08.02.3013 Nightriders
Summary: Talynne visits Arion Oaks Stables at Balius' invitation; they go for a ride on Bey's favorite horses.
Date: 08.02.2013
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Talynne Balius 

Arion Oaks Ranch
The Arion Oaks Ranch, operated by the Quellton family, has stood for three generations offering top quality horses for both war and work. The Ranch house looks homely, and looks like it probably could use a new coat of paint. The interior is minimalistic, very few pictures hanging on the wall, the couch looks very used. Their holovid looks to be close to ten years old. The kitchen is the biggest room in the house, which also encompasses the dining room. The pantry is filled with a bounty of home-canned fruits and veggies. In the middle of the dining room is a very large, redwood table. It looks like it could fit close to fifteen people. The master bedroom is neat with a large queen sized bed in the middle that have hanging on the bedposts. The middle room is mostly neat and organized, with a pile of bundled up clothes stuffed somewhere in a corner. There are posters of bands hanging up on the walls. The last room is much smaller, decorated in pinks and lavenders. Posters of woodland creatures hang on the walls and a small, stuffed drake sits on the bed.
Just outside of the house by the kitchen is a shed used for smoking and drying meat when the boys go out hunting.

Lastly, the stable looks considerably newer then the house, probably about ten years old. Inside there are forty-four stalls that were very obviously made for war horses. However, half of these stalls are empty. Surrounding the entire ranch is a metal fence as well as an electronic barrier, obviously meant to keep unwanted predators out, and to keep the horses in.


Balius is waiting under the archway at the edge of the property. He's got his "good" green tunic on, and he's barefoot. Trying to remember what time he was supposed to be expecting Talynne, he's trying to remain calm, though he's obviously excited.

Talynne wasn't late. More likely she was early, so the fact that poor Balius was attempting to remember the time she said she'd show up was likely futile. She was still dressed as she was earlier, simple, comfortable, and she'd not ridden a horse here so it was obvious she'd walked a bit through the wooded area, her face still slightly flushed with exertion. Looking around curiously, she meandered over towards where he'd mentioned he would be, her hazel eyes bright and avidly drinking in the sights and sounds of their stable.
When she spotted Balius, she gave him a warm smile and a happy wave hello. "Balius, I hope I'm not terribly late?" She asked him as if she didn't know she was early, good manners, of course. Or perhaps she'd lost track of the time while mucking through the woods, who knew?

Smiling at the voice, he'll give a big wave. "Talynne! I see you've become well acquainted with our forest. And I don't believe you are late at all." He'll motion forward, an excited ball of energy and definitely in his element. "Do you need anything to drink? Water? And we've got all kinds of juices from the orchards around?" As he talks, he'll begin to walk towards the main house.

Moving to match his trajectory, Talynne fell in line with Balius as he walked, her legs working to make up for his extra height but it didn't seem to be a bother. "I wouldn't deny something to drink, do you have anything you'd suggest as a favorite, or is everything equally good?" She glanced at him, her smile still in place.

"Well that will all depend on whether you want somethin' refreshin, somethin' sweet, or somethin sour. You let me know from that and I'll work it." He'll smile back, wondering why he's giddy over drink selection. He'll notice Talynne's pace and adjust if he feels like he's stepping ahead. There's a man working the stables that Bey will give a hearty wave to as he steps up the porch and opens the door, which will reveal a modest kitchen, decorated in light blue paint and horse patterns. He holds it waiting for Talynne, but it's made to appear as an informal gesture.

Smiling to him with a nod as he holds the door open for her, Talynne chuckled and passed through, looking around the kitchen with her critical eye and grinning. "Lovely kitchen, I'm sure many a fine meal have been created and sneaked here in the middle of the night." She chuckled at the thought and then looked at Balius as if the ponderance of a drink was quite the serious business. "Well then, let's see. I prefer things a little tart, though I enjoy things that are sweet and have a nice, refreshing edge to them. Something a blend of more than one thing, usually, so it has a little complexity to it. But at the same time, I asked for your favorite. I'm curious what that actually is."

