08.28.3013: Notice Project Meeting
Summary: Reena holds a meeting for those interested in joining or aiding her new charity, The Notice Project.
Date: 28 August 2013
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Grand Hall — Blackspyre, Volkan
This hall takes up a significant portion of one floor of the Blackspyre, backing up to the east so that Mount Drakan is visible through the window in that wall, continually burning behind the high table. The other walls are of plain metal, although adorned with trophies from past battles and drake hunts. These weapons, banners, drake-skins, and drake skulls are mounted high, out of reach, but are well maintained. Long trestle tables run the length of the hall in two rows, nearly connected at the eastern end by the high table, which is mounted on a one-step dais. The high seat of Khournas is placed at the center of the high table, where the continual eruption of Mount Drakan frames the person sitting in that seat. At the far end of the hall are the double-doors that are the primary entrance, although there are smaller doors along both side-walls as well.
28 August 3013

The Grand Hall of the Blackspyre has been set up specifically for Reena's use tonight, and there are banners and signage for the Notice Project prominently displayed all about. A sign-in table is at the entrance, where those interested can choose an area in which to lend their expertise, from administration and finances, to training, electronics, gardening, science, medicine, and even plain old labor. When they put in for such, they receive a small card of a color corresponding to their area, and there are tables with matching tabletcloth colors set up for like minds to sit together and discuss. There is a long buffet of light refreshments and beverages, and a small dais and podium at the back of the hall.

Lady Reena Khournas is hovering beside the sign-in table, greeting the guests as they arrive. She is wearing a red gown that is less flashy than her usual garb, in deference to the seriousness of the cause. Her hair is pulled back at the sides, and her makeup is very modest as well.

Senator Hartcliffe, wearing a functional blue tunic with a yellow diagonal stripe, walks in laced leather boots towards the table, a genuine smile on the face of the frail-looking man. In his left arm, he's carrying several notes and papers. As he sees Lady Reena, he bows low at the waist. "Lady Reena, what a pleasure it is to see you." His ice blue eyes seem excited as he quickly begins to sign up for the administration section. He looks up. "My office is willing to help in any way we can, my Lady." Smiling as he makes the statement, he motions for Glenna to come forward and introduce herself.

Jarek came to the Blackspyre to hear Reena's speech about her project, and offer her support as best he can. Taking into consideration what the project is about, he's dressed in some older casual wear though he still looks noble in it and carries himself like he normal would. He stops at the sign in table and smiles to Reena, "Good evening Reena, how are you?" his gives in polite but casual greeting, "I'm here to represent my house's support. Cannot make promises, but I'd like to give my recomendations to my father." he smiles and puts his name down under training. "Though I will do what I can to make myself available to help out."

Temple does not want to be here. But he was also asked to be here, so, against his own better judgement, he's here. Being in Blackspyre ellicits a feeling of inadequcy, which breeds a feelings of slight resentment. The locksmith from Khar-Mordune is dressed in hand-me down clothes that're looking bit on the worn side, mostly covered up by a cracked dark brown longcoat. He's here, but he's distanced himself a little, content to just listen in.

Glenna follows on the heels of Alistair, one step to the left, slightly behind. Eyes flit here and there making visual notations of things that will later be encoded. Stepping forward at the motion of the Senator's hand, she makes her own introductions, after a hasty self tidyng of her tunic and hair, and deftly doing a little sidetep, avoiding running into Jarek and Temple, offers when they're done, in a smoothly polite voice "Glenna Blair, Lady Reena. An honor to meet you. May I offer my assistance along with the Senator's?"

Talayla is a quiet entrant. She has decided to show up and see what turns up. She's wearing her usual robes, and seems quietly retiring as usual. Still, she's polite, and will bow, greeting Lady Reena politely. "Salutations," She waves. "It's a pleasure to visit." She can likely assist with planty or foody or beery matters. "I um, will see what I know is needed." Right, she's a gap filler.

Dressed in her squire uniform, but with her hair left down for the evening, Klaudea walks past the tables with different sign in sheets, a tiny frown pulling at her forehead. She doesn't seem to find one that fits at the moment, so she passes by the sheets, and instead mingles to listen to others. She has snuck past Lady Reena when a knot of people stopped to sign in, and she isn't making any effort to butt into any conversations as yet, or make her presence felt.

Reena holds both hands out to Alistair with a warm smile. "Senator Hartcliffe, thank you so much for coming. The response from the Senate and the Chantry has been overwhelmingly positive. I am delighted to see so many willing to help, and your expertise is sorely needed." Glenna is given a friendly nod. "Miss Blair, thank you as well for your assistance in this matter." Jarek is greeted with a familiar hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Jay, thank you for being here. I need all the friendly faces I can get. And donations would go a long way to helping buy the needed equipment." Talayla gets a cheek kiss too and a hug, "Taly! I'm so glad you're here! I'll be sorely in need of your help." Reena excuses herself to move over to where Temple is lurking and she smiles up at him with a bright countenance and a twinkle in her eye. "Thank you for coming, Solace. I know you hate these things, but I need your help corralling some of the volunteers to help with setting up security systems."

A steward rings a bell near the back. "If everyone would like to gather some food and drink, and find a seat at one of the tables with a like colored cloth on it, we'll get started momentarily!" he calls out in a booming herald's voice.

Taking his colored cloth for the administration sign-up, Alistair will nod respectfully at the other guests and move towards the table, speaking softly to Glenna as they walk. "That's the Young Lord Jarek Saimhann, Lord Kazimir, his uncle, is Lady Brianny's husband." He notes the connection, even though he's probably mentioned it to the aide before. He takes a seat at the table with a quick motion, looking around the hall and taking mental note of the diversity of the people who have shown up with a pleasant smile.

Glenna nods, making mental notes, to herself, as well as on the data pad she pulls from her leather satchel. Finger sliding to pull up a particular file, she glances at Lord Jarek, taps a few things before sliding deftly, into a seat, ankles crossed.

It's darker area(in comparison to the rest of the room)where Temple has situated himself. There's a thing, whispy line of smoke trailing up and away from the man's face, puffing on a cigarette. A sniff when Reena comes up to him. "Understatement, my Lady." he gets out, jawing setting. "You're about the only person that could get me here. And I said I'd help. So here I am." Likely being the most underdressed person here, he decides to hang back where he is for now. "I'll be here if you need me to add anything. Just ask."

Since she hasn't taken a particular color, Klaudea takes a small plate of foods that appear to be easy to eat with her fingers, and finds an inconspicuous place to lean against the wall. She watches and listens, her eyes following the Lady Reena over to Temple and, then resting on Temple himself.

Jarek smiles to Reena then moves to take a seat and wait for more informations. Anyone who greets him gets a smile, and a polite hello.

Volkan yet again. Despite Helena's distaste for the landscape, she finds herself inextricably drawn into matters occurring among the Khourni. Pausing at her entrance, the doctor allows her gaze to be drawn to the faces most familiar to her, and they are offered a smile before she silently moves toward the table clearly set out for members of the medical field. "Lady Reena," she greets quietly on her way to her seat, obviously not wishing to delay the proceedings further.

