06.03.3013: On Riding Horses and Drakes
Summary: Taryn meets with Soleil and Sophie about working in the Sauveur stables.
Date: 03 June 2013
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Lower Courtyard — Palace Towers, Landing
Up a small incline from the Grand Esplanade, through the portcullis's intricately wrought gates, is the Lower Courtyard of the Palace Towers. It is a large, sprawling space of laid stone walkways and grassy patches of lawn. Stone benches carved with the Sauveur Eagles are scattered throughout the courtyard to provide places to sit and converse. At the center of the courtyard is a baroque-styled fountain carved with a statue effigy of the First King Matthias Sauveur. Cultivated around the fountain is a rose garden where some of the finest blooms in all Haven can be found.

The Courtyard leads to the three major towers of the Sauveur seat. Directly before it, looming with its grace and magnificence is the Royal Tower. It hosts the entire Sauveur family and is also the location of the Grand Hall and Royal Libraries. To the Royal Tower's left is the Embassy Tower which provides housing and comfort for the Paramounts of Haven and their vassal houses. Each floor in the Tower is dedicated to each House, with the Paramount floors being the most grandeur. Opposite of the Embassy Tower is the Senate Tower which is where sessions are held and hosts the senatorial offices and apartments. Skyways are evenly spaced up the two auxillary towers, connecting them to the Royal Tower.

June 3rd, 3013

Two days prior, Taryn had one of the most bizarre and confusing conversations of his life, which ended with the Lady Soliel telling him to come to the palace for a potential job in the royal stables. After nearly dying of utter boredom in this city that apparently never sleeps, the stable boy decided that perhaps the offer might not be that bad of an idea as he still has yet to discovered whatever it is that lead him to Landing. As he walks around slowly, in both awe and intimidation of the surroundings, he looks about as out of place as possible. It is late afternoon, heading towards evening, and most people are moving about with their own concerns and business. He finally gets someone to stop long enough to speak with him. He looks about as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. "Um… excuse me… I need to talk to … someone… Lady Soleil told me to come here for a job…" The servant looks at him with a bit of a silent snort, "Someone will need
to verify this… wait here until her Lady-ship can verify this. And your name is?" The young Valen stable hand clears his throat, "Taryn Wystrel, sir." The servant snorts, "I am not a knight," and walks off.

Sophie strides through the lower courtyard of the Matthias Towers, wearing a decadent white dress with silver brocade, long sleeves flowing downwards against her luxurious skirt. She holds the skirt up with either slender hand so that it might not dirty upon the ground, her guard standing beside her with a white umbrella to shade her from the lowering sun. She halts when she notices a familiar figure nearby, before a slight curve of a smile slips across her lips and she hurries to approach the man. Overhearing only a small portion of the conversation, she offers, "Mister Wystrel? What might you be doing here?" She glances towards the servant, "please send for…Lady Soleil, was it?" She glances towards the newcomer for verification, before firmly nodding her head, "please send for Lady Soleil. We shall be
waiting by the fountain." A finger rises, "oh, and some tea. If you would." The servant bows respectfully, "at once, Lady Sophie." The Lady herself smiles and replies, "thank you." She moves closer to Taryn and motions him to walk her towards the fountain, "have you seen the statue of the First King Matthias, Mister Wystrel? It is quite well crafted indeed."

Taryn has been inclined to bow to absolutely everyone he sees just in case they might be a royal, but he sees Lady Sophie and knows for certain that she is in fact one of the Sauveur's. He immediately gives a deep bow to the young royal. "Lady Sophie…." He reaches up and combs his hair back with his fingers. "I was… um… I was told to come here… for a job in the stables, m'lady… by Lady Soleil…" He walks with her towards the fountain. Nodding slightly, "Yes, m'lady… it is… very impressive…"

Sophie chuckles softly as Taryn bows so deeply, "I see you are continuing your morals of courtesy, Mister Wystrel." Caedmon, her guard, offers to the side, "as he should, my Lady." She sighs and nods her head, "yes, yes, lest the meat taste too poorly." She cants her head and asks, "a job? Oh, I wonder what my cousin intends for you to do…though I suspect the answer is simple, seeing as you are indeed a groom." Once they reach the fountain, she smirks and replies, "though I am certain I could have done better if I drew him instead…were I to have been alive at the time, of course." She gently settles on the edge of the fountain wall, Caedmon still shading her from the sun's rays, "so, if I may, why might a groom be looking for a job when they already have one?"

