07.19.3013: Nobles Gone Wild
Summary: Bachelor party, meet bachelorette party. Uh-oh.
Date: 19 July, 2013
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A small burlesque theatre, Westend, Landing
Brief desc in the sceneset
19 July 3013

Warning: Some spicy language and descriptions.

The bachelor party gathered at the Cindravale Embassy in the Palace Towers, but that was twenty minutes at at least one drink ago. A crawler took them down to the Westend, to a small theatre tucked away in one of the arcologies. There are about a score of the celebrating men, and there's an open bar on the back of the crawler. Some wag has hung a 'Groom Victim to Be' sign on the back of Nikomachos' jerkin, and he's indulged them by not taking it off. The party is shuffled up to the theatre, where they are the only ones present, spreading out across a series of small tables pushed together just off the stage. Niko drains away another drink as everyone is still getting settled, after it's delivered to him by a pretty young woman wearing nothing but feathers. He whistles sharply, leaning back in his chair and clapping his hands together, "Remember. No one gets passed-out-drunk, or we can't invade the bachelorette party later."

Kaedin chuckles as he takes a spot, a lit cigar held in his hand, because it's a special occasion and a cigarette just wont do. He also has a tripple pine ot a dark beer placed infront of him, as well as having a whole tray of shots brought by for all the men in atendance. "Invade the bachelorette party… we wearing masks or going as is?" he asks, doing some quick math in his head on hope much he can drink while staying coherant.

Jarek is not a bachelor, nor a playboy, nor a charmer, nor a flirt. He's even bad at giving compliments to most women. So when the party shifts to a burlesque theater, he's a bit puzzled? He follows the others, not in an awkward or uncomfortable way, but just not entirely 'playing up' the whole thing. "Righto Niko." he says to the man, after taking a seat of his own. At the moment, he just has a normal beer.

The pregaming certainly helps Erik keep pace with the drinking and after getting settled, he immediately asks for another, having one delivered to him by another waitress of similar attire. The view is certainly appreciated before the youngest Valen shifts his attention to his eldest brother, "Masks for sure! It's definitely more fun that way. Plus… we can always claim innocence if we're not caught." No doubt the women's wrath would be a fiery one. The shots are eyed, though Erik does wait for Niko to pick up the first one.

Having enjoyed a few of the drinks, Sammel gets himself another one now, as he looks between the others. "Don't worry, Niko. If you pass out, we'll just make sure to use you as a battering ram during the invasion." It's offered with a grin, as he looks around for a few moments again. "Quite an interesting location. Nice view, though." Another nod, as he hears Erik's words. "Masks sound good."

Kaedin nods and pats his Cousin on the shoulder. "Lighten up Jarek, enjoy the night, hell, I'll even go and pray for forgiveness with you tomorrow." He says as he takes a sip of his beer, sliding a Box of cigars to the center of the table, probibly the same brand Victor smokes. "Well, some of you gents might be able to get away with wearing a mask." he says ,being tall as all hell.

Nikomachos gestures toward Erik at Kaedin's question, "Of course masks. Anything less would be… uncivilized." He laughs, lifting his drink in salute to the feather-wearing woman. He takes a sip, then eyes the shuts and sets it down without drinking any more, "Interesting is one word for it. Uncle Andros suggested it." And Uncle Andros has been famous for somehow maintaining his bachelorhood — the string of three Companions probably helped. The lights over the tables dim a bit, the lights on the stage ahead brighten, and a voice comes over the sound system, "Our first act tonight is entitled, The Melting of the Ice Queen. And remember… cheering and whistling is encouraged." The lights go blue, holographic glaciers climbing the wings of the stage, and a girl prances out in eminently suitable attire for Niveus. Of course, beneath the fur-hemmed coat, there is a great deal less, as she demonstrates with teasing glimpses and glances as she dances across the stage. Niko claims a shot and pounds it.

Jarek laughs at his cousin's words, but shakes his head gently. "There won't be any need for my to ask forgiveness tomorrow." he grins at Kaedin, then nods with the mask idea in agreement for it. Then the show starts and Jarek falls quiet, just watching silently for now.

Valentine is dressed in his usual elegant splendor, however in deference tot he evening his clothing is darker and a little sturdier than usual. Somewhere between the entrance and reaching a table he seems to have aquired a bottle of champagne and a few flutes that he handles with practiced ease. He offers it around as he sprawls elegantly over a chair "The example of Uncle Andros is one I intend to do my very best to follow" he drawls a little drily "Congratulations however cousin.." he offers with a raised glass to Niko "But do forgive me if I hope this sudden rash of marriages is not catching"

Hearing Kaedin's words, Erik bursts out laughing in amusement, "Just make sure to have enough fun so that you do need to pray tomorrow, otherwise it would just be a waste." Lifting his drink to his lips, the young Valen takes a long drink, having a feeling that the Six would no doubt approve of these festivities, at least in his mind. When the first act begins though, Erik's attention quickly shifts from the partygoers to the dancer that is on the stage with a rather tantalizing costume. He also grabs one of the shots and downs it without hesitation, releasing a long breath right after.

Kaedin raises his glass to Valentine, his huge mug of ale all he really needs. "Let's hope not." He says as he then turns his attention to the dancing girl, watching with a keen interest, mostly because Niveus has become a home away from home for him, that and most of the women on that orbiting ball of ice are more then bed worthy. Takeing a shot, he pats the box next to his chair, somthing special for abit later.
from the girl on stage.

Nikomachos laughs over at his cousin, "I've heard that it can be treated by cold cream and cowardice." The jab is teasing, light, even as he half-turns his head away from the show to respond. And then a bit more skin is flashed, something approaching a deeply-cut crop top and a flowing skirt visible beneath the fur coat on the girl on stage. He nods to Erik again, "Damn it, baby brother, when did you get so wise?" He brings his fingers up to his lips, letting out a piercing worlf-whistle that draws a laugh and a wink from the girl on stage.

"I don't know, cousin, have you seen the lovely women my brothers have gathered up? If we could be that lucky, catching that rash would be no problems." Turning to look at the front now, Sammel does, after getting one of those shots as well. Letting out a bit of a whistle right after he hears Niko's whistle now.

"Well then I am most certainly safe" Valentine drawls in reply to Niko, one side of his mouth quirking up into a sardonic smile. It is soon hidden behind his champagne flute as he lifts it up again to take an elegant smile, his somewhat jaded eyes shifting over to idly examine the girl on stage.

At his eldest brother's question, Erik can only shrug his shoulders in response before lifting his glass to him, "I guess when my brothers began growing up faster than I was, it was time to get serious." Any other words are left unspoken as the dancer once more draws the young Valen's attention as more skin is flashed, the view becoming even more enticing now.

Kaedin lets out a wolf whistle as well and finishes his mug of ale, waveing down another mug he settles back. "Pfft, One us us is going to end up with a right shrew, and it will probibly end up being me, so you all have nothing to worry about…" He stop and forgets what he was going to say, oohh skin, yes please.

This is what happenes when the Hostiles decide to throw another wave at the navy. It means that Cedric is going to be late because he was busy shooting down Hostile ships. With big guns, the Shadow of Intent is good at that. And while he felt inclined for a moment to go see Ellinor since, well, they've been in-laws for years, the look Lyrienne gave him suggested otherwise when he brought it up. So at the wife's 'persuasive suggestion' the Captain is here, granted, still in uniform since he stepped off the dock not a half hour ago. The party is hard to pick out either. "Someone going to need a designated pilot tonight." he states upon arriving.

Every now and then there's a little crackle like breaking ice in the music, and the fur coat slips a little further off the woman on stage. As Cedric arrives, she sloughs it off entirely and tosses it at the Navy man, leaving her in fur-trimmed skirt and crop top. Nikomachos applauds, laughing in response to Valentine's words, then half turning to greet Cedric, "Ric! Pull up a chair! Have a shot." He gestures to the tray of them that has now been mostly demolished, "Glad you could make it, but Sammy says he hired the crawler driver for the whole night." He nods to Sammel, "Erik and I… I think we've done rather alright for ourselves. And Ellie and Ana certainly have!" Laughter rises to his lips again as his attention goes back to the stage and a flirt of the woman's skirt causes him to whistle between his fingers once more.

Kaedin snickers as the girl tosses her coat onto Ric. "Women love a man in uniform." he states as he orders a beer for Ric as well, and hands his Cousin a cigar. Though his attention turns to the girl once more. "Dang, now THOSE are legs…" he says with an approving nod as he leans back and takes a long draw on his cigar.

Jarek just drinks his beer, listens to the conversation and the whistling, and watches the show in silence for now. Sure, he's appreciating the view but there's no need to make an obscenity for it.

When the fur coat is completely removed and shed from the woman, it is Erik's turn to let out a loud wolf whistle of approval, and approval the young Valen certainly gives. When he hears Niko's words, the younger brother laughs and lifts his drink once again as if to show that he is in full agreement, "That we have, brother. That we have." Then he drains the rest of the beer from his glass and waves for another.

"Whoa!" Cedric only partly dodges, plucking the coat of the air. Maybe the man had been to these kind of places when he was in the naval academy, but if he wants to keep enjoying sleeping on a bed, he cut that kind of stuff off awhile ago. "Niko." he greets. "My sister-in-law…and likely her sister would tan my hide if I didn't show up. So take some credit at being important, Niko. I fought through an entire wave of Hostile ships just to make it here. Not many people can say that." A goes to over at Kaedin. "Cousin. Been awhile. So, what is it tonight? T an A an liqour? And then we all have to explain how we got lipstick on our collars?"

"Hey, Captain Cedric," Sammel offers in Cedric's direction, raising the shot glass in front of him in a salute to the man, before he downs the contents. "And yes, the driver's in place for the entire night." Turning back to viewing the show, and letting out another wolf whistle now. Looking to his brothers again, he adds, "You guys really have."

Nikomachos catches up his drink when Erik raises his, lifting it in salute and taking a careful sip. Long night, and all that. On stage, the dancer reacts to the whistles of the party, coming over to tease the hem of her skirt at the Valen brothers, then at the others whistling and cheering. Niko leans back in his chair to respond to Cedric while still keeping his eyes on stage, "That's the start. Then we follow the tracker I gave Ellie," he brings one finger up in front of his grinning lips to indicate that that's a secret, "And crash the bachelorette party. Masks provided, of course."

