Nithya (Natty) Katiyar
Aarti Chabriya
Aarti Chabriya as Nithya Katiyar
Full Name: Nithya Katiyar
Byname: none
Age: 26
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: Ibrahm
Title/Profession: none
Position: none
Spouse: none Height: 165cm
Father: unknown Weight: 53kg
Mother: Sunnita Katiyar (estranged) Hair Color: Raven
Siblings: none known Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Children: none


Nithya is outwardly one of those people most reasonably-wealthy societies creates: the lightweight social butterfly of mysterious means. She leads a seemingly-frivolous lifestyle that involves circulating through the popular public houses while dancing, singing, gambling and drinking her life away. Her vices aside she leads a modest life in small (albeit tastefully-decorated) "efficiency" apartment eating modest foods and spending periods of time away from both her home and her party butterfly lifestyle doing whatever it is she does for a living.

You might know Natty if:

  • you slum it in the lower-grade Citizen-oriented bars, especially if you gamble;
  • you follow photography periodicals (she's beginning to get a bit of a name as a talented amateur);
  • you're the kind of person who makes it their business to know those who may be peripherally affiliated with The Syndicate;
  • you think there's good role-playing potential to be found in being a blast from Natty's past (or vice versa).



Nithya is a moderately slender woman with mildly dusky skin paired with kohl-rimmed eyes the brown of unsweetened chocolate and hair the colour of raven's wings. Her hair spills down to her mid-back over the brown, print-patterned kurti she wears. A plain black leather belt cinches it in at the waist, hosting also the decorated scabbard of a katar casually stuffed in behind it. Her legs are clad in loose, dark red pantspantaloons, almostwhich tuck into a pair of plain black leather low boots.


Anybody who knows Nithya will note two things about her:

  1. She always seems to have some kind of cutting instrument, specifically a knife, about her person. Aside from the katar she usually has jammed into her belt or waistband she's been seen having knives of various descriptions, ranging from elegant stilettos to simple penknives, in pockets, purses and pouches (and, presumably, secreted elsewhere upon her person).
  2. She rarely looks directly at anybody she's interacting with. Her eyes are constantly roving, checking over shoulders, checking doors, checking people in the crowd and generally doing everything that is unnerving in personal conversation. This is a tic she can't seem to control as even fairly strong scoldings in her youth didn't stop this behaviour.

Musical Inspiration

Some of this is music that represents the character. Some of this is music the character would listen to if it existed in the setting. You figure which is which. :)

On the Grid

Known Associates

Anabethe Young Lady Anabethe Persephone Khournas : They've met. They've gotten along reasonably well. Annabethe is the reason Nithya got involved in the battle on the plains of Primus (and the subsequent triage in the Chantry). Natty has photos of Anabethe in the field of conflict and of her being treated for wounds by her sister Reena. She will be last against the wall when the revolution comes.
Reena Lady Reena Khournas : Natty has pictures of Reena working on her sister Anabethe. Her overall impression of Reena is that she's competent. She has no impression of her socially.
Nitrim Sir Nitrim Khournas : Very scary. Very handsome. Scary outweighs the handsome. (For now?)
Ellion Lord Lieutenant Ellias Khournas : Very handsome, like his brother. Not very scary.

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