Nora Istre
Antje Traue
Antje Traue as Nora Istre
Full Name: Nora Istre
Byname: N/A
Age: 29
Planet: The Rings
Paramount: Sauveur
House: Orelle
Title/Profession: Mistress
Position: Assistant Castellan
Spouse: N/A Height: 5'7"
Father: N/A Weight: 129lbs
Mother: Calian Istre Hair Color: Dark Auburn
Siblings: N/A Eye Color: Blue
Children: N/A


The only thing of consequence in her life before her current position to note is her high marks at the Academ and ability with numbers. She was born in some part of the Lashes but that seems to have little effect on her current ambition and bearing. Rising quickly to attain a key role for the House Orelle itself as assistant Castellan.

She does not speak of herself so all information will have to be gathered through rp please.


She is most known for her steely unwavering gaze, her features making her somewhat unscrutable. Her choice of clothing is often austere and purposeful with just a little bit of fashion sense to keep her in the know. Cool, aloof and business like, she doesn't much converse about anything else and it's quite a mystery what she does for her free time.


Pale features surround high cheekbones and a gentle jaw that leads up to the dark mass of hair that appears black at most times, with hints of blue in certain light. Pale blue eyes have a certain tilt to them, giving the hues a keen sharpness. Once could assess her gaze as hawkish. There is a dire seriousness about her that only lightens when she smiles, which can be rare at times. At best she wears a knowing smirk that can cause her to seem silently haughty. She has a grace that carries through every movement she completes, her soft curves bare hints of her feminine gender.


  • Inner Zeal - She does not just preform her duties, there is a measure of seriousness and dedication to her every move.
  • Reserved & Proper - Etiquette and moderation are key points of this woman. Nothing in excess.
  • Well Groomed - She can be austere at times but she never seems to have one iota of her presence out of place. Carefully molded.
  • Loyal - Dedicated to a fault, she will step out of her way to make certain all things are taken care of. ALL things.
  • Silently Ambitious - All work and no play does make for a dull person, but not one without some self serving motives.

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Cedric Captain Cedric Orelle : He seems a bit detached from the things to do with his House but not a bad sort. Perhaps could be somewhat more organized. He definitely needs an aid.
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