Talayla smiles and carefully returns the hug. "Sure thing. I am glad to be here," She offers with a polite smile and nod. She's still retiring and quiet, but there's progress. She looks a little overwhelmed by all of the people, smiling politely to Jarek, and any she might know. The Orelle is definitely the oddball of her family. Still, she seems friendly enough.

Lorelei hangs in the back unsure where to sit. Offers of poetry don't seem to fit in any of the table categories…Biting her lip, she'll slowly, trying to not draw attention to herself, move to the labor table. She can always move , if they ask her too. Small polite smiles to anyone at the table, she'll nervously wait to hear Reena speak.

Reena slips over to the dais and climbs it, moving to the podium and tapping on the datapad resting on it. A servant sets a glass of water near at hand for her, and she thanks him quietly before leaning in to the microphone. "Thank you all for giving of your time tonight, to let me explain the purpose and hopes of the Notice Project. We are here, noble and citizen alike, to help those who are in dire need of crucial aid. Many of us have never seen the Down Below of Khar-Mordune, the Barrens of the Ring or the Black Sector of Volkan. But thanks to the wisdom of a dear friend, I have, and an area just like it exists in every major city of Haven."

A holoscreen behind her shows video of some of these areas. There is spotty electricity at best, and things are in a serious state of disrepair. People look pale, hungry, dirty, sick, and as if any hope they once had in their eyes has been snuffed out. "Crime is rampant as there is little to no security available to those unable to protect themselves. The water is unsafe to drink without boiling it. Food is the most processed, least desirable things that trickle down from the top down. Medical care is non-existent. Education and job training is extremely rare." Reena looks over her shoulder at the images on the screen with a grimace. "The goal of the Notice Project is to change all of that. Every last bit, a little at a time, until all of our people are happy, healthy, and self-sufficient."

Taking out a pad and pen, Alistair scribbles notes as he pays close attention to the speech and holovids, shaking his head at the atrocities shown on screen. "Utterly unacceptable." He mutters, mostly to himself. His pen scratching quickly and fiercely across the paper. The Senator nods pleasantly to anyone at his table, though he doesn't initiate any deeper conversation as the presentation continues to unfold.

Jarek looks on with concern, and shakes his head slightly at many of the images. He mutters to himself mostly, "Nothing like Spikka… how is it able to come to this?" he frowns a bit but becomes silent again as he listens.

Helena keeps her opinions on the matter to herself - at least for the moment - but she does have her tablet on the table in front of her taking down the meeting as a recording.

Klaudea watches the screen, continueing to eat slowly. but her brow furrows as she notes the pictures of people and she bites at her lower lip. She leans forward to place her plate on the table, then crosses her arms over her chest as she settles back against the wall again.

"At your tables, you will find packets pertaining to the Notice Project's intended goals for the area you indicated interest in," Reena explains, and sure enough, packets are in the table centers.

Administrators find information on a board of directors, one member representing each of the areas of need, and a top-down view of Directors, Overseers, Project Managers, Team/Shift Leads, and laborers for the various areas.

Financiers and accountants see information on setting up donation systems, holding charity events and various clothing, food, and labor drives for the project.

Gardeners, Farmers, Aquaculturists, Zoologists, Vets, and Botanists find information on the Community garden and orchard and the small animal raising and fish ponds.

Medical specialists find information on free clinics with rotating staff, vaccination and dentistry drives, and emergency management centers during times of crisis.

Security specialists have data on crime rates, types of crime, proposed systems to put in place for the population and to protect assets and resources of the project itself, and information on a training program to teach some of the residents to be a lower watch for their areas.

Training personal have information on the formation of schools to teach job skills and general education, with rotating courses and staff, focusing primarily on skills and positions that will tend to the upkeep of the structures and services the project puts in place.

Scientists are informed of the need for air and water purifiers and climate control systems while electricians and engineers have information on desperately needed structural and systems repairs.

*tap tap tap, tappity tap, and slide on the screen* An eyebrow raises in an aside glance at Alistair, then Glenna takes a moment from watching the display with thoughtful and concerned eyes, to looking about the audience, gauging their reactions. A thoughtful moue of the lips, then some more tapping and finger sliding on her data pad. she takes a moment to lean towards the Senator, murmuring something quietly.

All of what Temple displays is nothing new to Temple. He lives that kind of life, as it's always has been. Their shock is his everyday. "We call it Down Below." he grunts from his spot near the wall. "Some call it the Ignored, but Down Below has been the more or less colloquial label given to any run-down section of any major city that has one." There's a snort at Jarek's question. "It's the life I've lived every day of my exsistance, my Lord. So far as I can tell, it's always been like this. Smaller in some cities, larger in others. Some may not have any at all due to location, but. They're around."

Lorelei glances around, taking in more the reactions of everyone around her than the pictures. She knows already.

Talayla is quiet. She listens. Though, she'll take a look at the packet. There's a polite smile to Helena, but she doesn't interrupt for now.

Sean moves into the hall like he knows the place well… and in fact he recognizes a few of the places pictured on the holovids. He walks to a seat to wait for an opportunity to speak with the woman who's hosting this meeting. He whispers into his wrist device, "Trix, record style meeting minutes." Then he sits and listens to the speech being given.

Lady Eirene Volen has been spending quite a lot of time on Volkan lately. While she is not terribly familiar with the ins and outs of the Blackspyre, she is escorted to the Grand Hall where she arrives fashionably late to Lady Reena's charity meeting.

Reena looks back over the attendees and smiles at the sight of so many willing to help. "If the project succeeds here in Volkan, it will then expand to other cities, at least one per Paramount in the beginning, so that the help from so many diverse populations will be given back to all." An infosphere address appears on the screen. It reads Application.NoticeProject.Volkan. "At the above site you will find applications for everyone who wishes to cement their contribution assisting with this project. There are also applications for members of the Board of Directors for those filling out apps for specific areas. Further, there is contact information and a link to donate funds directly to the cause."

It takes a /lot/ to drag Sir Cynan Dalton off Inculta these days… but, evidently, his esteemed cousin has the power to do that. Hence he's here, if a bit flustered, moving a little faster than he ordinarily might. Once he's in the room, he makes a beeline for Helena's table and slides into a seat at her side.

Glancing up, Helena offers Cynan a warm smile as he settles beside her. Pulling forward one of the packets of information, she centers it on the table between her and her cousin, flipping it open to a page. She gestures silently to her tablet, miming for Cynan to get out his own.

The Leonnidan Senator nods at Glenna's comments, speaking softly aloud. "Quite." Taking note of the address, Alistair will lean and whisper back to his aide, Glenna. He pulls his tablet out, but he's still writing on his paper pad, flipping the page in the process.

The cigarette that hangs out of Temple's mouth burn bright red for a moment before it's blown away to exhale smoke. "Should any of you have questions about what life is like there, I can offer what information you need, as well what other places amoung Haven have their own version of Down Below, however large or small it might be." That said, the man goes back to hanging up his part of the wall.

