06.15.3013: Nubilus Welcomes the Arborens
Summary: Members of House Arboren show up at Summit and the Sky Palace where Ariana gives them the start of their tour. Keanen also gets to show off his daredevil glider skills.
Date: 15 June 2013
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Sky Palace — Summit, Nubilus
The descriptions are in the scene. We start off with a brisk walk through the Sky Palace to reach an observation deck.
15 June 3013

When word was first given that members of House Arboren were to visit and even stay for a night or two at their magnificent Sky Palace, the servants and nobles alike of House Larent have worked to ensure that their not-so-humble abode is fit to host such an honored gathering. Heading this tour, is the youngest child of Lord Captain Percival Larent, Ariana, herself; the face of Oculus tourism that can be seen all over the Ring and the Lashes. She is dressed today in her House colors: an extravagant gown dyed in many shades of turquoise and cyan, with shimmering stars stitched with silver to add that bit of spark to her attire. The gown itself has a full skirt, the hem drifting lightly along the floor. Her hair is done up in an exquisite style, with flowers from the gardens of Nubilus braided into her locks.

As she leads their guests through the great halls of her home, she does so with elegant and grace. "This is Sky Palace." She announces, though her eyes now turn to Keanen for he's had the opportunity to reside here during his stay on Nubilus. The entire place likes both sterile and pristine all the same. Wide windows give full views of the cityscape and the famous clouds of Nubilus that her moon is known for. The lines of the architecture are certainly beautiful and yet, there are signs of a highly technological society that can be seen clearly throughout — with videoscreens and holographic images that blend well as to not disrupt the near heavenly feel of this place. "I'm uncertain if any of your family, other than Lord Keanen, has been. At least, as of late." She continues on, "I have a full itinerary scheduled that includes the visit to our gardens and ending in… a ride on one of our cruise liners."

Keanen is all smiles today, carrying a metal case with all of his camera equipment. He let the servants take his luggage, but his camera is staying close. He looks excitedly out the window, and asks, "Will I have time to go gliding?" he asks, not taking his eyes off the clouds outside. "You all can do the gardens without me if that'll make the time…"

The Arborens arrive with a suitable number of servants, guards and assistants, bearing various supplies for the trip. Of course, some of them know the place better than others, and the Young Lord looks suitably impressed by the surroundings, his gaze wandering about as they approach and then turning toward the woman who greets them. "Lady Ariana," greets Declan, a smile dawning on his features, clearly pleased to see their hostess in all her finery. "Again, our thanks for your kind invitation. I have been to Summit a few times, for shows or other events, but I've not had the chance to stay here at your very impressive home." He glances back among his brothers, and toward Keanen who he knows is more familiar with the surroundings, and then laughs as he immediately dives into things to do. It probably answers any questions about lingering thoughts about his injury, too. "I'm sure we can go, if you'd like? They're famous enough for it, and Lady Ariana has promised us a thorough tour."

Stepping in with the other Arborens, Tristan is mostly keeping silent at the moment as he looks around. "Lady Ariana," he offers a bit quietly to the lady now. Looking between the others rather carefully for the moment.

A little surprised, though perhaps not so much, Ariana turns to Keanen, "You don't want to visit our gardens? Not that you haven't seen them enough while you were here." A cautious looks it then given to Declan, when she inquires, "I have no issues with your going out gliding, My Lord, and it seems that your family does not have any issues as well. I was a little apprehensive about adding the cloud cruiser bit to our schedule, but I felt that you could not possibly leave Nubilus without see the world from the skies from one of our cloud cruisers. They tend to carry thousands of visitors a day, but I have one reserved for your family."

Keanen curls his mouth a bit at the cloud cruiser idea, "Gross. I need one of the single seat sport models like I used to have." He smiles, glancing at Declan, "You may wanna stick with the cruiser, old man," he teases. Moving to the window, he looks out, again, rather pleased to be back.

