07.22.3013: Night Swimming
Summary: Soleil summons Taryn poolside during the middle of the night.
Date: 22 July 2013
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Solarium — Royal Tower, Landing
At the very top of the Royal Tower is the grand Solarium and gardens. It is nothing more than a large biodome of transparent composite panels that let the sun, moon, and stars easily shine in. It sprawls, accented with clusters of well-kept gardens. There are secluded sitting areas where trees create soft umbrellas of shade. Most of these trees are fruit-bearing — particular peach trees, which had been the late King Regnant Symion Sauveur's favorite. A modest path loops its way through the solarium, and is crafted of some what spongey material that allows for comfortable walking and jogging. At the center of the solarium is an asymmetrical, manmade pool that looks almost like a natural pond if not for the cement surfaces. It is perfect for casual swimming, and a favorite place for relaxation.
July 22nd, 3013

A late night invitation reaches Taryn, and when he comes, he'll be escorted into the palace and up to the Solarium. He's only told one of the Sauveurs wants to see him, unless he insists on being told which. So he might or might not be surprised to find he's led to Soleil, who is at the pool in a swimsuit and robe. She's wet, as if she's been swimming, and the robe clings to her, but her suit, though stylish and flattering, is by no means a skanky bikini. A fox kit runs around in the grass nearby, an adorable white and silver animal chasing crickets.

When he is summoned by one of the Sauveurs, Taryn figures that it was most likely one of three. And while it isn't the reviled leather tunic, he is wearing the same blue cotton one that he was wearing the last time the two had seen each other, though perhaps it is looking a little baggier than before. Either that, or Taryn is looking a little leaner than he was, which is the more likely of the two. The golden hued Valen is looking a little more worse for wear. His curly hair is almost to the point of being shaggy, and his eyes are shadowed from a lack of sleep. Once he is announced to Soleil, he remains at a distance, offering a polite bow. He cocks his head slightly, "You wished to see me, M'Lady?"

"H'lo," Soleil says, waving in a gesture that at once beckons him over and sends the servant away. She pulls her legs from the pool and rises easily, wrapping the robe around her figure and fixing it to stay with a sash. It's all black, as her clothing often is. The rest of her is completely natural, no color in her hair, no makeup. It leaves her looking pristine and deceptively innocent.
"Thanks for coming. I have something I want to speak with you about, and I hope you'll be far more receptive to this offer than the first and second I made you."
She offers a faintly wry smirk with one corner of her mouth, and walks toward an elegant cart where various fruit and liquors offer refreshment.
The whole place is kind of dark, but brightly lit— maybe not from the light of real celestial bodies outside, but the whole place has a nice moon glow.

Taryn walks closer to her. He grins slightly, "You seem to be in a pretty decent mood tonight." He arches an eyebrow, "Or are you just trying to lull me into false sense of security." Looking at her for a second, "I'm willing to listen at least." There is something else in his eyes as well. "Actually I was wanting to talk to you… but the security around here has been a bit more intense.. I guess from your cousin's wedding. I heard it was a celebration not to miss." He shrugs, "Too bad, I missed it, huh?"

"It was awful," Soleil says. "And I'm stoned. Shhh." She puts a finger over her lips, smiling at him mildly before she lowers her eyes to the task of pouring drinks. "I am allowed. There's this great stuff they cultivate on Nubilus, medicinal. It's very relaxing. I told my doctor I was in hysterics over my impending wedding. Hah. No, actually, I had a better excuse than that, but I don't want to get into it. Suffice to say he thought a few cartridges would help me get through the next few weeks. It's pretty mild stuff, so they're — hm. Not really supposed to talk about it. But uh— I am about to get into some stuff with you that is a lot more important to keep mum about, so am not too concerned about you running to the tabloids with tales of Soleil Sauveur and her special cigarettes." It al might be a bit hard to follow.
She extends a glass of sparkling liquid to him. It's clear with a faint lavender hue. "What'd you want to talk to me about?"

Might be a bit hard to follow? A blind, three legged dog would have an easier time tracking a rabbit through a grass fire. Taryn follows through for a little bit then decides the details of Soleil and her magic cigarettes really don't matter as much as the fact that she's allowed to have them. Finally, he just looks at her, blinking slightly, "Do you think that I'd run to the tabloids about anything you were to ever tell me?" He sounds more than a touch offended and hurt that she would lump him in with the rest of the 5 minute of fame seeking mass. He shakes his head, "I would never do that… I thought you knew that." He takes the glass looking at it for a second before he taste it, not really sure what to expect. "Oh.. well… Did you ever hear about the dream that I had before? The one that I had told Lady Sophie about?"

It tastes kind of like lavender, and is definitely liquor, with a hint of fruit.
"No, I don't think for a second you'd tattle on me to anyone," Soleil says, before taking a sip of her own glass. "First, because you don't do anything for money, with your impeccable sense of honor, and second, you're just terrified of me deep down, I know you are." She allows an arch smile. Wow. No wonder they let her have her special cigarettes. They almost make her charming. And not that weird kind of charming where you kind of want to strangle her even though she's so cute. Like, actually charming almost like a normal woman. Or maybe not. Either way, she's a little nicer.
"I did, you told me yourself, didn't you? Or alluded to it. An eagle in a cage or something."

