07.19.3013: Nobles Gone Wild: Part Two
Summary: After the bride and groom leave, things get even crazier.
Date: 19 July, 2013
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Anabethe Cedric Erik Johana Kaedin Kassandra Nitrim Reena Sammel Soleil Talayla 

A small burlesque theatre, Westend, Landing
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19 July 3013

Warning: Some spicy language and descriptions.

Reena laughs and flails. "BETH! Help me! I'm being smushed against a soggy Valen peacock!" Take that last word as you will.

Anabethe takes the whiskey from Kaedin, tossing it back in a long swallow. "Yeah, gonna need more than that," she decides, leaning over to snag a bottle of beer from the back. "Take care, Jarek," she says, saluting the knight with her bottle. "Don't let 'em see you sweat." She pops the cap off on the edge of the bar, taking a moment to look around. "Lovebirds," she snorts. "Ran out on their own party."

When Erik turns his head just as she is about to kiss him, Johana changes tactics and tickles him instead, calling back.. "Have fun Niko and Ellinor!" Since they are sneaking off, she rolls off Erik and stands up, laughing. "I need a beer.'

Nitrim leans out a little, cigarette from lip and he gives a glance back to Soleil and the whores. Slowly, quietly, he starts to rise from his seat as if to escape.

Erik certainly missed the kiss and Johana lets him know with the tickling, causing the young knight to start giggling rather unknightly-like, "Wait… stop!" He protests earnestly, apparently somewhat ticklish. Hearing the Ibrahm saying her goodbyes to the soon to be bride and groom and feeling her releasing him, the youngest Valen sits up and shakes his head, "Yeah… a drink would certainly do right now." He then slowly climbs back up to his feet as well, grinning as he looks Johana over, "That's a very nice color on you."

Kaedin shakes his head and chuckles. "Theres alot of them aparently." he says as he gets a high ball glass and pours more whiskey into that, taking a sip. He looks at Rics uniform and blinks. "Ben would…" he says with a frown as he looks around.

"Ah, you know you like it," Sammel remarks to Reena, as he tries to get some of all that water on himself wiped onto her instead now. And maybe it's him being drunk, maybe he actually hit his head on the floor, maybe it's to silence the call for backup, or maybe it's completely by accident, but in the process, there's an attempt at a kiss.

Soleil laughs out loud, abruptly, not having really expected the question to be turned on her. She promptly regains her cool, helped by the cool vapor of her cigarette. "Oh, no, Nitrim and I have a very proper relationship, no hanky panky. Which is why I'm very forgiving of his escapades. But he hasn't had any lately. Isn't that sad?"

She's a little disappointed that Catrionia doesn't know Rennik, because for some reason it'd be the funniest thing in the world if her future husband and her father had shared a chick. "Nitrim. where're you going? Oh come on, you aren't /embarrassed/ surely? Trust me, this is good bonding for us."

She leans forward and puts her elbows on the table, propping her head on a fist. "So he's kinky huh?" Soleil asks Catrionia. "Wow, maybe I'll have to learn a few things."

"Eh, let'em have fun, the jury is still out on whether or not the sex is better or worse after marriage. "Or the same." There's a glance, specifically at Kaedin. "You tell Lyrienne that and I'll toss you out an airlock. Because she would take that the wrong way." he remarks, then looking back between. "Marriage is nice, sure, but ditching your own party to go get busy? C'mon, like any one of us -wouldn't- do that."

Kassandra has only half-turned back toward the bar when Nitrim's movement draws her attention. She reaches out to snatch his wrist before his hand can make contact with her backside (probably only possible because he hesitated), and tsks loudly. "Ah-ah-ah. I think the agreed-upon exchange only included punching, spraying with cream or string, or throwing food. Don't want to break the rules now, do we?" With Nitrim's wrist still in her grasp, Kassie leeeeeans down and presses a chivalrous kiss to the back of his knuckles. "A for effort, though." She drops his hand and steps back from the table, and only when she's out of reach does she turn around. Her gaze lands on Erik first, and then Sammel, and then the door through which her oldest brother has most recently gone. "Oh for fuck's sake," she mutters, reaching up to rub a hand over her face before taking her beer back to the bar. "This is getting out of hand, and I need a shirt. You," she points at Kaedin. "Be a gentleman and let me borrow your shirt."

Reena is having none of that kissing stuff. She slaps a hand over Sammel's mouth before his lips can contact hers and he gets to smooch her hand instead. "Sorry pony boy. I'm not that easy!" She gets up off the Valen and dances away towards the bar, all soggy and glowing and covered in silly string too. "Someone in my family has to pretend not to sleep with everything with a pulse!" she declares with a broad grin.

Kaedin looks at Cedric. "Who me? I couldent here you over the sound of booze… cap'm bosom." He says with a nod to his cousin, like he is actualy going to rat anyone out, he was always the one who didnt run to tattle on people as a kid. He looks at Sam and snickers. "You have to beat her in a card game first Sam!" he says as he takes a drink of his whiskey.

Catriona and Fiera laugh as Nitrim is caught by Kassandra and let go. Trapped and unable to leave, Nitrim sighs and drops back down into place as Catriona gives Fiera a questioning look. Fiera leans forward and places her thin, feminine hand on Soleil's forearm. "Well, there are other girls at the house, My Lady. I couldn't say either way or true, but there's a strong possibility that one of the others…" She hints with a gleam. Nitrim slumps a little more. "And yes, we book plenty of guests to do training sessions, if you're interested I'm sure Catriona can give you all of the details as to what your betrothed has…interests in."

"Soleil?" Nitrim grumbles, this time laughing sadly as his eyes gloss over into white. Unable to take Kassandra's taunting, he's had enough of it. A gust of wind rushes from his table and a loud, solid-connecting SMACK forms at Kassandra's backside. Eyes quickly going green again, he leans back to look at Soleil and the three women. "You're an evil, evil, evil thing, Soleil. Now…is this really necessary?"

"Not in how long?" Catriona says with a look of incredulity to Soleil, glancing tentatively at Nitrim. "That is rather sad. Do you know why this is or is he saving himself for the wedding night?"

Blinking a bit as that hand is slapped over his mouth, Sammel nods a little as Reena gets up off him. "Not that easy…" he repeats, before he adds, "Got it…" And moving to get to his feet again now, before he hears Kaedin, looking over to the man at the mention of the card game. "Ah…" Moving over to the bar as well, a bit more slowly now, as he looks around the room. "Tell me, does this look like a battlefield?"

"It looks like a thousand unicorns crapped all over the place," Reena notes, grabbing herself a beer and sipping it as she sits on a stool.

Once on her feet, Johana takes the time to look around and notices the middle Valen about to kiss Reena, then the rest of the melee. With laughter again, she slips and slides her way to the bar. "Nice color huh? It's a nice helmet you're wearing." But there is only humor, no jealousy whatsoever. She'd had several beers before they had got here and she was ready to continue the party so once at the bar, she finds something to drink.

