Lord Sir Nikomachos Sauveur of Cindravale
Colin Egglesfield
Colin Egglesfield as Nikomachos "Niko" Iason Sauveur of Cindravale
Full Name: Nikomachos "Niko" Iason Sauveur of Cindravale
Byname: The Phoenician (Of the Phoenix)
Age: 26 Standard Years
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: House Sauveur
House: House Sauveur
Title/Profession: Lord Sir
Position: Knight Lieutenant
Spouse: Sir Ellinor Sauveur Height: 6'0"
Father: Sir Alexandros Cindravale Weight: 170 lbs
Mother: Lady Agirra Cindravale nee Leonnida Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Sir Kassandra Cindravale
Sir Sammel Cindravale
Sir Erik Cindravale
Eye Color: Gray
Children: Alexandra Evony Sauveur (3014)


Named for one of the greatest heroes of the First System War, Nikomachos Cindravale was raised to believe he was capable of great things — and expected to accomplish them. He would come of age at a time when the Hostiles would return, and so his training as a knight was nearly assured. Born into a minor branch of the Cindravales, there was little else for him to do besides compete to be chosen squire by a notable knight and prepare for war.

As a youth, young Niko enjoyed the spectacle of tournaments as much as the next Cindravale, but what he really liked was finding artful angles on the action, studying it from a metaphysical distance through the lens of a (digital) camera. He kept up this hobby as best as he could after he became a squire for his uncle Andros at the age of 9, but Andros was a stern and direct man, almost Khourni in his approach to training, and that didn't leave much time for Niko's love of photography. He was a mediocre student in the classroom, but took to riding, weapons, and hunting with much greater enthusiasm.

It was the pageantry of the joust that drew him the most, however, the direct competition between two knights, the pitting of two humans and two horses against one another. Although Young Lord Solon Cindravale is 2 years Niko's junior, the two were squires together for 7 years, and grew to be close friends. At age 18, Niko's uncle assisted him in joining the Midsummer Feast tournament of 3006 as a mystery knight. Niko didn't win, but he did win a single bout, enough to prove his ability, make the ransom for his armor and horse back, and earn himself a knighthood. Over the next 7 years, he participated in every tournament he could, amassing a slightly winning record, but never actually winning a major tournament. After 7 years on the tournament scene, became a known quantity to most fellow competitors, well enough respected, although as much for his showmanship as for his actual jousting skills.

Abstaining from any events but the tilt in the 3013 Tournament of Vengeance, he drove his record further into the positive by going 4-0 in the tilts and took first place in that event, finally earning his first overall tournament win. In the time around the Tournament, he garnered some tabloid attention for spending a good deal of time with both a niece of the King, Sir Ellinor Sauveur, and a celebrity and actress, Miss Jane Wyre.

Despite his reputation as a tournament knight, Niko threw himself into the war effort when the Hostiles arrived, riding patrols and guarding the people of the Vale against the implacable foe. He was a key figure in the initial defense of Godwinstown, finally using his lance for something other than knocking other men and women off their horses. Showing that he has not lost his flare for the dramatic even in war, he retained the holoprojectors he mounted on his armor for the Tournament of Vengeance, projecting fiery wings about him every time his lance hit home. He took a wound there, an axe-blow to the side, but the Hostiles were driven back.

Around the start of the Third System War, it became known that Lord Sir Alexandros Cindravale had — at his son's urging — taken time out from his busy schedule to request a betrothal for Nikomachos with Sir Ellinor Sauveur, daughter of Princess Evony Sauveur.

When 50 Rovehn Citizens were captured by Hostiles, Nikomachos took part in their rescue attempts, taking several more wounds there, as well as several rather disconcerting and painful pulses of high frequency sound from one of the Hostile priests. They did manage to save some of the Citizens, although only 20 were still alive when rescued.

Nikomachos took part in the first battle of Primus during the Third System War alongside his newly-announced betrothed, Sir Ellinor Sauveur, serving as part of Reserve Group 7 which stopped the near-breakout of the encircled Hostile forces. He came through the battle unwounded. He also helped ride down the Hostiles infesting the Plains of Ares, trampling them under the hooves of his destrier. He was wounded again in that battle, seriously enough to be held out of the battles that followed through the rest of the week, but not badly enough to leave a lasting mark.

He married Sir Ellinor Sauveur on July 21, 3013, in the Grand Chantry, just one day before the second wave of Hostiles arrived over the planets of the Haven System.

The Valen-born now-Sauveur took part in several battles against the second wave of Hostiles through late July and August, most notably two battles on Primus and a role in defending the first breach in the Detritus sandwall. When Lord Sir Cynan Dalton was wounded and forced from the field, Nikomachos directed the men-at-arms on their brief retreat back behind the breach, despite fighting on foot rather than from horseback.

It became known that Oleander Fin, surrogate to Sir Ellinor and Sir Nikomachos, became pregnant early in October of 3013.

After having fought in several more skirmishes across the Vale, the Spine, Inculta, and Primus, he returned home to take part in the joust at the Tournament of Tomorrow. Winning his first three matches quickly and efficiently, he went eight passes with Sir Brienne Arboren before unhorsing her on the ninth to claim victory in his second tournament.

As part of his continued effort as a knight of House Sauveur, he joined a mission onboard the ramship Razorwing to investigate a crippled Hostile transport. There he took a grievous wound, fighting alongside his brother Sammel and people from across Haven. He has quickly and quite loudly decided that he hates fighting on ships.

