Not a Diplomat
Summary: Brienne writes a message to her mother
Date: 09/December/2014
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Brienne Eryn 

Wednesday March 19. 3014 — Brienne's Apartment

TO: Eryn.Arboren@Arboren
Subject: Back to the Patrols


Even now, I am still learning the resounding effects of my own actions. When Declan was away, I attempted to act in his stead as a diplomat and I discovered that is not my strength. In fact, it is my greatest weakness. I attempted to treat all people with kindness, to welcome them to Arborenin with warmth and kindness. I found in doing so, I brought the wrong kind of attention to myself.

I hope you will consider putting off any betrothal for me for some time to come if not indefinitely, since as you said no one is willing now anyway. The Spring is back and I wish to go back to what I was doing before the winter happened upon us. I wish to lead patrols and fight Hostiles and be who I was meant to be. A Knight, not a diplomat. House relations are not my forte and I have made a mess of things by trying to make everyone happy. I have failed you, I have failed my House, my brothers and myself. Above all else, I have failed those who had placed their trust and faith in me and I hurt several people in the process.

As of tomorrow, the first day of spring, I will go back to the fields and the front line and I will fight for those very lands and my House that I have harmed with my actions and I will once again prove who I am with my positive actions, not my incompetent social ones. Tristan, if you aren't aware, would be a lovely match for Lady Firia, perhaps mending the bonds with the Sauveurs. Also, Keanen, whether he would openly admit it or not, is interested in Lady Evey Dalton. Perhaps they can be the ties that bind that I was unable to be.

Much love,

March 21, 3014 — Southern Observatory, The Spine

Dearest Brienne,

Forgive the lateness of this reply. I have been inspecting the observatory in the Southern Mountains.

Do not be so hard on yourself, daughter. So few have a natural talent for diplomacy, and even your brother required a teacher's guidance. Whatever has been done will be undone with time and care. Not even my disappointment has lasted long. You have made your apologies, and we will carry forth with the pride of our House.

I will not venture forth to make a match for your, Brienne, if that is your wish. I commend you on where you place your dedication, and know you will continue to bring this House pride.

May the Six guide and guard you, sweet girl.



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