08.29.3013: No Thanks Necessary
Summary: Eiris tries to thank Solon for his deeds on the battlefield, to which he replies that he is simply doing his duty, Elodie stops by to check on her patients.
Date: 29 Aug 2013
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Eiris Elodie Solon 

Hosptial in Phylon
29 August 3013

The hospital wing of the Fotress isn't very busy at the moment. Most of the injuries during the latest sortee were rather minor compared to normal encounters with Hostiles. Unfortunately for Solon, he was not among those who could simply get patched up and sent on their way. Solon is currently laying on a bed, his abdomen wrapped up in bandages, with another bandage covering the small wound on his chest. His head is propped up on a pillow aand he has a tablet in his hands, going through various messages that he's been falling behind on.

Despite her sister returning to the caravan, Eiris has gone to Phylon perhaps at the voicing of Solon earlier. She's received the dressings to her torso, wrapped about beneath the loose off shoulder shirt she wears, the light linen doing much to help keep the wound ventilated. A few cracked ribs and she's somewhat stiff with her movements. Directed to the Young Lord's bed, she clears her throat to announce her approach, giving him a good eight to ten feet so she doesn't invade too closely. At first. A few moments are allowed before she says, "I would bow, my lord, but my ribs are not yet ready for such a task." Pausing, she takes a step closer and considers him briefly. "I trust they have seen to everything and you will recover fully?" Concern furrows her brow.

Solon finishes responding to one message only to hear a *ping* sound come from the tablet with another new message. Frowning at the tablet, he prepares to see what new matter requires his attention before hearing the cleared throat. Lifting his bedsheet slightly so that he appears slightly more decent and proper. Who wants to see all of his wrappings anyway? Glancing up he spots Lady Eiris, and offers her a smile. "My Lady, I would bow to you as well, however my current situation prevents it, just as your own situation does. Yes, they have seen to my comforts, but I admit, I do hate feeling tied down like this. I should not complain though, I could be in far worse condition, and this should only last a couple of days before I can move around once again."

Looking to the tablet, she moves closer and with a gentle deliberation, reaches out to take it if he allows. "You really should just concentrate on recovering if you truly want to get out of here." She doesn't look at it, she sets it to her hip and then then sits at the side of his bed without permission, taking a perch at the very edge of it. "I wanted to thank you, my lord, for your aid today and see if there was anything I could do for the subsequent injury resulting from the valiant act? I could be a lot worse off had you not interceded. I must attest, my skill with a blade is sorely lacking in more ways than one." A grin plays at her lips.

With her armor off, Elodie has changed to a work dress instead of her naval medical uniform. It's the simple dress she was wearing when she first came to the Grand Caravan to treat Lord Garus. The cream colored linen underdress with the brown apron overdress are simply cut, but clean and of good fabric. She pauses as she hears the voices, looking at her tablet currently listing patients and their conditions. She approaches quietly, not yet interrupting to conversation.

He lets her take the tablet out of his hands, it's probably for the best. Otherwise he might be on the thing all night long. "You are right, My Lady. I should focus on rest, you too, I think. Are your injuries severe?" He watches her sit down on his bed before returning his gaze to her. "You have nothing to thank me for, I am a Knight. It is my sworn duty to defend those who are in danger. I simply saw a Hostile coming at you while you were already wounded. It is better that I took that hit than you be injured any worse. You may criticize your skill with the blade, but My Lady, I must profess that your skill with the bow is worthy of high praise. We each have our strengths and our weaknesses. For me, the lance is my strength and the bow is my weakness. Perhaps for you, the bow is your strength, and the sword is your weakness. There is no shame in this." The smile he directs at her is warm and reassuring, he also doesn't seem to have noticed Lady Elodie yet either.

"True enough, my lord, but really, the act should be recognized and my thanks given. Duty or not," she intones seriously, just like he is serious about his duty, she seems to not take his sacrifice lightly. "I am in your debt, my lord." Her smile warms for him as well and she leans over, carefully with a slight gasp as her ribs remind her of why she feels as if she wears a corset. The tablet is set down within his reach and she carefully rises, not yet noticing the healer who is prowling. "I think I shall remedy my weakness in the sword soon, it may take some time but it is likely for the best."