"Well sounds like you deserve a drink then Lord Captain" Valentine offers, leaning foward to pick up the bottle of champagne and poor the other man a glass and offering it to Cedric with a playfully salute of his free hand.

Kaedin chuckles. "Ric, I don't have to explain ANYTHING!" he says with a smirk. Drinking his newly brought beer. "Sides, lets have some fun before I have to join you on a mission, I plan on killing all the hostiles within sword's reach." And his sword does have quite a reach.

Jarek orders another beer, and when it arrives he thanks the girl. Still his eyes are on the dancer as he's also quiet.

"Ah, so it's espionage and recon, I like it." Cedric muses, taking the glass in hand. "If the ladies get into a scantily clad pillow fight, please make sure that someone has a recorder handy. I've been looking for something to harass Lyrienne with for awhile now." Drinking, a quick is given to both Kaedin and Valentine, the latter getting a sloppy off-duty salute of his own. "Carry on, soldier. Captain's orders. As for you cousin, looking forward, but I think I've blown up enough of their ships for at least a few days. But don't worry, there'll be more waves coming."

The mention of a recorder has Erik grinning widely but he does raise a finger to interject, "Someone /sober/, it does no good if you give one of us the recorder only to have it record a lot of shaking and a lot of nothing as well." With his new drink arriving, the youngest Valen eagerly grabs it and takes a long but slow sip, his eyes immediately returning to the dancer who approaches. Erik is at least smart enough not to reach out and touch, especially now.

Sammel chuckles a bit as he listens, "Recorder's in the crawler. But if Erik wants someone sober to handle it, I'm hereby disqualified." Taking a long sip from the other drink he had with him now, gaze going to the dancer again. "Should have brought the recorder here as well, but I guess, leaving behind evidence…"

Nikomachos scoffs at Erik, shaking his head, "The recorder was your job, baby brother. The crawler was Sammy's, the recorder was yours." He laughs easily, teasing away. Just before their tables, the girl peels the skirt off and leaves it draped across Erik's lap before prancing off to shake and shimmy for the other tables as well. Nikomachos nods and watches with interest, taking in the… rather sparse… underwear she wears. "Now that is interesting." Leaning over to nudge Jarek's elbow lightly, he inquires, "So. Is it bad that I'm pondering what Ellinor would look like in an outfit like that?"

Jarek nearly sputters his beer when the dancer strips to just the underwear, he smirks at Niko, "Not at all, Niko. You're supposed to think of her in such attire." then his eyes go back to the dancer and roam about her body in silence.

Kaedin chuckles as he turns to watch the girl once more. "There is always more." he says though it's said in a half hearted way, watching the girl prace around. "Well, girl does have to pay her way through the academ…" He says with a smirk, don't they all say that?

"No. It was best that you leave the recorder in the crawler. Never produce inciminating evidence against." Cedric points after a drink. "See, take my advince boy, as a married man of seven years. If they find something they will hold it against you for the rest of your days." A fingerwaggle at Niko. "You'll find out soon enough, Sir. And if Ellie is anything like Lyri, she'll give you the business." As a red-blooded man, he's going to stare. "Ha, you should see some of the stuff that Lyri has worn. Kinda like that, but she has a thing for silver and white."

"No Sammy, we definitely should /not/ bring the recorder here, it's for the girls, not for us." Erik says with a quick shake of his head at Sammel before looking at Niko in surprise, "Me? I thought I only had to make sure we brought it along with us. If you have me use it, then we…" And there's the skirt, which means that the dancer is not without a skirt so the youngest Valen's words come to an end and his attention shifts from the piece of fabric on his lap up to the shimmying woman on the stage. "I'm not sure what would happen to me if I suggest such an attire to Ana…"

Nikomachos points to Cedric at his warning about bringing a recorder into the theatre, "Plus, I don't think the management would be happy about that." And then he's whistling again as the woman turns her back to the audience, bouncing and shimmying in very interesting ways as she reaches her hands up to wrap around her body. "Ellie's more into the… nothing on under the underarmor." He pauses, narrowing his eyes at Cedric, "And thank you very much," which means not at all, "for that image of my future sister-in-law." The crop-top tears off, and the dancer swings around, twirling pale blue tassels on the end of brighter blue pasties — it's the ice theme. Nikomachos laughs brightly, then wolf-whistles again, the 'horde' of the bachelor party clapping and howling. She bows, winks to several of the men, and then sashays her way off the stage as assistants come to collect the left-behind clothes.

Sammel chuckles as he hears what's being said, adding to the howling and clapping. Unable to hold back a grin at Erik's words about suggesting such attire to his wife to be. "Well, maybe that's when it's time for a 'tactical retreat'?" he remarks, before he adds, "And like I said yesterday, if she's anything similar to the Khourni, better work on your reflexes."

As the now melted ice queen leaves the stage, a voice comes over the Mic. "Next, we have a pair if twins, right out of an old earth desert folk tale." The announceress says as two women come out, both wearing transluscent viels over their faces, one in white, and the other in red, as they shimmie twoards the main states to a musical peice that should deffinately have come with Hookahs. As they reach center stage, they look over the men, and toss off their full length cloaks, revealing tranluscent leggings and tops, where their undergarments can be seen as they dance around one another in a sensual way.

Kaedin watches this and tilts his head. "Wow… there's -two- of them…" he says as he takes a sip of his beer, and continues to smoke his cigar.

"The joys of being a batchelor with something of nototious reputation" Valentine comments, a smile spreading languidly across his face as he glances around the married, and soon to be married fellow nobles. He offers the next act a salute with his flute, his every motion languidly gracefull before he lowers it down to take an elegant sip and admire.

"Please, Lyri's plastered over in ads and commericals all over the place. I'm fairly I'm not the only one who imagines her naked on a daily basis." Cedric notes while he watches. "Oh, you wait." he states in regards to Valentine, which goes out to all of the men. "One day, you'll find yourselves either wooed into the position or shoved into it. And then when you get to where I am years from now, you can chuckle at the young bachelors." Beat. "Just wait until you're changing diapers at three a.m. before you get up for work. And then…" mind derailed at the twins. "Hot damn."

Nikomachos laughs lightly at Valentine's words, nodding his head. He blinks as the next act comes out, clearing his throat and taking a rather hasty drink from his booze-laden glass, "Uh…" Warning! Warning! Brain failure. Shaking his head, he does his best to recover, pointing over to Cedric, "Uh, yeah, what Ric said. About the pushed or wooed. Not about the thinking of Lyrie naked or the diapers." He whistles loudly to the two performers, draining off his third drink of the night.

More of Erik's drink is consumed and for now, he is not too talkative, especially when two new dancers occupy the stage, replacing the one that had already done a fantastic job entertaining the men. The movements are definitely alluring, matching very well with what the women are wearing and for now, the young Valen's attention is captivated.

The twins begin a slow, bellydancing saunter down the stage, first their see through tops come off, and are draped over Erik and Cedric, one getting the white top, the other getting the red top, further down the two dance, their see through tops come off, The red going to kaedim, while the white land's in Sam's lap, and then Valentine and Jarket get the gelt sashes, finaly they twirl and dance their way onto the arms of Niko's chair, showing perfect balance as their scarve's which smell like desert flowers, are drapped over the groom. The music changes into a cat like growl, and the twins begin to cart whell and back flip twoards the center stage one more, as they stop and each grab a standing pole, wrapping one leg around their respective poles as they twirl abit, their long hair trailling after them.

Whatever kaedin was going to say is lost, and he looks like a kid in a candy shop, his cigar, beer, and even any shot place in front of him forgotten as he is first, tossed a peice of clothing, and mesermised by the dance itself.

Sammel chuckles as he listens, not taking his eyes off the twins now. Taking a few more sips of his drink, he pauses a bit at the garment landing in his lap, before he lifts it up for a few moments, attention still going to the twins now. "Now this is what I call…" he begins, trailing off as he drains the rest of his drink, and gestures for another one now.

Valentine neatly snatches the floating scarf from the air, showing reflexes rather superior to what his usual languid poise would indicate him capable of. He idly drapes it around his neck, aranging it a little carelessly compared to his usual meticulous care and saltures the ladies with his flute before draining it to the dregs.

"See, Niko is already learning. Just let me know when you come to my place terrified of how such a small thing can poop -so much-." A laugh at that before he's drinking again, stopped by the top being draped over his head. "Why, I do believe this is the best war trophy I ever gotten." Then he tilts his head. "I think we've walked into a place of abnormal space. I think those ladies are breaking at least two laws of physics with the way their hips are bending." The headtilt gets deeper. "Wait a minute. I love it when she does that shit with her hair."

Nikomachos rallies magnificently from his original inability to think, let alone talk. He lifts his hands away from the arms of his chair as the twins sway over toward him, carefully keeping them visible and away from writhing bodies, "I love what the two of you have done with your hair." Once more, he's laughing, and then they wheel and bounce back onto the stage, he wraps the remaining scarf around his neck, tossing back the end with dashing verve and pointing at Valentine, "That was mine Val…" There's a great deal more teasing than anger or possessiveness there, and he raises a hand to get another drink, only to find one more already in front of him. Despite his rally, he zones out a bit as the pair approach the poles.

The twins twirl about the poles, one swinging high, and one swinging low before they show off abit of athleticism and switch poles mid swing, twirling abit more before they land on the stage like gracefull cats and begin another hip swaying belly dance as they rise to their feel, each picking up a cloak and useing it as a teasing cover, showing one leg, and then another, as well as other limbs in rappid succsession.

"See, now if they handed out girls like thease instead of medals… I doubt the hostiles would ever stand a remote chance…" He says, his eyes still glued to the pair as he watches their dancing. Kaedin it seams, is like the olde time sailors who are entranced by the siren's song… those beautiful, dancing, sirens.