For another moment, Soleil continues to ignore Nitrim, not even bothered by his handsfree ass-smacking of another woman. "I know, he's gone…did he say two weeks? If he holds out til the wedding he'll probably kill me don't you think? I mean I am just a fragile lady." She beams at Nitrim. She really is kind of evil, despite looking innocent beneath the somewhat gothy makeup.

"It's sweet though. He wants to be a good boy now." She observes him as she speaks. "I don't know, what do you think Nitrim, should you book me a training session with these ladies, a a wedding present? And is that my present to you or you to me?" Ah yeah, poor Nitrim. It's a great way to torment him, isn't it? Planning images of Soleil getting 'lessons' in his head?

"This leather is giving me a wedgie," Kassie grumbles, tugging at her very, very short shorts. "And I wouldn't mind a shir—ow!" Kassie slams her bottle of beer down on the counter, and it sloshes over in an amber fizz. "What the fuck!" If only one of the men would have been nice enough to give her a shirt, she'd be rolling up the sleeves right about now. The Valen spins about on her heeled boots and levels a glare at Nitrim, knowing by instinct alone that he is the culprit. The heels thud loudly on the floor as she storms in his direction without regard for the table's other occupants, and reaches out with both hands to push the Khourni's shoulders in forceful nudge. "I'm only dressed like a whore to celebrate my brother's impending doom, but it doesn't mean I am one. Apologize before I break your nose."

Kaedin chuckles and nods. "Yep." he says as he puts out his now depleted cigar, and finishes his drink. He looks to Kassie and raises an eyebrow. "Whoa… firey… Me likey." he says as he watches, actualy more interested in seeing how she throws a punch.

Cedric leans back and smokes his stoogie. "Oh yeah, now it's getting good." A glance over at Kaedin. "I got twenty credits on the Valen."

"It seems to fit rather snugly now, especially after you did some damage to it, Ana." Erik says as he is in agreement with the helmet he currently has on, a hand reaching up to touch the wet fabric. "Though I don't think I need it anymore if we agree to a cease fire and truce, yes?" His own gaze sweeps the area, noticing the same festivities occurring, causing his grin to widen further in amusement. However, the youngest Valen does spot his sister suddenly storming towards Nitrim, "Uh oh…"

"Any popcorn back there?" Reena asks Cedric, as she turns on her seat to watch the possible pummeling of her perverse prodigal brother. Her shirt is still soaked, and not doing much to hide anything beneath it, but she doesn't seem at all fazed by that.

AWWWWWWwwwww…. The whores sigh out in unison at mention of trying to be a good boy. Doe-eyed and beaming, one of them hugs Soleil as the other reaches out to ruffle Nitrim's hair. It's a adorable moment that happens to bring a blush to Nitrim's cheeks.

"If you'd like that, darling, that can be arranged. I wouldn't want to kill you on our wedding night though I'm going to have to make sure to book lots of time, I know you deserve your fun." Nitrim laughs, eyes tilting in the direction of Kassandra as she approaches him, still speaking sidelong to Soleil. "At this rate I might die before the we—" He's shoved, and he holds his beer aloft to keep it from spilling.

"My Lady?" Fiera, the whore, speaks up. "You know plenty of whores dress like normal people you'd see walking down the street. We're practically members of our own labor unio—"

"What, apologize before you break MY nose?" Nitrim blinks up at Kassandra, cracking a toothy grin at her. He offers her the beer and flicks his cigarette aside, expecting a fight. "My My, Lady Kassandra, I don't…" He looks around. "…see your horse here. How about we bring it down and you and I can joust this one out?"

Speaking of soaked… Ana looks down to her now soaked clothing, her cleavage glowing in the lights. She looks towards the barstool and then she looks towards the exit. "Before this party turns… not so party like, I think I' going to bow out now. I had a great time, Erik, enjoy the rest of the fun."

Kaedin blinks and tilts his head at the confrontation. "Yeah, I'll add to that bet Ric… Kass is going to beat the snot out of Nitrim…" He says wit ha sight as he pours another drink. "Alas Nitrim, we knew ye well."

Mercifully, Talayla found some towels somewhere. "I found towels!" Hooray! Though, she's likely aglow, cream whip nosed and such… There's a glance around. "Huh. I guess I should go home and rinse this off."

Cedric starts to count down after Nitirm's latest comment "Five…..four….three.." Then shaking his head at Reena. "Sorry. The popcorn is a loss, but I do have a bowl full of peanuts and cashews back here." He drops the bowl on the now wet and sticky bar countertop. The count starts again. "…two…"

Erik can only smirk and shake his head as he watches the exchange between Kassie and Nitrim, not knowing who would get the best of who. If it was a straight up fight, he'd bet on his sister, but with the sorcery that Nitrim has, who knows. However, the youngest Valen's attention returns to Johana as she announces her departure to him, "So soon? Let me walk you home… and I trust you have a coat back there?"

Whether or not Soleil is seriously considering 'lessons' or not— so hard to say She's cunning, like her middle name might suggest, and the absolute best way to make a man squirm is— well, she knows how to make a man squirm.

The whore hug takes her by surprise, but she's relaxed enough to not get annoyed, and the girls really are kind of nice. "I don't know, maybe Nitrim will have lots of fun teaching me all his tricks, not sure he wants to be robbed of the opportunity to debauch me."

When Kassandra returns and threatens to break her betrothed's pretty face, she cocks her head. "Oh, a fight! That's a good idea. What's a party without blood, sex, and talk of orgies?"

Placing a hand against Erik's chest, Johana offers a smile. "Why don't you stay here and look after your sister, looks like she may need you in a little while. I have a coat in the back, no worries, and I know my way home. Besides, I have my chest as light to see by, I'll be fine."

Anabethe drinks her beer, though she's keeping one eye on her brother as she does.

"Hey princess? Yeah, I'll listen to your sales pitch about how whores are just like me another time. Right now I've got business with this so-called lord who can't take a polite 'no' for an answer. I think he's mixing me up with a paid girl." Kassie eyeballs Fiera for a moment, her expression tight-lipped and furious, before turning her attention back to Nitrim. His words draw out a bark of laughter, and she tilts her head back with the force of it before lunging forward abruptly with a left hook aimed right at his face.

"Well, it is a bit rude to be mean to someone just because they're working in the sex trade but…" Talayla's face goes red. "You know what, I have a towel." She has a towel and will offer it to some poor soul with a wet shirt.

Kaedin looks at his own wet shirt and frowns. "This wont do." he says and the shirt comes off, showing his tats, battle scars, and well hones muscles from years of training with heavy weapons and armor. Tossing the shirt down, he smiles and takes another sip of beer.

Nitrim, about to say something to Soleil, is able to give her and her new callgirl friends a look that says I got this, it's cool. As he looks back to Kassandra, he has just enough time to see an incoming punch towards his head. Catching her forearm, he jerks his head aside and pulls her down into him. For a second it looks like he's getting a dance, but when she's topless and in pasties, where do you push, really? Arm to her shoulder, he gives her a hard shove back and rises to his feet, pointing to her.