"Not serious, but it would be better if she were sitting in a chair that would support her," Elodie says quietly, and her eyebrow raises in an unsurprised expression as she gasps when she leans to set the tablet down. "Although, she does have a point. Rest from stress will help you heal faster, My Lord. I do not mean to interrupt, but I am here on rounds to check your vitals and medication levels." She gives a smile to both of them, but she does glance pointedly at a chair next to Sir Solon's bed.

Solon decides it might be for the best to not continue on about duty and such for the moment. He frowns slightly as she gasps bending over to set the tablet down on the table. Hearing Elodie's voice, Solon glances over and offers her a nod. "Very well, Lady Elodie. Lady Eiris, perhaps you should sit in the chair, I would not want you injuring yourself, or causing yourself further pain on my account. As to the sword, if you are intent on learning to wield a blade more effectively in combat, I am certain that I can take some time to offer some lessons in self defense at the very least."

"Perhaps, you are right, Lady Elodie," Eiris response with a wry smirk, pushing herself up with care before she tenderly moves to set herself down in the chair beside the bed instead. Her hands at the arms help to lower her down a bit more gently into place, smoothing a hand to her pants and then glancing up at the two of them. "I am honestly much better, thank you, Lady Elodie." She does a great attempt at smoothing her features from the fading pain and then lifts a brow at the offer from the Cindravale Lord. "Is that so? I would be grateful, my Lord, but I do not often come to Phylon. Perhaps occasionally or if you wish to brave the open plains of the Vale, we would be glad to have you."

Elodie grins to Eiris, and her gaze is not fooled by the attempt to smoothe her features. "I am sure you are better, Lady Eiris. But it is bound to feel a bit /awkward/ for a bit, and you should not push yourself unless there is true need to do so. The Grand Caravan really is a wonderful sight, Sir Solon. And Lady Eiris's hospitality is not to be turned down," there's a last look to the Rovehn, with something like laughter in her eyes before she advances to the bed side, scanning the bandaged areas without needing to push the sheet down. "You are not looking too poorly, my lord. Everything is aligned properly, and the accelerated bone knitting injection seems to be doing it's work. If you don't interfere with its progress, you won't have to stay in bed too long." She gives a smile to Solon as she wraps up the check up.

He watches Elodie perform her check up, and then looks up to offer her a nod, "Very well, My Lady. You are the medical professional, I am not. You have done very good work." It seems yet another reason for him to feel that Sammel has gotten off very well to have been betrothed to the woman. Regarding the offer of hospitality at the Grand Caravan? Solon considers this for a few moments, before shaking his head. "Perhaps solo treks across the plains are not the best action to take right now, if the Hostiles are going to be more active. I could possibly dedicate a few days every other month or so. That actually might work out well, given that patrols will need to be stepped up for the forseeable future."

Eiris suddenly becomes invested in listening to Elodie read off her prognosis, eyes briefly narrowing to study the heir apparent to Cindravale. "What exactly was all given to him?" A faint smile is offered to Solon before she looks back up to Elodie, as if attempting to discern something. Though it is the comment of solo treks that causes her to raise her brow and turn her head to consider the nobleman, "My lord, you would not need to come alone. There is enough room in the caravan for others if you wished. Though I can understand if you have other things to see to." Her smile remains as a hand comes to her ribs and she adjusts how straight her back remains.

Elodie settles next to Eiris in another chair. "You remember how we talked about setting bones when we practiced emergency splinting, my lady?" she asks. "Well, the first thing the bone does is grow a bridge around the break, kind of like a coccoon. It's almost like a shield so that the other fluids and such in the body won't interfere while it gets down to the serious work of knitting the actual break back together." She nods to the lord, first, and then to Eiris. "When we inject the accelorator, it creates that coccoon faster, so that the body can get on with the real healing. Very useful for things like ribs where there is constant movement… since we can't very well make you stop breathing so that your bones can knit." She gives a smile to both, so as to include the Heir in the informative session as well. "I just hope Sir Sammel doesn't build up an immunity to the drug, since he seems to have a target painted on his ribs for every Hostile he meets."

