05.13.2013: Oh, to Dream
Summary: Lucretia bumps into Lyrienne by coincidence, and had been planning to track her down. They discuss the Hostiles and Dreams.
Date: 05-13-2013
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Lucretia Lyrienne 

The Imperius Library
The grand Imperius Library is the largest of its kind in the whole of Haven. From the exterior, it looks like a large, rounded tower with an asymmetrical crown. There are four main entrances, each in one cardinal direction, that leads into the sprawling foyer that takes up the entire lower level. The floors are made of polished marble, with an inset compass rose taking up nearly two-thirds of its area. There is no actual ceiling to the foyer save for the crown of stained glass high, high above. This provides a breathtaking view of the wrap-around levels that ring their way up the interior of the tower. There is a series of perfectly silent, glass-encased lifts that shuttle up and down through the levels.

Each level has floor-to-ceiling shelving units that contain thousands of holo-volumes. Each volume is a simple five-centimenter-square cartridge that must be inserted into a tablet or info-sphere console to be read. There are a series of these consoles in little clusters spread throughout the library where groups and individuals can research. There are also clusters of private study rooms where discussions can be had because, like most libraries, the main room obtains a strict please-be-quiet rule.


"Mother bless," Lyrienne laughs softly, shifting a baby on her hip as she waves a toddler and a six year old off in the care of a pair of nannies. "Go ahead, I'll catch up. Pick a good one," she advises with a flash of a smile. Once the noisy ones are gone, she shifts the babe to her other hip, giving him a gentle bob. "And you and Mommy are going to stay where it's /quiet/, yes we are," she murmurs to him, making her way toward one of the consoles.

Striding through the library, Lucretia's boots pad quietly against the floor as she moves, a smile playing upon the woman's lips. A small stack of cartridges held in the palm of one hand, her other hand comes up to absently adjust the hat atop her head. Glancing about, the brunette makes her way towards the consoles to preview her findings and her attention falls on Lyrienne. She eyes the other woman a moment, and her smile grows as she alters her course to join the blonde at her console, greeting quietly as she steps near, "Do forgive me for interrupting, I am Lady Lucretia Cindravale, and you.. are Lady Lyrienne Orelle, yes? I'd just been given the name a bit ago, and you do resemble the photo I saw when I poked around."

Lyrienne looks up at the approach, offering a small, polite smile. "My apologies," she's starting to say before the other woman even gets close. "They're terribly excited to be going out, their father is supposed to- Oh." She flushes, smile slipping crooked with a low laugh. "Well yes, I am. A pleasure to meet you, Lady Lucretia," she says with a polite dip of her chin and a flicker of a glance toward The Hat. "How can I help you?"

Amused, Lucretia smiles easily at the other woman at the seeming expectation that she's here to complain about the children. And her green gaze lingers on the boy Lyrienne holds for perhaps a moment or two too long before shifting back to the woman's face, "It is indeed a delight to meet you, Lady Lyrielle, though I think, perhaps this is not the best time," a pause and she glances idly in the direction of the children, then back to their mother. "But, I spoke a bit with Sir Tristan, and he had mentioned your name, Lady. I was hoping to perhaps speak with you about recent events sometime, and seeing you here, it was too delightful a coincidence to just let pass."

"This one, at least, should be quiet for a bit," Lyrienne murmurs ruefully, shifting to let the boy rest against her shoulder. Indeed, he looks as though he's starting to drift off. "I've a little bit of time if you'd like to claim one of the study rooms," she offers with an easy smile. "I imagine there are going to be plenty of people who want to hear just what happened. I wouldn't mind hearing some other thoughts on the matter myself. Things went…quickly."

Inclining her head, Lucretia glances to the infant again, smile still on her lips, "He is adorable, by the way. And as much as I would like to steal you away, I will only do so if you don't mind me taking up more than a moment or two of your family time, Lady." Mmm'ing she adds, "But..if you are willing, yes, I would love to chat. I imagine you are absolutely correct about more people wanting to hear. Especially..given the odd behavior Sir Tristan seemed to mention. Shall we?" The older brunette tilts her head in the direction of one of the side rooms, then begins to wander in the direction of the secluded study. "I am not certain I will have much input to offer on the matter personally, but having more minds thinking upon it can not hurt."

"Thank you," Lyrienne murmurs to Lucretia with a glance to her son. "He's…Well. Marus and Lysandra haven't shown any signs yet, but I'm starting to think Julian here is going to be Awakened. Which should be interesting." She follows the other woman to the smaller room, logging it in with a touch to the pad at the door before she enters. "There was," she says once inside, "Some concerning behavior. Mostly in that I believe they're…if not aiming for Awakened, then looking into us much more closely than they have in the past."

There's something of pain in Lucretia's expression as Lyrienne mentions her son possibly being Awakened, it's a flicker however, there and gone in the span of a few seconds, replaced with another smile as they step into the small study, "I wish you and your family the best of luck with that." Moving to settle into a chair in the room, Lu's head turns to let emeral eyes regard Lyrienne, gesturing for her to do the same, "Sir Tristan mentioned that the one seemed to focus on you. Do you think it was more than a coincidence? Was your aura up when it seemed to focus on you?" She mmm's to herself, "If they've simply decided we are the biggest threat in an encounter, that is good to know. If it is something more..nefarious related to us, we need to find out what it is, and remain on our guard."