"Lady Kassandra…" He starts, downing the last of his beer and setting it down on a table. "…I wouldn't mix you up with a paid girl. Come on, we're all friends here." Nitrim takes the towel from Talayla and tosses it towards Kassandra's face. "All in good fun, right? You missed, by the way. CindraFAIL." He winks to Anabethe and then Soleil.

"NOW…it's a party. I probably shouldn't have said that…should I have?" He cringes to his sister and Soleil, eyebrows lifting. "Fuckme. DRUNK." He looks to Kassandra with a laugh. "I was drunk at the time. Truce?"

Turning just slightly, Johana notices Kaedin and pauses a moment to try and place him.. when she does she offers him a smile. "It's been awhile since I saw you last, a few weeks anyway. Did you ever get that.. kiss?"

She's got an easy smile on her face, she's had enough to drink to be feeling good. "Erik, have you met Kaedin? Kaedin, this is Erik Cindravale, my…" The words stick. Just a moment. She clears her throat. "My betrothed."

Reena cringes as Nitrim almost smarms his way out of things, then steps right into a giant pile of horseshit. "I think I'm gonna slip out. I don't want to have to give a witness statement when my brother's corpse is found in the morning."

Stopping before he reaches the bar, Sammel looks over at Kassandra and Nitrim now, wincing a little bit as he does. Stepping a little bit in their direction now, he blinks as he sees that punch being thrown. Looking around to try spotting Erik, to see if he's going to move for the possible fight as well now. Pausing as he hears Talayla's words about the nearby towel, he turns to head over towards the Orelle lady. "If nobody else want the towel, I'll take it," he offers.

Kaedin looks to Ana and nods. "I did." he says with a smirk, but he wont say anything else on the matter, mostly because it's a private matter between him and Reena. "I've met Erik." He says with a nod to the knight, before he turns to watch the fight.

Talayla pauses. Nitrim seems to have bothered her towel and she looks apologetic towards Sammel. "Um, here." She offers him her clean hankerchief. She pauses and looks to Johana and Kaedin. Awww. She smiles a little.

"I am going to pretend he's fighting for my honour," Soleil tells her new trampy BFF's as Nitrim gets into the fight and rises. She's still pretty chill, not too worried about her guy. After all, she did recently see a monstrosity hurl an entire mining cart on top of him. What's a female knight gonna do?

"He's particularly susceptible to jabs to the masculine region," she lets slip. She also shuckles under her breath, "Cindrafail."

Puff puff puff. "Swing and a miss. C'mon Kassandra, I got money riding on you here." Cedric remarks from behind the bar, then glancing at the bottles before pickong out one in particular. There's three shot glasses, one for him, Anabethe, and Kaedin. "Alright, you two. Everyime someone lands a punch, we take a shot. I don't know what this is. It's…" he tips the bottle to look at it. "…it's green."

"Nitrim, don't make me hurt the nice lady," Anabethe calls back toward the fight, drinking again before she eyes the line of shots. "I like the way you think, Orelle," she approves. "Though I might have to drink and run. You know. Pull his ass out of the coals."

So with Erik going quiet, more than likely worried about his sister, Johana lifts her shoulder and nods to Kaedin. "Later." Spotting Talayla, she offers her brothers betrothed a warm smile. "See you later, my lady." Then she turns and heads out.

When Johana speaks of her chest lighting her way, Erik shakes his head, amused but also slightly concerned, "I know my sister can take care of herself, I'm not sure if the Khourni will be fine though." When she moves towards Kaedin though, the younger Valen follows and nods respectfully to the other man in return, "Sir Kaedin." His gaze does move back to the scuffle with a brief sigh.

Stumbling backward from the push, the Valen's backside hits the edge of a table but keeps her from falling to the floor. She rights herself in time to catch the towel neatly, and she uses it to dab at her face while offering Nitrim a smile that does not reach her eyes. "Are we friends? Friends apologize when they cross the line. I barely know you, my lord, but I know that if this were actually a joust, you wouldn't know whether to get in the saddle and ride or get behind the horse and fuck it." Once her face is dry, she tosses the towel away before throwing her whole body at Nitrim with the intent of sending him to the floor.

Talayla smiles and waves to Johana. "Be well you two," She nods. "Congratulations." She looks to Sammel and will soon meander out herself. "I can do nothing to better this situations."Kaedin watches the fight and blinks at kass's insult. "Damn… okay that's shot worthy Cap'm bosom." he says, he isnt going to let it go, well, he isnt the type to calll him that when it's official business, but he is still happily buzzed, and shirtless.

Cedric pours three shots of the green liquid into the shot glasses. "Alright, Lieutenants," he's been calling -everyone- Lieutenant tonight, but this time in regard to Anabethe and Kaedin. Watching Kassie throw herself at Nitrim, he grins. "Get ready. Man the torpedo tubes."

Having wiped off the worst of the water and such from his face, Sammel blinks as he watches Kassandra launch herself at Nitrim. Heading first over in Erik's direction, he pats his brother on the shoulder. "I think you're better suited to take care of this than my, brother," he offers a bit quietly, before he adds, "I should be going. Need some fresh air, anyway." And with that, he heads to the exit, and outside now.

With Sammel stepping out, Erik looks to hsi brother's departure and shakes his head. Instead of heading out with the Ibrahm, the youngest Valen is choosing to remain behind to make sure things don't get out too out of hand. For now, he remains quiet, not wanting to step in just yet.

Nitrim looks to Soleil and levels a sweaty brow on her. "Really?" He asks, almost in disbelief. Laughing under his breath he looks to the rest of the room while Kassandra dries her face. To Anabethe and Cedric, he motions a finger to them. He's got this taken care of. "I'm not, Bethe, it's cool, it's cool. Hey…" Nitrim manages as Kassandra is finishing. "…how about you and I get a drink and ta—"

Carried off by a human missile, Nitrim flies back through the air as he's tackled mid-diplomacy. The back of his head bangs hard against the corner of a table, sending it tumbling over in a shower of booze and spent silly string cans. The floor is hard, and enough of the water balloon water is coating the floor that there's a little splash all around as his back hits the ground with a painful thud. OW. It sounds twice as painful as it looks, and Nitrim's rolling eyes are not a good sign.

He just won't admit right now that he's seeing stars.

"Fuck! Come on lady I was gonna give you a free shot as compensa—" Nitrim grunts, slamming a hand hard against her shoulder to shove her off. He's still awake and has some fight in him, though there's a spot of blood on the floor where his head just was. He laughs softly and then, realizing he's just been punked, swings a hard right at her jaw.

Kaedin nods. "She got him with that." he says as he raises his shot in a salute and downs the drink. "Might wanna ready the next one." he says to Ric as he continues to watch. "We should make a sport put of this, drunken paramount brawling."

Anabethe takes a shot when Nitrim goes flying, though she also sets her bottle of beer down and turns to face the fight fully. "Easy, Cindravale," she calls in warning. "You break it, you get it broken."