"The gardens are here in the Palace themselves, yes?" Declan inquires, as they seem to be working out the scheduling. "So I don't see any problem prioritizing getting out and about or going on some sort of daytrip. There will be ample time to enjoy various parts of the Palace during our stay." Keanen's suggestion earns a laugh. "I probably will, considering I wouldn't have the first clue about flying one. But enjoy yourself. That's what we're here for, isn't it? Lady Ariana, the cruiser trip sounds lovely. I imagine we'll be able to thoroughly enjoy the views."

Ariana can't help but look upon Keanen with more than a wary eye, before she taps onto her earpiece and speaks out to someone on the other end, "This is Lady Ariana. I will be needing a… sports model glider for Lord Keanen Arboren today. Yes. That Lord Keanen." Whoever is on the other end, must have been remembered the young Lord's glider crash! "I would also like the deck on the west wing opened up for us, so that we may view the young Lord in his glider. Yes, thank you." Pausing in her steps, she now turns to the group, "A glider has been issued for you, My Lord. And one of our servants will see to it that you are properly fitted to ride it." Turning to the other Arborens now, her polite smile broadens gently, "As for the rest of the tour, for the time being, you can enjoy your brother's ride from one of our viewing decks. That is, until he zooms off to who knows where. Please, follow along." And this is where several of the servants move to lead Keanen to where his snazzy glider awaits. Ariana continues, "You will love the views from the cloud cruisers, that much is true. Tell me," And this is spoken to both Declan and Tristan, "Was there anything particular that you wished to see? Nubilus is known for our many attractions."

Listening carefully as he looks around, Tristan offers a brief smile now, "It looks quite nice here." It's offered after a few moments of pause, as he looks around again. "Don't do anything I would to up there," he offers to Keanen, with a bit of a grin now. Something like freaking out, or falling out of the thing, or anything, that would be. A brief smile, before he adds, "And I would be happy with wherever you want to show us, my lady."

Keanen smiles, "Hey, you guys don't have to watch if you have other things to do. I'm just here to make sure you all have fun with Air." He tosses Ariana a wink, and then turns to the young female servant who has approached to lead him off. "Hellooooo," he says to her, and lays his hand on her shoulder, leading her off down the hall towards the glider bays.

Declan offers Keanen a parting grin as he's given leave to go enjoy himself doing something dubiously wise, and then moves to follow along with Ariana. Her inquiry has him glancing sidelong to his other brother, though, to check if there's anything on his mind. But as Tristan seems generally agreeable, he inquires with their hostess again instead. "Well, what might you suggest? The cruiser tour will cover things from a broader viewpoint, are there any particular little gems we need to enjoy up close? I recall that Summit is quite renowned for a number of entertainments, but I truly wouldn't know where to begin. What do you enjoy here, when you are not posing in front of a holo-cammera or gardening?"

The way to the viewing deck is a rather long journey, bringing the gathering through various sectors of Sky Palace, though for the most part, each area looks very similar is aesthetics to one which they had just passed. Even the way the windows wrap around the fortification doesn't help with visitors unfamiliar with the place to find their way. Various cleaning or serving drones roll about the area as if they owned the place. "There must be something you both have wanted to do or see here." Ariana speaks with a laugh to the remaining Arborens, just as they now come to the opening to the magnificent viewing deck. "This is the best area to view the comings and goings of the gliders, for the glider bay is just beneath this platform." The air is cool, crisp and clean and there is a strong breeze that constantly blows through this area, making the young noblewoman's full skirts flutter in the wind. "Let me see. I do a lot of shopping." She has to smile weakly at this, because she knows that these men probably have no interest in such things. "As well as visiting several of the exhibits or to see a play or listen to an orchestra. There really is a lot of things. As well as attractions for the daring. The entertainment business does try so hard to outdo one another when it comes to entertaining our masses." Her eyes now lower to view what she can see of the glider bay entrance as she listens to the young servant girl on her earpiece, giving her an ETA of when Keanen should be launching.

"Just seeing the place and learning more about it is the most important to me, I usually prefer seeing which places the persons hosting would like to display," Tristan offers now, as he offers another smile. A smile that widens a bit at the breeze, and he turns to turn his face straight towards the breeze, closing his eyes for a few brief moments now.