Glenna's eyes continue to meander about from watching the vids, to watching the attendees, mental notes being taken, as well as those physical notes being tapped into her data pad. Head leaning towards the Senator, she nods, making more notations (without even really looking at the screen).

Temple's offer draws Klaudea's eyes, and she studies the man once more, her gaze curious. She doesn't have anything to add, however, flipping her hair back over her shoulder and noting the address on the screen.

"Small data and voice recorders will now be sent one to a table," Reena informs everyone. "Please feel free to brainstorm ideas for the project, introduce yourselves and your expertise to one another, and record it for later, so we can choose the order our of projects carefully in the months to come. Again, thank you all for attending and for caring as much as I do about all of Haven's people, not just those we see day-to-day."

Servants move to each table and set the recorders down, then another announces that the buffet and bar will remain open for the attendees. Reena steps down from the dais with her water glass in hand, and moves towards the administration table, clearly where she'll be fitting into the scheme of things as the Chairperson.

"I've registered the address Sean, vocal recognition for the last person to speak inconclusive. Would you like to provide a name?" There comes the metallic but sensual voice of Sean's AI at a low volume, "Call him… Wall Cig." Sean replies, and an affirmative is given by the synthetic female's voice. He spots the woman moving to her seat and rises from his own to make his way over to her. "Lady Reena Khournas? May I steal a few moments of you time?"

Eirene turns slightly in her seat to see who else might be showing up tardy. She gives Kadmus a little wave of her hand and motions for him to come and join her.

As the address appears, Lorelei finally pulls out her tablet and starts writing. First the address, then notes. She'll hesitantly stand, still not sure if she should even truly be here. She knows Lady Reena's in charge, but looks to see who else she can ask, not wanting to bother the person in charge.

Kadmus has arrived in the hall, a bit late no doubt, and remains near the rear. As Eirene waves towards him he offers a slight nod of his head and approaches where she sits currently.

The Senator looks around his table, noticing that the Lady Reena has now been sidetracked on her way to the Admin table. "Well…this is quite the undertaking to bring together. We certainly have contacts throughout the Vale, Glenna. Though the Southern Wilds have their own concerns altogether different from that of the urban population density issues…" Alistair looks around the table and the room, wondering who else has ideas, not just those at his table.

Talayla waves to those arriving, noticing a few familiar faces. Kadmus, there's Eirene and Helena and Cynan. But she looks a little overwhelmed. Which - who… Talayla looks a little baffled, but will listen for now, thanking the servant. Hey, why not? She might think a bit before finding some similarly minded folk.

As people start breaking into groups and talking, Klaudea slips towards the door, as she has not affiliated herself with a group.

Reena stops when addressed by the unfamiliar young man, but nods a moment, gesturing him to one side away from the tables to speak. "Of course, what can I help you with, Mister…?" she trails off, letting him fill in the blank where his name should be. Her eyes flit to the door as Kadmus enters and she gives him a smile and polite nod before looking back to Sean.

Glenna says, "Of ocurse, Senator, I agree…" looking at him for a moment, "But sometimes a trouble shared is lessened when more hands join in.", flicking the switch on the provided recorder but still taking notes on her own data pad. Yes, another scanning gaze to judge various reactions then back to her table."

"My name is Sean Thanesson, however I'm more well known in the Blacks as Schizoid. It's where I first started to rave, and earned the name." Sean smiles, "For the last few years, those of us who've been organizing drug and violence free raves have been giving the money to a school in the area to support failing music and computers programs. I've been hoping to host a rave of my, as I've not done so just yet." he pauses, "I offer just such and event, as a sort of kick off for your project when you feel the time is right. Attendance is always free, we charge vendors a cut of their profits, and after we give the DJ's some cash to support their talents and as thanks for being there, the rest goes to the school… or in this case the project."

"A branch in Detritus after this project gets off the ground?" Helena inquires of Cynan, jumping right into business as she flips through the information with a calm, nearly unreadable expression. Either she has seen poverty of this caliber before, or she is just really good at keeping her feelings to herself. "I think Lady Dalton would be amenable to the improvement of our citizens' lives, but…" Here the good doctor allows her thought to die unfinished, and instead looks up to her cousin with eyebrows lifted in inquiry.

Eirene gives her big brother Kadmus a bright warm smile. Just as she settles in once more, she spots Talayla. The young Volen waves in return and flashes one of her pretty little smiles. After some silent greetings, Eirene's attention returns to Reena.

"Mmm. A reasonable possibility, to be sure." That's Cynan's murmured reply to Helena as he taps his own tablet, bringing the screen to life. "It is only natural, after all, to wish to bring our citizens' lives into the light." Lower-case 'light,' but still. His eyes meet his cousin's for a long moment, and then he dips his head in a little nod. "Of course, our priorities are many."

"That sounds interesting, Mister Thanesson," Reena notes. "Could you, perhaps share that with the fundraising and accounting table? I'd like to see about some concerts as well, a few parties or balls, perhaps a charity tourney." She smiles and gestures to the appropriate table, then continues towards the administrative one beckoning for Eirene and Kadmus to join.

"Absolutely true! The more the merrier!" The Senator says excitedly. "We certainly will aid in any way we can." He nods to Glenna. "I suppose we'll throw in the name for regional contact…" Seeing Lady Reena approach, Alistair will stand and give another bow at the waist. "Lady Reena, an informative and moving reminder of the hardships people face throughout Haven…it's a shame to see it in our own streets, as is apparent from anyone who takes the time to actually look."

Sean nods to Reena with a smile, "Of course. Thank you for your time." he then turns and makes for the man he'd dubbed Wall Cig, passing the table mentioned and showed him to give contact information with a note that he has something that can be discussed.

"Shall we go and join lady Reena?" Kadmus asks, glancing a bit towards Eirene, then towards Reena again and he begins across towards the administration table.

Helena glances sidelong to Cynan, pressing her lips together for a moment in thought. She looks back down to her tablet, focusing on some of the data for a moment before drumming her fingernails on the table. "I just have a feeling we're going to see widespread destruction in the coming years," she mutters under her breath before looking up to watch for a moment as other attendees mingle.

Suddenly, Helena rises from her seat and gestures Cynan to follow. "I'm starved. I hope they have cupcakes. I think Lady Dalton can spare me to roll up my sleeves and dive into some of the free clinics. I might need her numbers man to help me figure out how to shift our funds to incorporate this possibility. Tell me truthfully, cousin, if you think I'm spreading myself too thin with this."

Eirene nods to Kadmus and rises from her seat, following her brother's steps.

Lorelei stops at the admin table, "I…excuse me? I'm not exactly sure who I should talk to…I'd like to offer my services in writing."she'll bite her lower lip, making her look younger than she is. She'll look between Alistar and Glenna.

Temple takes the tablet while his burning smoke hangs between his lips. A glance at Sean, then over to Reena, and finally back to Sean. "I can be reached through her Ladyship Reena Khournas." he finally says, but he nods at the tablet. "Not a bad idea, though." he's willing to conceed that much at least.