"Fire." Cedric orders, downing his shot. "And reload." he adds, repouring the green liqour in the shot glasses. "No doubt, should really make this some kind of spectator sport. Infact this should be how paramounts deals with issues with each other. Just put the two of them in a bar and let'em duke it out. Make it pay-per-view, take bets. We'd solve a lot of problems that way."

"Hey now," Soleil says, a little frown tugging at the corner of her mouth as Kassandra gets really rough. She watches for just a moment before she turns to her two sex-trade companions. "I know this will probably cost the royal coffers a LOT, but how about you girls go rescue the poor man. I mean I am pretty sure a chick beating up on him is going to be more stimulation than he can handle and he's been trying /so hard/, you know?"

The pair of hookers exchange looks, and shrug, rising.

Hey, they are prostitutes. And those Sauveur coffers are HUGE.

Also, there, see? Soleil does care about Nitrim. She's buying him prostitutes.

Oops. The crashing table was not part of the plan, but the Valen cannot be arsed to apologize for the shower of glass and liquor that follows. She lands atop Nitrim with her full weight, no doubt adding to the sound effect…and the pain. She takes advantage of the opportunity to straddle his waist, winching his sides with her knees and using the force of his push to sit up. Her attention is drawn away by the calls in the back, and she snarls at the warning. "Teach your brother some manners and I wouldn't have to break any part of his perfect fac—" She is cut off mid-comment by a solid hook to the left side of her face that sends her sideways, but her hands are resting on his chest and she curls her fingers into his shirt to pull him with her. Kassie may not be seeing stars yet, but holy hell did that hurt.

Glass crunches as she lands on her back, and her hands slide up in search of his throat. She has no room to punch him, but she can sure as hell throttle him unconscious. "I don't wanta fuckingshotI wantan apology. You might be used to compensating, smalls, but I'm not."

Kaedin blinks as he watches the fight, and the Valen's temper has his eyesbrows raised. 'Ric… I think I'm in love.. holy shit.." He says as he watches the fight, with almost the same rapt attention that he watched the twin dancers earlyer.

Cedric looks…impressed, putting down his next shot. "Hot damn. That's some of the hottest 'angry-talk' I've heard in a damn long time." he utters, downing and refilling. A glance over at Kaedin. "Shit, if I weren't married, I'd be tempted."

"Hey, my father always said any girl who goes in a brothel should expect to get smacked on the arse," Soleil calls out. Chances are, her father really DID say that. And probably did it too.

As blows are exchanged, Erik does wince slightly but remains where he is for now, though he can tell that the punch that Kassie just took definitely stung, at best. When she returns and begins going for the Nitrim's throat, that is when the youngest Valen gets ready to intervene. It is getting very close to the line that Erik had drawn for allowing just how far it would go.

Dragged on top of Kassandra, Nitrim plants his hands on either side of her and brings his hand down onto a sharp piece of glass. His hand jerks up at the sudden pain and he falls into Kassandra's hands, them gripping around his throat. He is about to say something that sounds like an apology, but the grip to his neck makes it sound like a croak. Leaning heavily on one hand, he holds the glass-cut hand to the side and twists his neck, trying to get a word out. "Fu-cm-on-ologize-the fuck." Knees sliding to try to get up, he reaches to her wrist and wrenches it hard, trying to force her hand off of his neck by twisting at her thumb, the thing that provides her with her grip. He's not panicking, just wrestling with the topless girl for control.

"Uhhhhhhmmmmm….excuse me, Lady Kassandra?" Feria squats down on her tall, knee-length boots. Careful to place a hand between her legs to hold her pleated skirt to the front of her body, she's as close as a referee would stand in a wrestling match. "Hi. Lady Soleil has asked me to collect Nitrim from all of this and I know this is awkward…"

Catriona, the brunette, reaches for Nitrim's damaged hand and tries to wrap it in a cloth she's pulled from inside of her shirt. It has alcohol on it. It stings. Nitrim's eyes show it. "Lord Nitrim, darlii—"

Getting enough air room to breathe, the proud, young Khourni looks to the blonde prostitute with amazement and snarls down at Kassandra. "STOP."

"Okay, kids, that's enough." Apparently Anabethe draws the line at strangling her brother. She takes another shot first, though. And then she starts striding toward the pair, reaching out to try to get an arm around Kassandra's throat to haul her off of Nitrim. Because, well. There aren't a lot of other things to grab, really.

Kaedin blinks as he looks at the fight. "This could end bad Ric… very very bad." he states as he clears his throat and looks to Ric. "Think we should holler at them like drill instructors?" Or in kaedin;s case, a Saimhann knight who ate steel and could shit nails.

Cedric shakes his head. "Eh, they got it." he remarks, gesturing at Anabethe and Erik. "It's a family thing, let's stay out of this one for a change, yeah?" Considering the moment, he pauses. "Does strangling count as a shot? Eh, what the hell." Down the hatch!

"Okay, kids, that's enough." Apparently Anabethe draws the line at strangling her brother. She takes another shot first, though. And then she starts striding toward the pair. "Nitrim, hold still." And assuming she can reach around her brother, she'll take hold of Kassandra's wrist, pressing her thumb hard into the pressure point between the bones and starting to twist. "Let go, or the only apology you'll get is the letter I send to the hospital after I break your wrist."

Kaedin nods. 'Yeah, I mean, I wouldent want someone else getting involved if we had to pull Ben off someone." In actuality it might be huis own self that get's pulled off someone, but that's beside the point. he takes a shot as well and watches. "Oh, Ric, Elodie wants to be a medic on the SI, thought I would pass the idea to ya while I have you in one sport, give her a comm call or somthing." he says with a shrug, he did his part.

"Well, in Ben's case, I'd let him get smacked around a little." Cedric remarks with a grin. He's never gotten along with his older brother. "Did I say that out loud? Eh, at least I didn't say I don't mind seeing him get knocked off his high horse. Oh shit, I said that too." Protip: he's not sorry at all. "Kaedin, I'm not going to remember you said that in the morning. Hell, I'll be lucky if I remember how to get back home. Damn, she is pissed. Good thing he didn't rip off her pasties."

Nitrim's grip on Kassandra's thumb is a successful one, if only because she has heard what sounds like it might be an apology. She relinquishes her grip, or almost does, just in time for Anabethe to dive in and save her brother, and the grinding of bones causes the Valen to scream in anger. "I am letting go of him, you behemoth of a bitch!" She rolls violently beneath Nitrim in an attempt to buck him off of her. Her other hand comes up to grip Anabethe's arm and shove her away. "Teach him some fucking manners, and that when a woman says NO TOUCHING, she means no fucking touching. GET OFF OF ME, FOR FUCK'S SAKE! I have glass in my back and it's starting to tickle."

Kaedin chuckles. "I'll remind you, probibly leave a note with your XO." he says as he looks at Cedric, and while thinks are out in the open. "Picked him for knight LT over me, I wouldent mind seeing him get smacked around, but we can't let him die now can we?" He says with a smirk, granted, they both might get what they want, in a way, but it's still wrong, very… very… wrong.