Solon feels his eyes start to glass over as Elodie begins to explain all sorts of medical jargon to Eiris. Say one thing for this Valen knight, say say he isn't very well versed in the ins and outs of medicine. Once Elodie has completed her tutelage in all things bone knitting, Solon's eyes seem to shine once again. Offering her a smile, "I must apologize, Lady Elodie. Medicine is not my specialty. I will simply trust that you are doing what you can to repair my injuries in the safest, fastest, and most painless way possible." No questions asked, for now anyway. Glancing over to Eiris, he states, "You are right, My Lady. I would of course arrive with a small detachment of knights, it is more that I think I would need to increase the number of men and women I brought along with me. If you can accept this, then I can start making plans for a trip to the the Grand Caravan in the near future."

Eiris is even having trouble keeping up, but then she's also had a few lessons and it shows as she nods at a few things but listens to the rest. Eyes do not glass over, but its obvious this is not her number one skill. "I see, okay…I think. I am grasping at my lessons slowly, but you are all together patient with me." It is a roundabout thanks to her teacher. Her attention shifts to Solon and there is a nod of her head, "I will be certain that you are offered suitable lodgings for all those that arrive in your retinue. Our fires are never so small as to turn away those of our liege Lord." A cheeky smile curls her lips and the impetuous woman adds, "Is there anything you would need specifically?"

Elodie smiles to Eiris. "You are doing quite well, Lady Eiris," she tells her, and even manages to do a quick scan of the woman sitting there, before turning and sitting back slightly to update her patient tablet on the two. She lets them discuss the possible visit to the Grand Caravan, a fond smile playing lightly at the corners of her mouth as she works.

Solon watches Elodie scan Eiris in silence, allowing the Lady to do her medical type things that he really has no idea about. Once that is done, he turns his attention back on Eiris and quirks an eyebrow up, "Special lodgings are not necessary, My Lady. I understand the protocols of hospitality well enough, but what works for everyone there shall work well enough for me. As for other needs I would have?" He thinks on this a moment before shaking his head, "Aside from the care of our animals, I cannot really think of anything off the top of my head."

"Good, thank you," Eiris intones, letting her hand lower from her ribs before glancing up at Solon. "I see, very well. I shall just make certain there are a few wagons ready for you and of course your horses will have the greatest care. We are Rovehn after all, they will want for nothing and would not be taken better care of." Sucking in a sharp breath, the lady adjusts in her seat. "We will be glad to have you. The Lord Garus Leonnida tends to show up unannounced and we manage to see to his needs." A quirk of a grin takes her lips and her elbow rests on the arm of her chair before fingers fan over her lips. "We will be more than glad to have you visit."

With her work done, Elodie rises and gives a nod to them both. "Lady Eiris, I would recommend that you stay overnight, let the drugs do their work. As long as you ride easily tomorrow, you could return home if you like. However, Sir Solon, we may need you to rest a day or two more. But believe me, we will have you up and about as soon as possible." She tucks away her tablet, and smiles. "Now, if you will excuse me, I will go find Sir Sammel, and see how he is doing."

Looking up at Lady Elodie, Solon nods. "Very well, Lady Elodie. I shall rest here for a few days. Please tell Sammel that I hope he fares well after the battle, and that I thought he performed quite magnificently out there." Turning back to Eiris, he is curious, "Lord Garus, truly? I am not sure when I last saw him, but it would be rather interesting to run into him again." He shifts slightly get slightly more comfortable and then returns his gaze to Eiris, "Now that I think on it, perhaps someone can give me a lesson or two in how to use a bow while I am out there? Not that I would want to impose on anyone, since I'll most likely make a fool out of myself."