Reena beckons the steward over and murmurs to him for a few moments. He sets off and beings inviting individuals to the admin table, people Reena recognizes or at least knows the reputation of. Messages are sent to the Daltons, Lorelei, Talayla, Temple, Sean and Solon to join those already at the table or heading that way.

Glenna nods along with Alistair, private thoughts of her own flittering behind her eyes. Her fingers automatcally, even with the provided recorders, go to making notes of her own while the Senator speaks with Lady Reena, deferring to the Senator when Lorelei speaks, offering a smile.

Looking up at Lorelei's request, the Senator regards her with a polite nod and smile. "Miss, I think that'd be awesome. Please, have a seat and join us! What sort of writing do you do?" Alistair sits down as he motions for Lorelei to do the same. "Fundraising will be crucial for all these efforts, and you're noble to offer your gifts to the cause."

"Refreshments. Yes, let's." Cynan is right on his cousin's heels as they make their way over to the snack table. "I'm certain that Lady Dalton can find the funds somewhere. She is exceptionally gifted in that area, no?" A little pause. "You are taking on a great deal, but if there is anyone on Inculta who I do not think could ever overextend herself…" He leaves the thought unfinished, but his lips turn up in a little grin.

It's inexcuseable, but it is what it is. One must accept responsibility for their actions, and the Heir of Cindravale, Young Lord Sir Solon Cindravale is more than willing to accept any admonishments or consequences for being so tardy to this meeting. As he reaches the doors to the Grand Hall, he takes a deep breathe and then slowly lets it out. A quick glance down and he takes in the formal outfit that he is wearing, an expensive looking ensemble in the colors of House Cindravale. Perhaps he might be overdoing it, but the event sounded rather formal, so formal it is. Taking in another breathe, he opens the doors and takes in the scene inside.

The first thing Solon sees is that there are tables that appear to be organized for some specific purpose. He has no idea what this purpose might be. Offering the slightest of frowns, he let's his blue eyes scan the room to find the person in charge of this event. His eyes fall upon Reena, the one woman who appears to be gesturing about to different people. Ah, that appears to be someone in charge, or at least that is the assumption he makes based on her style of clothing. Stepping up to Reena, he puts a foot forward and makes a rather formal bow before her. Standing back up, he begins to speak in a soft voice that maintains a formal tone. "My Lady, please allow me to first introduce myself. I am Sir Solon Cindravale, and I wish to offer my services to these efforts that are being put together. Secondly, I must offer my deepest and sincerest apologies for first being late to this event, and secondly being a disturbance. I have nothing to say to excuse these things, so I hope that you can accept my humble apologies."

Talayla is quiet. But she'll get herself something to drink, then find the biology peeps table. She knows aquaculture and gardening at least. She's not sure beer would help them a whole lot.

Lorelei smiles at the senator, "Well, I'm a poet at heart, but I do ok with words in general." Loree shrugs lightly, "I don't have money to offer, but I can offer my time and words." she'll follow suit with whatever the table does, sit, or move to the admin table.

"Who needs sleep when they have access to medical grade stimulants?" The question is a joke (maybe), as signified by the faint smile that touches Helena's lips. She stops at the refreshments table and begins poking around for the sweets - cupcakes, cookies, brownies and whatnot. Only when her mini plate is piled high with a load that would kill a diabetic does she open up conversation once more with her cousin. "At some other point in time I will have to speak with Lady Reena. This does mean you're required to attend charity events with me in the future, unless—" Here her voice drops a degree and she leans in closer to Cynan to murmur something largely inaudible to anybody except him.

Eirene cannot help but take notice of the new arrival. There is something quite regal about him; perhaps it is his hair. It appears he is sheer poetry in motion and catches the songstress off guard. Her jaw becomes lax, her eyes gloss over, and then BAM! The young Volen lady slams right into her Kadmus's back. Her hands rise up too late to break her 'fall'. It is possible she even pushes Kadmus inadvertently with her stumble.

Sean just prior to reaching the man he was headed for, Sean's comm beeps and he reads a message, "Trix, Peny's in trouble in Landing… link up her comm tracker to the microscreen, and overlay her vitals chip readouts for me. Keep on her." the urgency in his voice carries heavy concern as he starts to near sprint out of the hall.

Glenna continues to smile at Lorelei, making a notation again, then setting her data pad on the table. Rising, she gestures between Lorelei and the Senator "Allow me to introduce myself, please. My name is Glenna Blair and this, of course, is the Honorable Alistair Hartcliffe."

Jarek having sat at his table, glancing around to see if anyone joins him to discuss the potentials of training… Jarek finds himself rather alone. He shrugs and starts to delve into the packet of information once again.

Kadmus is stumbled into by his incredibly clumsy sister, and he takes a step forward to catch himself from the sudden 'attack' before his attention is turning towards Eirene to see just what has happened with her to cause her to mis-step so.

Reena looks around the table and smiles. "Most of you are individuals I've had in mind for some time, to ask to be on the board, or Overseer or manager of a specific project. I wish to encourage you to apply as such. Lady Helena, I am in deep need of you on the board as the coordinator of the Medical branch, as you are well versed in everything we will need from equipment to infrastructure to personnel for the clinics and such. Lady Talayla, I would love you to represent the Agriculture and Aquaculture areas of the project on the Board with Miss Quellton and her family, if willing, assisting with the training of handling the animals raised for food production such as chickens, cows, goats, and sheep. Mister Temple, I would like you to be Overseer of Security Systems. Young Lord Cindravale, you are forgiven, and I would ask you to be Overseer to train the Lower Watch. Lady Eirene, I could use your skill in entertainment as the Board's Director of Events. Senator Hartcliffe, you would be instrumental as the board's Director of Finance. There are others who have also been contacted, such as Lord Densoric Larent who has pledged his assistance to the board as Director of Engineering, and Lord Brigham Peake who will likely become Overseer of the project to repair or replace the purification systems for air, water, and climate control. If there are others you know who could benefit the Project, please direct them here."

"Oh!Of course!How silly of me!" Loree smiles brightly at Glenna and Alistair, "My name is Lorelei Quellton of Arboren. It's an honor to meet you both." she'll then turn her attention to Reena as she speaks. a small smile is given in Eirene's direction once she's seen. otherwise, Loree keeps quiet.

People have migrated towards Temple. Close enough that Reena can at least talk to him without shouting. The offer is of course, accepted with a nod. "No problem. Think I can handle that."

Cynan's own selection of refreshments is almost as impressive as his cousin's, as he's evidently decided that the best way to show respect to the hostess is to take one of everything. "Mmm. Yes, so long as I am not busy recovering from crushed vertebrae…" A little grim smile. "I believe I will be able to attend." He responds to her whisper with a little chuckle, then leans in to reply.

Senator Hartcliffe will nod at both Renee and Lorelei. "I would be honored to serve in any capacity as you see fit, my office can certainly fill that role." He looks at Glenna, making sure that she's taking note of this, even though she probably already has. "And Miss Quellton, poetry moves hearts and minds…that's what this is all about." The Senator smiles at her, noticing the increased number of folks at the table with polite nods.