"Or…if they had females like these, there might not be a war at all." Cedric remarks over at Kaedin. "If only we could teach the Hostiles how to love. "I'm a happily married man. I'm a happily married man." he repeats to himself a couple of time, making sure that his wedding ring is still secured on his ring finger. Good it's still there. "I need to have Lyri take these kind of dancing lessons."

When one of the tops is tossed onto Erik's head, the young Valen appears to be very amused, laughing as he claps his hand in approval, leaving the piece of fabric where it is. He leans back, watching the two dancers continue on with their perfect form while he picks up his glass for another long, slow sip, most certainly pacing himself but also building up a good buzz with the alcohol consumption earlier and now. Erik does glance to Cedric and smirks, "I think I rather deal with a horde of Hostiles than a few years of poop clean-up. Though I think there are servants for messes like that, luckily." The perks of nobility afterall.

"Let's not trouble a great show with things like physics, shall we?" Sammel remarks at that earlier part about the laws of physics being broken, before he takes a sip of his new drink. "And who knows, maybe you could do both, Erik? I mean, it wouldn't surprise me if you had skills in both of those things." Offered with a bit of a grin now.

The twins finally stop their dance, as the cloaks fasten over their bodies, and they turns with a flairing twist to walk off stage, and in an act of what might be straddling the line of good taste, toss somthing back behind them right into the middle of the bachlor party, two very ample bras, which means…

"By the six I'm in love." Kaedin intones as he looks at the bras like they are a holy relic from the six, of course, no one -saw- anything, but their stunt DOES leave men with a very active imagination. The Orelle Knight claps for the twins as they walk off, giving a whistle and finaly remebering his cigar. "If they top that, I'll need to put my dick in a fuckin wheelchair."

Cedric still has the top that was thrown at him, and for a moment he wonders what to do with it. "I really should consider giving this back, before I have to answer anymore questions about where it exactly it came from." he notes, but like any normal man in his mid-twenties, he decides the best thing to do is to wear the bra like a hat, the cups covering the sides of his head like earmuffs. Another drink. "Captain Bosom orders that we have another shot before I start second guessing myself."

Nikomachos sits in the midst of several tables of young noblemen, a rather gauzy scarf tosses around his neck. He's gone through several drinks now, and he whistles and claps in response to the finish of the pole dancers, "I am so thanking Uncle Andros for this place." Raising up his drink, he salutes, "Thank you Maiden and Mother. So many more ideas." He holds out his glass to Cedric, "What do you think, Captain Bosom? To teaching Sauveur girls new things?"

Still having the garment that was thrown at him as well, draped over one shoulder now, Sammel takes a long drink from his drink, almost draining the glass. Looking over at Cedric, he can't hold back some laughter as he sees the man's new head-wear. Nodding a bit at the part about the Captain Bosom ordering another shot. "Can't rebel against those orders, can we?" he remarks, with a grin, as he reaches for another shot now.

Kaedin moves to take a shot. "Yes sir Cap'm." he says as he takes the shot, and then salutes Cedric wit hthe now empty shot glass. He himself has a pair of gauzy leggings draped over him, in VERY high sprits too. He looks at Cedric and snickers. "Dude, you got a bra on your head, haha." He says with a smirk.

Jarek is just drinking from a beer, having decided that he'll remain if for no other reason than to make sure Niko gets home tonight. There is a sash belt on his lap, and he seems to be pointedly ignoring it. Not in a prudish way, but just an I don't quite know how to react to it's presence way.

As the most recent dancers leave the stage, the MC makes an announcement over the PA system: "Gentlemen, ladies… we have a special performance for you tonight! Draw your attention to the stage once more and meet the fiery, alluring, and deadly Queen of the Drakes and her handmaidens!" There are several cheers and the stage goes dark just as the fog machines pump a thin layer of mist that becomes illuminated with red and yellow lights. There is movement in the shadows of women in various states of dress as they move about the stage, primarily unseen, for now.

"Uncle sure knows his… arts, that's for sure, brother." Erik says to Niko and the youngest Valen is also adorned in a similar manner, one of the dancers having tossed her top onto his head and there it remains for the time being. He is too busy relaxing and leaning back, enjoying the drink in his hand to bother with the fabric that is now somehow a hat. "More?" Erik asks, not exactly shocked, but perhaps pleasantly surprised and when the stage becomes fogged up with more than two women, the young Valen sits up, "If the two that just finished was better than the one, then this must be the best."

The bra-clad man wearing them like earmuffs on his head happens to Cedric, who's just found his new byname for the name. "Indeed, Number One." He is the man of honor at the moment. He takes on a more capatinly tone. "To teaching Sauveur women new tricks. And being able to live and survive under their matriarical tyranny." The Orelle gets another glass toasting. A nod at Sammel. "Certainly not. Remind me to get a bottle of champagne so I can christen our crawler with a proper. I'm thinking of naming her RNS Bounty. For catching, well…I shouldn't have to spell it out for you gentlemen." The announcement draws his attention only for a moment before glancing away.

Nikomachos manages to get his drink down before the announcement, thank the Six, and he slides the perspiring glass back onto the table, choking down the last of the drink. "Hah! And now we see the Khourni version. Think they'll be wearing drake-skins and drake-skulls?" The shots recover, and he lifts it up, tossing it back, and then laughs, "Or will they have clubs? I heard Khourni women get clubs for matchmaking." Once his hands are empty of drinks, he claps and whistles. "Booty, not Bounty, Captain Bosom!"

Kaedin chuckles and gives a nod, he then looks up at the stage and presses a finger to his ear, like he is making a vid call. "Wheelchair please." He says as he watches. "Niko, give your uncle my best when you see him, and tell him I owe him a bottle of the best whiskey I can find." he says, watching the women pance around in the fog…

Arriving stylishly late is the long coat and seedy eyes of Nitrim Khournas, soon-to-be-Sauveur. The tails of his coat sweeping the floor as he enters the area, he's flanked by two women. One of them is a stylish, raven-haired number in a skirt far too short to wear around her family and an exposed navel to a black, leather vest that is stretched to its farthest extent. Her boots lace up to her knees and there is just enough flash of thin, strappy undergarmet at her swaying hips as she follows Nitrim. The second is a blonde-haired girl with violet highlights underlighting her hair and kohl-rimmed eyes. A pleated skirt with a drake-headed belt buckle swishes at her hips. She's foregone a shirt in favor of a blood red bra and a top that is best described as a ripped mess.
"LORD Nikomachos…" Nitrim calls out as he approaches, stepping into place so that Niko can see him and his friends that he's brought for the evening. "Allow me to introduce you to Catriona…" He motions to the brunette. "…and Feria." The Blonde. A devilish smile rounds Nitrim's lips as he motions for the girls to join his guest of honor. "My gift to you. They will serve you tonight however you wish of them, but first…" He hands a bottle of expensive brandy to Feria, who uncorks it as she moves to try and sit in Nikomacho's lap. "…the other girl. An expensive Leonnidan. Consider this a sending off before you're dragged under the yoke of being an owned man, friend. Choose wisely

The lights begin to focus and the fog thins, and out steps a scantily clad Ellinor Sauveur and her femme fatale posse. She bounces something in her right hand that looks vaguely like a water balloon. She has a small satchel of similar ammunition at her hip. "Hello, boys…" the Drakefire Knight says as a wicked smile pulls at her lips. She winds up immediately, sending a balloon filled with bioluminescent water — engineered by some excited freshmen at the Academ just for this very purpose — right at Nikomachos.

Coming out on the stage with the others, wearing a skimpy bustier style top with corset lacing in metallic red trimmed with black lace and a black tulle skirt is another.. dancer? The show promises to indeed be a good one. Oh yes. This particular posse member steps into the light and it's obvious who the ammo Johana holds in her hand is designed for. Erik Cindravale. And off it goes, right in his direction, the water balloon filled with the bioluminescent water, just like Ellie's.

Just behind Johana, Reena Khournas slinks her way to the front of the stage, leather pants and a nearly-see through top might be noticed before the balloon in her hand and a similar satchel on her belt. She too lobs a bright purple bomb at the male crowd in Sammel's direction. She has a gleeful grin on her face.

"Careful what you wish for, Niko. They might have clubs and they may even drag the man of the hour up for a proper spanking!" Erik says with a laugh as he turns back to look at his brother for a moment, his glass brought to his lips once more before his gaze shifts back to the stage. When the dancer is revealed, the very first two words out of the young Valen's mouth is, "Oh shit…" Because with Ellinor is no doubt another fiery woman would be in her company. For now, the dancer's top on his head is forgotten, as Erik looks back to his eldest brother.

Anabethe is also among the women stepping out on stage. Actually, she rather towers over most of them, and therefor has taken a spot near the back of the group, grinning wickedly as she bounces a balloon in her hand and takes a moment to choose her target. Taken, taken, taken…Vassal! Poor Jarek.

Still modestly dressed, whee! Water balloons with glow stuff! Talayla will sort of linger towards the back. Though, her uh, hand eye coordination is a bit off and she's likely to get poor Nitrim or someone since his entrance distracts her. "Oh, hi!" Oops. "Ooh… should not throw where I look…" Oops, poor Nitrim.

Kaedin blinks as he spots the women, and is glad he brought his box of goodies. "Men… retaliate." he says as he flips the top of his box open and tosses the men can's of silly string. That was meant for the invasion, but since they are on the defensive now, and he is glad he is still single.

Nikomachos looks back at Nitrim's grand entrance, coughing at the Khourni's words, "Well thank you, ladies…" He blinks as Feria moves to settle onto his lap, "I could use another drink, ah, Miss Catriona." His hands settle carefully on the arms of his chair, which is probably a good thing, since he recognizes the Sauveur voice from the stage. Whipping his head back around, he echoes Erik's, "Oh shit…" And then there's a splash of glowing liquid over him — and Feria. His eyes are wide, but he manages to catch Kaedin's thrown ammunition with only a single bobble, and a single jostle of the scantily clad (and now bioluminescent-soaked) woman in his lap.

