11.01.3013: Noble Innuendos
Summary: Lords Beden and Ronan manage to put Klaudea on the run with their round of innuendo fun with Lincoln
Date: 1 October, 2013
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The Blue Nirvana Blue District, The Ring
Entering through the heavy wooden doors decorated with relief sculptures of flirtatious nude cherubs, visitors find themselves in the tiny waiting room of the upscale brothel and bar, The Blue Nirvana. Only a single, plush red velvet bench sits in the small area, and the walls are covered with a darker, more rich red velvet. Opposite the wooden entry doors is the floor to ceiling black velvet curtain visitors must pass through to reach the main sanctum.

Once inside, light piano music fills the dimly lit air of The Blue Nirvana main sanctum. Unlike the cold steel found in so many other places on the Ring, the walls of the sanctum are covered in plush red velvet curtains and Arborenin cherry oak trim. Larger than the entryway would lead outsiders to believe, this main area is actually two stories tall, the lofted ceiling covered in similar Arborenin oak planks and golden trimmings that flow into several ornate crystal chandeliers that outstretch almost a dozen feet each. A grand piano sits at the far corner of the room, and various love seats and couches made of the same wood and crushed red velvet cushions rest in various positions for privacy or presentation.

A few of the Blue Nirvana's prostitutes relax on these couches, dressed in immaculate, fancy clothing that is sensual but not overtly obscene. Across the back wall is a long bar, again fashioned from the Arborenin wood, where a bartender serves drinks from thousands of bottles, vials and containers lining the wall behind him. The space above the bar is a balcony stretching the entire length of the room, the upstairs wall lined with more heavy, fancy wooden doors that lead to the private chambers of business. The red carpeted staircase gently descends and curves towards the center of the room from the wall to the far right.

1 November, 3013

Night has 'fallen' on the Ring, as the sluggish business on the normally crowded streets of the Ring signals it must be a Wednesday night. A quiet night inside Blue Nirvana where Beden is leaning against the bar, though he's removed his topshirt with the patches to reveal a tight fitting black athletic shirt. Drinking mead, he seems amused at the surroundings. "Man, you weren't kidding about it being slow." He smirks to Lincoln.

Lincoln nods back to Beden, "yeah. It makes for long nights." He glances over and does some kind of subtle hand motion to the 3 employees all lounging on the couches before walking over to a huge coffee machine and start to make a pot of some fancy brew. Linc's pushed his hair back out from his eyes, and his shirt's top two buttons are now undone, giving him a slightly controlled disheveled look. "We do better on the weekends, for sure."

Watching the employees, Beden seems to be working on a narrative to fix what he's now concerned might be the bartender's other duties. With a nod to the brew, he seems to raise an eyebrow. "So is caffeine basically your drink of choice?" There's a chuckle as considers the drink from earlier too, his mead draining a bit more quickly.
Lincoln chuckles, "I openly admit, it's my poison of choice. I mean, I like a good whisky or bourbon too, but coffee's gotten me through so much more." The pot's brewing, so Linc comes back, leaning on the counter. His dark eyes follow Beden's glance to the whores on the couches. "Most of us are nocturnal, but coffee helps."
The Grantham seems to be a bit more rigid than before, probably sending off the tell tale signs of discomfort. "Who doesn't love a good whiskey? Got a favorite shot we can share?" Beden offers. He is a soldier who came out to drink, after all.

