horse deserves some happiness, after all, he's had to deal with you his whole life." Bey chuckles as he sips his ale. "You know what Ma is gonna do, right?" He begins the mock voice. "These berries aren't ripe at all, the season ended two weeks ago. You did this on purpose!"

Lorelei rolls her eyes, "Whatever. I spoil him. And would do it all over again. He deserves it." Once Loree's hero, always Loree's hero. Sighing, "Ma will complain no matter what. If the blackberries aren't good, we'll go looking for yellow or orange berries. They should still be in season." Loree's sitting across from Bey at a booth, both looked tired from a long day of working at the stables.

"Sure sure…let's get blackberries anyways." Bey says, absentmindedly as he hums a bit to himself again. "You know, Chiron was always the best at finding berries in the forest…especially when pie is going to be made." Balius winces at the fact that he said was, but maybe he just meant that grown squires don't go berry picking, right?

Darious enters the bar and stumbles up to the counter his hands slightly blistered and lightly bandaged as are his fingers. His Guitar strapped to his back and He looks raggid and barely able to stand let alone walk. " ale and the largest you got…." he nearly whispers out.

Lorelei doesn't even try to hide the wince at Bey word choice. her nerves are about shot as is, "How about we just pick whatever we can find?" Her voice is soft, the fear clear in it. She'll catch the figure stumbling into the bar, and turn, frowning as Darious orders something. She'll not draw attention to herself yet, unsure what the issue is. She's not picked up on the bandages yet, her head to worked up in her own worry.

"Yay berries! So yummy things…and…" Bey's random flailing of his arms ends as abruptly as it began. He feels very awkward and hasn't noticed Darious from his vantage point yet. "Have you tested Hubert's run yet? See if he's actually able to keep his old pace?" Talk, keep talking. Talk…umm…horses? Yeah, Hubert.

Darious has a tired smile as the nearly pitcher sized glass is brought before him. He has to gingerly grab it with both hands, before he lifts it to his face and lips slowly sipping at first but soon begins to gulp down large quantities of the brew. His seat on the stool percarious at best.

Lorelei's head turns back to Bey a moment, his flip flop hyper mood swings are hard to deal with right now. "Not a full gallop. I wanted to make sure someone was with…just in case." Rebreaking legs isn't pretty, or horse or rider. "He's done pretty good so far. I think he'll be fine." If not, Loree will just levitate him home. Her eyes flicker over to Darious again and a frown does appear as she notes the bandages, "Hold on a second, Bey." Standing up, Loree makes her way over to there knight, "Sir Darious? Are you ok?" it's hard to tell if there's more worry in her voice, or if she's just not trying to mask it anymore.

Turning to see what she was looking at, Bey will smile at Darious, ignoring his awkwardly bandaged hands at first. "Lord Darious!" He waves from afar in a friendly gesture. Man's got some good taste in ale if he wanted a big one.

Darious looks at Loree and sets the drink down, as he's now sporting a ale-stash and has one of those I’m too tired to think straight looks. "Huh?" … he says before, he blinks and looks at his hands and oh's .."Ahh I think so.. got a into a competition on .. hmm speed playing and I guess I over did it.. " his fingers are soaked thru , and some of the blisters have popped as they soak up the bandages too. " Just tired and so Thirsty.." as he turns back to the ale and slowly reaches for it.

Lorelei blinks, "What?" she sounds slightly more than mortified. He did that playing his guitar?!?! Pursing her lips she'll reach over and take his mug before he can get it, "No drinking till Bey looks at your hands…You're going to get your hands infected!" She has that tone, the 'I've dealt with enough today, don't piss me off' tone. Or Bey may recognize it as a Ma tone. Without looking to see if he follows she'll turn and walk back to Bey, Darious's large mug looking almost comical in her small hands. "Bey, do yu have your first aid in your bag?"

Taking in with great alarm the view of the hands before him, Bey will seem a little slow to react, peering closely at Darious, as if checking for something. "Yeah, lemme grab it." He quickly puts on latex gloves. "Gimme your hands…" He turns them over gently. "Father damnit! What were you thinking? We need to drain these blisters, pronto." He rumbles in his kit for needle of some sort, urging Darious to sit in the booth.

Darious starts to complain about his ale being taken but at lorelei's tone he clams up and then follows bey's instructions abit slowly as he stumbles more due to being tired than anything else while the man checks out his hands. Yellow puss seeping readily as the bandages are removed. Those over his finger tips bleeding steadily now.

