05.19.2013: Of Hostiles and Bad Dates
Summary: Two old friends meet on the Ring.
Date: 19 May 2013
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Keanen Ariana 

Room Name
A random section of the Ring. Probably near some shops!

Keanen is lingering on one of the more average levels of the ring. He's sitting on the floor, leaning against a support beam, watching people walk by. What's unusual, is he's dressed in a grey suit with a thick black collar trimmed in the dark green of Arboren. His shirt is unbuttoned some, the tie loosened. His leg is bouncing, as if he's nervous, and his eyes are moving from passerby to passerby, inspecting each of them with his gaze.

Lady Ariana Larent is merely passing through on her way from doing some shopping. Several packages are hung over her palel, slender arms as she gracefully makes her way down the corridor. A flicker from out of the corner of her ice blue eyes draws her gaze to Keanen's direction and she immediately pivots on her heel and makes a straight line towards him. "My goodness, Lord Keanen of Arboren. It has been a short while since we last spoke. I'm glad to see that you are looking… well?" Carefully, she gauges his every movement and expression. Like always, she's dressed in something stylish and fancy: A sand hued silk gown that pools and trails behind her while a similar colored shawl hangs about her shoulders.

Keanen purses his lips and looks away from her when he answers. "Whatev's, Air." He shakes his head, "I'm having like the worst evening ever." He sighs, and looks back at her, his metal fingers tapping on the floor with little twitching motions. His eyes are just a little swollen. "Glad to see you're still looking so easy on the eyes. Shopping, huh?"

"It hasn't been that long now has it and nothing much has changed since you left… perhaps things were simply just quieter?" Ariana says in a light jest in her amusement, but that tone quickly changes to one of her natural 'matter-of-fact' ways of speaking, when she explains, "With the Hostiles attack approaching so quickly, I felt it was best to get some of this shopping out of the way. You know… just in case…" And she ends it there, before changing the direction of the topic just slightly, "I've heard that you and your family encountered a Hostile near your home. It sounded terrifying." Those cold eyes continue to observe the young Arboren as she speaks.

Keanen nods, "Yeah…" And again, his eyes flit across the other people walking by, moving from person to person, as if looking for someone. "They captured one alive and have one of their pod ships. I convince Mother to let me come with it here and help study it. It's pretty amazing…" A rather shifty looking young man walks by, and he turns his attention to him for a moment, as if trying to decide if he was important, before glancing back at Ariana. "I don't suppose you're here with Soleil…?" he looks at her, hopeful.

Just as Keanen's gaze drifts across the walkway in his people observation, Ariana's eyes follow suit for a brief second, though it's only her eyes that move as she continues to face the youngest of the Arborens as she speaks. "Study it? In what way? I wonder if I would be allowed to observe the Hostile as well. It certainly would be exciting, I think!" Her hands clasp together, long, graceful fingers entertwining over one another. She then quickly shakes her head, letting her pale locks of gold sway with that motion alone. "I'm afraid not… is Lady Soleil the one whom you seek?" It is obvious that she has noticed the young man looking here and there for someone and like always, Ariana retains some sort of formality, even among peers of her own age whom she 'hung out' with in her youth, which wasn't all that long ago!

Keanen glances at Ariana once more. "Well, I don't know where they took the Hostile himself. I'm just here with the pod." He shrugs, and looks back at more people walking by. "No," he answers her question, "I just thought if she was here she might could help me." He sighs, and looks back at her, "My old source here on the Ring apparently doesn't really sell any more." His fingers rub nervously together, "I really need a hit."

Ariana nods slowly to Keanen's words when informed that the Hostile may not even be on the Ring, but his Pod is… "What did the Hostile look like?" She inquires further, before then asking, "So you will be working on investigating this pod? Imagine what new things can be found with it." And right at that moment, what the young Arobren says next only confirms what she had noticed the very first moment she laid eyes on him this day. Holding back from sighing so audibly, the Larent noble shakes her head as she offers a disapproving frown. "Perhaps, just maybe, this is a sign that you should not be polluting your body with such things." Of course, her words are kept low and hushed as she leans forward just a tad to speak quietly with Keanen. "If that is not possible, I'm afraid that I have no further information for you in that regard… I'm not even sure if Lady Soleil is still in the Oculus system."