Taryn chuckles. "I'm not terrified of you, M'Lady. I respect your name and what it represents." He tries the drink for a second little taste. He will hold the glass, but it never really meets his lips again. He nods about the description, "Yeah… a young eagle locked in a cage on top of a drake's skull… When I first had the dream, I thought it was about Lady Sophie or Lady Ellinor, because of their connection to drakes… One's love of them… the other's love of killing them… But then I heard about Her Highness, you lady, being wedded to the Khournis… So I thought that it might be about her… " He then pauses, "Then I heard about your engagement…" He cocks his head, "Congratulations by the way." He says it as if he is inquiring if it is something that she is please with. "And then I thought it could potentially be about you… So I wanted to try to convince you to be cautious… and maybe see if there was a way you might convince the Princess, likewise, to be extra cautious."

"You know it probably is about Janelle," Soleil says, then corrects herself. "The princess, I mean." She turns and walks to a chair to sit down, crossing one leg over the other. "And…uh, thank you. Nitrim and I are both honoured in our way, by the arrangement. Or really offended."
"But hey, we're both awesome in our way. Maybe they're hoping our kids will have all the right genetics." She again lets a wry smirk twist her lips, before she leans back in the chair.
"I've got /nothing/ to fear, myself. I mean even now we're being watched. I'm /always/ being watched. I don't fight. I'm one of the safest people in haven. So don't worry. But yes, I would imagine it's about Princess Janelle. Or…" She pauses and sits up slowly. "Or it's about our entire house…" Her brow furrows, and only then does it seem a hint of real concern hits her. "The Khourni are arranging a lot of things lately. In fact I wouldn't be stunned if the next bans to be announced is Emund and some Khourni wench. Maybe that's why they put Reena in the house, to put him in her path. Oh…fuck, don't repeat that."
Turning to taryn, she wrinkles her nose at him. "You're about to be a very unlucky man, Taryn. Because I have decided to trust you. Before I do, let me just apologize for burning your tunic. I don't want you holding anything against me."

Taryn adjust the neglected glass in his hands, as he watches her. "I don't hold anything against you, M'Lady." He pauses, "I mean I did.. when it happened… and right afterwards… But I haven't for a bit. My dreams are just getting worse, almost every night… Something like that seems so insignificant… " He then looks at her. "I do worry… I don't really understand why.. but I do." He grins slightly, "I think we already covered me not repeating anything…"

She finishes her glass before she speaks again.
"When the invasion first happened, a lot of Awakened got together at the Academ for a meeting. There were some people who seem to think Awakened are like this cohesive unit. To me it's like saying everyone who chews Galaxy Gum are a family, or everyone who owns a Red Dwarf blaster. It's a tool. Some people use it to commit crime, some people use it to show off, some people use it to fight. Some people hide from it. It's as individual as anything else."
The fox tires of playing by itself and hops through the grass to Soleil's chair, where it rises and puts a tentative paw on her knee, sniffing at her damp robe before leaping up. She gathers the kit close, curling her arm around it and scratching it's head while it proceeds to nap.
"It started me thinking, though, that a cohesive unit of Awakened, with single purposes could be powerful. I took the idea to someone in whom I saw great potential, and, as it turns out, he was already having similar thoughts. We have been very selective. There're a handful of people I wish to bring in, but most I am having to watch carefully. Keanen, for example. But you, I think, are ready to be trusted. And I want you to join us."

Taryn watches the kit scramble for attention. He listens to Soleil and her sales pitch. He runs his canine over the corner of his lower lip. "Well, I'm not really sure how much help that I can be." He cocks his head, "With the exception of having all these dreams, which I seem to be pretty useless at interpretting, I'm not really that good.. " He frowns slightly, "And until just recently, I was one of those who tried to hide from it… "

"It's not just about how Awakened you are or how well you use it. If it were we might be calling on the likes of Lucretia. It's about trust, first. I trust you. I really don't know why because we don't know each other /that/ well, but I have a pretty good sense of people. Maybe it's your familiar hair color, I have always been surrounded by blondes." She smiles vaguely. "I want you in on it. You don't have to answer me now. In fact I want you to think before you do. Because I swear anyone who betrays it— talks about it outside the group, whatever— I'm going to fuck up. I know when you make your decision you'll stick to it either way."

Oh, no Taryn isn't about to give an answer to this right now. He looks at her and chuckles softly, "You know me well enough to know that on something like this, I'm going to mull it over and over for days. " His grey green eyes looks at her with an intensity that could almost mirror her own unsettling, dissecting gaze. "You know, M'Lady, I don't think anyone really knows you… I'm not even sure if you do." He pauses for a second, "Though, what little you do know about me… Which really is for the most part the sum of my existence, as sad as that may be… are there any similarities between me and your cousin Lady Lyrienne? " The question seems to be more than a touch directed.

