08.23.3013: Ocean Hammock
Summary: Lorelei finally agrees to visit Lord Ephraim's home,Beacon.
Date: 08.23.2013
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They had a leaf race, and a picnic, even if the events started or ended differently than intended. Thus Ephraim felt comfortable inviting Lorelei to Beacon … finally. Instead of having her come straight away to The Hand, the seat of Hollolas, he decided to meet her at the Ways and sight see the city itself. He didn't push for the hydroboarding he'd asked her for, he's not pushing for local tavern's either. That she's coming to the city on the sea itself is more then he could of asked.
Thus, he'll be waiting at the ways, near a rail along the dock/walkway that surrounds the portal. The air is full of the sounds of the sea, gulls crying, waves crashing underneath everything. The only thing missing from the true sea experience would be the swaying of the deck. He watches the portal hopefully as a harbor bell or three toll the waves bringing the tide in.

Lorelei's not sure what to expect. She finished all her chores for the day early, and basically told her family that she was going out…she's still upset with all of them. She's wearing her nicest simple arboren dress. she wasn't sure what to wear. Her hairs up though, she took the time to do an intricate braided undo. she had put on lip glass, but has chewed it off, nervously already. She'll step through the Ways , blinking and looking up at the sun above. Is it actually brighter here?

As she adjusts and steps into Beacon, Ephraim takes notice. With a smile, he moves forward to greet her. A wave of a hand and a smile at his lips, "Splendid, you made it." The man grins and, if she doesn't stop, he's going to come right up to her and enfold her into his arms. "I thought about what all we could do, show you the sites, escort you about, show you off a little. A then, and then I thought, I'll bore you to death or exhaust you. Perhaps I should just welcome you and we'll let the day unfold unplanned?"

Lorelei turns and smiles at the noble, "Oh course I made it! You asked, didn't you?" she'll giggle and hug him back a moment, although her eyes do go around, making sure it's ok. she knows he said Beacon was different with Nobles, but still…."What ever you'd like. I'd love to see your city" She'll pull away and offer her hand.

Taking her hand, smiling more mirthful than before, its evident her presence seems to have put the smile there more than anything else. Ephraim responds, "Let's walk towards the open ocean side, there is a nice tavern there … I mean with good food too and a view of the waters rolling in." As they start to walk amongst the tall buildings towards that area, he says, "I was sure you would, but not because I asked, more that you wanted too. If this is the first step of getting you into a swim suit, I'm glad we're making progress." A chuckle. If she is inclined to watch, no one nods or bows to him. Respectful distance if given in passing, but nothing uncommon amongst normal citizenry.

Lorelei chuckles, "I'm not above taverns, you know. You have nothing to prove to me. You can go to taverns." Turning to watch him a moment, "You seem awfully happy. The thought of me in a suit isn't that grand, is it?" Squeezing his hand, she'll look to watch the passing buildings, taking in the differences from where she lives. "I'd like to see the water again. You speak as if it's the most important thing…I'd like to watch it with you."

Chuckling, Ephraim shakes his head, pushing some of his own curls to the side to look over at Lorelei. "Just you, here, in the sun, that seems to make me smile. I hope I can stop, no one will take me serious. As for the suit, yes, it is grand. I think I said before I like your curves already?" Whether or not she picks up with his tease, of a serious nature as he does like them, he continues to walk with her and ponders the water. "Its everything, here, not on a ship, I sort of desire to have the salt water around me. Its this euphoric feeling, the bobbing of the waves, then coming to dry out. Probably the salt, but you miss having the water around you. Whether just to swim or for sport, or simply to linger with it. I don't know, I'm not a poet, hopefully it inspires you." The walkway they choose has a few of the large buildings, like a canyon almost, with open sky in front of them. But they all look like docks and have openings along their sides where most cities would have green space, there are openings to look at the waves and tide beneath the city. Glancing at one, "You want to look now? There might be something to see there?"

Lorelei blushes slightly, at his compliment, and will bite her lower lip a moment, not looking at him. She'll not slowly, she guesses she can emphasize, she feels the same way about the trees. Although her eyes do widen and a small gasp escapes her as the come upon the water, "Oh…wow." without ever answering him, she'll start walking towards the docks, to look over.

Moving to one of the shadowed openings, Ephraim will lead her to a group of kids near a fisherman, using the open space to find lunch or even dinner. Instead of the large open ocean, he goes for the mostly covered dock space. The kids have some small fish that they sell for bait, but their disposing of the rest into the water below. Ephraim leads her and points down. The water is dark there, and when some of the leftovers hit and splash, he points there. "Watch, the children have friends of the sea there." If she waits long enough at this rail, eventually she'll notice the harbor seals that come in and beg for the scraps. "Everything of the sea is a wonder." He'll say as the watch for them. Then he'll give her a moment to watch before heading for the end of the docks and the open ocean, as well as the tavern perhaps.