"Well, if the shows so far was something to judge by, it'll be…" Sammel begins, draining his shot, before he looks over at Nitrim and the women entering with him. Blinking a bit as he sees the women arriving now. "What…" he begins, before he eyes the women as they arrive, blinking as his mind suddenly registers that incomning balloon, managing to move a hand to cover his drink right before the bright purple bomb hits his head. "Waaaah…" he begins, trailing off as he blinks a few times now. "Someone sound the alarm…" he mutters, before he almost catches the can thrown to him by Kaedin, and reaches to retrieve it. "This means war, right?"

Seeing the scene, Cedric blinks. "We're surronded men! Hold your positions! Lieutenant Sammel, grab that bottle of champagne!" Like a drunk field commander, Captain Bosom grabs a nearby unopened bottle, tossing another one to Niko. "Arm yourself, Sir! They plan to decimate our ranks!" Popping the top, he holds his thumb over the bottles opening, shaking the bubbly liqour inside. Shooka shooka shooka. "Make your move, ladies, but we won't go down without a fight!"

coincidences are funny. Soleil is one of those 'too cool for school' problems at the party, but she comes along, kind of wielding one of those baloons. The funny coincidence part is that when Soleil dresses for a party it often involves kohl around her eyes til she looks like a raccoon, and violet hilights. She's not dressed as trampy as Nitrim's blonde version of her, and tonight, at least the unhilighted part of her hair is black. But everyone knows she's a blonde. Gasp!
She isn't sure who to choose as a target. She has two good ones— the blonde who stole her sense of style (except for the red bra) or the guy who brought her. In the end she chooses he girl, and her future inlaw, Niko, and the woman in his lap, get a second dose. She can get Nitrim later.

Jarek laughs as the water balloon hits him, and stains him a fun color. He grins at the stage, not entirely sure who through it but he notes the heir to his paramount and decides to retaliate against her just cause. He catches the can of string and starts to spray at Anabethe with a wicked grin.

Since Erik is looking at his brother, there is no way that the youngest Valen would see the balloon coming at him. And Johana's throw is perfectly aimed as the balloon smacks him right in the side of his face, releasing a nice splash that catches off of the poor knight. "Agh! I'm hit!" However, that is said with a loud laugh as Erik quickly puts his drink down and catches the retaliatory weapon that Kaedin quickly produces for the men. "They may be stronger and fiercer than the Hostiles, but we can still best them!"

Grinning and ignoring the room as a whole, girls are girls; he's seen a million, Nitrim slipss a cigarette into his mouth and lowers his palm to light it and… SPLORRRSSSH, Talayla's water balloon hits him right in the face. Sopping wet and covered in bioluminescent dye, he opens his mouth to let the soggy, ruined cigarette fall to the floor. Now Nitrim's attention goes to the rest of the room, and he sees his friends, family, and other females of the Havenite nation all scantily clad and infiltrating as strippers. His eyes widen. He grabs a nearby bottle of beer and pours its contents into the air in front of him. Aura flaring to life, the beer forms into a ball, which he lobs towards Talayla. "LADIES." He calls out to them. "You're breaking the fucking rules, you know." He laughs, whipping his hair towards Soleil and giving her a cocky little grin.

"Ladies! Reload! Prepare for evasive maneuvers!" Ellinor shouts to her cohort before she reaches into the satchel for another balloon as she storms the front of the stage. She flings this one toward the woman who dares to claim a lap that belongs to her, and quickly reloads to throw another toward Nitrim. She jumps off the stage as she reaches for another balloon, fearless before the face of silly string.

"Don't be scared of their perk nipples and shaven netherrelms, men! Hold fast! We shall fight them on the beaches! We shall fight them in the air! By jove, we'll push them back!" Then Cedric lets loose his thumb, letting a jet of champagne spary out towards the ladies in the front.

Cedric's speech is no doubt one to rouse the men, but it gets punctuated as Reena lobs a bright pink balloon at him. "Aren't the Valen boys the ones with the shaven netherrealms!?" She hollers. Then her once only sort of transluscent top becomes an actual transluscent one when hit by the champagne. "Aiyeeee!"

"General Niko, On your mark." Kaedin says as he dives and uses his chair as cover, shooting a spray of silly strig at the throng of water balloon carrying women. "The amazons commeth, we must fight for the good of all bachelor paries everywhere!" He shouts, clearly with a good buzz on, and a cigar in his mouth like some grizzled Knight ready to perish for his cause.

Drawing out another balloon, Johana is already laughing because she almost caught Erik with his mouth open! As it was, the bra on his head was already glowing in the dark. Seeing Kaedin offering ammo to the men, she tosses hers at him now, followed by another one towards Jarek right after. "You guys are going down!" Her bag at her side still has -plenty- more.

"Their cocks look fantastic when they do that," says Ellinor, quite shamelessly. Her pony tail of crimson catches tendrils of silly string, and she starts to throw random balloons in random directions, splashing luminous water without prejudice.

Nikomachos opens his mouth to say something, and then he gets a second dose of bioluminescent splash from Soleil, "These are new clothes!" The complaint is accompanied by a laugh as he collects the champagne bottle from Cedric. Feria gets handed the can of silly string, and Niko covers the mouth of the bottle he's just been given, "Cover please, ladies…" might as well use the services purchased for him. He aims the bottle at Ellinor and cuts loose, spraying the champagne at his betrothed, "FIRE!" Reena's complaint causes him to respond, "Not the only one!" And then he chokes at Ellinor's response, going bright red.

"Rules? There are no rules in bachelorette parties!" Anabethe shouts back to Nitrim, hunching one shoulder up and turning sideways like she would in a proper shield wall. Because it's totally like proper combat, right? Except she's usually more for diving in, so she just sort of throws water balloons from a distance, in the interest of not actually punching anyone by mistake.

Man…, these were good, expensive whores, too. The collective ladies of Haven are ruining everything.
Battered by more of the water balloons, Nitrim decides to play a good sport and put up his PSYCHOMETRIC ARMOR. A glowy wall of force surrounds him and the hazy image of a snake flares and starts to swim around him. As Ellinor's water balloon crashes against it, he starts to laugh. It's a hearty, arrogant, snide laugh. Look at these silly, simple creatures that cannot affect him! Hand to his chest, he leans back and laughs aloud. "Ohhhhhhh gods there's benefits to this. Throw and throw and throw and throw…your efforts are wasted on me you tiny women." Nitrim taunts, and then takes a long pull from his bottle of beer.

Jarek ducks around the balloon from Johana, and turns to spray at her then turns to spray Reena, whom he only slightly remembers. However, no one here is really concerned with recognition, just the fun of splashing and spraying.

Oh my! Talayla's eyes widen at Cedric's speech. She gasps. "Big brother!" Talayla is towards the rear and the middle of the pack, eyes widening as Nitrim totally cheats with the beer. Ack, beer splash! She's not good at dodging and doesn't quite have time to counter spell, so now she has beer shampoo and her hair is dripping. "Ack!" She is laughing a bit, amused. Her second baloon isn't aimed at Nitrim but uh. Hmm. Well, maybe her brother because siblings!

With the top on his head now properly doused, it droops down soaked and clinging to Erik's head like a proper helmet and he no doubts is more than willing to wear it as one for now. With Niko firing the opening shot for them, it is like the order to counter-attack and that is what the youngest Valen does, after ducking another flying water balloon that is flung by one of the other women. His target is clear though, it is the Ibrahm that is busy raining balloons on his side and he jump-slides over the table he was behind to get closer before raising his can of silly-string, unleashing his weaponry upon her.%

Soleil hops down from the stripper stage and strides across the floor in her tall boots, not minding too much that her expensive outfit is now in the line of fire. Nitrim may be able to fend off water baloons with his armor, but can he fend off a Soleil?
She catches his eyes as she nears, and gestures to Niko's whore with a '/really/'? look.

Kaedin jumps up from his position. "Cap'm I'm going to attack their flank… heh…" he says as he makes a diving roll, having now two cans of silly string, one in each hand, and two more in his pockets and he, naturaly, picks out the most forminable one: Anabethe, and proptly aims and sprays the silly string at her. "PINCER!"

Cedric tries really hard to not look at his own sister in what might be considered revealing clothing. Really, he doesn't. He keeps his eyes on the women that he's -not- related to, emptying his bottle(in a somewhat lewd manner like all men do)and reaching for another. But then he's hit. Then hit again with a water balloon. In dramatic fashion he slows his moment down, like in vid, even letting out a deep-voiced "NoooOOOoooOOooo…" slowly spinning and faking a spin onto the ground. A fake cough and gasp, hand reaching out gingerly for Niko. "Niko…hold me…I'm…so cold. Tell my mother….urk…gaaaah…" then he turns his head to the side in classic fashion.

"Okay, so maybe she looks a little bit like you. She's for him." Nitrim points to Nikomachos in his defense, smiling broadly to Soleil despite her weighty look. Caught a little red handed with a whore that looks like Soleil, he offers her a sip of his beer. "What can I say, she looks like a girl I think is hot. I'm not fuckin' her. Niko is."

Taking a few moments to hurry to down his drink, because, even with such a battle raging around you, a drink should not be wasted, right? Sammel then gets out that can of silly string he was passed, and gets to his feet, trying to figure out who to attack first now. Let's see, who was it that attacked him, again? Well, since he didn't really see that, he goes for the first available target he can see. Congratulations, Anabethe. You have won being the first target of Sammel this time.

Reena decides discretion is the better part of valor, and uses Talayla as a human shield to cover her wet front from view. She continues lobbing balloons at the men with wild Khourni war cries, that might involve insults about their manly bits and small biceps. Weapons of bioluminescent war go flying at more of the Valen boys.

Glowing water balloons? Check. Ridiculously embarrassing pasties? Double-check. Kassandra may be late to the party, but she is not unarmed. She hovers behind one girl and then another, shrieking as silly string passes over Ellinor's shoulder and hits her square in the chest. When she manages to move out in front, she eyeballs a perfect opportunity to lob a balloon square at Niko and Cedric. "Really, for fighters they surely leave themselves much too open." A second balloon splashes harmlessly against Nitrim's armor, and she doesn't hesitate to holler a loud accusation of "CHEATER!" A third is aimed at Sammel as he makes a move toward Anabethe.

Kaedin got too close. Khourni play rough. Startled by the Orelle's attack, Anabethe does what Anabethe does so well: She throws a punch. With a water balloon still in her fist.