Taryn offers a slight smile to Caedmon. In truth, he seems far more intimidated by the young woman than her rather imposing guard. "I wouldn't know of such things, m'lady, but if you say so, I can't disagree with you." He looks up at the statue once again, before he looks back to the lady. "Truth be told, m'lady… Landing is far more expensive than Briarford…. I cannot afford to stay here on what little bit of money that I have… and I… " he pauses slightly, "I'm just not ready to return… " The truth of the matter is that is quite true, he is still mourning the death of his mother and her house is a constant reminder of her.

Sophie arches a brow at Taryn, "I admit, I would be very interested to know what is in Briarford that bars you from wishing to return. But…I shall not invade your privacy, if you do not want it. Just tell me one thing. Whatever is there could not possibly disrupt the household here, I hope?" She waves a hand in the air, "though I quite understand. Much is more expensive here, and you would certainly require better wages to remain in your current state of living." At present, Caedmon stands ever watchful beside his ward, with a white umbrella shading her from the slowly setting sun. Sophie rests on the edge of the fountain wall in the center of the lower courtyard, with Taryn standing there beside her. For now, they make idle conversation while waiting for the messenger to retrieve Soleil, as well as a platter of tea for the lot of them.

There is a slight shadow that moves over his expression. Taryn shrugs slightly, "It is no great secret, m'lady… nor would it have any effect on anyone else… " His gaze moves to look at the flowing water of the fountain, "My mother was the last of my family, and she died a couple of weeks ago, m'lady… " He shakes his head slightly, "I.. find my home to be filled with too many memories right now that I am not yet ready to face."

Soleil appears, dressed fashionably if a little edgily, as is her wont these days. The whole Medieval/modern thing suits her very well, a fair beauty with a tendency to cast cutting looks of general moodiness at her environment. Black, gray, and violet, leather and silk. Tall boots, long gloves, flowy sleeves, and a skirt which just borders the long-enough mark at her knees.
The servant directs her to where Sophie and Taryn are to be found, and she approaches, her own Saveur knight following.
"You came." That's the first thing she says as she slows and observes Taryn head to toe. "And…you didn't change clothes." The corner of her mouth twitches with the first sign of displeasure.
She offers a familiar nod to Sophie, "Lady cousin."

Sophie raises a hand to her mouth, gasping in surprise, "by the Six! That is terrible, Mister Wystrel. Please, forgive me if I was at all rude in asking. I…I cannot imagine." She rises to her feet the instant Soleil approaches, eyes slightly widened as she offers, "Lady cousin. It is good to see you. I had just heard the most horrid news. I really ought to be told of these things beforehand but…I have only just heard of his mother's passing, a mere fortnight ago." She nods her head to Soleil's comment on the state of the man's clothes, "I think a few things can be forgiven. He is a citizen and a groom, after all…"

Taryn shakes his head, "There is nothing to forgive, m'lady. You did not know, nor was there any way for you to." He turns from the fountain and his composure is completely resolved. "It is what it is… the way of things… everyone dies sometime, m'lady." He pauses, "Of course, this is probably not a conversation for polite company…" He turns and at first a smile stretches across his lips as he hears Soleil's voice, but then it fades some as she comments on his clothing. "Beggin' you pardon, but you told me to buy something more appropriate, but if'in I'm to be a stable hand, then there is nothin' more appropriate than the clothing of a stable hand, wouldn't you say?"

