Notes in the Margins
Summary: Personal Insight scribbled on geological data notes
Date: 24/July/2013
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07.24.3013 - Demos' Lab, The Ring

From an abstract on the page:
Alongside an abundance of titanium, one must not overlook the abundance of pyrite that exists on Nubilus. An increase in mining efforts to extract titanium from abundant sources has left an excess of pyrite exposed to the thinner, habitable atmosphere of the cloud moon. Oxidized pyrite, as commonly known, is a large producer of sulfuric acid, this could be detrimental to the clouds themselves and, more importantly, could contribute to the erosion of the existing structures atop the mountain peaks of the moon. We propose better management of the excess pyrite, both to prevent the potential increase oxidization of the extracted material as well as a potential resource that can be put to a use. This article will focus on better management and use of pyrite for the preservation of a geologically diverse environment as exists on Nubilus.

Titanium to Pyrite
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Correlations between Titanium and Pyrite below the surface of Nubilus
Cloud Surface Exposure
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Proximity and exponential growth for the next score of centuries should pyrite be handled the same.
Surface to Atmosphere cross section
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Mine depth to relative potential to pyrite oxidization of pyrite at present mining levels.

Scrawled in the margin:
News arrives, the Second Wave is landing and yet this is the furthest thing from my mind. Instead of thinking about the enemy, my mind thinks of friends I have met. Those friends I want more of, those friends that want more of me. Its so confusing, and complicated. Perhaps a Ship is the answer - are we holding onto something that is only valuable because we create the value. There is Light abundant throughout the universe. If all goes well and hope is preserved, I'll be old if I should live so long to know peace again, but I can't think three days ahead of myself at this point.

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