Turning her head up to look at Elodie, "If you insist, I shall do as you say. I would hate to anger you." Her tone is teasing, her lips carrying over the edge of her lower lip before she lowers her voice, "Thank you, my lady." Her hand touches her wound gently and then glances over towards Solon as the soon to be Cindravale strides away. Amusement grows, causing her lips to curl up before she laughs, gasping as she tries to contain it. "Then we can be fools together, my lord. I do not use a sword as it should be used…but I would be glad to give you lessons if that is what you wish."

Offering Lady Eiris a soft smile, he nods, "Very well, My Lady. I believe we have come to an agreement then. The sword and the bow." He suddenly lets out a laugh, though this is quickly stifled by a groan and a wince. Probably not a good thing to laugh just yet. "Soon.." The words start to come out as a wheeze, but gradually become stronger, "Soon.. we'll have.. you picking up a lance and in full armor making coordinated charges."

"Is that so," Eiris seems amused, doing her best not to laugh. "If you think that is so, then I will have to trust in that. I tend to ride light and swift, today was not a good enough example of that." Green eyes glimmer with levity before she looks down to her hands. "I feel bad for the horses that carry all of you knights with your heavy armor and weapons," eyes flicker up to his before she shifts, trying to get comfortable as well as her bandage digs into her torso. She lets out a breath and irritated sound, "Oh how I wish I could heal faster…though I do not envy your predicament."

Frowning, Solon shakes his head slightly as his voice takes on a reassuring tone. "We each have our good days and our bad days on the field of battle. For those bad days, we must hope that they end up like this." He gestures at them both. "These injuries seem bad now, but they could've been far, far worse." Or fatal. "Sometimes we forget to look at the bright side of these things." Now onto the horses, this is something he can understand her feelings on. "Our horses are strong, and they are each a part of us. A Valen knight without a horse is weaker for it. I would challenge anyone who lived to a fight to the death if they harmed my horse out of malice or spite."

"We are lucky at that, but I truly only have you to thank for taking that blow for me," Eiris says, her mood sobering again as she nods her head, letting her gaze flit away at the mention of horses. "We are of the same mind than, my Lord, they are our companions in everything. Especially in battle. We must trust them and they us." Pausing, her eyes find his again and she motions with her hand, "as we must also trust in each other. Your sacrifice is not dismissed…" she rises, now that Elodie has vanished and she steps closer to the bed, but gives him some distance still. "I can not thank you enough and likely my sister would say the same thing."

Solon's blue eyed gaze never falters from Eiris', even as she stands up to draw slightly nearer. "My dear Lady Eiris, if I had not, I would fear for what shape you might have been in. If time could repeat itself and we could go back and do this day over and over again, I would still do what I did. Every single time. I know that it might sound boring, but I did what I felt was right." He's not sure what she means by his sacrifice not being dismissed, and so he shakes his head slightly. "Your thanks are more than enough, My Lady. Just as House Rovehn supports House Cindravale, it is House Cindravale's duty to support House Rovehn." Even if that means getting bashed in the gut by a Hostile.

Brows furrow as she studies him, listening while lips pull back into a light smile. Eiris' gaze softens and the creases in her brow disappear. She sighs at him, "I would prefer not to repeat injuries, but the sentiment is something I admire." Her head dips to him briefly, though she closes the distance finally and reaches to take his hand if he allows - though she is not one to ask in the doing. Fingers curl around his and she silently draws his hand up. "I can not bend over to do this," she begins to draws the back of his hand up to her lips to brush her lips there. "You have my gratitude. I will celebrate by moving around for us both." Humor again leeks into her tone.

"Oh, I did not mean to say that all the injuries would be repeated, of course. Battle can be so random, even the best prepared is…" He pauses as she takes his hand in hers. He blinks in surprise, but doesn't object, not quite sure what to make of it. As she raises his had and brushes her lips against it, he has to blink again. Oh sure, this is a gesture that he's done a number of times, mostly in greeting to ladies he has never met before, the prim and proper greeting being out of fashion with most nobles, but it's not something he's ever had done before to -him-. The shock of it almost renders him speachless. "My.. My Lady, you need not show me any gratitude. To know that the blow did not strike you down is simply enough for me."