Soleil is more taken aback by the fact she now has to do the whole pity thing. Pathos makes her uncomfortable. She— no…wait a second. His mother died?
Soleil's expression freezes in place, and unfortunately her eyes happened to be on Taryn, so her expression freezes with her eyes in place ON Taryn, and that could do some damage to a young man's ego. Because when a beautiful young lady is staring at a man with piercing eyes and /not/ smiling— well, a stare can be an uncomfortable thing.
Whether or not Taryn feels uncomfortable, however, depends on his own makeup. At last she does relieve him of the burden by glancing around. "I am— how unfortunate." She pauses, and then passes that topic, which is for some reason uncomfortable for her. Sophie may realize why.
"A Saveur stablehand is not a bumpkin," she states then, toying with the hem of one glove, her eyes on her hand. "You will have clothes more suitable provided for you. Of course I am sure you will start with the really dirty work, since you have to earn your place amongst the others. But unless you're simple you will soon be working the horses. Who knows, if you present yourself well enough you may make something more of yourself." Something odd happens next— Soleil says something very kind. "You may even make your mother very proud of you before we're done with you." Pause. "Here, come along, there's a test for you first." And she sets off for the stable, even if tea is being brought.

Sophie forces a smile, "of course. Still, if nothing else, know that I sympathize with your grief." Her amber eyes peer closely at the man, flickering across his face when he retains utter composure. Nevertheless, her momentary contemplation is distracted when Soleil approaches and speaks, chuckling softly to Taryn's clever response. She remains silent however while Soleil gives Taryn that stare, a glint of mischief in her aureate eyes. She listens to the exchange, before finally slipping in a few words, "I am certain you will go far quickly, Mister Wystrel. You appear much…wiser than your peers are likely to be. Especially when it comes to propriety. Did I tell you that Mister Wystrel could converse like an equal on matters of courtesy, Lady Cousin? Well, you know now…" She grins lightly when Soleil mentions the man's mother, following along in the band when her cousin starts for the stables. Throughout it all, Caedmon summons a servant and quickly whispers to bring the tea to
the stables, before hurrying to catch up once more.

Taryn follows Soleil, then as Sophie comes along, he waits for the younger lady to catch up with her cousin. He follows just behind the two, which is only appropriately subservient. "Of course, m'lday… I would not expect to just be handed a job."

The stable is possibly the most extraordinary Taryn has seen. Marble, carvings— the floor is not even dirt. Stall upon stall contains some of the most beautiful beasts the System has known. Each bears a glittering nameplate. Some of the animals stretch their necks over their stall doors toward the small group as they pass. Other stalls are closed up entirely, some empty, with the occupants out for daily exercise or rides. The corridor is wide, with plenty of room for them to pass as well as any horses and grooms who are coming and going. Whatever staff they encounter pause in anything they are doing to bow and curtsy to the young ladies.
Soleil, for her part, occasionally acknowledges them, but the truth is that the palace is so rife with servants that if a lady were to incline her head to every one of them she passed in an hour, she'd get a dreadful crick.
At last they come to almost the end, where a stall has been completely closed. The glittering nameplate reads, "Nebulae in Reverse." having anticipated their approach, one of the grooms in Sauveur livery has taken a position by the stall, and he bows deeply to Sophie and Soleil. "Tyler. This is Taryn. I wish to introduce him to Nebulae, so will you lead her out?" Tyler bows and, after eyeing Taryn a moment, turns to open the top stall door…
Immediately and with frightful force the bottom of the door is kicked, and something inside the stall whirls around. Out lunges a head— a fantastic head of one of the most fantastically colored horse's. The beast positively /glitters/. It is like an appaloosa, grey and white with a scattering of black and silver. Tattoos, perhaps. The beast is like a radiant constellation. In addition to her fantastic color, her shape is exquisite, her eyes intelligent.
She snaps at the air.