While recovering, he decided that steps needed to be taken to ensure that the war with the Hostiles was actively pursued, and he began contacting fellow nobles, mostly knights and members of the military.

Nikomachos led a small team to a Hostile transport that crashed on Nubilus, where he corralled wayward nobles and helped to discover a new type of Hostile. Shortly there-after — on January 28, 3014 — he was promoted to Knight Lieutenant.

On a patrol through the Fornlorn Swamps, he and Ellinor were were attacked by Hostiles, his horse Erinye killed, and their comm systems damaged. They held off the Hostiles for four days before being rescued by a party composed mostly of family and friends.

When permission was given for the Valen to strike back in force against the Hostiles on their continent, Nikomachos immediately focused his attention there, spending a good portion of time on the grasslands of his home and picking up a few more wounds here and there in doing so.

On May 4, 3014, Miss Oleander Fin gave birth to Nikomachos' and Ellinor's baby, a healthy girl who was soon anointed by a Priest of the Chantry and named Alexandra Evony Sauveur after her paternal grandfather and her maternal grandmother.



This tall young man is somewhere in his late twenties, his build taut and strong-limbed. His dark brown hair is cut short enough to be spiked up an inch and a half over his slight widow's peak, easily covered by a helmet at need. His features are crisp, with heavy eyebrows, bright gray eyes, a patrician nose, a strong jaw and chin, and lips inclined to a smirking smile. It's a well-composed face, handsome enough in a generic sort of way when at rest. A scar, narrow and fresh, runs up the right side of his neck into the hairline at the back of his head.

His long frame is flattered by the tailored coat of dusty gold he wears, the shoulders squared out to emphasize their breadth, and then the lines curving in around his lean torso. His neck is guarded by high collars embroidered with galloping horses of bronze stitching. Further embroidery trails down the lapel-less front, depicting grasslands with wind sending waves through the stalks. The stitching ends just shy of the coat's narrowest point, before it flares out again into thigh-length tails. The coat is worn open, displaying the simple white shirt without any sort of fastening that he wears beneath. It is not quite loose, but neither is it skin-tight, providing some idea of his shape without conforming to his every line. The shirt tucks into bronze pants that flow lightly and easily about his legs, belying their tough fabric. The pants slip into knee-high boots of a soft brown which sport bronze and gold spurs with flame-washed rowels. Two dull brown belts wrap about his waist, the one slung low on his left hip holding a finely-crafted arming sword with ribbons trailing from the pommel that color-shift from red to yellow. The belts are buckled with a firebird spreading its wings in red and gold. A bronze and gold braided bracelet peeks out from under his left cuff and a gold and white gold wedding band encircles his left ring finger in a circle of etched flames.


Flamboyant — Nikomachos firmly believes that if something is to be done, it should be done with style.
Noblesse Oblige — Nikomachos feels a very strong pull to fulfill his half of the feudal contract and defend the Citizens of Haven.
Loves Attention — Unsurprisingly, Nikomachos loves the spotlight. A lot.
Protector — Although Nikomachos' first battle was early in the first wave of Hostiles, he (eventually) adapted well, and now focuses himself on protecting those close to him.

Identifying Marks

Tattoo of a firebird across his back, from one shoulder blade to the other, in metallic red and gold.
Scar at the right side of his rib-cage from the axe of a Hostile scout (Moderate wound), June 13, 3013.
Scar at the back right side of his neck from the spear of a Hostile (Moderate wound), June 29, 3013.
Scar front and back high on his left shoulder from a Hostile bolt (Moderate wound), July 27, 3013.
Scar on his right side just above the axe-scar from a Hostile bolt (Moderate wound), July 27, 3013.
Scar across the left side of his rib-cage from the greatsword of a Hostile (Critical wound), December 08, 3013.
Scar across the top of his left shoulder from a Hostile sword (Moderate wound), February 13, 3014.
Scar across inside of left arm from the axe of a Hostile Scout (Moderate wound), February 17, 3014.
Scar on left side of his neck from a Hostile halberd (Moderate wound), March 29, 3014.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Solon Young Lord Sir Solon "Sol" Cindravale : Proud, brave, and proper, my cousin, and the future High Lord is almost as near and dear to me as a brother. Though my name has changed with my marriage, he will ever have my loyalty and friendship.
Kassandra Lady Sir Kassandra "Kassie" Cindravale : My younger sister has proper Valen pride. I think if she thought I was trying to protect her, she would hit me. With her axe. It doesn't mean I won't try.
Sammel Lord Sir Sammel "Sammy" Cindravale : My little brother's become a valiant knight in his own right. I'm happy to see that he has found someone he cares about so deeply as Lady Elodie. The fact that she so obviously cares for him as well makes me all the more happy.
Elodie Lady Elodie "Die" Cindravale of Iah : She seems as good for my younger brother as Ellie is for me. Bright, cheerful, and — necessarily for Sammy — an excellent field medic and doctor. And now she's even learning to banter like a proper Valen.
Erik Lord Sir Erik Ibrahm of Cindravale : It seems that my baby brother has begun to make an even more advantageous match than I have. Good to know that I can still help him out from time to time.
Garus Lord Sir Garus Leonnida : We met only briefly at the Meals of the Mother gala, but his reaction my call to action is commendable. I look forward to speaking with him in person on the subject.

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