05.14.3014: Not the Medicine I Need
Summary: Alix comes to deliver News to Cyrielle and gets a glimpse at the relaxing environment of Honor's Keep.
Date: Jan 6 2014
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Beachside Patio, Honor's Keep, The Vale
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May 14 3014

Afternoons at Honor's Keep are often casual, relaxed things. The hard work of the day in rehab is past and everyone is winding down before the daily rainfall. Cyrielle Hollolas can be found upon a patio by the beaches; covered with low lounge chairs, it's a good place to relax and have a drink. Or four.

One of the young women who ferries about drinks and snacks has just set a glass with some colorful concoction down by Cyrielle who is editing some photos on her tablet. It won't be difficult to ask after the youngest of Roger's brood; any arrival to the Keep would be able to point out where to find her.

Close-fitted trousers and a button-down blouse cover the unremarkable form of one blonde Hollolas as she nods in appreciation to the employee who points her toward her cousin. She's wearing a light jacket over it all with a messenger bag slung across her body, no doubt full of books and a few other, equally-nerdy odds and ends. There's some clicking as her shoes make contact with the flooring, the sound echoing flatly and then more hollow as she transitions from the stone of the building proper to the deck where Cyrielle is reclining. The colorful drink earns the other Hollolas a browquirk as Alix approaches nearly silently, looking intently to meet her cousin's eyes as she approaches. "I doubt that's proper medicine," she greets with a grin.

A sailboat floats towards the shore, moving in smoothly to run up to the dry sand before the rudder is pulled out. A tall woman, with riot of curls bound to the nape of her neck before they spring free leaps lightly to the sand in bare feet. At the rudder, a girl approaching teens, with the same dark hair and skin as her mother shows white teeth as she smiles broadly to whatever her mother tells her. Apparently, she must have been one sailing the small craft with only a mainsail and jib, the mother being a passenger, perhaps to test her. Taking off the inflatable vest, Ines tosses it in, and waits for Marie to join her, the two pulling the boat further away from the water.

A tanktop of Hollolas blue skims over black shorts; Cyrielle's workout clothing. Her feet are bare and the real, flesh one is propped up against the chair, toes tapping lightly. Her hands fuss beneath the tablet as if adjusting the angle it's held at, but there's a faint hiss that comes from somewhere. It lasts only a second, but Alix's approach does startle the brunette. She leans forward, catching the tablet before it can fall, glancing sidelong at her cousin.

The woman looks… not sickly, but like one just over an intense illness. Her skin, beneath the beach-given tan is a bit pale. There's dark circles beneath her eyes as if she's barely slept and… knowing how Awakened can be, perhaps she hasn't. Though Cyrielle attempts a smile for Alix, it's a struggle to even get lips to twitch. "Just here for physical training. Not healing."

"Regardless," Alix comments, pulling a chair up unbidden and sitting close to her cousin, but not close enough to make her uncomfortable. "They've been working you too hard, or /you've/ been working you too hard." She thinks she's awfully witty, pursing her lips to fight back a smile as she hoists the bag onto her lap and crosses her legs at the knees, right over left. "I've brought you a new book, shoul
With the boat safe, and their vests stowed away, Ines lets her daughter run off to find her friends, continueing on towards the patio for a colorful drink of her own, filled with slices of fruit and juice, and maybe a splash of wine. Carrying the large, bowl-like glass with one hand, she makes her way around the chairs, pausing when she realizes she's about to pass the visiting Lady of Hollolas. "Good afternoon, Lady Cyrielle," she greets, her teeth showing in a polite, yet friendly smile as she straightens her head from the respectful nod.

"They've been working me as hard as I'd like," she offers, attempting a smirk to lighten the words. It doesn't work. Especially with the staccato she's begun to tap out against the arm of her chair. Cyrielle's other hand thumbs the toggle on her tablet and the display darkens. "What brings you out? I hope Ephraim didn't say anything… untoward."

Strange and stranger still. Cyrielle has never adapted well to the tiers of nobility and how they work. To be higher still than an heir- it oft doesn't sit well with her. Perhaps it's due to being the youngest of her line. She doesn't stand, but she does sit up straighter. "Young Lady Sir Ines, please- this is my cousin, Lady Alix."

Alix nods her head respectfully as she grins, close-lipped, up at the lovely lady standing above her. She doesn't rise either, but that's probably out of sympathy for her cousin. "Emphraim? Not at all. Haven't seen him much except for mealtimes recently, truth be told. It's actually word from your father that I'm bringing." And that's where she looks back up at Ines, and then over Cyrielle again, smoothing her trousers. She doesn't want to blab the Bad News in public if the latter doesn't wish it so.

Ines doesn't seem at all bothered by the lack of rising from chairs as she repeats Lady Alix's name, and furthers the greeting with a welcome to Honor's Keep. As she has yet to sit, she gives another slight smile at the glance that is telling enough to the calm, dark eyes. "Please, Lady Alix, if you have need of anything, we will be happy to make sure your stay here with your cousin is pleasant." Instead of taking another sip from her drink, she cradles the glass in preparation for moving on.

