06.19.3013: "No."
Summary: Sophie brings her plan to her sisters. It does not go over well.
Date: 19 June 2013
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Sophie Ellinor Lyrienne 

Dining Room, Royal Towers
It is an elegant dining room.
June 19, 3013

Though irregular as of late, the Sauveuer sisters have managed to eat dinner all together at the same time, at the same place. Gathered too late for the rest of the household to attend, they sit around the luxurious royal dinner table waiting for the nightly feast to be prepared. Sophie is sitting in a chair, fiddling with the skirts of her opulent black dress. Standard for when the youngest sibling is within the Matthias Towers, Caedmon is actually absent, likely teaching his squire a few tricks of the trade. She purses her lips for a long while in silence, belly gurgling faintly for food. Finally, she nervously speaks up, turning to look at her Drakefire sister, "E-ellie…I…I need to tell you something. Please stay calm and do not get mad. I do not know if you have met a man named Taryn Wystrel, but he is Awakened…n-now, I realize you are not, but…indeed, he had a dream. This dream has a tendency to feel very real and it is thought that the contents are prophetic. A-also, keep this in mind. This is very important. It is believed that the dreams are there to help us, or at least the dreamer in some way. The dream speaks of an eagle holding a scrap of purple and gold cloth, hooded and jessed within the confines of a cage, which rests atop the skull of a drake." She licks her lips, "s-so see, I spoke with a few people about this a-and…they think the drake skull symbolizes the Drake Mountains, and that the eagle in a cage means that a Sauveur either has or will be held captive there. S-so…" she clears her throat, before quickly finalizing her speech in a rush of words, "I t-thought to go there and make myself bait so that the prophecy can come true and we can find out what hides there…"

Ellinor is starving after a day of scouting and patroling the Vale alongside the Cindravale brothers. Her plate is overcome with meat, potatoes, greens, and some kind of poached fruit. She is consuming it with earnest, pausing now and then to joke with her older sister about this, that, and what have you, and then Sophie starts to speak up. She turns her attention toward her, blinking several times at the overflow of words and emotions from her younger sister. Perhaps to Sophie's surprise, the Knight actually takes some pause. She finishes her mouthful, she reaches for her napkin, she daubs her mouth, and then she firmly states, "No."

Lyrienne has been eating quietly, grateful for the relative silence of no small children demanding things or complaining about the choice of food. And then Sophie had to bring up fighting. She pauses, chewing her food as she looks between her sisters. "Sophie, that's…a terrible idea," she expounds on Ellinor's refusal. "Ellie may not be Awakened, but I am. And I know - as you should know - that trying to meddle with a prophecy and trying to make it mean what you want it to mean is a surefire way to get burned by it. Besides, how do you know it isn't mean some sort of entanglement between one of our house and the Khournas? There are too many possibilities to take foolish risks."

Sophie is too worried about what her sister might say to eat anything on her plate, frowning with uncertainty as Ellinor takes her time to respond. When she finally does, she feels a shiver come over her at that singular firm word. Nevertheless, she rises from her seat and exclaims, "but we have to! There is no way we can know for certain if the drake skull means the Drake Mountains or something else! We have to go there and see if it really is what we think it is. Otherwise, we'll only wonder." She looks to Lyrienne and all but whines out, "you're right, we don't know. We don't know if the dream could mean an approaching fight between the Khournas and Sauveur. O-or or whether the Sauveur or simply in danger from some outside source. The only way we can eliminate the possibility that the drake skull is not the Drake Mountains is to go there! If it really means something else, then it'll just be one day campling in the mountains, and hardly any loss. Besides, I was thinking I'd implant myself with a tracking beacon. That way, when whoever or whatever captures me, I can easily be found. And the dream does not suggest anyone would be killed, only captured. So I should be safe."

"What Lyrienne said," Ellinor points to her older sister with her fork. "And also… no." She chops up a bit of potato with the blade of her fork. "First of all, you don't go trapising into the bloody Drake Mountains because some bint with visions tells you to, Sophie." She does sidelong a glance toward Lyrienne. "No offense, Lyrie…" And then she looks toward her sister once more. "Second of all, if any Sauveur is going to be used as bait, it is going to be one who knows how to defend herself in case things go sideways." Ellinor takes another bite of potatoes, chewing away before she shakes her head to her sister. "Why don't we go ask Mother if this is a good idea, or Father… or maybe I should comm up Sir Agnes, ask her what she thinks of my naive sister's wonderful idea." She points her fork at Sophie. "No."