Lorelei gins and giggles at the seals, as happy as the kids are with them. "They're so cute!" She'll let him pull away, but she'll keep looking back, with a smile. When they get to the end of the docks, she'll hold onto his hand little tighten. the open ocean is a bit intimidating. She'll take a deep breath, eyes wide, "How…How do you not become lost?"

Holding her hand with a swing to it even, Ephraim looks out at the sea a moment, and then over to Lorelei, "You follow the sun and the stars, traditionally. We use GPS and GPD mostly, but it doesn't hurt to learn the traditional methods." As if that explains it all, he'll add, "I sort of enjoy the traditional way, there are legends and myths about the stars, people like to make up stories about them. Its quite fun to learn how to navigate by star and not rely on the instruments." Watching her then, as she takes it in, "Its not too much at once is it? If I ever convince you to try it, we'll take out a small boat, a closer look at the water … someday."

Lorelei nods slowly, "Yeah…that makes sense. The constellations . the Crone's bowl, the Knight and Maiden's Embrace…." She'll turn away from the waves a moment to give him a smile, she apparently knows some legends. "No…not too much. Unless you're shoving me in." A small , nervous sigh, "I…yes. someday. But not too small…"

A shake of his head, a warm smile, Ephraim lifts a hand to her face, brushing along it, fingers trailing the wind coming in. "Lorelei, I wouldn't dream of shoving you in. I suppose one could say, I take the sea seriously. I wouldn't presume you've learned to swim, and even if you had, the current is a horse of another color. If this is as close as I ever get you to the ocean, I'll have to accept that." He doesn't make to move, watching his finger tips brush along the side of her face a moment, "I mean, someday, I'd like to take you to the beach, enjoy fun and games, that business. But, I would never force you, I'll just take what I get."

Lorelei 's eyes half close, at the touch…or the breeze, it's hard to tell. "Well…I can float, it that helps. You would probably have to jump in and save me." Her smile brightens, "I told you, I don't have a suit!" Laughing, she'll turn back to look at the waves, a few loose locks blowing in the breeze.

"I'd offer to remedy that situation," says Ephraim regarding the suit, "But then you might think I'm just trying to get a peek of you in one." A sort of low chuckle, "That would even be half true I admit. Maybe, what I think I'm saying is, I'd like to get you to the water, but I want it to be when you think you're ready to actually get into the sea."

Lorelei shakes her head, but smiles, "We'll see. I may be getting paid for some poems…maybe I"ll splurge and get a suit." Her eyes go back to the waves, "Isn't…I mean, waves are really strong, right?"

"Strong," ponders Ephraim looking from her to the water below a moment, and nodding. "They are, in the water there is a slight difference. The surface waves, near the beach, they come down with a lot of force, but below the surface is the currents, they're much stronger but go unseen. For a new swimmer in the ocean, they are more dangerous then the rolls at a beach." Turning back towards Lorelei, he pauses. "So, no suit," on him getting it, "Is that just you'd rather do the shopping yourself, or would it be awkward if I wanted to give you something?"

Lorelei's hand tightens again, looking down at the rolling waves. "It changes though, right? with the weather and season and time of day?" She'll blink, considering , "I…I don't know. you don't have to buy me anything. I don't want anyone to think I'm here just to get things from you." Says the girl with the bracket from House IAh on her wrist and a new saddle from Da's friends. She'll tilt her head, her hazel eyes meeting his green, "I really do like you…"

Bringing his hand up, he brushes some hair near the top of her head. "What if I just want to give you something," says Ephraim, "No one has to know. I know, the whole noble/citizen thinks its awkward, I don't want anyone to think I'm giving it to you for something weird, like silence or whatever." A pause, the predicament of the system, "I just want you to know that I think your special. Maybe I need to perfect my words, that would help?"

Lorelei bites her lower lip, she hates this situation. "I…I guess…Yeah. Something small is fine." She'll smile softly, "But only if I can give you something as well!" She'll tilt her head, her own free hand going to a curl in his hair. She certainly likes to twirl them, his curls. "Nothing big, just something to show you're special?"

"Well," he grins, rolling his eyes, then looking back into/at hers. "A small gift, yes," continues Ephraim, leaning on the rail some as if content to stand over the ocean and look at her. "In fact, we could make a small event of it, the first gift-giving. We'll celebrate it every year it comes around, no one will know the significance. We can make cinnamon treats and drink spiced wine, sort of like our own myth. I think you're onto something."

Lorelei giggles, leaning into Eph some, "That could be…nice." Her cheeks turning pink, with the idea of being with him for years. Her smile grows. "Is cinnamon your favorite?" This is a nice way to discover favorites.