Sophie is grateful to Taryn for waiting, panting softly to keep up with her cousin's wider gait and more robust consitution. Once they make their way inside the stable, she hardly even glances towards the luxurious floors or walls. Instead, she points excitedly towards a drawing near the entrance, "I drew this, Mister Wystrel. It took me days, but I somehow managed." The drawing is composed of a herd of wild horses, each seperately crafted to mimic the features of those steeds housed in the stable, at least at one time. They rush from one side of the drawing to the next, upon manicured grass fields, with their manes blowing in the wind and their legs lightly blurred in their speed. Next, Sophie waves gleefully to the servants, even going so far as to greet a couple of them by name. Once they approach Soleil's mount, she giggles excitedly, "I am always delighted to view your mare, Lady cousin. You will allow me to draw her sometime, won't you?" She tilts her head towards Tyler, "hello, Tyler dear. I hope Nebulae is as cheery as always?" She hardly even flinches at the sound of the door being violently kicked, a serene smile plastered across her pale features.

Taryn is obviously quite impressed with the stables, awe-struck is more accurate. He walks around wide-eyed, which seems to be his near perpetual state here in Landing. The young groom cannot help but to pause occassionally to look at one of the more impressive horses. He gives a friendly smile and nod to Tyler - someone that he can understand a lot easier than the two noble ladies. He watches as Tyler gets the horse "ready". When the horse kicks the door, a faint smirk crosses his lips as he thinks how appropriate that Soleil's horse seems to be a difficult creature - just as it seems to be beautiful, intelligent, and potentially dangerous. He whistles softly in appreciation of the animal as it makes its appearance.

Oh she's in a good mood isn't she?" Soleil says, and it's hard to tell whether it's sarcasm or sincerty or…what."I would like a portrait of her actually," Soleil says to Sophie as she gestures to Tyler, who extracts a chunk of sugar-glazed apple from his pocket and turns, somewhat warily, to slip the bridle on Nebulae— assuming, of course, the future has not invented something better. He gestures for the little group to stand back, though Soleil did stop them before they came too close to the door. The horse practically screams at him and snorts.
We will not say what trouble it is for Tyler to accomplish this simple task. Eventually, many candied apple slices later, the exquisite mare stands before them. She is like a galaxy in reverse, a mostly white and grey creature, and the black is like a scattering of a thousand stars and star clusters upon her gleaming coat.
"My mother developed the line and left it to me in her will. Unfortunately I am not really the most gifted of riders, and even our best are frequently thrown by her. She's one of my most precious reminders of bygone days, however. She's a brilliant creature, and quite a judge of character. If you can ride her around the exercise course in a fortnight, then your employment will be secured, Taryn."
Soleil is able, at least, to reach for the horse and stroke her, which she does.

Sophie looks to Taryn for his own reaction to the wild beast, a small smirk alighting upon her features when she hears that approving whistle. Still, a somewhat gloomy gaze is betrayed in her amber eyes when the groom finds himself too awestruck to comment upon her artwork. Nevertheless, her expression instantly transforms into that of a very joyful girl, bobbing her head and beaming with pride, "of course I will, Lady cousin. I would love to. I know just how to draw her as well. Risen on her hind legs amidst the darkness of a starry night." She watches and waits and imagines the future drawing, while Nebulae gets a feast of candied apples from poor Tyler's hand. After a goodly long while, she admires the mare striding through the stable stall gate and standing proudly before them, "she is a beautiful creature. Nearly as beautiful as Matthias." She turns to Taryn, staring at him curiously to view how he might respond to such a proposition as Soleil soon provides, silent and watchful.

Taryn shakes his head, "Well, that's the first problem…. She's spoiled…" A faint impish grin stretches across his lips as he thinks that it probably is something else that the horse and its owner shares. "She is truly an amazing creature… I'm not sure that I ever seen her equal…" That bit of a smirk, "And I think she believes it too." He takes a step towards the horse, which responds with a warning snort. Taryn pauses, keeping a good gaze locked with the horses, "So let me get this right… all I have to do is ride her around a course?" There is a touchy of cocky self confidence, "Alright… I have a feeling that she'll be a bit of a challenge, but I'm sure I have seen meaner horses… she wasn't trained for the battle field… those tend to be the most ornery."