"It was," Lyrienne nods, settling into a chair to let her son sleep in her lap, arranging him comfortably. "When we came upon them, they were hidden. They commanded we put down our weapons. I took cover behind the nearest tree, but as I embraced the power, yes, my aura came up. One turned its attention to the others, but the other immediately focused on me, coming toward me without any apparent concern for what I might do to it. I was using straight blasts, lightning form, but its armor seemed to provide a decent amount of protection against them."

"Hm," Lucretia muses quietly, crossing her legs as she listens to the younger woman's recollection. She nods slowly, "Good to know ahead of time that their armor is most likely going to be fairly effective against us." The brunette fall silent after Lyrienne finishes, thinking for a couple of moments, "So, at the very least, we have the benefit of knowing they are likely to focus on us initially over others." Lips pursing, she pauses, then nods, "As I'm sure you've been thinking about yourself since then, the question is..why? If their armor protects against our abilities well enough to render us less of a threat…Either there's an application of them we're overlooking, which scares them and makes them want rid of us as quick as possible, or…" One hand settles upon her knee, fingers tapping, "Was it trying to kill you, Lady Lyrienne? Or was it trying to subdue you?"

"That is the question." Lyrienne rubs a hand gently up and down her son's back, though whether it's to soothe him or herself isn't entirely clear. "I think that at first it hoped to capture. After I landed a few good blasts, it was less inclined to try. I took a rather nasty wound to the abdomen from its axe. There is something else that makes me think they want to capture us, though. The man we found was dead. His wife, we didn't find. And she was Awakened. He was not. Add that to the dreams, and the fact that I could swear I saw it's eyes glow brighter when I started…"

"That is..rather hefty evidence, I imagine, is it not? The woman missing, its apparent intent. Especially when coupled with the dream.." Lucretia muses quietly, almost to herself. "They are taking us for something. Doing something to people who have Awakened. Ahh..the words." She regards the younger woman curiously, leaning back in her chair, "Did you hear the voice? Mixed in with the humming. Rather hard to catch over one's own screams. The Hostile language, perhaps? That would be proof enough, I might think. And the white figure that was behind me..I am still uncertain what that represents."

"I heard," Lyrienne nods. "Though I couldn't understand them either. I didn't see anyone but myself, though," she muses, brows furrowing slightly in thought. "If I had to guess, though, I'd say they're trying to take us apart. Find out what makes us work. Perhaps in order to use such abilities themselves, or maybe just to better fight them. But there's no way to tell just yet." She reaches up to tuck a piece of hair behind her ear, letting out a slow breath. "We still don't know what made the Hostiles in the first place. If they were just colonists who were…changed somehow, then maybe they're- I mean, if their changes prevented them from Awakening, then maybe they're trying to gain their own Awakened by converting us first."

"Mmm," Lucretia begins, pausing before actually speaking. "A good guess, I imagine, but I can not help but feel there's something..more. It seems too obvious that they'd wish to dissect us. Figure out what makes us tick, as it were." She smiles, and it doesn't reach her eyes, "Perhaps the Hostiles are the Colonists who -did- awaken. The dream had a vaguely..metamorphic feel, did it not? Or not so vague, really. But easily overlooked." Giving her head a shake, she trails off, waiting before she asks, "Do you think something besides lightning might prove more effective, or is it unlikely to matter?"

"I'll admit, I defaulted to the simplest application of force that came to mind at the moment," Lyrienne says with a small, slightly sheepish smile. "In hindsight, I'd like to see how telekinesis can be applied. Perhaps best in teams, with one person taking each part of the body. Other, more creative methods might prove to be more effective as well. I do know that I felt as though psychometry was a better weapon than my bow at the moment. More finesse might be better, though."

"Understandable of course, dear," Lucretia comments with a nod, "And certainly things for us to consider. Hard to arrange a way to test these theories, though. It might be worth it to give them a go in a true encounter, just go into it with the realization it might not be effective." At the bow comment, she mulls it over a moment, "Good to know that it does indeed have a decent level of effectiveness, then. But we probably should not rely too heavily upon our abilities until we know more. Did you notice anything else of particular interest during the encounter?"

Lyrienne catches her lower lip between her teeth, worrying at it for a moment as she thinks. "It all happened very quickly," she murmurs. "I think part of the issue was penetration, maybe. A sword, an axe, an arrow, they have penetrating power against armor. While psychometry is a little less focused. I'm sure there are people with more of a focus on it than I've made of it, though," she adds, looking back with a small smile.

Lucretia nods as she listens to the younger woman, "Outside of specific bits of telekinesis, our talents aren't the most..detailed things. Which in some occasions makes it easier to defend against, than precisely applied, I imagine." Smiling, she lifts a hand to adjust her hat idly, "I am most please to have run into you Lady Lyrienne. It's been a short bit since I've spoken with another Awakened. Let alone one whose run into the Hostiles recently. I hope you won't take it amiss if I should contact you again in the future?"

"Please do," Lyrienne laughs softly, glancing down at her son. "I'm afraid I haven't really gotten out much these past few years, between my children and my music, and private study. And if it's true that the Hostiles are going to be targeting Awakened, then I think it would behoove all of us to get closer to each other and communicate. Discuss."

"As is to be expected," Lucretia murmurs in response to the bit about not getting out much. She rises to her feet slowly, nodding, "I agree entirely, and if we determine something that works, we need to strive to share it with our fellow Awakened." Smiling, the older brunette inclines her head, "I will let you get back to your children, Lady Lyrienne, thank you for your time."

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