Grinning, as if he likes the blush, and he doesn't have to be ovelry flirty/suggestive to see it. Ephraim nods, in thinking about that, "It sounds festive, but I think I do like cinnamon very much, and alittle brown sugar. I'd hate to let out that I have a sweet tooth, but secretly I do. Some milk and some cinnamon treat. Or better, coffee, some milk, and some cinnamon. I can't wait for the air to cool a little, that sounds like good cold weather food and drink. Forget the wine even, you and some cinnoman, I'd be content."

"A sweet tooth, huh? I can word with that…" Loree giggles again, already planning on how she can bribe her mother into baking for her. "I like fall. the leaves turn into sunsets and it's the prettiest thing you'll ever see! It's like a painter's pallet!" She'll drop her fingers from his curls and admit, "I do like hot chocolate a lot."

"Oh, made with milk I hope," grins Ephraim at the thought of hot chocolate. Finding himself stuck with half a smile, and pondering he's never shared like this before, simple pleasures, likes and dislikes. "Hot chocolate and cinnamon it is then. For our special event. I should like to see the fall in the forest. I've seen it from afar, in pictures, in passing. But, well, here at the ocean, not much color change. Our seasonal change is at best a drying between what others call fall and winter, then spring is more a rainy season with green summers. I haven't even tried sledding before come to think of it. I wanted to, as a child, or have a snowball fight. Then there was always beach and surf, lessons to have, lessons to sneak out of, trouble to find."

Lorelei laughs, "Oh course with milk! Oh! Pictures do it no justice! The leaves change and there's the smell of autumn. It's…there's no words." her free hand moves up to absently smooth out a wrinkle in his collar, "I bet it's pretty, the cold must make the water more icy, like Occulus." She'll shiver, the smile dropping some. "I don't think I'd like to be on a boat then, honestly. But I'll try during the summer."

A slight shrug, he thinks about it, "I don't know if its as cold as some of the moons." Ephraim watches her hand as his collar for the moment. "Winter here, its more mildly cold in the evening. At most a jacket and a fire to keep warm bye, same while at sea. Depending where you're sailing. In fact, a nice day and a wet suit, you could stay in the water most of the day during winter, come out be nightfall, have a fire, marshmallows and hot chocolate in a metal canteen. Oh, its actually delightful." Moving to stand a little closer to her, "But I think I can wait until summer comes around again for that boat ride, and even the suit, something to look forward to over long winter months, no?"

Lorelei nods, "I think I'd prefer not as cold to the chill of the moons. It was…the cold literally took my breath away. It's not pleasant." A smile tugs at her lips as he moves closer, "I like marshmallows, too. Roasted over a fire? So good." she'll blink, still smiling, "You're willing to wait that long?" there seems to be some kind of underlying question with the one she asks.

"You know," says Ephraim ponderously, "When I have days like this, just being with you." He'll come closer still, his body bumping into hers, "Yes, I could wait that long. Difficult perhaps, but I think I could. I'm not used to waiting, this is something different for me. I think I like it," he says, leaning in to find her lips. Just before he closes that gap, "Someone not afraid to be honest and ask me to wait."

Lorelei doesn't move away, letting him bump into her with a small smile. She seems very ok with his nearness and touch, "I'm sorry it would be difficult. I'm not trying to be…" Her eyes slide closed as he leans the rest of the way to her, "I don't want to wait for everything…" And then her lips meet his, a soft, gentle kiss.

The moment is given to the meeting of their lips, its decent enough to be public, barely. Ephraim pulls away slightly, simply to talk, but close enough to feel the heat rising off her. "Neither do I … and, you're not." As if that summarizes everything he wants to say in return. "You're making it enjoyable and curious, fun and new. I would wait, yes, but I'll take this as it happens, one day at a time. No boundary, no labels. Just, that I enjoy being with you."

A small shiver runs through loree, she stays close, liking the heat between them. Cheeks turning a brighter pink, she'll let out a soft chuckle, “Maybe It's good that you missed dinner then. Ma would have demanded labels." A bite to her lower lip and she'll turn back to look at the water, letting her hip brush against him. "I think I like the sound of the waves. They're kind of like music, soothing…."

Letting his arm fall to her other hip, Ephraim turns to look out as well. "Whatever you would have given to her, I would have agreed," he says simply enough to the idea of meeting her mother. "It is soothing, nothing like sleeping on the beach, or better, in a hammock with a sea breeze. You're completely of the forest Lorelei, but I could see you enjoying the sand, if not the sea itself I think."

Lorelei lets her eyes travel back to the noble for a moment, "That's dangerous, I could turn into that peach witch and say something awful, you know." Probably not, but still! With a soft nod to the idea of being lulled to sleep by the ocean, "I think that would be nice. Peaceful. I miss that kind of sleep.." She sounds a touch sad, but then smiles at the compliment, "I am. But I'd give the sand a chance….and the sea. as long as you were there, in case I fall in."