Lincoln blinks, seeing the change in posture. Did it just click with him now? He'll glance down, checking something out of sight, "Yeah…I can do one." He'll look up, smiling a bit cocky, "You want fancy, or something to keep you warm?" drinks…he's talking drinks.
"Let's go with warm." Beden leans forward more, seeming to enjoy the surprise of the moment…and certainly is also talking drinks. "What use is fancy if it's not gonna get the job done?" He shrugs a bit, maybe the double entendre was purposeful…or maybe that brief blush afterwards was his own realization at what he'd said.
Lincoln grins, a bit devilish. "Warm it is then." He'll flip out two nice shot glasses, he's gentle, but clearly knows his way around the bar and bottles. He'll turn to look at the bottles and he actually chooses from the middle row. He's not gonna gouge the noble with a top shelf booze. "I always like the afterglow from this one…" He'll offer it over for Beden to see before pouring. It's a decent whisky, known for the warmth it can give the drinker.
Offering the clink of the glass, Beden will grin. "To helpful strangers." He touches his shot glass to Lincoln's before the customary table tap and downs the shot cleanly. His skin flushes afterwards. "That's a good choice there." Beden seems to relax again, though his eyes stay fixed on Lincoln and the bar in front of him. He sips from his mead a few moments later. "So a connoisseur of coffee and whiskey then. Impressive." He grins widely.
Lincoln does the table tap as well, and downs the drink. He'll grin at the compliment, "Well….I wouldn't say expert, but I know enough to get by. I unfortunately am more a jack of all trades." Linc watches Beden, tilting his head again as he leans forward into the bar again. "Everything ok there, Champ?"
"Yep, moreso kickin myself for my downright stupidity." Beden offers with a shrug. Sure, jumping to conclusions happens to him…sometimes. "Besides that, I've got a good drink and am talking to a decent guy, so no real complaints here." He offers with a wink. "What about you?"
Lincoln raises an eyebrow, "Stupidity, huh? About what?" He'll laugh, "Well, the night is certainly turning out better than I feared. Running lines isn't nearly as exciting as one would think. I always end up drinking more coffee than I can handle, and can't sleep after my shift then. It's a horrible cycle.
Beden tilts his head, smiling and confident. "Just that I missed the memo my first trip to a brothel might be to talk to an intriguing stranger." He chuckles, seeming amused. "What're your lines for? Play? Holovid? Commercial? Should I be looking more closely the next HAG awards?"

Lincoln laughs, "Ah…well. if it helps, you're handling yourself admirably. I wouldn't know it was your first." There's a sparkle to his eyes though, he's teasing the man. "It's just a community play, nothing big." He laughs again, leaning his elbows on the bar , "I doubt I'll even even get to usher the HAG awards, much less attend. It's ok, it's just for fun, ya know?"

As he sips his drink, Beden seems to be considering new possibilities when he nearly chokes on his drink as he starts to laugh. "Haha, well glad to be putting on a good front!" He tips back the last of his mead and leans to mirror Lincoln's positioning. "I might just have to come see that then. And how else are you planning to make it big to buy the most expensive espresso machine in Haven?" Blue-grey eyes look to him, playful and inquisitive.

Lincoln chuckles , "careful there." Shaking his head, his smile softens and he lets his eyes roam over Beden's face, "It's Community Theatre. It's all volunteer. My only hope is for decent tips." He'll tap the top of the bar, and then smirk. He's not expecting Beden too, he bought Linc the shot. He's just playing. "And I don't have to have the most expensive. I'm not that hoity toity. I just want a good one." He'll then laugh, "My apartment's not that big."

"Still good to keep your creative side engaged man." Beden smirks. "Might ya help a bro out?" He offers his tankard with a grin, though he seems like he'd rather keep the closeness between the two. "And good ambitions nonetheless." The smile is wide from the Grantham. "How big is your apartment?" It's a playful suggestive point.