Soleil's not really mad, she's chill. She takes Nitrim's beer, wrinkles her nose a little and screws up her lips. "Guess it's kind of flattering," she says before she takes a drink, and after quite a long pull she adds, "I should probably get her number. I can think of all kinds of useful things for her to do."

The free for all party has turned extremely messy and as Johana hops off the stage, she heads straight for Erik, sauntering over to him with a balloon in her hand, an amused and threatening smile on her lips. "Are you ready to play?"

Kaedin isn't the smartest person in the room, but when he sees a punch comming, he goes to block said punch, with a can of silly string. So not only is he covered in brightly colored water, but the can explodes and bright green foam goes out like an explosive. "Kick ass!~ Do it again!" He says as he holds up the second can of silly string, he has to admit that it was pretty fuckin cool.

Nitrim cranes his neck towards Kassandra and grins proudly. "Cheater? NO. I'm smart." Nitrim points to his head. Look at the big brain on Brad! Laughing as a few more balloons splutter harmlessly against his armor, he turns to Soleil. She wants to do what with the hooker? Nitrim's eyes shift from white to green and his shield drops, momentarily distracted as a plethora of images start to roll through his mind. "Wait, what do you mean by that, Solei—" He asks, rubbing at the side of his face. "You mean like…for you?" Oh Nitrim, your powers are not stronger than your libido sometimes…

Jarek returns to his seat now, taking up a fresh beer that is brought to him. He drinks from it for a moment before relaxing into the seat and just watching.

"That's where you're wrong, Little Khourni," Ellinor says as she suddenly appears off Nitrim's shoulder. "I'm the only one who gets to fuck Nikomachos." And a bright cyan balloon filled with bright green water is crushed right over his head, and she probably smears it in real good. She winks over to Soleil, starting to step away toward Nikomachos as she tosses her cousin another balloon. "Punish him properly, Coz." And then she turns to prepare to balloon Niko.

Oh dear. Talayla is stifled by her own giggling. She's happily in her 12th blue robe. But then she gasps as he spins and acts dramatically. This is too funny. She does wave to Jarek, beaming and beer soaked. Now, let's see…

Erik's only answer for the Ibrahm Heir is a laugh in response before he points the silly string can at her and pushes the trigger on top, the hissing sound accompanying the string that shoots out right at Johana. It appears that the young Valen is indeed ready to play and he's just attacked.

Nikomachos empties the champagne bottle, then widens his eyes as Cedric falls to the ground. Gasping, he falls to his knees, extending his clenched fists to the ceiling, "NOOOOOOOoooooooOOOOoooooOOoooo… you dirty women! You damned dirty gorgeous women. You've killed Captain Bosom!" And then he's doused with another balloon, from his sister this time, unable to dodge since he's not a moving target anymore. Sploosh. Looking up to Reena, he snarls, "HEY! I'm emoting here." Which leaves him totally open for Ellinor coming up behind him. Poor guy, but Captain Bosom must be mourned.

Talayla has to wonder how her brother earned that nick name…

Jarek waves to Talayla in the salute with a beer glass way. Then he drinks from it as if they'd toasted to something.

"Avenge me…" Cedric hisses out from the corner of his mouth, trying to act as dead as possible, hand trying to subtely nudge a bottle of champagne that had fallen on the ground next to him.

Ack! as Soleil settles by Nitrim to drink his beer, she gets splashed by the friendly fire. She leans off and then brushes water off her jacket. "No, dumbass," she drawls. "For YOU. Or, I don't know. Other stuff too. Always good to have a look-alike who's willing to be a total whore. -No offense-" the latter called to the dripping hooker with Niko, "I mean you ARE a whore. I assume anyway." She drops her voice back to conversational tone as she lingers with Nitrim and watches the whole Girls vs men war play out. "Get your mind out of the gutter, she adds to Nitirm.

Anabethe laughs in surprise when silly string and can go flying along with neon water, turning her head and closing her eyes for a second. Auburn hair now speckled in shades of green and yellow, she gives her head a shake to clear her eyes before reaching out not to punch Kaedin's second bottle, but to snatch it. "Let's try something different!"

When he aims the can at him, Johana laughs. "You woundn't dare." But dare he does! And when the string hisses out at her, she laughs. Right thing to do? Wrong. She gets a mouthful but can't stop laughing as she throws the balloon in response, "You have a bra on your head, Erik." Withdrawing another balloon, she aims it towards him while trying to dodge the string!

"Kassie!" Ellinor points to Jarek who seems far to casual for this whole affair, and then she turns toward Nikomachos as she lifts up her own balloon and slams it into Nikomachos's shoulder. "FOR GLORY!" And then she looks down at Cedric, blinking a bit. "Is that my bra!"

There is silly string in her hair, her shiny illusion shirt is soaked, and Reena is laughing her ass off. The sulking of the past weeks seems to have disappeared as she hoots and hollers and flings water balloons at anything that moves and looks vaguely manly. Sorry Beth.

Getting hit by another balloon, Sammel looks around, unable to hold back some laughter as he sees his sister present too. Heading in Kassandra's direction now, and getting the silly string ready. "Ah, hello Kassie. Didn't see you there when I picked my first target," he offers with a grin. And then? Attack!

Kaedin blinks and pulls the other two cans out of his pockets, twirling them as he steps back, hearing a cowboy movie theme playing in his head. "Whelp sherrif… it's high noon…" he says as he keeps the cans trainned on her. "Yer pretty an all, but ah gotta do whats right." he says and then unleashes the silly string at Anabethe, but only one can, the other can is for Reena, because that's how he rolls.

Kassie's nose wrinkles, and she picks at the silly string stuck in her hair. When Ellinor calls, she looks up and follows the gesture toward Jarek. One eyebrow arches upward, and she laughs that evil little cackle of a woman with a plan. Abandoning the stage like the rest of the womenfolk, she is ready to waltz right toward her target until Sammel pops up in front of her. She eyeballs him, tossing a balloon casually in one hand, but when he starts with the string again, she belts out a warcry and returns fire aiming right for his face. "You're getting it IN MY HAIR, SAMMY! I'm going to put snakes in your bed!"

Nikomachos grabs the bottle from Cedric, winking down at the Captain. And then he's splooshed by another water balloon. He spins on his knees to face Ellinor, a far-too-broad grin spreading across his face, "For glory." It should probably be a warning that the words are merely spoken rather than shouted. And then he raises the shaken-up bottle of champagne, spraying it straight on up toward Ellinor's face.

Erik most certainly dares and he doesn't stop pressing the trigger even as he runs at the Ibrahm, which of course throws off his aim but it leaves a nice trail of silly string. Of course running at someone who is throwing a water balloon at you means that you get hit, and the youngest Valen is doused again. "Ack! And it's not a bra, it's a helmet!" Soon enough, Erik tosses the can of silly string away, reaching for a better weapon as one hand reaches out to grab at Johana's bag while the other is reaching in for a balloon.

"Oh come on it's a bache — " Nitrim manages to get out to Ellinor before his hair is SMOOSHED with the dye that will probably take days to come out. Water splashing everywhere, he laughs aloud and uses his index finger to pry some of the water out of his eyes. He looks down over his soaked, rather expensive coat, he quickly shrugs it off and throws it over to a nearby table that's managed to stay dry.
"Oh no, I'm a whore. If you need me to fuck him, My Lady, I can do that. I heard he's rather tale — " The blonde replies to Soleil, but stops suddenly as Nitrim slaps his forehead.
"Omigod." Nitrim grits between his teeth and shakes his head, a victim of his own past.
"I'm getting my mind out of the gutter. In fact, I think I need a hug." Nitrim opens his arms wide and starts to stalk towards Soleil. "Why don't you give me a hug, Soleil? Just one? You'll look good in bio-green."

"NIKO!" Ellinor squeals as she gets champagne all up in her hair and face. She weakly flings another balloon at him before she slips on some champagne mixed with neon water mixed with silly string and ends up on her ass in a fit of laughter. She ends up sitting right on her ammunition too, bursting a dozen balloons in the process.

Jarek doesn't seem to pay attention to anyone giving commands in his direction. Either for or against him, he's content to just sit and watch, to the point of even putting up one leg to rest on the opposite knee. He takes another drink of his beer.

A bra. Right on his head. "Well, at least he was sensible and wore armor into battle." Alas, poor big brother and his DD of justice. Talayla pauses, noticing the hooker with Soleil and Nitrim. It's a long, contemplative moment, before she offers the lady a water balloon. "Well, it's no fair if you don't get ammo."

"It's a war trophy, vile sudectress!" Cedric says, popping back up to his feet. "And my helmet of command! I hold the brassier of power, can't feel the -powah- from it…I mean, it fits so great on my head." Probably because he's acting like a boob, but hey, he's had a few tonight. The dramaticism continues, trying to hold Niko back. "No! It's a trick! Don't be lured in by her show! That's how she got me."

"See this is the kind of thing I'd hire her to do," Soleil says, sweeping around the other side of one of those tiny round 'I came here to drink alone and stare at tits' tables. "Give you hugs. Hug you long time, all night long. She really does need some help in the clothing department though. Red underwear? I mean come on." As she evades Nitrim's embrace, she gestures to her doppleganger. "It doesn't match your hair. It clashes."

Reena shrieks and ducks behind Talayla as Kaedin fires silly string at her. She rolls up onto a knee and flings the next water balloon at his head in retailiation.

Anabethe turns her own can of silly string on Kaedin in turn, though she doesn't stop there. There are other targets to attack! So many water balloons left! While he's blinded by silly string, she kicks out to try to sweep his feet out from under him. "For victory!" she exclaims.

When he begins chasing her, Johana rids herself of another balloon to try and stop him! Of course, that doesn't work so well and she turns to run away, unable to stop the laughter that bubbles out unheeded but her bag is immediately caught and she slips almost falling on the slippery floor. "Oh no!" Fearing what was coming, Ana backs away as much as she can, still laughing.

