06.01.3013: Of Hostile Humanity
Summary: Sophie and Tristan have an impromptu conversation about the Hostiles found in the Arborenin Woods.
Date: June 1, 2013
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Gardens of Erkwin - Landing
While the Arborenin may like their greenery wild and lush, the Gardens of Erkwin are carefully and precisely manicured, even if they are no less green for all the attention they have received at the clippers of gardening drones. Broad expanses of grass are trimmed to exactly the same height, grown to exactly the same verdant shade. Hedges are neatly clipped back into exacting shapes. Some form mythical creatures, others living statues of famous historical figures, and one section even rises in geometric patterns to create a hedge maze. Between the hedges and lining paths of crushed gravel are beds full of flowers from all over Imperius — and before that, from all over Old Earth.

As beautiful as the gardens are, however, all of the paths lead through them toward the stadium on the water's edge. A final parade of flags draws the attention of most onlookers up toward the bulbous blue shape of the stadium's half-roof, which is lit from within by the glow of the lights when a tournament is taking place or a soccer game being played.

June 1, 3013

With all the preparations for when the Hostiles get to the planet, there hasn't been much time to relax lately for Tristan. But after he had an errand in Landing, he's taken some time to himself now. Standing where he can watch the stadium in the distance, his attention is on the huge building there for the moment, as he smiles a little to himself.

Sophie has decided to come to the gardens for relaxation and in order to spill forth the multitude of artworks bumbling about in her head. She holds a small electronic tablet with an accompanying pen beneath her right arm, her large guard striding to follow behind her. When she notices someone else has arrived here before her, she blinks in surprise halts in her tracks. A nervous smile slips across her lips, examining the man for a long and silent while. Finally, she makes her way towards a nearby bench, her amber eyes sparkling with enthusiasm and perhaps a bit of mischief. Settling down on the seat, she gazes at the man from a distance at his back, scribbling cheerfully on her tablet all the while. Her guard abruptly speaks, "would my Lady like an umbrella?" Sophie gasps softly and shushes him, finger to her lips, "be quiet." She looks to the man worriedly, curious if he heard them.

Finally tearing his gaze away from the stadium, Tristan turns around, blinking for a few moments as he sees the lady and guard present now. "Huh…" he mutters to himself, before he offers a polite nod. "My lady. How are you today?"

Sophie flinches in fright when the man turns about, the electronic tablet rising until the screen safely faces her belly. She offers a nervous smile and replies, "I-I am well. The…t-the garden is pretty today, is it not?" She licks her lips, "I hope you are well?" She glances towards her guard and her hand comes up, "Sir Barrow, my umbrella…" The guard smirks at her and gives a dramatic bow, "but of course, my Lady." He procures the asked for object and hands it into the gloved grasp of his ward, who replies, "thank you, Sir Barrow." The guard responds with, "you are very welcome, my Lady."

"While it's not quite like the forests back home, gardens are always lovely, my lady," Tristan replies with a quiet smile, before he adds, "And all things considered, I'm well, thank you." A brief pause, before he adds, "I'm Tristan, by the way. Sir Tristan Arboren. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Sophie unfurls the umbrella and sets the device against her shoulder, with one end planted against the wood of the bench while the other offers much needed shade. She sighs softly, nodding her head, "indeed, all things considered. Though we have been waiting for the attack for many generations, it is still quite a shock that the Hostiles have finally come." She blinks, before giggling lightly, "it is a pleasure to meet you, -Sir- Tristan. I am -Miss- Sophie Sauveur…we are just a bunch of citizens, it would seem…"

Tristan smiles a little as he hears that. "It was shocking enough when we encountered those scouts in the woods, my sisters and…" He pauses as he hears the name, and seems to manage to connect something in his mind. "Well, my two sisters by blood, and your sister, I believe. I mean, Lady Lyrienne has a younger sister named Sophie, right?"

Sophie arches a brow, "you encountered those Hostile scouts? How terrible. Thank goodness you have returned safely. I do hope this assault is short and ends in few lives lost. I do not understand why they must attack us so fiercely." She blinks, "Lyri met the scouts as well?" She smiles lightly, nodding her head and attempting to tease just a bit more, "indeed, I do believe she does have a sister named Sophie. What are the odds?"