Declan continues to faithfully follow their guide as she leads them through the elegant palace, and he can frequently be seen sparing glances off toward sections of the skyline and distant city. "You really do live among the louds," he notes as they walk. "And there is no activity on the surface itself outside of mining? We live a bit above the ground as well, although somehow it's hard to think of the two things as similar." Quite an understatement. As step out onto the viewing gallery and the wind takes them, he grins a little. It's a little less sterile, to actually be out in the breeze. "You mention orchestras? Maybe you would enjoy that, Tristan?" he wonders, looking over to his brother yet again, even as he puts off offering a strong opinion on the matter. "Or some sort of concert, at any rate. I'm sure they have every sort of genre."

"Can you imagine? Our peaks being covered in either a titanium mine or an entire city." Ariana speaks out to Declan, relishing in the rather chilly wind that gently tossles at her perfectly sculpted do. "There are other peaks that no man has set foot upon. I believe, I may have mentioned this to you earlier, My Lord." She looks over her shoulder to view Declan now, "One of these very peaks is where the Hostile pod on Nubilus had landed. So we know there is at least one of them here." She then look from Declan to his younger brother, Tristan when the topic of music is brought up, "Why of course, we have many venues that play a large variety of music to suit all of our visitors. It's just that I prefer classical music, myself. Chamber music. A lovely," Read heavenly, "Choir." Returning to watch the entrance of the docking bay, she adds in, "The way that your own home is structured is quite interesting. Your homes look quite organic as it is, a wonderful way to blend in with your natural surroundings."

<FS3> Keanen rolls Gliding: Good Success.

Without a sound, a metal glider craft bolts from somewhere beneath the group, just out of view. The glider is sleek and fast, a red stripe along its outer nacelles. A moment later, the 'whoosh' of air breaks over the viewing area, tussling all of their hair. The glider zips in and out of the clouds a few times before it arches upward, rolling onto its back, and then diving downward in a spiral, the acrobatics certainly not amateur, nor timid. The glider vanishes into the clouds beneath them for several moments before reemerging from somewhere off to the left. It flies straight towards the viewing area, and then races upward out of sight just before it seems its going to crash into them. As the strong wind from the maneuver washes across the viewing area, the howling scream of a rather excited Keanen is heard for an instant before fading away in the distance.

"Music… I like music," Tristan replies after a few moments, smile a bit wider as he opens his eyes to look between the others again. "Most kinds of it, really. Depending a bit on the mood what I tend to prefer." Looking out there again as he sees the glider, watching it carefully, before he's unable to hold back a chuckle as he hears the scream. "Good to see and hear he's having fun," he offers.

Declan's gaze scans the horizon and some of the other distant peaks that might be visible as Ariana speaks of them, and focuses off for a few moments as she mentions the hostile landing. "Ah, yes, I do recall speaking about that. I wonder how they intend to progress from their landing point? The terrain here is obviously very challenging. I suppose we don't know yet if they might have transported surface vehicles down in their landing pods, or if they have, what sort of craft they are. Which is worrying. You've not been able to locate them with your own gliders, yet?" And then, speaking of a glider, Keanen's craft comes speeding out of the launch bay. "Oh my, there he goes." His eyes follow the craft, at least as long as they can, and he grins a bit, echoing Tristan's sentiment. "It does seem that way. I'm glad." And then once more he turns to Ariana. "It sounds like we've come to some sort of consensus. I'm sure we can trust you to pick a suitable performance."

These gliders aren't usually made to see this sort of action, especially as there are other gliders coming and going, but of course, for the young, the sport glider model was created… and here we are now. It is no surprise to Ariana once this particular glider leaves hurling out of the gates that this is the one flown by Keanen. The young noble's crazy antics make this perfectly clear. All she can really do is close her eyes and breathe in deeply and this lasts for a mere few seconds, before her smile returns to her lovely features once more just as she hears the youngest of the Arboren brood's sounds of excitement. Or enjoyment. Or all of the above. Obviously, there are ways to keep in contact with the glider pilots as open communication here is key so that there are no accidents, so pressing a few keys on her datapad screen, she turns the speaker on. "I see that nothing can deter you, My Lord, from your thrill-seeking nature." She keeps things brief, not wishing to distract Keanen too much if he's pushing his glider to the max.. which she hopes he's not doing. Returning to the converse with the others, she focused on the more serious topic first, "I am hoping.. that the corrosive content in the air below the clouds and even within them, have done it's job to hinder or destroy whatever intruder had arrived. There is a reason that no one has stepped foot in those part. And yes, we can go to some club for drinks and entertainment. Music, a show of sorts. Practically, everything your heart desires can be found here."