Lincoln nods, giving Beden a smile before pushing off the bar to get the man another ale. He'll laugh at the question, "It's big enough for me, but snug enough for two." He'll look up as he finishes pouring the ale, "I've never and any complaints."
"Don't see what there'd be to complain about." Beden offers back, eying Lincoln's body attentively as he fills the mead. "So what's the play? Anything I might know?" Chances are, he won't.
Lincoln tilts his head, looking down at the ale as he brings it back over to Beden, "You haven't seen the size of my apartment yet." Yeah…he said yet. "It's a talking head piece. A bit dry for my taste, but we had a benefactor who asked for the play." He'll shrug his shoulders, leaning back against the bar. "Two years ago we got to do a pretty hefty one with a ton of sword word…that was fun." He'll smile again, he had fun with that play. "I like when I learn stuff from the plays, ya know?"
Beden seems excited as he hears about plays and sword fighting. "So you've been with them for a while. That's good." He nods, taking in the apartment discussion with a smile. "I'm definitely gonna have to see this now."
Lincoln nods, "Yeah, been with this troupe a few years. I was with the junior one before that." He may have just outed his age there. He'll laugh, looking around the room a moment, "Don't say that too loudly, my boss won't be too happy." He'll readjust his lean, not really pulling away, just shifting.

Lincoln nods, "Yeah, been with this troupe a few years. I was with the junior one before that." He may have just outed his age there. He'll laugh, looking around the room a moment, "Don't say that too loudly, my boss won't be too happy." He'll readjust his lean, not really pulling away, just shifting.

"Duly noted." Beden agrees to the secrecy with a wink. He lowers his voice conspiratorially. "Your boss seems like a hardass at times…at least from what I've gathered." It's mostly a tease though. "And weekends, you say, are the prime time for business?"

Lincoln chuckles, "Eh…I've worked for worse. He just knows what he wants and expects from his employees, is all." Linc gives another look around and will push off the bar, turning towards the coffee machine. Over his shoulder he'll explain, "Yeah..Weekend and holidays." He'll smile making himself a triple latte mocha expresso thingie, "I don't think I've had an actually holiday off in years."
"Guess you're stuck makin' your own then?" Beden sits up in his stool at the bar, sipping again from the mead. "Or you could celebrate random ones, like, I bet there's a Haven Coffee Day…should check that on the infosphere." He pulls out his tablet and starts typing away.
Lincoln turns back with his personal ambrosia. He shake his head, but is smiling, "I guess. Not too many holidays that can be postponed." There's an eyebrow raise at the sudden search for Haven Coffee Day, but he'll smile and wait to see if he's got a day he should ask off for.

"Yep, look at that, November 15th and everything, that's just around the corner man!" Beden grins and taps a button on the tablet that brings up a hologram with some poorly made banner for the day that flashes for a few seconds. He takes a healthy gulp of his mead before setting the tablet back in his pocket, attention completely on Lincoln. "Speaking of, what kind of coffee do you have now?"
Lincoln narrows his eyes at the banner, but nods, "Nov 15th, huh? Well, I guess i'll have to find something to do then, in celebration." Linc grins, "It's a blend from the Spine. With Some extras added in. Want one after the ale?"

"Then I'll be up all night." Beden mock moans. But then again, should he be up all night? "I usually stick to a quick and easy patch for my caffeine fix, but I gotta try the coffee, right?" He smiles. Maybe he'll even like this cup of coffee.
Lincoln places a hand over his heart, "Oh…we can't have that. How would you even function in the morning." He'll wrinkle his nose, looking playfully insulted about the caffeine patch. he'll laugh, "Now you're just being rude."
With a quick chugging of the rest of his mead, Beden will set the tankard off to the side. "Man, it's the fastest way though. But, I'm taking my time tonight, so I'd be honored to try your brew." He smiles, seeming genuinely interested as he leans back forward onto the bar.

Lincoln shakes his head, standing behind the bar. He's dressed in his maroon button up shirt, top two undone.His hair has that professional mushed look. He'll turn back to the coffee machine, starting to make Beden one of his concoctions. "Just cause something is fast, doesn't mean it's better. Slow and steady, man, slow and steady."

It's a Friday night at Blue Nirvana and Beden Grantham is leaning over the bar talking to Lincoln. He's got an empty tankard to his right. "I'm certain you'll show me what I'm missing out on then." He leans back off the bar, seeming relaxed in his athletic, form fitting garb which is coal-black.

