11.08.3013: Nothing Alike
Summary: Brienne and Keanan talk for the first time in a very long time. She realizes her brother is very troubled indeed.
Date: 05 October 2013
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Brienne Keanen 

The Mott Taphouse
The taphouse is burrowed out from the heart of one of the various elder trees that surround the Heartwood. It is dark, warm, and inviting no matter the time of day. There are not a lot of hard corners, and it feels as though the walls blend in with the ceilings that curve high above. The interior wood has been stained a honey gold, which is offset by the rosewood bar and tables. There are a couple of circular windows that have been carved from the tree trunk, though the glass is stained a soft green to continue to maintain a particular atmosphere no matter the time of day. Scattered throughout the room are tables of various size and chair arrangement, and the aforementioned bar runs along the left-hand wall.
November 08, 3013

After leaving the group outside, Brie had gone into the Taphouse and ordered, what else? An Ale. It's all they served by way of a drink. After ordering, she has a seat at the bar, glad the establishment doesn't seem so very busy. Exhaling a long and drawn out sigh, she nods her thanks when the drink arrives, lifting it to her lips, probably for the first time drinking simply because it's alcohol, not because she's thirsty.

About five minutes after Brienne left, Keanen follows her into the tap house. He looks around, and then makes his way to where his sister sits. He flops down on the stool beside her and sighs, tapping his cybernetic finger on the counter for service. "Ale," he says flatly, and then looks at Brienne. He doesn't say anything.

Of everyone left outside near the basin there, Keanen was the last one Brie had expected to come in so soon. She looks back towards the door. No one else? "Alone?" No malice, no ill intent, just surprised. "I thought by now you and the Sauveur would be out looking for a place for dinner."

Keanen shrugs, "I think she was interested more in the other loser." He gets his drink and he takes a long drink of it. "She was kinda weird anyway." With a little smirk, he sits his mug down. "Why are you alone?"

"So when you say loser, I assume you meant Lord Densoric and not Tristan." Brienne attempts to tease him, but with the way he drinks, she studies him a long moment. "Weird? Yeah, anyone who hides their name and is immune to your flirting is too weird to be in this family." Lifting her own ale, she smiles. "Sometimes I prefer to be alone. I don't know." A shoulder lifts. "Usually I am out on patrols, keeping our little corner of it safe. What about you?"

Keanen laughs, "Yeah. Trist isn't a threat. Hell, he couldn't talk to a girl if he needed directions." He takes another sip of his ale and looks at his sister. "No one's immune to my flirting. She was just too stupid to recognize what she needed." He chuckles again, and shrugs once more. "I'm always alone." He looks at his drink, "People I'm with just don't always know it." He raps his cybernetic fingers on the counter once more. "So what's new, Brie? You datin' anyone yet?"

"He danced with an unmarried Ibrahm at that All Hallow's Eve event." Brie grins. "I dared him of course, but now I owe him a dare. I wonder when he'll call me on it." Rolling her eyes, she drinks a few more sips. "Yeah, we're a lot alike, you and I. I'm always alone too. Never let anyone in." Yeah.. about that. "Dating? I had a blind date at the All Hallows Eve party. Sir Thalo Khorax. That's the best date I've had in a long time. Only date, really. Lord Densoric wants me to marry him. No."

Keanen looks a bit surprised, "Trist… danced? Tristan. Our brother. With another person?" He laughs, "Wow." When she tells him of her date, he repeats with a bit of humor, "Sir Thalo Khorax." He laughs, "Is he hot? Did you like him?" He smiles, and shakes his head a bit, "Don't marry Lord Dense. He's a tight ass dipshit." He shakes his head, "I appreciate you sayin' that, but I don't think we're anything alike."

"I know, I was amazed. And know what else? HE asked HER." Brie laughs. The question about Thalo has her expression turning carefully neutral.. but she can't lie. "Yes. He's hot. I kissed him and.. I do like him. Dammit." This displeases Brie, but she doesn't deny it. "He's barely a noble. We've even seen each other since. I'd see him again, if he'd ask." Shaking her head, she grins. "I would never marry Lord Densoric. He thinks too much. He has an Ibrahm wanting to marry him and he's out telling me the bonuses of what he could offer. I'm not looking for someone who isn't a warrior. I want someone who fights. Like me. But I have a feeling I'm going to be marrying a Valen, since I squired there and all. I feel like I belong there more than here sometime." Brows raise. "Why do you think we're so different? What do you want out of your future?"

Keanen again seems surprised, "Really? Huh." He smirks, "She must be STELLAR fuckin' hot to have gotten through his femaleaphobia." He nods, "If you like this guy so much, why don't you talk to our parents and get the betrothing shit going. If you have to marry someone, at least marry someone you like." He finishes the mug of ale, and then lifts his cybernetic hand to gesture to the barkeep to bring him another. "Trust me. We're different." He looks at Brienne, "For starters? You HAVE a future." He shrugs, returning his focus to the empty mug. "Valen's are dry."

Betrothal. "Oh no way. They'd never go for it anyway, and it'd be a lot to base a future on a few dates and kisses. He's barely a noble, only by Knighthood. But he'd be a hell of a warrior for Arboren. Not sure he'd be so happy leaving Obsidia." Brienne grins. "I dared him to ask her, like I said. Now I have to repay that, in whatever way he chooses." So, yeah that gets her attention. "Why don't you have a future, Keanen?" Dropping completely the matter of her own. "What is it you want from life?"

Keanen laughs, "We're at war. Warriors are more important than nobility these days." He gets his new mug, and lifts it to his lips, "Thalo. What kind of name is Thalo?" He chuckles again, and takes a drink. Ignoring her question, he asks her, "When do I get to meet this guy?"

Brienne doesn't let it go there, as usual. "Of course you're important. Who do you think is going to carry on the names while the rest of us are all out dying on the battlefield?" She tries to make light of it. "Thalo?" Lifting her shoulders, she leaves it as a rhetorical question without answering. "What do you want in the next three years, if you won't give me a longer time period?"

Keanen rolls his eyes, "The rest of you dying on the battlefield? Wow. Way to make me feel important." He laughs, "Oh, yeah, Keanen, you're the pussy, so we need you to go ahead and just be alive and shit." Shaking his head, he huffs, "Nice." He takes a drink of his new ale, "I don't want anything."

Brienne sighs. "You know that isn't how I meant it, Keanen.. Just.." Looking down into her glass, she knows she's not the best with words. That's Declan's forte. "Yeah, Keanen." Running a hand down her face, she shakes her head again. "You won't catch Declan out there either. Bren is out rarely. Lara also. I'm just trying to protect you all. It may not be my job but I want to do it." Tossing back the rest of her drink, she puts it back on the bar, nodding for another. "I'm sorry. I never meant it that way."

Keanen doesn't seem to really care that she said that, but he does react a bit about his other brother, "Fuck Declan." And then a rather long, multi-swallow drink of his ale is taken. He swishes it a bit in his mouth, and then sits the mug on the counter. "You know, maybe I do want something. I want everyone to just leave me the fuck alone." He purses his lips, and then nods to himself, before he begins to climb off the stool. "Take it easy, Brie."

The almost violent reaction was unexpected. Damn, Brienne definitely avoided her family too much to miss this. Their family was so dysfunctional. "What?" Turning on her stool, she faces him just in time to hear him want them to leave him alone. It's like a punch to the gut. She'd not expected that. "Keanen.. I.." Standing when he begins climbing off, she reaches for him but drops her hand to her side. "You too, Kean." Following it with an echoed whisper. "You too." Dropping heavily back to the stool, she lets her head drop back as she runs a thumb and finger over her eyes.

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