Balius will laugh, thinking of quite the few memories in the kitchen. Pointing to the round table in the middle of the kitchen, he'll say in a mock serious tone "just don't ever mention the Chocolate War that began at that very table and we can all pretend that this kitchen has only ever been used for cooking and dining." He'll say with a smile, his green eyes lighting up at some daydream or another. "Well, I like to mix orange and pineapple juice - with ample amounts of pulp from the OJ. We've got some Grapefruit, if tart were your preference," he'll say as he turns to get some glasses out of the cabinet.

"Orange and pineapple would be delicious, thank you. Pineapple has plenty of tart for me, no need to add extra." A grin curved her lips as she looked over the table where said war had occurred. "Did the battle get discovered or was it over and your parents never found out because you hid so well the reason all of their chocolate was gone?" Talynne moved over nearer to him and watched him for a moment, leaning against the counter top. "Did you enjoy your trip to the bazaar today?"

Nodding with a smile as he pulls the juices out of the fridge and starts to mix them, he'll try to pick his words carefully when discussing the fiasco. "First you should know I'm the youngest of three. It's safe to say that the length of the war alone was enough to ensure it was well publicized. Alliances were forged and broken, brother turned against sister and so on." He'll chuckle good-heartedly at the thoughts. "The bazaar is always abuzz. I'm interning with Demos, as you know, and I have gotten lost in that marketplace more than once. Did you riding cloths make it to the caravan in good order?" He'll finish the drinks and hand one to Talynne, also leaning against the counter now.

"That sounds like quite the endeavor, your family should have been knights." Talynne chuckled and shook her head. "Though I'd admit it sounds like it was an enjoyable little war game held over such a confection. I've always found the bazaar to be a large blend of everything intense about every moon, every place, every person. It's like walking into the strongest scent of all the lands combined together to just overwhelm every sense you have." Talynne shook her head. "Also why I can't imagine working there, I much prefer the plains with the horses. Far more my speed, I'm afraid." She grinned at him, watching as he mixes the drinks.

Balius will take a decent gulp from his glass, laughing at the suggestion and easing closer to Talynne. "Funny you should say that, my brother Chiron was just Squired, so perhaps he learned a thing or two, huh?" As she describes the bazaar, Balius will ponder his first trip to the Bazaar and nod in agreement. He liked the summary of what was often an intense experience of organized chaos. "The trees take some getting use to, I won't deny that. I like to think it gives our horses a better sense of different terrains and potential obstacles. Though I imagine having open plains might give them a leg up on training for feats of speed." He'll pause, contemplating the differences and benefits, wanting to hear more about the roving caravans of horses he'd been daydreaming about since the Bazaar earlier.

"The plains are interesting, We have so much space. Sometimes, though, we set up obstacles that are very much like trees to train them. Or other times we'll run across an oasis of sorts, filled with trees in a thick stand, and I'll use it to train them about close quarters movements without being squirrely." Talynne smiled and picked up her glass, taking a small taste to try it out and murmuring appreciation for it to him with a grin. "Tis good, Thank you for your kindness in offering me one." She took another full swallow, drinking it down before she cleared her throat. "I'm not at all adverse to your lovely trees, it's more the overwhelming sensations of the bazaar. The first time my mother took me when I was young I could hardly think, I just felt so overwhelmed. I figured out how to get through it as I grew older, but the first few times were very intense." She chuckled softly. "Though, every first time is intense, that's the way of life, I suppose."

Finishing his drink, he'll seem genuinely interested as she describes the various methods used to train their steeds. He'll picture the different terrains and the mighty destriers in different feats. "It's the least I could do after you trekked through the forest to get here," he'll respond to the thanks with a smile. "Firsts will also be the most memorable, really we'll probably judge most of our other experiences based on the first occurrence." After putting his now empty glass down on the counter, "So, you ready to see the wild horses of the Arbor?" And he'll look up at her, the invitation a sincere one, as if he's not certain of her response.

"I would love to see the wild horses of the arbor." Talynne nodded surely before she lifted her glass and began drinking the liquid down in a rapid series of gulps, almost as if she were slamming an ale at a pub. Setting the glass down, she demurely wiped her lips on the back of her hand and grinned to him. "That really was delicious, perfect after the walk." Then she started for the door, opening it for him this time with a glint in her eye that was entirely filled with mischief. "After you, Balius, please show me to your lovely horses!"