Solon's posture doesn't change much, but his face does seem to lighten softly as Reena accepts his apology. "You wish for me to help oversee the training of the Lower Watch, My Lady? Very well, though I may wish to speak with you later regarding more detail." He offers the woman a smile, before realizing that there's quite a few other people around the room. Well, there were those moments where he ended up getting too focused. "Are there others I should speak with about this position, Lady Reena?"

Eirene takes a moment to compose herself from the sheer blinding sight of Solon Cindravale. Her attention once more turns towards her brother with whom she speaks with in hushed tones. Lady Reena is given a demure smile and a nod. "It would be an honor and a pleasure to assist you, my lady."

Glenna slides back into her seat, introductions done, and does that information thing. This will be a tri-fold information gathering tonight: the provided recorders, her data pad and her brain. Always good to have more than one source of data retrieval. And, that gaze goes flittering about once again, seeing who's who and what's what. Something sparks a sudden thought behind her eyes and then she does the tapping procedure on the data pad again.

"Thank you, Senator. The support of the Senate will not be forgotten. Young Lord Cindravale, you can coordinate with Mister Temple," Reena gestures to the citizen, "who will be designing and implementing security systems in the Black Sector, starting with the residential towers, then moving into the areas reserved for the Community garden, orchard, and farm, then medical, training and educational buildings," she explains to Solon. She smiles warmly at Eirene. "Thank you, my friend. A Mister Sean Thanesson is the young man who was speaking with me earlier, and he is interested in a rave event for fundraising. I'd also like to speak to Miss Quellton a little later, regarding her poetry and how it can be a help to this project."

"Very well, thank you for allowing me the honor of helping out, Lady Reena." Solon offers the woman a slight bow, before turning to seek out this Mister Temple. As he does so, his eyes alight upon both Kadmus and Eirene, a smile is offered to both of them, though his blue eyes seem to land on Eirene's own eyes and lock for a brief moment. The moment passes quickly, and he begins to scan the room again. Before seeing Temple, Solon does notice someone he would like to speak with, if only for a second. Stepping over to Allistair, Solon offers the man a nod, "Senator, how are you doing this evening?"

With a polite half-bow, Alistair smiles to the Young Lord, eyes perhaps resting on his figure a moment too long, barely noticeable. "My Lord, I am quite well, glad you were able to join us. Your support will prove invaluable, I'm sure." The Senator continues to nod to the rest of the group as he's standing again, drinking water at the moment.

Lorelei 's eyes widen slightly as she's mentioned but she'll nod, her eyes going downward. Now she wishes she has partaken in some of the free drinks beforehand.

Kadmus casts a bit of a glance towards those named, focusing a bit more on Temple as his duty is elaborated on, "Mister Temple? I do not believe I have heard of you before.. might I inquire into your security credentials?" he asks, taking a moment to offer a smile towards Solon before his attention returns back to the citizen.

Glenna has no problem, being the quiet taker of notes and keeper of informtion, glancing up to the Senator for a moment, eyebrow momentarily raised before going back to her datapad. Then, a moment later, looking at Lorelei, "When you want to make an appointment to meet with the Senator, just call his office or contact me, and we'll get you set upm" reaching for her own glass of water to take a sip.

The Siren of Mare Maris is touched by shyness this evening. Solon's polite smile is returned yet when the heat of his eyes reach hers, she casts her glance aside to keep her cheeks from blushing in public. In reply to Reena's earlier statement, Eirene comments, "Very well, Lady Reena. I recently met Mister Thanesson. I will be sure to get in touch with him." Lorelei is offered a warm smile when Reena mentions something about poetry. Words seem to come out of her mouth, but her thoughts have been sequestered by..something else. "If there is anything else you need, my lady, I am at your service."

Helena offers Cynan an amused grin as she leads the way silently back to their table. For now, it appears she is not going to be accosted by anybody for her attention, so she is happy to tuck into her food with gusto. She snags a healthy bite from her brownie after settling into her seat and returns her attention to the information packet. "I am wondering as to the state of our own poor," she murmurs to Cynan while brushing crumbs from her shirt. "Should get someone out to evaluate the status, take a look at what programs we have in place, and see what needs revived. I think we need some plans in place should—well, should the worst happen."

"A Knight should give back to those who are less fortunate, Senator. I am simply doing my duty to the people and to the Six." Solon offers a sincere smile at this, after all, he's dead serious about it. "I did want to pass along that I plan on attending the Meals of the Mother Gala you and the Lady Brianny are holding in two days hence." The statement made, he takes a glance over at Glenna and Lorelei, offering them both a polite smile. "Good evening."

Reena sets a slight hand on Kadmus' shoulder as she rises from her seat beside him, her eyes moving to Temple when her fiance addresses the citizen. She lets Solace speak for himself however. "I should go speak to the Daltons, I'll be back in a moment." She moves over to where Helena and Cynan are seated and smiles at the former. "I can count on you to be the Medical Director on my Board, can't I, Helena?" she asks with a grin.

Lorelei's cheeks are pink, but she'll smile softly at Glenna, "I will. Thank you." A small bow to Solon, Loree doesn't know who he is, but he's dressed fancy enough, "Good evening,my lord."

Kadmus offers a nod of his head towards Reena, "Of course, Lady Reena." He says, flashing a smile before his attention returns to the Citizen.

"Mmm. We should summon the more… charitable Servants of the Light to assist with such matters, I'd think." Cynan's own snacks go untouched for the moment as he settles back into his seat. He has only a few moments, though, to consider the information on his tablet before his attention is diverted by Reena's approach, and he greets her with a quick nod before looking back to his cousin.

Senator Hartcliffe nods politely at the Young Lord Solon. "It'll be an honor to have you there. I hope you'll pass along the word and encourage your peers to join us as well. It'll be a night to show that all of us are committed to providing the most basic needs for our citizens." Alistair looks around to the group, observing them all with a smile, whispering briefly to Glenna.

Temple has been more or less avoiding conversation, prefering to listen to it than anything else. But when he's actually spoken to, he pauses for a moment to puff on his smoke. "I was trained within House Peake's militia as a security and electronics specialist, a proficency with analouge and electronic security systems. How to break, crack, and disarm them for breeching during military and Watch-related raids." he lists off. "After my discharge from the military, I went into business for myself as a security system analyst, locksmith, and lock designer. I've designed security systems for a few cooporations and has been brought on as a consultant for a few banking institutions and electrical companies."

Glenna's a bit late in the game, looking ov er as Lorelei looks up at Solon, her own cheeks flushing ever so faintly. "Good evening, my lord' then tilting her head towards Alistair to hear what he's saying to her, nodding a lnog before murmuring something back to him.

Helena is mid-bite when Reena approaches the table, and she chokes on a bit of cookie. She hacks indelicately into a napkin before wiping her mouth clean and looking up to the Khourni woman. "I - coughcough - yes, I think I would be very interested in the position. It would be an extension of my current duties, anyway. Lady Reena, have you been introduced to my cousin? Lady Reena Khournas, this is Sir Cynan Dalton - a knight of extreme skill (and luck). Cousin, this is Lady Reena Khournas who I hope you will find is far less abrupt than her relatives."