"Sophie, there's no reason for you to go out there," Lyrienne agrees with Ellinor, reaching for her wine and leaning back a bit in her chair. "Dreams aren't for…taunting. When you have a dream of caution, it's to warn you away from something. To let you prepare. Not so that you can fling yourself into it headfirst, without considering the consequences." She takes a sip of her wine, brows furrowing slightly as she considers Sophie. "I know it's frustrating to feel like everyone else is being useful, and doing exciting things. I do. But Sophie, your self-esteem is not more important than the lives of the people who may die trying to get you out of whatever you get into."

Sophie whimpers at Ellinor's further refusal, stamping her foot against the ground and waving her arms in the air as she declares, "but we can't simply do nothing! Just waiting for it to happen won't help. There are simply too many possibilities." She waves a hand in Lyrienne's direction, "like you just said. There's little we can do to prepare for it. We have to go looking for it. It's not…i-it's not like raising the number of guards in the palace will guard us from the prophecy. We have to take it under our own control and let it happen our own way!" Her eyes fill with those menacing tears that Ellinor disdains so much, "please don't tell Mother or Father! Please! They don't need to know. They'll just…j-just ruin it…" She shrugs her shoulders, "tell Agnes if you want." She sniffles softly, "fine, if you have to, you can place yourself as bait instead of me, Ellie. I just…we can't simply wait for the prophecy to come true…" She sags back into her chair and rubs the base of her palm against one teary amber eye, "m-maybe you're right…maybe I want this. To feel useful for something. B-but…we should at least do -something- about Taryn's dream…please? Please?"

That foot stomp causes Ellinor's eyes to narrow. She flicks her fork in her hand, slamming its butt into the table. "Sophie Sauveur… you stomp that foot, you let one tear trickle from your eyes, and I'm going to just let Mother lock you up in the Tower and never, ever let you out. You keep wanting to be a hero, a fighter… Lyrienne didn't burst into tears when the Hostile tried to disembowel her. If you're not going to learn from my example, learn from hers. Warriors do not cry." She leans back into her seat now, tossing her fork on her plate. She crosses her arms at her chest while she stares at her younger sister. "Here's the thing, Sophie… you aren't being useful. You are just getting in the way." There is some cruelty behind those words, but she does suck in her breath through her teeth to recenter herself. "Fine, I'll take this Taryn if yours and go into the Mountains, but you are staying here."

Lyrienne sighs, silencing herself with another sip of wine while Ellinor talks. "It's not even about being a warrior, Sophie," she says more gently afterwards. "It's about being an adult. Adults don't stomp their feet and cry when they don't get what they want. Lysandra doesn't stomp her foot and cry when she doesn't get what she wants, because I've made it very clear that that results in getting absolutely nothing." She pauses, taking another sip of wine. "Also, I did cry. Quietly. In a very dignified way. When no one was looking. Because it hurt."

Sophie flinches at the sound of that frightening fork piercing through the wood of the manicured table, head shooting up to stare directly into the depths of Drakefire's eyes. She sniffles and rubs the palm of her other hand against her face, "you would never! Mother would never lock me up like that!" She whimpers, "I am a hero! I can shoot a bow better than you and I can scout better than most everyone I know." She looks to Lyrienne and tries to suck up her misery, letting out only one shuddering sob before her tears begin to fade away, "b-but why can't an adult cry? What's wrong with crying?" She whimpers, "why aren't you on my side?!" She flinches again when Ellinor offers even crueler words, eyes widening and flickering with sullen anger, "I am not! I have never gotten in the way! Everyone at the Godwinstown fight praised me, except you!" She blinks, startled to hear Ellinor suggest an alternative. She hesitates for a moment, before quickly shaking her head, "no, I want to be there! Why does Taryn get to be there? He can barely hold up a sword, nevermind match a scout skill for skill. If anyone'd get in the way, it'd be him!" She shrugs her shoulders casually, "besides, I've already told a few people about it. Aidan knows as much as I."

"Like I told you before, Sophie, don't make assumptions about your skill. There are Arboren out there that are far better archers and scouts than you are, there are some who have been scouting their entire lives, and they have decades of experience on you. Just because you can sneak about the woods doesn't mean you're a scout." Ellinor exhales once more, casting a glance toward Lyrienne once and then she shakes her head to Sophie. "No. I go, I go with Taryn, and I take the Crimson Drakes with me." She smirks. "You stay here. Paint a picture, make a speech… whatever, but you are not coming with me." She leans forward now, putting her elbows on the table. "And if you dare follow me, that's it. I tell Mother and Father." Blackmail. Always legal amongst siblings.