Balius will raise an eyebrow at her downing the juice, impressed by the motion. "I hoped it would be," is all he'll say though. Seeing Talynne open the door, Bey will move through with a "Thank you m'lady," emphasizing the noble title he'd recalled wasn't the preferred choice of address. And as he goes on the porch, he'll give an exuberant shout to the man who is walking towards the barn. "Da! I'm gonna take January and Victarion out for a ride." The man simply waves his hand in response and walks towards the barn. He'll turn back to her "Those are my favorites, anyways."

"Oh? How are they your favorites? Are they a good ride, spirited?" Talynne was obviously curious about this, shutting the door behind them and hurrying to catch up to the exuberant male. "My favorite is my own, admittedly, Sinner. He's powerful, so very strong, really. And when I ride him it's like being carried along the world so far and above it that it can never touch me." Taly chuckled softly and shook her head. "Not that it's the truth. But still, I feel that way."

"Well, January has this intuitive sense about her. Like…she's got the ability to read her rider before they've even had the chance to get to know her. She anticipates speed and skill. And the mare's always up for a challenge. Victarion has been mine since he was born. Dependable and fearless, he's got a strong spirit, for sure." When Talynne describes riding Sinner, Bey will look off, daydreaming again. "Honestly, when I ride Victarion, something similar but opposite happens, like I've become one with the ground, with the trees. That we are both simply part of the life force that is flowing around us. Each chirp of the sparrow, each breeze in the trees is part of a greater whole that I feel inherently connected to in a way I just don't any other time." He'll be keeping a steady pace as he opens a fence and walks through, holding it open behind him.

"Sounds like January is a wonderful training horse. "That's the nice thing about one that is dedicated to you, a horse that really lines up with you is something of a dream. There's nothing you can't do with them, nothing they won't anticipate." Talynne's passion for it was raw, obvious, and completely on her sleeve that it couldn't have been mistaken for anything else. "Being on a horse is the only time I ever feel fully connected to the earth and the air all at once. There's never a time other than that." She shook her head. "It's kind of amazing, actually. I'm glad you feel that way, too." Slipping through the gate she followed Balius, eager eyes watching to see the horses, obviously excited to meet them.

Balius will nod at the description of January. "That she is, but don't let that lead you to underestimating her." The two horses are at a corner of the fenced in area, saddles and riding cloths over the fence. One of the horses is a reddish-brown chestnut roan mare with a brown mane. It has a white face. The other horse is a very dark brown chestnut roan stallion with a tan mane. There's a content look on his face at her comment. "So…which is which?" These will obviously not be destriers, their size significantly smaller.

"I never would, underestimating horses is the first way to get yourself in a serious situation you never expected. Instead you should always overestimate them, then they have expectations to meet." Talynne chuckled and looked at the horses he brought her to, face lighting up brightly and watching the two of them. She took a long moment, examining the horses, inhaling the scents on the air. In order to see which was which, she moved closer to them and started speaking softly. "Hello beauties… you don't know me. But that's alright, I'm looking forward to knowing you, and hopefully you'll be happy in return." She held her hand out as she got closer, offering the scent of herself openly by pulling up the sleeve of her shirt and baring her wrist.

The reddish chestnut horse will approach closer, while the other remains aloof. Bey will stand back, admiring Talynne's technique. His eyes briefly wander to her form, but he quickly refocuses back on the horses, his eyes flickering back and forth between them. "Well, you've apparently won one of them over at least." He'll comment with a smile, making sure Talynne has her space with the horses.

"I'd guess this lovely lass is January?" She moved closer to the horse, meeting it halfway so that it knew she wanted to meet her, too. "Hello beautiful." She said just for the horse, her steps taking her slowly up against the front of the creature, and just to the side, until her hand touched along her upper shoulder and then her neck, and a soft, gentle sound came from her lips. "Oh but you are lovely, hello girl." The sweet tone of her voice mixed with the gentle touches were obviously designed to make a horse feel at ease with her, and soon enough she got a little closer to inhale the scent of that particular beast. "Have you had a good night?" She asked January, before she glanced back over her shoulder at Bey and grinned. "She's absolutely lovely, very well kept."

