Lord Nitrim Khournas
Joel Kinnaman
Joel Kinnaman as Nitrim Khournas
Full Name: Nitrim Khournas
Byname: None
Age: 20
Planet: Imperias
Paramount: Khournas
House: Khournas
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: None
Spouse: None Height: 6'2"
Father: High Lord Jevon Khournas Weight: 185 lbs
Mother: Lady Micaya Ibrahm Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Young Lady Anabeth Khournas, Lord Ellion Khournas, Lady Reena Khournas, Lord Michram Khournas Eye Color: Green
Children: None


Nitrim Khournas was born in the year 2995 to High Lord Jevon Khouras and Lady Micaya Ibrahm. Far one of the younger of the litter, some of his first memories were in silent, mental communication with his mother and servants while laying in the crib. His world was formed in the high walls and overhead, electronics, and despite his many luxuries was a rather unpleasant baby. It was said that he cried for months straight, inflicting a degree of Awakened stress on his caretakers while trapped between the crib's walls. The stress was so severe that experts had to be brought in to calm him, which was finally achieved by allowing him the room to lay on the floor. It was the walls. The walls entrapped him.

With his early-detected Awakened difficulties under control, he was assigned to a private tutor that would school him in the ways necessary of that of a child of Khournas. He would be an Awakened, which limited his need for armor, and thus he would still learn to defend himself and be a credit to his household. His tutors, though expensive, were ordered to make him functional despite his status as a noble. They were relentless, at times boring, and ran him through drills both intellectual and physical. As time grew, Nitrim grew into his Awakened abilities through Hermetic training like a child grows into his father's cloak. It was deemed that his mind, as a child, was not ready for the access to the source of his powers, and as he grew his mind was more able to comprehend the complex emotions that came along with the powers. Though at times, Nitrim was a disconnected and distracted student, his tutors were proud to announce that his training /was/ coming along in order…

As the years passed, Nitrim experienced his tutorial disconnect from his siblings, at times disappearing for days into the eastern wings and his private training chambers. The young boy grew into a young man, and the disconnect from his family began to prove itself more of a complication than an asset. While his siblings were being trained together, he began to feel the outcast, and it resulted in a Khournas styled streak of rebelliousness. He didn't push himself into a self-destructive series of habits that made him useless to his family and his future, instead he turned to the young, female house staff, the occasional digging into the alcoholic drinks, and the occasional 'sneaking out' into the marketplace to dice with strangers. Respect was lost, as was coin, and the punishments he incurred for his indiscretions build another series of psychological walls for him to be uncomfortable with. To make matters worse, many of the prophetic visions from his awakened senses that he never could remember crept their way into his subconscious. He began to fear that if he came across as incapable of controlling himself, that he would be controlled, lest he become a danger to his family's name. The stink of fear filled his veins and hollowed out his stomach. He would perform.

And perform he did. Admirably in fact. He became a better pupil, a better son, and a better name for House Khournas, but he never lost the illusion that he was the complicated son. He was the troubled one; the difficult son. He could read the expressions on his father's face, and became quite adept at understanding the social undertones of human society. His silence turned to observation and his observation turned to scheming. Never one to wish his family harm, he would bide his time until he could be tested and made an equal.

And at nights, when everyone was asleep…he would take Red Eye to calm his wandering mind and his nerves that never could truly remembered what about his visions scared him so much as a child.



Nitrim is, among many things, an exercise in duality and seclusion. The experience of being raised, trained, and tutored away from the rest of his family has caused an internal rift that he wears on his sleeve. He is a Khournas in mindset and blood, but not in emotion. He's set aside the axe and armor that his brothers and sisters favor for following the smoking, twisting consciousness that comes with being awakened. He's felt others' emotions from the inside. He's seen strange dreams and nearly inhuman experiences. His world has been forever changed, and despite the fact that it shakes him to the core…he is addicted to it.

While experimenting with his abilities as an Awakened, Nitrim's personality has shifted to something more…serpentine. He's afraid, truly, only of himself, which has led him to practices his family would find to be distasteful. He's been drawn into a Red Eye habit while trying to make the dreams stop for lazy nights, and as a result has gained an addiction. This addiction has been experimented with as well, leading to reckless nights with darkly clad, tattooed women, alcohol, and Awakened emotional trade while under the influence.

At his core, Nitrim believes that the universe is a flawed, dirty place in which noble and commoner alike try desperately to brighten with lies and fairy tales. Nitrim has seen the darker, more beautiful ways of life, and has grown an affection towards the grime in the streets. He would miss it all if it were gone, and while he does have an attraction towards the many truly beautiful things in his world he will never discredit the beauty that can come from things often overlooked.