Klaudea is actually wearing a dress. With boots. But, it's a dress. Maybe that is why she seems to be trying the wallflower route once she enters and looks around. Her hair is loosely braided and falls over one shoulder as she looks around. Spotting Lincoln behind the bar, she gives a relieved smile, and walks forward to lean her forearms on the edge and pull herself up onto a stool. She catches the last two sentences of their banter just as she opens her mouth to speak. She blinks, looks between the two, and then finally says, "hey, Lincoln."

Lincoln snickers, handing over the coffee to Beden. "Let me know if you prefer something else." His eyes are bright with amusement, "I can spruce it up, if needed." The evening is slow, so he'll loo up as soon as the door opens. He'll blinks, slightly surprised at Klaudea's attire, "Hey Klaudea….What are you all dolled up for?" He'll give her a smile, leaning on the bar towards her, "What can I get you tonight?"

"I'm sure that it'll fit the bill, dude." Sipping from the coffee, Beden will nod, now interested in the well-dressed female who's just come in. The Grantham assumes she's either a regular or a friend of Lincoln's. He seems content to not say anything to her but rather eavesdrop not so subtly from his nearby stool.

Klaudea blushes. "I hear girls wear dresses all the time," she replies, tucking her legs back under the seat, ankles wrapping around one of the legs of the stool. "I know my mother would like me to wear them more often.. she's stuffed a closet full of them in hopes that I'll take one out and put it on. I guess it's my good deed for the day? Making Momma happy by wearing a dress to dinner?" She sighs and pushes a lock of hair back behind her ear. "Now I can use a drink."

Lincoln nods to Beden and grins, "Good." Looking over to Klaudea, "That's the rumor, about the dresses. It looks good on you. Your mother should be proud." He'll flash a bright smile her way, "What would you like?"

Eying the exchange between the two curiously, Beden sips again from his drink and pulls out his tablet, though his eyes seem to be more on the other two than anything else. He seems amused, as if there's some private joke only he gets at the moment. The smirk flashes away as he sips more from the coffee, slowly.

"Surprise me?" Klaudea requests. "Just… don't make it two strong. I want to have at least two before I'm knocked out." She glances self consciously sideways at Beden, then back to Lincoln and leans closer to him over the bar, lowering her voice, "if I'm interrupting I can… go somewhere else."

Lincoln nods to Klaudea, "I can do that." He'll set a glass down and start adding a few different liquids. Hands moving fast. Linc leans back as he sets the drink down in front of her, tilting his head, "What do you mean? I'm bartending ….just glad I have two sociable people to talk to for a bit." Moving away so he can be comfortably between the two,He'll turn to face the Noble, "How's the coffee there, Beden?"

"It's good, thanks Lincoln. Think I'll have another mead as well." Beden smiles and then looks to Klaudea. "Name's Beden, I take it you're Klaudea?" He offers his hand in a polite, friendly gesture.

Klaudea nods and looks into her drink as it arrives. She studies it for a moment, then takes an experimental sip before she shifts a little to look more clearly at the other patron. She almost falls off her stool, trying to unwrap her legs so she can take the offered hand and bow properly. "My Lord, it's a pleasure to meet you," she greets, then smoothes her skirt. Which reminds her, "thank you," she finally accepts the compliment Lincoln offered earlier.

Lincoln moves to get the man another ale. Out of the corner of his eyes he'll watch the two interact. He'll take a step forward, like he's going to make grab for Klaudea when she starts to topple, but luckily she catches herself. "Careful there, I didn't make it that strong." He'll chuckle and then nod to her.

Taking her hand and nearly also reaching to catch her, Beden offers a compassionate smile. "Thanks, I guess I should say I'm Sergeant Lord Beden Grantham, miss. Perhaps then, we can dispense with all that and relax. I think I'm up for another shot, what about you two?" He grins and looks to both of them.

