03.01.3014: No More Ale
Summary: Canis has a little too much to drink, and his older sister takes care of him.
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Canis Ines 

Honor's Keep
Tropical Island beach and then the verandah of the Keep House itself.
1 March, 3014

It’s day time in Honor’s Keep and it’s fairly silent at the house though on the beach outside of the house. A sight seldom to never seen before is taking place. A young man easily recognizable as Lord Canis walks or rather stumbles down the beach humming some battle song he’d heard once or twice a bit loudly. He looks at a bottle of ale in his hand drinking more. He is moving towards the house but before he can reach it he stumbles over corrects and lands flat on his back where he stays!

With the younger children down for a nap, and the older ones set to reading their studies, Ines has decided to walk up to the house. Beaching the little boat she took across the lagoon to get there faster, she pulls it up onto the sand, making sure it’s above tide mark. Her eyes are caught by the stumbling person, then she raises an eyebrow as she realizes it’s her little brother. Changing course, she comes to stand over him as he lies there.

Canis blinks as the sun’s blocked out a moment getting his view into some sort of focus “Ines’s.” maybe he sees two or is just confused. He tries to right himself pushing himself up to his knees. He tries to bring himself to his feet but is very unstable. He looks around before patting his pocket “Ah more ale!” he pops the top and takes a drink he looks to the bottle and his smile fades as quick as it comes he falls to his knees once more but hard to say why. “I’ve screwed everything up.”

“Then more ale is just what you don’t need, little brother,” Ines tells him, stooping down to get one of his arms over his shoulders. “Come on, let’s get you out of the sun. Sun and too much alcohol don’t mix very well, as you know.” Her dark gaze looks him over as she helps him towards the house and cool, shaded tile.

The young knight looks down he tries to hold his ale, but drunk doesn't equal good balance and it tips into the sand he scowls at it like it offended him. Canis tries to help the other as he moves towards the shade. “Remember me telling you about Brie? We went sailing and toured Honor’s Keep.” his words are slurred slightly but he’s trying.

“Yes, I remember Lady Sir Brienne,” Ines replies, then she raises an eyebrow to him. “So she’s Brie, now, is she?” The question is mild as she guides him to the path between the flowers that grow lush, and prickle the unwary who try to pick them. Her eyes are as inscrutable as ever.

Canis looks to his sister at her words an eyebrow raises to her as his drunk brain tries to keep up, though a small smile crosses his face a bit dopey but it fades and he looks sad once more. “Yes Brie, kissed a bit and she’s like my best friend outside of family." He looks to his sister “Messed up fell for her, knew she didn’t like arranged marriages. I” he pauses and will likely feel more like dead weight before picking himself back up. “Asked for a match.” he adds in a confused jumble to his words.

“Oh, you dolt,” Ines bursts out at the end. “You better hope Father doesn’t hear that you proposed a match without consulting him.” She tilts her head to the side. “Granted, and Arboren main line would be a brilliant match, but that’s for Father and High Lady Sir Eryn to discuss.” With a sigh she helps him to a chaise on the verandah so he can put his feet up. “Stay there. I’ll get you some water. Jean-Paul,” she glances up as she sees one of the guards at the end of the house. “Keep an eye on Canis, make sure he doesn’t try to go drown himself. Literally.” He’s already pretty well drowned in alcohol.

The young man who is clearly drunk doesn't put up much of a fight as he’s lead to the seat. He sits lightly the world spinning a bit less as he does so. The knight looks to his sister but it’s a smile which comes to his face “Was the point, not forced into arrangement a choice.” he explains. “Not sure it matters though, nothing to offer Arboren in a match the proper way, and Brie declined. Will let her mother decide.” he looks to her “Is there a chance father could make a match do you think?” his words are much much lower at this question.

Coming back with a drink, Ines shakes her head. “That’s why I called you a dolt, silly,” she tells him fondly, pushing the glass of water into his hand. “What good does it do to request a match with Lady Brienne if Father and High Lady Sir Eryn say ‘not going to happen’? Hmmm?” She lifts her eyebrows as she settles down in a chaise next to him. She leans back and crosses her ankles, long legs stretched out in front of her. “Ligonier has plenty to offer Arboren. A cross paramount alliance, an excellent knight and swordsman, free vacations at the beach…”

Canis looks up and accepts the water taking a drink though he has to lower his head back down to stop from being dizzy. “I never asked them what if they would match us?” he rambles speech still not the best “Brie doesn't like arrangements being considerate.” he nods his head at the offerings of their house but stops when it makes him more dizzy.