"Always too good to pretend like you wanted attention, aren't you Victarion?" He'll tease in the direction of the other horse. "That is January, as her usual self. A gentle soul, unless you are giving another horse one of her favorite treats. Then it's every man for himself." He'll chuckle slightly. Locking eyes with Victarion, he'll approach the horse at a steady pace and start stroking his mane. "They're not as big as the typical warhorses, but the destriers just aren't as nimble through the forests as these are."

"I can see that as being an issue, Sinner doesn't like the thick underbrush either, it bothers his depth perception." She gently nuzzled against the horse and gave her a soft sounding whisper that was entirely for her, not for anyone else. Then she looked over at Bey and smiled to him warmly. "She's lovely, and you're right, the heart ofh er is very strong, sure, and gentle." She looked at the horse and nickered at her softly. "You are, aren't you, January. He doesn't realize that when you win for treats it's because you're sweeter than the other girls."

"Knew you'd like her," Bey smiles. "Think you might wanna ride her?" He says, nodding at the saddle that's waiting on the fence next to where January is. "Oh, don't get telling her that now. She already knows I've got a soft spot for her." The youngest Quellton will go and grab the other saddle and make his way to put it on Victarion.

"She's worth a soft spot. And she already knows, or else you'd be one sorry horse worker." Talynne chuckled and moved her hand down along January's snout, before she 'nicknicked' at her and drew her along with her towards the fence and the waiting riding gear. "You alright with me riding you, sweetheart?" The nudge she gave the sweet horse was a kind one, playful, and all about the joy of it. When she got to the equipment she got it set up onto the horse quickly, efficiently, like someone used to dealing with multiple horses in a day, having to move through it rapidly. "So tell me, Balius, are you going to want to come with me on a ride through the plains as well? We can take out two of my favorites and see if you like the feel of the larger horses as much as I do?" Once she had January set up, she patted the girl and grinned. "You ready?"

Balius will nod in eager agreement. "I think that'd only be fair." He'll grin widely as he quickly follows suit on Victarion. He'll trot the horse out and then have it gallop and leap over the fence, waiting on the other side, as a friendly challenge. "Shall I go around and get the fence or do you think you two can make it?" It is a jest, his voice clearly communicating that he believes both Talynne and January are capable of it.

Talynne couldn't help the grin, she looked at the horse, and then at him, watching his performance with a appreciative clap. "Well done, Balius, very well done." She chuckled and looked at January. "Let's take him." Then a wink to the horse and she was just suddenly on her, a swing of the leg and without effort she was up and settled. Almost as if on cue, Talynne settled against January as the horse broke for the fenceline, taking it smoothly to the point that rider and horse looked like the same creature. She then trotted around him with a beaming smile, the horse moving in response to the flexion of her thighs, nothing else, the reigns in her hands completely superfluous. "Perhaps… though next time we'll double the height of the fence and make it a real challenge."

"You and that horse might have more in common than I thought," he'll smirk. "Still…that was impressive." He'll pet Victarion gently for a moment, as if pondering something over. Looking up at the night sky, scattered stars through tree branches, he'll look at Talynne, excitement and perhaps nervousness in his eyes. "I wanna show you something…that is if you can keep up!" And he'll give Victarion a quick click of his heels and he's off.

Talynne laughed brightly and turned January to follow him, only behind at first due to the fact that he had a head start. It took only a moment and then she was at his flank, before riding just back from him, her speed catching him. Once she was astride him, hanging back a bit to avoid taking over the lead at all since he knew where he was going and she didn't. "Lead the way, Balius, I'm enjoying following so far!" Talynne playfully called to him, letting him know how close she was. Hair streaming back behind her, she looked more youthful, obviously completely happy astride the horse.

Finding her laughter contagious, Balius will breath in the fresh air around him, feeling the pulse of the adrenaline as he guided Victarion onward. They winded through what seemed like a never-ending maze of trees, with no clear path or trail in sight. He'll lean Victarion into a full gallop for a few minutes. If Talynne continues to follow, they'll come upon a small clearing near a babbling brook. Bey will slow down as they reach the clearing. Catching his breath, still finding himself with a goofy grin from laughing so hard, he'll simply say "Here we are."