Her cheeks are very definitely a red tinge, now, but she nods. "Yes, my Lord. I saw you at the tourney for tomorrow. I think I felt that blow from the Sir Cindravales all the way up at me seat in the stands. But you kept standing!" She grins, and shakes her head to Lincoln. "No, not too strong. I think I probably can drink at least two of these." She gives him a smile and takes another sip.

Lincoln shakes his head, "I told you, I've already had my shot for the night. But what I can get for the two of you?" He'll chuckle at Beden, "And you let me babble on about sword work in plays, and you were in a tournament?" Linc's behind the bar, getting ready to poor shots. Smiling at Klaudea, "Glad you like it."

Shots are no fun alone, so Beden simply shrugs and returns to his mead. "Any day it takes three Valen knights to bring me down is a good one." He smirks confidently, enjoying the praise for a brief moment. "He seems to be quite handy with drinks of all sorts."

Klaudea chuckles at Beden's words and nods. "It was a good melee all around. Maybe someday… you're in a play?" her attention suddenly turns to Lincoln, her eyes lighting up. "That's fantastic! I can help you with the sword stuff if you like." Her eyes remain on Lincoln over the rim of her glass as she takes another sip.

At a glance, the young man that enters into the Nirvana looks more like what one would expect one of the working boys than a customer. Ronan glances around with the casual gate of someone who is familiar with the place. His eyes glance about to see those present before heading towards the bar to order something brightly colored, cause isn't that how you judge something to order?

Lincoln pauses and will put the shot glasses back.He'll smirk, biting his tongue at the opening of taking on 3 Valens. Mixed company. He will smirk at be den a moment, "Well, have to have some redeeming skills, right?" Linc seems in a good mood and will turn to Klaudea, "Well, this play doesn't have any sword play. It's a talking head one. I wish it had sword play." He'll give Klaudea a wink before looking up as Ronan walks in. A grin and Linc asks, "What can I get for you, sir?"

"Versatility is important for an actor, right?" Beden smiles to Lincoln. "Talking heads and sword fights, gotta hone your skills at both of them." His eyes turn to the new entry, since he apparently isn't on staff with the way the bartender just spoke to him.

Klaudea nods slowly. "A talking heads play?" From the puzzled frown, it appears she's imganing heads floating around on their own. "What is it about?" her question coincides with the turn of her head to look over the newcomer to the bar, and she makes sure he has enough room to sit wherever he desires. His clothes do receive a good look, though.

As Lincoln approaches, Ronan gives a bit of a smile, which is framed with dimples. He pauses for a second, canting his head, "I'm not really sure what my tastes might be… but I think I'll start with cranberry juice and vodka… with a cherry." He ponders the topic that he has intruded upon. "Monologue plays? Make sure to stockpile up on the caffine…."

"It is, Beden. I got ok at the sword play, not so sure on the talking head part yet." Linc grins to Klaudea, "It's a play where it's mostly character piece. I get to play an awakened Astronomy teacher. Kinda different." He'll laugh, poking fun at himself before nodding to Ronan. He'll start pouring the requested drink, "I'll offer that suggestion up to the director."

Smirking around, Beden will mirror Klaudea's actions to make sure Ronan has the opportunity to sit where he likes, though the Grantham's eyes might have wandered to his face for a beat longer than he intended. He's back to his mead. "That does sound rather different, though now I'm much more interested in Flying Talking Heads: The Musical." He chuckles with a nod towards Klaudea.

There's a moment for Klaudea to look and listen to the new arrival, and then she offers him a smile, her head tilting a little bit. "You look a bit Young Lord Sir Solon Cindravale," she notes to Ronan. "But your hair is darker, and you don't seem quite as stuffy." She turns back to rest her weight on both her elbows again. "So that sounds like you have a lot of memorizing to do, if it's all talky talky talky," the girl's mind turns back to the bartender. "I can help you if you like. I don't mind going over the same lines over and over. It's kind of like going over the same drill over and over, but with less ache in the muscles when done."

