07.12.3013: No-Brighams-Allowed Zone
Summary: Elodie is on her way to refresh some procedure knowledge when she runs into Brigham.
Date: 12 July, 2103
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The Imperius Library, The Academ
The grand Imperius Library is the largest of its kind in the whole of Haven. From the exterior, it looks like a large, rounded tower with an asymmetrical crown. There are four main entrances, each in one cardinal direction, that leads into the sprawling foyer that takes up the entire lower level. The floors are made of polished marble, with an inset compass rose taking up nearly two-thirds of its area. There is no actual ceiling to the foyer save for the crown of stained glass high, high above. This provides a breathtaking view of the wrap-around levels that ring their way up the interior of the tower. There is a series of perfectly silent, glass-encased lifts that shuttle up and down through the levels.

Each level has floor-to-ceiling shelving units that contain thousands of holo-volumes. Each volume is a simple five-centimenter-square cartridge that must be inserted into a tablet or info-sphere console to be read. There are a series of these consoles in little clusters spread throughout the library where groups and individuals can research. There are also clusters of private study rooms where discussions can be had because, like most libraries, the main room obtains a strict please-be-quiet rule.

12 July, 3013

Brigham's voice can be heard long before Elodie makes it to the entrance to the library, "-o not even a little bit fair! I pay for my education just like everyo- Get your hands off me!" there's a tussle sound and as Ellie comes into sight of Brigham she sees him physically shoved through the doors and out onto the ground before the entrance, his hat knocked free and rolling away, a stack of tablet's skittering across the stone like drops of water on a hot greased skillet. "OH COME ON NOW!!" he says, scrambling up to his feet, his face a bright red color, "It's not my fault your books were written or edited by illiterate troglodite MORONS! If you can't do the requiste math to prove your own therum before you publish it you deserve to be mocked openly and loudly in public!" He hrumphs! and begins brushing himself off, "I'll be speaking to the Dean about this! Just you wait!" his eyes narrow threateningly, his face now a shade of purple with rage. He doesn't even notice his torn pants or the scrap on his knee that's bleeding.

With a satchel over her shoulder, and the hood of her gown up to protect her face from sunlight, Elodie is approaching the library, but pauses when she hears the commotion. She's most likely not alone in the throng of passers by that pause to observe the ognominous ejection of the young lord from the library. She's almost frozen in disbelief as she watches, but is finally stirred to motion, stooping down to pick up a couple of the tablets near her feet, and possibly Brigham's hat if it is near by.

Brigham's face remains purple, "Manhandle me, you just wait mister! This isn't over! I recognize you from Mechanical Theory class buddy! Oh yeah, I know who you are, and when Exam time comes I hope you remember today, because I'm going to- Oh hi there Elodie, I didn't know you were in the Academ I assumed you'd graduated already, my mistake. Hold on just a second -end your frail hopes at a passing grade by destroying the curve entirely. I'll ask the Prof for a heavy extra credit section of the test, and /end/ you you giant ill grown JACKASS!!" in the middle of his tyrade he stopped to turn and smile politely to Ellie, and took his hat back, his face even went back to it's usual underground palor, before promptly turning red again when he turned to finish his bellowing (though his voice broke a couple of times into squeaks) at the one that tossed him out. He then makes an thuroughly inappropriate gesture at the other man who's just walking away shaking his head, then turns back to Elodie all smiles and friendliness, "I'm going to destroy that man's entire future so he dies penniless and devoid of hope or joy." he takes his tablet books from her, "Thanks again for helping me gather all this up." Both statements are said in the same happy sing song sort of tone. "Whacha going into the library for? Looking for something in particular?"

Elodie's expression flickers slightly as Brigham adresses her without her title. However, as busy as he is making sure someone knows exactly how their life is about to be destroyed, it would be easy for him to miss it. She hands over the tablets and hat with a little smile, waiting for him to set himself to rights. "It doesn't appear I need to ask how your day is going, Lord Brigham," she notes, her smile broadening a little with humor. "I am most grateful that I do not study Mechanical Theory. I could be in trouble if you destroy the curve in Molecular Biology." She shifts the strap of her satchel, catching it before it can slide all the way off due to the reaching motions of her arm assisting the young, disheveled lord. "I just check back in now and then to attend lectures of interest or learn the latest procedures."