Erik definitely seemed to have heard the apology come out of Nitrim so he begins moving towards the scuffling pair as well just at the same time that Anabethe makes her approach. He doesn't reach the Khourni in time before she has her hand on Kassandra but the younger Valen does reach out and firmly puts a hand on Anabethe's forearm to pull it away, "My Lady Anabethe, please do not touch my sister. The apology has been made and they will separate very soon, so I would appreciate it if you unhand her." Erik's tone is still composed but firm, not exactly intoxicated and the buzz is quickly fading.

"He actually /didn't/ touch you," Soelil says, having risen from the table and approached to a semi-safe distance. "We're getting silly here. Look if it makes you feel better I'll let one of the Valen men slap my arse, I'm in a whore house too, I deserve it." She may or may not be serious.

"No, no, can't have that." Cedric agrees with Kaedin. "Still and a pompous asshole, which is why I don't talk to him." An eyeroll is just added with the remark about Knight Lieutenant. Why is that not surprising. "Last I checked 'no means no', right, Kaedin? I mean, I touch women's asses unless they like it." Another shot. "And I only touch Lyrienne's. There's a laugh at Soleil. "Now we're talking semantics at this point."

Saved by Anabethe and the whores, Nitrim is guided back to his feet where the brunette tends to his hand and the blonde pulls off her shirt and presses it to the back of his head. The shirt was intentionally ripped to begin with, and she's left standing there in a bra. "I didn't FUCKING touch you, LADY, not with my hand at least and it wasn't out of disrespect. THE FUCK. How about you turn it down a notch, this is a party, SHIT HAPPENS." Nitrim barks, shaking the cobwebs out of his eyes as he growls the words. To belittle him is one thing, but to call his sister a bitch is another. He instantly comes to her defense.

Casting a look to Soleil, his eyes fall onto her as he maintains his footing. The whores, having done their job, start to wrap his cut hand with the cloth. "How about this?" Nitrim raises his voice, motioning to Kassandra. "We're in a den for this kind of shit. I don't want this coming back on any of us. Since I started it and for that FAIL thing, let's settle this." He pauses. "I'll give Kassandra a free shot. No breaks. No eyes. No teeth. Then we call this a fucking day and we keep this quiet, eh?"

Kaedin nods. "Yep, no means no, so why don;t we all seperat, and our Cap'm who is bartending here can get us all a shot, save it for the hostiles." he says, though he is starting to worry.

Anabethe doesn't exactly spare Nitrim, either. By the time Kassandra is shoving her, she's got a hand on Nitrim's collar, too, pulling him back with her as she lets go of Kassandra. "So wear a damned shirt, dumbass," she snaps back at the Valen knight, stepping between her and Nitrim. "Make it a little hard to tell when you're serious or just being a fucking cock tease when you've got your tits hanging out, don't you think? And your sister had her hands around my brother's throat, Cindravale," she adds to Erik, warning. "Should be glad I didn't put my foot in hers."

"Girls, you're all pretty." Cedric just drinks.

"Oh, just shut your fucking trap already," Kassandra groans out, glaring daggers at Soleil while rolling onto her side and rising into a kneeling position with her hands on the floor. She spits a bit of blood from a cut lip onto the floor before reaching up to wipe her mouth, panting. She rises to her feet without assistance, craning her neck to try and get a look at her back, but she cannot see if it's bleeding or if any glass is embedded in the skin. When Nitrim deigns to speak, she holds up a hand to silence him. "No."

The Valen glances around the room at everyone staring, and the absurdity of the situation causes her to laugh loudly, heartily. "You," she points at Anabethe when the laughter has passed, "can go fuck yourself, miss high and mighty. You are well aware this was for fun to celebrate my brother's wedding, and I don't care if my tits are hanging out. I told him not to touch, and he transgressed anyway." She looks to Nitrim, "And you, if you meant no disrespect, you would have listened in the first place. So no, I don't want a 'free shot' at you. I got in my licks. You had to be rescued from me by a half-man and some twittery tarts. I'm satisfied that you won't be using your mind-juju to 'not touch' me in the future, right? And now I am going to go finish my beer, so where'd that towel go?"

Cedric just gives Kaedin a glance to the side. "-Damn-."

Kaedin blinks at Kass' tirade. he doesnt say anything, just pours another shot for himself, and then tops off Ric's glass as well. "I concur…"

For now, Erik remains composed despite the rather passionate words being used by the Khourni, who are well known to do so. His focus is on Anabethe though, inclining his head, "We should /all/ be glad that that didn't happen, Lady Anabethe. For I am afraid that such an action could not have come at a worse time." The results of what may happen after remains unspoken, the young Valen feeling no need to explain further. For now he leaves it at that, letting his sister speak her piece though it does seem like she may be going a tad far as well, his attention looking back to Kassie, "My dear sister, I believe that is enough. Let us continue down the path, as you have said, this was to honor our brother's upcoming union with Lady Ellinor."

"Yeah, a gust of air, he might as well have raped her," she says, going rather cold. She turns to Kassandra, and regards her for a ong cool moment, before saying, "Listen, you twit. There's one woman here right now with her breasts hanging out and it's not even the whores, who apparently have more class and self-possession than you've shown. You're in landing right now. Let me explain what that means. It means you show some fucking respect to the Sauveur. or leave. I sat there let you show off, let -you- handle my groom while your tits swung in his face. You can't keep your composure and act like a fucking lady when a gust of air hits your ass, then please, by all means, get the fuck lost."

She says it all in a low and very cool tone, but the words aren't playing anymore. "Do you understand? Enough. If you don't want to be treated like a wore, don't get naked in a godsdamned whore house."

Nitrim bares his teeth to Kassandra, eyes narrowing on the edge of the personal. "I didn't need to be saved by anyone, Lady. I don't even need my fucking hands to rip something limb from limb so don't start acting like I needed to be saved. I was trying to be gentle and I apologized" Nitrim comments darkly, then looks to Erik and his mention of hard diplomacy. A level of ice-water is dumped down the center of Nitrim's spine and he looks to his sister. Whatever he is about to say is held back and replaced with a thoughtful look to Anabethe. This had better stop before it gets real.

As Soleil speaks, he looks to her, eyes flashing as she uses the word groom. The brunette at his side gingerly helps him press his bleeding hand to his chest, and he takes the balled-up half-shirt at the back of his head from the blonde and looks down to it. There isn't much blood. Effectively checking out of the incident, he takes a step back towards Soleil and watches Kassandra. Her move.

"Bitch, please. Brother's wedding's no excuse not to wear a shirt, unless Cindravale's so poor you can't afford one once you cover your share of the wedding," Anabethe retorts, rolling her eyes. Anything else she might say, though, gets said by Soleil. "What she said," she concurs, pointing a thumb at the Sauveur. "Damn. You made me agree with Soleil. Fuck you." Time for more whiskey, apparently, as she turns with a disgusted shake of her head to return to the bar.