Ronan grins slightly, as he looks at Klaudea, "I'll take that as a bit of a compliment. I have heard several comment on how pleasing Young Lord Cindravale is to the eyes, but yes, he doesn't exactly have much of a reputation for partying." He stands up and offers a slightly overly flourished bow, complete with a rolling of his right hand as he does, "Lord Sir Ronan Iah, at your service." He grins slightly, "Yes, definately a compliment."

Lincoln sets Ronan's drink down in front of him, "My lord." But turns and grins at Beden, "It's definitely not a musical this time." Motioning to Klaudea, seeing if she wants another drink, "Sure…if it wouldn't bore you to tears. I'll warn you now, it's pretty dry. It may make your brain ache at the end…far worse than any muscle aches, trust me."

With a polite, deliberate nod from his stool, Beden smiles at Ronan. "Lord Beden Grantham." He offers as an aside to the ongoing conversation with Klaudea before returning his attention to Lincoln. "Dude…musicals are the best way to go!" There's a chuckle from the Sergeant as he looks betwixt the three people now.

Taken surprise by another noble, Klaudea does manage to not fall in any way this time as she disengages from her stool to turn for a more proper bow towards the man. "Thank you, sir. Squire Klaudea Blackfells, squired to Sir Thalo," she returns as formally. Then she chuckles to Lincoln and Beden once she's back in her seat. "Are you telling me that I can't escape being sore no matter what I do?"

Ronan chuckles and shakes his head, "Oh, please… this is not a place of formality… in fact, this is the kind of place that I come to in order to not be formal… I just couldn't help it after being compared to the likes of Young Lord Cindravale. So, please, for the moment, I am just Ronan… " He grins with a mischievious grin that dances across his lips with an almost laced with indecency, "You know, the best part about getting sore is learning to relax enough to not care anymore."

Lincoln blinks at Klaudea, his jaw tightens slightly trying to not say what comes to his mind immediately. He'll let some of a smile slip and instead he lets his eyes meet with Beden a moment, amused. "I'm decent with my feet, but my singing isn't on par with a lead. And Ren razzed me pretty horribly for it." he'll smile, clearly not upset at the teasing. Looking to Ronan, he'll nod, acknowledging the others request for no titles. He'll lean, elbows on the counter, "And as long as you're getting sore with someone…it's usually not too bad."

"Relaxing is the key." Beden chuckles and offers in agreeance. "Though one still might feel sore the next day." He shrugs and drains the rest of his mead, considering if Klaudea actually meant to walk herself deep into that trap.

And there is the red face that Lincoln knows so well, that probably answers the question for Beden. Klaudea looks down at her glass that is suddenly empty and she bites her lip. "Well, I guess it's past time for be back at the barracks," she notes, still looking down into the empty glass. "Pleasure, my lords," she says to the two men, bowing her head as she slips off the stool, and gives a mumbled, "later" to Lincoln as she tosses the money to cover her drink and a decent tip on the bar top. She clears her throat and manages to glance up to the bartender briefly before her eyes swing to find a path to the door.

Ronan grins at Lincoln, with a high arched brow. "Well, personally I consider getting sore with someone, relaxing… " As Klaudea blushes and makes a retreat, the young Iah cocks his head slightly, "Interesting girl.. doesn't really seem like the Khournis type of squire…." He shrugs slightly, as that was more of his inside voice being loud enough to be his outside voice, not that Ronan really has an inside voice. He takes a drink of the almost electric red drink, which just happens to closely match the crimson shirt he's wearing - not that it was planned.

Lincoln gives Klaudea a sympathetic smiles as she leaves, but chuckles as soon as the door closes. He'll move over to make the money and tip disappear underneath the bar, while grabbing the dirty glass. "She's a decent girl…just doesn't realize about half of what comes out of her mouth." He looks between the two nobles, before asking Beden, "Want another one? Or a water?" He's had a few, and as far as Linc knows, only ate the tart. "You'll be sore all on your lonesome if you get too sloshed to enjoy yourself."