Getting hit straight in the face with the balloon, Sammel sputters for a few moments, trying to keep the liquid contents out of his mouth. "Hey, that ruins the taste of the drink…" Firing off some more of the string now, rather blindly. "And snakes in my bed? I guess I need to find somewhere else to sleep for a while, then…" Sounding a bit amused, as he tries using the other hand to block any more incoming balloons now.

"Oh no, he's definitely talented." The other whore, the one with the black hair, says to the other. "I was kinda hoping that he was hiring us for him. It's been a few y — Oh thanks, sweetie!" She says as she takes the water balloon from Talayla. Glancing to the other prostitute, the two do what they were paid to do. Wife-to-be or not present, they sidle over to Nikomachos and give an apologetic look to Ellinor. The two girls press in close to each other and start to make out. While they kiss and grind against each other, in view of their bachelor, one of them reaches above her head and crushes the balloon. INSTANT shower scene.

Nitrim continues to stalk after Soleil, being rather annoying about it. "I don't want a hug from her, Soleil. I want a hug from you. Don't make me chase you." Even doves have pride. Taking a quick step forward, he wraps his sopping wet arms around Soleil's waist and drags her back into the forefront of the fighting.

Balloon to the face, atring in the eyes, and now a Knight on his back, he rolls ont ohis stomuc hand wipes the blockages from his eyes, an audible *pop* is heard as he pops his neck, and rolls twoards the box of goodies. "Khourni girls… gotta love them.." he says as he takes out two cans of whipped topping. "Oh Miladies…" he says as he turns the whipped cream first onto Anabethe.

Sensing that the momentum is changing and that he could have the upperhand, Erik laughs when he sees Johana slip and fall on her butt. Seizing the advantage, he moves to keep the Ibrahm from fleeing, grasping at her leg to pull her back towards him with one hand, the other holding the balloon, not using it, not yet.

"You won't be able to evade the snakes, little brother." Laughing, Kassandra spins away from Sammel and proceeds on her warpath toward Jarek. "Nobody likes a lame duck at a party," she observes mildly as she plops into a seat beside him, picking string out of her hair and flinging it to the floor. Her other hand casually rolls a water balloon around on her palm. "I just know you're itching to join in on the fun, right? You're still too pristine. You stand out like a sore thumb." As she talks, the young Valen works her arm up and over her head, holding out the balloon over Jarek in preparation. "Let's fix that." And then her hand drops in an attempt to crush it over Jarek's head.

Nikomachos is splashed again, but at this point, he's just glowing anyhow. He reaches out to try and catch Ellinor as she slips, "Hey, at least mine tasted good." His eyebrows jag up and down, and he laughs as Cedric gets his arms around him to hold him back, "Hey! I'm trying to catch my betrothed, Captain Bosom. I mean, seriously, I've got a duty to do." And then he's distracted as two dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty, dirty girls are trying to press themselves together and become a single being. "Uh… save me, Ellie? I'm going to get in trouble here…"

Jarek's next drink is a coffee, straight black and pure. He begins to drink from it as he watches the two hookers for a short moment, before the balloon is crushed over him. He reacts by keeping his coffee out of harm's way, then pulls out the silly string. "I am not a lame duck, just prioccupied with good drinks and the entertainments of watch the rest." he quips before emptying the can at Kassandra.

Oh my. Talayla is slow moving, and suddenly Reena! "Ack, Lady Johana!" Oh no! She pauses as the ladies of the night do their thing. "Well, I figured they were gonna throw— STriiiiiiiing." She's being strung! Too slow compared to the gentleman stringing Reena!

"This is really undignified!" Soleil moans as she's caught by her athletic antagonist around the waist and probably bodily lifted off her feet. "You're a cad! this is no way to court."

"Oh, catch her?" Cedric blinks. "Right! To shake her down for information! To find where the nest of their imperious leader lies in wait. The beautiful but cunny Countess Lyrienne. Yes, catch her sister! Jolly good, we'll use her as leverage. Go man, go!" That said, the Captain Bosom goes to try either find cover or ammunition, depending on how things go.

Laughingly trying to continue her backwards momentum, Ana shakes her head, "You wouldn't.." Blue eyes lift to the water ballon as Erik stalks her and she laughs harder than she has ever laughed before. Her inching away is done when her back connects with the edge of the stage and she's got nowhere else to go. Reaching in her bag, she finds one balloon left and hurriedly grabs it, but it bursts in the bag and now she's unarmed! With string allllll over her. "Time out!" She calls in a last ditch effort, still laughing.

Ellinor laughs as she drags Nikomachos down with her, yanking him to her chest as she starts to scoot backwards as if to give them space between the making out hussies and her betrothed. She laughs at Cedric's words though, and she raspberries at him. "My sister is not… cunny… I think you mean cunning…" She snickers as she continues to scoot backwards to hide under a table.

Anabethe is out! Totally out when whipped cream comes out. There are better targets out there. Who appear to be largely unarmed. Like Jarek! "Saimhann!" she calls, joining Kassandra by the knight. "You're being a stick in the mud." And she clearly isn't, what with the silly string and the water and the general mess she's in. "I know that's a thing you guys do, but come on, time to get a little dirty!"

"Really? RediWhip? What kind of party were you hoping this was, Kaedin!" Reena shouts at the man and his whipped cream cans. She grabs Talayla's hand and tries to flee to the side of the stage with the much too nice to see two whores making out in the shower Orelle.

"Did I say that? Yes, that's -exactly- what I said." Cedric corrects himself. "Please don't tell her, she'll hurt me."

Kassie's mouth is wide open as Jarek pulls out the silly string and pelts her with it, and she coughs and spits it out. One cannot help but laugh at a time like this, dressed absurdly, doused in bioluminescent water and string. "That tastes -disgusting-," she says between coughs, pulling out another balloon and crushing it right against Jarek's chest. "Save the coffee for later, General Sober, and come get wet. Ana! Did I see you punch a can of silly string? You are unbelievable."

Watching Anabethe bow out, kaedin sm irsk. "One." he says as he leaps up and after Reena, wit hus cousin in tow. "Ordinance!" he says as he follows the two while spraying the whipcream at them, he totaly meant to put more silly string in their… yeah that's it.

Oh, so his sister moved out of the way. Which means that Sammel needs to find a new target, right? Stepping back a bit, he uses that garment that was handing from his shoulder to wipe away some of the water from his face, before he tries circling around at the outskirts of this little battlefield, looking for a new target. Seeing Reena trying to flee a bit, he moves to try emptying the rest of that can of string over her now. "Surprise…"

"Oh I know it's undignified, which is what I am." Nitrim laughs as he human-seatbelts Soleil and drags her over to where one of the tables is. Grabbing a can of whipped cream, he turns it over in his hands and starts to read the label. Holding it to where she can see it, and likely learn that he's about to do something with it, he laughs in her ear. "It's amazing how many carbs are in this shit. Do you like this stuff at all, Soleil?"

Catriona and Feria, the prostitutes, finish their show and wink at Ellinor as she drags Nikomachos away from them. While paid workers in the sex industry, they're still women, and trained to provide comfort rather than to be a thorn in a side. One of them, the blonde, reaches for a pair of beers and offers them to Ellinor as a laugh before the move to lean against a table and watch the chaos at hand. "Lord Nitrim?" The brunette calls out. "Lady Soleil? Do you need us for anything right now or should we just…wait this out?"

Jarek laughs at his new found predicament, he takes one last draught of the coffee before, setting it down gently. He stands up, turns to Anabethe with a grin, and if she isn't fast enough, she'll be doused with whipped cream… since Jarek was in on his cousin's plans from the beginning.

Talayla remains mercifully silent on the martial prowess of her brother and his sister in law. She hopes never to find out about the kung fu or whatever. Granted, marital disputes tend to be dicier when air locks get involved. She blinks owlishly at Catriona and Feria. "Bye!" She waves to them. They seem nice enough, even if they seem to be really bad at water balloon fights. Talayla is strung and lets herself follow Reena. Oh my.

Nikomachos is dragged down and away, laughing and rolling onto his back, "Good gods… this is a serious mess." Laying back onto the glowing floor and moving to slip an arm behind Ellinor's neck. He nods to the whores, "Thank you, ladies. If I hadn't gotten doused by my betrothed, you would have been exceptionally distracting." Looking around at the chaos, he nods, "I'm absolutely not drunk enough for this. Because it's absolutely amazing."

"It was right there," Anabethe grins to Kassandra. "I mean, I was going for his face, but he managed to get a can in the-" And then Jarek is coming after her with whipped cream. "HIGH TREASON!" she exclaims as she laughs, this time throwing a punch of purpose. It's always hard to figure out how strangers feel about being punched in good fun, but Khourni are safe!

"No," Soleil tells Nitrim, darkly. "I need my proxy, clearly. Hey you, yeah, you two, if Niko's done with you come here." She's trying to pry Nitrim's arm from around her waist, but unless she resorts to nails, she's pretty helpless. The girls approach, and Soleil makes conversation as she continues to try and escape. "So obviously you look like me, or…" She peers at her. "You know, close enough. That means you—" and she turns her gaze to the brunette," Must look like some other girl Nitrim's been hot for at some point, right?"

"Stars and garters, man!" Cedric is behind the bar, looking about for somedthing non-leathal and edible to throw. "Not the whipped cream! That's mad! -Mad- I tell you!" Scrounging around, he finds what he's looking for: a jar of marich…marnich…well he's to pronouce the word. Those red cherries that they put in drinks. Taking two out of the jar, he lobs them at…Anabethe.

"Aiyeee!" Reena shrieks as she is hit in the backside with whipped cream, and the head with silly string. She grabs a balloon from her pack and SLAPS it right at Sammel's crotch. It's even bright yellow liquid inside.

"Whipped cream?! But I'm lactose intolerant!" Kassie scrambles up out of her chair, balloons in hand, and gets the hell out of dodge. She laughs merrily at the sight of Anabethe getting dressed up like a scrumptious sundae, and she turns toward the bar to spy Cedric as the cherry-lobbing culprit. "I thought you were dead, Captain Bosom! Are you immortal?! Avast, ye scoundrel, and die like a proper man!" The order is punctuated by not one but two balloons headed in his direction.

