06.24.3013: Not So Twin Peakes
Summary: Following Brigham's departure, Ariana runs into Aidan Peake.
Date: 25 June 2013
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First Quadrant of the Halo—The Ring
The Halo is a thick circlet that arcs around the equator of the Ring's main sphere. It is one of the busiest regions of the Ring as it connects the six disks that stretch out from the Halo like spokes on a wheel. The Halo itself feels like a tall, but still somewhat narrow, tunnel with wide mezzanine walkways running along its sides, and the monorail below where sleek trams quickly ferry travelers around the circle. Spaced equally along the Halo are elevator bays with lifts that run up along the exterior longitude of the sphere to the various districts. Transparent composite panels line the outermost wall of the Halo to provide breathtaking views of the Eye and its Lashes as the Ring continues its own orbit around the blue gas giant.
24 June 3013

It's not often that Aidan gets to the Ring. In fact, he almost never gets to the Ring. But when Brigham decided to go to the Ring, or was invited, or something like that, Aidan decided he probably should escort his brother. Space stations are expensive and Brigham has a tendency to break things. Which didn't keep Aidan from leaving the younger Peake alone to sight see and drool over all the machines. After all, what trouble could he get in in a corridor? "Now where did he get off to?" Aidan mutters to himself, looking around once he's returned to where he left Brigham. "He said he'd stay in the area." He should have known better.

Luckily for Ariana, the new recruits whom she was supposed to locate have been found and safely escorted to their department for their orientation. Now as that's done, she walks quickly down the narrow hall of the Halo once more to return to her own lab and continue the work that she and the other scientists were performing there. She is wearing her usual science attire: A tight form fitting jacket, the clasp at her throat glowing a bright cyan as it joins her jacket lapels together. And a pair of pants to match her jacket, done all in white. Her hair is drawn up into a tight braided bun, to give her an elegant yet professional look. As she makes her way down the corridor, she keeps her gaze lowered to her tablet, perhaps reading up on new reports and the like from various departments. It's her ever attentive gaze that picks out Aidan from the rest of the scientists and technicians who wander the Ring and as she is used to playing some sort of hostess, her own image greeting the visitors of the Ring at the waygate, she immediate steps forward to inquire, "Did you need any help?"

Aidan isn't hard to spot as a visitor considering his garb of ranger chic and his searching gaze. When Ariana steps up, he turns to look at her and give her a tired smile. "That depends. Did you happen to run into someone barely coherent, wearing a shirt that could blind you, and with wild hair?" The real question is does he hope the answer is yes or no.

This is exactly what Ariana was hoping to hear when she first approached Aidan. A smile forms on her lips and she looks quite a bit amused when the Peake describes his brother, her expression turning thoughtful now as she tilts her head gently to the side, "Hmm. I've had /such/ a busy day today." She adds emphasis to some of her words, "That it's difficult to remember all faces of everyone who has passed by this way. Or even at the Waygate. You know, I may have met a few individuals who match the description you have just given me." And in an idle manner, she taps away randomly at her datapad before her piercing blue eyes stare out directly at Aidan, "You must be Lord Aidan Peake?"

"There's more than one?" Aidan murmurs, bemused. "The Six help us." But when Ariana correctly guesses his name, he sighs and runs a hand over his hair. "You've met him. He didn't break anything did he? No one let him near anything explosive? I didn't hear any explosive decompression alarms."

"Oh no." Ariana says, slowly shaking her head to the question, "He did not break anything, though he did mention a minor explosion back at his own lab at Khar-Mordune… to be honest, I was surprised that you did have laboratories there, but then again, I've never truly visited the seat of your House, so it may very well be not what I had expected." A slight pause, before she adds in, "Though he did get to cart off some souvenirs — a pile of scrap metal and other broken items that were going to be tossed out anyway. Why, that was, perhaps, half an hour ago that you missed him by. I… did offer him a technological proposition and by what I'm hearing from you, I'm wondering if I've made a mistake, My Lord."

"We're not a center of scientific learning, no but we do have labs." Aidan answers a bit dryly. "Granted, metallurgy and geology are more common than what Brigham specializes in." At the mention of a proposition, he quirks a brow. "Oh? What kind of offer? And… I don't believe you mentioned your name."

"My apologies, My Lord. I am merely thrilled at the idea that I ran into you as it seems that your Lord Brother did not send you a memo of his departure from the Ring." Ariana intones with a hint of amusement. Politely, she lowers her head in greeting, "I am Lady Ariana Larent. My Lord Father is the Captain of the ramship, the Titan's Wake." Now with the introduction out of the way, she continues on, "As for the proposition. A cousin of mine is working on some hostile technology currently. Research and the like, but he has hit a bit of a snag and needed someone with more experience or expertise to help him continue with this project. This is the job I offered to your Lord Brother. My cousin should be contacting him shortly."