"That she was not," Soleil agrees. "She fancies she was born to be free, and misses it. She came here from Nubilus, where she had vast fields to run in. I was not really interested in riding." Soleil steps back to let Nebulae's attention focus on Taryn. The horse seems to tolerate Soleil, for Soleil has really done nothing to ever irritate the animal— like try to ride her, or pen her, or groom her, or…anything but pet her and give her treats.
"The course I mean is the jumping course. It is I think…moderate difficulty?" She looks at Tyler for confirmation, and he nods. "That will be nothing at all to Nebulae but I think the real difficulty is communication between horse and rider." Soleil shrugs, not really knowing much about it. "So, you have your task. And if you accomplish it, you will be my groom and Nebulae and the rest of my horses will be in your care, beneath my father's groom, Tyler. Until then, you'll do stable work when you are not working with her. Tyler will show you where you'll sleep. Shared quarters but they're nice. And if you need anything pass a message to Tyler and he will see it reaches me…"
The young Saveur begins to put her glove back on, having removed it to pet the horse. "Do you have any questions? Really, I suppose you can decline if you want, and see if Lady Sophie will take you on, though from what I have heard she may have you trying to ride drakes."

Sophie frowns at Taryn, "oh, she is beautiful. But certainly not as magnificent as Matthias. And barely half as dangerous, I'm sure." And then she smirks at the bravado from Taryn's mouth, chuckling lightly, "you have not seen the other grooms try. Tyler is a bit afraid of her, aren't you Tyler. And so am I, if I am to be perfectly honest." She hesitates for a moment when Soleil mentions having her take on Taryn if he fails, before slowly nodding her head, "perhaps, if he is deemed suitable." Still, she flushes softly when her cousin suggests riding drakes, "I hardly expect him to accomplish such a task. No, I think if ever there was a one to accomplish it, I would try to ride Matthias myself. I would like to think I am making headway, even. I have spoken to him as a friend for countless years of my life."

"Easy there girl…" Taryn says softly to the horse. He seem so much more relaxed talking to the horse than he does either of the two Sauveurs. He looks to Soleil, shaking his head slightly, "No, m'lady… it all sounds straight forward enough… " He smiles, "I think getting to ride her around a circuit would be well worth the time…" He lets Soleil's petting of the horse act as a slight distraction and slips up beside the horse to pet her as well, letting the experience of being petted by someone she likes be connected to being petted by him. "That's right, girl…" He continues to almost coo at the horse. He looks in the direction ofSophie, then chuckles softly, mindfully keeping his volume low, "I doubt that there is enough money in all of Haven to get me to ride a drake… " Taryn looks over at Sophie, "Pardon, m'lady, but you mentioned Matthias twice now. This another horse?"

Soleil remains a few moments more, but then she's preparing to leave. "Do excuse me," she says, and it seems she's leaving them to get the horse back in the stall— Taryn and Tyler at least. Tyler seems happy to let Taryn take over. "Good luck!" the young Saveur calls as she goes.

Sophie giggles at Taryn's question, shaking her head, "Matthias is the name I gave to a somewhat…calm drake in the zoo. I have been with him since my earliest teens. He is exquisite, but the poor creature's wing was paralyzed in the fall when he was captured. He was far more unruly when I first met him. Now, I think he is…tired and old, to say nothing of the bars that have kept him caged and miserable for the better part of a decade. When Soleil turns to leave however, she blinks in surprise and nods her head, "farewell, Lady cousin." Turning towards Taryn and Tyler, she offers, "I believe I should take my leave as well. I wish you luck, Mister Wystrel. I should think you will need it." At that, she tilts her head to the pair of grooms and begins to make her exit, her guard soon to follow behind her.

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