"I will do what I can, Senator. I cannot make any promises, though." Solon offers the Senator a nod of his head, "I will not take up any more of your time this evening. It is good seeing you, and I hope the rest of your night is pleasant." He steps away from the man and manages to step closer to Lorelei and Glenna. "Pardon me, are you both assisting the good Senator here?" He gestures towards Alistair. "Ah, pardon my rudeness. I am Sir Solon Cindravale."

"My understanding is most Militias do not discharge their soldiers so young unless they are problematic." Kadmus says, "And with those sort of talents, it would have to be something quite severe to be let go so close to the Hostiles Invasion." He observes, before shrugging slightly, "So, what corporations have you done work for? Anyone I might know?"

"Lord Cynan, it is a pleasure. Thank you for attending the meeting. Were you interested in helping with the project in any way?" Reena asks, before giving Helena a light hug. "Thank you, I wasn't expecting such a huge response. I was worried for a while I'd have to figure out how to clone myself to be everywhere at once." She glances back towards where Kadmus and Temple are speaking and then back to the Daltons. "The Senate and Chantry will also be assisting with the project. Why don't you two come sit at the administrative table with us?"

Lorelei blinks, tilting her head at Solon , "I…no, my lord. More the Senator and his assistant have been helping me. I'm just an Arboren citizen, lost in all this…" she'll wave her hand in the air a moment, "bustle." A small smile and she'll look to Glenna, who should be able to help him more.

"Good to make your acquaintance, Lady Reena." Helena's comment gets a little mock-upset look from Cynan, but the smirk curling his lips betrays his lack of any real frustration. "I am here to represent the Lady Dalton," he replies, slowly. "Given the current state of affairs on Inculta, I am not certain how much time or energy I will be able to spare to the cause… but I am here to assist as much as I am able."

"He will, at the very least, be my right hand when he can," Helena supplies in place of Cynan's answer. She rises from her seat with her food in one hand, offering her free arm to Cynan before whisking him away toward the administration table. "I would like to meet with you again, of course, Lady Reena, to discuss what assets are in place and which ones require further development."

Summoning whatever aplomb she can muster at this point, with a side look at Lorelei, then up to Lord Solon. Stand, not stand? A momentary pause and she stands, with a graceful incline of her head "I am the Sentator's intern, Lord Solon - Glenna Blair. An honor to make your acquaintance. If I can be of any assistance making liason with Senator Hartcliffe in any way, please, allow me the privilege."

"It was a personal choice to resign from my military career." Temple states simply. "Family affairs I needed to take care of." And no, he's not going into it any farther than that. "Hundred Branches Loan and Trust in Arboren. Yates Security Limited based on the Ring. And Undercurrent Technologies, also on the Ring."

Talayla has snagged a few refreshments and heading towards the Agriculture and Aquaculture areas. "Surely. Though um, I'm a fish and plants kinda person… Chickens are cute," She considers. Oooh dear. Talayla would totally have a pet chicken with those afro poofy feathers. Yes indeedy. Still, she's poking out of her shell a little.

Alistair smiles and moves away from the group and to the buffet line, gathering plates for some foods, searching out his next victim …er… conversation buddy for the night. The Senator seems to be in a good mood, looking around and nodding with a smile to everyone he meets.

Reena resumes her seat at the administrative table and smiles warmly. "Lord Kadmus, I hear that my cousin and your sister paid a visit to New Atlantis. Did they enjoy it? I was unable to join them as I was preparing for this meeting." She may be idly trying to spare the citizen the third degree from her betrothed.

Solon offers Lorelei the slightest of frowns, "No one is 'just' an anything in this world, Miss Lorelei. You are here, after all, and such activities help us each bask in the compassion of the Mother." That said, he turns to face Glenna. Smiling at her, hoping that it puts her at ease, he says, "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss Blair. I am sure that the Senator is well served by having you on his staff. It was good to meet both of you." This last is said to both Lorelei and Glenna. "However, I will not keep you from further business with the Senator. I wish you both a good evening." He offers them a slight bow, one where his right hand is placed on his chest with the slightest of motions forward before moving on.

Eirene glides over to reach some refreshments but mainly keeps to herself. Warm brown eyes settle on to her brother with some curiosity. She procures a glass of wine to calm her nerves and cross the room once more to keep Kadmus company. "Pardon me, I do not wish to interrupt." Yet she does. There is a certain sparkle and fizz about the singer once she is in the company of someone she knows. When Reena mentions Devon and Victor, Eirene snaps a glance at her brother. "Oh, they did? Why did you not inform me?"

"Most interesting." Kadmus says, though the way he says it suggest he's not terribly interested anymore and he gives a slight nod to Temple, and his attention turns towards Reena a bit, "They did." He says, "I believe there was some interest in swimming, or at least visiting a beach in the near future." And he casts a brief glance towards Eirene, "I'd assumed you'd been informed already. I'll be sure you are better informed in the near future."

Lorelei tilts her head, watching Solon and Glenna with a soft smile.She'll bow back, 'You as well, my lord." when he moves away she'll look to Glenna, "Are you ok?"

Right hand. The hand doesn't have to do any thinking, does it? Cynan is generally pleased with this concept, and it shows on his face as he follows in his cousin's footsteps… though he does stop to pick up his snack dish oon the way. Without further ado he settles down at the table and starts to dig in.

Returning with snacks, the Senator will take a seat at the table near Lady Reena, politely nodding along with the conversation about New Atlantis. Alistair begins eating some fruit.

That done, Temple puts out his cigarette in a nearby ashtray, before then pulling another one out right after it. Around so many people he doesn't know and out of his element, it's chain-smoking time. But, he doesn't seem too inclined to interact more than that, keeping his spot against the wall.

Eirene lightly shakes her head and demures a bit in her reply. If she is upset she was not made aware, she does not show it. "Thank you, Kadmus." She glances aside for a moment to sip from her glass of wine. She gives the others present in the room a sweeping glance while quickly observing their mannerisms.

"Perhaps we can join them, Kadmus," Reena notes to her betrothed with a smile. "I would like to see what my future home is like. And I'd love to visit with Eirene some more." She sips her water, clearly remaining clear-headed tonight. Also, the last time she got drunk she started a barfight, got knocked out, and also got landed on by the Wall. It wasn't pretty.

Glenna looks over at Lorelei, "Oh, I'm fine, I just my train of thought for a moment when we were speaking," She reaches for her glass of water. But thank you for asking," as Lord Solon walks off. "Don't you hate being distracted by idle thoughts, sometimes?" with a grin.

Lorelei smiles at Glenna, "Idle thoughts are sometimes just a muse trying to get through. They're not always a bad thing." Loree will look around, considering a drink, bout turns back to the woman, "I don't know how much poems will help this cause, but I'm hoping it will help some."

Glenna thinks for a moment, "Well, if you composed the right words, and it were possibly matched with music, it could be a most excellent theme song for this proposed organizatin, yes?