"Which reminds me…" Cyrielle is trying to ignore her cousin's words initially. She lifts her chin to focus on Ines, offering what she hopes is a pleasant smile (it almost is). "Thank you for opening one of your rooms to me while the repairs are being completed on the hut. I hope what was provided was more than enough to cover everything." Even if it was Canis who offered the room, she might as well pass appreciation further along the chain as well.

There's a slow breath drawn as she realizes she has no other means to put matters off. Cyrielle's gaze tracks back to Alix and she taps further at the chair. "Has he found a ship for me to serve on once I am done here?"

"More like whose ship you /won't/ be serving in the near future, I daresay." Alix's eyes flash briefly, meeting Cyrielle's before she looks into her bag and pulls out her present. It's a novel the bookworm had been working on the last time they'd been spending long afternoons together tied with a ribbon in a bright bow in Hollolas Blue on the front cover. 'Here,' her eyes say as they dart from book to face. 'Maybe if you take a hold of this before I drop the bomb you won't hate me so much.' "My Uncle's conversation with the Lord Khournas went, in his estimation, exceptionally well." That…might do it.

Pausing, and looking down once more, the black pools are unfathomable as the lips curve again. "Please, don't mention it. We are honored to have you stay in our home." Her other hand in a slight, 'no bother' wave. "It was more than enough. At least we don't have to replace the roof. We have seen worse," she assures gently. However, as Alix bluntly responds to the question, and it looks like Cyrielles is not about to receive good news, she takes another step behind the two chairs in which the women recline.

"What." Cyrielle looks, in that moment, utterly defeated. She reaches out to take the book, fingers trembling somewhat. Her grip, once she has it, is at least firm. The woman draws a slow breath to brace herself, tilting head in a slight nod at Alix's words.

"As neither Lord Nitrim nor myself heard anything, we assumed as much." Her voice is kept level. Perhaps dangerously so. Fingers shift on the book, drawing it to lay over the tablet in her lap. "Why, praytell, does that lead to me… not serving on a ship?"

Shrug. "That was my apparently failed attempt at joking with you about their decision to postpone any engagement." Postpone is a good word, right? Her look to Cyrielle is sympathetic as she carefully chooses her next words and chews her bottom lip. "I've no knowledge of your assignment, just that the Lords were in agreement that some more time would do you both good." There's not much else to say, so she waits instead.

Moving out of earshot, Ines does not listen into the increasingly private conversation. Instead, she finds herself engaged in a short conversation with another guest before her bare feet carry her down to the beach again to wade in the shallow waves

In a move that will cause Cyrielle a fair bit of reflection later, she finds herself… relieved. To lose Nitrim and her path to becoming a Captain in one blow may have been too much. She slouches forward, bare noticing Ines' departure. She'll have to apologize to the Young Lady at a later time; perhaps the next Canis sees fit to invite her to dinner. After a deep breath to steel herself and attempt to stop the tapping of her fingers, she gives a slight nod to Alix.

"I had… assumed as much. When neither of our fathers saw fit to initially tell us anything, it seemed that was the likely outcome." Cyrielle manages a brief sigh, scowling off towards the ocean. "Hopefully it is just a postponement." No need to detail anything further. With a thoughtful glance after Ines, she purses her lips. "Alix… How familiar are you with the Ligoniers?"

Oh good, a reason to change the subject. "Not at all, really. Father didn't mention much about those outside our family to me hardly at all." Not like he mentioned much of anything any other time either, but. "What's there to know?" When there's a lesson to be learned she perks right up like a freshly-watered flower set out in the warm sun.

"They're sailors also. Sometimes. Not quite like we are, but…" Cyrielle gives something of a shrug, leaning back in the chair. Her foot joins her fingers in tapping now and she halts the latter by grabbing her drink to take a sip. "You should meet the Young Lady's brother, Canis. I think you two might get along… Perhaps you could stay for a few days? Check out the lagoons and perhaps we can join them for dinner a time or two."

Alix's snark melts there into genuine pleasure, her lips curving upwards as she nods to Cyrielle. "It would please me to stay, if I'm welcome. I would love to keep you company." Though meeting people isn't her favorite thing in the world, she'll accommodate it for her blood. "And you know I like food, so." She laughs, though her figure doesn't betray her love of food much. It must be a Hollolas thing.

Definitely a Hollolas thing. A love of food and drink; the simple pleasures in life. Cyrielle takes a long drink of her cocktail, glancing to Alix. There's a slight twitch of lips. "They're lovely people. Laid back. You should get out more, anyway." It's perhaps an age-old jibe and the smirk on Cyrielle's lips is a bit more her old self. Still not wholly, but at least moreso. "I've heard word of a possible regatta in the near future. Perhaps my father will even come out to participate."

"I would hope he would. Would put Hollolases to shame if the head seafarer didn't fare the sea, no?" She takes the comments about getting out more in stride as she always has, the snarky grin back on her face as Alix watches her cousin drink the cocktail. "Where would I get myself one of those?" she points.

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