Jarek laughs, and returns the punch. All Khourni are safe to brawl at anytime, even the scant dealt with Saimhann know this. His can spraying continues at Anabethe still, though it's less focussed. He does happen to have the next part of Kaedin's plan ready too, but he'll wait for that one.

"Wouldn't I? It looks like we will need to take more time to get to know each other better." Erik answers with a wicked grin as the water balloon is held up in the air now with his other hand. He even laughs when Johana's last attempt to arm herself is to no avail as in her rush, her only weapon bursts. "Nope, there are no rules here tonight!" Then his hand and the balloon descends as he flings it, not at her face but right at her chest. A nice splash.

Nitrim forces Soleil to use a little bit of nails to get free of him, leaving him standing near a table with a can of whipped cream in his hands. Eyes widening as Soleil starts her interrogation, he tilts his head and fishes a dry cigarette out of his pocket…watching.

"Uhm…well…" The blonde, this one a bit more air-headed than the brunette, presses a manicured finger to her breast. "I don't look that much like you, but maybe we could pass for sisters? I like your hair and I know the bra doesn't match the hair but it's what I had at the time." She admits, before her and the brunette look to each other. They look to Nitrim in unison and smile quietly, then back to Soleil.
"I don't know, My Lady." The brunette speaks up, being more diplomatic. "I've known Nitrim a few years and I'm not entirely sure if he finds just one kind of girl attractive, but I don't see him often this playful." She pauses. "Why do you ask?"

"Thank you," Ellinor says to one of the 'Ladies of the Evening' as she offers them a pair of beers. She brightens with a smile before she hands Nikomachos one of the brews so she can plop back down. She looks around with her husband-to-be, and then she smirks toward the Cindravale. "Drink up, you'll get drunk enough."

"Hellooo, brassier of powah." Cedric points out, finger pointing at his expensive headgear. "This is the plot hook item. You thought I died in the first one, but in the sequal, I return, exacting vengence on women for being far too pretty. And you know, to steal their booty. Because we're obviously pirates tonight. Captain Bosom Two: Electric Boogaloo. Jane Wyre is scrambling at the production rights as we speak!" The next volley of sweet cherry grenades are aimed in Kassie's direction.

Kaedin takes the moment that Reena is getting Sammel in the crotch, and snickers, to swing around the front of Reena and Tala to give each of them a quick dollop of whipped cream on the nose. "haha!" he says as he backs up, spraying them more. "CAP'M CHERRIS THIS WAY!"

Grinning as he sees his own attack succeeding, Sammel then blinks a bit at the balloon to his crotch, and that nice color too… Blinking a few times as he sees that, he looks a bit unsure of what to do now, before he starts laughing. Moving to try stealing some of those balloons from either Reena or Talayla if he can. Because the can of string is currently out of ammo.

"Ack, hey!" She's whip cream booped and here's Sammel coming from her balloons. Talayla is slower moving than Reena, but even she manages to get one round at Sammel. He should be able to grab one though.

"Just getting to know him through all kinds of avenues," Soleil tells Brunette whore. "So he likes variety, hm? Interesting…" She eyes Nitrim as if this is news to her. AS IF. "Does he do anything bizarre? Does he ask YOU to do anything bizarre?" Soleil is smaller than Nitrim. Oh so vulnerable damsel and all. She has to arm her own special kind of weapon. "Let's all sit and have drinks." She flashes a coy smile to the three.

Because she is ever so clever, Kassie manages to catch at least one cherry in her mouth, laughing as she chews it loudly. She squints as the rest of the candied fruit bounces off of her face and, yes, one even pings right off of her breast. She suspects Cedric did that on purpose. "LADIES!" she calls out as she stalks closer to the bar and pulls out another two balloons, wondering if any of them are paying even the remotest of attention to the melee now. "I have figured out how to defeat these silly boys. Bring me that brassiere of powah or bring me death!" She opens fire, throwing more balloons at Cedric and aiming straight for his head. "I need back-up!"

"I'll make you a bargain, Sammel Cindervale. Hit my siblings with these, and you can have all my balloons," Reena offers with a wicked grin. She gets creamed on the nose and flicks it off back at Kaedin.

"No, not if you know what's good for you." Johana counters with a sly grin. Of course to no avail as her words miss their mark and Erik finds her chest of all things with the balloon. "AH!" Pretending to be all outraged, she turns the move around and moves to her knees before standing and stalking him with a look of intent in her eyes. "I think you don't know what's good for you, Erik. No, not at all." Her chest is most definitely glowing, but then again so is Erik's bra on his head. "So.." she begins conversationally before she increases the speed of her steps, intent on catching him.

Nikomachos looks down at the beer, frowning slightly, "Liquor before beer, you're in the clear. Okay then." And then he sits up far enough to drain off a good half of his beer. Leaning back on his elbows alongside Ellinor, he smiles over at her, "So… how was dancing? I had this brilliant idea to come interrupt you all, but you seem to have beaten us to the punch." Shaking his head as he watches the chaos continue to unfold around them, he adds, "Just how many balloons did you bring?"

"Sam, don't do it! It's a trap!" Kaedin says as he moves to Aide Cedric. Walking past kass and putting a swirl of whipped topping on her head before he dives behind the bar with Ric. "OOoohh, beer hoses…"

"Oh fuck." Nitrim says as he nearly drops his cigarette once more. "Whoa whoa whoa hey this is Nikomachos' party, shouldn't we be, you know, SENDING HIM OFF?" Nitrim smiles one of those fake I'm-going-to-kill-you smiles to Soleil. To his dismay, though, the prostitutes laugh. The blonde presses her hand into Nitrim's chest and gives him a shove away from Soleil.
"Hey, be nice to her, Lord Nitrim, she's going to be your wife, you know. Maybe we can, you know, help you out from another angle." She winks and the two prostitutes converge on Soleil, heading away from Nitrim, who watches from a distance in horror.
"Well, My Lady." The brunette prostitute speaks up from experience. "He's never done anything untoward, like be rough with the girls. He has a thing for blindfolds, though and — "
Defeated, Nitrim takes a drag from his cigarette and finds a chair to sit in. Dumping into it, he smokes and drinks, blowing smoke rings to the ceiling. "This suuuuuucks…"

Oh shit. Kassie is onto him. Ducking behind the bar, he scrambles for something to use from the bartending supplies beneathe it. "Hold her off! She must not have the brassire of powah! Or our pillaging days are over!" There a glance to Kaedin as he dives behind the bar, shoving various jars at him. "Quick, Lieutenant! Arm yourself!" Jumping back up, he has handfulls of cut lemon chunks and green olives. "I'VE GOT LEMON WEDGES AND OLVIES AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO USE THEM!" Then in a arc motion he lets the drink granishes fly in a wide arc, lemon wedges and olives flying all over the room like sharpnel from a grenade.

Once the balloon was released, Erik knows that he is trouble so he was already backpedalling, getting a slight headstart before Johana is able to get onto her feet. His laugh that follows shows that he knows exactly what good that bit of mischief was and he still followed through. He isn't sprinting away from the Ibrahm, more like a teasing and taunting retreat, telling her to 'catch me if you can'.

"Brassiere of-" Anabethe snickers, now mostly just slapping people with water balloons. "Ellinor, how many black eyes you want in the bridal party?!" she calls back over her shoulder, still trading blows with Jarek.

"Your siblings, hmmm?" Sammel remarks, with a bit of a grin, as he puts on a bit of a thoughtful expression. "Okay, then…" It's said with a very straight expression, as he looks around now. "So, you'll just hand me the balloons, then?"

Soleil laughs, almost a little bashful, but the truth is, she's been worldly herself. "Blindfolds? REALLY," she gestures to the table and actually ushers the girls to sit close to Nitrim. Because having him there squirming just seems like delightful fun. "So, does /he/ wear it or does he get you to? Oh this is funny."
And then Soleil find a way to make things so much more awkward. "Oh! Have you ever met Prince Rennik by any chance?" She is asking the brunette and asides to the blonde, "Not you. If you have, by gods tell me and die."

"Maybe. Do I have your solemn word as a Valen Knight that you won't use them on me?" Reena asks. "Or may the Crone make you go bald in a year."

Jarek ducks to one side and throws a punch at Anabethe to distract her. If he succeeds or not, his secret plot is to statch up a waterballoon from her supply and crush it over her just infront of her face so it goes down her front mostly.

Kaedin smiles and takes the jar of cherries, and flings the contents out of the can twoards the general vicinity of the party, before grabbing a beer hose and looking at it. 'I know I shouldent… I shall morn ye loss." he says as he turns on the nossel and literaly sprays the party down with beer, his aim is especially made for Reena. "Rally to the Orelle!" he shouts, before spraying a bit of beer into his own mouth.

"Oh… a couple hundred," Ellinor comments to Nikomachos under their protective table. She takes a swallow from her own beer before she leans over to him and presses a light kiss to his cheek. "Besides, dancing and drinking is boring. We always do that." Then she laughs before she glances up under the table curiously. "How's it going out there, Ladies!"

While she stalks her prey, Johana looks over at Ellinor and winks. "Should I catch him? Is it worth it?" The question is completely rhetorical, so without waiting for a real answer, Ana does something completely unexpected, even to herself and dives at him, going for a tackle. Of course she has every intention of landing on him to cushion her fall. "Gotcha!"

Nikomachos gets a lemon wedge in the leg, looking over toward the bar and scanning the room. He calls out, "Someone get Nitrim a drink!" But otherwise he just stays under the table, accepting the kiss on the cheek with a grin, "The hell you say. You're just not doing it with the right company." Crossing his legs at the ankle, he inquires, "So… wanna dance? Assuming we can find some place away from these yahoos?" He starts to take a drink of his beer, then sprays it out as Johana lunges for his baby brother.

His solemn word? Looking about to say something, Sammel looks to the one balloon he managed to get hold of from Talayla earlier on. Pausing as he sees Kaedin's attack, and he moves in, trying to splash that one balloon in his hands over Reena now. "Sorry, not in this battle," he remarks, while trying to steal away those balloons, if possible. "By the way, you're looking lovely in all of those interesting things. The string, and whip, and water and such…" It's offered with a grin now.