Kaedin looks to Ric. "If this goes on any further, I will say somthing, only because this is killing my well nursed buzz." he states as he himself hasen;t a shirt on, though, if he expects to not be treated like a whore, then the women are sadly mistaken.

"THAT'S ENOUGH." Suddenly, Cedric isn't laughing anymore, and it's taken on a tone of naval Captain, not some drunk Orelle. "All of you, knock it the fuck off -right goddamn now-. All of you shut the bleeding fuck up, before anymore of you deciding you're going to saying else. If I hear one more hurt ego and infantile remark, I swear to whatever fucking gods you worship, I will get the Watch involved and every single one of us will catch hell for it." It's a snap and bark of a military officer. "Do I make myself fucking crystal fucking clear? Get a drink or get the -fuck- out."

Kassandra finds the towel and fetches it up, using it to dab at her lip. She listens silently to Soleil's rant while wiping down her arms, and then looks to Nitrim and Anabethe, eyebrows raised. "I know I feel much better now, but I think you three still need a drink," she observes calmly, leaning against the bar while holding a hand out to Kaedin. "I asked for your shirt before, and since you aren't wearing it now, may I borrow it?" She is, apparently, quite finished listening.

Kaedin smiles and offers her the shirt. "I must have missed your question with all the comotion." he says to Kass as he hands over his shirt, as well as a drink for her as well.

Cedric's commanding air draws an exasperate look from Soleil. Godsdamnit, cuz, she's not a little girl anymore! she's handling it! So says the look. She doesn't care about much except ending what she considers nonsense, so when Kassandra seems to have calmed down, that's enough for her. She gives Nitrim another exasperated look, though it doesn't seem like she's upset at him or anything.

"Thanks girls," she tells the hookers. "HUGE bonuses to whatever Nitrim paid you, you're both fucktastic." And the it's to the beleaguered Nitrim she goes. "Poor you. You try to clean up your act and next thing I know you're on the floor in a whore house on top of a naked lady-knight. Tsk tsk." She reaches for and takes his hand as she speaks, carefully unwrapping Feria's work to see how bad it is.

"Oh, shut up and pour," Anabethe waves off Cedric's order, picking up her abandoned shot glass and holding it out. "Like you can remember the number for the watch right now anyhow, Captain Bra-hat." The last comes with a smirk as she waves one finger at his headgear.

"You people and your chest-pounding is harshing my fucking buzz." Credric grumps. "Bravado an shit. Now I have to drink more because everyone's drama made me sober up a little. So thanks for that." The pour is made, but not before he makes another one for himself. Looks like his head hurts from yelling already.

The prostitutes gather their belongings and after a few whispered goodbyes to Nitrim and the other guests, they slip away without another word. The blonde, however, waves her earbud at Soleil, mouthing for the training before she disappears around the corner.

"Lord Cedric, I guess you'll just have to drink more, no?" With a final, cautious look to Kassandra, Nitrim offers his hand to Soleil and turns his head to Anabethe. The glass has been removed, but the jury will be out as to whether or not he will need stitches. The alcohol from the cloth has all but sterilized the painful-looking wound. "Hey Bethe…" Nitrim murmurs quietly, dipping his eyes to the bar where an unclaimed shotglass sits. His eyes are quiet. They'll talk about this later for sure. "…you should have told me you and Reena were going to crash. I wouldn't have spoiled it. But agreeing with Soleil, right? Worth every moment." He changes the subject. Winking to her before looking down to Soleil.

"Yeah, well you know me, Soleil." Nitrim murmurs to the blonde, looking down to the meat of his thumb and the little stab wound. "Cleaning up is a long, painful process with bar-fights and gifts of brothel-girls for men about to be wed. I'm finding it's a lot easier to avoid it when you try to push it off onto others." He laughs softly, murmuring something to her under his breath.

"Thank you," Kassandra murmurs to Kaedin, offering a smile before donning his shirt. It's wet, but at least the dark fabric isn't see-through. "I am going to need about ten more of these, because I don't want to be aware of anything when the adrenaline wears off and I start feeling this." She knocks back the shot and slides the glass toward him before gingerly taking a seat at the bar. "Brawls are supposed to improve your drunkenness, Captain Bosom, not ruin it, but the old-fashioned barfight did go a little sour at the end. I wonder how much of my paycheck will go toward the repairs this time. Hmm." The Valen all but ignores Nitrim, content to have Kaedin play bartender.

Kaedin smiles and tilts his head at her, he then moves and makes her a mixed shot. "We call this a Nova, if you want to not feel anything, few of thease will make damn sure of it." he says as he slides the dark green liquid over to her, pretty much everclear on crack. He does give himself a shot as well. "Handeld yourself well, how good are you with a blade Sir kass?" he asks with a smirk.

"Meh. I imagine when Niko booked the place they had to put in a deposit, expecting just this kind of colorful close to the evening," Soleil chimes in, apparently to Kassandra, whether she's still being ignored or not. Apparently Soleil doesn't have hard feelings, at least.

She barks a laugh at something Nitrim says, and looks up from his hand, tilting her head and offering him more for a smile than he's gotten from her in…gods know how long. "You're the worst," she tells him. And then, despite the whores, the half naked bar-fight, all of it, she rises on her toes and puts her lips to the edge of his jaw.

"Ellie didn't exactly warn us she planned on crashing," Anabethe shrugs to Nitrim, taking a drink and shaking her head. "She must love the shit out of him, because the last person I wanted to see before I got married was Nik." Another drink. "To be fair, he might be the last person I'd want to see at one of these things anyhow."

"A Nova? I'll try it in a minute." Kassie eyes Kaedin with skepticism, and when the drink reaches her, she stops it with a finger. Rather than take a drink, however, she turns on her stool when Soleil addresses her. She's only ignoring Nitrim, after all, not everyone. "Ah," she murmurs, pointing at the Sauveur, "you have a point there. Then I'll just owe Niky instead." The Valen pauses, reaching up to rub her chin in thought, but as her fingers run over the bruise on her jaw, she grunts. "Can I speak to you for a moment, Lady Soleil? In private." And before anyone can doubt her motives, she holds up her empty hands. "Don't worry, I've filled my weekly quota of stranglings."

"I'll spoil you with my worst." A satisfied little smirk tugs at the corner of Nitrim's lip as he leans into the kiss to his jaw. Hand still trapped in Soleil's hands, he lowers his head until it lightly grazes against the side of hers, sharing a rare moment of quiet laughter.

"Yeah, and he must love the shit out of her because I waved a whole mountain of temptation in his face and he opted for her instead. Of course, he didn't get a lot of time with the gift until she showed up, but I didn't expect him to partake to begin with. I just wanted to give him a hard time." Nitrim replies to his sister, reaching for a nearby beer bottle. Eyes to Kassandra, he tips the bottle back and gives Soleil a curious, almost pensive, look.

