Iwan Rheon
Iwan Rheon as Noire Doyal
Full Name: Noire Doyal
Byname: None
Age: 25
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: Ibrahm
Title/Profession: Citizen/Soldier
Position: Sergeant of the Ibrahm Mounted Foot
Spouse: Looking Height: 5'8"
Father: Undeclared Weight: 185 lbs.
Mother: Isolde Doyal Hair Color: Black
Siblings: None Eye Color: Pale Ice Blue
Children: None


Common born, a shadow of scandal has hung over this young man since his birth. His mother, a prominent and well-known sculptor in Obsidia, bore her child out of wedlock. His father remains publicly unnamed. Throughout his life it has been whispered among some circles that his mother was companion to Lord Uther, the now recently deceased head of House Ibrahm and that Noire is his illegitimate son. As a young man Noire joined the Ibrahm Mounted Foot and has served since then with distinction both in combat and in garrison duty. Recently promoted to Sergeant, he was suddenly detached from regular duties and posted to the retinue of The Lady Bianca Arboren, (nee Ibrahm) where she and her husband Lord Woden Arboren make their home in Arboren. The same circles that have whispered about his parentage now wonder about why this young man was sent away so soon after Lord Uther Ibrahm death from natural causes.



The man before you stands five foot eight inches tall and is of a muscular, well proportioned build. He moves with a confident swagger, apparently someone who is comfortable in his own skin. He is a handsome enough lad, to set many a maid's heart a quiver. His short-cut hair is the black of a raven's wing and he has dark and full eyebrows. His once broken nose is prominent on his face. His cheeks are somewhat hollow and he possesses a strong angular jaw line. His eyes are his most disconcerting feature, being a pale ice blue and often telegraphing his mood from twinkling with an inner mischief to storming over when he is angry or upset. His lips are full and sensuous and he is quick to smile or frown depending on his mood.

He wears a night black sleeveless leather doublet accented with small blued gun metal medallions sewn around the neck, across the shoulder guards and in a twin row down the front of the garment, evenly spaced either side of the garment's mid-line. The garment also is decorated with bright red piping at the seams. Under the doublet he wears a cotton puff sleeved peasant shirt in a striking wool brocade of dark blue, light blue and light gray. On his chest over his heart, he wears the red crossed hammers on a field of black of House Ibrahm. A heavy leather belt with an ornate buckle wraps around his midsection. From the belt a thin leather strap rises to run up and over his shoulder and connecting again to the belt close to where the strap originates. Where the leather converges rides the hanger for his sword sheath. His lower half is covered with a closely fit pair of Locksley pants. Also dyed night black , they continue the red piping decoration motif of the doublet. His feet and most of his legs are covered by a pair of sturdy thigh high black leather leather riding boots that turn down at the top.

On his head he wears an oversized floppy beret. The front of the rather plain black cloth hat is decorated by a large cameo pin featuring a woman's silhouette, worn just over his right eye. From just behind the pin a colorful, single, short, peacock plume extends straight up.

Over the top of his clothing he wears a long 'highwayman's' coat in soft black leather. The coat has a line of decorative silver button as closures. It hangs to just above the ankles and is split for riding. The sleeves have long cuffs at wrist which are also decorated with silver buttons. The shoulders of the garment are covered by the half cape common to this type of coat and this particular coat features a long, fold down, high collar that when buttoned all the way up leave only the wearer's eyes and the top of his head exposed.


Noire collects live insects and spiders. He will often have a jar somewhere about his person, containing the latest specimen to catch his interest.

Of a mercurial temperament, his mood can change in the blink of an eye. The downside of this is that it has made him quick to brawl when the opportunity presents itself, but he's also quick to buy his opponents a drink when the brawl has ended.

Common born, he is somewhat awed by Nobility. The closer to the throne you are, the more likely he is to be tongue-tied in your presence.

He enjoys carousing and in off-duty time can often be found in the common room of taverns, inns and brothels.

Having been promoted to Sergeant, he is now thinking about the future and having a family. He's begun to look for a wife.

He has a habit of muttering to himself when either frustrated or aggravated.

He aspires to being Knighted one day.

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Alexis Lady Sir Alexis Oriane Sauveur : A Knight Officer. One who speaks quiet sense while calmly awaiting the coming battles. If she were my officer, I'd follow her through the very gates of hell.
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