There was a breathy whisp of a basp from Taly, and she nodded to him. She followed him through the trees, careful not to end up wrapping herself or the horse around one of the large protrusions from the earth. As they came into the clearing, Taly danced January around a little bit, smiling broadly at the lovely area and moving over towards the brooke so that January could have a drink if she wanted. In a playful display of athleticism, Talynne flipped her legs off the back of the horse and landed with a solid hit. Patting her hand along the side of the horse, Talynne moved over to grin at Balius. "Do you bring them here to rest?"

Hopping off Victarion, Bey will slowly guide him to the water. "That's part of it, for sure." He'll smile her way and then point at a tree on the other side of the brook. A makeshift wooden construction was high in the tree. "That's the treehouse I built as my escape when Chiron wanted me to pretend Squire for his pretend Knighted self one too many times." He'll let Victarion wander a bit and then lay down on his back, looking up at the star-filled night. "Not to mention the view here. There's something about bridging the elements, bringing them all together…a blended harmony. The stars and the soil in the stillness." He'll pensively stare at the sky.

"There is something spectacular about it." Talynne smiled and looked up to share the view. Hooking her thumbs into her beltline, she took a slow, satisfying breath in, taking in all the different scents of the local night. "It's absolutely beautiful, I can't get over how lovely the area is. You must feel so special to have grown up in a place like this with all of the variations for your whole life." She nodded and moved over to lower herself to sit down near him, not being so forward as to bump him or anything, but close enough that conversation and looking at each other, even in the dim light, would be more than easy. "So then, are you going to specialize in Geology as well?"

"There's no place quite like it, and I find myself dreaming of it when I'm not here." He'll smile that she gets it, the beauty of the place. "I'm going to study Medicine, chiefly how to prevent and contain outbreaks of disease. I'm helping Demos out until I can find a sponsor or some way to pay for the Academ…" He'll feel slightly uncomfortable discussing financial matters with a noble and immediately regret saying anything about that part. "He's great for giving me an internship, a path to make connections and such." His green eyes will try and make contact with hers as often as possible. He enjoys the proximity, even though he's not making any particular move. "I take it, considering your skill, that you are quite entrenched in the business of raising horses?"

"Yes, I've been very immersed in it for a very long time." Talynne chuckled, her gaze meeting his easily, her comfort level obvious. "I've never really thought much about what else I would do if I wasn't a Knight, if I wasn't a Breeder and trainer of horses. They are very much a part of the Rovehn life, you move through the world, your pods keep moving, you keep moving. The horses are something I can help make permanent though, something that is always reliable and never changing. There's something to be said for the fact that when I have a goal, I can achieve it, and my quality standards push my goals to be quite high. So in that case.. well. I'd never want to stop doing something that makes me feel as good as horse training, either." She grinned to him. "Your exuberance is something the medical world would be lucky to have, Balius."

Balius will nod knowingly as Talynne talks about her passion. As they both sit on the ground, he'll seem slightly nervous, pondering something in his mind. "I think we all have to grab a hold of what's truly important when change surrounds us, whether it's tangible or not." As she compliments his 'exuberance,' Bey will lean forward smiling, playful. "My exuberance, huh?" His eyes will watch hers, gauging her reaction as his face approaches hers at a cautious pace.

There was a wide smile on her face as he spoke of needing to hold onto what is important. "I chose to be a knight because of what I felt was important. The problem was that at first, I only did it to better understand how to train the horses, if you can believe that. My mother agreed because my older sister for one was already a knight, and she thought I just might be correct that knowing war would only help me train horses meant to battle in it." Her gaze met his curiously, watching him as he spoke. "Yes, you have a spirit about you, an exuberant, I recognize it well when I see it in others." Talynne inclined her head to him in agreement to the concept, but then simply watched him as he moved his face closer, a slight blush coming over her cheeks. "Balius…" Her voice was slightly quiet, though that could have been the breathlessness of the ride.

Giving a soft call over to January, Talynne brought the horse nearer to her and pet along her nose, even giving her a little scratch up behind the ears as she turned to watch Balius get hold of Victarion. "We'll have to see if we can't find somewhere fun to show you at the Pod.. even though the Pod itself is pretty neat to see. The plains are filled with all sorts of secret places, though."

"Sounds like an adventure worth having," and he'll mount Victarion, who has since calmed down. And, he leads at a near full gallop back to the stables, inspired and in a markedly better move, pleased with the night and sincerely hopeful that he would get to see Taly again soon.

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