"If you turned into that peach witch," grins Ephraim, "It could indeed be dangerous." A laugh, carefree, into the wind, at it even. "The dreams, that's right," he recalls her mentioning something of that when she showed him her aura. "I wish I could give you that sleep, instead I'll have to focus on making your waking moments more peaceful to make up for it. So, hammock and no sleep - I shall devise something to keep you awake and grab your attention." A hmmm as he seems to ponder for the moment.

Lorelei chuckles, "It's not that I always have them, I just never know. I sleep better when i feel safe…."She'll blush, this time from embarrassment, "I actually sleep best now in the stable, near Hubert….but maybe if you were near…" She'll not look up, instead focusing down on their hands holding each other. Her thumb runs over the back of his hand.

He'll pull her closer as she ponders that, her blush rising. Ephraim says, "I would like to." Rhetorical, open ended, implications and all. The hand at her hip moves up and down a little as if to comfort. "I don't know if I'd find the stable comfortable, we might have consider another location if you don't think Hubert would get too lonely without you to protect him." He turns to look down at her, curious of her further reactions, or blushes, or just to look at her.

A tremor goes through Loree, "I…" She'll look up, turning her face towards him, "I didn't mean in the stables… " Her blush is indeed deepening, creeping down her neck now. "I meant napping at the beach…a hammock…" Her eyes flicker back to the waves crashing, Her breathing picking up a touch, "Hubert protects me more than I protect him."

A slight chuckle in his throat, Ephraim nods, "I was imagining a hammock as well, I couldn't help to make light of it. In fact, that sounds like a perfect thing to do now, if you're so inclined?" A slight turn around, "Unless you want to try the cafe first, but the food isn't much different here really, just more fish on the menu." His eyes come back to look at her, "But swinging in a breeze and doing little else is starting to have its own appeal now you know."

A pause, and then a very small nod and smile. lorelei isn't exactly sure what he means, but trusts Eph. "We can swing..if you want. That sounds nice." Her hand tights slightly on his. “I think I'd like that."

"Come on then," he grins, taking her hand and moving through the city. Ephraim has something in mind, and knows how to get there. It involves a bit of a walk and getting to the closest thing they have for a beach at Beacon. Being as its next to sandstone cliffs, the sand is more rocky, but there are ways to get to the beach. There is beach between the city and his familie's home, The Hand, on its penisula. That is the destination, bypassing home and family for the beach. Making it for a hammock. Suspended between poles designated to keep it up, in an area that is semi-secluded with small rocks and lattice work, as if it is the perfect place to sleep. Lifting a hand to the hammock itself, a white netting affair, he will finally announce, "Behold, the hammock …"

Lorelei giggles, "Very nice." she'll look out over the view, "This is beautiful…is this a private beach?" She'll move towards the hammock, but doesn't move to sit yet. Asking with a smile, "Do you have anything planned for today? Or just swinging?"

"My only plans was to spend time with you," admits Ephraim and a nod to the swing, "Which now coincides with swinging. Yes, completely private. I mean, if someone brings a boat along, not so private, but no one will come here. Most people don't bother coming by." Then he'll offer her a hand, holding the hammock with his other. "It’s swingy, so a bit tricky at first, east to sort of put your rump in it, let gravity do the work."

Biting her lower lip, that pink stays on her cheeks, "Oh…ok. That's good." She'll place her hand in his, giggling, "I know how to sit in a hammock. We have plenty of them in the forest." She'll look to him, licking her lips quickly before asking quietly, "Are you joining me?..its easier to get in together, if you are…"

Moving to her side, Ephraim nods, "Of course I am, how could I resist swinging beside such a lovely woman as yourself Lorelei." Then he turns about the same, and falling back with her when she does, scooching a little more when he gets in, head to one side, rear to the other. He offers a hand and arm for her to rest upon, but she's welcome to his chest, or to the netting as she prefers.

Lorelei settles back with him, rolling slightly into him with a soft 'oof'. She'll giggle and give in , snuggling into his chest, head resting gently on him, 'This is ok?" Her arm goes around him, playing with his collar again. Her eyes almost immediately get droopy, his warmth lulling her almost as much as the movement of the swing.

"If you are comfortable its perfect," says Ephraim, taking his free arm to wrap about her and idly brush her hair and face with gentle tips of his fingers. "No cares, just you and I today." Then he too feels the lull to sleep, he certainly enjoys napping perhaps, but focuses on her and enjoying the quiet call of the sea and beach. "Just rest, no cares … that's my girl." Whether that was conscious or a subconscious slip is anyone's guess, he doesn't know what he's saying most likely as he relaxes, barely able to swing one leg to keep the swing in motion.

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