Soleil's smile becomes more muted but by no means dimmed as Nitrim murmurs something to her. Maybe more coy. She eyes him a moment."Yeah I can't believe Princess Janelle brought me back into the bosom of the family thinking it'd clean ME up," Soleil says, seeing about securing a drink for herself. "I mean I am pretty sure I heard Ellinor yell 'cock' at some point, and this is the biggest family reunion I have been to so far— and it's in a brothel."

Soleil glances over at Kassandra. "Yeah sure, why not," she says, and shrugs at Nitrim as she lets go of his hand. Aw. tender moment in the brothel over. She moves off, apparently inviting Kassandra to follow to someplace a little distant.

"Easy killer, we settled our issue square. I don't start fights twice for the same old reason. Gets too stale," Kassandra murmurs as she passes Nitrim on her way to follow Soleil. Okay, so obviously she's not flat-out ignoring him, and it's also obvious now that she was not kidding when she said she felt better. "And you heard right, because I distinctly recall Ellie saying 'cock'."

Kaedin nods and takes a shot of the nova, shaking his head at the strong taste as he watches Kass go off with his Lady Cousin, he does, however, watch her rear more then just her ifgure.

Wrapping the cloth back around his hand, Nitrim strides over to the bar where Kaedin is, giving the man a sharp nod as he watches Kassandra walk away. Snatching up a shot of liquor, he presses his hip into the bar and leans, watching from a distance. Smirking, he salutes the man with his drink before downing it. "The way things go, right? This is probably the first of many."

Kaedin chuckles. "Send you back to Ignis Piss-ass drunk, well, you can deal with Sir Flint, I have a handful just dealing with his cousin." He says as he pours more whiskey, making sure to keep cedric topped off as well.

Cedric burps, then drinks more when topped off.

"Corsets are a bitch for fighting," Kassandra mutters as she follows Soleil across the room away from the rest of the people. Before she speaks, she turns to look at everyone, Nitrim included, and then back to Soleil. "I've been, hmm, shall we say out of town for a while. Haven't been receiving the news. I was not aware that you two are betrothed, so let me offer my congratulations first. I am aware, however, that although what happens in brothels stays in brothels, that tonight could have easily impaired your reputation indirectly, what with me less than decent and rolling around with your betrothed. That was never my intention, but the road paved with good intentions is really paved in horse shit."

The Valen pauses again as she chooses her words. "I am not a nice person, Lady Soleil, and I do not care what the rest of the mooks think about me, but I do consider myself an honorable one in some sense. Therefore if you feel that reparation from House Cindravale is required for my disregard of you, your reputation, and your family, I urge you to write to my father. I will answer to him without hesitation and ensure the request is tended to quickly. Any repairs to this place required beyond the deposit my brother placed can be billed directly to me."

Listening to Kassandra over in a corner, Soleil seems to tilt her head and ragard the other woman closely before she responds quietly.

"Nah, no need to go back there too drunk. Sir Flint's been working me harder than normal lately." Nitrim replies to Kaedin, lifting a brow at the mention of Flint's cousin. A laugh crests over his teeth and he gives the man a shake of his head. "If Sir Flint's cousin is even half as strong as he is, then I don't envy you. She's got to be trouble." A beat as he glances to Cedric, then to Kaedin again. "Are you assigned to her or…other?"

Kassandra crosses her arms over her chest as she addresses Soleil in a near-whisper. Judging by her relaxed demeanor, it is unlikely she is trying to cause more trouble. When she finishes speaking, she gazes at the Sauveur in silence, waiting.

Cedric looks like he was examining the contents label of one of the bottles that has just so recently become empty, as if they held some kind of mysterious secret to all known life. "Huh?" he blinks, glancing up. "Who we talking about? Too many names hve passed through tonight, hard to keep track of them all."

Kaedin smirks. "Poe is my best friend Nitrim, and we would follow each other to hell, or walk there side by side, her fights are my fights, and my fights are her fights, and we can have whole conversations without speaking, and nether of us are awakend." he states with a smirk. "She can be trying about some of my more, unhealthy habits of drinking and smoking, and she thinks she knows everything, but that doesn't change the fact of what we are to each other."

"Sir Flint's pissed at you," Anabethe notes to Nitrim with an arch of her brow, taking another drink. "It'd be smart maybe if you did what you could not to completely screw the good relations between us and the Granthams. Squiring's not the sort of thing you just toss aside, you know. That's a serious commitment."

After a moment, Soleil gives her head a little shake. "It's really not necessary— I appreciate your apology but…Nitrim and I both have our own pasts, you know? As far as I am concerned it's not a big deal. Something to laugh about in a few years if you can't laugh about it tomorrow." She glances across the room to where the remnants of the party, Nitrim included, drink. "He's a playboy but made of very good stuff. For us this is water under the bridge, I hope for you it will be as well. But we're good. We all have real enemies to worry about." She ends with a very small but not insincere smile. "So no hard feelings on my side, and on his I am sure."

That gets Nitrim's attention, and an arched brow, sent immediately towards Anabethe. "Why the fuck is Sir Flint pissed at me? I told him that the betrothal wasn't my request. He said he wanted to train me out until I was done." Nitrim sidelongs to Anabethe, reaching for another pour into his shotglass. He looks to Kaedin and smirks. "Sounds like you care very much for her." His eyes bounce to Cedric. "We're talking about the Granthams. Sir Flint and Lady Odette."

Kaedin looks at Nitrim. "Sir Poe, Lord Nitrim, is her name." he says with a smirk, he of course, wouldent do anything about it, he would let Odette handle that herself. "If there is nothing you can do about it Nitrim, with it not being your call, then Sir flint might wish to take it up with the person who made the call, and making trouble for someone who can do that, might put you in an awkward position… I would smooth things over, the granthams make good alies should somthing happen."

"Oooh, Granthams. Haven't really spoken to many of them, they always kept to themselves before the war broke out." Cedric says absently, still studying the bottle's label. There's a secret on it, he just knows it. "I have hear of Sir Flint before," he tosses a drunken look over at Anabethe, grinning stupidly. Drunk. "What do you think of him?"

A nod at Kaedin. "True that. I'd rather be in the Grantham's good graces than have them pissed off. Don't know about you, those Ash Legion types are kinda….out there. And I mean that in the nicest way possible."

"I avoid hard feelings. There isn't time for them," Kassandra replies to Soleil, no longer whispering. Whatever needed to be said privately has passed. Kassie offers the Sauveur a cheerful grin, reaching out to bump her fist against the woman's shoulder gently. It's one of those 'I get ya, bro' gestures, becaus the Valen has a hard time being dainty. "We duked it out a bit. It was a fun fight, although I am almost sure now that I have glass in my right shoulder. Anyway, I've taken you away from him long enough. If something comes up, consider my words. In the very least, if you find yourself in need of something a Valen can help with, drop me a line. I'm gonna go drink before the pain in my jaw makes me cry."

With that, Kassie returns to the bar in search of her shot—the one that Nitrim drank. Aw shit, are they going to have to fight AGAIN?