His shock obviously amuses her, her smile spreading to a grin and flash of white teeth, Eiris then says, "I am sorry it is but your hand, I would have kissed your cheek could I have bent over." Searching his face for a response, she keeps his hand but lowers it back to the bedside if he wishes. "I also think had I kissed your cheek you might very well blush - so perhaps it is better I can not bend over." Her free hand lowers to brush over the compacted dressings beneath her simple shirt. "I am sorry if I have embarrassed you," pausing, she shakes her head, "No, I suppose only a little sorry." Her hand starts to slip from his, letting it rest back on the bed.

Solon laughs a little bit, his laugh reigned in by his wounds. "No, no, a kiss on the cheek is not something to be embarassed about, nor was I embarassed here. I… I have never had someone do that before, and it took me completely by surprise. Usually I am the one taking the hand and kissing it." Again, he laughs, this time he is shaking his head in amusement. "There's nothing to apologize over, My Lady."

"Good, here, you may have my hand if you would feel more comfortable," her teeth flash, a near laugh coating her words as she offers it to him. She does not blush, not at all. No, in fact she meets him gaze for gaze. "I will remain until you can move…here that is, not standing at your bedside. I fear as much as I care about your well being I will get tired, hungry..have my own needs to see to." Again a great deal of humor and then she says. "I could kiss your cheek should you sit up, but then I would fear you might hurt yourself." A twinkle enters her green eyes, her hand still extended to him.

Shrugging ever so slightly, Solon shifts himself so he's sitting at a slightly more elevated position. Reaching over, he takes her hand and then leans over to brush his lips over the back of it, wincing in pain as he does so. Oh the sacrifices he makes! "You are more than welcome to stay in Phylon while you rest and recover, My Lady. I will see to it that House Cindravale provides you with every comfort and luxury that you require."

If he will suffer, so will she for as promised, since he sat up she draws closer. Eiris is enjoying herself, a grin beating across her lips as she leans down, a sharp breath drawn as her ribs complain and she tilts her head to find his cheek, though edges to the corner of his mouth if he remains still. Her eyes open, remaining as she is briefly, slowly gathering her breath and keeps her voice low, "You are very kind, my lord."

Solon does manage to hold still long enough to receive that kiss on his cheek. Sure, he feels the barest edge upon hs own lips, and perhaps there is a reddening to his cheeks because of it. He can't maintain his current position for very long, and has to lie back down on the bed, his breath coming out in kind of a gasp due to the pain. It's several moments before he can actually respond to Eiris. "Kind, my Lady? I am simply who I am, what the Six ask of me to be as a Knight."

The mention of the six draw a brow up but soon she rises, managing to ease some of the odd pain from her ribs. Eyes close and in a soft voice she comments, "The Six have nothing to do with who you are,my Lord." There is a firmness to her voice before she adds, "You are a good man because of your own decisions and free will." Eyes slowly open once she can easily breathe, her eyes lifting to him and she smiles. "I look forward to when we can train together. For now? Now I shall leave you to rest." Her smile warms and she dips her head to him. "My lord."

"I never said that they made me this way, but you are correct, My Lady. My own choices have led me down the paths that I tread, and I gladly do so as I feel they best serve those around me." He offers her a bright smile, hoping that he hasn't caused her any offense. He's well aware that sometimes his own faith in the Six can be somewhat off-putting to some. "You should get some rest too, My Lady. Please, feel free to ask anything of anyone here. Consider yourself an honored guest of House Cindravale until such time as you wish to depart. Good night, My Lady."

"I will do so," Eiris replies easily, eyes meeting his once more. "Rest well, and stay off that cursed thing," a finger points to the tablet at his bedside before she turns away and takes a few steady steps in the direction of her own bed, across the large room in its own section. The sound of her footfalls dim and finally fade off.

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