Tristan grins as he listens now, nodding a bit. Going silent again as he hears the part about the corrosive content of the air, before he adds, "Would probably be a good idea to have some kind of backup plan, just in case?" Nodding a little as he listens to the part about the entertainment. "Sounds like there might be too many choices, then?" Spoken a bit lightly now.

Keanen's glider returns into view. While he's still flying fast, he's no longer doing anything particularly crazy. Over the speaker, Keanen laughs. "When a drake throws you off his back, you gotta climb right back on it or you'll spend the rest of your life living in fear, Air," he shouts over the speaker, the roar of the glider rushing through the air loud in the background. "It handles beautifully!"

"It would be convenient if moon did the job of getting rid of them for us, wouldn't it?" Declan wonders, although there is a touch of wariness in his voice as he continues to gaze out over the horizon. "But Tristan is right, it's nothing to count on. They've already displayed some unusual technology, and I wouldn't put it past them to be able to survive in more hostile environments than we are. hopefully you'll be able to locate the landing site soon, to determine what happened. If nothing else, it might be some more of their equipment we can recover and look over." When the glider reappears, he smiles in reassured fashion. "Plenty of choices indeed. But I trust Lady Ariana can find us a show? I imagine we'll take the cruiser ride first, since she's already called for it to be prepared."

"Actually, the pod was located by some of our scouting gliders. It's just that, we have no way of going in for a closer examination, though we are continuing our efforts and keeping an eye out for any signs of Hostile activity." Ariana says with a nod. More than like this conversation can be heard on Keanen's end too, as the speaker is currently on. However, she is a little intrigued by something which Keanen says and her eyes go to both Declan and Tristan for they may have an answer for this, "I never knew that people actually tried to ride drakes… It sounds risky. Just as risky as the way Lord Keanen was handling that glider earlier." She then continues on, her eyes once more turning to view Keanen and the glider in the distance, "Everything can be shipped around, to be honest. We can hit the town and get something to eat while being entertained by one show or other. I mean… there's always tomorrow as well." She certainly expects them to stay for a couple of days, at the least.

Keanen continues to fly around as they talk. After a few minutes, he calls, "Food is good. I can eat. Waygates always make me hungry," he says with a laugh. At that, his glider makes a huge, daring turn and swoop, and then begins to make its way back to the glider bay.

Nodding a little bit as he hears what's being said now, there's a brief moment of hesitation in Tristan's expression at the mention of the cruiser ride, but it's gone just as quick as it came. "Sounds like an excellent idea. And food is always a good thing too." Going silent again as he looks between the others now.

"Well, I will leave it to your expertise for the specifics, but it sounds like we have something of a plan," Declan says with some finality. "As soon as Keanen is landed, let us meet up with him and go take in a meal and a show? I am curious to see what your city in the clouds holds for us, and some entertainment sounds like it will suit the whole group well."

As she watches Keanen's glider, Ariana does have to comment to the others, "It's too bad that Lord Keanen can't own one of these to speed around the Spine in. I know that you Arborenins are pleased to know that we use a clean propulsion technology for our gliders here, unfortunately, they only work with Nubilus' unique gravity. But perhaps such a vehicle could be created for gravity on Imperius?" She then speaks to Keanen, "Lord Keanen, feel free to dock when you are done with your flying." And then to the group as a whole, "For now, I will escort you each to your suites, so that you can unpack and unwind and get some rest before we head out again. More than likely, to get something to eat." She then waves a hand in the direction of Keanen's glider, before turning to lead the others to the guest wing.

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