Kadmus nods to Reena, "I suspect that might be arranged, and you certainly are welcome to come visit any time you wish." He says with a smile to her, "I assumed with you so busy with your project." He gestures, "You didn't have the time."

As he steps away from the pair, Solon pauses to straighten out his doublet ever so slightly and then runs a hand through his hair. His eyes pass around the room and once again they land on the company of Kadmus, Eirene, Reena and whoever else is over there, but briefly. He does spot someone who appears to be a little alone for the moment, and decides to go say hello. Taking a seat opposite of Jarek, Solon asks, "Pardon me, My Lord, but may I inquire as to what you are reading? I've seen most of the others in here pass time with polite conversation, but you have me quite curious as to what you might be reading up on."

"Well, we also have some discussions ahead of us," Reena points out with a small smile to Kadmus. "It might be nice to have them on a sunny beach somewhere." She rises again. "Would you like anything from the buffet?" she asks, the ever-polite wife-to-be.

"Lady Reena, next time you have a free moment, send word to me and I will meet you at the docks on Mare Maris. There are many things we can do before Lord Kadmus makes himself available. I would not wish to /assume/ you are unavailable or otherwise already notified." There's a gently placement of her palm to Kadmus' arm. "Go and see to your betrothed, brother. I will busy myself with some reading."

Lorelei blinks, "A theme song?" Loree frowns slightly at Glenna, "I..I guess I could do something with that. Or perhaps more an oath? Or motto?" She'll then giggle softly, her voice lowered, "Maybe we could get Hell if I Know to preform it?"

Kadmus glances towards Eirene and nods his head, "Of course, Eirene. Enjoy yourself, certainly." He says with a smile, then back towards Reena he looks, "Of course, I'm certain there are many things we must still work out." he nods.

Jarek is indeed reading the packet of information he'd been given, along with getting out an infosphere connected tablet to start reading up on other things. He looks up as Solon addresses him, "Well, I've offered to assist with potential training programs for the citizens that need them. I've been reading what those programs are and what they might entail."

"Such as a wedding date," Reena quips at her betrothed with a faint smile. "I'm going to get some food, you're welcome to join me," she notes. Then she moves to the buffet to fill a plate for herself. All this tension and the release of her stress over the meeting has left her starved.

Glancing down at the packets, Solon offers the slightest of frowns. "Are those for training the Watch, or whatever it is being called?" If so, then Solon will need to go and procure himself one of these packets, if not? Nothing to really worry over then. His eyes catch the tablet, and he offers a nod in its direction. "Any breaking news within the last hour or so, My Lord?"

Glenna hmms, looking to Lorelei, and tapping a finger on her chin. "Well that would be interesting. I'd have to see if I know anyone who knows anyone who can get in touch with them to find out but….that could be an excellent idea. Maybe get them to do a concert as well as that Rave Mr. Thanneson is arranging……" she reaches down to tap a few things on her data pad, on the off chance that her brain lets her forget this.

Eirene moves herself aside and takes out her tablet. There is some correspondence to attend to when she overhears Lorelei and Glenna speaking about music, bands, and a certain DJ. She does wonder if they realize there is already someone handling this part of the committee. She decides to be quiet this evening and continues to jot down a few things she will need to do for Lady Reena.

"Training of the Watch? That's mentioned in here briefly, more information in the Securities packet I think." Jarek glances at his tablet, "Oh this was to research information about other houses' ways of approaching various tasks. We Saimhann do things differently, and while there are a few poor in our numbers… the close knit ways of my people tends to keep all of us afloat even in the harshest of times."

Temple is content to smoke and take up space, but it's looking like he's going to head out soon, since things seem to be winding down.

Lorelei grins proudly at Glenna, "Well…I may know Zani. I've helped her a few times with outfits. I can see if they would be interested. They've been recording, so I'm not sure what their availability is…"

Kadmus follows along after Reena towards the food table, and he puts a few items on a plate for himsef, "Of course we do." He nods, "I imagine there is a lot of planning we need to do for the event."

"Ah, well, perhaps I should go and obtain one of these packets before I leave. Thank you, My Lord." He offers Jarek a polite nod of his head before considering his words. "Yes, I do believe you are correct regarding how Houses do things, and House Cindravale has it's own approaches. I personally view that the Six should guide us in all that we do, though. "

The Senator seems quite content to eavesdrop and eat at the table. Alistair kinda sits back and is observing everyone around him still.

"I was considering, with the enormous number of upcoming weddings," Reena notes as she picks and chooses from the offerings, "if it might be easier on everyone to simple have a double wedding with Victor and Devon. Take up less time, and not require all the same guests, since we're all family, to go to two ceremonies and receptions." She glances over at Kadmus for his reaction.

Glenna ahhs, "Well then, there you go, Lorelei. YOu can write your poem or song or oath however you decide and then if you, and even I, can work it out with them, we could present the idea to Lady Reena, perhaps with teh Senator's assistance to give an added cache." That makes her think a moment, and she glances at the Senator, somewhat in amazement. He's …still. He's never just still.

Jarek nods to Solon, "As does my entire people. They do guide us in all things, however as my father recently reminded me… it is foolish to go seeking their involvment rather than having faith they are involved." Jarek smiles, "Jarek Saimhann, nice to meet you Young Lord Cindravale." he offers a hand for shaking.

Nodding, "I'll see what I come up with." Loree smile shut turns to look at the Senator as well, as Glenna seems concerned for something. "If you need to over to him, it's ok. I should be making my way back home soon anyway."

"It might be something to consider." Kadmus nods his head slightly, "Though, we will need to consider certain things, the wedding of a Young Lord is a fairly important thing, so there are traditions and protocols to consider before hand, but it might be something we can make happen."

Helena finally rises out of the mire of dry, informational reading and glances up to Cynan. She blinks in surprise to find he is still there, and then blinks in even more surprise to find her plate is now empty. The sugar rush should be hitting her very soon. Her attention turns outward to find that conversation has deviated from the work at hand into territory with which she is absolutely unfamiliar - marriage. Her nose wrinkles in distaste and she sends a silent look toward Cynan.

"Of course," Reena admits. "I've already begun looking at dresses, and a ring for you of course. But I need to decide colors and such for bridesmaids. Johana's wedding was very impressive and it wouldn't do to have Young Lord Volen's wedding being any less impressive." She carries her plate back to Alistair's table and settles back in to eat.

Marriage. Why does it always have to be about marriage? Cynan, too, finds that his plate is regrettably clean, and he looks back to is cousin, giving a little nod. "I think, Lady Helena," he says, quickly, "that we're needed back in Detritus. Isn't one of the clinics welcoming a new physician?" It's a thin excuse, but enough to get him onto his feet and leaning toward the door.

Pulling back out his pad, Alistair is dutifully writing a series of numbers and names. He's tapping his foot softly to some beat or another. Looking at Helena and Cynan, the Senator was going to strike up a conversation, but then sees their departure.