Lorelei sets the mug down, looking over and turning slightly green at Darious's hands. She'll whipper softly to herself, "Six!" without asking for permission, she'll start digging into the other side of Bey's bag, looking for bandages. She'll find some numbing, cleaning gel and sets it on the table, still digging. Looking up, she'll eye Bey moment, unsure of how much he's actually had, "Do you want me to do it?" She'll move, found bandages in hand to block carious in slightly. It's actually to block the sight of what they're doing. while it's not uncomment to do something like this in Arboren, it is dinner time, and they are somewhere where people eat.

Bey's hands are rather shaky, whether from adrenaline or his sister's franticness, he seems to not trust himself for the moment. With a sigh he moves the necessary materials over to Loree and nods knowingly to her. "Hey Darious, do you know the tune to Howling Tree? Everyone in Arboren knows that one! I'll start us off…" He's trying to gain Darious' full attention.

Darious looks from Bey to Lorelei and then back as he looks at be with a semi-blank look .. "yeah.. uh.. sure.." even as there is tearing of the blisters as the bandages are removed but currently Darious is so desensitized that he doesn't even feel it. Heck you could probably apply a blow torch to his hand and he'd might barely register it that is how tired the knight currently it.

Lorelei purses her lips again. She tells herself this is just like when Bey fell into the prickly patch, and then went swimming. Keeping Darious's hands on the table, she'll start cleaning them. She knows it must hurt, she'll try to hurry, but keeps her touch light. Her left hand lays on his wrist, trying to steady and keep him calm as she works. A extra bonus, a finger is kept on his pulse…just in case. Murmuring softly as she cleans and bandages each finger, trying to not frown at the poor care Darious has taken with his health, "Doing good…another one done…" She'll continue on till she's completely done.

Singing rather loudly, which may be counter-productive to Loree's attempts to avert attention from them, Bey will be giving a pretty decent rendition of the drinking song as he tries not to watch Loree or Darious' pus-filled hand, at some point the ale and the song consume him and he closes his eyes and kinda leans back in the booth, swaying a bit.

Darious does his best to follow bey’s led on singing the song but when Lorelei applies the salve and cleaning to his hands His hand flex's as he clamps his mouth shut trying to not cry out but the pain is such that he cant help it so his hands bounces as he tries to get away from the pain as he does scream in pain, even as tired as he is .. wishing he'd had more to drink before this started. "let' go… " as he fights but is tired and figures lorelei to have positioned his arm and hands in such a sway to apply force to keep it mostly steady. Even tired as he is he'll not hit her or anyone else due to the stict training he's been receiving by Sir Agnes.

Lorelei winces in sympathy, and does her best to hold his hand and arm steady, "I'm sorry, Darious…I'm so sorry…Bey…help me hold him steady, please? I'm almost done, I promise!" Loree bites her lower lip, hating the fact that she's causing anyone pain, but knowing this has to be done, or he could get very sick. "There, done." she'll keep her hand on his wrist, trying to give him some comfort.

Whether it's the five ales he had before Loree arrived, the smell of blood and pus, Bey looks positively green. "Darious man, you need to get some rest. Good to see you again so soon, my Lord." He runs around them, satchel forgotten.

Darious seems focused on the pain of his hand, so barely hears Bey's words let alone Lorelei's but soon does feel it go from a stinging pain to a dull throb. His teeth unclench as they ache now as he breaths heavily, his eyes watering as he gieves off a light whimper of uncontroled pain. His gaze focus's on the large pitcher of ale just inches from him and yet he cant grab and guzzle it.

Lorelei sighs, look first at her retreating brother and then the whimpering noble. "Here." She'll push the ale towards him, "I know you want ale, but you should really drink so water too…" Frowning, she'll keep her hand on his wrist a moment longer before releasing it. "eat something too. And sleep, you look exhausted." She'll start to gather Bey's things.

Darious gladly accepts the ale and carefuly sips some just to wet his lips as he looks at his treated hands. "Inner coat pocket " he tells you, "deduct credits from it.. for services.. " he has that looks of this brooks no arguments. "go on.. I insist. … " as he realizes your right as he takes a few more glups of the ale just to get him thru before he decides to head home and crash hard.

Lorelei frowns, "No…this is payment for some of the supplies you're giving my family." her tone is tired, and a don't argue right back at him. "Look, feel better, we'll talk later, I…I need to check on Bey. With Chiron missing…" She'll not elaborate, instead, giving him a forced smile, she'll turn and leave rather quickly, bey's bag slung over her shoulder.

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