"If we knew why they did it, maybe we could find some way to keep them from doing it anymore," Tristan offers with a quiet smile, before he nods. "She did. One of them wounded her too. Brie… That is, Lady Sir Brienne, my older sister, and I couldn't stop it fast enough." Grimacing a bit, before he adds, "Then in a way we have a sibling in common, Lady Sophie. Because while she's your sister, the years she stayed with my family made me see her as a sister as well."

Sophie nods, "truly, you are correct. Though I wonder if there is any means at all to communicate with such monsters. Of course, I have not seen a single one my entire life. Did you? When you found their scouts? Oh, what are they like? Are they as ferocious and deadly as I have heard?" She frowns, "Lyri was wounded? I really must see her again soon. I recently returned home, from the Arborenin woods, truth be told. And she has been far too busy with other things to meet with me." She smiles softly, "with a sibling in common, we are nearly siblings as well, Lord Sir Tristan Arboren. It is good to finally see you. I shall always wonder why she left Arboren."

"Well, she has recovered by now, I believe," Tristan replies, before he adds, "But yes, she was wounded. So she spent a few extra days with us to heal up, and it seems she used some of that time to sort things out with Mother." A brief pause, before he adds, "And I have never tried finding out exactly what happened. Never asked Declan about it." Another brief pause, before he adds, "But yes, they were able to talk, at least. At least enough to tell us how we would be destroyed if we didn't let go of our weapons. They were wrong about that, though." A quiet smile, before he adds, "Well, the scouts weren't as tough as I feared, truth to be told."

Sophie arches a brow, "oh? I really do hope I can speak with Lyri soon. I have many questions." She blinks, "they can speak Anglic? How curious. I wonder where they had learned such a thing, when we know so little about them." She tilts her head to the side, "what are they like, the Hostiles? Do they appear as monstrous as I imagine? With fangs and claws and a hunger for human flesh? Do you think…do you think they would ever consider peace?"

"They spoke some at least. And I don't know. They were armored, but the Orelles have their bodies now, I believe." Tristan offers this a bit quietly, before he shrugs, "As for peace, I have no idea."

Sophie blinks in surprise, "they have…" She shifts closer towards the edge of her seat on the bench, "the Orelles have the bodies of the Hostiles? How intriguing. I wonder if I might inquire, and catch sight of the creatures." She taps her chin in silent thought for a moment, before shifting back on the bench once more and offering, "so you have come to Landing then, Lord Tristan? Might I ask what has brought you here?"

Tristan nods, "Them and the pods we believe they came in. Mother turned them over since they have better researchers than us, I believe. My youngest brother went with them." Another brief pause, before he shrugs a little bit. "Had a few errands to take care of here. Delivering some messages, and getting hold of a few things, such. Figured I'd take some off time as well."

Sophie nods her head, though her amber eyes glimmer with excitement, "I would like to see them, if I could. Perhaps I might take a visit to the Orelles, both to meet my sister again and to examine what the Hostiles truly look like." She smiles at the explanation for the trip, "well, I hope the errands and messages are in order? It is certainly a pretty place to take time off, though I would argue that your home is even prettier." Slowly, she rises to her feet, taking the umbrella in one hand with her tablet in the other, "I think I may make preparations to leave soon, in fact."

Tristan nods as he hears that. "Perhaps it's a good idea," he offers with a bit of a smile. At the other part, he offers a quiet smile now. "While these gardens are beautiful, I must admit that home is even prettier. I hope it can stay that way in the future too…" Nodding at the part about preparations to leave. "Take care, my lady. It was a pleasure to meet you."

Sophie nods her head, "indeed. Whether or not they allow me to draw the Hostiles, I simply must satisfy my curiosity in this matter." She smiles lightly, "the Arborenin Woods truly are beautiful. I only wish our eternal enemy did not land in the very place I hold most dear." She looks up into the man's eyes, "take care as well, Lord Tristan. It was a pleasure to meet you, and I hope we can enjoy ourselves in pretty places such as these for many years to come." At that, she strides out of the gardens, twirling the handle of her umbrella the entire way through, her guard not far behind.

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