"Adults don't cry about not getting their way," Lyrienne clarifies to Sophie, firm. "We are Sauveurs, Sophie. We are meant to be an example to the people. And I don't think temper tantrums are the example we want to set for them." She sets her glass aside, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly. "I'm not on your side because you are wrong, Sophie. And your pride is unbecoming as well," she adds with a faint frown. "Ellinor, frankly, you don't need to go either," she adds with a look to her other sister. "This is nonsense."

Sophie scoffs, glaring at Ellinor through her bleary eyes, "just because there are some people out there better than me doesn't mean I'm not as good as most that do it for a living, Ellie." She shrugs her shoulders, "it's not like you're the best out there." She begins to speak dramatically, miming her sister's words, "there are Knights out there that are far better than you are, there are some who have been training their entire lives, and they have decades of experience on you." She scowls deeply at Ellinor, "that speech helped people! And so did my poster!" She frowns at the threat of blackmail, falling silent while Lyrienne chimes in. She curls her fingers into fists against her skirts, gritting her teeth until she decides to respond, "fine! I won't cry anymore! But I am right about this, at least. Even if I'm wrong, all that'll happen is I lose one night on the Drake Mountains and return home knowing the prophecy speaks of something other than a location."

"Of course there are knights far better than I am," Ellinor says with a smirk. "But, I'm not the one presuming expertise at this table." Then she glances over toward Lyrienne at her words. "Fuck, I don't care if I don't go. I have better shit I need to be worrying about. There's word of Hostiles moving in on a Ways in the Crescent that I should be offering my assistance to, or helping the Arboren find the last of the scouts in their woods. I don't want to go sit in the Drake Mountains." She glances toward Sophie. "But, my words still stand. You continue to purposefully put yourself into harms way, and that's it… I'm not protecting you anymore. And I want you to really, really think of the consequences of your actions. You're lucky that Mother and Father didn't find out that Caedmon let you ride into the defense against the Vale waygate. And if he lets you go into the Drake Mountains, he is going to be looking for a new job. So… try to think about someone other than yourself."

"If you're wrong, it could still be a very dangerous night in the Drake Mountains, Sophie," Lyrienne sighs. "You're a Sauveur, so that means a certain number of knights and guards have to go with you. Knights and guards who might otherwise be stationed to defend against the Hostiles. What if there's an attack elsewhere that takes advantage of the weak spots you've left behind? What if there's a drake attack while you're in the mountains? What if you and your soldiers are injured in an avalanche?" She reaches up to tuck a piece of hair behind her ear, steadier than both her sisters. "You have to think about all of the possible consequences, Sophie. Weigh those against what you think you may gain, and what might be lost if you don't go."

Sophie scowls even deeper at Ellinor, "then don't go, if you think it's pointless and you're too busy to care. I'll have at least half a dozen people with me. I'm not made of glass, though I'm sure you think I am. I can fight well enough. And like I said, if the dream comes true, then I'll be captured and unharmed." She glances to Lyrienne and sighs out, "there are plenty of guards around the palace alone that just stand there and do nothing. Not every Knight and guard is fighting on the offensive, and I already have at least a couple in mind that wouldn't be going much of anywhere, most likely. Besides, it's just one night. I'm not going for weeks or months." She nods her head, "ok, best case? The prophecy comes true and I get captured alive. People would come to save me and I'm sure they would find something useful for this war. Worst case? Well…" She licks her lips, "there will hardly be an avalanche, Lyri. We may as well say the worst case is the Hostiles destroy us all because I chose to bring a handful of guards into the mountains. There are far fewer risks to this plan than you make it sound like…" When Ellinor speaks of protection, she growls low and rises back onto her feet once more, "you don't have to protect me! You never did! Caedmon was just doing his job at the Vale, he's not the boss of me. He can't order me around. And you can't either!" She begins turning towards the door in a fuss, intent on leaving their dinner while muttering angrily under her breath.

"Sophie," Ellinor calls after her. "Just remember the consequences of your actions. You go to the Drake Mountains, and that's it." Then she mutters to Lyrienne. "She goes, I'm telling Father. I swear that."

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