Ines sighs. “Canis, what have I told you about kissing girls?” she reminds him, raising an eyebrow. “Never kiss a noble when you’re in your right mind. Never kiss a noble, period, is the best idea. Not always possible, though… I know about alcohol and ‘the moment’.” She gives him a smile, though. It’s not really a lecture that she’s given him, just some humorous advice. “Maybe we need to talk to father about getting you matched up, soon. You’re more than old enough. You might not be in love with her, but unless she’s really nasty you’ll at least be able to feel affection. And then you can kiss her all you want.”

The young knight smiles and shakes his head. “I wasn't drunk when I kissed her at Lexi’s carnival and at her house.” he says though he probably would do best to hold his tongue drinks are not very good for that. He looks over “We talk to father see what he thinks?” he says smiling dumbly at the last part it would seem.

There’s a moment of silence from Ines. “Canis, let me see if I’m getting straight what the ale is telling me.

“Lady Sir Brienne doesn’t like arranged betrothals, being told who to marry even though she knows some day she will probably end up in one.

“You’ve kissed Lady Sir Brienne a couple of times, sober and knowing darn well you were kissing a noble you aren’t betrothed to, or had made any overtures through father to be betrothed.

“You then asked Lady Sir Brienne for a match, knowing that it’s her mother that you should be asking, and furthermore that it’s Father who should be asking for the betrothal, not you.

“Then, she turned you down.

“Now, you want Father to obtain the betrothal, even though it seems the Lady doesn’t want to be betrothed.” Ines falls quiet after she lists what she understands to be the gist of the conversation so far. Those unsettling dark eyes turn a probing gaze to Canis.

“How are you being considerate of Lady Sir Brienne by continuing to pursue a match in which she doesn’t appear to have any interest?”

Canis tries to follow along with the words spoken to the other but being drunk its not easy. He nods “Pretty much on the first part.” the second part is a bit more tough to take in and his eyes glaze over sadness replacing whatever was there. “I suppose, I shouldn’t I told her she’d always have me as a friend, but not a light switch can’t just un-fall for her can I?” it’s hard to tell if he makes any sense here but he’s trying!

“Oh, Canis. You are my younger brother, and I love you dearly,” Ines tells him with a little smile. “But, yes, you need to ‘un-fall’ for her.” She leans her head back, closing her eyes. “And perhaps remember this in the future the next time you’re with a girl. No matter how right the moment seems to be, keep your lips and your heart to yourself. It will spare you this in the future.” The warning is heartfelt, with concern for her brother in her tones.

The look the young man wears is something between bad dog no treat and sadness. Canis looks up to his sister “Yeah love you too, but don't know how to do all this.” he says leaning up the best he can but nods to her words “I’ll try on both accounts.” he groans slightly and the brief sit up ends “The carnival foundation event, promised to help Brie with it first kiss there meh.” he is silent a moment drunk brain working things through “Good test to see if I can not do it again?” yep cause that makes sense.

One eyebrow raises in Canis’s direction. “Are you telling me that Lady Sir Brienne trades kisses for assistance in little projects?” Ines lifts her head to study her brother, opening her eyes. “Sounds pretty forward to me, for someone who acknowledges her mother has the reins on her fate. If she’s rebelling against her mother by fooling around with nobles you would be well away from that scene.”

Canis may be plastered but he does understand her words and shakes his head “No, no thing like that, well I hope not. Have not kissed her since I asked her about the match right before that, probably last kiss. He looks upwards at the sky now for a bit.

Ines gazes at Canis for a long moment, then she gets up. Leaning over she presses a kiss to his forehead. “Drink another glass of water and go up to your room for a bit. There’s a good breeze from the south today, it will help you sober up.” She grins as she straightens. “Or I can dump you in Shady Pool to wake you up,” she offers, knowing how the lack of sunlight in the eroded caldera makes the water unusually cold, and the shock to the system it can afford. “But I think you’d prefer the water and your room. Then you can lead the afternoon classes for the L'il Blades.”

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