"Indeed." Beden nods to both of the others' assessments of Klaudea, finding nothing else to add. He eyes Ronan, and motions with an offer. "How about a shot?" Sure, it's the second time he's tried to get someone to join him, but he's persistent. "And I'll also take a cup of water too, Lincoln." There's almost a playful roll of his eyes.

Ronan nods slightly at Lincoln's assessment of Klaudea, "Oh, I wasn't making any kind of remark against her… Generally Khournas are a bit more… um… how should I put it… loud in life… " His green eyes flicker over at Beden. "Well, it's bad luck to turn down a drink offered in friendship. And terrible manners to boot… And the Six knows that I would never want to display poor manners, nor welcome misfortune, so with that, how could I possible refuse."

Lincoln grins and laughs softly, "Yeah, she's definitely not typical Khournas." The shot glasses come out again, he'll ask Beden, "Fancy or warm?" It's almost teasing, eluding to the first shot. As he waits for the answer, he'll get him that glass of ice water.

"A man who has good sense." Beden smiles, blue-grey eyes flashing approval to Ronan. He seems to have recalled the Iah's drink as he replies with. "Fancy, I think. You got any shots that are blue back there?" The soldier seems to recall having a blue shot at some point…though that night still seems hazy. He sits back in the stool, wearing fitted athletic clothing which is coal-black.

Well if shots are coming, then he can't exactly have a drink to sip upon. Ronan downs the cranberry-vodka, leaving the cherry for last. He pulls the candied fruit from its stem with his teeth. "Well, I think that might be one of the first times I have ever heard that in reference to me…" He looks to Lincoln, "Make it two shots… Lord Grantham's something blue… and something with bite as well."

Lincoln looks between the two men and with nod, He'll pour the first ones, setting them in front of the men, before starting on the second. "Flaming blue drakes sound ok?" He's reaching for a thick blue glass bottle. After the blue liquor is poured, he pours a small amount from a second bottle that lays on top of the blue. "Just tap the glass to the bar to ignite." And when they do, blue ghost flames envelope the top of the glass before it's slammed. He'll not say anything, as the two men seem to be getting along fine. Instead he'll make sure to pull any empty glasses of the bar and wipe down anything that needs it.

Seeming amused at Ronan's cherry eating, Beden will turn his attention back to Lincoln as he pours the shots, taking both with the obligatory clink and table taps, seeming slightly impressed with the flames. "Good choice Lincoln." He nods approvingly before adding. "And my father's Lord Grantham, unless you are also Lord Sir Iah for the night?" His face is a little flush from the two shots taken in succession.

Ronan may have a baby face, and well might actually be pretty young, but he is an old hand at drinking. When you live on a giant block of ice with little else to do during the long nights, you tend to start early, at least Ronan did. "Fare enough… No lords tonight." He grins and downs the shots without even a pause. He clinches his teeth just slightly, as the liquid warms his throat and stomach, before he cranes his head back.

Lincoln stays in the background, slipping into a more bartender mode than he was when Ronan walked in. He'll glance over at people on the couches making sure they're ok, but beyond that, will make busy work behind the bar, trying to not interrupt the nobles.

Finishing his water, Beden will ponder whether or not to get another drink, but he decides to hold off on that decision for a moment. He seems impressed with the shots. "Impressive." He smirks and turns back to the wall of endless liquor, trying to figure out what he might drink next. Usually, he just sticks to mead, but this adventuring with tastes thing has been good so far.

Ronan sits back and is enjoying the alcohol that is making its way. There is a slight flush on his oh so pale skin. He looks over at the young bartender, "You know… I don't think I caught your name… Not that I recall it ever being tossed about… " Just as he goes to say something else, his com sounds off. He glances at it and sighs, "Well, looks like I'm being called back to Niveus early… " He puts some money down on the bar, enough for his earlier drink, both sets of shots, as well as a tip for the nameless barkeep. "Well, Good nights, gents."

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