Nimara Demoore
Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway as Nimara Demoore
Full Name: Nimara Demoore
Byname: N/A
Age: 26
Planet: The Vale
Paramount: Cindravale
House: Cindravale
Title/Profession: Senator
Position: Senator
Spouse: None Height: 5'7"
Father: Madrus Demoore Weight: 140
Mother: Pamona Demoore Hair Color: Raven black
Siblings: None Eye Color: Chocolate Brown
Children: None


Nimara, born of a citizen family of modest wealth, has only known the Vale. She lived and breathed its beauty. Her father, a military man, had set her for Knighthood. She, a more docile child and far more infatuated with books than weaponry, fought until she couldn't anymore. During her teens, she entered into her training, where she learned at a modest, unimpressive pace.

During a riding lesson, however, she was on a horse that got spooked. To this day, she still doesn't know what frightened the animal, but she was tossed before she could grab ahold and in the animal's fear, it trampled her left arm, destroying the bones. Her options were to either rebuild the limb or replace it. She chose a cybernetic, that travels from the cuff of her shoulder to her fingertips — and oddly enough, hardly seems embarrassed about it.

She returned to school, finding a love of politics, history and poetry. The idea came into her head that she would run as a Senator. She had friends in lower nobility due to her training and citizenry due to her upbringing. She became a manipulative force as any young adult could be. At twenty-three, she was successfully voted into the Senate, where she infuses strong Dovian politics on behalf of the Cindravale house.

Now three years later, she continues to work with the Senate, even if many find her a headache than someone impressive. Others simply miss her points or find the Dove's defensive tendencies with the Hostiles misguided. While seemingly open minded, Nimara speaks for her people, perhaps too loudly at times.

In her off hours, she's been known to enjoy cards, take some weapons training lessons, but appreciates smithing most of all: with a little bit of mechanical altering of her arm, she spends her free time crafting jewels and creating necklaces and earrings, many of which she sports. She enjoys drinking more than she should, and possibly other unsavory habits, and moves through a crowd like water, making acquaintances whenever she smiles.


  • Gregarious
  • Intelligent
  • Graceful
  • Argumentative


This is a very thin, lithe woman who is so small that she may fall apart if pushed too hard. Her limbs are slender, even the mechanical left arm she sports from fingertip to shoulder. It is mostly a silvery metal, lithe like the rest of her body, with a few panels that can be manipulated. Her face is small and round, with naturally bright, plump red lips and dark, chocolate brown eyes, lined with long lashes. Her hair is long, thick and the color of ravens, making her pale face appear almost milk white. Her voice is strong, with a delicate pitch, but often spoke quickly and always with a straight smile.

She wears white robes: a single piece folds over her shoulder, showing a white suit underneath that hugs what little curves she has. A wide, silver belt covers her mid-section and a pair of tall, white paneled boots covers her legs. A black arm-cuff covers the bicep of each arm and her mechanical hand appears on the other side.


  • Addictive Personality - Nimara tends to focus on things that make her happy; this may be an argument that she's crafting for days or a type of food. Addictions come easily to her and are often very difficult for her to ignore.
  • Romantic - She's a complete sucker for romance and falls easily for it; that said, she's been courted a fair amount that her standards are high.
  • Ambitious - When she has her sights set on something she wants — an item, a position or even a person — there are few forces that will stop her.
  • Bookworm - Nimara is happiest lost in a book, whether it's a book of philosophy, political dissertation or a sappy romance novel.

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Michael Michael Athyros : Michael broke all the rules for her. What she expected to be a flirtacious and harmless acquaintance turned into a budding romance that she's afraid to be a part of, but trying nonetheless.
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