Nitrim is not a hedonist drowning himself in sex and opiates out of a pure love of ecstasy. Instead, he's chasing the dragon in a way that refuses to discredit any emotional, tactile, and metaphysical experience as anything less than a magic in and of itself.


The man before you has just recently passed the death of his youth and his entry into manhood, and couldn't be any older than twenty-one years old. He stands near six feet tall, is caucasian skinned, and his physique is far more wiry than it is muscular. The top of his head is a stylishly cut mane of dark-blonde hair, trimmed short for the ease of styling and maintenance. His green eyes have an almost sleepy quality to them, usually half-lidded above his generally attractive face and the blonde goatee that comes along with it. His shoulders are broad, and his physique is coated in a light display of muscle that comes from regular exercise, yet a life not dedicated to knighthood.

Currently, he is wearing a gray tunic that laces up from the center of his chest with thick, black cords. The neckline of the tunic folds at the back, allowing for a connected hood that can be pulled up and over his head as needed. The tunic is worn inside of a black, military-styled longcoat with a high neckline and embroidered sleeves in red and gold. A thick, heavy swordbelt with an accompanying blaster holster has been wrapped around his waist, leaving the sword to hang low over his left hip. Beneath the swordbelt is an expertly tailored pair of black breeches that end in black, leathered calf-height boots with heavy soles and metal plating over the buckles. This style of clothing is a fine mix of modern day fashion with finely tailored designs likely matching the House he is a member of or serves.

Musical Inspiration:

  • Sixx A.M. - "This is Gonna Hurt"

Hey hey hell is what you make make
Rise against your fate fate
Nothing's gonna keep you down
Even if it's killing you
Because you know the truth

  • David Bowie - "My Death"

My death waits like a beggar blind
who sees the world through an unlit mind
throw him a dime
for the passing time…
My death waits there between your thighs
your cool fingers will close my eyes
lets think of that and the passing time

  • Danzig - "How the Gods Kill"

Do you know the name
Of your solitude
If you ain't got the answer
If you don't know the truth
If you want the power
Then let it flow through
Would you let it go?
They cannot end this morning
Of my life
Show me
How the gods kill

  • Nightwish - "Storytime"

I am the voice of Never-Never-Land
The innocence, the dreams of every man
I am the empty crib of Peter Pan,
A soaring kite against the blue, blue sky,
Every chimney, every moonlit sight
I am the story that will read you real,
Every memory that you hold dear

  • Slipknot - "Vermillion"

I'm a slave, and I am a master
No restraints and, unchecked collectors
I exist through my name, to self ablige
She is something in me, the darkness finds

  • Tristania - "Requiem"

Every season
Every storm
A painful wish to
Be reborn
Now a second silence
Peace restored
If you lose the battle
Win the war


On the Grid

Known Associates


RP Hooks/Intrigue/Scandals

  • As a young boy, was segregated from his other brothers and sisters due to his Awakening, much to the detriment of his emotional state.
  • Came out of a drug-riddled state and a life of "Red Eye", women, and wandering.
  • Once killed a man in self defense who was trying to rob him of his Red Eye. -Brittle Bones-
  • With a long list of past romances in brothel girls, club-hoppers, and some photographic evidence, Nitrim's reputation has suffered with little actual evidence, only tabloid speculations
  • War breaks out. Nitrim meets Lady Soleil Sauveur and a romance blossoms. The relationship grows troubled and during a short-lived romance with Lady Devon Grantham, Nitrim decides to detox and try his hand at a late-age squiring.
  • Nitrim looks into forming an all-Awakened Cabal of underground agents, designed to investigate their potentially prophetic dreams.
  • After a horrifying ordeal in the mines of Ignis, Soleil and Nitrim reconcile. Lord Jevon arranges the marriage banns, giving Nitrim the option to end his squiring to Sir Flint Grantham in favor of spying internally on members of House Khournas at Landing. Nitrim accepts.
  • Nitrim finds an investigative trail into potential lies being told about the history of the Hostile (Cantosan) invaders, tracing the steps of murdered Chantry member Thomas Sextus.
  • Soleil and Nitrim have a falling out, Nitrim severs the relationship, Soleil is soon thereafter found dead and Nitrim's internal and external reputation is further crushed.
  • Nitrim begins to interrogate Sarah, a Cantosan captive, and works at trying to find a diplomatic middle-ground

Recent Logs

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