Soleil wrinkles her nose and furrows her brow. "I know /you/ better than I know Lyrienne," Soleil says. "I'm not close to any of my cousins and never have been— except maybe Talayla and Frederick, because I lived on the Ring before my mother died— she's the High Lord's sister. The rest—," she shrugs.
"You're right, most people don't really know me. I like it that way."
Pause. "You're both blonde? Why?"

Taryn reaches up and rubs the back of his neck. "A shared dream that she, and I, and one other shared… though Lady Lyrienne saw through the eyes of one person in the dream, Sir Jeremy saw through the eyes of the other person in the dream, and I saw through the eyes of both… I thought it might represent some kind of similarity between and trying to figure out if there was and what it might mean."

"What was the dream?" Soleil asks, moving on from the topic of the cabal. If he has questions, she's sure he'll inquire.
Meanwhile she rises and goes to fix herself another drink. "I don't think I know any Sir Jeremy."

Taryn sets his nearly untouched glass down. "There was a knight… he was forced down by unseen hands… " He shivers slightly, "I could feel the chopping block under my throat… Then there was an executioner… He was wielding a great sword… and he beheaded the knight with it… The head rolled away from the body before the dream ended. I saw and felt everything that both of them did, the knight and the executioner. Lady Lyrienne saw through the eyes of the executioner… and Sir Jeremy.. um.. Sir Jeremy Keats, sword to House Arboren… saw through the eyes of the Knight." And no, he has no questions at this time about Soleil's cabal. Until he has an answer, that's the way he would prefer it.

Soleil turns to him, and fixes him for a long silent moment with a piercing gaze.
"I had that dream too," she says, at last. "Same as Lyrienne. Huh…" She drops her gaze to the drink she's fixing. "Two weeks ago I think, now. I didn't know anyone else had it. And I have no idea what it means."

Taryn nods, "Yeah, something like that." He looks at her. "I think that there needs to be a public face for your group… One that any Awakened can contact and report any potential prophetic dreams… so that a database and list can be made… so that all the clues and puzzle pieces can be put together for people to look at." He then pauses, offering one of those little shrugs of his that is generally a precursor of some bit of self deprecation, "I mean… Not that it's my place telling you how to do anything…"

"You're probably right, in fact that was kind of in my first thoughts about it," she says, with a nod. "We do have someone watching the infosphere. Maybe Lyrienne would be good for that. What with being so /publicly/ Awakened, famous, all that."
Soleil puts her glass down, undrunk. She had to put the fox down to rise, and now it leans against her ankle, making plaintive noises. So she scoops it up. "I should take this thing back to my room. Oh…incidentally, you know that man Michael? He said you have a thing for me." Leave it to Soleil to broach a subject with such delicacy. "Do you?"

Taryn blinks at the directness. He swallows for a second, before looking at her. His eyes do not necessarily seek hers, but neither do they avoid them. "I have feelings for you… Feelings that I don't understand… But not romantic ones or simple carnal ones…" His brow furrows slightly just above his nose. "I do care about you… half the time I want to hold you and tell you that everything is going to be alright… the rest of the time I want to throttle you and scream at you and tell you to stop being so damned self-destructive…" He shrugs slightly, "So if you want to call that having a thing, then I guess I do… but Michael seems to think that if you say hello to a girl and she says it back to you that you're destined to be together… at least until the next girl walks by… and he thinks that's the way that everyone else should be to. It's actually starting to annoy me a bit."

Soleil laughs. She's not disappointed in his answer, or offended. "Awesome," she says. "See? I thought that was more like it. I know lust when I see it." She walks his way, keeping the fox in one arm while she reaches to touch his shoulder. "I don't get it but you don't feel so distant as a lot of people do. You're pretty good at climbing lofty towers." Sometimes literally. "Hang out up here for a bit if you like. And give me your answer soon, but not until you're sure. If you need more convincing, we can work on that. But you'd be an asset and if you want to keep what you are quiet, we can do that too." Pause. "After all, hardly anyone knows about me." She never outright said, after all.

Taryn grins impishly as he bows, "I'm sure that M'Lady uses men's lust against them with deadly accuracy…. " He shakes his head, "No… can't say that I have ever felt like this about anyone before… but I'd hate to be lumped in with every fool that fell for a smile and a bat of the eyes." He looks around, eyes pausing at the fruit, "I might… for just little bit…" His demeanor sobers up a touch, "As for as the other.. I'll think about it. I'm sure that we'll talk of it again before I make my final decision." He smiles widely and ernestly, "Good night, M'Lady. May you rest well."

"Ohhh trust me, you're definitely not getting grouped with /those/ guys," she says, with a wink. Before he can take offense at the possible implication that he's not the sort she'd want to make lust for her, she adds, "It just wouldn't feel right." And then she's moving on, carrying her little pet off. "Lots of ripe peaches," she calls, "Feel free to pick some to take home. Great way to pick up girls with King Emund's peaches." Her laughter fades as she steps into the lift.

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