<Retired> Lady Sir Odette Orelle

Gemma Arterton
Gemma Arterton as Odette Orelle //nee Grantham//
Full Name: Odette Orelle nee Grantham
Byname: Poe
Age: 26
Planet: Ignis
Paramount: Orelle
House: Grantham
Title/Profession: Lady Sir
Position: Knight
Spouse: Lord Sir Kaedin Isreal Orelle Height: 5'3"
Father: Lord Julius Grantham (d) Weight: 105lbs
Mother: Lady Sophia Grantham (d) Hair Color: Auburn
Siblings: 3 Sisters, 1 brother (open for apps) Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Lady Odette Grantham, Knight of the Legion of Ash is from Ignis. She was born into a noble family who believed that it's better to be seen and not heard. The family is known to be rather quiet on the political front since they are the ones that keep quiet more often than not. After all, we have two ears and one mouth - one should listen twice as much as they talk. When Odette was born, her father was praying for a boy so that he could impart his Knightly wisdom upon him. He felt women were far too delicate for heavy warfare but generally kept that opinion to himself and his wife since it would have killed any political gain he'd gotten. Her mother was really all or nothing. Since the Revision happened, she felt that women should stay at home and get married, have children, and do wifely duties, much to her husbands approval. Odette's younger sisters all went in that way by choice. Odette didn't. She was told to keep family business silent when in the company of anyone.

Her father decided that it was best to just teach her somethings that would help her when the hostiles came. He taught her the very rare ability of someone from Ignis…he took her to Imperius and taught her archery. So each time she went to Imperius she would go to the range. Odette slowly changed both her parents minds on the role of women in the current society. Being so young, vibrant, and passionate with her defense of her home was enough to show both that women should have a choice because their passion could mix with men's power.

Her mother was eight months pregnant when her father died of a heart attack. He was unable to be revived. Her baby brother was born when she was 8 years old. With all her sisters doing girly things, someone had to teach him how to do manly things and since her father opened up and taught her some of those things, like how to use a bow, how to counter someone if they come at you while you are unarmed. She even taught him how to stop the bleeding on a wound. All these things, she taught him usually in a public place. She assumed he was learning even if he was only four. At least she was trying.

A knight however, saw this young woman teaching the little boy and assumed she was a citizen and that was her child. He walked up to Odette and asked her if she ever thought of giving the boy a better future. While the conversation was awkward with Odette not speaking to the knight, her little brother was not taught how to be quiet. He explained they were noble and he was going to grow up to be a horse that was big and strong and his sister, Odette, was going to be a might warrior woman. The Knight having seen how every observant both where, offered their widowed mother assistance. He would take Odette, bring her to the skill of a Knight, have her knighted and then take the brother as his squire, repeating the process. Their mother agreed and within just a few hours her things were packed and they were off to a different part of Ignis with the Knight Arboren.

Odette was a fast learner when it came to knives and small swords. Her skill with a broadsword was not there as it was about as big as she was. However, knives…knives in her hands made her deadly. Her lack of talking increased her ability to notice things. She heard things that others didn't and could even be a valuable tracker.

The Knight started to teach her how to use that Alert nature for hunting and survival. Noticing where you are and what's around you is the first key to survival and hunting. She trained and rarely spoke. She never complained about her tasks or the pains of sparring. Sometimes, to the irritation of the Knight. He never really knew when she was hurt as she'd never speak of it.

Slowly her loyalty for the house of Orelle grew and the day she became a knight was one of the proudest of her life. Her brother watched her since he just took her place as Squire. She completed the knighting ceremony then her forehead was marked with the semi-circle of the Crone in oil and she speak the words of the Chantry death rites. She was already dead in her own eyes and she would refuse to use life as an excuse to do what needs to be done.

Since her knighting, she's been in quite a few battles and each time she's been praised as being mad since she will go where others might not but there is always a few plans. Just jumping in was never her strong suit. Exits and strategies are laid out before battle. She has the makings of being a wise Knight but she's still young and has a long way to go before wisdom take's a part.



This woman is around 5'3" tall with long reddish auburn hair that hangs to her lower back. It has a slight wave through it making her hair look naturally wind swept. Her deep-blue eyes are slanted inward, appearing very feline. She has full plump lips. Her nose is thinner with a dance of freckles over it, spilling onto her high cheekbones and some even go so far as to grace her softly curved jaw. She has a long slender neck which runs to narrow shoulders. Her body is lean but clearly holds the muscle tone of someone who is not a waif and could hold their own in battle.


Animal Lover ~ She really does love animals. She's not good with animals but she has loved reading about them and watching them in zoo's. When an animal is around, unless in battle, do not expect her to pay attention to anything else.
Expressive Eyes ~ She doesn't speak very much but she chooses who she opens up to. Everyone else can see emotions in her eyes. Which emotions? It's their guess at what they are seeing. Her eyes are some of the most expressive in Haven.
Loyal ~ Once she chooses to be loyal to you, it takes a rather large act for that loyalty to change. So she ends up being stubborn. She is loyal to her family and she loves them all very much.
Stoic Sentinel ~ She doesn't speak much. She'd much rather listen than speak. She doesn't give much away and will sometimes be interpreted as smug. She is the tiny silent knight.

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Kaedin Lord Sir Kaedin Orelle : He's my husband. I'd go to hell beside him if he asked me. However, sometimes he's a know it all. Perhaps he likes getting knocked on his ass. I still care for him. We will fight beside each other until the end.

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