"Brigham often forgets little things like that." Aidan notes. Little things including eating and sleeping. "Ah, a pleasure to meet you Lady Ariana. And thank you for watching over my brother." At the details of the offer, he considers as he looks around the corridor. Perhaps gauging how hard it would be to blow up. "Brigham is… erratic. But he's very smart and very creative. He just gets distracted easily. I'm not sure anyone would be better at trying to figure out unknown technology than him. You just need to make sure he's working with someone who's not afraid to say no. Loudly."

"Then it's good that he has a supportive family who can remind him of these necessities to living." Ariana speaks with a sense of approval in her tone. When the notices Aidan gauging the extent of the corridor and the walls and sturdy glass which make up the halo and so forth, the Larent maiden asks, "Do you have an interest in the sciences as well, My Lord? Like your brother does?" She then listens attentively to the 'warning' given and she makes a mental note of this. "There was another who I propositioned at the same time for this work on the hostile tech. He very well may be the sort to be able to… prevent your brother from causing himself or our lab or anyone else harm.""Me? Oh, no. It's just very impressive." And hopefully not easy to blow up accidentally. Aidan returns his full attention to Ariana and grins. "We at Peake appreciate good engineering. You should come visit sometime and see how we transformed our own environment into someplace livable."

Just the very name Khar-Mordune brings some sense of dread to a woman who has lived all of her life in what could be considered Heaven. This may be clear at the way her jaw tenses gently and how her eyes seem to widen ever so slightly when the mention of a visit is even made. "I think I shall pay your home a visit at some point. More than likely to help do away with my own false ideas of what I expect to find there. And just maybe I will be able to take a peek around your brother's laboratory, as I have an interest in the sciences myself, but primarily botany and healing."

"Are you agoraphobic?" Aidan asks, noting the reaction. "That shouldn't really be a problem in Khar-Mordune. In fact, lots of people feel claustrophobic what with all the stone above them. You shouldn't have any problem at all since you live in a space station. I'm sure Brigham would be thrilled to show you around."

Ariana shakes her head, "No, not particularly. As you have said, I basically spend half of my life here on the Ring with these metal walls and narrow corridors separating us from the vastness and cold cruelty of space. And I don't really live here, but now that you have mentioned it, I extend an invitation to you and your family to visit Summit on the moon of Nubilus. My home. One of the loveliest destinations in all of the Haven system." A pause, "If you are no scientist, then does that make you a knight?"

Aidan shakes his head at the question, looking a bit amused. Like there's only two options. "No, I'm not a knight. I'm an archer, a scout and a druid. That's more than enough to keep my busy. My sisters are the knights. And on behalf of my family, I thank you for the invitation I've never been there but would love to see it."

"That's right, I saw you at the Awakened tournament." Ariana says, her voice lifting lightly. "With Lady Eilara, I believe? Why, the Arborens paid Summit a visit not long ago. Unfortunately, Lady Eilara was absent from that visit, but I'm hoping that everyone had a lovely time still." When a thought comes to mind, her gaze peers out at Aidan, "I always find it interesting when sibling personalities contrast so much. I mean, with yourself and your Lord Brother. And both Lord Keanen and his many siblings. And yet, you always feel so closely to them no matter the difference."

"Was that a question?" Aidan wonders then asks "Do you not have siblings yourself, Lady Ariana? Growing up with someone creates very strong bonds, regardless of the differences. So long as the sibling isn't a complete ass, of course. Blood only goes so far."

"My siblings and I tend to all be so very similar." Even in appearance! Ariana then continues on, "So I wouldn't know exactly how to handle a sibling who were so different from myself. But you are right, blood is blood." She then stops just as Aidan goes on to mention that blood only goes so far and she merely smiles at his words. "I suppose you are right in that regard too. Nevertheless, now that I know that you are not lost and that you have been notified that your Lord Brother has returned home, was there anything that I can assist you with? Were you interested in looking over the various shops among other places of interest, My Lord?"

"Well, since Brigham is fine and has new toys to play with, I don't need to rush off." Aidan muses. "Maybe I'll take the time to look around a bit more, maybe even do a little shopping if something catches my interest. Thank you for letting me know about my brother. I appreciate your time."

"In that case," Ariana starts up, a graceful hand gesturing in the direction of the bazaar. "I can help show you around. I'm a decent enough guide for most public areas and departments of the Ring. So if there was anything in particular that you did wish to see, do not hesitate to ask." She even takes an initial step in the right direction in her attempt to lead the way."And what of the not quite so public areas?"

Aidan asks, falling into step next to Ariana. "I'm not particularly interested in most tourist traps. The less public, more out of the way places are usually more interesting to visit. Places natives know of to eat and shop."Ariana walks forward briskly now that she has Aidan in tow, though his request does intrigue her as much as it confuses. "Oh, you meant hidden gems in regards to establishment and shops? I was about to lead you off into a corridor of mazes in our mechanical section near the center in the Ring… a place that I and a friend became lost in when she wandered into those parts." Now that she has an idea in mind, she does admit, "Personally, I like the classy cafes, though I do admit that the cafes and restaurants here on the Ring are nothing compared to what can be found on Nubilus. However, with so many exotic fare at the Bazaar on the ring, I'm sure we'll find something to your liking."

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