Brigham makes a face, "First or second term Mirco Bio?" he asks, "Cause there's a girl in second term that's looking to get her some Justice too." his face goes serious and dark and somewhere, likely in the Music Hall, the echoing throaty sound of a timpani drum thundering out a dramatic basso roll can faintly be heard. It fades as Brigham looks around, "But not that kind. I'm mostly thinking about simply coating her desk in a dermal adhesion compound." aka, glueing her to her desktop… really really well. "I like glue. So useful." he nods sagely at her, "And really it's okay, they waited until I got my needed reading material before kicking me out this time. Couple of years ago they kicked me out before and… well…" he grins impishly, "lessons have been learned." man he just sounds like a super villain in a childs comic book today! "Everything good on the outpost? You set me that poison in the bottle as some sort of congratulations I saw, which I thank you for, though I now understand we never spent enough time together for you to properly understand me well enough to realize what an inappropriate gift that was. Still, the sentiment behind it was delightful!" his grin to her widens further as if nothing he said was rude at all, just factual.

Elodie shakes her head. "I was teasing. I've actually finished my biology courses. Although, those were first year, I dare say I've forgotten half of what I learned." At the mention of 'poison', Elodie's face turns red, and she shifts, looking away. Her hands lift to the strap of her satchel, fingers curling around the narrow leather rather tightly. "Things are fine," she finally manages in a strangled voice. It takes a few minutes before she can suggest, "perhaps you can give it to one of these fellow students who raises your ire… I am sure they won't understand that you are indeed trying to kill them rather than compliment them."

Brigham shakes his head, "Oh no! My Father is a grand master of whiskey's, they are,"at this point he puts on the affectation of a much larger man by puffing out his chest and holding his arms out at an angle as if he possessed a great barrel chest, and his voice tries, and fails, to deepen appreciativly, "the choice drink of a true gentleman son. You should grow to enjoy them." he makes a face, "They kill braincells and strip me of what little good sense I already possess. I don't touch the stuff. Still, he'll love it, so I'll give it to him, and when I tell him it was a gift from a pretty Lady cause I helped her save some people he may even say something nice about me. Which will be awkward for us both, but for reasons I've not yet fully grown to understand I like it to an illogical degree when he says such things." Brigham lets out a long sigh, "Anyway! Thanks for the gift, it was nice. I put the note up on my shelf with my trophies and stuff, it was the important part anyway, the other thing was just some shapped glass with fermented grain inside it. The note was what needed display." he nods at that firmly and looks about, "Sandwhich… speaking of, I'm starving. I should probably put food in my face at some point." he looks back the way he came, "I can't go back in there for at least three days, and you have the look of someone headed that way… Will I see you around campus?" he asks sounding hopeful.

The whole entire whirlwind of words is leaving Elodie a little breathless, and confusion grooves her forehead to shar pei proportions as she tries to figure out how best to respond. "I see…" she manages when he takes a breath long enough sigh. It's something of a lie, however. "You are welcome." At his mention of not being able to go back to the library, and knowing for how long, she can't help smiling. "Food is a good thing," her gaze shifts to the No-Brigham's-Allowed-Zone, then back to him. "I am around campus now and again, but I think I will be traveling more now as there are more confrontations with the Hostiles. It would be pleasant to see you again, soon," she adds encouragingly.

Brigham hops slightly, "Good!" he chirps, his hat tilting oddly on his head with the hop, though he doesn't seem to notice. "I like you, you're not at all stupid and pedantic like most of the people I run into here." he eyes the doors of the library with a knowing and almost violent stare, likely promising retribution in his mind to someone. "I'll see you around Lady Elodie." he dips a precise bow, complete with hat sweep, and then turns to walk in a quick nearly jog like speed off in search of sandwhiches, the food of the gods. He still hasn't noticed his hurt knee or the stain it's left on his torn pants. There's a good chance he won't notice. Ever…

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