Keanen grumbles something under his breath and pushes up to his feet, leaning against the beam. "I um… I didn't see the Hostile, so I'm not sure." He scratches the back of his neck with his cybernetic hand. "The pod's pretty awesome, though, yeah." He watches a few others pass by. "I just had the worst date ever, too." He looks at Ariana, shaking his head, "I feel like a mess tonight."

Ariana blinks quickly, "You didn't see the Hostile… at all? But it was captured, correct?" Noting the movement of the young man's arm, the tall, blonde noble simply watches the cybernetic hand in silence, not bringing attention to it; her eyes soon flitter to look upon the young Arboren directly again, now that he is standing at near full height. "What does the pod look like? Perhaps, you wouldn't mind taking a little stroll? The energy released in such simple activities may keep your mind off of… your issues." She then tilts her head gently to the side at the mention of this worst date ever, "I find that difficult to believe, My Lord. I've known you to have many other terrible dates in the time we've known each other.

Keanen smirks, "Well, yeah, sure, but… Never been on one like this." He sighs, and he begins to walk with her, shoving his hands into his pockets. "No, I didn't get to see it. The pod's incredible though. Here…" He pulls out his data pad and slides his finger across the screen to access a photo. "Check it." He hands it to her to see as he takes the shopping bags from her. "This chick, right, turns out, she accepted the offer of a date with me solely to piss off one of her guy friends. Then she shows up at the restaurant, right, and she's all, 'oh, it doesn't matter either way. You're too young for me.'" He rolls his eyes, "She has no idea what she's missing."

Ariana isn't all that surprised when her companion pulls out his datapad with a picture of the pod in question, so she easily hands over her mountains of shopping bags and trades them off for his datapad to get a better view of this alien device. "Interesting." She says in that way scientists tend to speak as she analyzes what she sees. "Perhaps, I could observe the investigation. Who knows if there's anything attached to the pod that I may have some use for or knowledge on." As she chatters away with the young Paramount noble, she walks as well in her usual graceful fashion with the hem of her gown trailing gently behind her. Turning to hand him back his datapad and collect all of her belongings once more, she seems more than just lightly amused by the man's dating experience. "How dreadful of her. Did she know who /you/ were? I mean, that is terribly rude either way."

"Well, honestly," Keanen tells her, "there's this weird residue all over the inside of the pod. We don't really know what it is, but it's definitely biological. Maybe I could get you in on that?" He shrugs, handing her her things back and shoving the pad back into his suit coat. "Oh, yeah. She knew. It was… Insulting." He sighs. "She was hot, too. So… You know… It was also disappointing." He smirks, knowing how he sounds.

Ariana's ice blue eyes flash with excitement at this news. "That sounds like it could be a little disgusting, but if it is possible, I would love to observe and assist if allowed to do so. If you don't mind inquiring about my gaining permission that is." As they continue their stroll, the Nubilus native pauses for a second to smile and nod in the direction of one familiar noble face or another in passing, before continuing on. "Oh, I'm sure that she was attractive. You wouldn't have asked her out on a date if she weren't. I know you well enough, I'd like to think."

Keanen nods, "I'll see what I can do." He sighs, and rubs his eyes with his flesh hand. "Well… To be honest, I'm beat." His brow furrows just a little, "And getting kinda dizzy. I need to get back to my room and lay down. Maybe drink too much." He smiles, and leans over to give Ariana a gentle kiss on the cheek, a departing gesture not uncommon from him to his old friends. "Finish shopping. Maybe buy me something," he jokes, grinning.

Ariana seems pleased enough that her old friend would at the very least, try to gain her access to pod research. However, her keen eyes do take note of the weariness which is more than clear on the youth's face and she offers him a slow nod. "As you already know, there are always other fishies in the see. Some may even be far more attractive than the rude Miss from earlier today." As she's all too used to Keanen's antics, she more than expects the light kiss to her pale cheek; standing as statuesque as she possibly can when it is placed there. "But yes, do get your rest. I hope to hear from you soon — whether it's about the research or, at the very least, before you depart back to your home. Who knows, I might pick something up for you. Farewell, My Lord." She spies on his wardrobe for a moment, "Perhaps something to add a touch of color to your attire. We shall see." And as politely as any woman who embraces the old fashioned noble pageantry of the Reversion, she lowers herself into a deep curtsey before straightening to her full height once more and prepares for her own departure.

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