The dive wasn't exactly expected but seeing Johana beginning to tense for the lunge, Erik doesn't stray too far and with another laugh, he is caught. Down goes the Valen, perhaps without too much of a fight and he is indeed used as a cushion for the Ibrahm, an 'oof' being released as air escapes from his lungs for a moment, "You got me…" He manages to gasp, arms up over his head.

"Hold!" Captain Bosom states to Kaedin. "They're retreating. They've been distracted with the idea of drinking and dancing." he notes. Then he sets his hands down to survey the damage. "Hrm.. well fought men. We live to pirate and drink for another day." That done he reaches for a beer from a behind-the-bar cooler.

Anabethe slaps Jarek's punch aside, the motion trained hard enough that it's automatic, as she checks in on Niko and Ellinor. Of course, that means she misses the picking of her pocket, where there are not very many balloons left to steal. "HEY! LOVEBIRDS!" she shouts back at the couple. "We're all busy fighting for your honor here, since no one wanted a proper melee!"

Kassie gasps, and abandoned by her sisters at arms, is left by herself to defend the rights of women everywhere. Bravely she forges onward toward the bar despite the quickly liquifying whipped cream dripping down her face or the lemon wedge the bounces against her arm. "Oh Captain Bosom," she drawls, leaning over the counter with her arms folded. "Hand me two of those, will you? If I must admit defeat, I will do so drunk. And Niky says Nitrim needs a drink."

"CRONE'S SAGGY TITS!" Reena shrieks as she's doused. Perhaps Sammel forgot he was talking to a Khourni. Even if she's the least martial of her family. She dives at him in a leaping tackle that is likely more instinct than skill. The beer shower sprays overhead like this is the special effects for an action movie.

Ermagerds, Nitrim is being assaulted with Soleil's mischievous interrogation. Smoking and drinking, he cracks an eye to the prostitutes with the betrothed, and plants a hand over his face. "Yes! PLEASE. Someone get me something strong I'm going to want to forget this." Nitrim calls out towards Nikomachos, hand raised out blindly and making a grabby-hands motion.
"A little of both. I think he liked it because he's one of those Awakened and not being able to have full control kinda riled him up." The brunette prostitute replies to Soleil, he laugh a chiming, sweet sound. Settling in next to Nitrim, she raises her voice just a little. "Then there was that time he just wanted the room pitch black and had four girls in — "
"Oh my GODS Soleil? PLEASE?" Nitrim blurbs, looking over to Soleil.
"No, no I haven't met Prince Rennik, My Lady." The blonde replies, smiling sweetly to her. "Though if you want me to, I can. Wait…" She stops, looking to Catriona. "…that was YOU in the room that night? That was — ?" She looks back to Nitrim and laughs, then turns back to Soleil. "Well…looks like we're a little club then, aren't we?"

Jarek pauses a moment after getting the balloon from Anabethe. His grin growing wicked, he reaches around and crushes the balloon just above her chest before he slips away to help Captain Bosom who's most likely not aware of his soon to be attacked state.

Kaedin lets up on the attack and smirks. "Small skirmishes still spread out, but I think we made our point." he says as he huimself pours himself a shot of whiskey. "I'm glad Odette didnt show up… her aim is amazing." he says with a snicker as he drinks a shot of his whiskey and hands Cedric a Cigar.

Ellinor peeks up under the table at the others around before she whispers to Nikomachos. "If we crawl between tables, I think we can make our escape… then I'll show you… dancing." She winks at him before she starts to nudge him to crawl to the neighboring table.

"Ew," Soleil laughs, completely ignoring Nitrim's discomfort. Oh, is this a sign of things to come? "Ohhh that was my next question. I just had a feeling he was an orgy kind of guy, you know. Were there any other guys there?"
She turns to the brunette. "What about you? Rennik? Tall guy, blonde? I just think between Nitrim and my father there must be a dozen girls out there who know them bother /very/ well and I so want them at the wedding."
The evil girl gets out her own cigarette, tapping it to ignite the electric spark. Vapor begins to curl, and the interrogation continues. "Does he ever tie you up? Do you ever tie /him/ up?"

Nikomachos wipes off the spewed beer, then finishes off the pint, calling back to Anabethe, "No permanent damage, Bethe!" He sets the beer down, then sits up, blinking over at Ellinor, "Uh…. check please." He reaches up to grab the edge of the table, pulling himself out and then turning back to offer Ellinor a hand up herself, "Erik, Ana…t able for two."

While he usually doesn't underestimate the Khourni, after all, he's spent enough time with them to know enough about them, Sammel's had a number of drinks, and also there's a slippery floor to take into account. And thus, as he's trying to move out of the way, slower than usual, he starts slipping as he tries to avoid that leaping tackle, and so he goes down backwards, managing to keep his head from hitting the floor, at least. And hopefully he'll manage to cushion the fall of the one tackling him, right?

Reena straddles the prone Sammel and she dumps all of the balloons on his head and chest. "Become the rainbow unicorn you were always meant to be, Valen!" she hollers.

Hearing the laughter from Niko, Ana grins, but once she's landed her man, she doesn't look in a big hurry to move off him. And then her eyes catch his and all traces of laughter leave her expression.. "I got you," she whispers in return before she's lowering her head and pressing her lips to his, forgetting momentarily about the party that fades into the background.

Cedric slides another couple of drinks down Kassie's way, taking the offered cigar. "Well, looks like we've left our mark for the night and our lord and lady of honor are looking to abandon us." A glance about the room and those present. "So if they're going to ditch us, what now?" He still hasn't taken that bra off his head.

"Oh, hells." Anabethe looks down at herself with a sigh, swiping the worst of the…everything away from her shirt. "I think I need a drink." And then she starts to pick her way toward Cedric and Kassandra at the bar, peering over it. "Is there anything still drinkable back there?

Ellinor grabs Nikomachos's hand, starting to push him off toward the backstage. "Shoo, shoo, go, go… before they try to stop us." And she starts to step forward, half dragging, half pushing Nikomachos along and hoping no one tries to stop their exit, stage left.

Kaedin looks around at the now covered theater. "We drink until we forgot what this who battle was about.' he says as he lights his own cigar and procceddes to drink. "Too bad we dont got mashed potatoes… you remember the mashed potato catapult right?" he asks with a smirk to Ric.

Kaedin slides Bethe a glass of whiskey.

If Kassie has an ulterior motive, now is not the time for it to surface. "Drinks, drinks. There's beer, at least, Ana. I'll be right back." She snags the beers with a cheeky grin and departs the bar, heading over toward Soleil, Nitrim, and the whores. Although the topic of conversation might have her blushing faintly, one cannot be too modest in knee-highs and pasties. She sets a cold one down beside the Khourni man, propping her hip against the table while she opens her beer and takes a swig. Her eyes widen as she looks among the women there before she pats Nitrim on the head in a 'poor boy' gesture. And then comes a balloon, to top it all off, since the man is so thoroughly distracted. "Thanks, ladies!" She sashays away to return once more to the bar.

Jarek makes it to the bar, then something seems to remind him to check his comm device. After he looks at it, he closes his eyes then opens them slowly. He glances after Niko and Ellinor, "Congrats you two." he calls after then, then glances to those around him, "Anabethe, Kaedin, Cedric, Kassie… good to see you guys again, see you all at the wedding I suppose. Time for this heir to go get himself fitted for his outfit and deal talk to his father." he turns and heads out.

And at that attack, right after he was tackled to the floor, Sammel's defenseless. "I'm not sure…" Sputter. "If I can be quite a unicorn…" Getting the balloons all over him now, he reaches out to try pulling his Khourni attacker down a bit further. "But if I'm getting soaked, you should too, right?"

"Guys? No, no guys, he never requested any of the men to join us." Catriona replies, cringing just a little as she senses Nitrim's discomfort. She gives the man a playful look and then turns back to Soleil. "I suggested it once but he knew what he was looking for. I figured it would have been a bucket list thing, but he wasn't in any hurry for that one. But yeah, there were some group things. I probably shouldn't be talking about this but, since you're on the bill in charge, right?" She shakes her head. No. No Rennik.
"Help?" Nitrim says to the air, hand hooded over his eyes as he sighs a cloud of cigarette smoke towards the bar, watching as Kassandra gets some drinks. He thinks he's heard his name, and is watching. "You don't have answer that question, Catriona." Nitrim comments to the brunette.
"I'm sorry My Lord, but yes, I do. She's asked me politely." Catriona beams and gives a rather emphatic, slow nod of her head. Oh yeah. There's been some tying up. "Does he tie you up, My Lady?"
"KASSANDR—" Nitrim croaks. He blinks. Pasties. Holy shit. There's nowhere safe for him tonight. Beer in hand, he's about to thank the Valen as he's SPLAAAWWSHED with a water balloon and cackles with laughter. "Fucking SIX." He whips some of the wet balloon shard at Kassandra. He reaches out with a palm, about to smack her on the ass, but then looks to Soleil. No. Probably shouldn't.

Cedric lets Anabethe have a look. Behind the bar is…mostly in tact, no broken bottles or anything from the looks of it. But it's soaked with water from balloons and juice from cherries, lemons, and olives. "Heh, it really is a wet bar now, eh?" he grins, knowing just how much of a bad joke that was, before looking for his lighter to spark up the cigar he was given. A glance goes over to Kaedin. "I have no idea where that went. I thought Benedict was a stick in the mud and got rid of it. I'd have to check around somewhere."

"Yeah… you got me, Ana." Erik says with a grin as there is no further resistance from the youngest Valen as he looks up at his own betrothed. "Question is, what is going to happen to me next?" It appears that he is curious as to what the punishment would be for making Johana's decolletage clow in a bright color. His gaze does shift to the side where he spots his eldest brother and the man of the hour being kidnapped, "Hey…. where is Niko going?" The question isn't asked loudly to the room though, more to the Ibrahm that is on him right now.

"I think we're still good for drinking." Cedric then adds back to Bethe.

Nikomachos grins over at Ellinor, ducking low to hurry his glowing self out through the curtains and off stage-left. The call of congratulations causes him to wave a hand behind him, and then he's out behind the curtains, departing to spread a little glow to his betrothed…

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