Eirene rises from her seat and moves towards Reena and Kadmus. "I believe it's time I take my leave. I'm not feeling very well. Thank you again for appointing me Director of Events. I will be doing extensive research and will see to setting up a time to meet with Sean Thanesson." She expresses a warm smile for her future sister-in-law. The Senator is given a brief nod in quiet greetings before stealing a glance elsewhere. The topic of marriage makes the young Volen stand rigid. "I will leave you to your conversations."

Glenna says, "No, no, he's fine. Just still," tipping her head to her, "He's always doing something, I don't think I've ever seen him sit and not be doing something. "And I'm sure, we'll be leaving soon. But before I forget, " she offers to exchange contact information with Lorelei, adding "This way if you can't get through to the Senator, you can get in touch with me and we can take it from there.""

"No," Helena responds to Cynan, at first not taking the hint. She is watching the others, and has noticed that Alistair is looking their way. The doctor offers the Senator a smile before turning back to her cousin. Perhaps if she isn't going to receive a betrothal tonight, maybe she'll stay. "But I know you are due on shift soon, and I don't want you to be late because of me. I'm going to make some last-minute notes before I take them back to Lady Dalton. Thank you for coming with me, dear."

Solon takes Jarek's hand in his own and gives a firm shake. "A pleasure to meet you, My Lord." His tone remains formal, always so very formal, that's Solon. "You are, of course, right, My Lord. Faith is key to everything, but so is living one's life as ordained by the Six. One cannot expect compassion from the Mother, if they are not willing to show compassion themselves. Nor can one expect justice from the Father, without him or herself being just."

Talayla is happy to see Helena, and many familiar faces as she chills at her table. She seems quietly amused by the talk of weddings. Wait. She has one of those coming up. SNAP! Her mouth closes, opens. Uhrrm… Hmmm. She contemplates this a long moment, dark blue eyes thoughtful. Then she stuffs a cookie in her mouth and figures that's a problem for Future Talayla.

Lorelei gladly gives Glenna her info, "Yes..I'll get ahold of you as soon as I can." She'll offer her hand to the woman, "Thank you, very much for the chance to help!" after she excuses herself, she'll start to make her way over to Reena, but at the discussion, she'll smile softly and not intrude. She is not a noble, nor is she going to be getting married(ever, it seems) so instead she'll slowly start sneaking her way out. She'll send a message to Reena later.

"My mistake. But you're right, of course, and we couldn't permit the defenses to lapse…" Does it matter which excuse they're using? Cynan dips in a short bow, mutters an "as always," and turns to head for the door.

Taking a cue from the Lady Dalton, Senator Hartcliffe will look to her with a smile. "Lady Helena? I'm Senator Alistair, of Leonnida. What's your area of medical expertise, if I may ask?" He sips more water as he asks, seeming genuinely interested.

Helena reaches out to give Cynan's arm a squeeze before he can run away from the talk of weddings. Really, she feels for the man. "Be safe, cousin," she offers to his back before turning her attention back to those present - namely Alistair. "Emergency medicine, trauma surgeon. Although, I'm serving less in a medical capacity these days and more administrative," Helena replies to the Senator, scooting her chair closer so that the conversation isn't taking place across the table. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Senator Hartcliffe. In my many years alive, I haven't really spent any time in the Wilds. How long have you been serving the people as a senator?"

Glenna watches as Lorelei walks off, seeing that the Senator is occupied for a moment, decides she does have time to avail herself of chance to look over the refreshment table, taking a plate, a napkin and a bit of fruit and some cheese. She does waver over the dessert items, standing to think about it for a moment.

"One cannot expect wisdom from the Sage, or guidance from the Crone, is one is not humble." Jarek comments, more in line with just stating facts about faith like Solon seemed to be. The handshake occurs then ends, "If you'll excuse me, I think I need to return to Spikka for now. I have some recommendations and other letters to write, then patrols on the morrow. It was nice to meet you, and may They guide you and us all." Then he stands and offers a slight bow of his head before going to say his good bye to Reena, then depart.

Solon stands up, nodding to Jarek all the while. "Very well, My Lord. It was indeed a pleasure meeting you, and I hope that you have a good evening. May the Six guide you as well." He watches the man head out, and then turns to survey the room and see who he should mingle with next.

"One who thrives under pressure…a certainly admirable calling to perform, my Lady." Alistair remarks with a nod. "Everyone should visit the Wilds when they get the chance, even if for a quick ride. I've had that honor for nearly a decade now, and I'll throw out my political affiliation as being with the Doves." For some, Alistair has found this has become a sticking point.

"Ahh of course." Kadmus says with a little nod to Reena, "I'll see about having my tailor coordinate with your dressmaker for colors, that may allow some ease for your maids colors." He says, taking a moment to offer a goodbye to the departing Eirene before turning attentions back on Reena.

Decision made, she can workout tomorrow after all, perhaps find a volleyball game somewhere, as she returns to her table. With a glance at the Senator, she sits and starts to peruse something on her data pad, idly biting a piece of cheese.

Reena watches as the numbers in the hall begin to trickle down as she eats. "That is thoughtful of you, Kadmus. Thank you," she says quietly. "I should be retiring for the evening soon. I look forward to a good night's sleep now that this meeting is done with."

Kadmus nods his head slightly, "I'll walk you out then." He says, "It looks like your charity is well on it's way to great success, by the way. My congratulations."

Talayla wasn't the most vocal meeting member, but she will likely be questionable when not quietly procrastinating on wedding stuff.

"Ah, I see," is Helena's only response to Alistair's declaration of his leanings. "I am not very involved in politics, at least not on the larger scale. I tend to pay more attention when it's time to vote, but… I suppose I would have expected you to be a Dove attending an event like this. If only more politicians were interested. At least Lady Dalton is willing to share my services for the betterment of the people." She offers a polite smile, reaching out to her plate to pick up a treat - until she realizes it's empty. Her stomach growls, but if she eats any more cake she is going to have to run for two days straight to get rid of tonight's glut. She glances once to Glenna and offers a smile. "I have never ridden before, but I am told if I want the best training, then I need look no farther than those within House Rovehn."

Having secured a packet for the tasks that the Lady Reena has set before him, Solon decides that it might just be time for him to head back to Phylon and catch up on his current little project in order. Before he leaves, he approaches Reena and once again offers her a slight bow. "Thank you for putting this all together, My Lady. I hope that you have a pleasant evening." He turns to Kadmus and offers the man a nod, "My Lord." And with that, the Heir of Cindravale heads out of the gathering.

The Senator smiles at the Lady as she recounts the possibilities. "I could not agree with you more, on all those points. Ever Forward, as House Rovehn would say. Their horses are legendary throughout Haven, but I'd pit the views of the Southern Wilds against the Plains any day." He notes the slowly lessening crowd as well. "And hopefully the Senate will become a beacon of aid and progress…rather than a building for people who like to hear the sounds of their own voices."

Reena rises and she accepts Kadmus' arm. "Thank you. I hope to do great things through it," she murmurs before she drifts out with her betrothed, leaving the steward and servants to make sure the remainder of the meeting's attendees eventually find their way out.

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