No, just kidding. The Valen settles onto a stool and leans forward, waiting until Kaedin looks her way before lifting her chin to acknowledge his attention. "I'll take that shot of Nova now, if there's any left. If not, then I'll take some whiskey and a painkiller."

Soleil gives Kassandra a little grin, and nods. Apparently everything's cool between them. See? you can beat up on Nitrim and Soleil forgives within moments! Poooooor Nitrim.

"The Granthams should be thrilled for Nitrim," Soleil says as she heads back over to the bar as well. "I'm a catch." She hits the bar by the side of her betrothed. "Nitrim and I had shit to do with it. Our fathers arranged it. Mine was drunk, I am sure." She smirks wryly. "Sir Flint is welcome to continue training him. I don't really know how the contracts work but why should it be a problem? Men get married. Our parents are all racing to hook us up before we die in the war. It's nothing to get pissy over. If ANYONE should be pissy, it's Nitrim and I. The rest just need to politely applaud and wish us well."

Kaedin gives a snort as his lady cousin. "Yes, wed me to a sob sack woman who would shed tears every time I go off to battle, instead of one who would join me there." he says. "I prefer my women hard, steeled and able to wield a weapon and make a statement with the business end of it." he says simply as he passes the shot of Nova to Kass.

"Because things," Anabethe says with a pointed look at Nitrim, arching a brow. "Also, Sir Flint kind of went out on a limb taking on a squire as old as Nitrim. I was still a squire when I got married, but Nik knew continuing my training was going to come before the whole being married thing. Granted, apparently he saw that as kind of a plus, but still."

"Whatever it is I'm sure it's something that can be fixed." Nitrim's features grow concerned, even as Soleil and Kassandra return to the bar. It would seem that he's ignoring Soleil, save for the way his shoulder turns to Soleil to offer his chest to her. Locked in a long, quiet stare with his sister, his eyes slowly cloud over into white. He needs to know.

"Oh Kaedin, a girl doesn't have to wield a sword to do some damage," Soleil says, defending her non-combative self with a frown and a furrowed brow. She then leans over and arches a brow at Anabethe. "What 'things'?" Suddenly, something's in the air.

"Different strokes for different folks." Cedric shrugs. "Lyri isn't the first person you're going to see in a fight, but that's not why I love her." Of course he's not going to go into just what those reasons are, that takes more brainpower than he has availible at the moment. "So you got a pretty big thing for this Poe don't you, from the sound of it, eh, Kaedin?"

Kassandra accepts the drink in silence, looking to the others while knocking it back. The unexpectedly strong liquor causes her to cough a couple times, and she wipes at her watering eyes before lifting her finger for a refill. "What in the hell is that shit?" she inquires quietly of the man, her voice a bit hoarse. Whatever is going on amongst the Khourni, she has no intention of poking her nose into it. "Hey, who is Poe? Do you have a ladylove?" There, she'll poke her nose into Kaedin's business instead.

Milky-white eyes locked onto Anabethe's, it only takes Nitrim a few seconds before his jaw tightens. Whatever he's communicating with her about, it makes him angry. Baring his teeth to her, he reaches for the bartop and takes up a shotglass and tilts it back. Bitterly, he salutes Anabethe with the shot glass and drops it at her feet. "For the benefit of the doubt." He comments and then starts away from the bar in silence. To make him feel better, though, he plants a boot against a chair as he walks, sending it flying into a table where it splinters.

"I didn't do it," Kassie offers into the silence after the chair crashes.

"Broken promises," Anabethe answers Soleil, wincing when Nitrim's eyes go back to normal and rubbing at her temple. "I hope you fuck better than you go in and out of people's heads, Nitrim," she grumbles. "Use a little lube, why don't you. Anyhow, I'm sure he's not going to break any promises to you," she adds back to Soleil. "If only because I just assured him I'm hold him down for you if he did."

Kaedin takes another shot and turns to look at Cedric, before turning to Kassandra. About to say somthing when he notices Nitrim storming out. "Not this time lady Kass, and as for Sir Poe, were she a man you wouldent think anything of it, I find that to be a sexist remark." he states simply.

Nitrim stops, looking back to Anabethe, eyes going white again. The lordling of Khournas, soon to be Sauveur, is pissed to the degree that he's having trouble keeping his aura from flaring more than normal. With a sneer, his tongue slips over his teeth and he shakes his head bitterly. Aura still on, he continues for the door.

"Hardly sexist," Kassie answers Kaedin lazily, pointing a finger at Cedric. "I don't know who you're talking about. All I heard was Captain Bosom saying you had a thing for someone named 'Poe.' But of course it is an ignorant assumption that a scrumptious looking man like you would only have the hots for a female, so I'll accept that, at least. I'll also accept another shot."

Soleil's nose is all up in it, because…well because. Nitrim's sudden shift in demeanor has her darkening too. This is the first time she's seen him drama-ridden without the drama having something to do with /her/. She looks over her shoulder at him as he suddenly moves away, not so much as flinching at the burst of violence on the poor chair.

Looking back at Anabethe she says, "We've already…been through that shit. So this is about some other girl I guess?" Follow Nitrim? She seems a little torn. She knows where to find him, after all. And Anabethe's the one with the answers. "I mean I can guess. I hear rumors."

Kaedin chuckles. "Only females." he says as he pours her another shot. "If you are looking for a sparring partner lady Kass, I'll be happy to obliege." he says simply as he looks twoards a clock. "I should be leiving in a few anyway."

Nitrim doesn't wait for Soleil, nor does he look back to any of them as he nears the door. Leaning into the door, he puts his chest into it and with one angry shove, the door slams open and he disappears through it…

"Uh uh," Anabethe shakes her head to Soleil, not even looking after her brother's temper tantrum. "I'm not getting in the middle of that. You two look like you're working on your balance. So you two can work it out together. It'll be better for you in the long run." She drains the last of her drink, sighing. "I'm heading home. Gotta be up in the morning for spars myself."

Three's a charm. The room is already starting to spin. Kassandra knocks back the last shot before easing off the stool, and she is not ashamed of how much she winces. "Gods above, I am going to pay for allllll of this," she drawls, reaching with her left hand to probe tenderly at her right shoulder beneath the shirt. "Nnnyep, glass. I'll message you for those spars, but probably not before noon. Before I get too shitfaced to find my way home, I'd better head out." She slaps one hand on the bar and leans forward, glancing down the way toward those who are still here. "And hey, Bethe? You're not a behemoth. I'm just jealous I'm not as tall as you." Cue Valen exit, which involves utilizing whatever furniture remains to keep her upright as she heads toward the door.

Silly Sol. Like Anabethe was ever gonna tell her anything! She cocks her head at the woman but then nods. She's not chasing after Nitrim. Sometimes people do need their space. She'll wait a few minutes, let him clear the area before she too slips out.

Kaedin chuckles and pats Cedric on the back. "lets get your drunk ass back to the ring, and ditch the bra hat before your wife kicks your ass, and mine by association." he says as he places Ric arm over his shoulder to walk his Cousin to the nearest Waygate.

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